Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Big Friends, Big Enemies - full transcript

Intelligence investigates a shooting outside a concert that leads to a tangled web of gang-related violence.

Thank God that's over.

I mean, how many encores
can one person do?

So, what, you avoiding
going home already?


Dude, I'm working overtime so
we can pay off my place faster.

It's your place.

- Our place.
- Uh-huh.

It's been four days.

Well, still.

- What?
- Nothing.

I'm not avoiding going home, I...

You know, out of all of my friends,

I am not going to take
relationship insight from you.

- No, no, no. What? No, see...
- No.

Erin, you don't want to
get punched in the face,

you got to talk to the guy
with the broken schnoz.

- Okay.
- You know.

- Sure.
- I'm just lookin' out for ya.

That's all.

You can learn from my mistakes.

I just think you and
Halstead should have a plan.

Dude, you and Burgess
had the ultimate plan.

What happened?

That's a fair enough point.

Go, go!

Get down!

- Police! Get down!
- Everybody down!

- Down! Everybody down!
- Everybody, get down!

- Get down!
- Get down, get down!

Get down! Stay down!

Get down!

Get down!

Get down!

I don't have a shot!

Lincoln 5021, we have shots
fired at the Riviera.

Offender in a black SUV, fleeing
southbound on Broadway.

Roll ambulances to our location.

4698 North Broadway.

We have multiple victims.

Gunshot wounds, struck by vehicle...
we need help!

Uh, let's set up the command
post here on Broadway,

staging center for
victims off of Lawrence.

Hey... no one leaves, you understand?

Get a statement from everyone.

- Copy that.
- Single car.

- Yeah.
- Driver was the only shooter.

He opened up on the crowd
from inside the vehicle.

Yeah, we got multiple people
shot, multiple people run down.

This guy, he drove right
through the crowd.

It looked like Nice, boss.

Well, until we know what this is,

I'm initiating a plan three.

Get a street deputy down here,
notify ICE, Homeland, FBI.

Kevin, I want you to clear
this entire crime scene.

Only medics.

Okay, let's go.

I need everybody off the streets.

I need you to gather everybody
past Lawrence for me.

- Is she hurt?
- No.

No? Okay, can you follow
those officers for me?

- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.

Hey, hey. Hey, no, no, no, don't move.

Don't move, don't move, don't move.

I'm the police.

I'm the police... you gonna be okay.

All right, all right.

Okay, I got you. I got you.

I need some help over here!

Hey, hey, hey.

I'm on the job! Get me a medic!

I need a medic right now!


not like... not like this.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's not gonna be like this. Okay?

It's not gonna be like this. I got you.

I got you, okay?

Look at me, look at me, open your eyes.

Look at me. Right? Okay?

Stay right here, look...
look at me, look at me.

Look at me! Look at me.

Huh? I'm right here, okay?

Let's keep it right here.

Let's keep it right here, little homey.

You got it, okay?

Stay strong, little homey, come on.

Come on, man.

We got six injuries, two
clipped by the van, four shot.

All non-life-threatening,
except the boy in the alley.

The kid was one of the
rappers performing.

Took two shots, center mass.

Shooter knew what he was doing, too.

I mean, he knew exactly when
the concert was getting out.

Hey, what you got?

Witnesses say the shooter
was parked at the curb,

he opened fire near the side entrance,

then drove into the crowd.

- You got a description yet?
- Nothing.

People were running,
there was rapid fire,

a muzzle flash... no one could see.

Anyone heard the offender say anything?

Pledge any allegiance?

Didn't say a word, just fired.

Now, we've got a score of witnesses

saying the shooter was masked,

but just as many
insisting he was Muslim.

All right, you run command
and activate pinpoint.

We'll run parallel.

Guy's still out there;
we need to worry about

a secondary attack.

How long before a terrorist group

would claim something like this?

Usually pretty fast.

Hey, Sarge.

Patrol found the SUV.

It was torched in a parking
garage off of Southport.

Shooter tried to remove the VIN number,

but he didn't know about
the one on the frame.

It's registered to a Greg Penley.

Guy's got a prior for a hate crime.

How 'bout that?

TV's been on in the living
room since we got here.

We've not seen anyone in or out.

No cars in the garage. We
ran everything you asked.

No one should be in
the home but Penley.

All right, let's do this.

Good evening, sir, we are
with the Chicago PD.

We've been notified that there's
a gas leak in the area.

We need to evacuate the
block as a precaution.

A gas leak?

Yeah, if you just step outside,

we'll get the fire team
in and clear your home

as quickly as possible.

Yeah, I need to grab some stuff, first.

- Just step outside, sir.
- Just don't...


Nice and easy.

Get down on your knees.

Give me those hands.
Let me see your hands.

What happened, Greg?

You tell me!

You're never getting out of
here until you come clean.

And I mean, like, never getting out.

I didn't do anything!
I've been at home.

Ten years ago, you were
convicted of assault

with a deadly weapon for smashing

a Pakistani shopkeeper's skull in

with a baseball bat while
shouting racial slurs.

And I did my time for that.

I was young.

That ain't youth. That's hate.

Call it what you want,
I'm not like that...

Then how'd your car end
up at a mass shooting?


I have no idea!

Someone must've stolen it.

And you didn't notice,
didn't report it?

I keep it parked in a crappy lot.

On the West side.

I barely use it in the city.

I use it to go up to my
ma's place, up in Michigan.

I had nothing to do with this!

I got a half a dozen people
being treated at Chicago Med,

one of 'em a 16-year-old boy
who is clinging to life.

So you're gonna lose
the wide-eyed act...

and you're gonna get real honest.

Real fast.

I swear on my mother's life.

I had a pizza delivered around 10:00.

I can give you the name of the place.

Uh, Sarge, we got something
you need to see.

So CPIC said they noticed
it about 20 minutes ago.

Since then, I found 13 posts.

This profile belonging to a
banger with the G Park Lords

was the first.

"TK Ice, bitch thought
he tough, but we SHK.

"G Park Lords gun that punk down.

"That's right, we get to you anywhere,

"even when you think you made.

Bang bang, bitch."

TK Ice is the 16-year-old
victim from the alley.

His real name is Terrel Kenton.

He's a rapper from the South Side.

His lyrics are violent, but
he's got a clean record.

I mean, the kid's from Englewood,

so even with no priors, a
rapper from that neighborhood

is definitely connected to
the Southside Hustlers.

I mean, everything
runs through the gang.

Everything from the manager,
to the label, to the artist...

So if he was our target,
this whole thing...

the multiple casualties,
fleeing into the crowd...

Wait, so we're saying a banger
drove all the way to a concert

on the North side, shot up
a whole crowd of people,

just to get to some 16-year-old rapper?

They were looking to send a message.

Even if this kid's not a banger,

that hit's a pretty big show of muscle.

I'm gonna have the gang unit send us

all the territorial conflicts.

All right, somebody build me
a profile on this kid okay?

What do you want to do
with the owner of the SUV?

Check his alibi, corroborate
the stolen car.

- If it syncs, kick him.
- Got it.

Guys, we got a shooting
in G Park territory.

We got more bodies.

All right, run this whole
thing down with the FBI.

We might not be looking at terrorism.

This could be a gang war.


Homicide thinks this is
retaliation for TK's shooting.

Now, the shooters came
from that gangway.

And they just opened fire.

This one was shot in the back first.


His buddy had enough
time to grab his weapon,

but he didn't get a shot off.

And the woman across the way...

was just returning from work.

This guy doesn't have any ink.

He was ID'd as G Park Lords?

Loosely... I mean, he
lives up the block,

but gang unit says he
wasn't a heavy hitter.

- That's a lot of rounds.
- Yeah.

20 slugs in the tree.

See, I don't think these
guys had anything to do

with shooting TK.

Whoever did this just wanted bodies.


Any witnesses?

Neighbors said it was too dark to see.

Everyone on the block was sleeping.

Woke up to gunfire.

Damage was done by an assault rifle.

I've seen too much of this.

G Park Lords are here.

Sarge, this can go sideways
six ways till sundown.


- Sarge.
- Yeah?

You're not gonna believe this.

Video was posted live, just got shared.

Area central's gang enforcement
tracked the video,

picked up the two Southside
Hustlers responsible.

Still had the guns on them.

Both of 'em lawyered up

just as soon as they
got the cuffs on 'em

and neither one of 'em
is saying a word.

All right, so what's the
traction on the video?

84 posts so far, and they're
all direct call outs.

Direct threats.

So this is a gang war now.

All right, bring in someone from CPIC,

we got to track this in real time.

Every one of those
posts could be a hit.

All right, this is TK's manager.

Mark Cains, aka "Markey."

Now, Markey's a Southside heavyweight.

Since TK signed with him,
the kid's been picked up

by patrol three times.

He always skates off, but the
arrest records are who's who.

Big friends, big enemies.

All right, so far, it looks
like the gunners are members

of one of three G Park Lord factions.

Three Corner Kings,
71st Street Rollers,

and the Shreveport Knights.

We got to narrow it down from there.

That area's always hot.

I mean, you got the
three G Park factions

and the Southside Hustlers
in a 12 block radius.

It could easily be a retaliation

for some online beef or power struggle.

If we're looking for enemies,

Markey's label is no joke.

He gets talented kids
to rap about violence,

brings in cash.

And if TK is a rapper for Markey,

he's making more than music.

He's definitely making enemies.

♪ Yeah, 'cause you in Chiraq, bitch ♪

♪ Cops they get their chin split ♪

♪ Ends meet face down on concrete ♪

He's making gangsters out of kids.

♪ We TK we roll up ♪

♪ We ghetto like bang bang toy boy ♪

♪ Welcome to Chiraq, bitch ♪

- It's a wonder he got shot.
- ♪ Welcome to Chiraq, bitch ♪

A victim's a victim.

All right, get all of
patrol to flood the zone.

We got two priorities now.

Locate TK's shooter,

and keep this neighborhood
from going up in flames.

Hey, I was just calling
to check in on you all.


Something popping off at work, so...

I'm gonna need you to call me.

Call me as soon as you can.


You're, uh, you're Jenny
Barcles from CPIC?


Was I supposed to tell
someone I was here?

Uh, just me, yeah.

Okay, so you're who I should talk to?


I've narrowed down likely
next targets and shooters.

It should be printing.

Okay, so this is the
strategic subject list?

No, I'm not printing you that list.

How do people always
think data is king?

Predictive analytics is only as
good as the person reading it.

That's your copy. What's your name?

Um, Adam.

Adam, can I eat the food in the fridge?

Sure, if you're hungry. Yeah, sure.


Uh, there's 22 names on this list.

Well, it's easier to narrow
once more bodies drop,

but the point's to prevent
that from happening.

We slim it, predict it...
who, where, when.


- A list?
- Yes, ma'am.

Your son's been identified by the CPD

as a potential suspect
in future gang violence.

You saying he's done something?

No, not yet.

'Cause it sounds like
you're accusing him.

We believe he's likely to commit

or have violence committed against him

in the very near future.

We got boys dying on these streets,

and you all here, asking me questions?

We would like to relocate
both you and your son.

CPD will move you for a few nights...

No, no, no, y'all got to leave.

I can take care of myself.

Were you not online posting threats?

Yeah, you could get killed.
That's why we're here.


What're you doing here?

Hey! Uh-uh.

- You're coming with me.
- What're you doing?

- You can't take...
- Yes I can. Tell her.

It's fine. I know her.

I don't understand.

We thought this was some
kind of terrorist attack.

How could our boy be involved in this?

We have reason to believe that
TK was actually the target.

Do you know anyone that he
was having problems with?

No. No.

Anybody that he was
beefing with online,

or... or calling out in his music?

No, I...

I'm sorry, I don't listen to his music.

Ma'am, do you know how long
your son's been a member

of the Southside Hustlers?

That's what you want from me?

We already have three
people that are dead.

My son is a good boy.

Those people are his friends.

They're also members of
a violent street gang.

He's a child!

An hour ago...

I thought you would find his shooter.

Now I know you won't.

This is the South side of Chicago.

- Murder's always free here.
- Sir...

So nothing, huh?

- No, sir.
- Okay.

So let me get this straight.

TK, who is your artist, was
walking out of the venue

into two vehicles that
you had waiting on him

and you weren't anywhere to be found.

What were you doing... catching a cab?

- Taking a bus home, what?
- I was at the merch table.

Checking receipts.

And you haven't heard anything?

Not even on the streets?

Like I said to all your other guys,

I don't know nothing.

Okay, well, I know who you are, Markey.

And I understand that you might
try to handle this on your own,

but I guarantee you we'll
do a better job, dog.

I got nothing else to say.

We done?

Yeah, for now.


No, man, it's been, like,

a stretch of 11 open homicides
in that neighborhood

over the past month.

I don't think anybody's
saying anything.

This is totally unnecessary!

I wasn't even doing anything,
you can't do this...

Shut up! It's enough.

After everything your
brother's done for you,

everything Kevin
sacrificed, I find you,

while I'm on the job,
hanging with those boys?

All you should be saying
to me right now is

"I'm sorry, I screwed up."


Hey, Jordan.

You shouldn't be out there, okay?

It's not who you are.

All right. I'm sorry.

Yeah, that was TK two years ago.

He won the school talent show.

Then Markey got ahold of him.


Just a good kid in
with the wrong people.

Hey, boss.

We got something. Tell me.

Take it away there, Jenny.

Uh, yeah, uh, so...

so, bangers use a certain syntax,

language... mostly
letters, a shorthand.

Certain bangers have certain voices.

Makes it easy for us to track
them over multiple profiles.

But there were some that popped
up right after TK's shooting.

We noticed a few I didn't
recognize, and, uh...

you're Voight?

Hank Voight? Correct.

I worked in the Ivory
Tower for a spell.

I've read a lot of files on
you, I guess you'd say...

a lot of allegations.


Okay, um... we, uh, tracked
the first two profiles

to post after TK's shooting.

Uh, they've also been
the most dominant.

One belongs to a G Park Lord,

the other to a Southside Hustler.

Jenny here tracked down the IP address

and they match.

Two opposing gangs making
posts from the same place.

So that means that one
person started this

and is stoking the others.

So we got somebody purposefully
fueling a gang war?

Last inflammatory post was
made from an IP address

belonging to Charles Backer.

He's a black male, mid-40s.

History of gang violence?

He grew up in Englewood.

All right, get an LKA, have
Antonio and Olinsky hit it.

Got it.

They're all true.

Got something.

Chicago PD!

Charlie posted the place online

and I needed a cheap place to rent.

He hasn't been by at all, I swear.

I just mail a check.

What about you guys?

You're her roommates?

I'm her boyfriend.

I'm nobody.

We're gonna need a little
bit more than that.


Look, I don't know what
you think you saw,

but just so you know,
nothing was happening

between me and him.

Who has the keys?

Just me.

I'm not an idiot... I don't
go handing my keys out.

Of course not.

By the way, this was
completely consensual.

By the way, we don't care.

What about your internet?

You share the Wi-Fi with the neighbors?

Really? Can you even do that?

No, it's just us.

Tenants' phones and
computers check out,

but this house has been
rented out 10 different times

in the last four years,

which means a hundred different people

could have used it and
got the Wi-Fi password.

So, best guess is, whoever's
making the posts is mobile.

Drives up, makes the post, rolls out.

And there's no traffic
cameras on this street.

No, whoever's behind this wants
to keep bodies dropping,

so they're gonna be back.

All right, have Antonio and
Al sit on the location.

All right.

Maybe you should work downstairs?

Yes, sir.

Hey, Kevin, hang back.

What's going on?


Burgess picked up Jordan.

What do you mean she picked up Jordan?

- Is he okay?
- Yeah, he's fine.

We were visiting potential
shooters and targets

and Burgess found him
hanging out with a friend.

The friend was on our list.

Kevin, TK's out of surgery.
We're heading to Med.

It's all right, Kim's got him.

But I should... I
should probably stay...

Burgess has it.

She already cleared it with me.

She's got it handled, Kevin.

Go on.

Go do your job.

Go on.

- Hey.
- Hey, I was just gonna call ya.

The surgeons managed to
repair the damage internally,

but he lost too much blood.

It was too late.

He went into DIC.

- All right, thanks, Maggie.
- Yeah.

I can have Dr. Halstead brief you.

No, it's all right. Thanks.

- All right.
- Excuse me.

Hey, Markey, can I lecture
you for a minute, man?

Whatever, toy cop.

- No, listen to me, bro...
- Keep your hands off me, man.

Bro, listen to me, man!

Huh? You gonna listen?

- Kevin...
- Because I was there.

When TK was dying, I
watched that scared kid

bleed out next to the trash, man.

You shoved this life down his throat.


To fill your pockets?

Let him go.

Huh? This is on you!

Yeah, whatever, man.

Toy cop.


Let's get out of here. Come on.

2125 George.

- Yeah?
- Jay...

The G Park Lords are posting up.

We got a retaliation hit coming.

Where are they?

Uh, looks like maybe 71st and Stewart.

Let's do this.

Jermaine Martin is the
closest Southside Hustler.

He lives off 71st and Racine.

Got two cousins on the
same street a block over.

All of them could be targets.

Hold up, hold up.


Move, move, move!

5021 George, emergency.

Dark green sedan fleeing westbound.

10-4, we see him.

- Are you all right?
- We fine.

- We fine.
- Can I get a mobile with 5021?

Yeah, go for 5021.

We've got two in the hood, both armed.


Do you think they even know
who they were gonna shoot at?

You know, back at the crime scene,

when you said that you've
seen too much of this...

I was just running my mouth, I'm fine.

This could be our guy.


Both social media profiles
are posting live.

That's got to be him.

Want to take him?


Let's tail his ass.

All right, 7113.

Get on the horn with HIDTA.

Run the location.

Hey, this is Detective
Dawson, Intelligence.

Followed a priority
target in real time.

We need to de-conflict the location.

7113 Morgan Street.

There's three direct conflicts
at this address for narcotics.

Tied to the Latin Players.

It's probably a stash house.

Thanks, I'll reach out.

On your knees.

Quite the left hook there, Antonio.


Get up.

Latin Players.

There's a third gang behind this.


Luis Garza.

Affiliated with the Latin Players.

What were you doing
posting social media

from G Park Lords and
Southside profiles?

Hey, listen, you want
us to talk for you?

All right, that's fine.

We can do that.

You know what I think?

I think you saw TK.

Maybe it was 'cause he was fronting.

Maybe it's 'cause he was
making something of himself.

Whatever it was,

you saw a kid whose death
would shatter that block.

So you drove down to his
concert, and you shot him.

Then you hid behind your computer,

prodding for more.

Mm, with enough bangers
shot or picked up,

take over some territory.

We close yet?

All this over a
couple of dope corners.



I'll tell ya the problem with
letting us speak for you.

We get to say how it ends.

I didn't kill nobody.

I was out with my girl
when that rapper got shot.

Oh, he was out with his girl.

Then why were you making those posts?

Talking trash.

Being a troll ain't a crime.


You got a lot more skin in
the game than that, baby.

Oh, you can go ahead and skip to it.

Skip to what?

The part where you uncuff me

and say I swung at you.

That's not gonna work, neither.

Oh, baby.

Get where he was with his girlfriend.

It checks out.

He was out with his girlfriend

at a diner on Wabash from 10:00 p.m.
to 11:45.

and she corroborates.

And two waiters.

Checking all numbers called,

all historical cell sites.

All right, I want a full profile.

Arrest records, cell mates,
his family, roommates.

Anybody who came within
spitting distance of him.

I tracked the serial
number off Garza's laptop.

It was purchased in cash at a
pawn store in Will County.

The buyer didn't match
Garza's description.

The store sent this over.

- Can you enhance that photo?
- No, it goes to snow.

The store owner says his
receipts show that this guy

bought the laptop, a video
game, a bag of chips,

and a box of 223 rounds,
same used in the shooting.

Guy got ID, I ran it, came back bogus.

Why don't we put that guy
through facial recognition

and cross-reference him with
Garza's known associates?

Nah, there's no time for that.

I got this.

- I'll go with you, Sarge.
- No, you stay put.


'Cause I said so.

There he is.

You guys give us a second?

Appreciate it.

What's up, Mal?


I got this little theory
I've been working on.

Feel pretty good about it, too.

See this guy?

That's the kid that shot that rapper.

Started all that violence over on 73rd.

And then he hires this guy...

Luis Garza, to go online,

and fire up a war between two gangs,

neither one of 'em his...
or yours, I should say.

Now, Chicago PD has been
devoting a lot of resources

to these two warring gangs.

And they're about to
be turned on yours.

We are gonna hit your streets hard.

Knock down every door.

And I'm gonna personally
make sure we pay

particular attention to Stewart Street,

your cousin's place off 71st,

that house you put your ma up at.

Eggleston and 69th,

where your girlfriend
and your child sleep.

Or you can give us the
name and location

of this guy.

We'd cap the arrest,
no one has to know.

There are families getting killed.


I got no problem coming after yours.

That guy's small dice.

Both of them are.

Maybe it was a half-cooked plan

to catch a rep and move on up...

but they both had no permission.


Name's Alex.

He hangs with the boys
at the pool hall on 70.


Now we're getting somewhere.

Players run this place off the books,

so there's bound to be
plenty of bangers inside

armed and high.

So we don't make a sound;
no one knows we're here.

We lure Alex out on
Voight's cue; we take him.

If he's not alone, we
take whoever's with him.

You two take the front.

Ruzek, cover the side.

Jay and I have the back.

We're set.


It's your moment.

I want to see every letter
before you press send.



Eyes open, target's been warned.

Should be coming out soon.


Chicago PD... keep your
mouth shut, don't move.

Stop moving!

Turn around.

Put your hands on the car.

You got ID?

Spread your legs.

That's our guy.

Hands behind your back.

He's just a kid.

- All right, let's go.
- Go.

I'm getting my gat back before I go.

Shut up, just go.

I tell ya, 15 years ago,

I would've played this a lot different.

I'd just work my way up the ladder,

making arrests till some
shot-caller stomped it all down

to keep business rolling.

Well, we're not there anymore.

No, sir, we ain't.

I mean, now I'm just a guy
sitting in front of a computer

that predicts which child's
gonna be shot next.

It's a whole new thing.

I'm here to tell you,
you both got played.

Park Lords didn't hit
TK, someone else did,

to pit you against each other.

Then who the hell did it?

You know I can't tell you that.

But I can tell you...

that you played right into their hands.

Look, I know you're gonna do
what you're gonna do, but...

this is your neighborhood,
this is your families

getting shot up.

And we got the offender,
he's in custody.

So now this is about nothing.


And that's the truth.

All right, man.

You're still here?

Yeah, I'm heading out.

Just making sure the radios are quiet.

Heard Markey already jacked
up the prices on TK's music,

so kid's about to be famous.


I'll never understand it like you do.

That doesn't mean I won't
pull you from the edge

when I have to.

You got to care and not care
at the same time, I guess.

That's exactly right.

That's exactly right.

It's just tough sometimes, Sarge.


I'm glad you're in my unit, Kevin.

Two children were shot this weekend

as gang violence erupted
in the streets of Chicago.

The latest wave of attacks started

when Chicago rapper, TK Ice,

was gunned down in a
drive-by shooting...



- I appreciate you.
- Yeah.

I've always got your back.
You know that, man.

- Yeah.
- Come here.

Thank you.

He's in his room.


Your brother's a good kid.

Yeah, I know.


Kim brought Jordan home in a squad car.

She didn't have the lights on,

but I mean, she hauled him in here.

It was insane.

She called him a dumbass.

- Hey, dumbass.
- Shut up!

Look, I was just out for two seconds.

Was just gonna check on
a friend, that's it.

Man, you know...

you know those lists are
straight BS, anyways.

Cops never get 'em right.

My bad.

But I swear... I swear
none of those guys

were gonna go out.

Y'all hungry?

Aren't you tired?


I think we should get something to eat.

I could eat.

Let's eat.

Let's go.

Come on, hurry up.
You're hungry, right?

- Yeah.
- All right then.