Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - full transcript

When Rebecca and Valencia decide to investigate the new girl Anna that Josh has been dating, they discover way more than they bargained for. Paula, being pulled in different directions, feels disconnected from her husband Scott. Brittany Snow and Steve Monroe guest star.

- Previously on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...
- I've had the best time

hanging out with the both of you.

I think it's official
that we're a squad.

Can I drink that extra Juice-box?

- Take it.
- Thanks!

That's my best friend.

She just had that "me, me, me, me" vibe.

You don't think that Paula
feels left out, right?

She doesn't feel like I've replaced her?

Introducing the newest member

of our girl group,

PAULA: Our relationship
has always been one-sided...

I give, you take, and
that is how it works.


I work out.


(sighs, chuckles)

Move up. Quit texting
your new girlfriend.

Um, Anna is not my new girlfriend.

We've only been out
on three amazing dates.

Ha! Sorry, just Anna
texted me a picture of a cat

dressed up like a dog.

Where does she find this stuff?

♪ I'm just a girl in love ♪

♪ La-la-la,
lovey-dove ♪

♪ I can't be held
responsible for my actions ♪

♪ She's an ingenue ♪

♪ I have no underlying
issues to address ♪

♪ I'm certifiably cute
and adorably obsessed ♪

♪ They say love makes you crazy ♪

♪ Therefore, you
can't call her crazy ♪

♪ 'Cause when you call her crazy ♪

♪ You're just calling her in love. ♪


(to "William Tell Overture"):
♪ Go to hell,

go to hell, go to hell, hell, hell ♪
♪ Go to hell, go to hell, hell, hell. ♪

Wha... ? I'm throwing it out.



(elevator bell dings)

Hey, Trish.

Hey, Eddie.

♪ What's up Juanita? ♪

Hey, you.

- Oh, I'm-I'm George.
- Yeah, you are.


Hey, PP.

What happened

to all your fun desk stuff?


am re-branding.

And, uh, for starters,
don't ever call me PP again.

Oh, wait a minute.
Now, you're not gonna...

throw out the "Honk if you're horny,

Paula Proctor is 40" bumper sticker!

That's classic!

I have new... interests now, Darryl.

REBECCA: Oh, hello, Darryl.

Good morning.


And good morning...

this guy.

You are looking very well.

Yeah. Thanks. Actually, my-my
mother found a lump on...

(laughing): Oh, you're so funny!

You are my favorite person
in this three-foot radius.

GEORGE: Well, that's nice
to hear, 'cause the doctor

was crying when... he told us.

So it's... it's probably not good.

- Yeah, uh-huh. Okay, cool.
- But it's just one...

We'll talk about this... talk
about this later, best friend.

Okay. That's fine.

Are you and Rebecca still fighting?

Come on.

You guys are besties.
Someone should apologize.

I don't want to take sides.

No one needs you to do anything.

(sighs heavily)

I wonder what selfish person

would hog all the pink highlighters.

Oh! Look at that. There they are.

(printer whirrs)

I know what you want, you know.

You want me to apologize.

You know what, though?
I'm not gonna apologize.

You know why? I'm always
the one who apologizes.

I mean, usually it's because I'm
the one that did the bad thing,

but not this time, not this time.

You owe me the apology this time.

You want to know why?
You want to know why?

Because you came to my girl party,

and you were rude to
everyone, you were rude to me,

you tried to leave early,
you broke my new house,

- and y...
- Look, I know you and I

are not in a great place,

but I have a big paper due next week.

I got to go.

Paula... Paula, Paul...


We got to find some
way to make this better.

I know.

I just don't know how.

Hey, babe.

You seen my vest and bow tie?

I need to get my barbershop
quartet outfit dry-cleaned.

Ooh. I think it's still
at the dry cleaners

from your last performance.

I hope they didn't give it away.

Quartet outfits are a collector's item.

Hey, you might want to
get to the office party

a little bit early on Friday.

The white wine flies off the card table.

Ah, I hear that. Nothing I like better

- than a warm Costco white.
- (both chuckle)

God, I'm so nervous.
This is the first time

I'll be singing in
front of the coworkers.

This is a huge gig for us.

We even have an opener.

The boss's kids are doing

the first act of Hamilton!

What are you reading?

You're so into it.

Is it one of your sexy vampire books?

No. It is a fascinating
Supreme Court case from 1880

called Yick Wo v. Hopkins,

where the city of San Francisco had said

that it was illegal to operate
laundries in a wooden building.

But the reason they did that was because

two-thirds of the wooden laundries

were operated by Chinese owners.

So do you know what that court did?

(sighs) They used

the Equal Protection Clause
from the 14th Amendment

- Ah.
- ... to find that law





- Right?
- Oh, laundry's

tough... we know that.

We have a stack on the
washer up to the ceiling.

Uh, hey, do you need

a plus-one for Rebecca for Friday?

For Rebecca? What? No. No way.

Oh, are you guys still fighting?

You should call her, work it out.

I'm not gonna call her. She can call me.

She's got my number. She's
being such a petty child.

And she started it.

She's... such a baby.

(soft grunt)



Hey, babe!

- Ooh!
- Oh! Sorry I'm so late. Are you ready

for the best coffee you've
ever had in your life?

- Hell to the yeah.
- (laughs)

I can't believe it's been three weeks

and I haven't taken you here yet.

I've been coming to this place

ever since it was just a pop-up.

Oh. Cool.

(quietly): What?

Hey, Ichabod. The usual,

- please.
- You got it, Anna.

One semi-petite latte

with organic coconut milk.

- And you, sir?
- Just coffee for me, dude.

What kind?

- It's all up there.
- Oh. Okay.

Ooh, you've got single-origin, blended,

micro-lot, Indian filter, French press,

clover, Turkish, Kyoto
drip, Neapolitan flip,

V60, Moka pot, drip
pot, automatic drop...

(inhales deeply)

Um... single-origin, I guess.

Which single-origin?

We have 17 different kinds.



Uh, you know what?

Uh, you pick your fave. (chuckles)

You got it.

Cool. Hmm.

This is awesome.

I got to remember it.

Note: Silver Brew in Silver Lake.

Repeat: Silver Brew

in Silver Lake.

Taylor loves this place.

She brought me here with Lena, Cara,

Gwynnie, Selena and Uzo.

All really great girls, except Uzo is...

a little bit of a name-dropper.

I can't believe you know
all these famous people

just from tweezing their
eyebrows at your salon.

Well, it's not always
about the tweezing.

Sometimes it's about not tweezing.

Sometimes I send my clients

on, like, six-month growth retreats.

It's all about

the bold brow right now;
the bigger the better.

Oh! Like the dad in American Pie?

Eugene Levy. Yes! Totally!

He's all over the
salon inspiration board.

Before I met you, I didn't even know

eyebrows were, like, a big deal.

Oh, that's what I love about you.

Love me?

Love about you.


Yeah. Got it.

You're so... refreshing.

I'm so tired of these
skinny, bearded hipsters.

Thank God I'm not skinny, or hip.

Or able to grow a beard.

I like you just the way you are.

Oh. (laughs)

So, Anna... I got you something.

I know... we've only been
seeing each other a couple weeks.

It's probably a little
early to pop the gift bubble,

but this is technically not for you.

Josh, what did you do?

Uh, I got you a present.

Sorry. Uh, I-I thought that was clear.

Okay. Close your eyes.



open 'em!


I got you a cat collar

- for your cat!
- Oh, my God,

this is so cute! Josh!

Gravy is gonna be the best-dressed cat

in Silver Lake.

You're so sweet. Thank you.

I love that cat.

You know, I've never loved a cat before.

Seriously. I've always
thought they were haunted.

ICHABOD: Here you go.


That foam has a lady's face!

Frida Kahlo?

Well done, Ichabod.

That is my girl right there.

Talk about brows. I wish I had

her hormone imbalance.



Yeah, sorry, I didn't hear the...



(sighs): Oh, this is so great.

Hanging out.

You know, friends your own
age who don't judge you.

Oh, so you're still
in a fight with Paula?

'Cause you keep bringing her
up without saying her name.

Just, like, call her and work it out.

I'm not gonna call her. She can call me.

She has my number. Forget about Paula.

We are having young fun.
Whatcha up to, Heath?

Um, it's Heather, and I'm
just doing a Miss Douche AMA.

A lot of questions about baking bread.

People are really
confused about yeast. Mm.

What about you, V? Oh, just surfin'.

The Internet is so much more fun

now that it's a Josh Chan free zone.

I am so glad we Un-followed him.

Oh, my God. Me, too. I feel that.

Oh, you both Un-followed him?

You really stuck it to him, huh?

Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
I don't even have an urge

to look at his feed anymore.

It's, like, who...



What you got there, girlfriend?

Oh, nothing. It's just an
Internet quiz to figure out

what Tom Hanks movie
my hairstyle is today.

Uh, what?

What you got goin' on there, girlfriend?

Oh, nothing. Just watching
another pimple popper video.

(chuckles) Ugh.

Mmm. Coo.

Coo, coo, coo, coo, coo,
coo, coo, coo, coo, coo.


Yeah, I love Coolio.

Yeah. "Gangsta's Paradise." (sputters)

Forget it. Miss that guy.

Yep. Yep.

Mm-hmm. Yep. Miss him. I miss him.

I'm sorry, you guys miss Coolio?


Mmm. Mm-hmm,
mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Silver Brew?

- What?
- Nothing.

Oh, my God, who is that?

- What?
- Oh, nothing. Just... (chuckles)

Always forget which
Kardashian is which. (chuckles)

Oh, okay, describe her for
me. Is she the tall one,

the naked one, or the mom
one? 'Cause if you're talking

about the model one or the
lip one, those are Jenners.

Jenners. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Jenga.


Robin Williams.


Mmm. Willy.

Willy Wonka.

I want candy...

Are you both high right now?

Oh, my God! Josh has a girlfriend!

REBECCA/VALENCIA: What did you say?

I knew you guys didn't miss Coolio.

- Who is that?
- I-I don't know.

Okay, she's tagged
as @annathebrowbarian.

You click it. I can't. You
click it, Okay, okay, okay,

click it, click it, click it, click it,
click it. okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Her name is Anna...

- Hicks.
- Anna Hicks? No one has that name.

That's like the romantic
lead in an Adam Sandler movie.

Guys, don't do this. If you
fall down the rabbit hole

of Internetting an
ex's current girlfriend,

you may never come back.

Shh... Look at her. Shh.

Oh, she's so pretty and
cool. Also, she has, like,

a permanent flower crown filter
face. What? How do you get that?

Oh, my God! I know who she is.
I read about her in Us magazine.

She does eyebrows for celebrities.

Yeah. There's, like, a three-month
waiting list at her salon.

I heard Mary-Kate Olsen had to pretend

to be Elizabeth Olsen to get in.

- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- What?! Okay, I need to see, like,

- a billion more pictures of her.
- Me, too.

No. I mean, you know what they
say. Curiosity killed the...

Cat. Look at her. She has a cat.

She makes being a cat person

- look cool.
- Exactly. Now I want a cat.

What is going on?

I don't know. Up is
down, and down is up.

I-I... (sighs)

Hey. What are you doing for the next,

like, 13 hours?

Don't do anything healthy.

Don't be productive.

Give in to your desire.

♪ Research me obsessively ♪

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Find out everything
you can about me ♪

♪ You know you want to
dig for me relentlessly ♪

- ♪ Uh-huh ♪
- _

♪ Using every
available search tool ♪

♪ And all forms of social media ♪


♪ You know you want to look ♪

♪ At my Instagram ♪

♪ But it's private ♪

♪ So Google me until you find out ♪

♪ Where I went to high school ♪

♪ And then set up a
fake Instagram account ♪

♪ Using the name and
the photo of someone ♪

♪ That went to my high school ♪

♪ And hope that I remember
that person a little bit ♪

Ah. No.

♪ Then request access
to my private Instagram ♪

♪ From the fake account ♪

♪ And in the meantime scour
my work Instagram account ♪

♪ 'Cause that one's public ♪

♪ Research me obsessively ♪

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Find an actual picture of my
parents' house on Google Maps ♪

♪ You know you want to
hunt for me tirelessly ♪

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ It's not stalking
'cause the information ♪

♪ Is all technically public ♪

- That's true, that's true.
- Very true.

♪ Check out every
guy I used to date ♪

♪ And deduce who broke up with who ♪

♪ Based on the
hesitation in our smiles ♪

So many unanswered questions.

Did I go to the University of Texas?

Am I an EMT?

Is that my obituary
in which I'm survived

by my loving husband,
Eddie, of 50 years;

children, Susan and Matthew;
and grandchild, Stephanie?

Wait, no. That's just all
people with my same name.

- Or is it?

Pay only $9.99 on a background
check Web site to know for sure.

- I'll do it. Yeah.
- (scoffs) Yeah.

♪ So don't stop, just
research me obsessively ♪

♪ Uh-huh, and in lieu of flowers ♪

♪ Donate to other
me's favorite charity ♪

- Aw.
- Aw.

♪ Research me, just research me ♪

♪ And research me and research me ♪

♪ Oops ♪

♪ It's three days later. ♪

- None of this makes any sense.
- Not at all.

There's no way Josh could
land someone that cool.

You guys are still here?

You've been here for three days.

Well, it would've been a
lot less time if someone

had stopped me from creating
a fake Instagram account.

I told you that's illegal, and
I cannot go to jail right now.

I am one stamp away

on my frozen yogurt punch card
from scoring a freebie, so...

(groans) What could she
possibly see in Josh Chan?

I-I have literally no idea

what he has to offer to someone
like this. Right?

You both dated him.

- Yeah. But we're mortals.
- Yeah.

And she's like a-a fairy angel.

Yeah. I mean, really,

what could she see in a guy

from West Covina who
still wears stitchy jeans?

And supermarket flip-flops.

And lives with his mother.

Yeah. He's the worst.

I once saw him bite off a toenail.

Well, I mean, he is
very flexible and strong.

And muscular.

Yeah, and his skin color.
Would you say that's,

like, caramel? It's just so yummy.

Mmm. Delicious.

Wow, you guys just did, like,

a whole
loop-Dee-loop there.

Anyway, I don't know.
This-this isn't adding up.

I think it's on us to
get to the bottom of this.

Yeah. I mean, just because
we're over Josh doesn't mean

we can let some trendy girl exploit him.

It's not right.

You are exactly right.
We need to investigate.


I'll drive. Let's Thelma
and Louise this thing. Okay.


(door opens)

Thelma and Louise drove
off a cliff, so...

- (door shuts)
- ... be careful.



Ba-da-Ga-da, Ba-da-Ga-da,
Ba-da-Ga-da, Ba-da-Ga-da.

Ga-da-Ba-da, Ga-da-Ba-da,
Ga-da-Ba-da, Ga-da-Ba-da,

- Ga-da-Ba-da.
- Warming up?


I try to lube the cords
well in advance of a show.

Ah, the West Brovinas.

You're the buzz of the
shipping department.

Heard so much about you guys.

- You have?
- Yeah. From you.

Every day. (chuckles)

(chuckles) I-I do love barbershop.

Mmm. Everyone needs a hobby.

Hank, our tenor, likes to say,

"It's cheaper than golf
and safer than whores."

Wait, maybe it's "cheaper than whores

- and safer than golf." Now...
- Well,

personally, I can't wait.

I love close harmony singing.

I die over a perfectly hit seventh.

Wow. Uh, that's cool,

- Tanya.
- Yeah. See you tonight.


Ba-da-Ga-da, Ba-da-Ga-da,

- I'm so nervous.
- Okay, listen,

since you're a sneaky-stalky virgin,

just play it cool, okay? She
won't notice anything Okay, coolio.

- If you don't notice anything.
- Okay, cool. So we're just here to...

Observe and analyze, like in
the style of Margaret Mead,

Right. Mm-hmm. Yep.

- Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey...
- Mm-hmm. What? Who?

- Just figure things out.
- Okay, I'm not stupid.

You just reference obscure
things all the time.

I know. Mm.

Oh, my God. (whimpers) Wait,
O.M.G., her outfit is beyond.

And I saw that her eyebrows
are staggering, of course.

(Valencia scoffs)

No, I know you're jonesing,
but I can't give you

any more of the stuff.

Because. No, I'm still here.

I'm waiting on a shipment.


♪ ♪

What is that?

- (Rebecca gasps)
- (Valencia stammers)


Okay, I'm sorry, is she
giving all these women

- some sort of white powder?
- Cocaine?

I mean, I was thinking the same thing.

- Or meth or crushed-up oxy. Who knows?
- Oh.

(shushing) Here she comes,

here she comes, here she
comes. Peas and carrots, Mmm...

peas and carrots, peas and
carrots, peas and carrots,

What are you doing?

Peas and carrots. I'm
saying "peas and carrots."

It's what you do when
you're faking chitchat.

I did it in my eighth grade
church play, Don't Be Different.

Peas and carrots, peas and carrots,
peas and carrots, (stammers) It's...

peas and carrots,
peas and carrots, p...

You're saying it so loud.
Just stop. Just...

Because some girls abuse it

and then I have to
completely cut them off.

- Oh, my God.
- You're right.

She is a drug salesperson.

- I'll call you back.
- Oh, she sees us.

She's a drug dealer.

Josh's girlfriend is
a stone-cold narco.

I mean, I guess it makes sense.

You can't pay gentrified
commercial rents

by plucking forehead hair.

We have to tell Josh.

There's no way he'll figure it out.

I mean, let's face it, not the smartest.

No, no, no. He's not so bright.

He once told me his favorite
animal was Antarctica.

He thinks eau de toilette
is called that because,

- Oh, it's from a toilet.
- Oh, it's from a toilet.

- It's so sad.
- Also, he talks to telemarketers.

He'll believe anything anyone tells him.

He's too trusting, too sweet.

I mean, the guy just radiates sunshine.

- I love his mouth.
- Yeah.

We loop-Dee-looped

- We have to tell him.
- Yes.

We can't just sit here on our
big fat lazy fat cans all day.

- All right, let's go.
- Okay.

Um, hey, while we're driving,

let's talk about your
continued body dysmorphia,

'cause I thought we'd
nipped it in the bud.

So, body dysmorphia is often
caused by personal trauma,

such as childhood teasing
or parental over-involvement.

- (thud)
- (gasps)

That's weird. Did you leave
your purse on the ground?

No, I didn't bring a purse.

I brought my mini calf-hair
crossbody. We're on the go.

Yeah, which is why I brought my
high school JanSport backpack.

Wait. So what did I run over?

(gasps) Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Gravy?! Oh!


What happened? Who ran my cat?!

Oh, my little baby. It's gonna be okay.

- It's gonna be okay.
- (meowing)

Did you see who hit my cat?

- Uh, uh, uh...
- Um, um, we saw... we saw it.

It was a hit-and-run.

It was a thoughtless man. It was a man!

It's always a man!

- Yeah, it was a man with, um...
- Uh-huh.

- Um, a hat.
- Yeah.

And-and one eye and a parrot here.

A pirate? A pirate hit
my cat? That's insane.

- Yeah, it was... it was insane.
- (meowing)

That's why she remembers it so vividly.

It was a guy with, like,
yellow teeth and black eyeliner.

I bet it's one of those creeps

who plays Jack Sparrow
on Hollywood Boulevard.

- Oh. (crying)
- Yup. Um, hey,

we were... were just gonna
drive your cat to the hospital.

- Why don't we take you, too?
- (meowing)

(whispering): What
are you talking about?

It's fine. Shh.

This is all my fault.

I was on the phone, and
I left the door open.

If anything happens to him,
I don't know what I'll do.

- (door opens)
- (sighs)

Will you excuse me for one moment?

(door closes, dogs barking)

What are we doing?

I'm over there all by
myself comforting the enemy,

who smells like heaven, by the
way. I want to get out of here!

Shh. Shh. Just-just play
it cool, okay? (sighs)

So, listen, it hit me when
we hit the cat. (laughs)

We can't just tell Josh
about Anna's drug business.

He'll never believe us.

Okay, we need proof, so I
intend to do... just that.

Okay, before you go over there,

I told her that your name is
Madge, and my name is Allegra.


So you.

- Great.
- Yeah.

Go. Go. Go.

Hey. Hey, honey.

So, the nurse wants you to
fill out all this information.

I just figured I'd do
it since you're so upset.

- So it's just you and me.
- Okay.

Don't think. Just rapid fire

answer my questions.

So, um, name, age, height, weight?

Uh, Gravy Miffy Muffins,

uh, six years old, 18
inches, eight pounds?

No, honey, honey. Your name,
age, height, weight.

They need it for you
for some reason, okay?

Okay, so, stay with me.

Stay with me. Rapid fire.
Stay with me, okay?


So, name, age, height,
weight, occupation, income,

uh, felonies, misdemeanors,
trouble with the law?

- Uh, you're going too fast.
- Okay, got it.

I will go slower,
okay? I'll slow it down.

But still, rapid fire with me.

Okay, right with me?
Rapid fire. Okay. So name?

- Anna Hicks.
- Okay.

- Age?
- 29.

Older than I thought. Good for you.

Um, height, weight? Rapid fire?

- Five, three. I don't weigh myself.
- Yes, you do. Everyone does.

- No, I really don't.
- Put down 115, Madge.

Got it. Um, okay.

So many questions on this stupid form!

(laughs) lt's so
thorough. I don't know why.

- Um, any... any run-ins with the law?
- (door closes)

- Like, felonies, misdemeanors?
- Oh, my God!

- Is he dead?
- No. He's just fine.

We reattached his tail,
and he's gonna be A-okay.

- Thank God. My little Gravy Wavy.
- We just didn't

want this collar to get lost
in the shuffle. It's so pretty.

Thank you. My boyfriend
got it for me.


Oh, thanks. (sighs)

Um, so you have... you have...
you have a boyfriend, huh?

That was the next question
on this weird form.

But you have a... ? So, you...
Yes, to... yes, boyfriend, yes?

Yeah. Haven't said it
out loud yet, but, um,

I guess he is my boyfriend.

It's funny how hard
moments make you realize

who really matters to you.


You know, um, since Gravy's A-okay,

why don't I take your mind off of this,

and we'll just gab like girls?

So tell me about the
boyfriend, girlfriend.

(laughs) Um, his name is Josh,

and we've only been seeing
each other for a couple weeks,

so, I guess it's casual,
but he's so nice, so helpful.

I've been slammed at the salon lately,

and he's been helping me
out a ton, making deliveries,

pickups, going to Mexico to get product.

- Mexico! Oh, my God!
- And he doesn't even

ask any questions. He's so nice. Yeah.

And I feel bad for
him. He's been through

some really tough times,
had some toxic relationships.

Toxic? Is that... is that, uh, his word,

your word, or Britney's word?

His word. Toxic.

He doesn't like to badmouth his exes,

but this one girl he dated
hounded him to propose.

Hounded? Is that his word,
your word or Elvis's word?

His word. Hounded.
And then he dated this

psycho who... get this... quit her job,

and then moved across the
country to be with him,

even though they hadn't seen
each other in, like, ten years.

Crazy, right?

It also... it also could be unfair.

You know, it could be the male
gaze version of the narrative.

No. This girl sounded
legit bonker balls.

She told him that she was pregnant

with his baby, and then
two seconds later, said

that she wasn't pregnant with his baby,

and then begged him
to have... period sex.

Excuse me. What happened?

(speaks high-pitched gibberish)

Let's not slut-shame the lady

just 'cause her libido doesn't
go away during menstruation.

That girl, whoever she
is, should be commended.

♪ Period sex, period sex... ♪

- Okay, stop.
- Okay.

When Josh finds out

who ran over Gravy, he's going to flip.

He absolutely loves this cat.

Right, but, I mean, how is
he even gonna find her? Him?

The salon's security footage.

- What?
- What?

I took over the salon from a jeweler,

so the entire front of
the salon has cameras.

Josh and I are gonna find the
person who ran over my baby

if it's the last thing that I do.

Did you hear that... Madge?

I did, Allegra.

Oh, yeah, we could buy...
we could buy that place,

or this place looks quite promising.

Maybe we could buy it. Okay,
look, I was trying to mislead

the neighbors to make them
think we're lesbians looking for

a new house. We really need

to get that security video,

or we are absolute toast,
so how are we gonna get in?

Do you have a diamond ring
that we could use to cut glass?

Maybe there's a kitty
door or something... ?

How about we use these?

Oh, my God, she has the cutest stuff.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait. You stole those? Yes.

I don't feel bad about it, either.

She was begging for me to do it.

Leaving the house with
that fancy purse?

And then leaving it on
the floor all wide open

with the tip of her keys poking out?

Did I take her keys? Damn right I did.

Anyone would have done it.

If anything, I'm the real victim here.

Okay, so we need to have a
serious talk about consent.

So, consent is something
that must be initiated...

Okay. Wow.

(alarm beeping) Aah! Aah! Aah!

Don't mind us. We're just two lesbians.

Nothing to see. Nothing
to see. Aah! Aah!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God,
where is it? Where... ?

Okay, okay, okay, um, um, um...

- Oh, my God, look at this place!
- Oh! Oh!

- Aah! Aah!
- Okay, okay. Uh...

- Okay, okay, we have to guess the code.
- How?

I didn't study up enough on her.

Okay, I'll try. Uh...

How about her birthday?

No. Oh, Gravy's birthday. No.

Do you know Gravy's birthday?

Just... Josh's birthday.

- Mm... No.
- Yeah. Yeah. Fail.

- Uh... Uh, her parents' credit scores?
- Okay, okay.

- Uh, no.
- Uh, no. Ugh!

Her weight! Try her weight! 115! Try it!

Okay. Okay. Yeah.

No. She doesn't weigh herself, remember?

Of course she does. Hold on.

- Goal weight! That's it!
- What?

- 113. Do it! Do it!
- Oh!

- Do it!
- (dings)

I knew that bitch weighed herself.

(upbeat music playing, lively chatter)

I'm really nervous.

Yeah, I get that.

Do what I do when I get nervous.

Take off your underwear.

You mean, picture people
in their underwear?

What? Why would that make
me more comfortable? Yeah.

That's just awkward.

Nah, I walk around with
my bits all wango tango.

It's very relaxing.

Oh, I'm doing a version of that.

Uh, instead of underwear,

I'm wearing an old T-shirt upside down.

We haven't done laundry in ages.

Paula's been busy, and I don't
know how to work the machine.

Where is Paula? I don't
see her with the wives.

She's coming. She first
had to do some law stuff.

What kind of law stuff?

I sincerely have no idea.

I just think the
relationship between the 21st

and the 18th amendment is amazing.

I mean, don't you think?

Actually, I've just been
sitting here thinking

about what I'm gonna pick
up for dinner on my way home.

I finally ran out of the frozen dinners

- my wife made for us before she...
- I'm telling you,

I have not been this
obsessed about something

since the first season of The Wire.

Oh. Yeah.

- You don't watch The Wire?
- No.

- (gasping) What?
- I know. I know.

Oh, I am so jealous of you

that you get to watch
it for the first time.

Oh, ho! Rebecca and I binged
that in, like, two days.

We loved it.

She is so Avon. I am so
Stringer Bell. It is...

Why am I talking about
Rebecca? I'm sorry. Never mind.

We could talk about my wife.
I did just bring her up.

Oh, of course. I'm
sorry, honey. Go ahead.

She also pre-ordered, like,

a year's worth supply
of toilet paper for us.

She was so thoughtful. I mean,
even in her darkest times.

- She was like, "Sunil, I... "
- What time is it?!

- I don't know.
- Oh. No! Oh, my God.

Okay, I can make it.
I can... I can make it.

I can... I can make it. I can make it.

- Where are you going?
- I can make it.

I can make it. I can... make it.

I can make it.

(in harmony): ♪ Let me
call you sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love with you ♪

♪ Let me hear you whisper ♪

♪ That you love me, too ♪

♪ Keep the love light
glowing in your eyes so true ♪

♪ Let me call you sweetheart ♪

♪ I'm in love ♪

♪ With... ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ With you... ♪

Hey. I made it. I made
it. I made it. I made it.

I made it. I made it.

I made it. Oh.

Go, so thirsty.

- (song ends)
- Aah! Oh!


That's the end of the first song, right?

I just missed the end of the first song?

That was the encore.

Okay, I'll look on this
computer for the footage.

Uh, as long as we're
here, you look for evidence

of drugs, okay? Go through the drawers.

Okay. Got it.


Okay. Found the footage
from this afternoon.

Let's look at all the angles.


maybe it didn't actually
get us hitting the cat.

Oh, no. There it is. Clear as day.

We really... Yeah, we ran over that cat.

Hmm. My brows are a
little thin, aren't they?


They're '90s brows. Damn it.

Hey, what are you doing over
there? Did you find drugs?

(laughing): No. But this
lotion... I'm addicted.

- Dude.
- What?

Wow. Never mind, I'll take care of this.

Okay. Delete, delete, delete.

Delete, empty trash.

Oh, thank God.

Yes. Whew.

Oh, what a weight off me.

I wish I could do that in my own life.

Just erase things that happened.

God, I would erase all of
junior prom and sixth grade,

and so many courtroom farts.

Okay, great. Let's get out of here.

Wait. Wait, wait. It
just occurred to me.

If she's doing anything illegal,
it will be on these tapes.

We could show them to Josh.

(sighs) I really don't
want to get caught.

V, look. I know this is dangerous.

And I know how we both feel about Josh,

but he's an innocent man
being turned into a drug mule.

Yeah. God only knows what
he's sticking in his rectum.

Oh, my God, have we talked about that?

- What?
- Oh, so he never...

Uh-uh, uh-uh.

No. Uh-uh. What was I doing? Oh, right.

I'm gonna fast-forward
through this to see if she

is a hopper movin' g-packs.
She's no corner boy,

she's pushin' real weight.

- Ugh.
- It's The Wire.

Have you never seen The Wire?

Mm. Am I supposed to?

Oh, my God. I am so
jealous of you right now.

You get to watch it from the beginning.

Paula and I binged the whole thing

in two days, and we were obsessed.

We talked like Avon and Stringer Bell

- for a solid month.
- Hmm. Mm-hmm.

Wait. Why am I talking about Paula?

I hate her right now.

Okay, fast-forward, let's see.

She's plucking, she's plucking.

She's plucking. More plucking.

- Oh, there it is, there it is.
- (gasps)

Look, she's handing envelopes

- of drugs to clients.
- Wow.

This is insane. She's giving
envelopes full of drugs

to people out in broad
daylight. It's so brazen.

This is such important work.

I mean, we're gonna blow this wide open.

We could get a Peabody for this.

Oh, look, look. She's taking
the powder out of the envelope,

and then she's putting it on the table.

She's showing them how to do the drugs.

REBECCA: Oh, she's
gonna shoot up the drugs

just like in Breaking Bad.
Have you seen Breaking Bad?

- Eh.
- How do you live your life?

- I go outside.
- That's fair.

Okay, here we go, here we go.

REBECCA: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

She's gonna do the drugs.

She's getting high off her own supply.

- It's going in her mouth.
- No, no, no, no.

It's going up her nose.

- No, no, no.
- Mmm.

It's going on her eyebrows.

- She's putting coke on her eyebrows?
- Is that a thing?

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on.

She's, she's saying something. Let me...

Give me a second, I
can lipread pretty well.

My semester abroad, I
took a deaf lover, okay?

All right. Uh... Ooh, she's about
to say something. Okay, uh...

Put this on your eyebrows

two times a day for a month,

and you will see a significant
change in your eyebrow growth.

Oh. Oh, it, it makes your eyebrows grow.

Well, that's brilliant.

And disappointing.

(scoffs) Yeah.

I guess that means that...

It means that Josh is dating

a super fly entrepreneur

who's probably just using products

that haven't been outwardly cleared

by the Federal Food,
Drug and Cosmetics Act.


Look, I-I said I was sorry.

You're not sorry.

No. Uh, well, I-I heard the last note,

and it was beautiful.

Okay, okay. I messed up
and this is all my fault.

You know how much the
Brovinas mean to me,

but you don't care.

Yes, I do care. I just...

I should have set an alarm or something.

I got, I got caught up in something.

- Law thing.
- Oh, well, yeah.

And I... You-you know
what? But it's wrong.

And I know that now.

I have been so supportive,

and I think what you're doing is great,

but I feel left out.

You're so distracted lately.

I know, I know, but I... Look,
I-I-I will try to do better.

I was great out there, Paula.

I nailed that low "A".

Hank's wife said I
sounded like Lou Rawls.

Tanya, from shipping bought six CD’s

for her care packages for the troops.

Does she not support the troops?


Fair. Fair.

Horrible time for a joke.


I am so sorry.

Okay, this is all...
This is 100% my fault.

I don't care who's fault it is.

I just feel bad right now.

Well, I guess we should go.


There's nothing more to see here.

No, wait. Look at that.

Oh, Josh gave her flowers?

Wow. That's a big bouquet
of flowers, J. Chan.

The only time he got me
flowers was prom night.

Blue carnations from a gas station.

From a bucket.

In return, I gave him my virginity.

I thought this was a
rebound relationship.

No, no, no, no, no.
It is. It is. (sighs)

He just needs to get the
blonde out of his system.

- Shh! What's he saying? Deaf lover.
- Oh.

- What's he saying, what's he saying?
- O-o-okay, okay, okay.

He's saying...

"Anna, you are so cool.

I get so stoked when we chill."

Oh, no big deal, he said stuff
like that to me all the time.

He gets stoked when his
mom makes bagel bites. Um...

"I just had to tell you that I've never

felt this way about anyone else."


"Never ever."

Okay, I got it.

"Like, ever."

I told you guys,
curiosity killed the cat.

Mm. It didn't kill the cat, it just

ripped off the cat's tail,
which has now been reattached.


But I guess you were right.

We shouldn't have gone
down the rabbit hole.

The only thing down there is...

regret made of rabbit poop.

Well said.

Well, I'm just glad
you guys are over it.

He never loved us.

Nope, either of us.

And he's obviously over us.

So, if he's done, then
we should be done too.

Mm. It's time to move on.



Oh, yeah.

That's good.

Okay, let's see.

Too tall, too hairy,

too bald.

Ugh, too karate.

That one'll do.

Wait, y-you're ditching me?

But we were gonna go
binge-watch something.

I've been saving Friday Night Lights

for someone special.

I'm sorry, hon, maybe another time.

And I really do love all
your girl bonding stuff,

but right now, I
really need to get laid.

Are you serious? You've
got your jacket? Come on.

What... don't... where
you going? Don't leave.

I'm gonna grab a drink with Hank.

Please, just stay and
we'll talk this out.

Paula, I need a minute.

I need to cool off.

(door opens and closes)

Hey, Sunil, it's me, what are you...

Oh, you're busy with the kids?

Just, well... I don't know,
put on a movie or something...

No, it's fine. No, never mind.

It's... it was nothing.

Yeah, I'll... I will
talk to you tomorrow.

(80's power ballad-type music plays)



♪ We used to be
there for each other ♪

♪ Every second ♪

♪ With one emoji
we could read each ♪

♪ Other's soul ♪

♪ But since we've been apart ♪

♪ There's an aching in my heart ♪

♪ It's an aching that
no cocktail can control ♪

♪ And I ♪

♪ Really wanna tell
you that I'm sorry ♪

♪ And I ♪

♪ Really wanna tell you that ♪

♪ I am the worst ♪

♪ And I just wanna say ♪

♪ I miss you every day ♪

♪ And I will ♪

♪ But you go first ♪

(spoken): I mean,

♪ This is almost entirely ♪

♪ All my fault here ♪

♪ But you gotta admit ♪

♪ It's just a tiny bit ♪

♪ Your fault too ♪

♪ This is so all on me ♪

♪ But still, you
kinda have to agree ♪

BOTH: ♪ That sometimes
you can be really ♪

♪ Passive-aggressive ♪

♪ Self-involved ♪

BOTH: ♪ So ♪

♪ Go ahead and say
you're kinda sorry ♪

♪ So I can say "Oh,
no, no, please" ♪

♪ Just like I rehearsed ♪

♪ If you'll open the door ♪

♪ I'll apologize so much more ♪

♪ Yes I will ♪

♪ But you go first. ♪

♪ ♪

That'll be $300.

I'll see you again tomorrow. Bye!