City of Men (2002–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - O Cunhado do Cara - full transcript

The gang-leader Deco falls in love with Acerola's sister Mirka. Because of this the social status of Acerola is changed in a twinkling. The young boy uses his new power to domineer and humiliate his former tormentors. When the lov...

We won!

We're the best!

Let's play another?

We're 5-times champs! You're losers!

Who's a loser? -You.

My name is Luis Otavio, fool! Learn, ok?

Hey, what's the trouble?
-Move on! Go on!

Get up, kid, and move on!

Nowthe party's getting good!

Madrugado, put the damn thing up, man!

What's that?
-The wall we needed.

Madrugado, what's that?

An outdoor for your shack.

No way! l don't want that
naked woman inside my house!

But men like it. Tits, ass...

Yeah? Then put it somewhere else.

She doesn't want a woman
inside her house.

Can you believe it?
A naked woman over my bed?

Hurry up, Madrugado!

l want some sausage.

l just want chicken.
-Who asked you anything?

lsn't that your sister
making out with the boss?

l've always been Acerola's pal.

l had to warn him

when l saw his sister hitting on Deco,

the most powerful outlawin the slum.

He's my brother. Relax.

Go get us a soda.

Move it! Move it!

Are you going to escort me now?

You're hitting on an outlaw!

l'm not hitting...
-You'll end up eaten by worms.

l was just teaching him how to dance.

What's wrong?
-He has lots of women.

Well then? So you've got a bodyguard?

He's my brother. He's just jealous.

Sit down, kid.
Aren't you enjoying the party?

Have a soda.
-No, thanks.

Why are you barefoot?
Where are your sneakers?

My sneakers?

My sneakers tore and
l had to throw them away.

You can't go barefoot. Hey, Fiel!

Bring me those silver sneakers for the kid.

Are they in the closet?

Here, take these.l like the others better.

See if they fit.

l think they're too big for him.

No, l'm growing.
-They'll do fine.

lf they fit, they're yours.

-Serve me some soda.

Hey, loser: bring us some meat.

Loser, do as he said.


Laranjinha, come here!

What's up?

Acerola has never hung out with outlaws.

But when he became
the boss' brother-in-law,

he felt the taste of power
and began to abuse it.

The losers shuddered when they saw me.

They did everything l asked.

He was a nigger, but became a Negro.

ln the meantime, his sister lived

the life of a First Lady.

There's a crowd here to talk to you.

Ask him to come down.

-Could you call Deco for me?

What's your name?


Man, there's a chick
called Mirca to see you.

Relax, man. He's on his way.

What are you grumbling about?

Will he be long?

Man, there's a crowd here.l'm overwhelmed.

Hi, love. How are you?

Are you coming down?

Hold on just a second, all right?

Organize a queue, Espeto. One at a time.

My problem is the following:

l had a child with a guy
and he doesn't pay alimony.

This morning, there was
no water in the faucet.

And we pay for water.

She's cooking with wood under my kitchen.

lt's a nuisance for us.

l drank poisoned water and got very sick.

l almost died.

My neighbour's sewage drips over my house.

l've asked him to do something...

When we come up, your people make fun of us.

l think you should control them better.

l've come to ask for financial help.

l'd like to talk to my boyfriend.

Could you arrange for me to jump the queue?

You want to talk to your boyfriend?

Wait, Deco! Where are you going?

l'll be right back!

Afew days later, Deco returned.

But just for a quickie.

Go on. Now hold it. Hold it.

Now down! Down, losers!

Up! Nowrepeat:

Acerola is champ and l'm a loser.

Acerola is champ and l'm a loser.


Acerola is champ and l'm a loser.

Now just you.

Acerola is champ and l'm a loser.

Go on.

l love this heart.
-lt's going to be yours.


-Whenever you say.

Listen, can we have a little privacy?

No, let's stay right here.

There are too many people watching.

Listen, let's go down.

All right. Everything you say.

Take your sneakers off!

Come on, ragamuffins!

They're going to the gutter!

Take them off!

Come on, Laranjinha, tie them up.

Am l speaking Greek? Tie them up!

Are you defying me?

Now let's see...

Swing your hips, fatso!

ln the beginning, it was just fun.

Then, Acerola began to misuse his power.

Whose are those? Yours? Screw you!

Come on, man, hurry. You're taking too long.

Excuse me, boss.

There's a guy here wanting to talk business.

There's a guy here wanting to talk business.

-Tell him to wait.
-He says he can't wait.

What a drag. l'm sorry, pal.

l had to give the chick some attention.

-Don't you get enough?
-Wait, Mirca!

Swing your hips!

Good! You look just like a fag!

Hey, give me that.

Damn... lt's hot!

Gosh, pal. l'm sorry.

Hey, Mirca. Where's Deco?

Deco is history! l'm tired of him.

They fight and then make up again.

lt's no use. He chose that life.

But he's the boss.
Do you think it's easy for him?

He has to look after his drug dens,

the community, people's complaints.

l don't think that's all that important.

-l'm out.
-He's at war.

He has to call on his soldiers.

Never mind his war. l want peace.

He could die, and he loves you.

He's got loads of girls.

-Do you think he needs me?

-Could you call Acerola?

Just a moment.

Remember that story about worms you told me?

l don't want to end up dead.

Forget that. Give the guy another chance.

Acerola, your friends are calling you.

-What's up?
-Where's Acerola?

He's not home. He went out.




-The guys are after us.
-Not me. l did nothing.

-The guys are after us.
-Not me. l did nothing.

What? Aren't you going to help me?

You cooked up a problem. Nowsettle it.

Aren't you my friend?

You want to boss everyone around.

Come on? Are you going to
turn your back on your pal?

Say please, then.


-My way?
-Your way.

There was only one way save my friend.

Making Mirca make up with Deco.

What's this Love Story?

Love Story, man. Happy ending.

-She's beautiful, isn't she?

-Do you have any money?
-Where's Deco's money?

This is it.

What if we buy a bonbon?

-Do you have any cards?
-Only with these.

-Do boyfriends like these?

Write this: Deco, meet
me at church at 3:00.

You can't say where.
You have to be more romantic.

Meet me where we first kissed, my love.

-What about her?
-Just the bonbon.

Listen, Madrugado.

lf that chick took me seriously,

l'd quit this life to be with her.

You're going to get tied up?

With this Mirca, of all chicks?

She's great, man.Afamily girl, get it?

lt's never going to work.


lf you marry, you'll be a cuckold.

What's up?

There's a chick hereto talk to you.

All right. Put her through.

Hi, baby. Ready to relax?

Right away, babe.

-See what l said?

He said you're the woman of his life.

He wants to tell you thiswhere you first kissed.

-At 3:00.
-He's going to quit everything?

l doubt it, Acerola.

He'd never fallen in love. lt happens.

Let me check this story out.

And listen, thanks for the bonbon.

My plan was working fine.
Mirca swallowed my story.

Now, all Deco had to do was open his heart

for Acerola to regain respect with the losers.

l'm going to save you,
but don't make it a habit.

Where are you going?

-Where are you going?
-l'm Deco's brother-in-law.



Cheese. Cheese.
-What's up, Acerola?

l want to talk to you.
-Come on over.

My pal, Acerola.

My sister sent you this.

Man, a love letter.

Are you Cupid?
-At 3:00?

Hands off.

Hey, Madrugado. Take control.

Here, Deco.
-Who is it?

-What's up?

Wait up.Acerola, come here.

You're going to help me out.

Do you knowBigodo, the doctor?

-Take him my gun down slum.

Bigodeo, the kid's my brother-in-law.

You can trust him... Wait up.

What's wrong? What's with you?

Just put it in your rucksack.

Nobody's going to frisk you.

Hold on.

Take good care of my girl.

Hey, Laranjinha!

Take your rucksack!
-He's your in-law.

But it's your rucksack.
-l'm not taking it.

You ruined the love story.You take it.

My plan had failed.

Acerola had gone too far.

Since he lost power,
the losers were after him.

And our friendship was no longer the same.

Acerola was choosing his course.

Come here, kid.

You live here?

l missed you.

What's this nonsense?

What's this?
-Why are you here?

What about last night?
-Sheila, we'll talk later.

Sheila? Last night, l was your love.

You're staying!
What are you doing with him?

Get your hands off!

You... Get your hands off!

You stay here!-Get your hands off!

Let me take a look!

What's wrong?

Come on! Come on! Let's go!

You're late, kid! He said 3:00!

Let him through. He's her brother.

You killed an innocent girl!

Get back. Get back, please. Get back.

Get back.
-Let me light a candle.


What's the matter?

Where were you, Acerola?

That's right. Where were you?

Where were you, my dear?

He must have gotten into a fight.

He must have gotten into a fight.

Don't cry.

Acerola only had one way out.

To give himselfin to the losers.

Go on!

l hope they'll forgive us.

Hey, pals! Here!

There you go!

Forget all that.

You're champs.We're all champs.

We're friends.All right?

Give me those sneakers.

Give me those sneakers.Hurry!

-Yeah! Hurry!

Hold on.
-Put them on my feet.

You mean...
-Hurry up!

-Yes, you!

Hurry up!
-Like this?

After the scare, Acerola learned.

Our friendship went back to normal.

Thankfully, for soccer was fun again.