Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Knocked the Family Right Out - full transcript

The team investigates the robbery of a luxury condo and Voight suspects that the family was knocked out by a powerful gas.

[dramatic music on TV]
- [screams]

[door opens]
[ominous music]

- Yeah, I'll accept the charges.
- One moment, please.
- Hey, Hank, what's up, brother? - What's up, Eddie?
- Got early release on my parole hearing this morning.
Good behavior, with conditions.
- Hey, that's great.
When do you get out?
- Noon. - Wow.
- That offer still stand?
- It does.
- Good. So I'll be seeing you in a couple hours.
Hank, get that champagne on ice, bro.
- Family's Bill and Maureen Clifford.
14-year-old daughter, Carolyn.
Offenders came in last night and ransacked the place.
All three reported splitting headaches and dizziness.
- And they were home the whole time?
- Wait till you see what they woke up to.
[police radio chatter]
Somehow the family slept through the entire robbery.
- Huh.
- Father had a security camera system.
Could be something.
[ominous music]

- What's with the gas masks?
- Get CFD down here.
- 19.8% oxygen levels are lower than usual.
That means that there's another type of gas in here.
- Offenders pumped gas in, knocked the family right out.
- Check this out. - Yeah.
- Duct tape? - Yeah.
They, uh, they ran tubing through here
and circulated the gas through the ventilation system.
- [sighs]
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford,
would you mind if I spoke to your daughter for just a minute?
- Sure. Yeah. - Of course.
- Carolyn, will you come with me?
Listen, I have to ask you this.
Uh...did something happen to you last night?
It's okay, it's just me and you here.
- I woke up with this pain I never felt before.
I didn't know what to do, so I changed my pajamas.
- Okay.
We're going to get you to Chicago Med
just so they can run a couple of tests,
make sure you're okay.
I'm going to be with you every step of the way, all right?
It's okay.
- The rape kit will give us more information,
but there are clear signs of vaginal tearing and abrasion.
- What about the gas they used?
- Tests show high levels of nitrous oxide
in the family's bloodstream.
- Same thing dentists and doctors use during surgery.
Or in your case, keeps sleeping people sleeping.
- Nos has gotten huge on the rave scene and in clubs.
Kids inhaling it to get high.
Might be where this came from.
Give me a sec.
- Thanks, Doc. - Yeah.
[knocks on door]
- Did the doctor say I can shower yet?
- I can't imagine how hard this is...
but we need you to hold on just a little bit longer.
Carolyn, I just want to make sure you know
that none of this is your fault, okay?
You guys have a brave little girl here.
- Yes, we do.
- We're going to get through a family.
- I'll check on you later, okay?
Um, my partner's going to be outside if you need anything.
[door opens]
[door closes]
There's something I want to check on.
Would you mind staying with the family a bit?
- Sure thing. - Thanks.
- I see cozy, he sees small.
I want, like, light and airy, and he wants man cave.
I thought apartment hunting with your fiancé's
supposed to be fun.
- Said nobody ever.
- When it comes to diamonds, there are the four Cs:
carat, cut, clarity, and c--and character.
- No, it's color.
It's color.
- Must be a regional thing.
God, that bling is so shiny.
I get distracted all the time.
Hey, Burgess, I'm going to need my wedding book back
now that you and runaway groom
have kicked your date into the next century.
- My pleasure.
- Hey, wait a minute. I got an idea.
Help me plan my wedding.
Get a little contact high while you wait in line.
- The fiancé and I are meeting up with my father tomorrow
to go over the details.
- Do we get our keys now?
- Voight wants you to make a pickup.
Grab this unmarked car out of the pool.
You're going to Stateville.
[quietly] Color.
Color. Color.
[rock music plays]

- Hey.
I need a favor.
- If I'm remembering right,
you told me you were heading to the bar,
and the next minute, poof.
And here I am still waiting on that gin and tonic
five months later.
- Something came up.
- Always does.
Least you clean up nice.
No vomit in your hair this time.
I'm pulling a double,
so whatever this is will have to wait.
- All right.
- Seriously?
One second we're doing shots together,
and now I'm Make-A-Wish?
It's just to help with bills or whatever if you need it.
- Guess cops in this city think they can buy off anybody.
- All right.
I need to score some nitrous.
- 14. Same age as my daughter.
- All right. So where we at, Ruzek?
- Three males,
tech lab is triangulating height and weight
based on objects in the residence.
- As of right now, we have no matches of known offenders,
even with the urine sample they so kindly left behind,
so DNA test is on rush order.
- I'll check the NCIC, leads, CRIS system.
There's no local crews with that MO.
- Anything from the neighbors?
- Detectives knocked on every door.
Still got some in-service calls to go through.
- I got word out to a bunch of pawn shops and fences
just in case any of the Cliffords' stuff shows up.
- Start tracking anything with a serial number.
And I want to know if they cased this placed beforehand.
Mouse. - Pod footage.
Yeah, I'm on it.
I want to know everything there is to know about this family.
Did the girl have an ex-boyfriend?
Anybody who had access to that property.
- The dad did tell me that they just got renovations done
- Then get the name of every painter,
construction worker ever set foot on that property.
- I got a name.
Pete Damian, mid-level dealer.
Made his bones selling rare party drugs,
Word is he just came into a major shipment of nitrous.
- It would take six or seven tanks to knock out the family.
- Nitrous, like whippets? I did a bunch in college.
- Explains why you only did one semester.
- Pete's got a reputation for throwing massive house parties.
It's how he moves his product.
- Wouldn't be the first time a dealer started a robbery crew.
- All right, get an address. Bring him in.
Hey. How's the little girl?
- She's hanging in there.
- How you doing? We're looking for Pete Damian.
- He's at his sister's house. Can you check back later?
- [sniffs]
Who's smoking marijuana in here?
- I have a medical card.
- Yeah? Let's see it. - It's in my car.
- That's not good enough.
- Hey, come on, now. Do you even have a warrant?
- No, ma'am. Have a seat.
There you go.
- No way.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gentlemen, gentlemen.
- Come on, sit down.
- Where's the nitrous?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- All right. These'll fit you, too.
- In there.
- Listen, I got 25 Gs in the drawer right there.
All yours.
- We like to call that "attempted bribery."
So...probably not.
- Here we go.
- Damian, you have a medical degree?
of medical-grade nitrous oxide at your place?
- I'm a party promoter.
- Ah.
- So certain people require, you know, certain things.
- Except those tanks came from a break-in
at a medical supplies warehouse in Rockford last week.
Me, I see that much nitrous,
I'm thinking it's being used for more than just partying.
Something like knocking out a family
and raping a little girl while she sleeps.
- Rape?
You--who said anything about rape?
- Maybe the party revenue isn't what it used to be,
so you steal the tanks, put them to good use here in Chicago.
- Hold up, yo. I didn't steal anything, okay?
So whatever you're trying to connect me to,
you guys can forget it.
I bought those tanks off some guy at one of my parties,
so if anything,
you guys should be looking at him.
- Yeah? This guy got a name?
- I assume he does, but do I know it? No.
Guy was gacked out of his mind, man.
I remember him bragging about knocking off some place
to open a warehouse?
- Who made the introduction?
- He just found me.
It's the party circuit.
People know the name Pete Damian.
The guy walked up to me,
he says he's selling 15 tanks of nos cheap,
and I saw them right there in his trunk.
Do you know how hard it is to get tanks that size?
- How do we get in touch?
- I mean, he asked me when my next party was.
I gave him my number.
I haven't seen him since.
- Hmm.
- Hey, so Damian's alibi checks out.
Apparently, he was at Highline Lounge
smacking Jack and Cokes until 6:00 a.m.
Bartender IDed him.
- Well, he says he's got a supplier.
Get a description, start a composite sketch.
- There's something else, boss.
After the Rockford robbery,
Kevin and I checked for other warehouses that got hit
just in case this wasn't the first one, right?
- And there was another one just a month ago in Davenport, Iowa,
so we scoped out home invasions in that area.
- Two within a 50-mile radius.
All the victims describe being disoriented
and not remembering the crime,
and one is connected to a possible sexual assault.
- One in Wisconsin.
Warehouse hit followed by a home invasion.
- Local PD never made the connection to gassing.
They just figured that the victims were
confused, traumatized.
- This crew's terrorizing their way across the country.
- Yeah, well, Chicago's their last stop.
- Mr. Clifford.
- Yes, ah... one of your detectives
called about a list
of all the people who had access to our house.
This is everyone I could think of.
- This is very helpful.
- There was also a water delivery guy
we had up until about six months ago or so.
I couldn't get the number, but I'll find it.
- Thank you.
Uh, we'll go through this and we'll call you as soon as--
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Sir, we've got this now.
It's okay to go home and be with your family.
- No. I'm staying right here...
until you arrest the monster
who did this to my daughter.
[dramatic music]

- Okay.
- All right, start making some calls.
You're throwing a party tonight.
- Is this a trick?
- You said this guy was asking about your next party.
You're going to draw him out,
and then you're going to ID him for us.
- Okay, look, if we're doing this,
I'm going to need 24 hours.
- You got 6.
- And what if the guy doesn't show up?
What if he decides to stay home and watch Netflix instead?
Then what?
- You have any idea what that little girl went through?
Now, you're going to find this guy for me,
or me and you are going to take a ride, you understand?
- [grunts]
- Thanks for the ride. - Yeah, no sweat.
- So who's the one dragging his feet with the nuptials?
- Oh, my--
- Hey.
You out of your mind?
Look at her. She's a peach.
- Yes, absolutely.
- You and me are gonna have a talk later.
- It was a long ride.
- Hey, you must be Erin.
'cause Hank would come back with a big grin on his face.
- It's nice to finally meet you, Eddie.
- A lot of people don't show up, you know.
- Eddie. - There he is.
- Great to see you.
Come on in. - Oh, all right.
- Hey. Who is that?
- That's Voight's roommate from Stateville.
Great guy.
- Oh. Okay.
- I'm sorry I didn't pick you up myself.
I got caught up in a case.
- It's not a problem. They're good kids.
Look at you. Happy for you, bro.
- Yeah, things worked out.
- Oh, hey, the Preacher says hi, before I forget.
- That is a name I haven't heard in a while.
How is he?
- Ah, you know, same old Preacher.
Scheming and dreaming.
- Listen, I talked to a friend of mine about getting you a job.
I got a lead on an apartment.
- Who am I talking to?
Am I--are you my friend, my parole officer?
Come on, I'm just stretching my legs here.
- Whenever you're ready.
- I got my girl picking me up here.
- Look at you.
- Yeah, I know, right?
Pen pal deal, but it's real.
It is.
She's got a daughter, head screwed on straight,
she doesn't break my balls, not yet anyway.
I got to make this work this time, Hank, I really do.
I'm ready for a normal life.
I am. I really am.
- Well... I'ma do everything I can
to help you make that happen, Eddie.
- All right, well, check in tomorrow?
- Any time. - All right.
- Hey, you now, you were right. She is a peach.
You got me there.
- All right, Damian's got everything set
for this blowout tonight.
Word's out online.
- All right, the plan's simple:
keep eyes on Damian, he locates the target.
Soon as he gives the signal, tail him,
see if it leads to the other guys.
Kevin, you hear back from that contractor?
- Yes, sir, I have an electrician with a few priors
and a plumber who did time for assault and battery.
- All right, see if either of 'ems got a history
in Wisconsin or Iowa.
Let's get suited up.
[thumping dance music]

- Hey, so, uh, discussing our relationship
with an ex-con, huh?
- We started talking. It came up.
Eddie's a nice guy.
Kim, he wants to have, like, a "talk" with me later.
- Yeah, well, he does have a point.
I mean, our wedding is still this amorphous thing
and Platt is, like, halfway to the altar by now.
- Oh, my God, are we racing with Platt and Mouch now?
- You know what, can we talk about this when we get home?
I mean, to your place? Whatever?

- Hey, yo J, I got Damian coming your way.
- Hey, man.
[dance music continues]
[crowd whooping]
Hey. Hey.
Can I borrow this dimepiece for a second?

He just got here.
That's him right there. See him?
- Uh-huh.

- All right. - All right.
- Guy that just walked by, black button-down, brown hair.
- I'll cover the back.

- What's wrong? Come on, get up.
Are you okay? - Excuse me, guys.
- Will somebody get some help out there--come on!
- Okay, out of the way. Out of the way.
- We need some help here. - Back up--give her some room.
- Hey, hey, what's going on?
- She's fine-- she's gonna be fine.
- Let me see. Hey.
- Back off. She's my girlfriend.
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- Relax, man, I'm a cop.
[man shouts indistinctly] What did she take?
- I--I don't-- - What did she take? Come on.
- Some H. She's been drinking.
- Kevin! We gotta get her out of here.
Come on. - Paramedics are on their way.
- Come on. - Police are here!
- Where'd he go? - I'm not sure.
- Let's go, let's go!
[crowd commotion grows]
[overlapping chatter]
- Stop! CPD!
Out of my way. Out of my way.
[exciting music]
- What-- - Hey...
- Aah! - [grunts]
- Get off me!
- Keep fighting-- see what happens!
- Come here. Get out.
You good?
Good job, buddy. Come on.
Up you go.
- Hey-- - Come on.
Keep walkin', pal.
- Cameron Spence.
- Let me lay this out for you.
Somebody gassed a family and raped a young girl,
and I think you had something to do with it.
- Based on what?
- The fact that you're sitting there in front of me.
- I didn't touch any girl. - Come on Spence, then who did?
You want to lay it off on one of your idiot friends,
now's the time to do it.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Give me the keys.
See, that ain't going to cut it, kitten.
- Hey, Sarge. - Yeah.
- We got a second home invasion, same MO,
and, uh, there's a second girl.
- Her name is Tawny Darrens.
She was staying at an Airbnb in Lincoln Park.
When we got there this morning, she was pretty out of it.
But she says she was--
- Right. Thanks. - Yeah.
- Tawny?
I'm Detective Dawson.
This is Detective Lindsay.
- Can you tell us what happened?
- Um...
I got dinner with a friend I'm visiting,
and I went to bed around...
9:30, maybe 9:45.
And then around 11:00,
I wake up to see these guys standing in my room.
- You saw them?
- I don't think they meant for that to happen,
'cause they pulled their masks down
and I heard one of them say he needed more gas.
- You saw their faces?
- The lights were on, but...
my covers were up enough that they didn't see me,
so I pretended to be asleep and eventually I passed out again.
I didn't wake up until this morning.
- Were you awake when they--
- No, thank God.
But when I woke up, there was this...pain.
I knew what they did to me.
Thought I picked a safe neighborhood.
I just came to look at grad schools.
- You, uh...
you sure it was 11:30 when you saw them?
- Mm-hmm, I remember because the clock on my bedside table
was so bright when I first opened my eyes.
- And you got a good look at their faces?
- Hard as I try, I'll never forget them.
- Can you tell me
if this is one of the men you saw?
- No.
I'm sorry, he's definitely not one of them.
- I want badge numbers from all of you.
You're lucky if I don't sue every one of your asses
for false accusation.
- Yeah, not sure if that's a crime,
but we'll be sure to lawyer up.
- We got two home invasions
and two rapes in Chicago alone,
and we just kicked our only suspect.
- Based on Tawny's description,
we're looking for two Latino males
and a white guy with a beard.
- I cross-referenced the description
of everybody who worked on the condo,
so I should have a name soon.
- We're still waiting on the results from Tawny's rape kit,
but her blood test did come back positive for nitrous oxide.
- You know what I don't get?
Tawny was a post-grad staying at an Airbnb.
She didn't have anything valuable, you know,
so why target her?
- Hey, guys. So I'm going through pod footage
of the Cliffords' neighborhood leading up to the robbery.
not until I had a second incident to compare it to.
There's a 2003 black Suburban parked outside of both condos
the day before the robbery.
Ran the plates, came back with one Ty Henley out of Des Moines.
Five years ago he was a person of interest
in two sexual assault cases out of Wisconsin.
- Mouse, track his phone, credit cards,
anything that'll lead to him.
Ruzek, get a beat on that Suburban.
- Need to get a photo set in front of Tawny
so she can ID him for us.
- Thank you. Guys, that's Chicago Med.
They said Tawny just left.
- Yeah, I did, and apparently now she's not responding.
- Mouse... - Yeah.
- Ping that phone right now.
I want a location. - Yeah, I'm on it.
- We need that ID.
- Hi.
- Did you find them?
- Not yet, but we will.
- When?
- I can't give you an exact time.
We made a lot of progress.
- Someone who worked in my house?
- No, it's not looking like that.
Do you trust me, Mr. Clifford?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Then go home to your family.
- I was in the next room over.
How could I let this happen to my daughter?
- There is nothing that you could have done about this.
Please do not do this to yourself.
- Detective, I got a location on Tawny.
- Bill.
Go home.
Your family needs you.
[dramatic music]

- Detective Lindsay.
- Hey, is everything okay?
Why did you leave the hospital?
- The nurse said I could.
Was I not supposed to?
- It's all right.
Whose house is this?
- Crashing with a friend. - Okay.
Well, we have a lead,
and I was hoping you could look at some photos for me.
- Of course. Come in.
- I'm not getting anywhere with the Suburban.
I ran it through all the plate-reading programs.
I got nada.
- Ty Henley did a semester at UW Madison.
Isn't that where Spence is from?
- Puts them in the same place.
- Whoa.
Spence's apartment listing in Madison--
look at the other name on the lease.
- Mouse, pull up the security cam footage from the Cliffords'.
All right, freeze there.
Yeah, zoom in.
- Is that Tawny? - Could be.
- Before we go down a rabbit hole,
this girl had clear signs of sexual assault
and nitrous oxide in her bloodstream.
You're suggesting she did that to herself?
- Tawny stages the whole thing?
As soon as we arrest Spence,
she calls in a fake timeline and boyfriend walks.
- Lindsay's with Tawny right now.
- I remember he had darker hair than that.
- Take your time.
- That could be him.
[phone vibrates]
- Oh! Ahh!
[muffled groaning]
- Mmm.
- Let's just put a bullet through her head...
get it over with.
- Killing a cop? That's suicide.
- So is kidnapping one.
- Either way, we got to get out of here.
- Let's leave her.
She chokes before somebody finds her, then c'est la vie.
- I'm going to go pack up.
- All right.
- I just need a minute.
- Are you serious?
- Get out or watch.
Up to you.
- Lindsay's phone is still at the location.
- All right, got it, thanks.
Left on Wabash.
- [coughs]
- Relax.
- [muffled screaming]
[gas hisses]
[groans] Ahh!
- Drop the knife! - Walk out--now!
- Drop it.
- You want to see her neck sl--
- [muffled groaning]
- You all right? You okay?
- Spence and Tawny are here.
- Antonio, one offender down. Find the other two.
- Don't move.
[tires squeal]
- Move. Move!
- Find Spence.
[tense music]
- [murmurs]
- Clear. - Clear.
I got him out the back.
[tires squeal]
- Stay down!
- Damn! - You got to be kidding me.
Go, go.
[exciting music]

- Turn around! Turn around!
Don't move!
You all right? - Yeah, you good?
- Yeah.
Get up. Get up.
Get up.
[police radio chatter]
- Spence met Tawny at rehab, Henley at UW.
Started knocking over places for kicks.
Extra drug money, that sort of thing.
- Your idea?
- Hers.
- Hey.
Do you know that little girl was 14?
- [spits]
- Hey, hey, come on. - Stop! Stop!
- Hey, hey! - [groans]
I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Good job.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Promise me one thing?
Never go in without backup again.
- Yeah.
- I mean it, like not even to give a parking ticket.
That goes for all of us.
- I'm already kicking myself.
It's just that that girl...
I don't know. I bought it.
- We all did.
All right, lecture over. You want to get a beer?
- Definitely.
I got to go deliver some good news first.
- I'm so sorry, Hank.
I would have prepared something other than spaghetti and Ragu.
- Everything was delicious.
- I remember the first letter she ever wrote to me.
Maybe two, three lines in, Audrey comes right out with it.
She says, "I'm not into criminals,
and I don't believe in rehabilitation."
- Then why'd you write him?
- Your Aunt Lisa said he was a good guy in a bad situation.
- And for once, I think she was right.
People meet all kinds of ways, I guess.
- Yeah, I met my wife 'cause a guy tried to commit suicide.
Yeah, I'd been on patrol maybe a year.
This jumper had shut down the Blue Line.
We were all stuck under the river for hours.
But, uh, couple seats down,
one of the cars is
the most beautiful college girl I'd ever seen.
I mean, I walk up to her,
ask her what she's studying and...
six months later we're married.
- To family and friends.
- Hey.
It's real good you got somebody you can lean on.
It's going to help. I'm happy for you.
Audrey's brother's got a boat rental business down in Florida.
Says I can get in on it.
- Okay.
- Well, the thing is,
I'm going to need a chunk of change to get down there,
make it happen.
- You just got out two days ago.
You don't want your eyes getting too big.
- All right, look...
if I got info on a big score going down,
CIs get what these days?
10%? - Eddie.
You want to be careful now, okay?
You don't want to get back in the game.
Doesn't matter what side you're on.
- Just answer the question, Hank.
- Yeah, 10%.
- All right.
Maybe I'll call you tomorrow.
[music in background] [overlapping chatter]
- So the girl faked the rape.
- Yeah, that's what she said.
- Doesn't get more twisted than that.
- Please tell me you dragged him out in cuffs.
- Yeah, we got two of 'em, and then, uh,
Halstead put a bullet in the raper's head.
- So, Dad, a couple of the wedding vendors
are waiting for deposits to be paid,
um, the venue, for starters,
and the caterer, and the florist.
- Ahh, here we are.
- Here you go, 30-year-old Ballantine.
Haven't sold one of those in...
120 even.
- Start a tab?
If it's all right.
- You can start whatever you want.
Just keep ordering.
- To my future father-in-law
and his exquisite taste in aged whiskey.
- So, Dad, I called your secretary.
These were supposed to be paid two weeks ago,
and she is giving me the run-around,
so would you please remind her or kick her hard?
- Old Frannie.
My strength at the gates.
Had to let her go today.
Pumpkin, I have experienced some...
My resort play in Florida is upside down,
and as of Friday, in federal bankruptcy court.
And in the name of full disclosure,
there was a woman who wasn't so honest about her agenda.
I won't bore you with the details.
And the wedding is,
well, you're on your own.
- What?
- Pumpkin, I'm broke.
Been here before, and I'll be here again.
- So, the check?
You want to split it or...
You know what, sir?
I got it.
[somber music]
- She's in the guest room.
She won't even go back in hers.
[tinny music playing]
- Hey. - Hey.
- May I?
- Don't tell me they need to do another test,
'cause I...
- We got him.
He's never gonna hurt anybody again.
[somber music]

It's okay.