Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - The Song of Gregory Williams Yates - full transcript

SVU detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola come to Chicago to help find escaped killer Greg Yates.

Greg Yates escaped custody
last night in upstate New York

after killing two state troopers,

two ConElectric workers, and a camper,

and shooting Sergeant Dodds.

Dodds, he'll make a
full recovery, thank God.

And Yates?

Pennsylvania troopers
found the pickup truck

abandoned on a state road.

State forensics lifted Yates' prints,

and a motorist there IDed Yates

as pretending to have car trouble

and knocking him out to take his car.

He repeated the pattern
in Ohio and Indiana.

The last vehicle brought
him to the Illinois border.

Crime lab confirms Yas's prints,

but there's no leads after that.

Yeah, except one.

Erin. The reason Yates is here.

No. He's just trying to get in our heads.

We put out a BOLO, investigative alert,

and AMBER Alerts on the vehicle.

Troopers are watching every highway

coming into Chicago.

SVU is questioning Carl Rudnick,

the guy Yates escaped
with, who's back in custody.

Lieutenant Benson will be in touch

when they have anything to report.

Well, until then I want us
on every transient hotel,

shelter, food bank in the city.

Remember, this guy will kill
or maim to get what he wants.

Hey, flag the credit cards
of the vehicle owners.

See if there was a safe haven
he used last time he was here.

All right, let's get on it.

How's your knee?

It's okay.

I'm fine.

All right, I'm gonna run
with the carjack victims.

- See if he grabbed any phones.
- Okay.



I'm so sorry.

My car broke down and my phone is dead,

and I was wondering if there's any chance

I could borrow yours to call AAA.

Oh... Uh...

Um, let me guess...


I'm a surgeon. I'm... I'm usually right.

[laughs] Not this time.

I'm a nursing student.

Mm. [clicks tongue]

Well, I've always said

nurses are the backbone
of any good practice.

So Rudnick said that
Yates befriended a guard

who slipped him contraband phones.

We found this in his cell

with a search triangulating
a Chicago neighborhood.

I'm texting you a screenshot
that we recovered.

South Loop. Around 16th and Indiana.

That's near your apartment.

- It doesn't mean anything.
- Erin.

Hank, Burgess and Roman
just made notification

of a triple homicide all
in one apartment building,

a fourth woman hanging on.

All female. All nurses.

This sounds like your guy.

Fin and I are on the next flight.

You ride with me.

A meter reader called it in.

He knocked, and the
door pushed open to this.

Best we can figure,

the first victim opened the door.

He pushed in and knocked her down.

What's this?

Pieces of scalp covered with partial hair,

so he must have dragged her,

and there's multiple dents in the floor

where he slammed her into it.

[ominous music]

- Roommate was in the shower?
- Tub.

We think the first victim
threw a vase to warn her friend,

but too late.

She must have heard her
friend, got out of the tub,

and locked the door.

Hank. You're gonna want to see this.

Yours, come on. Thanks.

He broke the door down,

slammed her into the
wall in several places.

There's defensive bruising on her arms,

multiple lacerations on her knuckles.

She put up a good fight.


It's still warm.

The roommate's on her way to Med.

This one must have not had
heard anything downstairs.

Back door's open.

We think he heard the meter reader

and bolted before he could
finish off the roommate.

So thing is, boss, all
the purses were emptied.

All the jewelry boxes were gone through.

No, that's not his MO.

Well, there's more than that.

That's not him either.

No victim shows any
signs of a sexual assault.

It's nurses. It's blunt force trauma.

This is Yates.

This cut's neat, precise,

like a doctor would do. She might be right.

Now, what's happening on the third floor?

It's clear. No sign of foul play,

and the tenant, Nellie
Carr, she isn't there.

Maybe she heard or seen something.

Well, we got to find her.

Let's get an all call message
going for this Nellie Carr.

Roman, get a list of
what's missing, every item,

and somebody get me a print
that can put Yates here.

Me and Halstead should
probably follow the ambo,

see if our victim comes
out, then we can ID.

- I'll go with you.
- No.

You and I are heading back to the 21st.

We're gonna find that third floor tenant.

- You're benching me.
- I'm keeping you safe.

We just left a scene
with three dead nurses.

I'm not the one you need to worry about.

- Erin, he's baiting you.
- No, he's not.

He's using me to get under
your skin, and it's working.

You make one mistake
with Yates, you're dead.

- You get that?
- If he wanted me,

he would have had me in upstate New York.

Well, he's not getting a second chance.

[cell phone rings]

It's Bunny.

She's back from Reno.

Kicked husband number five to the curb.

- She want more money?
- I don't know what she wants.

Hank, if I'm bait, let me be bait.

I can draw him in.

Let me do my job.

Get in the car.

She never woke up?

She lost too much blood at the scene.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, there was never gonna be an ID.

[indistinct P.A. announcement]

[train whistle blows]

All right, guys, have a good day.

See you.


[car lock chirps]

- Nellie Carr?
- Do I know you?


I know you.

Do you remember what you talked about?

He was showing us a photo of
Professor Carr on his phone.

Wait, Carr? Nellie Carr?

Yes, he said she was his college girlfriend

and he was in town for the week.

She was covering a class.

I told him she was on her
way to the parking lot.

Oh, God.

Okay, thank you.

So he was looking for
Nellie Carr this whole time.

First at the apartments, then here.

But she's 40-something with red hair.

That doesn't make sense.

Well, neither does the
MO from this morning,

but everyone who IDed him said

he was specifically looking for her.

Hey, guys.

There's a note left in
the car Yates drove here.

[dramatic music]

"Too bad you're at the station, Erin.

You're missing all the fun."

What the hell is going on?


We swept the entire building in and out.

Sergeant, there is no way Yates

could know where Detective Lindsay is.

Except he does, so figure it out.

- Yes, sir.
- Lindsay.

I've got an investigative
alert out on Yates and Nellie,

her car, cell phone, and credit cards.

All right, I want uniforms door to door

through that campus. Get
recruits if you have to.

We got to figure out what the connection

is between Yates and Nellie.

I need his working file. I...

I pulled it.

We're setting up a hotline right now,

so blue is for sightings already called in,

green is for places we know he's been,

and red is for former crime sites

with photos and intel on each victim.

Also, there's a list of other
hospitals he might target,

and this is hotline
phone number for the news.

Thanks, Trudy. Commander?

I got the Superintendent
and Mayor on the phone.

News Affairs is sending
someone for an update,

and I've got a press conference
set for a Public Safety Alert.

New York SVU is en route?

Yeah, they're on their
way. Hey, Detective Lindsay

can help gather information for the press.

She'll be here.

Should she be home?

She's too personally invested in this case.

The safest place for Lindsay

is right here in my station.

Can I help you, Detective?

You didn't put up Nadia's picture

with all the other past
victims. Nadia is not up there.

Yeah, her name is up there.

I... I thought maybe a photograph...

She should be up there with everybody else.

Absolutely. I'll fix it.


- Talk to you, Sergeant?
- Yeah.

Intelligence is undercover.

I can't risk any of them
at a press conference.

I know we've had our difficulties,

but I could use someone as
committed and organized as you

to be our point person for the press.

You don't have to blow smoke.

All hands on deck means all hands.

I'll coordinate with News Affairs.

We've got to get this bastard
before he hurts someone else.

Anything you can spare?

[ominous music]

[exhales sharply]

I have so many things to give you.

A multi-state manhunt began yesterday

when convicts Gregory
Yates and Carl Rudnick

escaped through a sewage pipe

at Green Haven Correctional
in New York State.

Mr. Rudnick has been recaptured,

but Mr. Yates is at large,

a suspect in multiple New York killings

and this morning's murder
of four Chicago nurses

and the abduction of a nursing teacher

from Chicago's Nursing College.

Yates was serving a life sentence

for murder and aggravated
criminal sexual assault.

Multiple officers have been
dispatched on foot patrol,

with K-9 units and helicopters added.

The Intelligence Unit has been called in

to lead this investigation.

[computer beeps]

I got a hit.

Yeah, one of the nurse's phone cards

is being used a mile
outside their neighborhood.

All right, ping the cell.
Text the address to Atwater.

I will, but a second credit card

turned up at a Best Buy
outside of Humboldt Park.

And one of the nurse's bracelets

just showed up at a pawn shop.

They texted a photo of the woman there too.

He's passing this stuff around.

- Let's go.
- Erin.

It would be just like him
to be in one of these places.

- Let me do something.
- He's playing us.

Fine, then send uniforms
and let's pin the maps

and triangulate his location. Hank...

Sergeant, the front desk just called up.

A package was delivered
for Detective Lindsay

by a homeless woman

who IDed Yates as the one
who paid her to drop it off.

It's a big box.

All right, get out of the building.

Call the bomb squad.

Get everyone out of the building now.

Let's go.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You okay? I heard you got the call.

Yeah, it's crazy, right?


We x-rayed it. It's not a bomb.

Your people are safe,

but you're gonna wanna check this out.

- It's addressed to me.
- You want these?

I got it. Thank you.


♪ ♪

Erin, don't.

"Why don't you answer the phone

when your mother calls?"

[phone rings]

He knows she opened the box.

He's here watching.

Fan out now. Go, go, go, go.

That means this morning
it wasn't Bunny who called.

- It was Yates.
- He must have spoofed you.

He called from his phone,
made it look like your mom's.

Just answer it.

[phone beeps]

Detective Lindsay.


Do you know Nellie Carr?

Nellie, Nurse Nellie.

Hey, that is the wonderful
Detective Lindsay.

Do you... are those dark
circles under your eyes?

- Couldn't sleep?
- You've been keeping me busy.

You have my attention
now. What do you need?

Hmm. [chuckles]

Gosh, what do I need?

- Where is he?
- I'm on with Lindsay's carrier.

A real time, loss of life,

exigent circumstances emergency.

I need information on a call
connected to one of our phones.

Did you want the concern of the city?

You got that.

Wanted the whole district to sit up?

Look. See?

You did all this,

but you keep sending notes to me,

so why don't you tell me where you are?

I'll come to you.

Ah, you know where I am.

Why don't you pretend I'm not that clever

and tell me anyway?

And ruin all the fun?

Then tell me why you
killed those four nurses

when what you really wanted was Nellie?

You are trying to get me to
confess with witnesses present.

You are recording me without my permission,

and me without a lawyer present.

Shame on you, Detective.



Then why me?

Why are you leaving all the notes for me?

I've been thinking a lot
about Cain and Abel, you know?

If they were the only descendants

of Adam and Eve, and
Cain killed Abel, well,

you know what that means, don't you?

They're pinging his phone right now.

We're all descendants of a murderer.

[laughs softly]

I will see you soon, Detective.

[phone beeps]

- Wait. No!
- Come... damn... ah, dammit.

He powered down. They lost him.

Mouse, how does he know where she is

or what we've been doing, huh?

Your phone. Let me see your phone.


Detective Lindsay's phone,

it's using five times the regular data.

- That means...
- Spyware.

Yeah. Okay, he's been
listening in on conversations.

He's probably been reading texts, e-mails.

He can turn on the camera in
the car and in the bullpen.

But how would he have access to it?


When we went to the jail we
had to surrender our phones.

The corrupt guard.

Give it to me.


Guys, I know where he
is. He's in my apartment.

This picture's at my place.

Let's go.

It's clear.


Open it.

No, no! Stop, stop!

Where's Yates? Where'd he go?

I don't know. He's not out there?

- He left you here?
- He said to stay inside.

He said if I left, he'd be
outside waiting to kill me.

Is he gone?

- Come on.
- You'll be okay.

[telephones ring]

Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Chicago, Chicago.

Now, why we got to keep coming here?

You can't catch these bad guys on your own?

We wouldn't have to if New York

could keep killers in their jails.

Wow, the loudmouth teenager.

- Lieutenant.
- Been getting updates on you.

You okay?

Glad you're here.

So it's all about this nurse, Nellie.

Well, looks like.

I mean, he terrorized
that apartment building

when he couldn't find her, then
he went straight to the college.

She doesn't fit Yates' profile.

Yeah, not to mention he's
a few miles from Canada

but came here instead.

We have to figure out who she is to him.

I was about to head
downstairs, start asking.

- How's Erin?
- Pissed at me,

but she's alive.

How about I interview Nellie with her?


I was putting books in my trunk.

He said he had a flat down the road

and asked if I had one of those...

A lug wrench?

When I reached for it, he...

I don't know him.

He wasn't my boyfriend.

I don't know why he wanted me.

I... I can't.

Just... just take a breath, Nellie.

We just... we just need to find him, okay?

And you can help us do that.

Did he say what he wanted

or why he came to you specifically?

He... he talked about home,

how everybody needs a home.

He... he asked a lot

of questions about my past,

where I grew up,

what my parents were
like, where they are now.

He kept saying how everybody wants a home,

to go home.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

Is Carr your given last name?

I'm divorced.

The last name I was born with is Williams.


And Nellie is short for Penelope?

We need to talk. Excuse us.

Did anyone reach my mother?

I... if she's seen the news...
is there just a phone I can use?

Of course. Just give us one minute.

[door closes]

The name "Penelope Williams"

was searched on one of the
phones from Yates's cell.

Then why would he let her go?

To send a message to Erin.

Yates's first note said,
"I'll see you at home."


He asked Nellie about her home.

He went to Erin's apartment,

her home.

Where was Yates born?

North Carolina.

Let's find out for sure.

[air brakes hiss]

Excuse me, sir?

I'm working on a case
with the Chicago police.

Do you know a Penelope Williams?

Oh, you're...

[dramatic music]

- Hey, boss?
- Yeah?

So, Nellie grew up Penelope Williams

to parents Susan and Michael
Williams here in Chicago.

The thing is, is they also had
a son by the name of Gregory.

- [phone ringing]
- Yates is Nellie's brother.

- Yeah...
- [phone receiver clicks]

Nellie's mother is downstairs.

- Susan Baldwin.
- Okay.

You and Halstead, as
soon as she's seen Nellie,

go interview her.

Run his name through DCFS.

Do a national check,
too. Anything you can get.

On it.

Greg was a difficult baby.

He was...


from the beginning,

and once he got language
he said terrible things.

He became obsessed with fire
and set one in our basement

by the time he was four years old.

It wasn't an accident.

When I became pregnant with Nellie,

small animals would turn
up dead inside the house.

We were terrified of him.

Terrified for the new baby.

We decided that Michael should take Greg

on one of his hauls and...

Put him up for adoption in another state.

North Carolina.

A pastor agreed to place him.

Our marriage didn't last
much longer after that.

- Are you in touch with Greg's father?
- No, Nellie is.

Oh, Michael's on the
road most weeks, but...

This Greg Yates

that's wanted for all
of these awful things...

So serial killers often kill the
same person over and over again.

Susan is a brunette. She has brown eyes.

She would've been 25

when Michael took him to North Carolina.

But he's been in Chicago before.

He could have looked for her at any point.

Michael and Susan Williams
are pretty common names,

but she remarried and changed her name.

It might've taken him
time to find that new name.

Time he had plenty of in jail.

But he's had a cell phone before,

and it's been 40 years since
they gave him up, so what...

Back at the hospital,

Rudnick said that Yates
was obsessed with one thing.


If Yates wanted revenge on
anyone, it would be Rudnick.

Rudnick killed Yates' fiancée...

Yates' pregnant fiancée.

She was pregnant when she was killed.

Just like Yates' mother was with Nellie

when they gave him away.

And that triggered something inside him.

And when he couldn't find them on his own,

he went through Nellie.

He's come here to finish
'em off. That's his end game.

But what if it's more than that?

I mean, if you look at his movements,

he's... he's frenzied.

I don't think that he expects
to make it out of here alive.

Neither do I.

If the pregnancy led him
back here to his mother...

We need your address.

Why? Do... do you think he's there?

You... you and Nellie will
stay here until it's safe.

Detective Lindsay will be here.


Okay, great. Thank you.

I had him.

In the woods, I had him.

If I didn't stop for that little girl,

if I kept moving through that cabin,

those four nurses would be alive right now.

Erin, don't do this to yourself.

That's reason number two.

That's reason number one.

- You're not going out, Erin.
- Why not?

This is exactly what he wants,

get in your head, throw you off your game.

How can I be "off" my game if
you won't even let me in it?

And how am I supposed to put you out there?

You can't even keep your cool with me.

I want to be the one to bring him in, Hank.

You want to be the one to get
in a confrontation with him.

That's not being good police.

That is not where my head is at right now.

You have my word.

I don't believe you.

You're staying here.

[tense music]

Look, for what it's worth,

if I was your sergeant,

I would have done the same thing.

We'll get him.


It's my mother's.

It says it's coming from me,
but I don't have my phone.

[phone rings]

Oh, it's my two favorite women

- on my dear mother's phone.
- [groaning]

What are the odds?


No. What is this?

Why is he doing this?

Guard her. Get her mother.

Buzz me up.


[suspenseful music]

Did you think at all

about what I said
about Cain and Abel?

I mean, we've all got a
little murderer in us.

- It's a gift from our parents.
- _

Is that right, Dad?

[whimpers and groans]

[heavy breathing]

Is that why you called?

To tell me that?

Are you recording me again?

You are really just begging
for a confession, aren't you?

So are you.

You want to tell the story

of your sister, your mother,

your father so bad,

you created all of this,

so start talking or tell me where you are.


I knew I could count on you, Detective.

When we first met, you said
I reminded you of someone.

I'm 5'4", brunette.

It's your mother.

I remind you of your mother, don't I?

We'll talk about that,

but let's... let's begin with the fact

that your team went to the wrong place.

[sirens wail]

No hot spots?

Not that we can tell, Chief.

What are you doing here?

Greg Yates set this fire.

Is he here? Have you seen anything?

Call just came in 30 minutes ago.

30? From where?

Phone booth on the corner.

Get on the radio. Call the unit.

Text Erin. Tell her now.


[phone chiming]

Now, that will be Detective Tutuola.


Have you figured out where I am yet?

- Yes.
- Then come.

Ooh, and we'll talk more.

- No, no, no, no.
- But come alone

or there will be another body

to add to the list, and...

the answer is yes.

You do remind me of my mother.

Right before she threw me in the trash.

[phone beeps]

[tires squealing]

Stand down. You are not going in alone.

You hear me? That's an order.

He'll kill Michael
Williams if I don't show up.

That's what he wants you to think.

It's 34th and Sangamon, Hank.

It's his childhood home. I'm almost there.

34th? I'm five minutes away.

Erin, you are not meeting him alone.

You hear me? Erin.

You know I can't do that.


[loud thud]

Detective Lindsay.

So good to see you again.

Let him go.

[scoffs] I could, but I am
the only thing holding him up.


Let me call an ambulance for him.

Then it'll be just you and
me, just like you wanted.

No, he'll be dead long
before they get here.

Put that away.

[phone clicks off]

Then you shoot me, and he goes over.


- Stop.
- No, no, no.


This is it.

Have a seat.

[floorboards creak]

Ah, oh.

Gillian Hale was a nursing student,

but what she really wanted
to be was a surgeon, a helper.

Do you know who suffers the most?


because right up until that moment

when you snap their neck,

they really believe in
the goodness of people.

She thought that I would spare her

because she was three months pregnant.

I mean, tha... that is why I picked her,

a pregnant nurse,

as my first victim.

Mm, the symmetry.

You did want this from the beginning,

right, Detective?

[tense dramatic music]

Now, my first pair, oh,

that... ooh, that was electric.

Lisa and, uh, oh, Reb... Rebecca.

They fought for each other so hard,

but in the end...

Ah! Ah!

Because, you know,

you can keep a woman alive for days.

Oh, suffering.

It's such an underrated art, isn't it?

But you know who suffered

the most beautifully of them all?

Poor Nadia.

Look, we are so similar,

you and I.

Damaged by a terrible mother.

A father who abandoned us

when we could have saved it,

and we tried to overcome, didn't we?

To become healers, but
turns out, fixing people

doesn't pave over what you're born with.

Then what do you want?

Why am I here?

An execution always needs one thing.

- No.
- A witness.


There's no saving people.

We're killers,

and at the end of the day,

what is more liberating
than killing someone?

Bad begets bad begets bad,

and you, my lovely,

you get to tell this story.

Don't move. You hear me?

Stay where you are.

You write my name down in a police report.

You talk to the press.

You testify in court.

You are my balladeer

singing the song of Gregory Williams Yates

over and over and over.

I said don't move.

You put me away.

Take me in.

Take me.

Take me!


We are pleased to announce

that the extended manhunt
for escaped convict

and murderer Gregory
Yates has come to a close.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. this evening,

the combined task force located Mr. Yates

at his childhood residence.

Yates killed Mr. Williams
during an extended standoff.

He then threatened a member

of the Chicago Police
Department's Intelligence Unit.

This officer, fearing for her life,

shot and killed Yates.

I need to say that this Intelligence Unit

never gave up and never backed down.

This unit serves the city
without recognition or medals,

but every single one of them
deserves our thanks tonight

for their bravery and
their continued service.

Our hearts go out to the
victims and their families,

and our special thanks go
to the state of New York

for the cooperation of
Lieutenant Olivia Benson

and Detective Odafin Tutuola.

The multi-jurisdictional work

was instrumental in justice being served.

You know, what Erin went through,

that can... that can screw
a person up for a while.

Well, for what it's worth,

she's got me to walk her through it.

That's not such a bad thing.

I wish you were here more often.

You'd be good for her.


Looks like it'll be ruled a clean kill.

Fleeing felon with a weapon, so...



Can I have that?


And you?

You doing okay?

I don't know yet.

You ever heard of William Lewis?

Yeah, he's that killer
in New York who you...

What Lewis wanted was to get so far

into his victims' heads

that... that they couldn't get rid of him.

Right? That they couldn't live the lives

that they've planned.

That's what you're up against, Erin.

[rock music]

Is it wrong

that I'm kind of relieved

that I'm the one who killed him?

Greg Yates murdered your friend.

He came at you with an ice pick.


It's not wrong,

but it doesn't mean that
you'll sleep tonight.

So what do you do?

I mean, what... what did you do?

I'm still doing it.

My phone is always on.


[solemn music]