Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - The Devil You Know - full transcript

Voight makes a deal with Darius Walker to help bring down a rogue group of dirty cops dealing drugs that were supposed to be destroyed. Upton clashes with Voight and enacts her own form of justice.

That's definitely our baby.

To be together.

But we're meant
to be a family.

Darius, it's time to start
working for the police.

I get it.
I'm a snitch.

I got something good, girl.
Your new CI, Darius...

10-1, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police.

We're still going to use him

even though he might have
just offed a CI?

We got to keep him in play.
He's valuable.

He was my guy.

I put him out there.

I'm sure his death
is the cost of the game,

but you're the one
who has to carry.

How do I do that?

Pregnant and undercover.

It's a good name
for a reality show.


Yeah, I'm not gonna
lie to you, man,

this whole thing makes me
nervous, but she loves the job.

She wants to get as much time
out here as she can

before she's got to go
on light duty,

so here we are.

- It's badass, no doubt.
- Thanks, man.

Yeah, can you imagine the
stories we'll tell this kid?

- Ross, fill us in.
- All right.

Our target is the DTO
we've been jamming on.

Finally getting a chance
to buy up.

I'm fronting as an in-between
for a big player.

I mean, today is step one, a
test ride, quarter brick of H.

I take it to my boss,
make sure he likes the product,

we do a major sale next week.

At least that's
what my guy thinks.

Instead, we take down
my guy today, flip him.

Great, we'll have eyes
on you inside and out.

I'll be up top, Kev and Kim
will be right there with you.

Adam and Jay
will take your guy down

as soon as he hits the street.

- Dibs.
- All you, dawg.

All right.
Okay, it's show time.

So what's
the takedown signal?


- Cute.
- Let's roll.

I like that.

- Thank you.
- Next?

Here we go.

- Hi, you.
- How are you doing?

Good to see you.
Good to see you.

So, um...


What do you think
about having dinner next week?

Well, I'm a big eater.
Fair warning.


Let's go.

South side.
Leather jacket, jeans.

No, do not approach.

What's the story here,

He's coming right at me.
What's the play?

I repeat, do not engage.

Yo, what the hell was that?

It took me weeks
to get in there, we had a plan.

Yeah, we didn't plan
for one thing.

Your dope dealer?
He's a cop.

- Damn.
- Yeah.

What happened?

My dealer.

One of us.

Kelly Tyler.

Assigned to Area
South Mission Team, TAC.

11-year veteran.
Nothing but standard beefs.

- And we're sure it's him?
- Yeah.

We went
to the Academy together.

He might've asked me out
on a date.

I might've said no.

Well, maybe he was just
doing what we're doing.

Got our wires crossed.

Could've been detailed
to DA, Customs...

We deconflicted
before we got here.

And now we were going through
the list of all the agencies,

checked A and A records.

There's nothing
that suggests he's here

in any official capacity.

You're saying he's dirty?

We're saying
what we know to be true.

We have no reason
to believe Kelly Tyler

was here working today.

He was selling heroin.


Tell me something I don't know.

Well, we scrubbed Tyler's
personal financials.

Dude lives well.

He lives in Portage Park.

- With the rest of the cops.
- Sure.

And then a couple of years ago,
he bought this in cash.

Door County.
Lakefront property.

He also rents a storage unit.

Which is the corporate
address of a cash-only LLC

that does absolutely nothing.

And it's run by a shell
corporation, which somehow

was founded by his mother.
Three years after she died.

All right, the way we left
things at the bus depot,

Tyler thought we had
a successful exchange, right?

Got a good thing going.

Well, I texted him, you know,
just to keep the vibe alive.

Told him my boss
enjoyed the product,

we're ready to do this.

Dude left me on read.
Just ghosted me.

He's spooked.
He's a pro.

- 'Cause he's a cop.
- Yeah, a veteran cop.

So he's gonna think like us
and move like us.

We exercise extreme precaution.

But I want a sneak and peek
on that storage unit.

Off the books.

So no fingerprints,
real or digital.

All clear.

We're set up at the south.

Almost there.

Come on, man.
Let's go.


Tyler must be using this
like some kind of stash house.


I know he's a TAC guy
and they gotta bend the rules

here and there, but that's
a hell of a lot of product.

You got company.

Tyler is here.
Yeah, copy.

We gotta go.

What are you doing?

He's right on top of you.
Get out now.

Jay, I can hear
the elevator, man.

Yeah, all right.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.


All right, let's move.

I hate to say it.
I hate to do it.

But we're there.
Roll him up.

Hey, Sarge.
We can't move just yet.

I think there's
another cop involved.

Shut the door.

So remember about a year ago?
We did a drug case

where we seized six half-bricks
of H over in Lawndale?

The guy
with the fake bread truck.

So after he pleaded out,
I put in the destroy order

for the dope down
at the South Side Drug Vault.

I did the paperwork
with ERPS and Forensics...

Yes, incinerated
in the big burn, dope's gone.

Except it wasn't.

I found some of it last night
in Tyler's storage unit.

So I went down
to the Review Officer,

and I pull up stuff
from the old case.

It's the same dope.
This is like a baseball thing.

The guy was using it
as a signature,

putting it on his packages
like a company logo.

Look at this.

That's your writing.

Who signed the order
said the dope was destroyed?

Sergeant Jake Gibbs.

Apparently he's worked
in the drug vault

for, like, a thousand years.

But guess who took a turn in
the vault when he was a rookie?

Kelly Tyler.

If Tyler's dirty and he's got
someone inside the drug vault...

Yeah, it's like a buffet.
It's free dope.

If this is what it seems,
it's a whole new thing.

I got to loop in Crawford.

And we can't move on anybody

till we know exactly how deep
this thing really goes.

So just widen the net.
Gibbs, Tyler,

and whoever the hell else
comes our way.

- Trackers?
- Do it.

Both of their
personal vehicles.

Here we go.

That's Jake Gibbs,
the guy from the drug vault.

Well, there it is.

they're working together.

- Yeah.
- Guys, we got a bogey.

Unknown third vehicle
headed your way.

It's a silver SUV.

That's Darius Walker.

Holy crap.

You got that right.

You planning on telling me
you're in business with cops?


You think I'm stupid?

Hold up, wait a minute.
What do you expect from me?

You think I'm gonna volunteer
to a cop

who's got a fat prison term
hanging over my head?

That there are dirty cops
out there selling me dope?

How long have you been
in business with them?

Maybe four years.

They're good suppliers.

I mean, they should be.

They got everything
right at their fingertips.

They're just...
They're just the help.

Bag men.
All right, man.

Don't get me wrong,
they're dirty as hell,

but they got a boss,
somebody big.

Bigger than you.
Who is it?

- I don't know.
- Who is it?

I don't know!

It's part of our deal,

so I got nothing left
to offer you.

You gotta be kidding me.

Darius, you're gonna help me
figure it out.

- Oh, that ain't happening.
- Oh, yeah, it is.

Darius, you work for me.
That's how this goes.

Bro, I'm the only reason
you're out here,

not doing burpees
in a prison cell.


And I ain't gonna jump
off a building for you neither.

You think these gang bangers
out here are dangerous?

Try dirty cops.

Name your price.

Come in.

You can leave it open.
No, shut it.

What's up?

We got two bad cops
out there.

Kelly Tyler, some TAC guy.

And Jake Gibbs, sergeant.
Runs the South Side Drug Vault.


I got solid evidence they're
selling drugs on the street.

Maybe others too.

Protocol says
you take this to IAD.

No way.
Case like this,

the only people I trust are the
ones I can see from my desk.

Okay, so what are
you doing here then?

Well, I got a way in.

But I need your co-sign.

Turns out Darius Walker
has been buying narcotics

from these guys for years.

That's... that's perfect.

Yeah, well, Darius is willing
to help us participate

in a significant drug buy,
which we will document.

Sworn testimony,
the whole thing.


But the only way
he's gonna do it

is if it's his last case
working for us.

He makes this case, Darius has
met his burden, and then some.

Even a documented sale
to Darius,

it might not be enough.
These are cops.

They can claim
plausible deniability.

I mean, Hank, for all we know,

they build case initiatives
for everybody they sell to.

They create a record.
They make it look legit.

Yeah, that's what I do.

Let me remind you,

a case this big,

showing you're not afraid
to take on corruption,

that's a hell of a bullet
on a résumé.

It won't be easy.

All right, everybody here?

Okay, let's walk through
the steps one last time.

Okay, so we believe
the key to this whole thing

is the South Side Drug Vault.

Cops seize narcotics off the
street, and they put them into

the vault, where it's stored
until it's needed as evidence.

All right, once a month,
they do a huge burn.

They take all the drugs
they don't need as evidence

and they bring it
to a blast furnace.

All right, and that's
really the loophole.

The big burn is how
they cover their tracks

with fake paperwork.

Destroy orders come
into the vault,

orders from cops
to incinerate narcotics.

Gibbs signs off on those,

so there are no
checks and balances.

There's no system in place
to make sure that the stuff

that actually goes into
the burner is really gone.

And why would there be?

Okay, how do we prove it?

It all starts
with the manifest.

There's a running list
of each type of narcotic

stored in this drug vault.

A key of coke,
half-key of MDMA...

And we know how much heroin
is in there right now.

Like two keys, give or take.

So we're gonna ask Darius
to ask for a lot more than that

on purpose...
A bigger score, bigger payday.

And that's how
we flush them out,

figure out who else
is involved.

The play is, we escalate
the amount of the buy.

It should press Tyler and Gibbs
to kick the deal upstairs

to whoever they're working for.
The third cop.

Right, that's where
Sergeant Platt comes in.

She's gonna bring them
the product

based on her relationship
with Gibbs.

Yeah, I've known Jake
for almost 30 years,

or thought I did.

All right, so we got
10 bricks of heroin,

two bricks of coke.

We got tracers in the heroin?

They have their own
chemical footprint.

So when they sell it to Darius,
we'll be able to test them

and make sure
it's the same stuff,

even if they change
the packaging.

Sarge, we're gonna
need you to front

like the dope isn't tied
to any active cases.

That nobody's gonna need it
for court or evidence.

It can go straight
to the furnace.

And if we're correct,

it'll go straight
into their pockets instead.

They'll tell us
it's been incinerated,

and they'll sell it
to Darius Walker.

And that's the trap.


You okay with this?

With what?

This play's tough enough
without triggering an old beef.

Can you work
with Darius Walker?

Last time I checked,
this wasn't a democracy.

- Hey, Jake.
- You kidding me?

Been way too long, Trudy.

You and Mouse,
you tied the knot, right?

- Yes, we did.
- How's he doing?

Well, you know,
dashing, dastardly.

- So same as ever.
- Yeah, how about you?

It's been what?
Two years since Helen passed?

You know, Jake,

we're always here for you,
no matter what.

I know.
Part of the blue code.


Somebody's been busy.
Nice hit.

Not me.
Some of my patrol guys.

That's a destroy order, 10 keys
of heroin and two of coke.

You got a court case number
attached to this?

No, straight to the oven.

Well-being call,
out near Midway.

Dead guy, dead case.
No one to charge.

Sometimes just getting it
off the street is the win.


- Good to see you again, Trudy.
- You too.

I'm not hearing
anything new.

I gotta go.

Darius make the ask?

He asked Tyler for
six keys of 10, 50 gram per.

You think they bought it?

We'll have to find out
the hard way.

I got it.

They just did
this month's big burn.

Confirmation signed
by Jake Gibbs.

The narcotics I checked
into the drug vault

have been incinerated.



Right on time.

Talk to me.


No, we'll bring it to you
at the motel.

We're on.

I need to test your wire.
Talk to me for a sec.

For going straight. ve plans

Heard you bought a mall.

A strip mall, big difference.

It's a urban renewal
kind of thing.

All about access.

You're a real hero, Darius.
Give me that back.

Do you remember a guy
named Cameron Balow?


He was my CI.

Like you're Voight's CI,
he was mine.

Sort of like
we came up together.

Two sides of the same street.

He saw your face,
so you had him killed.

He died right in front of me.

So you tell yourself
whatever story you want to

about the life
you think you're living.

But don't forget the truth.

The truth is,
you're the kind of man

that has people killed just
because they saw your face.

Wrong place, wrong time.

Just some bad luck.

Well, now,
if you believe in luck,

that means you believe
that the universe

gives a damn about your fate.

There's no luck on the streets.
Only choices.

One after the next.

Young Cameron,
he made a bad choice.

- Mm.
- He wasn't unlucky.

He was foolish.


Are we good
with the overhear?

All set.

All right, here we go.

You ready to do this?


- Cash is in the bag.
- Yeah.

I just want to get
on the other side of this game.


And that means...

I'm trusting you on this.

We all got skin
in this one, Darius.

Come on.

Wire's up.

Remember, they walk.

The rules are different
on this one.

We're building a case.

We need warrants.

If we don't play it right,
none of this matters.

Here we go.

It's Tyler.

Guys, I can't get a read
on the second subject.

I'm in the same boat.
Is it Jake Gibbs?

It's not Jake Gibbs.

It's Lieutenant Mike Packer.

Mike Packer?

How you doing?

If you don't mind,
I'd like to get this over with.

I'm just here for the tan.

When I get that home
and open it up,

I'm not gonna find
any scag in there, right?

I'm here for the quality stuff.
All right?


My name is my business.

I don't like change.

This is an escalation.
This is change.

This is an opportunity.
For both of us.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But before we get there,

I just want to look you
in the eyes

and make sure we have
good communication.

I've been doing good business

with your boys
for a long time, brother.

Hey, you don't deal
with them anymore.

You want to make this kind
of product on a regular basis,

you deal with me.
And I'm not your brother.

And just for the record,
you don't deliver...

The last thing
that comes out of that mouth

is a bullet.

Message received.

We have a positive delivery.
It's done.

All right.
That's it.

All right, grab the dope
from Darius.

Print it.
Confirm the tracer.

We got these guys
dead to rights.

The best part is,
I gotta sit next to this guy

at a CompStat meeting
tomorrow morning.

Hey, Pack.
Hey, Johnny.

How you been, Voight?

Still out there
pounding the pavement.

- I can't believe it.
- Well, you do what you know.

Hey, you're gonna be
the only one awake in there.

It's why we became
cops, right?

- CompStat meetings.
- Yeah.

Hey, maybe this one
won't be so painful.

I heard the new numbers
are pretty good.

The lowest rate of gunshot
victims in four years.

Homicides, one of the biggest
drops among large cities.

Now I'm gonna ask you
to dig deep.

Major crime
clearance rate, 36%.

And that is being generous
measured over multiple years.

We've got to get
that number to 40.

Guy will do anything
to get rid of

the interim part of his title.

Lieutenant Mike Packer

sold your CI bricks of heroin?

Packer's real police, sir.

I never would have thought
in a million years...

You know that
I just promoted him?

I just made him head
of the fugitive task force.

We need to bury these guys
loudly and publicly.

Now, before we get up there,

do you know Elena Becerra
as prosecutor?

By reputation.

She's tough, right?

Well, that's one way
to look at it.

Doesn't take a case
she can't win, is another.

But she's what we get, okay?

Comes to public corruption
cases, she is the gatekeeper.

She's also fiercely protective
of the police,

which is normally a good thing.

Sir, all I need is
her signature on some warrants.

I'll handle the rest...

The minute you get in there,

you make her
your equity partner.

You need her buy-in, okay?

Search warrants,
arrest warrants, indictments.

The standard is high.

We're not talking

We're talking above
and beyond, Hank, way beyond.


Did the tracer check out?

The narcotics Darius bought
are the same ones

we checked into the vault.

State Crime Lab confirmed it.

All right, well,
you did it, Hank.

I mean, these cases,
they are as hard as it gets.

And I know you wouldn't
have picked this,

but you're there.

So let's do it.

And they just had
a big payday.

They're sitting on $300,000
in 1505 funds.

We're ready to move.

We don't want them
to take it and run.

Have a seat, gentlemen.

Let me ask you something,
Sergeant Voight.


What happens after
you make these arrests?

I put away three bad people.

Probably have a nice scotch.
Get back to work.

Yeah, well,
that's what happens to you.

What happens in the community
is a bit more complicated.

Defense attorneys
will trip over themselves

challenging past cases won
by these officers.

And they'll succeed.

You might put
three bad people away,

but many more will have
their convictions overturned.

They'll walk.

Yeah, well,
that's unfortunate.

It's also exactly why we have
to go after guys like this.

I appreciate your passion in
this case and your hard work...

I don't need medals.
I need warrants.

Yes, you have a case.

But with those stakes,
is it enough?

These are TAC officers.

And what you have
isn't that different

from what our officers do
every day all over the city.

Buy-bust, a UC flash, whatever.
Manipulate the drug market.

Yeah, take a look at that.

Look at the signature.

That's confirmation
from Sergeant Gibbs

that the drugs we just bought
from him were incinerated.

Which any defense attorney
worth his salt

will challenge
as a paperwork error.

Yeah, well, we scrubbed
their finances too.

Let me ask you something.
How many cops you know

got a second home on a lake
looks like that?

what you have, mostly,

is the sworn testimony of a CI.

That's your case.

It's the most compelling stuff
you've got.

But he's also a drug dealer.

And he's not the first
to allege the cops are dirty.

And if he's a liar, he's not
the first of those either.

To move forward,

I'm gonna need to know
your CI is credible.

So name him.

You gotta be kidding me.
You know I can't do that.

I gave him my word.
It's not gonna happen.



Name him,

or I cannot sign
your arrest warrants.

I came here
as a courtesy, Darius...

You hung me out to dry.

Look, if I didn't name you
as my informant,

we couldn't make the case.
They wouldn't move forward.

What's that mean for me?

There's no way
of knowing that yet...


If the case goes to trial,

you're gonna have to testify
in public using your name.

As a snitch.
So everyone's coming after me.

And I'm gonna do everything
I can to avoid that.

Look, most of these cases, they
never even make it to trial.

The State's Attorney has agreed
to push for a plea.

We're gonna pit these guys
against each other, okay?

Let the lawyers do their thing,
hopefully you never get called.

Your name will never surface.

- Hopefully.
- Hopefully.

Look, the goal was
to get you out, right?

It still is.

Just not as pretty
as we wanted.

So I'm no longer anonymous.
And I'm not a free man.

- I had no choice.
- Of course you did.

You traded me for them.

Well, now you know.

I wanted to tell you


Until the dust settles,

it's probably best
you get out of town.

You know, lay low.
I guess you're right.

I can't get to the other side
if I'm dead, can I?


All right, warrants are in
from the State's Attorney.

Time to get this done.
We just got ping orders too.

Get up on their cell phones.
Figure out where they are.

Yeah, I'm already
working on it.

17 minutes ago,
Packer, Tyler, and Gibbs

converged on the south side.

It's significant
if they're all together.

Another exchange, maybe.
Something real.

- Where are they?
- Off Vincennes.

Hold on, it takes a second
to triangulate.

86th Place.

Same spot we set up
for the heroin exchange.

All right, Kim,
you stay here on the pings.

Any movement from any of them,
you call me.


Warrants against guys
like this

don't stay secret
for very long.

All right, so strap up.
It's game time.

Let's arrest these pricks.


Looks like he was in
a hell of a battle.

Get down!

10-1, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police.

300 block of 86th Place.

Offender down!

Who was it?

It was not one of us.
Let's move.

Let's move.

Oh, my God.

That's Gibbs.

And Tyler.


I got Packer.

We got another body
over here.

What the hell happened here?

Call it in.

5021, George.
We need the Crime Lab.

We got six victims.
Gunshot wounds.

- An ambush.
- Had to be.

We know what these cops
are capable of.

- They could take on an army.
- And this was war.

Extra clips.

They were lured there
and assassinated.

And we know exactly
who was behind it.

That's exactly why I didn't
want to name Darius as my CI.

Come on, Hank.
It was all we had left.

You think I was just trying
to protect Darius?

That's what it looks like
from behind that desk.

Man, you get out there
in the muck, you'd know.

I didn't want to name him

because I know
what he's capable of doing.

So now what?

Now we got no good answers,
is what.

I could scoop up Darius,

try and connect him
to the shooting,

but we got no case.

And it would expose everything.

Now we got three dirty cops,
one dirty informant.

You got the force pissed.
You got the community pissed.


We got three cops, right?

Gunned down, by thugs,

for the sin of trying
to make Chicago a safer city.

Packer, Tyler, and Gibbs,
they're heroes.

What about Darius Walker?

- That's it?
- Yeah, that's it.

declares them heroes?

And everyone washes
their hands of it?

And Darius?


They're cutting him loose.

- What?
- He's a free man.

He screwed us.

He screwed you.
You got that right.

After all of this,

the only winner here
is Darius Walker.

Well, there's an old saying.

Some cases
are better left unsolved.

Not this one.

Yeah, this one.

- So that's it?
- That's it.

You're a free man.

You know, I am wondering
one thing, though.

Did you even have the guts
to show up for it?

- For what?
- Don't do that.

When you took out
Packer, Tyler, and Gibbs,

were you even there?

If you don't find a way to
beat the house once in a while,

you crap out.


Well, like I said, we're done.
You're a free man.

But you should
probably understand

what that means, Darius.

See, what we had,

it was a relationship,
a partnership.

A partnership?


You put me here.

Bro, you put yourself here.

And you got no protection now.

I survived out here
a long time

before you showed up, Voight.

Yeah, that's true.
You did.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We get an ID on the guy we
took down at the forging plant?


Here we go.

South side hustler.
One of Darius Walker's guys.

And the other two?

The ones that were
already dead.

We got addresses
on them, right?

South side hustler turf?

They all lived
around Ogden Park.

- Okay.
- Why, what's up?


All right.

No, no, no.
I just want to talk.

We don't talk to cops.

I want to talk to you about
your people that got killed.

Y'all are the ones
that killed them.

I didn't.

But I know that doesn't matter.
I was there.

I want to know
why they were there.

Who hired them?

Why the hell you think

I'm gonna help you
figure out that?

Because I think the guy
that got them killed

was working with us.

You following me?

What the hell
are you doing, Hailey?

- Doesn't concern you.
- Yes, it does.

Good or bad, right or wrong.
You know it does.


I'm investigating the murder
of three police officers.

We were told to stand down.

You were given a direct order

by the superintendent
of police.

This could destroy
your whole career or worse.

So yeah, this concerns me.

I'm gonna figure out
what the hell happened.

And then I'm gonna take
that case to Crawford

and he can tell me to my face
to stand down.

20 different times,
you have figured out a way

to tell me don't get too close.

I'm telling you,
you're too close.

I'm okay, Jay.

Go home, okay?

- Hank.
- Hey, Trudy, what's up?

We got a call.


You had to know.

Ask those questions
in that neighborhood,

you had to know
there's a good chance

something like this
would happen.

I was just working a case.

Investigating the murder
of three police officers.

Someone misinterpreted
one of my statements.

I can't help that.

And if it worked out that a bad
thing happened to a bad person

because of that


I learned from the best.


Want to know
what keeps me awake at night?


I do what I do because I can.

Something inside me...

I turned it off,
a long time ago.

Hailey, you do
something like this,

you don't turn that part off...

It will eat you alive.

Have a little faith, Sarge.
I'll get there.

That's what I'm afraid of.