City of Men (2002–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - A Coroa do Imperador - full transcript

At school the children of the favela are told how the Portuguese crown was brought to Brazil, when Napoleon attacked Portugal. Acerola conceives Napoleon as something equivalent to the local gang-leader BB in his fights with other...

Brazil's independence is linked

to happenings in Europe in the 19th century.

Napoleon wanted to conuer England,

Teacher, what's X?
- lt's not X,

but 19 in Roman numerals.

Napoleon attacked England by sea,

but lost the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

How many died, teacher?
- That doesn't matter.

Let's continue.
- Teacher?

- Where do the Romans come in?

There are no Romans.

England would be hard to conuer.

Napoleon was Roman, right?

No, he was French

and conuered almost all ofEurope,

except England and Russia.

What weapons did they have?

Let me finish. He realized...

Lugers, .38's, pistols,

rifles, AR- 15's, Uzis...
- They had none of those.

Not even .30 calibres?
- No. Next.

So he forbade everyone
to trade with the English,

including the Portuguese.
-And the Romans.

Forget the Romans! There are no Romans!

Napoleon was French

and wanted to conuer England.

Dona Maria, Queen of Portugal,

was sick and known as Crazy Maria.

No, she just yelled a lot.

Die, son of a gun!

This is Dom JoXo, her son.

To save the crown ...

On November 29, 1807, he came to Brazil

with a fleet of 36 ships and 15 thousand people

among noblemen and high-ranking officials.

Teacher, what for?
- To save the crown.

All that just for a crown?

May l continue? May l? Excuse me!

Hold on! There's an outing!

There's an outing.

And more slides.

This is the Portuguese crown,

which now lies in Petropolis.

We're going to see it close up.

lt's 0 1 each and you

need your parents' permission.

Can my mum come?

No, it's just students.

Now don't forget: if you
want to go on the outing,

you've got to bring 0 1, all right?

Thank you, kids. See you tomorrow.

Hey, Acerola.
- What?

Wait up. That crown is cool.

ls it worth more than a car?

For sure.

More than ten?

Sure! 15 thousand people
brought the crown here.

And 36 ships.
- Nonsense.

Are you going on the outing?
- No.

l'm going, and l'm taking Kelly
to the back of the bus

so we can be together.

Ask your dad for the money.
- Of course not.

Then ask your mum.

Sure she will. Doesn't she say
school is important?

l know who l'll ask. My NGO.

What NGO?
- Where my mum works.

All l have to do is wait for her employer.

Napoleon? Who's he again?

A lunatic who used to yell in his castle.

He lost the Battle ofNafralgar to the English.


Gran, there's an outing at school.

lt's 0 1. Can you give me the money?


lt's getting very dangerous.

We have to ask Mrs. Edna...

Come on, mum? lfl flunk the test,

you'll want to scold me!

- Sir.

Tell Diva l'll be out for supper.

Yes, sir.
- Come on, let me go!

What's going on, Lourdes?

What's your name?

- Luiz Claudio.

All right.And what's going on?

My mum won't give me 0 1,50

to go on the school outing.

How can l do the test?

Listen, how much is it?
- 0 1,50.

Lourdes, you're not letting him go over 0 1,50?

Just this week l had to buy

a ruler and coloured pencils.

Here you go, Acerola. Go on the outing.

Aren't you going to say thank you?

Never mind, Lourdes.

Say thank you.
- Thanks!

You're welcome.

Here, mum. The change is for you.

Take care.

Wait. l'm taking the air-conditioned bus.

- What about the money?

My prescription. Here are Mrs. Virginia's pies.

You'll be paid 0 2,50. Listen to me.

She's going to give you 0 2,50.

You buy my medicine and the change

you keep for the outing.

All right. l'll be going, then.

And don't forget my medicine.

Tomorrow morning!

lfl don't take it, l might even die!

Hi, Mrs. Virginia!
- Hi.

Here. Two trays.
- How much is it?

0 2,50.
- How's Mrs. Francisca?

She's ill.
- Say hello for me.

With the money they spend not to be robbed,

you can imagine the money
they have to be robbed.

For the money they consider nothing,

imagine what they think is a lot.

They earn a lot, but pay little.

They pay little, and therefore earn a lot.

But l'd never like to live in a place like this.

lt looks like a prison.

The problem here is lack of security.

They live behind bars,
with cameras and doormen.

And even so, there are lots of robberies.

Ma'am, let me help you.

At the slum, there are no doormen,
cameras or robberies.


This is the boundary between there and here.

Hi, Mr. JoXo!

Theirs is one country. Ours is another.

These men guard their boundary.

And these, ours.

There, they choose who commands them.

Here, they're already chosen.

The rich like to see the slum on TV.

To see how bad it is here and

feel glad they live over there.

They only come here to buy drugs,

shoot film or write news stories.

lf they like drugs,

it can't be that good to live over there.

Because it's full ofbars, doormen, cameras.

Because it's full ofbars, doormen, cameras.

Drugs for them is like seasoning

they buy to be glad they live in prisons.

- Come here, kid.
- Let me through, please?

- Get back here!
- You wet my shoes, man.

- Listen up: where's Beb0?
- l don't know him.

How about MadrugadXo?

You didn't see him on the way down?

You didn't see anyone?

lfl knew, l'd say so, but l don't know.

-You don't know?
- No.

Damn you! Get a move on!

Let's go! Let's go!

Sons ofbitches.

There's some problem.

- What's up? Are you hurt?
- Nothing.

Tomorrow, there's an oral test.

Those who fail won't go on the outing.

Who's going on the outing?

l found you.

Aren't you going on the outing?

No. l don't want to see any crown.

Why not? You know the subject...

- l was mugged.
- Who mugged you?

Who? Some kids l don't even know.

Why didn't you talk to the dealer?

l want nothing to do with them.

- They'd pay you back.
- No. That's my problem.

They mugged you today?

They even broke the ruler my mum bought me.

Look, l've got my gran's medicine money.

l'll lend you it and then we'll talk to the boss.

- No. That's not his problem.
- l'll say l was mugged

and that it was my gran's money.

For her medicine.

- You're going dupe the guys?
- No.

They always give money for medicine.

All right, then.


Teacher, here's the money!

l'm going on the outing.

Come on. They're right there.

Sometimes, l wonder if Laranjinha

is very smart and very brave.

Or the biggest fool that ever lived here.

Hey, MadrugadXo!


- What's up?

- lt's me, man. Espeto.

There's a kid wanting to talk to Beb0.

- What's the deal?
- Come here. He was mugged.

The kid was mugged. Talk to him.

What's up, kid? Everything ok?

- Where's Beb0?
- Tell MadrugadXo

and l'll settle everything.

- l want to talk to Beb0.
- Here.

- Talk to me, kid.
- l was mugged.

When there's a mugger at the slum,

either the guy is a dumb
crook and doesn't last long

- You were mugged, kid?
- By outsiders, man.

Or the guy is an outsider wanting to invade

Or the guy is an outsider wanting to invade

and doesn't last long.

They were armed and beat me up.

- They beat me.
- How much did they take?

How did they mug you?

- They were armed.
- You want to talk to Beb0?

All right, then. Tell him they were armed.

Beb0, it's MD.

There's a kid here who
was mugged down slum.

Hi, Beb0.

Well, Beb0? lt's MD. Go ahead.

Beb0 here. What's the problem?

l was mugged by outsiders.

He was beat up and wants to talk to you.

l was going to buy medicine
for my gran and they beat me.

- They asked about you...
- Tell him they were armed.

They had several guns.
AGlock, an AK, a machine- gun.

There was one with a pistol, another with an AR- 15.

One had a vest on with several grenades.

Another had several silver pistols.

And one had bombs.

Beb0, there's someone after us, man.

What's this nonsense.

Don't you knowwe've got a reputation?

And you say there are people wanting to invade?

What's this nonsense the kid...

l want an answer about this mission!

Keep alert, MadrugadXo.

Listen, he wants 0 2,00, Beb0.

What's with you, man? Give the nut his 0 2,00

and get rid of him!

All right, Beb0. Faith in God and freedom.

Faith in God. Right on.

You spoke to Beb0!

- That's not for everybody!
- That's right, kid.

Here. 0 2,00. 0 2,00.

Don't make a habit ofit, for it's my profit.

Go on. Faith in God.And keep smart.

Go on. Faith in God.And keep smart.

Check ifit's really for medicine.

Go on.

Just 0 2,00? You should have billed the ruler.

Security at the slum is controlled by the Movement.

The boss here is Beb0,
and fewknowwhere he hides.

MadrugadXo is the general.

And these are the soldiers.

Their aim is to become general.

Usually, they live no longer than 25.

This kid is a newsoldier. He just bought sneakers.

He can hardly hold a gun.

He's cannon fodder and will die young.

As there's no police here,

it's best not to disrespect the Movement.

- lt's bad for one's health.
- Here. 0 1,30.

For medicine.

lt's a shootout!

Close the store! Close the store!

Shots fired without warning

are a sign of war with outsiders.

The lower part of the slum
is controlled by Beb0's men.

All the way from the asphalt
to the middle of the hill.

Then, there's brushwood, an area that caught fire.

lt's called Bosnia because it's all burned.

Above Bosnia lies Valdir Mocoto's domain.

Mocoto wants a passageway down to the asphalt,

the slope, which is in Beb0's area.

His den sells less because junkies

can only reach it from above, which is much harder.

lf he controls this passageway,

he can sell to the rich down below.

Let's take the medicine up to my gran.

- lt's too dangerous.
- lt's just a shootout.

You're such a sissy!

Don't call me a sissy! Let's go!

lt's just the kids shooting.

Ok, but just up to your gran's.

- Was it outsiders?
- Get the hell out of here!

Move, move, move!

Damn. They killed that kid.

Now the stairway belongs to Mocoto.

Mocoto took Beb0's area.

Like Napoleon did with Russia.

Now, there's going to be a counter strike.

- That's normal.
- They always do it.

They're always battling over that stairway.

Problem is that Laranjinha's gran lives up top.

When things heat up, it's hard to get there.

lfl don't take her medicine, she might even die.

- Let me help you.
- There's no need.

You're very tired.

What's up?

l need to pass and take her shopping.

- He wants to pass.
- No way. She lives right here.

My gran lives up there. Let me through.

- No.
- But she went up.

- She knows Beb0.
- But l'm small.

Small my ass!

l need to give my gran her medicine.

Forget that and get out of here.

There's no way through.

There's a passageway under my gran's house.

Man, ifl don't take gran's medicine,

- she'll die.
- Die?

You think it's a joke, don't you?

lf you want to cross over, you'll die.

What do l do?

You'd better stay alive than die.You're younger.

l know. We round up all ofMocoto's men,

line them up and...

- Hi, guys.
- There's a curfew.

l couldn't deliver my gran's medicine.

- What a drag.
- l'd just found a vest.

What, mum?

See if my telenovela is starting!

What a drag, man.

- Do it now!
-All right, l'm checking.

Look at that pool ofblood!

- lt's a river, man!
- lt's the stairway, dummy!

- When did this war begin?
-Ages ago.

- My mum still used diapers.
- No, the war here, at the slum.

lt began yesterday.

When Mocoto took Beb0's stairway.

Mocoto says the stairway was his first.

And Beb0 says it was his first.

- lt's an old story.
- They're always fighting for it.

Mocoto's guys killed one ofBeb0's soldiers.

The one that played soccer with you.

- He was good.
- His mum was shattered.

- She was tearing her hair out.
- They should round them

all up, shove them in a barrel and burn them.

And shoot them too.

Does your house have bullet marks? Does it?

Five of his friends came in and put pistols

Five of his friends came in and put pistols

to his two brother's heads.

He was hacked to death.

Cut to pieces. By his own friends.

l was in bed, sleeping.

When l woke up, l had a gun to my head.

lt's very painful.

Sometimes, l think about my cousin they killed.

He was like a brother to me.

On my birthday, l always cry over my cousin.

Look up! l looked up and he asked:

Do you smoke pot? Do you snort?

Come offit, man!, l said.

They killed four or five.

That day, three died at the same time.

One was shot by the cops.

The other one was hit by
machine-gun fire in the face.

This part of his face was blown away,

so they put him belly down in his coffin.

l once saw 3 corpses, tied together and floating.

Right in front of me. l was at the window

and the guy died in front of me.

The cops shot rubber bullets
and threw a smoke grenade

through my aunt's window.
The gas canister blew

and my uncle was burned to death.

Who cares if you're not a crook?

Nobody cares, man. Nobody.

So l ducked and the bullet whizzed right past me.

Hit the wall, the ceiling.

And made a hole in my mum's mattress and bed.

lt went through my cousin's window.

lt hit the wall and exploded.

The bullet did this:

Everyone here has thought
about it one time or another.

To revolt, join the gang and gain respect.

The drug dealers should forbid minors.

They use minors because they're not arrested.

They think they're going to grow up

and own the world, but it's nonsense.

When the time comes, they don't even live to be 18.

The teacher's coming!

Good morning, good morning!

- Can we have class today?
- Yes!

Who remembers our last class? What did l say?

That there's an outing!

Apart from that, l gave a class.

- What do you remember?
- The Romans.

They wanted to fight the Greeks,

but the Greeks were smarter.

Enough! Enough!

The outing is cancelled!

You don't know anything! Why should we go?

You don't know anything! Why should we go?

- But l paid!
- l'll return the money!

- Teacher?
- Yes?

lfl repeat what you said last class,

can we go on the outing?

- Yes, but show me.
-All right.

Go ahead.

This is the French hill,

where a nut called Napoleon was the boss.

But he wanted to expand.
This was the neighbouring hill,

and he wanted it to be his.

Before that, the bosses were the English,

who sold stuff to all these regions.

But Napoleon advanced slowly

and stopped everyone from buying from the English.

The English got fed up and kicked his ass

at the Battle of Trafalgar.

First, he invaded the Spanish hill

and shut down the English stronghold.

Them, he took over the German hill.

As soon as he dominated a hill,
his soldiers took over.

He couldn't look after everything.

He then chose to take this frozen area

and his soldiers bought it.

Then, he went after Portugal,

and the folks there had to run away.

- Where to?
- over here, to America,

- which was theirs.
- What for?

Because the English chose to save this area

because commerce here was better.

The Portuguese asked the English for help.

- What for?
- To save their crown.

Save the crown? How did they do that?

That part l don't remember.

All right, l'll take it from here.

Napoleon made the mistake of dividing

his new kingdoms among his relatives,

who proved to be incompetent rulers.

ln 1803, the Napoleonic troops were attacked

by all the European powers.
Napoleon retreated to France,

which was then attacked
by the Russians and Prussians.

With the fall of Paris, the Emperor renounced,

and in June, 1815, suffered his last great defeat

at the Battle of Waterloo.

Thus, he was taken to St. Helena island,

where he ended his life in complete solitude.

Until 1807, England dominated the slave trade.

They were responsible for two-thirds of the business

and needed to continue this trade with America.

To do so, they decided to escort
the Portuguese fleet.

They sent four heavily armed frigates:

Marlborough, London, Betford and Monarch,

which accompanied the crown to Brazil.

The journey was long and difficult,

The court, accustomed to rigid European etiuette,

found itself attacked by lice,

which forced the noblewomen to shave their heads.

Finally, on March 7, 1808,
their journey was concluded.

Their arrival was celebrated
by a salvo of cannon fire

from all the fortresses in town

and the ships that were in the harbour,

by fireworks set off by the residents

and bells ringing in all the churches.

The city remained lit all night long.

ln every house, even the most humble,

people hung lamps,

- and the festivities lasted...
- Gran!





The crown was really cool.

l found it kind of dull.

But Kelly Cristina, not at all.