Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - New Normal - full transcript

With Voight suspended, Antonio takes charge of Intelligence to deal with overdoses of bad heroin, but Ruzek undermines his authority.


- You're under arrest for
the murder of Kevin Bingham.

- You can't save
everyone, Hank.

Just make sure I get bail.

- Alvin Olinsky has
dedicated his life

to the people of this city.

- He dedicated his life
to you.

- It should be you in there.

Not him.

- [grunting]

[tense music]

- It has been a tough day.

But we still have jobs to do.

- [grunts]
Chicago PD!

-Okay, okay, okay--

- You shot him in cold blood!

- I didn't see what happened.
- It doesn't matter!

We're talking about the guy
who killed Al here.

- Watch yourself, man.
- I'm right here!

- All right, enough!

- I'm sorry, Al.


[knocking on door]

[knocking continues]

- Hank?

[urgent knocking]

- All right! All right!

- Hank!

- Come on in.
Come on in.

- Okay, okay. So.

You're alive.

I have been calling
and calling.

We've got two DOAs
in Grant Park.

Oh my God, Hank!
What the hell happened?

Can I take you
to the hospital?

- No, I'm okay.

Must look worse than it is.

- I know you're going
through hell.

But if you, if you need help,

if you need someone
to talk to--

- I'm good.
I'm good.

I'm good.

- Yeah. Right.

I mean, I know I'm overreacting

because you look just great,

and I don't even know
why the idea

popped into my little head.

- Trudy.

Listen, I want you
to do me a favor.

Just the next time
you--you talk to Meredith,


you tell her I'm gonna

take care of the funeral, okay?

- Okay.

[somber music]

- Hey.

Sergeant Hank Voight.

What's going on?

- It looks like there's
a hot batch out there.

We got five ODs so far
this morning,

It's not even 10:00.

- Sergeant!

Get the hell off
my crime scene.

- Excuse me?

- I called you three times.

- This about
the De Leon shooting?

- Yes, it is.

- Well, like I told
the review board,

it was a good shoot.

- The problem is I have

two credible witnesses
both say

the victim had his hands

raised up above his head.

- You listen.

First of all,

that guy is not a victim.
He's an offender.

He ordered the hit
on Alvin Olinsky.

And second...

that's not what happened.

- Well, it's your word
against theirs.

Yours is selling at quite
a discount these days.

State's attorney is
circling this as a homicide.

Best you can do is call
your FOP lawyer.

- There's bad drugs
on the street.

Kids are dying.

It's better I'm out here.

- Well, I appreciate that
you want to help.

But the facts are the facts.

- This got nothing to
do with facts.

- Meaning what?

- Meaning I think it's
a good time

for you and your boss, Kelton,

to bury an old-school white
cop with a bad reputation.

- You're wrong.

It's an absolutely
fantastic time

to bury an old-school white cop
with a bad reputation.

But that's not what I'm doing.

I'm following the facts,

doing what's best
for the department.

You are benched

until further notice, Sergeant.

- What happened to
your face, boss?

- Listen.

There is some bad dope
out on the street

and we are gonna find it.


Now, Antonio is gonna
take the lead.

So get on the horn
with CFD right away.

Get a list of all the ODs
the past two days,

the exact locations
the bodies were found.

Track down the 911 tapes,
tox reports--

- I got it, Hank.
I'm good.

- Sarge, you want to tell us
what's going on?

Why aren't you involved?

- The COPA thing.

They're still investigating
the shooting.

Listen, I'm on the bench
until it's resolved.

- Way to step up, bro.

- Stay out of this, Adam.

- Hey. Enough.

Now listen, everything
is gonna be fine.

So stop talking,

and track down that bad dope.

- Okay, let's get to work.

- That's my son.

That's my baby!
- I'm sorry--

- Let me go!
Let me see my baby.

- Ma'am.
- [whimpering]

- It's okay, it's okay.

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Same tox report for
all five DOAs.

Heroin cut with battery acid.

- Battery acid?

- That means it's intentional.

It means somebody's
trying to

put bodies on the street.

- Wait, so, is this business

or is this some sicko
serial killer

out here just trying
to kill people

with dope instead of bullets?

- Well, all five ODs

are on the West Side between
Sacramento and California.

It's confined to one area,

which is a good thing.

- What about the crime scenes?

- Detectives found packets

at three out of five locations.

They all had the same logo:
a spider.

- Yeah, well, maybe we
should call Voight,

see if he can at least point us
in the right direction.

- No. We can't.

Hank's off the books until

COPA's done with
the investigation.

- Right, yeah, I know that, but

there's five people dead

and the clock's ticking, so...

- Voight's not involved,

you understand?

He's been stripped.

It's violation to
even talk to him

about any of this.

All right, talk to Narcotics.

See who the shot-callers
are and who's supplying

product with a spider logo.

All these kids
copped somewhere.

Hopefully that somewhere is
connected to the same corner.

- I think they are.

I ran the phones.
All five trace back

to the same burner.
Gotta be the dealer.

Pinged it, looks like
he's doing business

on the corner of Sacramento
and Fillmore.

- Okay.

Here's what we're gonna do.

- Dealer's name is
Andre Thompson,

AKA Little Dre.

5'9'', 135 pounds.

19 years old, two priors.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I think I got him.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- He's working near
the southeast corner,

you see that?

Blue jacket.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, I see him.

So this Antonio thing.

- I don't want to talk
about that.

- He didn't see
the shooting, Ruzek.

- Oh, my God.

That doesn't matter.

- Yeah, it matters.
- No, it doesn't.

It doesn't matter.
Not in this situation,

it doesn't.

Not when the dead guy got

exactly what he deserved.

We're talking about the guy
who ordered the hit on Al.

- I get it.
- No. Hey.

Antonio was right that

Voight's future hinges
on his word.

He had the opportunity to back
up his brother and he didn't.

And I don't know why.

But he didn't, and that's
the end of the story.

- End of your story, maybe.
- Hailey.

- Look, what I'm saying is

it's not as simple
as you make it sound.

Just keep that in mind.

- Found his jab.

- Where?

- Deflated basketball.

It's in the shopping cart.

- Jay, we're up with solid
eyes, ready to roll.

- Copy that.

- Yo, what's up, bro?

- Looks like you in the wrong
neighborhood, homey.

- No, Dre, I'm here
to see you, man.

We just talked on the phone.

I'm friends with Nick,
from Evanston.

- Long black hair?

- No. No, it's light,
like mine.

And it's shaved like a Marine.

Come on, man.
Just help me out, bro.

- How much you want?

- Couple grams.

- I could do that.
- All right, cool.

- Heyo, 5-0!

- Chicago PD,
hands on the hood.

Hands on the hood.

- Hey! Hands on the hood!
- Get on the hood!

- Hold on, hold on.

I ain't got no dope.

I told you, I ain't got
no dope!

- You keep your head down.

- You got the wrong man.

- Jay Campbell from Winnetka.

What you doing on the
West Side, Jay?

- I'm lost, man.
I'm looking for directions.

- You good?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Y'all good to go.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- That wasn't no inconvenience.

That was a violation of
my Constitutional rights.

- People are dying because
of this dope you selling.

Now's a bad time to give me
lectures on the Constitution.

[tense music]

- Kevin.


- Andre's hot.

- He should be.

Just lost thousands of
dollars' worth

of someone else's drugs.

- "Do I call my supplier
and admit I screwed up,

"or keep my mouth shut
and pay the G note

out of my own pocket?"

And the answer is...

choice A.

- Always is.

- All right.

Okay, we got a phone number
and an address,

8660 West 54th Street.

- Let's go get this punk.
- Yeah.

- We've got five dead
bodies, Jalen.

- Make that six.

Patrol just found her in
an alley off Lexington.

Amy Moore, 19.

Last number she dialed,
same as the other five--

your boy, Andre.

- Sorry, I don't
know no Andre.

- No? He's the
skinny black dude

who works the corner of
Sacramento and Fillmore.

You know, the one
you sell heroin to?

The one who just called
'cause he lost his jab.

- Y'all must have me
confused with someone else.

Like, for real.

I don't know nothing
about no dope.

- Really? Nothing?

- Yeah. Nothing.

What's that?

- We found that in
a hidden compartment

in your passenger door.
- It's not mine.

- Mm.
- Look, man.

If you give up your supplier,

you'll get out in five.

- If you don't,
we're gonna charge you

with narcotic-induced homicide

and you die in prison.

- So why don't you do
yourself a favor, Jalen?

Start talking.

- All right, sure thing.

- Good.

- But only after you
get on your knees

and kiss my black ass.

- Pass.

But I'm sure you're gonna meet
some new friends in prison

that are gonna be happy to
take you up on that offer.

- He's laughing at us.

There's people dying
and this kid's laughing.

- He doesn't want to talk,

there's nothing we can
do about it.

[indistinct chatter]

- All right, I know you're
supposed to be on the bench--

- I told you, Antonio
is in charge.

- We got six dead.

They're all under 20.
It's not even lunch yet.

- Six?

They found another one.

All right, I'll see
what I can do.

But this stays between us.
- Of course.


- All right, everybody.

What else do we know
about Jalen?

- Um, he's affiliated

with the Black Tiger Posse,

has two priors,
both drug-related.

- Okay, so we work
this up and down.

Burgess, Atwater,

start with the kid
on the corner.


Wave those homicides

under his nose,
see if he bites.

The rest of you
work your sources

and find Jalen's suppliers.

Who sold the product to him?
Who's behind the spider logo?

And coordinate with Patrol.
I want them to put up fliers

so that everyone
in the neighborhood

knows what's going on
out there.

- All right, put up fliers?

We sure that's a good idea?

Demand usually goes up
when ODs start happening

because the junkies think that
the dope's super-charged.

Put word out, that might
do more harm than good.

- I get it, but it's better
to be transparent.

This way the people decide
for themselves.

- Right, even if it's gonna
kill more people?

- Okay, let's go.

We don't have much time.

- All right, man.

- Adam, hang back a sec.

- Yeah?

- Look.

I know you're upset

about Al.

About Voight.

But we got work to do here.

So no more crap.

- Whatever you say.

You're the boss.

- [sighs]

- All right, I got
a name for you.

Phil Gamble.

Supplies the product
to all the black gangs

this part of the West Side.

- Phil Gamble?

I've never heard of him before.
- He's a pro.

He minds his own business,
stays under the radar.

- Why would someone like that
pump bad dope onto the streets?

That doesn't seem
to make sense.

- Well, that I don't know.

What I do know,
he's the man

behind the spider logo,

which means he's involved,

or unintentionally.

So talk to him, see if
you can catch him dirty.

He owns a bar called
The Trick.

- Copy that.
Hey, boss.

This, ah...

shooting investigation.

You gonna be all right?

You got an angle to play?

- Yeah.

It's called the truth.

- I told you.

I ain't got nothing to say.

- We've got six kids
on a slab at the morgue

because of your dope,
and you're gonna pull

the "I got nothing
to say" card?

- My dope?
What makes you say that?

- Phil, it's being sold
in an area you control,

and it's got your logo on it.

- You sure about that?

- Very.

- Come on, Phil.
What's going on here?

Who's cutting your product
with battery acid?

That doesn't happen
by accident.

- Look, bro, it's clear

you don't know what
we're talking about.

So help us.

Help us get this crap
off the street

before it kills anybody else.

And we can work out
some sort of deal, all right?

But you got to help us now.

- No.

Like I said before...

I ain't got nothing to say.

Now it's best you leave...


- No luck, man.

Talked to a bunch of
low-level dealers.

Kids, really, like 16, 17.

They don't know anything.

Did confiscate half
an ounce, though.

- Yeah, we struck out too.

Tried to squeeze this guy
named Gamble

but he wasn't having it.

- Gamble? Who the hell is he?

- Word is he controls the spot

where the hot loads
were being sold.

But, like I said,

he shot us down pretty quickly.

- Yeah, he seemed more
confused than anything.

Like he had no idea the ODs

were connected to his dope.

- How'd you hear about
this guy?

- Uh, Adam's CI.

- Yeah, I've got a source.

He knows the area pretty good.

- A source.
- Yeah.

- This source on the books?

- No, not yet.

- He got a name?

- Excuse me?

- Are you talking to Voight?

- I'm talking to whoever can
give us good info--

- So you're talking to him?

- Antonio,
we got six people dead.

What does it matter
who I talk to

or where I get
my information from?

I'm trying to solve the case!

This is insane.

[tense music]

- Look.

I know you're pissed about
this Voight thing.

But that's your issue.

Not mine.

Don't jam me up in all this.


- Yeah, the guys are
loading it up right now--

- Hey. Sergeant Hank Voight,

Chicago PD.

- Let me call you back.

- Listen, you got a
surveillance camera

on the roof.
I think it's facing east.

I need to see the footage.

- This about the shooting
the other day?

- Yeah, listen.

I just need to see the tape.

It shouldn't take long.

- I'd give it to you,

but some people
already came for it.

- People?

- Police. Guys in suits.

Said they were with
Internal Affairs.

- Hold on a sec.

So you gave them
the tape, right?

- Yeah.

About an hour ago.

- You see the video yourself?

Were you in the room
when the police

were watching it?

- No.

I just, I let them
in the office,

showed them where
everything was,

then left.

Ten minutes later they're
walking out the door

with my machine.

They give me the machine
back, right?

- Yeah.

- I'd be happy to show you
the footage

if we had any.

- There's no
surveillance video?

- So I've been told.

- Huh.

Well, I think you might have
been told wrong.

- Excuse me?

- There is video
of the shooting.

It exists.

And you and I both know it.

What I didn't know
until just now,

until you denied
its existence...

That video confirms it was
a good shoot.

- That's preposterous.

Why would I withhold evidence

of a good police shooting?

- Yeah, why would you?
I don't know.

Could ruin your next
campaign speech.

Like that one you give...

The one about the...
CPD cleaning up its act,

getting rid of all those

white, middle-aged,
cowboy cops.

That one?

I mean, it's worth a hell
of a lot more

on the campaign trail

than a good
police shooting.

- Like I said. No tape.

You're excused, Sergeant.


- Guys, that was Meredith.

She asked us to be

the pallbearers tomorrow.

- Platt...
- Yeah?

- We need more officers
on the street.

We gotta be two deep

on every dope corner
in that neighborhood.

- I'll try, but I've only got

so many bodies.

- Hey, I've been going back

through Jalen's phone,

and the last three days

he made 22 calls

to the same burner in Pilsen.

- Pilsen?

- So a black dealer named Jalen

who works the West Side

is chatting with a Mexican
cat in Pilsen?

- That's right.
- Yo, Jay.

I ran that name you gave me

through HIDTA

and it came back hot.

Guy named Ernesto Varga.

Plugged to some major suppliers
in Mexico.

- All right,
track him down fast.

- Chicago PD.
Ernesto Varga?

Anybody home?


[dramatic music]

Yeah, he's dead.


Shots fired!
Shots fired!

- Copy that, 50-21 David.

We've got cars rolling
your way.

Everyone else stay off
the air.


- Agh!

- What?
- It's a kid.

- What?

- It's a kid.

Hey, buddy.

It's the police.
Okay? We're the police.

Put the gun down.
- Son of a bitch.

- All right?

We're here to help you.


You speak English?
Habla ingles?

- Put the gun down!

All right?
No more shooting.

All right?

- [shouting in Spanish]

- Screw this, man.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Stay right there.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

I got this.
- Hey.

What are you doing?

- No mas pistola.
- Kev.

- Okay?
- Kevin.

- Put your gun down,
I got this.

- Kevin, pick your gun up.

- It's on the floor,
okay, buddy?

- Kevin. Kev.

- You see that?
I got this.

- Don't. Don't.

- Hey.
- Don't.

- It's okay.
- Kev.

No, please don't do this.
- I got this.

- No, man.
- Let me do this, okay?

You see that?
It's just me and you.

- Don't.

- Me, you.


My hands up,
gun's on the floor.

Hey, hey.

Stand down. Stand down.

Stand down, Ruz, I got it.

I got it, just let me
do this.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, look at me.

Look at me.

See? Put the gun down.



It's okay.
Put the gun down.

Take your finger off
the trigger.

Finger off the trigger.

Okay? He's gonna be okay.

He about to put it down.

Finger off the trigger.
There you go.


There you go.

- Lo siento!

Lo siento...

Lo siento...
- It's okay.

- [crying]

-Everything's all right.

You're good.

Varga was dead when
we got here.

We missed the shooting
by ten minutes.

Give or take.

- Yeah, blood was still fresh.

- But the kid is okay?

- Uh, the Patrol took him down

to Chicago Med to get
checked out.

- Was he able to ID
the shooter?

- No, he was hiding
in his room.

- Said he heard someone
arguing with his dad

and two gunshots.

- All right, what's it
look like to you?

A robbery or what?

- No, we found
$20,000 in cash

and a Rolex, so...

definitely wasn't just
a robbery.

- Yeah, more like
a straight-up hit.

- All right, you two
need anything,

let me know.

- Yeah.

- What the hell was that, man?

Why'd you go in like that?

What was that?

- Worried about the kid.

- And you thought I was
gonna shoot him?

- Yeah. And if you did--

- I wasn't gonna shoot him.

- Adam, I hear you.

And that is the right call.

It's a kid with a gun.
He wasn't listening.

But I couldn't watch
that happen.

- I said I wasn't gonna
shoot him.

All right, look, I know
it's a tough play.

I didn't know what to do.

But, Kev, you go in
like that...

the position you put me in,

what choice do I have
right there?

I shoot a little kid or I...

watch him shoot you?

That ain't right, man.

It's just...

I can't bear to have

another one of my friends
die this week.

I can't bear it, man.

- Recognize that dude?

- This dude right here.

That dude?

- Ernesto Varga ring a bell?
- No.

- You called him 22 times
this week.

- I don't know what you're
talking about.

- Jalen, it's over, man.

We all know what's going on.

- And if we know,

you can be damn sure
Gamble knows.

- Knows what?

- The game that you
and Varga are playing.

- Putting out poison
under his logo.

Trying to convince people
it was him killing folks.

- Or maybe you were just trying
to frame his ass.

Hoping that we'd blame him
for the ODs,

get him off the street,
open up the market.

I get it.
- Look, either way,

it's clear the two of you

were trying to roll up
old Phil Gamble,

take his customers.

That's clear.

So just tell us where
the hot dope is.

- Did you know about
the battery acid?

Or was that Varga's idea?

- Because if you didn't,

we can work with you, man.

All right? We can blame it
on the dead guy.

- Yeah, I keep telling you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Jalen, I'm starting to
lose my patience.

- Give me my lawyer, bitch.
- "Bitch"?

I'll give you your bitch.

You and me, we're gonna
take a walk...

- Let him go, Adam! Enough!

Kevin, bring him downstairs.

Get him processed now.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Move, move.

- What the hell are you doing?
- What the hell am I doing?

He knows where the dope is!

- It doesn't matter!
He lawyered up!

You hear me?

- Hold on.

No, no, no.

What do you mean
it doesn't matter?

- Adam, just let it go.

Everyone's doing
everything we can.

- No, we are not.

No, we are not,
not by a long shot.

Antonio, if Voight was here

the dope would be off
the street by now!

- But he isn't here, is he?
- Yeah, why's that?

- We're doing it my way!

- Hey! Hey!
- And if you don't like it,

then get the hell out!
- Hey!

I have an update.

Three more dead.
- Oh, my God.

- Two female.
Both white, both 18.

One male, Hispanic, 20.

Same spider logo on
the empty packets.

- Come on, let's go.

You heard her.
Get to the scene.


- I'm doing the best
I can, Sarge, but

this kid Jalen,
he's not talking,

and I can't do
anything about it

'cause Antonio's on my ass.

- All right, I'll take it
from here.

- What do you mean?

- Been talking to Phil Gamble.

He gave me some
useful information.

- Like what?
- Doesn't matter.

I'm gonna call you
in 30 minutes.

Just make sure
your phone is on,

you have access to Jalen,

and you're alone.
You got it?

- Yep.
- All right.

- Dawson, right?
- Yes, ma'am.

- Close it.
- Yep.

- What the hell is
going on out there?

We got nine dead.

- I know. It's a bad situation,

but I assure you we're doing
everything we can.

- These overdoses are
a black eye on this city,

on this police department.

Drug arrests are up 34%

yet we got bodies dropping
all over town.

You need to find these drugs
before another body drops.

- I'm trying my hardest.

- Nobody cares how hard

you try, detective.

This isn't kindergarten.

We don't give A's for effort.

Get it done.

[suspenseful music]

- Yeah, they're having
their anniversary sale,

so, like,
everything's 50% off.

Yeah, girl, no.

You're telling me.
Oh, no, she's doing great.

You know.

You know, with poor people,
it's, like, a lifesaver.

No, I'm making dinner right
now, and then--

um, yeah--

- Shh, shh.
Stay calm.

Stay calm.

Tell her you'll call her back

and hang up the phone,
you understand?

Okay, good.

- I-I'll call you back,
all right?

- Give me the phone.

Listen. Just relax.

- Please don't hurt me. I--

- Shh.

Where's the money?

Where does Jalen keep the cash?

- He'll kill me.
- Jalen is in jail.

He's gonna be there
for 15 years, maybe more.

Look, you help me,

I'll help you.

Come on.

- Yeah, boss,
I'm almost there.


- Nah, I told you
I ain't talking.

- Yeah, we're gonna give you
one more opportunity

to tell us where
the product is.

Jalen, look at the phone.

Yo, look at the phone.

- Hey, Jalen, guess who
I'm with?


The mother
of your beautiful son.

- Yo, what the hell
are you doing?

- Easy, easy.
Just shut up and listen.

- Now you tell me where
that hot dope is

and you can keep
all the money.

All $170,000 of it.

You don't...

and I'll burn every dollar.

- Yo, that's hers.
You can't touch it.

- Yeah, you think
I'm bluffing?

- Jalen, come on, please.

Jalen, tell him
where it is, come on.

- Start talking, Jalen.

Or I'll burn every dollar.

- That's a lot of money.

- Oh, okay.

Man, I'll tell you
what you need to know.

But I-I promise I didn't know

Varga cut it with battery acid.

He was supposed to use
some sort of laxative--

- Yo, yo.
- Make people sick.

- The time for feeling bad...
- He didn't say nothing about

killing people, swear to God.
- Is over.

Listen to me. We need to
know where the product is.

All right?
Tell us now.

Jalen just confessed.

He gave up the stash house.

- What?
He lawyered up.

You weren't even supposed to
be talking to him.

- The address is
3220 Edgemont Road.

There's 1/2 kilo
sitting there

just waiting to kill
another 10, 20, 50 people.

- And he just
volunteered this.

- Yes.
- You're lying.

- You wanna be right
or you wanna save lives?

It's your call.

- Let's gear up and hit
this place now.


[suspenseful music]

- Hands up!

Now, get your hands up
and turn around!

- On the wall, on the wall!
- Don't look at me--

- Hands on the counter.

- Let's go, let's go.
- Get down.

- Nobody move.

- Everybody keep their hands
where they are.

We're just gonna make
the rounds.

- Go.

- Come on, come on...
[indistinct chatter]

- You hear that?
- Yeah, I hear 'em.

You guys good?
You're good?

- Yeah.

- Hey! Hey!
Nobody move!

- Put your hands against
the wall!

- Hey, put your hands up.

- Hey, why don't you three come
to me, okay?

- Move against the wall!

Come to me, yeah.

Now go up against the wall.

- Keep your hands
where I can see them.

- Why don't you put
your hands down?

Everything's okay,
I'm Officer Burgess.

Are you okay?

Are you okay and
are you okay?

Has anyone hurt you?

- Real slow.

- No? You're all right?

- Hey, hey.

Okay. So you found
the dope, congrats.

Now we talk about
what just happened.

- We just solved the problem.

That's what just happened.
- No.

- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

And that's all you need
to know.

So back up.

- What did you say? Huh?

- I said back up!

[both grunting]

- Hey!
Come on!

- Get off me!

- This ain't over, you hear me?

- Let's finish it now!

- Get outside!

- Let's finish it now!
- Turn around!

Turn around and shut up!

Come on, man!

The hell is wrong with you?

- Give it a look,
email should be sent by now.

- I appreciate you doing
this, Franny.

- You do what you
gotta do, man.

Just leave me out of it.

- We gotta talk.

- Congratulations, you guys
are all over the news.

- What happened?

- I had an angle
and I played it.

- Why, hmm?

To make me look bad

because I didn't cover for you?

- I was trying to help.

I'm trying to save lives.

- Yeah. Then why didn't
you tell me?

- Hey, come here.
Come on.

Why didn't I tell you?

'Cause I didn't want to
jam you up.

- What's that mean?

- Antonio, I need you clean.

I know things've been
choppy, but...

Bro, I like the fact you
have your own code

even if it's different
from mine.

Listen to me.

The best thing you can be

is you.

The best thing I can be is me.

I mean, it's not easy.
I get it.

Bro, we pull it off...

Everybody wins.

[phone buzzing]


- Sorry I'm late.

Such a beautiful city.

- That why you texted me?

To talk about Chicago

- No.

I wanted to thank you

for finding the bad dope.

- Wasn't me, I'm on suspension.

- Dawson told me everything.

Said if it wasn't
for your intel

there would be 50 more dead
bodies on the street.

And I wanted to apologize

for our conversation earlier.

I was wrong.

Turns out there is some
footage of the shooting.

- You get a chance
to review it?

- You bet.

It was...

more ambiguous than I was
led to believe.

- It's not ambiguous.

He reached for his gun
so I shot him.

- I'm not sure COPA would
agree with that...

without my help.

- It was a good shoot.
I don't need any help.

- Don't be stupid.

We all need help.

- I guess it depends
on the cost.

- I want you to support
Kelton for mayor.

- Support him how?

- I need someone I can rely on

to help solve cases in a hurry.


not in a hurry,
depending on the facts.

Or the circumstances.

- So you want me to be...

- My friend.

- I need something too.

- Like what?

- A letter of exoneration

for Alvin Olinsky.

So his wife and child
can collect his pension.

- That's a big ask.

- That's my price

for being your friend.

- I'll see what I can do.

- Hey, you back on the job?

- Got the official call
an hour ago.

- All right.

- Good to see you, boss.

- You too.

Hailey. Kim.
- Hi.

- All right.

- I'm glad you're back, Hank.

- Yeah, well...

Me too.

Listen, um...

It has been
a very long few days.

With a lot of pain.

A lot of anger.

I get it.

And I don't expect
these emotions

to just disappear overnight.

But going forward,

we need to be a team.

One team.

No more fighting.

No more crap.

[knocking on door]

Hey. Everything all right?

- Yeah.

Uh, Hank, I tried calling.

But, um...

- What is it, Trudy?

- I just got off the phone
with Meredith.

She would prefer it if you
did not attend the funeral.

- I understand.

- Okay.

[somber music]