Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Some Friend - full transcript

A teenage girl is found dead in the home of a baseball player who's a friend of Olinsky's.

You know who lives here?

Jake McCoy.

- Baseball player.
- Still no.

Me and my old partner
broke up a party here once.

It was nuts. It was
like "Boogie Nights."

I walked off with an
autographed ball, though, so,

that was pretty cool.

- Here we go.
- Do you hear that?

Stay where you are, sir.

How is anyone supposed
to sleep with that racket?

Try going back home and
closing your windows.

Try that.

Burgess. Blood.

2113 Squad, we're on scene.

Roll another car this way.
We'll advise in a minute.


Chicago PD!

On three... One, two, three, move.

- See that?
- Yeah.



Got it.

She was the only one in the house.

We found a purse; All it had was

$64 in cash, make-up, two condoms,

and dime bag of heroin.

So we have no idea who she is.

Well, she's somebody's daughter.

No alarm.

No sign of forced entry
and no sign of Jake McCoy.

Just some smashed up
and missing memorabilia.

Hey, boss?

Hey, McCoy's cell keeps
going to voice-mail.

Found his lawyer's business card.

She said he's on his way
back from a hunting trip.

Why would you tell your lawyer
you were going on vacation

for the weekend?

Let's get a pinging order,
find out where he's at.

- All right.
- Yo.

We got a lot of press
showing up outside, Sarge.

All right, comb the neighborhood.

Check for security cameras.

I want you to find witnesses
before the press does,

you understand?

Copy that.

Hey, Sarge.

You know Jake McCoy?

Yeah, why?

How well?

Pretty well. He's a good guy.

This gonna be a conflict for you?

I don't see stripes on
your shoulders, Antonio.

OK, so I'll ask. Is
it gonna be a conflict?


How did you know?

Know what?


They're my favorite.

I didn't send those.

Come on.


And the card's blank.

You're messing with me right now.

I swear to God, I didn't send these.

Damn sure gonna find
out who did, though.

All right, Maya Collins. Age 16.

I ran her prints; She's got
one prior for possession.

She's originally from Hailey, Idaho.

No known address.

Her case agent said that
she fell through the cracks

in the juvie system.

Cause of death is blunt
force trauma to the head.

There was blood on the
edge of the coffee table.

Looks like she went into it backwards.

M.E. put the death somewhere
between 12:00 and 2:00 A.M.

The neighbor that called
and made the complaint

said he heard a girl scream at 12:30.

Said that wasn't out of the
ordinary at Jake's house.

What are we looking at here?

I mean, does Jake McCoy
have a history of violence?

Well, I met Jake about
10 years or so ago.

You know, before I came
to Intelligence, I mean.

Since then, my contact
was pretty sporadic.

Now, do I think he's a killer?

Not the Jake that I know.

Well, there is the robbery angle.

I mean, the trophy case was cleared out,

the house was tossed,

and the girl, whatever
she was doing there,

she might've just
been collateral damage.

Looks live vice was looking
at McCoy for serving alcohol

to underage girls in his house.

Was McCoy into underage girls?

You'd have to ask him, Antonio.

You know, Jake's got a gofer,
a guy named Freddy Mays.

He'd run a guest list.

All right, let's see if
the robbery matches the M.O.

of any current crews.

Alert local pawn shops, anybody
moving McCoy memorabilia.

Crack off an investigative alert.

Contact CPD at Midway,
O'Hare, train stations.

Tell our guys to keep
an eye out for McCoy.

- I'll talk to Freddy.
- I'll go with.


Figured I'd be seeing you, Al.

This thing about the girl, man.

- That's crazy.
- So what happened, Freddy?

What, you're not living
in the guest house?

I guess you didn't hear.

No, man, Jake fired me.

Yeah, after he drove his
Ferrari into that lamppost

six months ago, Jake said he saw God.

And Jake would know what he'd look like.

What Ferrari? What lamppost?

Jake got into a car wreck.

Yeah, crawled out alive; He
decided he wanted to turn the page.

I thought the page we were on
was pretty damn good, but...

Whatever, man, I'm over it.

You know her?

Just from the news.

Aw, come on, Freddy.

You used to bring all the girls around.

Definitely not her.

You still have access to McCoy's house?

Now I'm starting to feel
like your partner here

thinks that I had
something to do with this.

Did you?


Hey, can I, talk to you real quick?

Hey, you're...

You're gonna look after him, right?

You leaving anything out, Freddy?

No. No, I'm just saying.

I mean, we can count on you, right?

Keep your phone on.

Kim Burgess and Mike
Sorensen, you two met?


I need you to get over to Manny's Deli.

Call just came in, woman tried
to swipe a brisket sandwich.

We caught a high-profile
murder last night

and now you have us
chasing stolen sandwiches?

You didn't "catch" anything.

You answered a call.

And if, after a proper
investigation of this crime,

you were to bring back a pastrami on rye

with honey mustard, I'd
leave that to your discretion.

So this is a sandwich run?

After the offender grabbed the brisket,

she pushed a waitress over a table.

It's an actual thing, so get on it.

Honey mustard. Roger that.

That car accident McCoy
was in six months ago.

According to the patrolman's report,

alcohol appeared to be present,

but didn't play a part in the accident.

No DUI was ever administered.

All right, so what're
you fishing for here?

The truth.

Same as you, or am I wrong on that?

I got a call from a beat
officer out of the 28th district.

Told me he didn't want
to talk on the phone,

but a friend was
involved in an accident.

When I got there, the officer hands me

one of my business cards.

The one that I had given to Jake.

Look, Al, I know you like to play things

close to the vest, but...

What? I mean, it's just
a friend helping a friend.

What, you never looked the
other way at your social club?


Where are you, Jake?

We're in position.

I'm good, Jake.

- I'm buying.
- I'm good, I'm good.

I'm OK.

This is where it all started for me.

Canary Ville Kings.

Everything was so simple.

It was still a game.

Jake, you said you needed my help.

You know, I'm here.

Talk to me.

Everybody thinks I killed that girl.

Did you?


All right.

Then what happened?

- Gun.
- Move in.

It doesn't matter what happened.

- They're gonna crucify me.
- Just take it easy.

I'm gonna help you through
this thing, all right?

That's what I said to Maya.

- Look what happened.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Drop it!

I didn't do it, Al.

I didn't do it.

- Get him in, interview one.
- I'll talk to Al.

If it's not Al, I want my lawyer here.

Let's go.

OK, who is doing the interview?

Me and Hank.

Wait, what?

Do you have a problem?

Not with you.

You're right here, brother.

I do have a problem, though,

with you running point on this, given...

The givens.

I don't have a personal
conflict on this case.

OK, then drop back.

Let one of us handle it.

Look, Al has a relationship.

Relationships count for
something in an interview.

Until they don't,

which is something I'll determine.

Tell us about Maya.

I met her, like, two months ago

at the Boys and Girls Club.

I do a lot of volunteer
work there; Al knows.

And she said she was trapped.


Yeah, what was she scared of?

Her pimp.

How long had she been a prostitute?

Since 15.

And she wanted to get out of that life.

And you were gonna help her?


By letting her trust an
adult for once in her life.

And, look, I...

I have proof all of this is legit.

I recorded my interviews with Maya

and... and some other
girls I was trying to help.

It's all on my laptop.

No laptop found at the house.

Well, then it was stolen.

By whoever did this.

After that accident...

My life changed, Al.

That tunnel they talk about?

I was in it.

And I got pulled back out.

Got pulled out to do
some good in this world.

I got to be honest.

I'm having a lot of
trouble buying all this.

It wasn't me.

Then who was it, Jake?

It had to be her pimp.

So you saying her pimp came
to your house to kill her?

That's the only thing that makes sense.

He's... he's the one she was afraid of.

- Did she give you a name?
- No.

And I never saw him.

But I'm telling you,

she was terrified of him.

Jake, where were you last night?

Came back from a hunting trip.


Then I crashed at Marley's place.

That's his daughter.

Pimp with no name?

Call Vice, see what they know about her.

And talk to this daughter.

All that stuff on social
media is a total lie.

My father, he couldn't
have hurt that girl.

He was with me.

The whole night?


He was on his way back
from a hunting trip

and he didn't want to
drive all the way home,

so he crashed on my couch.


And what time, exactly, did he get here?

I don't know.

Sometime after 10:00, I guess.

My daughter's not the one
that committed a crime here.

She's traumatized by what happened.

I-I think it best we have a lawyer here

if you want to ask any more questions.

OK, all right. Marley, how old are you?

- 18.
- All right.

Which means it's your
choice if you talk to us,

not your mom's.

And not her attorney's.

My dad didn't do this.

That's not the question.


We know that this is a really hard time

and that you believe your dad.

But if we're gonna solve this thing,

and figure out what did happen,

we just need to know
what time he got here.


He got here at 1:15.

It's not the first time.

She comes in here when we're busy

and she just grabs bags
from the takeout counter.

- OK, can you describe her?
- I don't know.

She's a black lady. She looks homeless.

She was wearing a plaid shirt.

Plaid shirt. OK.

Thank you.

We're gonna need a pastrami on rye...

Hey! Hey, I see her!

She's right there in the alley.

Yep, that's her.


Excuse me.

Where'd you get that sandwich?



Don't move! Don't move;
You're under arrest.

Taser, taser, taser, taser!

You OK, slugger?

OK, so I just ran her ID.

You're not gonna believe this.

She is a cop.

Jake McCoy's daughter said
he didn't arrive until 1:15.

So if the murder happened at
12:30, then he's got no alibi.

Anything from Vice on Maya's pimp?


OK, what about this laptop of McCoy's?

Been recovered?

Checking pawn shops.



Who was that?

Don't know. They hung up.

Says the call came from...

Easton, Kansas.



I tracked the florist down.
They're in Easton, Kansas.

They said the flowers
were paid for in cash.

There's no way of
knowing who bought 'em.


I know it's probably nothing,
but I'm gonna run the number.

You know I'm not
trying to protect McCoy.

- I know you're not, Al.
- All right.

I think you're trying
to protect yourself

from believing McCoy was just
working you this whole time.



I've been told you had a previous
relationship with Jake McCoy.

Is that true?


But it's not gonna be a problem.

It's a problem for me.

This case has been getting
enough attention already.

I'm taking you off.

No one wants to find out what
happened to the girl more than I.

No one's gonna work harder to...

I appreciate that, Al.

But you're off the case.

- Was I not clear?
- You were, Commander.

And I'm, you know, I'm just gonna stay

right here at my desk.

What, you want my badge? Here.

Come and get it.

I don't need an invitation, Detective.

You interfere with this case,

that badge is gone.

All right.

We got a tip from the pawn shop sweep.

Somebody just tried to pawn a
bunch of stuff from Jake McCoy.

Guy named John Dolan.

He's got one prior for burglary.

All right, have Ruzek
and Atwater hit it.

John Dolan, this is Chicago PD.

Just a minute.

That's my door!

This is a search warrant. Sit down.

Search warrant? What for?

Really? Right here on the table?

Wha... I'm a garbage picker.

I-I swear, I found all
this stuff in the trash.

I swear to God.

So you know Jake McCoy?

I know he's famous.

I didn't know what happened.

Not until I tried to pawn this stuff.

You found thousands of dollars
worth of sports memorabilia

next to kitty litter?

Well, you wouldn't believe
what rich people throw away.

Was this laptop out there in the trash

with the rest of McCoy's stuff?

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

So McCoy had a file called "Lost girls."

I found Maya Collins.

So you're, like, famous
or something, right?

My friend said you were.

I want to know about you.

Where are you from?

I am from the moon.

Come on, just tell me.

Hailey, Idaho.


Might as well be the moon.

And how old are you?

I am 16.

Your parents know that you're here?

Do you think they'd care?

So how do you feel?

I mean, doing what you're doing?

Wait, you seriously just want to talk?


I want to help you.

He has three more files just like that.

No sex, just talking.

Maybe McCoy was telling the truth.

That right there proves I was
trying to help these girls.

All that proves is

you had a preexisting
relationship with Maya.

You still can't account
for where you were

at the time of her death.

I was at my daughter's.

After. You were there after.

I can't win with you guys.

If you were concerned for Maya,

why not go to the police?

Why? So you could arrest her?

That's not gonna change anything.

Is Detective Olinsky here?

He'd like to speak
with Detective Olinsky.

Not here.

So what were you gonna
do with these videos?

I was gonna contact their families.

Use this as an intervention.

Try to bring them together.

These girls were runaways.

They're addicts.

I was an addict.

I wasn't having sex with these girls.

I was trying to...

Show them the light.

Then tell us who killed Maya.

I told you, her pimp, OK?

- Where's... where's Al?
- OK.

I think we're done here for now and I
would like to request my client's release.

I still don't have to
charge him for 12 hours.

He stays in lock-up.

OK, Vicky.

Let's start over.

I'm Kim.

Can you just tell me what's going on?

Look, I know you're police.

You were on the force in St. Louis.

Keep this up, sister,
you're gonna make detective.

I am on your side, OK?

I'm trying to help you.

- Why are you living like this?
- I know the drill.

If you're gonna pinch me, pinch me.

If not, I'm walking out that door.

McCoy made videos with three
other prostitutes besides Maya.

All of them the same thing...
No sex, just asking questions.

So McCoy really was
trying to help those girls.

Maybe, but whether or not he killed Maya

is still to be determined.

Vice was able to ID one of
the girls from the videos.

Her name is Alicia Meyers.

She's got two priors for solicitation

and she got popped in the
same sweep as Maya a year ago.

They got any information on her pimp?

No, but they know which
motel she turns tricks at.

Check it out.


We're looking for her.

How long you want?

This long.

Look, my friend called me and
said there was a party here,

so I'm not doing anything illegal.

We're not here to arrest you, Alicia.

- Great, see ya.
- We need your help.

Look, I'm gonna scream.

I'm gonna scream here in
two seconds if you don't...

This is your friend, Maya.

She was murdered.

And we think that whoever she works for,

her pimp, did this to her.

What's his name?

Alicia, who is he?


Saint's your pimp, too?

Yeah. He killed Maya.

How do you know that?

He has a saying.

"You fly, you die."

- So Maya was trying to get out?
- Yeah, that...

That baseball player said he
was gonna take care of her.

Is that him? You talking about this guy?

Yeah, that's the guy.

To me, he seemed like a regular john.


When's the next time you see him?

No, no, Saint has eyes everywhere.

We're gonna get this guy off
the street, I promise you that.

- Well, you better be damn sure.
- I am sure.

Saint comes around at five
to midnight to get his money.

How do you feel about what you do, Maya?

How do you think I feel?

I'm asking you.

It's like...

It's like you're not even

a human being sometimes.

You know, it's like...

It's like you're just a
piece of tissue or something.

Um, yeah, I don't really
want to talk about it anymore.

This is Saint.

Hey, hey, who got something for me?

Come on.

All right, ladies, who
got something for me?

That's what I'm talking about.

All right, talk to me.

Y'all take your time.

All right, all right.

Move in.

Chicago PD!

Don't move; Keep your
hands where we can see them.

- Hey, hey, hey, what is this?
- Get on your knees!

Did you really think
you could just kill Maya?

Bitch, you talking crazy.

- She was my friend!
- That's enough.

She was my friend and you killed her!

Hey, I don't know
what she talking about.

Hey, Sarge.

Looks like we got an All
Star ring in the glove box.

Hey, that's not what it looks like.

It never is.

Hey, Maya told me she was
18. I took her word for it.

Maya was trying to
get away from you, bro.

No, man, Maya was confused.

McCoy got into her head,

big hitter with all his
money, promising her the world?

And she just fell for it.

So you knew McCoy?

I knew he liked girls I knew.

You know a guy named Freddy?

Worked for McCoy.

I know a couple guys named Freddy.

You ever been to McCoy's house?

- Nope.
- Then how'd you get his ring?

It was a gift. From Maya.

She was an All Star third baseman?

No, man.

Look, McCoy gave it to
Maya, Maya gave it to me.

People give me stuff all the time.

I didn't want to take it, but
I didn't want to offend her, so,

you know, it's yours, if you want it.

All right, listen to me.

Guys like you, who run underage girls...

You have a special place for me.


You're gonna get honest.

Now listen.

What did you do to Maya?

Like I told you before, nothing.

Yo, hey! All right,
all right, all right!

All right, all right, look!

Look, I ran Maya, OK?

I admit that!

But she was alive the
last time I saw her, OK?

Sarge. Sarge.

I was wondering if we could maybe

make this Manny's thing go away?

Why would we do that?

She threw a citizen
across the restaurant

and she elbowed a police
officer in the face.

You want her to go away?

She's gonna go away
for aggravated battery.

OK, the lady's name is Vicky Metzler.

OK, my God, she's a lady now.

Is that... Are you hearing this?

She is a cop, she's a former
cop, she's from St. Louis.

OK, OK, so what happened?

She wouldn't tell me,
but I got a friend there.

Story is, her and her
partner were chasing

a robbery suspect high speed.

Suspect plows into another car
and kills a mother and two kids.

Vicky was never the same.

I mean, she's one of us, Sarge.

Yeah, I get it, but...

already signed a complaint.

She's gonna have to do
a night in the lockup.

But there's got to be
something that we can do.

We did do something, Kim.

Our job.

Hi, how you doing?

How you holding up?

I'm really worried about my dad.

- Yeah.
- How's he doing?

Well, you know, he's
in a tough spot, Marley.

You don't think he did it, right?


You know, a lot of my
dad's so-called friends

were always after something.

His money, his fame.

Except you.

You never wanted anything from him.

So your father was here last night?


What did you guys do?

Nothing. Um...

It was late, so I set
him up on the couch

and went back to bed.

So you guys didn't talk?

Not really.

How did he seem?

Like normal.

He was a little worked up
after he talked to Freddy,

but you know Freddy, he
always gets on my dad's nerves.

He called Freddy?

Is that bad?

Well, it's just that
we ran his phone records

and, you know, that...

That call didn't come up.

That's because he used my phone.

Did I just screw up?

Freddy, you got a minute?

Actually, I'm in kind of
a hurry, but what's up?

When was...

When was the last time
you talked to Jake?

I told you, he fired me, remember?

You didn't talk to
him at all last night?

You here as a cop or a friend?

Did you talk to him last night?


I really wish you would've said yes.

'Cause I know he called you
from his daughter's phone.

It was 11:38.

Call lasted six minutes.

But what I don't know...

Is the content of that conversation.

Man, Al, what're we gonna do?

- Just tell me what happened!
- Whoa.

Hey, whoa.

Easy now, Al.

We've all got skin in the game.

What do you mean by that?

Plenty of parties.

Yeah? Plenty of pictures.

You're in a lot of 'em.

A lot of stuff getting passed around.

Pictures that'd get
your job lost real quick.

Are you threatening me?

Hate to bring it up
like this, but, hey, man,

if you're gonna come
in here and flex on me,

I'm gonna do the same, so...

How about we both just figure out a way

to make this thing go away?

You know, we were all playing a role

at Jake's house, weren't we, Freddy?

I was the dumb cop you guys
had in your back pocket.

Till you needed a favor.

No, that ain't true, Al...

No, no, no, no, I...

I think it is.

Come on, man.

Unless you tell me what
happened to that girl.

What happened to that girl?

What happened?

See if he wants to talk.

Stand right here.

Where's Jake?

Come on.

Detective, I was very specific.

Do you want to know what
happened to that girl or not?

'Cause I could get McCoy to talk.

So you're not gonna
feed him information?

Help him get out of this charge, too?

No, I'm not.

I'm gonna go get a sandwich.

Maybe an iced tea, as well.

Probably take me about 45 minutes.

When I return,

it'll be for your badge.

And a to-from.

And I'm recommending
a ten-day suspension

and mandatory enrollment in the
behavior intervention system.

Welcome to the new and improved
Chicago Police Department, Al.

Hey, Al.

Thank God.

Where you been?


You remember how I
made that DUI go away?


I can help you with this, too.

But I'm gonna need
to know what happened.

It's just you and me.

But when I tell you that there's
no more time for dicking around...

Just got to believe me.

It was an accident.

I let Maya stay at my place
to get back on her feet.

And I did go away on that hunting trip,

but I came back a day
early, and I found her...

She had all my watches.

All my money.

She'd been stealing from me.

After all I'd done for her, I
mean, how... how would you feel?



Then I-I pushed her.

And she fell backwards and hit her head.

And the...

Blood started coming out.


All I ever wanted to do was help her.


Why didn't you call an ambulance?

Because she was dead.

And I knew how that would look, so I...

I bolted.

I went to Marley's.

And I called Freddy.

He said he'd go back and
make it look like a robbery.

It was an accident, Al.

It was an accident.

It's all right.


What's the plan?

What do we do? What should I say?

Based on Jake McCoy's confession,

we're gonna file a complaint
for voluntary manslaughter.

He'll be in bond court tomorrow.

Some friend.


You know, I had a chance
to take him off the street.

You know, I could've let him
take the ride on that DUI.

Maybe he'd be in a program now, or...

Or locked up.

She'd still be alive.

OK, so the phone number is a hard line

that's connected to a
local diner in Easton,

which is right outside of Leavenworth.

Outside the penitentiary.

Yep, I spoke to the local sheriff

and he says it sounds a lot like
this whack job they have in town

who does stuff like this all the time.

He's a Peeping Tom
type; They picked him up.

He's locked up. He's in
county, so we're good.

It's weird.

You know, my mom told me once my
father did a stretch in Leavenworth.

What're you doing here?

I'm staying here until
you get out tomorrow.


Vicky, I know what happened.

And it could've happened
to any one of us, so...

I'm not gonna leave you alone.

I was the cop you never
wanted to mess with.

I got my teeth in you,
I was a dog on a bone.

I never let go.

So when that guy drove
off and tried to get away,

I was gonna chase him
to the ends of the earth.

I can't get past it.

I'm here.

So what would you change?

If you could?

Just one thing.

What difference would it make?

Got to be something.

Something you'd change or...

Maybe just something
you could have right now.

OK, so if I had a
magic wand or something.


OK, um...

I wish...




I-I wish I...