Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - Double Red - full transcript

Mouch, Gallo, Ritter and Mackey report for training. A nasty blow to the head brings Casey unimaginable pain.

Violet, the medic from 20.

She's super smart
and super competitive.

I see you're still walking
around with that swagger.

But then at some point,
the rules changed.

You're the one that said
we should see other people.

I didn't think you
actually would.
You are out of your mind.

So, I may have gotten
something for the apartment.

What does "something" mean?

Okay, let's just start over

and you just tell me
what it is that's coming.

Nah. Can't do that,
or you'll reject the delivery.


So, little mix-up at
headquarters which has
got me scrambling.

Bottom line is,

the three of you need to
report to Firehouse 33

for TRA training.

No problem, Chief. When?
Now. Well, you got 30 minutes.

Look, I'm sorry.

They should have given me
notification, but somebody
spelled my name

with a W between the O
and the D
on the damn email,

and I have been scrambling for
floaters ever since I arrived
this morning.

No problem, Chief.
We'll head out.

Thank you.

Just heard you were
looking for me, Chief.

Yes. Please tell me why
you didn't take
the TRA training class

five years ago when you were
supposed to.


Pretty sure I did.
You did not.


Well, that's a puzzler.


Report to Firehouse 33.
Copy that.

Oh, when did you mean?
Now, Mouch.

Oh, no, Chief. That is
not something I was...



I want you to know,

I really appreciate you saying
what you did last shift.

You were right.

Well, I probably
shouldn't have snapped.
No, no. You definitely...

I needed it, quite frankly.

So, thank you for helping me
get my head on straight.

Oh, no.

Where's Mackey?

Mandatory training.
Ugh. No one warned me.

You need to be warned
to work with Diggins.

He is a nightmare.

Last time he rode with me,
he kept the window down
the whole time

so he could scream
at other drivers.

We didn't even have
the sirens on.

Well, good luck with that.

And a lovely day
to you, Brett.

I was just telling
Herrmann here

how much I dig reporting
for duty at Firehouse 51.

It's the dot in the I
of Chicago.

What does that...

And one of my favorite parts
about it is working with you,

This is getting weird.

I just want you
to know that...

Ambulance 61, Truck 81,

vehicle accident,
6535 South Union.

Ma'am, you okay back there?
My driver is drunk
out of his mind.

I told him to pull over
and let me out

and he just swung around
and started yelling in my face

and then, wham!

Okay. Ma'am, don't move, okay?
You got glass on you,

so we're gonna have
our paramedics come in
and check you for injuries.

Okay? All right?
Just stay put.

Sir, I'm gonna need you
to turn off the engine.

They don't get the right.
Turn the engine off.

Don't tell me what... I don't
need permission. I don't...


Stop. Stop.


You okay?

Get that guy out of there
and help the woman
in the back.


Drunk ride-share driver.
Nearly killed me.

All right, pal, let's go.

I'm not even drink.

Yep. Hear all about it
on the arrest report.


Ma'am, let's get you cleaned
and check those wounds, okay?

You went for quite a ride,
but your luck just changed,

because that is Sylvie Brett
right there next to you,

pretty much the best paramedic
in all of Chicago.

Hey, you sure you're good?
You got a knot coming out
your noggin.


It's fine. Made out of rock.

All right, 81, let's get this
street cleaned up, huh?

Look at this setup.

It's so cool.
I'm actually glad
I waited to do this.

A wise man once said
the only source of knowledge
is experience.

And that man was
Albert Einstein, so...

Oh, boy.

That's my ex.

Gianna Mackey?
Yes, Chief.

Saw your name on the list.

I've heard great things
about you.


Thanks, Chief.

Good morning.
I'm Chief Zamos.

I'll be your instructor today
for TRA training.

Technical Rescue Awareness.

Yes. That.

We'll be going over
vehicle extraction,

confined space rescue,
rope rescue...

Which will feature rappelling
and limited visibility

confined space maneuvers.

You're McHolland, correct?

Yes, Chief.

Gear up. We'll get to it.

You're gonna want rope bags,
webbing and full SCBA.

Hey. I can fill out
the paperwork for you.

Uh, I got it.
Of course you do.

You're great at everything.

So, I will grab us some
four-by-fours from the supply
closet so we don't run out.


What's going on?
I don't know what you mean.

You're usually an erupting
volcano and today
you're Mr. Rogers.

I guess I'm feeling
pretty good

because I applied to be
a Big Buddy.

Oh, which reminds me...

I need a reference from work
on my application.

I'm sure there are
plenty of paramedics

you ride with who can
help you out.

Yeah, I mean, they haven't
returned my calls.

And you're here.

I don't know.
I took a hard look
in the mirror,

and said, "Dave,
you need to do more
for this community."

When I saw the Big Buddy
application at the gym,

it was like God was
sending me a message.

Still, I barely know you.

I'm not sure I'm the right
person to be giving you
a reference.

You don't have to answer now.

After riding with me
this shift, you'll see.
This is the new me.

You all right?

Just waiting for some aspirin
to kick in. What's up?

You know anything about
the delivery Stella ordered
for the apartment?

Delivery of what?
That's the thing.
She wouldn't say.

I don't deal well with change.
She knows that.

Well, it's her home, too.

She probably wants
to put her stamp on the place.

Hmm. Probably.

Hey, uh, you and Kidd...
If it's time for me
to move on,

and you guys need
the loft to yourselves,
just say the word.

I promise, I'm all good.

Didn't I just say
I don't deal well with change?

You did.
All right.

Hey, Casey, how are
Fox and DePaulo?


Your floaters.
Oh, uh, yeah.
They seem capable.

'Cause I got a call from Chief
Abrams over at Battalion 22.

He's looking to fill
a permanent truck spot.

He asked for an evaluation
of these two.

Uh, I can do that. Yeah.
I'll let you know
end of shift.

Thank you.

Captain, someone out here
to see you.

Christie. Hey.

Matt. Vi was so happy about
that gift card you sent her.

Yeah. I wasn't sure
what she wanted.

No, it's... She loved it.
It was too much, honestly.

You all right?

Yeah. I'm just waiting
for some aspirin to kick in.
What brings you by?

Well, I got a call from
Bank of Chicago about
Uncle Jake's account.

That was my first and only
Zoom funeral.

I spent the whole hour looking
to see if Mom would show up.

Have you heard from her?
Not a word. You?

I mean, it's been years.

I guess since she rolled off
with Cheyenne.

Anyway, uh, Uncle Jake had
a safety deposit box
that he left behind.

And since he didn't want
to leave it with Mom,
he left it with us.

They need both of us
to open it.

Can you meet me at the bank
when you get off shift?

Where is it?
Glen Ellyn.


Uncle Jake was obsessed
with Mom's case.

It's gonna be a bunch of
old photographs,

documents and court

Do you really want to
look at all that? Just have
the bank toss it.


Fine. Uh, 2:30, tomorrow?

Great. Here are the forms
to fill out if you want to
do it ahead of time.

Okay. See you tomorrow.

Thanks, Matt.

Well, look at this.

Like they used to have
at the Golden Corral
out in Naperville.

That's a good spread.
This is even better.

I don't know if I'm wearing
my all-you-can-eat
stretchy pants,

but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Hey, Diggins,

I just got off the phone
with Cartwright over at 32,

and he said that you didn't
fill out the incident reports
from your last shift.

That's because Cartwright
is a...

A bit overworked right now,

and I will be happy
to swing by there

and sort this out with him.

Okay, Krieger up there
is gonna play our victim,

simulating a citizen trapped
on a high-rise balcony.

Now, we're each gonna
conduct a rescue

using the traditional
rope rescue system.

That means a main line
and belay rope.

Yes, Chief.

You seem like a real expert.
I've done this once or twice.

Then why don't you go first?
Show us how it's done.

You got it, Chief.

I hope this isn't
weird for you.

Me? Not at all. We're casual.

No, I know. It's just...
Is it weird for you?


Ready, Chief.

Okay, what McHolland's
gonna demonstrate here

is a single rope technique

and a webbing harness
and a pick-off strap rescue.

Actually, Chief, I have
something the academy
doesn't teach anymore.

Yeah, nice.


Yo, Mouch.
Good job.

That was awesome.
Good job, man.

Thanks, guys. Thanks, Mike.
Thank you.

He was on ambo
for the longest time.
Yes. Yes.

Hey, did I hear you're taking
the lieutenant's test?

Sure am.
Nothing but trouble.

The part they don't tell you
about being an officer
is you make one wrong

call in a fire, suddenly,
guess what. Lawsuit City.

Ask Lyons over in 46.

That's right. You can't
ask him because he quit.

So be careful
what you wish for.

And one other thing,
I am so proud

to see a young, female
firefighter going after
her dreams.

It's inspiring to those of us
who welcome these changes
at the CFD.

Hi, Sylvie. Having
a little snack attack?

Goes without saying,
but ignore him.

Squad 3, Ambulance 61,

man down from unknown causes,
31 West Moffat Street.

Hurry. It's my husband.

I told him
not to work out alone.

And now the pin went
straight through his hand.

All right, just breathe.

Look out.
Give us some room.

Okay, Capp,
hand me the grinder.

And, Cruz, let's get this
weight off him.

Relax. Here we go.
Right there.

I'm gonna cut here. We'll just
take the pin with us to Med.

You can't remove it?
No. We need a trauma surgeon
for that.

She's right, ma'am.
This is Sylvie Brett,
the best paramedic in...

Don't. Sir, I'm gonna give you
a shot of fentanyl
for the pain, okay?

Okay. Anything.

Good. We're good.

All right, Cruz,
cover him when you're ready.


Watch your eyes.

Got it, Cruz?

There you go.
All right.

That's it. He's free. Gauze.

Got it, Tony?

You have a lovely home, ma'am.

I told Dalan a million times
not to put gym equipment
in the basement.

But he wouldn't listen.
Just bought things
without telling me.

Now look where it got him.

Move, 51. Come on.
Move it, move it, move it.

Push it.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go.

Come on. Speed it up.

She's beating you, Gallo.

You are toast.

Come on. Come on.
Okay, Mackey. Come on, Mackey.

There you go. Go for it.
Quick, quick. Move it.

Mackey. Come on.

Let's go, 51. Let's go.
Come on, 51. Come on.

I'm gonna win.

Looking good. Come on, Mackey.
Go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go.

Just like that.

1:45. Impressive.
Who won?


I had you.
Not even close.

We were a dead heat.
Said every
silver finalist ever.

Okay, I have completion forms
for everyone.

Take them back
to your battalion chief,

and he or she will cross
you off the list.

Come and get it when
I call your name. Mackey.

I got a proposition for you.

I have an ambulance here at 33
that needs a paramedic.

I understand you're fluent
in Spanish.

The PIC is retiring within
a year and I want to
home-grow his replacement.

This neighborhood has a lot
of Spanish-speaking citizens

and we could use your talent.

Oh. You want me to transfer?

If you'll consider it,
I'll call your chief.


I don't know what to say.
Look, I know I'm catching you
off guard.

I like to move quickly
when I see someone with
your skills and confidence.

Well, can I think it over?
Yes. Of course.
I'll wait for your call.


Shackleford. Mikami.

McDevitt. Beck. Gallo.

I was getting nervous.

Thanks, Chief.

Thank you.
Uh, let's see. Barna.

Chief Zamos, you, uh,
you forgot me.

I didn't.

You can take the course again
at a later date.

I don't understand.

You didn't actually do
any of the drills
I laid out for you.

Instead, you showboated.

Next course will be listed
on the website.

Brett, wait. You...

You forgot to sign this for me
before you left.

Diggins, I appreciate that
you wanna give back,

but there are many, many ways
that you could do that.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen,
or pick up clothing donations
for those in need.

All excellent choices,

but being a Big Buddy requires
someone with a longer fuse.

Wait. Is this to adopt a cat?

Yeah. What'd you think it was?


You said Big Buddy
and I thought

it was like signing up to be
a Big Brother at the Boys
and Girls Club.

I would've said Big Brother
if it was Big Brother.

If you really don't want to do
this for me then just...

No, no, no. This is great.

I'm happy to help.
Sorry for the confusion.


I actually think you would be
great with a cat.

I can see you
and a fuzzy little
buddy totally bonding.

Thank you, Brett.
This really...

This means a lot to me.
It's my pleasure.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Hoping you didn't stand me up.
Nah. Nah. It was just traffic.

I liked Uncle Jake.
I wish I'd been more in touch
with him over the years.

Remember that
above-ground pool he had?

Oh. I did not want
to go in there.

That water was freezing.

And there was the occasional
frog at the bottom.

Are you ready?

Box 088. Here are your keys.

Thank you.
I'll give you your privacy.

If you don't want to see
what's inside, I understand.

I came this far.

Does it mean anything to you?
Didn't know he owned a Rolex.

Is it worth a fortune?
No idea.

There's a shop near my house
that sells vintage watches.

I can pop in there
and get an appraisal.

If they make an offer,
we can split the money.

Nah. Keep it.

I'm serious. I don't want it.

Absolutely not.

I would've told the bank
to dump this whole box
sight unseen.

If this is worth anything,
we're splitting it.

End of story.

Hey. What were you hoping
to find in here?

I don't know.

Maybe some answers about
why Mom is the way she is.

Something. Anything.

Our family just always kept
secrets, you know?

This time I thought
it was gonna be different.

I'm sorry you drove
all the way out here.

It's no problem.
It's good to see you.

You, too.

So, what do you think?
What do you think?

I mean, it sounds like
a great opportunity.

Brett's gonna be PIC at 61
for years to come, right?

And if I have a path
that allows me to move up
at my age...

I can see that.

It's not the only reason,
if I'm being honest.

What do you mean?

A couple of weeks ago,
when that shrapnel
almost took your head off?


I had a hard time

You seemed fine.
On the outside, sure.

On the inside, I was a mess.

At first, I was worried
about finding my place
at a busy house,

but I found
I could handle that.

But the thing
that still gets me is

watching you on every call.

You're my connection to Dex.

If I lose you, I lose that.

I know. I know it's not
fair to you.

I know. But it's there.

When you first came to 51,
I told you

working at a busy house was
gonna help you make
a name for yourself.

And look. It did.

This transfer seems right
for you in multiple ways.

That's what I was thinking.

Then sincerely,
I think you should go for it.


Is Mouch in the locker room?

I haven't seen him.
Mouch is parking, Chief.

You want me to tell him
you're looking for him?

Tell him do not pass go,
to proceed directly
to my office.

Will do.

I'm thinking about having
a Chicago Med night
at Molly's.

You know, just thanking
everybody for their last year
of service.

Free drinks?

Just "thank you," you know,
while they're drinking.


Hey, Mouch.
Chief's looking for you.
Doesn't look happy.

You didn't get your TRA

Chief Zamos says you didn't
follow simple training.

That's not...

Give me one good reason
why you couldn't
just follow orders.

I was with a bunch of

Do you know how many times
I get a chance to show off
around here,

to show the young crew
what I can do?

I'm never the hero, Chief.
Haven't been for a long time.

I got a little carried away,

a little caught up that
they were watching me,
looking to learn from me.

You should have seen them,

Everyone impressed
that a guy like me

had something to show young
firefighters like them.

I'm sorry to get you involved,
Chief. I'll...

I'll take the certification
again next time it's offered.

And do it their way.

Brett, can I get your
professional opinion
about something?

Of course.

Brett. We need you and Mackey
out on the apron.

There's a guy
who fell off his truck.

All right, we can't leave him
upside down.

Sir, what's your name?


Earl. This is gonna
hurt, Earl.

You can lift him up so
he's even with the ground.

Severide, see if you can
free his foot.

Okay, get a hold. On three.
One, two, three.

There. All right. See if can
lift him up a little higher.

All right. Hang on, Earl.
Almost there.

Hold on to the splint
till we free his foot.


All right. All right.
Oh, God.

All right, Earl, we're gonna
put you on the ambulance

so we can take you
to Med. Okay?

Hey, what did you want
to ask me?

Oh. Nothing. I'm good.

Okay, let's unload the oxygen
bottles off of there,

and, Cruz, move this truck
off the apron and park it
on the street.

I'll call facilities
and have them come get it.

Hey, how big is the piece of
furniture you're having
delivered to the apartment?

Pretty big, actually.

I don't want to be rescuing
any more delivery men.

No promises.

Stella, what is it?

I got something for you.

Talked to Chief Zamos.

He owed me. I'm the one
who pulled his butt out of
the Belmont fire 20 years ago.

I don't know what to say.
Let me tell you something,

You're a hero every time
you suit up
in your bunker gear.

And it doesn't take hijacking
some class for younger

for me to recognize it.

You know,
when we're on scene,

I sometimes catch
a glimpse of young Ritter
just watching you.

The admiration on his face,

it's beautiful.

He loves you, Mouch.

He respects you.
And that's because
of the man you are.

And the job you do.

Thanks, Chief.

Are you kidding me?
That sounds amazing.
Who's the PIC?


Steve Cha.
I know him.
He's a great paramedic.

You'll love him.
You have no idea
how happy this makes me.

You will definitely
be missed here.

But trust me,
you'll doubt yourself forever

if you don't jump on
an opportunity like this.

Thanks, Brett.


Oh, is this your little buddy?

Oh, she seems...
A disaster?

Yeah. After you built me up
so much,

telling me how good I'd be
as a Big Buddy,

I went ahead and took
the plunge.

That's not exactly
how that went down.
Whoo! Was that a mistake.

My couch is in tatters,
she destroyed
my work-out bench.

Look at my neck.

Damn near slit my carotid.
I do not need this thing
in my life.

And since you signed
the paperwork as my second,
this puss is now yours.

Oh, no, no, no...
You are now the legal owner
of Veronicat.

Best of luck to you.
Little tip.

You're gonna wanna take home
some gauze.

This is the first one of these
that I am delighted to sign.

Thank you, Chief.
You do us proud out there.

I will, Chief.

I'm gonna check on you at 33.
You better.

I just don't get
how it happens.

I think you might
have some weird karma
or something, dude,

'cause that whole situation


Are you back for
another round?

'Cause I will set up a course
right out on the apron.

Rain check.
Actually, your chief
wanted me to stop in.


What do you think
that's all about?
No idea.

You two need to hurry up.

All right, the delivery is
supposed to come any time
between 8:00 and noon.

That usually means 2:00.

Yeah. This'll be the time
that they're early.

Plus, I gotta stop by
the academy to get some
study supplies, so go, go, go.

Yeah. I gotta run
a quick errand to run.

Oh, on you then, Kelly.
Not if you don't tell me
what it is.

A 1965 Rolex
Double Red Sea Dweller.

Your dad left you
a great watch.

Uncle, actually.

He into diving?

Well, this is
the gold standard
of dive watches.

The initials JMD
mean anything to you?

Yeah. They were, uh...
It's a family thing.

Okay, well, sailor cap off
to your uncle for keeping it
in pristine condition.

You wanna know how much
it's worth?

That's what he offered me.


Yeah. I didn't take it.


Joelle Meredith Davis.
Uncle Jake's wife.

She died 50 years before him.

And he was still
carrying around this watch
at the end of his life.

Given to him
by his first love.

He was hung up on her
that long.

Just didn't feel right
selling it.

You keep it.

You sure?

I think there's a reason
Uncle Jake wanted you
to open that box.

What reason?

That'll be for you
to figure out.

Okay. Thanks.

You should get that looked at.

I'm your sister, Matt.
I know when things
aren't right with you.

You need to see a doctor
about your headaches.

I will.

The new furniture here yet?
Service elevator.

Right behind you.

Right this way. Thank you.

Right this way.

Thank you. Right...

Right this way. Yes, yes, yes.

Right there is good.
Why did you think
I would reject this?

Well, you like to keep
the apartment all cool
and sophisticated and adult,

but this is a bad-ass loft.
It needs a little fun.

And since Herrmann
turned me down for putting in
a machine in at Molly's,

I thought, why not?


I also got the high score
on it at Game Day.

I think it's great. Thank you.

Well, it's not for you.
It's actually for me
to beat both of you.

So, you two play with each
other, and I will take on
the winner.

Maybe I'll be out of here
sooner than you think.


Is that three?
Oh, no.