Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Climbing Into Bed - full transcript

After a botched undercover job, Ruzek is under scrutiny by the new Street Deputy Crowley who will determine his future with the unit. A suspicious person call turns into a murder investigation when Burgess and her temporary partner Price discover the body of a dead man in an SUV. After Mouse identifies the victim as the owner of a security company, the unit soon realizes there might be more to his story. Halstead and Lindsay take a step forward in their relationship.

Hank is letting me move
back into my apartment.

I was worried that hole you were digging

was gonna be too deep.

I had a lot of people
reaching in to pull me out.

Andrew will get my bone marrow

and he'll be a new little man.

That kid was dying and
that didn't seem fair.

So what if he's been engaged before?

Just mention that maybe you
guys should push the wedding.

If he gives you lip about it,
then he wants to get married.

If he agrees to push it, then he doesn't.

I was thinking maybe we should
push our wedding date back.

Okay, totally.


So I've got Lomers on one
side of me saying, you know,

"Let's get the money and
get the hey-hell outta here."

Conway... [chuckles]

He raises his hand... you raised your hand.

He's like, "Oh, hey, fellas... "

- I don't sound like that.
- Oh, co... you do.

You sound exactly like that, Jess.

So he raises his hand, "Hey, fellas.

Uh, there's some dope here that I think

that we should liberate."

Dude, liberate. That's the best word

that you could come up with.

- You're full of it, man.
- No, man.

- That's not what you said?
- No.

- That's exactly what you said.
- That's not how I remember it.

All right, you tell Frank
your Barney Badass version.

I'm gonna go liberate my bladder.

[door creaks]

[phone vibrating]

This better be good.

Hey... hey, you remember that CI Conway

- I was telling you about?
- Vaguely.

Jesse Conway, I busted
him on aiding and abetting.

Told him I'd look the other way

if he can bring in a bigger fish, remember?

- Okay.
- All right...

So he calls me tonight.

He says there's this guy, Frank,

who might be planning a robbery,

- was looking for a wheel man.
- That's you.

That's me. We're at a after hours bar

on the corner of Winchester and Chicago.

Called Voight, but he didn't pick up.

When's the robbery?

Uh, Frank has not got specific just yet.

You call the on/off book

so the department knows you're working?

No, not yet. We're just having beers, so...

All right. Leave your phone on.

Don't go anywhere. Walk away if...

- [knocking]
- I gotta go, I gotta go.

- Frank wants to talk to you.
- What about?

I don't know, but move your ass, man.

You're looking suspicious in here.

Let's take a ride.

- Where?
- Another bar.

I'm tired of sitting here.

Got a problem with that?


This your truck?

- Yeah, just got her.
- Can I drive?

Don't you want to see how he drives?

Me and McCoy, we need
to get to know each other

a little better before he's in.

And I feel like driving.

Yeah, well, I'm not
sitting in the middle, so...

You stay here, order another round.

We'll be back.

[car alarm beeps]

- So what do you think?
- What?

About the truck, man.

I was going to get a 4x4,

- but I saw this thing...
- You talk too much.

All right. You don't want to chit-chat.

That's fine.

But you gotta tell me
what's going on here, man.

When is this, uh, this
score supposed to go down?

'Cause I'm on the verge of

feeling like I'm wasting my time here.

Frank? Whoa, whoa.

What are you doing? Hey, hey, hey.


[muffled yelling]


Oh, what the hell, Frank? No!


Chicago P.D.!


[heavy breathing]

10-1, 10-1, this is officer Adam Ruzek.

Requesting immediate backup.

Multiple shots fired at the police

at Ashland and Huron.

Squad, be advised I am
a plain clothes officer.

Copy that.

Come on, Adam.


[intense music]

♪ ♪

[tires squealing]

[indistinct radio chatter]

I'm letting you know upfront,

Ruzek contacted me before this went down.

And you told him what?

That's where it gets fuzzy.

Hey, what's up, Bascom?

Intelligence has got this now.

Your boy had no backup,
liquor on his breath,

and the U.C.V. truck was
signed out in his name.

And I hear he didn't call it in.

We got this.

Ruzek wasn't on the on/off book?


- You okay?
- Yeah.

Boss, I had no idea something
like this was gonna jump.

Just don't talk to any
more cops, you understand?

- I understand.
- Only me.

Yes, sir.

So three bodies? Two
offenders, one civilian?

Yeah. The only thing
that makes any sense is

there's a robbery going down,
Frank was in on it somehow,

ambushes his crew, takes
the score for himself,

'cause he knew the exact moment

that they were gonna roll out of here.

So who'd you drop?

Offender came in hauling ass

from the back of the
restaurant, alley, I don't know,

but Frank stepped over him,
hopped in the waiting car.

- This Frank took shots at you?
- Yes, sir.

Frank brought in Ruzek to be the wheel man,

but it looks like he just
wanted a body and a vehicle

with no relation to the rest of the crew.

Then cops spin their wheels for weeks

wondering how he's connected.

Hmm. What'd they take?

Well, crew was real careful breaking in

to the back door of this restaurant.

Jimmied the lock, minimal force, no prints.

Then they cut this hole in the wall

and make their way into
the jewelry store next door.

And her?

Owner of the restaurant, one of them.

Husband's been notified.

He's on his way up here now with his son.

I'm thinking something this well planned

would have accounted for her.

Well, she comes in early on a whim,

the crew ties her up
'cause they're not killers,

and Ruzek's Frank

didn't subscribe to that line of thinking.

- Owners of the jewelry store?
- They're arriving now.

Halstead and Lindsay are with them.

Dude, Kev, I am so screwed, man.

Hey, quit saying that.

We'll figure it out.

- Okay?
- Yeah.


Do you know how much we paid
for this security system?

- And they got everything.
- How much is missing?

Over $2 million. Unbelievable.

- This is absolutely unbelievable.
- Door wasn't touched?

No, they cut a hole right through the wall,

and then a hole right
through the back of the safe.

They must have used the
beer to cool the blade.

What about your alarm system?

Which one? We got everything.

Cameras, motion sensors, we
got the whole store covered.

Except if they came through your office.

Yeah. Except for the office.

They're sure it's Kate next door?

That's her who's dead?

I'm afraid so, ma'am.

Hey. What's the name of this CI?

Conway, Jesse Conway.

Where is he?

I can't get him on the phone.

I left, like, 15 messages.

Mouse is trying to get a location off it.

I'll find him.

Looking to ID the DOAs in there.

Once we do, we'll chase down records

and any known associates.

Antonio, I apologize, man. I...

Hey, just help solve the case.

That's what you need to
worry about right now.

- Are you the detectives?
- Hey, take it easy.

- I want some answers.
- Mr. Sansone.

He's the owner of the
restaurant, and his son, Jordan.

Why did they do this?

Why did they kill my... my...

She didn't do anything to anyone.

She was... [sobbing]

Mr. Sansone...

we're going to do everything
we can to get you those answers,

- but right now...
- Cops never do anything.

Look at everyone standing around
like this is just... just nothing.

Right now, we need your help.

All right, Officer Atwater, he'd
like to ask you some questions

whenever you're ready, all right?

Thank you.

I'm really sorry.

Hey, you have a couch guy?

I don't know what that means.

You have a guy for everything.

A construction guy, a car guy.

- I need a couch guy.
- Huh.

I'm moving back into my place.

I just want a fresh start.

I kind of blew through my
savings on my... sabbatical.

Don't make me ask Atwater.

What's in it for me?

I'll make some calls.

DOAs are Roxy Richards and Danny Spilatro.

Both have multiple runs at Stateville

for armed robbery, burglary,

and trafficking stolen goods.

And the mystery man?

Zero so far.

But now that we've identified
Richards and Spilatro,

we can start to flesh out
the crew they ran with.

What about the father and
son who own the restaurant?

Records are pretty clean. I
got a list of their employees.

I can start running those.

And Ruzek's CI, Conway?

Uh, nothing yet. We
subpoenaed his call logs

before his phone went dead.

And speaking of, the most common call made

was to an Amanda Derkos.
That is Greek, right?

Not that it makes any difference.

The address is on the south side.

Conway mentioned a girlfriend, so...

Great. Jay and I will take it.

- I'll go with.
- No, you won't.

I spoke with Commander Fischer.

He wants you to type up an I.P.R.

Full timeline of last night's events.

All right, and that's it, right, boss?

- Said that should cover it.
- All right.

- Hey, Bob.
- Burgess.

- Hey, I'm gonna talk to Sarge.
- Yeah.

Hey, Sarge, I was wondering

if I could drop a couple
of slips for some comp days.

Oh, yeah? Where are you headed?

Oh, wait, wait, let me guess.

You splurged on an Airbnb
cabin out at Chain-O-Lakes

and you and your high school
pals are gonna pretend to fish

and play grab ass and brag about...

what is it, Burgess?

No, it's just that he's not actually, um...

It's just not like that, Sarge.

Like what?

I'm, uh...

He is a bone marrow match
for a kid with leukemia

at his old district, Sergeant.

- You're donating?
- I am. Tomorrow.

Doctor says I only need a few days at home.

Yo, Roman, Burgess, Voight wants you two

to head to the crime scene.

Interview the shop owners at the strip mall

about that jewelry store.

Yeah, of course.

Hey, Roman.

Yeah, Sarge?

I want you to know I'm really
proud of what you're doing.

So you take as long as you
need and keep your vacation.

That's what being a servant
to this city is all about.

- Thanks, Sarge.
- Mm-hmm.

They cut a hole right here.

A foot wrong in either direction,

they set off the motion detectors.

They knew exactly where to hit.


Inside job.

Kinda, sorta, m... maybe?

No, the jewelry store
owners file insurance, right?

And then they split the real haul 50/50

with the robbers they contracted.

All right, run the owners.

See if anything comes
up that's out of whack.


Hey, boss, uh, before we get started,

I'd like to get Commander Fischer down here

or at least on the phone...

Commander Fisher's been reassigned.


Al, who is that?

That's a Street Deputy.

Investigates all police related shootings.

Reports straight to the Superintendent.

Who's that?

Her driver.


- Sarge?
- Come on in.

Officer Adam Ruzek, Deputy Emma Crowley.

- Ma'am.
- Officer.

Have a seat.

First of all, how are you?

I'm fine. Fine, thanks for asking.

I will admit, I, uh, feel bad.


Wishing he could have
done more, like we all do.

Are you a ventriloquist?

Or was that you answering
a question that I asked him?


Officer Ruzek, I'll be conducting

- a thorough investigation.
- Yes, ma'am.

If you're not already,
you should be in contact

with your F.O.P. rep.

Please keep in mind that going forward,

anything you say will be
memorialized in my report.

There's no taking anything back.

Do not for one moment think
that the facts will not surface.

I understand.

You typing up an I.P.R.?

Yes, ma'am. I'm about halfway through.

Good. I'll also need
your CI reliability pack

and the on-going case
files you're working.

Anything to cover your ass
to prove that you were working

in an official police capacity,
'cause, as I understand it,

you were out there without the permission

of an immediate supervisor.

Ma'am, even though an official call

to the on/off book was not made...

cops forget that all the time, right?

We had a pre-raid plan in place

and the entire team was on stand-by.

Is this a Hank Voight special?

Well, if by that you mean

a pristine account of the events,

then sure, feel free to call it that.

Get your report to me as soon as possible.

Keep working with the case,

but until you hear
otherwise, you do it in house.



[clears throat]

- Yes?
- Amanda Derkos?

No, that's... what's this about?

Mom, who is it?

Moving day?

What do you want?

I think you know what we want.

You're looking for Jesse Conway?


Well, I can tell you two things.

Don't know where he is, and I don't care.

- Amanda.
- Mom, please.

He's wanted in a double homicide.

- What?
- Yeah.

So a little less attitude,
a little more information

would be really appreciated
before we get pissed off.

Look, if I knew where
he was, I would tell you,

but I don't and that's the truth.

See, I don't think it is.

Turn around, you're under arrest.

Wait, for what?

Obstruction and impeding
an ongoing investigation.

No, you can't do that.

- She can.
- Amanda, tell them.

Tell them what they want for God's sakes.

- He's a loser.
- I'm not messing around here.

Okay. Okay.

I'm supposed to meet Jesse in a half hour.

Laramie Motel.

Let's go.

On your feet, Conway! Get up!

- You got me?
- Mm-hmm.

Turn around.

[handcuffs locking]

Let's go.

I mean, do you know this lady?

Because my F.O.P. rep sounded
like he swallowed a bug

when I told him Deputy
Crowley was involved.

Adam, just finish your report

and leave your feelings out of it.

All right, I'm just trying to figure out

why this is turning into a
brush fire all of a sudden.

Remember the Eight P's
from your academy training?

- Yeah.
- Let's hear 'em.

Proper police planning

prevents piss-poor police performance.

Right. You had no authorization.

No backup. And no pre-raid plan.

- I called Antonio.
- And he told you what?

- To stay put.
- And yet?

I had no idea something like that...

I know that.

That's the only reason

I haven't kicked you out of my unit yet.

Look... the Ivory Tower is
now focused on this incident.

That tends to happen when a cop, buzzed,

is riding shotgun in a truck

that goes barreling in
the side of a restaurant,

and the owner's found shot execution style.

Look, Adam, all we can do on our end

is just keep bailing
water as fast as we can

and wait to hear what the
superintendent's office is gonna do.

- All right.
- [Knock on door]

- Yes?
- Halstead?

He's got Conway down in the cage.

Hey, hey. I didn't set you up.

Oh, yeah? Then why'd you
run, you son of a bitch?

'Cause me and the cops have
always been so friendly.

- We're all gentlemen.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah?

- Don't!
- Give me the keys.

Look, look, I know how
you guys spin this, okay?

I made the introduction, so
I go down the same as Frank.

All right, good, so we don't
have to go over the specifics.

Look, Frank said he
needed a truck for a job.

You're the one that told me I
was working my case off, man.

Keep my eyes and ears open.

You... you really think I knew
he was going to shoot people?

Come on, man. You know me.

I'm a lot of things, but
I got no blood on my hands.

All right now, just tell us
what you know about Frank.

Frank Hancock. We met in Stateville.

He was in my cell block.

Cell phone number?

I dumped my phone, man.

I don't know his number anyway.

He texted me where to be
and he needed a driver.

- Unknown number.
- Come on.

Can you find him again?

Yeah, yeah. It would take some legwork,

but yeah, man, yeah. I...
I could do that for you.


We put a GPS on him.

We kick him, he sets up a meet.

- We bust Frank.
- Or he bolts.

We put a GPS on him, we tell him

we'll lock up his old lady
and her mom if he runs.

I mean, Conway's harmless.

He's not looking for any trouble.

We got dick right now.

After you get a written
and recorded statement

as to his involvement last night.

You're gonna need that either way.

All right. Yes, sir.


All right, Frank Hancock was
moved to Conway's cell block

a month before he got out.

Hancock and Spilatro

went to high school together in Wisconsin.

Armed robbery, multiple
aggravated batteries

to public servants, stole a police car,

shot at a police officer...
that's all before 17.

At 23, he killed two
people in an armed robbery.

How do you kill two people and get to walk?

They were ex-gang bangers.
Ruled mutual combatants,

so he only got two years
for discharging a weapon.

Of all the people to get
a good public defender.

What I don't get is,

if Hancock and Spilatro had
been friends all this time,

then why did he turn on them?

Well, Hancock's parole officer
is listed as Bart Lewis.

Maybe he can shed a little light.

You and Halstead check it out.

All right. How's Ruzek?

Go talk to the parole officer.


Now if you leave the city limits...

- Hey, hey, I won't.
- Hey! Do you mind?

Look, I'll come through for you, man.

Believe me, I want nothing
more than to make this right.

So I can go be with my girl,

leave all this craziness behind me.

All right, look, Conway...

We both got a lot to lose here, you know?

- Mm-hmm.
- So just get it done.

We are good to go.

All right.


- Go find Hancock.
- See ya.

[door opens and closes]

He'll be all right.


I love Donna and Mark.
Nothing bad to say about them.

I just hope they don't close after this.

They, uh, helped me on
a Christmas present once.

Went way out of their way.

You see any people
lurking around their store?

Maybe someone who didn't look right.

No, nothing.

You've been very helpful.


Sometimes you let up the rug,
it's nothing but spic-and-span.

Hey, you need a ride to Med tomorrow?

I was gonna ask my neighbor.

And not your partner?

I should hit you upside the head right now.

I'm taking you.

Aww, you care.

Of course I do.

Talk to Ruzek at all?

Hell of a spot he got himself into.

Yeah, there's no way he
could have avoided it.

I was talking about him
failing your push test.

God, please. One crisis at a time.

So the wedding's off?

No, it's not. It just... you know,

it's pushed. We're fine.


Hey! You guys caught the
guys who did this yet?

- We're working on it.
- Doesn't look like it

from where I'm standing.

Doesn't look like anybody's doing anything.

I promise you that we are, sir.

My mom is dead.

My dad is wrecked. Our restaurant is gone.

- All right, just calm down.
- And you people are moving like snails.

The killers are out there laughing

while you've got your thumbs up your asses.

Kid, I understand your grief,

but I promise if you don't calm down,

I'm gonna make this unpleasant.

Fine. Fine.

You don't do something, I will.

- [engine starts]
- I'll call Voight.

- [tires squealing]
- Yep.

Yes, sir.

Okay, yes, will do.

Voight wants us to sit on the kid.


This has to be hand delivered
to the Street Deputy ASAP.

I'd do it myself, but I
can't leave the house, so...

I'll get it there.

I appreciate it.

Hot water, huh?

[chuckles] Yeah.

To be honest, I don't totally get it.

After all the things
we've done in Intelligence,

all the things we get away with,

Ivory Tower wants to
break my balls over this?

- I mean...
- Listen.

You know what Moses had
before he parted the Red Sea?


Permission from his supervisor.

See, that way everyone's ass was covered.

Pullman Pets?

What is he, picking up some dog food?

At least it's not a pawn
store to pick up a gun.

Doesn't make sense.

Grieving never does.

One minute, you're ready
to rip the world to shreds,

the next you find yourself
standing in the grocery store

wondering how you got there.

- Trust me, I know.
- Yeah?

My mom passed, I didn't know
down from up for months, but...

better days now, right?


All right, let's go.

[engine starts]

What about something like this?

I'm the last guy you should
ask about decorative furniture.

I'm a function over form man.

What does that mean?

It means if it's comfy,

then I don't care what it looks like.


You know, we could always
give one a test drive.

Test out the function?

I hope we're talking about the same thing.


Heard you had some questions
about a parolee of mine?

Yeah, Frank Hancock.

I've been expecting this one.

Antisocial personality disorder.

They got him on lithium carbonate,

Dilantin, and Clozapine.

Well, now we know who would be crazy enough

to drive a truck into a restaurant.

How does a guy like this
ever get released from prison?

I just take the cases
that are handed to me.

When Hancock got out,

he needed to get a job.

I hooked him up with an actual
graveyard shift at a cemetery.

Here's the number.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

Hey. Got a second?

More than most people around here.


You know this guy?

- Oh, yeah.
- He works here?

Yeah, he showed up, worked one shift.

Told the foreman to
punch in and out for him,

and if he didn't, he was gonna put him

in the wrong end of one of these holes.

I never saw him again.

Know where we can find him?

No. But you know what?

He was talking to Jimenez
about buying his car.

And I see Jimenez pull up

in the lot in an old pick-up today,

so maybe he did.

All right.

Hancock's driving a '93 Ford Bronco.

I'll Sound Ex the previous
owner and get a license plate.

Get an investigative alert
and a BOLO out on the vehicle.

Broadcast an all call
message over all the zones.

- Yes, sir.
- Hey, Ruzek.

What's the latest from Conway?

He made a few calls. He's zeroing in

on a meeting with Hancock.


Hey, hey. A traffic cam just picked up

our '93 Ford Bronco in West Town.

Damen and Hubbard.

Get Lindsay and Halstead to respond.

- Yes, sir.
- Pull up Conway's location.

Car is empty.

Maybe he's up in one of these buildings.

[phone buzzing]

- What's up, Mouse?
- Hey.

- I just pinged Conway's GPS.
- Yeah?

Yeah. He's 100 feet in front of you,

just before the tracks.

Where is he, Mouse?

You should be right on top of him.

Come on, man.

Please, please.

Hey, hey, hey.

You got me?


I got him killed, Antonio.

Let's just get the guy that did this, okay?

You start chasing demons in the mirror,

instead of the ones on the streets,

you're no good to anybody.


He ran around doing mundane chores.

- Cooling off, I guess.
- Hmm.

He blew himself out yelling
at us, if you ask me.

Or he spotted our patrol car tailing him

and decided against going all Death Wish.

Johnson and Benioff are watching him

in an unmarked car now, just in case.

All right, thanks.

Hey, anything on those
jewelry store owners?

Mm, nothing.

Married 30 years, no financial issues,

800 credit score, no criminal record,

not even a moving violation.

Bring 'em in anyway.

And I got the subpoenaed
phone records on the dump phone

found on the DOA, Roxy Richards.

He had a few calls to
the other DOA, Spilatro,

and then a bunch of calls to
a store called Pullman Pets.

Hey, Pullman... Pullman Pets.

Jordan Sansone was in there today.

- Inside man?
- Wasn't his mom killed, though?

Well, maybe something went sideways.

Well, get Jordan in
here and let's find out.

And run the priors on this pet store owner.

- Let's make a connection.
- Yeah, I'm on it.

Al, you take Atwater, you head down there.

We learn anything on our end, we'll call.

- Nice.
- Let's go.


- Hey.
- I'm good.



Jesse Conway's girlfriend?

She's downstairs.


She's been notified.

[taps on doorframe]

I'm Adam.

I know who you are.

Look, I don't know what to say here.

I... I'm sorry.

He trusted you.

[breathes deeply]

[doorbell rings]

- Hey, you Ben Forsick?
- Yeah.

- How do you know Roxy Richards?
- I don't.

Well, we got your phone records,

so we know you've had priors.

Fencing stolen goods through here.

Using this pet store as a front.

You got the wrong guy, gents.

I mean, yeah, I've got some priors,

but that was ten years ago.

Where does Jordan Sansone fit in?

You're not hearing me.

I know you know something.

Do yourself a favor and
tell me what you know.

Then you need to talk with my attorney.

I've got his card right here.

You mind getting the door, Al?

Now, one last time, lay
it out there straight.

Look, I'm telling you on my mother's eye...


Four people are dead.

[water gurgling]

Where's Frank?

- Oh, God, okay.
- You want to talk?

- Okay, okay, okay.
- You want to talk?

Yeah, Mouse?

Yeah, I got a number for you to ping, bro.

- You ready?
- On it.

Hey, where's Sansone?

Uniform that's posted up
outside of his parent's house

said Sansone hasn't shown yet.

We, uh, put an alarm out on his car.

[tires screeching]

- You the manager?
- Yeah. What's this now?

Which room?

- 211.
- Upstairs.




Stupid kid. Doing that to me!

- Chicago P.D.!
- [gunfire]

- [gunfire]
- [whimpering]

Antonio, he's running!

No one was supposed to die.

They promised me.

They promised.

[gun thuds]


We got him. Field behind the building.

So I want to know...

why'd you ambush your friends?

They were going to cut me out, so...

They told you that?

No. But, uh,

I just had that feeling, you know?


I owed money to this dealer.

He made threats.

I had to come up with the money, period.

And you didn't know what kind of people

you were getting into bed with?

No one was supposed to be there.

And they said no one was going to get hurt.

But I didn't know my mom
landed this catering job

and went in way early.

I didn't know. [Sobbing]

I swear, I didn't know.


I swear I didn't know.

How long will he be looking at?

[exhales deeply]

His sentence has already started.

Believe me.


I know.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, look at you. Such a gentleman.


Sean, Kim.

- Hi.
- What is it?

Andrew's developed acute anemia.

His red blood cell count
has dropped to lower levels

than are safe to perform the operation.

So we reschedule it?

No, we cancel it.

There's no reason to make him
go through the pain of this.

I've spoken with the boy's mother

and I've recommended that
Andrew be taken off his...


- Almost there.
- Yeah?

- Here?
- Yeah, right there.

Oh, my God.


Now the real question is...

function or form?

Well, it looks cool.

Yeah, but does it feel good?


no time like the present.

[exhales deeply]

- Huh?
- I think you actually got both.

Function and form.

Like me.

I have rugged good looks
plus a razor sharp mind.

It's rare, but when it comes together...

That was for never giving up on me.

What was that for?

It's 'cause I wanted to kiss you.

- Hey.
- Oh, hey.

- You're still here.
- Yep.

Martinez called in sick,

so I got stuck doing another tour.

Yeah, of course.

Hey, um...

uh, Platt is tight with a lieutenant

in the chief's office.

He says that you're looking
at a written reprimand

and maybe a day
suspension, but maybe, so...

you'll be okay.

Yeah. We'll see.

Hey... Adam.

I don't know.

I got on this job to save lives.

Baby, listen to me.

That psycho was going through
with that job regardless.

And if you weren't there, we
would have no idea who he was,

and he would still be out there doing,

I mean, God knows what.

My bad, bro. Uh, boss wants to see you.

And the Street Deputy's with him.

- Thanks, Kev.
- Yeah, bro.


All right.

I've been reviewing your team's activities

over the past six months.

You certainly have an aggressive unit.

Yeah. Thank you.

- Adam.
- [chuckles]

I know I'm in trouble when
you call me by my first name.

Officer Ruzek, I'm here to inform you

that you've been stripped
of your police powers

until the Chief determines your future.

In the meantime, you can continue to work

out of this unit, but
with an empty holster.

And by the way,

I could have had you answering
311 non-emergency calls

out of OEMC, but since your dad is a cop,

I took that into consideration.

It's a shame.

The cops who do nothing
can never get in trouble.

Wouldn't you say, Deputy?

- Hey, boss.
- Hmm?

Am I cooked?

I don't know, kid.

I heard Roman took the week.

Is he going to Cabo or what?

Not quite.

Ah, right. He flew to Vegas.

He's got that hook-up at Caesars.

Actually, he's dealing with
a personal medical issue.


Yeah, wouldn't be the first
time that dog's picked up fleas.

For your information, he
was donating bone marrow

to a little kid, and sadly
that kid might not make it.

Wow. Sounds depressing.

I try and see the other side of it.

What Roman is doing is inspiring.

- I donated blood once.
- Okay.

But I forgot to eat that
cookie that they give you.

So I rolled to Jimbo's,
nothing in the tank.

A couple of pops later, I wake up in bed

with my mom's best friend.


- 2113.
- Go for 2113, squad.

- Need you to roll on a 10
- 37 at Union Park.

Caller states there's a suspicious person

in a black SUV.

Ten four, dispatch. We
are three blocks out.

What are you doing out here so late?

Just hanging, talking.

Oh, my favorite pastime.

Talking with girls in cars at midnight.

He's obviously some perv spying on people,

so I called it in.

Okay, we'll take it from here.

Go home.

Price, you come with me.

All right, let's do this.

He probably had one too many drinks

and passed out before he made it home.


Please exit the vehicle.

Hey! Let's go.

No, he's not passed out.

This guy's dead.

Damn, you're right.

Dispatch, roll an ambulance

to the northwest corner of Union Park.

- Copy that.
- Easy, buddy.

Northwest corner of Union Park.


Are you out of your mind?

- I just thought that...
- The glass.

Obviously bulletproof.

Dispatch, we've got a situation.

[indistinct chatter]

The entire SUV is coated
with a bullet resistant seal.

Even the chassis is bombproof.

The kind of vehicle dignitaries

or government agents use.

- Three, two, one.
- Hey, you guys might want to step back.

Ugh. Ripe.

White male, 50-ish.

No signs of foul play.

Searching for I.D.

No wallet.

He's got a stainless steel 1911.

Hey, guys. The license plate came back.

This SUV's registered to a company.

Peregrine Security. Owned
by one Victor Cullen.

Mouse is sending you his DMV photo now.

[phone chimes]

Recognize this guy?

That's him.

Okay, get a warrant for Cullen's address.

Have the others meet us there.

[alarm beeping]

[alarm blaring]

Check this out.


- Whoa.
- Huh.

This guy was somebody important.

I'm looking at a million dollars here.

It's the back-up generators.


What the hell?

- [van beeping]
- Whoa, that's good.

Well, what've you got for me?



You arrest the leader of
a small African republic?

Start cataloging 'em,
get 'em to forensics ASAP.

Roger that.

Hey, Al. Uh, that DNA test

that you wanted on Michelle.

The results are in.

I guess congrats either way.


Yeah, you got it.

Hey, that was Mouse asking
if anyone was available

to help inventory all the guns
that were recovered last night.

- I volunteered you.
- No, come on, Sarge.

I just... I want to take a shower
and sleep for, like, two days.

Take a bird bath in the ladies room.

Overtime is like gold around here.

Hey, look, can I ask you something?

Look, Adam is trying so hard to be stoic

about getting stripped,
but it's not him, you know?

He wears everything on his sleeve,

which is maybe why I just love him.

You know what? Forget it.

Burgess, we're like sisters.

We can talk about our problems.

For example, come here.


I'm with Mouch last night,
and we're doing our thing.

You know, I got Black
Sabbath going on the stereo,

and he's rounding the
bases, heading towards home.

- All of a sudden...
- Oh, you know what, Sarge?

I don't think that I'm old
enough to hear this story.

How about just a little advice?

- Go ahead, shoot.
- Okay.

This Crowley, she seems to
really have it in for Adam.

And he's great police.

I think I should tell her as much.


Go and give one of the
highest ranking females

in the department a piece of your mind?

Do not do that.

- Black Sabbath?
- Works every time.

Even when it doesn't.

Uh, just so you know, the
other night on the couch...

Oh, yeah. It was a great choice.

- Mm.
- Supple yet firm.

- It was a one time deal.
- One time, got it.

- Mm-hmm.
- Got it, one time deal.

I mean it. Gotta be professional.

- Hey, boss, hey.
- Yeah.

Uh, any word about my case?

'Cause I'm kinda climbing
up the walls here.

I made a few calls trying to
pull in a favor with the Chief.

In the meantime, give Mouse a hand

with those guns we seized.

All right, what do we got?

Victor Cullen.

Five years ago, he founded Peregrine.

- It's a corporate security firm.
- Mm-hmm.

Before that, his work history
is blank for several decades.

The M.E. is performing
the autopsy as we speak,

and from his preliminary findings,

Cullen was dead for at least a week.

Yeah, patrol working
the Union Park beat says

Cullen's SUV wasn't there

when they made their
sweep the night before,

so someone drove his
body there and left it.

Neighbors say he was extremely private.

No family in the area.

He had a long-time girlfriend
named Jainie Saunders.

What? Cullen's been dead a week

and his girlfriend doesn't report it?

She's suspect number one.

Find her and bring her in.

Uh, Hank, we don't have to.

Jainie Saunders is
downstairs with her lawyer.

After this morning's news segment,

my client wanted to voluntarily come in.

She's an emotional wreck,

and she's only willing to admit

to improper disposal of human remains.

All right, well, until we
get the autopsy results in,

we can't rule out foul play.

I did not kill Victor. He had arrhythmia.

I begged him to get
treatment but he refused.

He just kept popping aspirin.

So what happened?

We were at home.

One minute having dinner, and the next,

he collapsed. A heart attack.

So instead of calling
911, you did what exactly?

I put him in the garage.

Then last night, I drove him to the park.

Jainie, you have to imagine
how this looks on our end.

Victor's been dead a week,

yet he turned up in the park last night.

We searched his home
and we found an arsenal

and a million dollars cash in the basement.

You think I don't know how this looks?

I loved Victor.

I loved him.

I just did what he told me to do.

Which was what?

Jainie, you got to help yourself out here.

Victor said that if he ever died,

I should leave his body in a public place,

and the agency would find him.


Victor, he was CIA.

- Hey.
- Hey, Sean, what's that for?

I'm gonna be your driver today.

The doctor said I wasn't allowed outside.

I think it'll be okay.

It'll be fine.

Where are we going?

Well, that's a surprise.


- There you go.
- All right.

Here we go.

- Here's his bag.
- All right.

I'll have him back in a little bit.


Oh, I almost forgot.

We're officially partners.

- Really?
- Yep.

So you better have my back out there, okay?


- Olinsky.
- Bishop.

1999. Hezbollah and Latin
Kings in bed together.

Seems like a lifetime ago.

I take it this isn't a
stroll down memory lane.

Victor Cullen. Found his body last night.

Supposedly one of yours.

Never heard of him.

Then again, you never know who's who.

I'd appreciate it if you
could find out for me.

I'll reach out to the powers that be.



- Got it.
- Good?


Hey, babe, I'm sorry
you got stuck down here

doing grunt work.

So much better than answering the phones.

Let me tell you.

Besides, I'm kind of enjoying the company.

[chuckles] Me too.

- Good?
- Yeah.

All right.

Hey, listen... about the wedding...

You know, like picking a date and all that.

Like, until the whole thing
with Deputy Crowley blows over,

let's just not worry about it, okay?

Hey, Kim, you know,

whether I'm a cop or not,

our relationship's not going to change.

You know that?

'Cause you're like the best
thing I got going on right now.


What's happening, gents?

I don't know, Mouse. You called us.

Oh, yeah, ballistics started
coming in on Cullen's guns.

And three of them match
three unsolved murders

that happened in the last year.

I have no idea how Cullen is connected,

but there's a strange pattern.

Eddie Diaz. The gangbanger who beat

a manslaughter charge a few years back.

His stray bullet killed a little girl.

His lawyer got him off on a technicality.

He was executed point-blank in his garage.

Second, Mr. Josh Henderson.

He's a UIC dropout turned computer hacker.

He preyed on a string of elderly victims.

Drained their bank accounts.

Got probation, but he was
ambushed at a stoplight

less than six months ago.

And the third, one Terrence Jenkins.

Arrested for multiple sexual
assaults of underage girls.

None of them would testify
at trial, so he walked.

He did.

Until they found his body shot to death

last month in a field near Hegewisch.


If Cullen really is CIA,

then maybe this is some secret program.

- Yo, Sarge.
- Hmm?

I just got off the phone
with the medical examiner.

Victor Cullen's body was
just stolen from Chicago Med.


Sir, welcome to the 21st.

Are you ready for duty, sir?

Sure am.

Your hat, sir.

This way.

- Looking good, Captain.
- Your office, sir.

- And here we go.
- Cool.

A little something for you, sir.

- What do you think, Andrew?
- Awesome.

Okay. Now, we have a very busy day, sir.

We're doing cell checks,
interviewing offenders.

taking a trip to the gun range.

- Really? The range?
- If we have time, sure thing.

But first, sir, I am going
to need your signature

- on this asset forfeiture form.
- What's that?

It means we're taking a brand-new Porsche

from a drug dealer.

Wow. Can't wait to be a cop when I grow up.

Sir, what would you like in your coffee?

- Cream and sugar?
- You got hot chocolate?

One hot chocolate coming up.

Excellent choice, sir.

They forced their way in, attacked me.

It happened so fast.

- They move like pros.
- Yeah.

You got anything on the parking lot cams?

One of them caught a black
SUV speeding from the lot.

No plates.

I wonder if Victor Cullen was as
interesting alive as he is dead.

His girlfriend said the CIA
would want his body, right?

Who else would take it?

Look, secret operation or not,

you can't commit murder and
steal bodies with impunity.

- [phone vibrating]
- Yeah?

Hank, we got a hold of DMV records.

In addition to the SUV
that we found Cullen in,

he's registered three
other identical vehicles,

all purchased through his company.

All four of Cullen's SUVs
were outfitted as bulletproof

by a car-armoring company on Pulaski.

So we got three armed offenders

driving around the city in custom tanks?

The thing is, Cullen never
picked up any of the SUVs.

One of his employees did,
a guy named Ryan Bergstrom.

We gonna send you his LKA now.

Just got the alert on this guy.

Ryan Bergstrom.

His record's clean until
he ripped off a body.

All right.

This sure looks like one of Cullen's SUVs.

- Okay, you take the back.
- All right.


[saw buzzing]

Chicago P.D.!






Don't move!

I'm a special agent with the CIA.

I got clearances.

It says here you took
the CPD test three times.

Each time, you were rejected.

Color blind, huh?

Yet somehow you were
recruited into the CIA.

You got my letter there, right?

This thing?

A letter of immunity from the
Central Intelligence Agency,

signed by Victor Cullen. That's your proof?

Yeah, that's all the proof you need.

You won't tell us anything
about your so-called operation,

at least tell me this.

Why dismember Cullen's body?

- I was following orders.
- Okay.


[exhales sharply]

I'm just a simple city cop.

I'm sure this is a real inconvenience

for a government agent like you.

I got bosses I got to answer to.

I gotta give them something.

So do me a favor, okay?

Just shed some light.

That's all I'm asking.

I'm part of an operation
called Streetcleaner.

We neutralize targets posing
as threats to national security.

Targets that simple city cops
couldn't get off the street.

Why dismember Cullen?

I was looking for something.

When an agent dies, their
chip has to be removed.

From his body?

Those were my instructions, yes.

The weapons we found at Cullen's house?

We can tie him to three unsolved murders.

You're saying those murders are sanctioned?

I'm not saying anything, actually.

- So can I go now?
- [Knocking]

Hank, you got a minute?

Hey. That name you provided,

Victor Cullen, I had it checked out.

Looks like you've got a false alarm.

What exactly does that mean?

Cullen was with the
Agency, just for a minute,

but never a field agent.

He was an intelligence
analyst right out of college,

stationed down in Panama.

Working the Iran-Contra scandal?

Around that time, but he didn't last long.

Cullen suffered a meltdown.

Turned out he'd been
lying on his psych reports.

So they shipped him home, cut him loose.

Ever since, he's been playing secret agent.

It looks that way.

I had my own office and everything.

Then they gave me this CPD
leather, like a real Captain.

I'm so proud of you, honey.

But we didn't make it
to the gun range, Sean.

Can we go tomorrow?

Definitely tomorrow.

I'm gonna go grab some coffee.

- Do you want some?
- Uh, sure.


My dad was supposed to come here today.

I'm glad you're here instead.

Hey, I'm sure he means well.

I don't know. He always makes my mom cry.

I think she likes you better.

Finally got access to
Cullen's financial records.

His security firm was well-funded,

but not by the government.

His mother.

She owned a huge soybean farm down state.

Passed away five years ago.

When it was sold off,

Cullen inherited over 30 million.

His bank statements indicate
Cullen was withdrawing

large amounts of cash the last few years.

It seems he was paying Bergstrom
and his other operatives

15k a week.

Damn. I wish he was still hiring.

Guys, this is Dr. Charles.

Dr. Charles, welcome to intelligence.

So... this is it.

The infamous black site

I've been reading about all these years.

Not everything you read is true.

Uh, please.

I asked Dr. Charles if he could dig up

Victor Cullen's medical history for us,

maybe shed a little light.

So, Cullen indeed had a physical condition.

Heart ailment dating way back.

But it's his psych file that's fascinating.

He suffered from something
called delusional disorder.

People suffering from delusional disorder

continue to function and
present as perfectly normal.

Hence, Cullen's remarkable
ability to recruit people

into his Soldier of Fortune universe.

To him it was all absolutely real,

which is why it felt real to others.

Doc, we got somebody else
who needs to hear this.

After, uh, Cullen stopped taking his meds,

he started to create his own assignments.

Trying to relive his glory days in the CIA

except for none of it was real.

I understand how difficult

it must be for you to hear this.

The things I've done...

I'm not a criminal, all right?

Those scumbags who got
off, they're the criminals.

Yeah. Well, here's your reality check.

Whether they were bad guys or not,

you still committed multiple
pre-meditated murders.

Hey, you contact the
others, help bring them in,

we'll talk to the state's attorney,

see what we can do.

Look, even if I could,

Cullen gave strict orders.

If something was to happen to him,

we were to only take instructions

from a CIA handler in D.C.

A guy named Carl Jacobs.

Did any of you ever meet this Jacobs?

No. No, but he promised we would

once the operation was completed.

Sorry, but given the
facts, it's highly likely

that this Mr. Jacobs was also a figment

of Mr. Cullen's imagination.

- Special Agent Jacobs?
- Yeah.

We'll hear you over the phone and your I.D.

Oh, good.

Yeah, I copied the CIA's watermark.

It looks like... looks like the real thing.

- Yeah.
- So...

what did the DNA results say?

- I haven't opened it yet.
- I get it.

- Savoring the moment?
- Thanks, thank you.

Hey. You all set?

All right, listen up.

Bergstrom's reached out to
the other two operatives.

Why don't you tell them?

Yeah. I left a coded message on Craigslist.

"Missed Connection" board.

It's how Cullen would reach out to us.

Every day, we'd log on and read it.

And if there was mention of the 39th floor,

we knew to meet at Wabash Tower.

He would lease the 39th floor.

It's where we'd meet
and plan our operations.

Me, John, and Clay.

We never shared our full names.

Wabash Tower. There's a lot
of civilians, in and out.

I assume your pals show up packing?

We'll set up a perimeter and
grab them before they enter.

That could turn into a
shoot-out on Wacker Drive.


We let our CIA handler
get their guard down.

He'll lure 'em out.

We take 'em down without any incident.

Once they hear the sound of my voice,

they'll follow the piper.

[elevator dings]

Who's this?


When he heard what happened to
Cullen, he flew out from D.C.

- Where's John?
- And where have you been?

He's been in a holding cell.

You report to me now.

Wait, the cops are involved?

For a minute, but I handled them.



Only one of 'em showed up.

Well, that's better than none.

We have a target. Get ready.

We're going to need to find
John and bring him in as well.

Where is he?

I don't know.

He said he was going to
see the mission through.

Well, there is no more
mission 'cause Cullen is dead.

So I'm gonna take you to the field office,

get you some clearance.

Listen, Jacobs can fix all of this.

And I'm going to need you
to release that sidearm.

Until I'm all clear, I'll hold onto it.

All right, I can respect that.

Let's go.

They're on their way. Let's move.

Excuse me, sir.

Sir, police business.

Can you use another elevator, please?

Police business. Can you
clear the area, please?

Thank you.

All right, as soon as
it opens, we take him.

Cullen talked a lot about you.

Said you worked a covert op in Rhodesia.

Yeah, East Africa.

Talk about a party.

Yeah, I must have heard
that story ten times.

How the two of you survived on
beef stew MRE's for six months.


The reason I can never eat
another steak in my life.

Yeah, what was the name of the operation?

Operations are like women.

You can never remember all their names.

- You remember the name?
- [chuckles]

Yeah, of course. It was...

Let Jacobs say it.

You traitor.

- [gunshot]
- [grunts]

- Shots fired.
- Back up, back up.

Everybody get back.

[both grunting]

- [gunfire]
- [glass shattering]

[both grunting]


[both grunting]


Third floor. Move!

[elevator dings]


Alvin, you all right?

10-1, officer shot, roll an
ambulance to Wabash Tower.

I'm okay. Get him, go.

Find him!

Take cover.


This way!


Drop your weapon!


[siren blaring]

I'm... I'm so sorry. I just got to...

Hey, Emma.


- You doing that caveman thing?
- Paleo diet.

Oh. I wish I had that discipline.

All it takes is owning
the decisions you make.


I remember when we were in the academy

and they did that locker search

and you asked me to hide
your Percodan in my locker.

I got put on probationary status for that.

And you, what, you got, like,

a marksmanship medal the next week?

Oh, good, ziti.

Those pills, you know
they were for my back pain.

Right. And all the wine I drink

is for my front desk syndrome.

Something you need, Trudy?

I just need two minutes of your time.


That was a good shoot.

You had no choice.

Yeah. Any word from Med?

Yeah. Bergstrom is in critical condition,

but he'll live.

More importantly, Al is gonna be okay.

Okay, he got a couple of cracked ribs,

no internal damage.

Isn't this like number seven
or eight out of Al's nine lives?

We should send him something, right?

I mean, at least a bottle
of Bordeaux and a party cup.

All right, we got an ID
on this dead operative?

Yep. Clay Carlson.

Pulled his prints, he's got no priors.

Did eight years in the Marines.

Got discharged two years ago,
spotty work history ever since.

Disenfranchised ex-military. Needed a job.

He's the perfect guy for Cullen to recruit.

- You hear from Al?
- Yeah, he's gonna be fine.

What have you got?

About halfway through
cataloging Cullen's arsenal,

we got a hit on this thing.

An M24 Army sniper rifle.

The only one so far that came back stolen.

Came off an Army Reserve
base out in Arlington Heights.

The suspected thief is a reservist

by the name of John Lee Radigan.

He was an Army Ranger, joined
the reserves two years ago

when he got back from Afghanistan.

Went AWOL from reservist
training six months back.

Ladies and gentlemen, our third operative:

a trained killer.

The colonel on the base said
it was an internal matter,

but he did give us Radigan's LKA:

an apartment in Oak Park.

Send us the address.

Hold on, Atwater.

I want you to go to the Streets
and Sanitation truck lot.

You call me as soon as you get there.

Just do it.

All right, this guy is heavily armed,

so watch your backs.

We got eyes on Radigan.

Question is, has he got eyes on us?

We're a minute out with
squad. Should we move in?

Negative. He's in a bulletproof,

bombproof vehicle.

He's probably sitting in
the safest place in the city.

Just be ready to pursue.

[car engine starting]

What the hell is he doing?

[tires screeching]

Squad, 2051 in pursuit
of Radigan's vehicle.

[tires screeching]

Erin, he's taking a left on Damen.

Got it.

[tires screeching]

[siren blaring]

Voight, he's coming back to you.

[sirens blaring]

Shoot out the tires!

[sirens blaring]


Let's go!

Atwater, you in position?

Yes, sir.

[horn blaring]

[tires screeching]

Take it, now!

Copy that.

[sirens blaring]

CPD! Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't move.

You're making a big mistake.

I got it.

State's attorney is gonna have
to figure out your charges.

I mean, if you're lucky, he'll, uh,

he'll drop the murder
charge down to manslaughter

since you're, you know,

following the orders of a
guy who's mentally unstable.

You interfered with an operation

sanctioned by the CIA.

If you're CIA...

how come nobody's come here to get you out?

Oh, don't worry.

They will.

And when they do...

I'll have your badge.

You know...

I can't tell you how many
times I looked into that cage

at, you know, murderers,
rapists, pedophiles,

sitting, I mean, right
where you're sitting.

And you think... you think

that after all these years that I'd be...

I'd be an expert in psychology,

but I tell you the truth,

I mean, I...

I... I don't think I'll ever
understand what makes them tick.

You, I think I get.

You're not a bad guy.

You're just...

looking for something to believe in.


Right up the middle.

Keep drivng those uppercuts
right through the middle.

Use your hips, use your legs.

Keep throwing! All the way through.

- Keep throwing.
- Okay, okay.

- Hey.
- Good job.


Hey, Antonio told me what happened.

- Oh, watch the ribs, kiddo.
- Oh, sorry.

I was really worried about you.

Well, I'm gonna... I'm
gonna take you to dinner.

Okay. Okay, I'll go get cleaned up.

Okay, okay.

We've got him on a morphine drip,

so he won't feel any pain.

I'm afraid he won't make
it through the night.

I'll give you two some time.


I just want to thank you.

For what?

For making him happy

these last few days.

- You want to see me, boss?
- Yeah, come on in.

I think you might need those.

I'm reinstated?

- Full duty.
- [exhales deeply]

Just got off the phone with Deputy Crowley.

She's decided to drop the
investigation on your case.


I don't know what favors you had to pull

to make this happen, boss,
but thank you, thank you.

Serving in this unit has been
nothing short of an honor.

- Adam...
- I'm gonna be the first one in,

last one to leave.

You need anything at all, I'm your guy.

- Adam.
- Yeah?

She's the one you should be thanking.

How'd you make this happen, Sarge?

Crowley and I go way back.

She's always been a ball-breaker...

which, of course, is why I like her.

I appreciate it.


He's worth it, Trudy.

Trust me.

Yeah, I know.

Hi. So, Jay, I'm not usually
the match-making type guy,

but my wife wants to
set you up with somebody.

Whoa, Herrmann, what's wrong with me?

Slow down. Who... who is it?

She's a great gal. She's cute, you know?

And she's in my wife's bridge club.

[chuckles] Okay, I take it back.

Jay, you can have her. [Laughing]

- Shut up.
- Thanks.

- Yeah, you're out, you're it.
- Hey.


I thought... I thought you were
gonna call it an early night.

- Here you go.
- Thanks, Herrmann.


I just figured I would come by.

Maybe you'd be here.

What we were talking about earlier,

the whole, uh, one time thing,

so is that like one time
a week, one time a day?

You're funny.

All I'm saying is why...
why are we dancing around?

Voight doesn't have a problem with it.

Everybody knows,

so why are we still trying to hide it?

You got a good point.

Do you want to hold my hand in public now?

Or that. [Chuckles]

- We should get out of here.
- Mm-hmm.