Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 7 - Dead of Winter - full transcript


[bright tones]

- Mackey...
You want a beer?

- I don't wanna take any more

of your hanging out,
looking hot in sweats time.

- I get the feeling you do.

- That paramedic, Brett--
she seeing anyone?

- You need to take those
to your friends?

- Nah, they can wait.

- Would it be possible
to put off

taking the lieutenant's test
until next year?

- Waiting is a gamble.

- You don't need my help.
You have to know that.

- I needed you to tell me
"You got this, Stella Kidd,"

and, instead,
you shut down on me.

- I know how badly
I screwed up,

and it's why...

I'm never gonna let you go away
from me again.

- We should get away.
Just us.

- You got somewhere in mind
that doesn't involve

airports or crowds?

- What about the cabin?

- So icy roads,
snow-covered driveway,

subzero temperatures,
and the two of us?

Sounds hot.

- That's exactly
what I was thinking.


[indistinct PA announcement]

- Chief, you got a second?

- Yeah.
Of course.

- About the lieutenant's exam.

I know I asked you
to reschedule it, and--

- I never took your name
off the list.

- You didn't?

- I just hope that you haven't
fallen behind in your studies.

- No, sir.

No, I did not.

[uplifting music]

- Gentlemen.



- What is the occasion?

Wait, is this--
- Chloe's pregnant.

[all cheering]

- Aww!


Papa Cruz!

- Congrats, Joe.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.

- Oh.
You did not skimp.

- Herrmann!
Cruz is having a baby.

- Aw, is that so?

Well, do I get a cigar,
or what?

- Oh, you, my friend?
- Mm-hmm.

- You get two?
- Hey.

- Thank you
for keeping this secret.

- It wasn't easy.

You know how much
I like to run my mouth.

[both laugh]

- Hey.
We should...

sneak out sometime.

Give these a try.


- I'd sneak off
with you anytime.

- Oh, I know.

[alarms blare]

- Station 51, structure fire.

West Armitage
and North Leavitt.

- Congratulations.
- Way to go, Cruz.

[tense music]

[sirens wailing]

[indistinct shouting
and chatter]

- Kidd, Mouch, don't let anyone
back into that alley.

Herrmann, get a line in there!
- You got it, Captain!

51, lead out!

- Gallo, you're with me.
Let's clear it out!

- We'll take the left side!
You take the right!

Capp, Cruz's with me.
Search every tent.

- Copy that, Lieutenant.

- Oh!
- Oh, hey.

- Come on, come on.
- Get up.

- I got you, come on.

- Get these people back.

- [panting]

- Hey, come on, let's go.
- No!

I'm not going!
- Come on, let's go.

- I need to get my stuff!
- Leave it!

Let's go.
Come on.

- [groaning]

- Hey, keep feeding this line,

- On it!
- Move! Move!

- Hey! Hey!
Hey, stop! Stop!

- Everything I own
is in my tent!

- Yeah, you can't
go in there--

- But I gotta get my book!
- Yeah, it isn't safe, hey.

[somber music]

- I got her, Ritter.
Hey, come on, come on.

Come on.

[distant high-pitched

- [grunts]


- Cruz!

- Everybody, report!
- Cruz is down, Cruz is down!

Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Aw, damn.

[soft dramatic music]

- Whoa, you almost got
Ned Stark-ed.


- Hey, Capp, talk to me!
- He's okay.

I'm bringing him out now.

- Copy that.

- This camp is a hazard.
I've been saying it.

- Hey, can we help at all?

- You can stand back
and let us work.

- Irene, where's Big Jim?
He's not out here!

- Last I saw, he was going back
to get Ricky's wheelchair.

- Where was he headed?

- Ricky's tent is
the last one on the right.

- Hey, Casey, we got one
male victim unaccounted for!

Check the last tent
on the right!

- Copy that!

- [coughing]
- Almost there.

- Help!
[wheezing, coughing]



- Casey.

- Hey, let's get him up.
One, two--


- How bad is it?
- Don't worry, Joe.

I'm sure Chloe didn't marry you
for your looks.

- Ha, ha.
- Hey.

You scared me out there.
- Yeah, me too.

I'd like to be around to see
my child come into the world.

- [coughing]
- Mackey!

- Let's get him
on the stretcher.

- [coughing]

- Pulse is weak.
Let's start an IV.

- Yeah.

- How'd you know I needed help?

- Heard the name "Big Jim"
and took a wild guess.

- Big Jim?

I know him.

Called in an OD once

when no one else
wanted to get involved.

He saved the guy's life.
- I'm not surprised.

He was risking his neck
trying to get

that wheelchair for a friend.

- All clear, Cap.

- Yeah...

51, wash it down!

- All right.
Let's go!

- Let's go!
Move in, move in!

- Let's get him to Med.

- Hey, Brett.
Someone here to see you.

- Hey, Sylvie.

- Grainger.
What brings you by?

I thought the donut wars
were over.

- So they say.

I'm actually just looking
for some bag valve masks.

Our ambo's out.
You have any extras?

- Yeah, sure.
Give me a sec.

- That is so sweet of you,

running errands
for your paramedics.

There are not many engine
officers that would do that.

- Yeah, well,
I'm a team player.

- Mm-hmm.

- Here you go.
- Great, uh...

Uh, maybe I could thank you

with a drink at Molly's

- Yeah, actually
I'm headed there after shift.

- Then, I will see you then.
- Okay.


- [snorts]
That boy has got it bad!

- What?
- Oh, come on.

A lieutenant picking up
bag valve masks?

He was here to see you.

- You think so?

- [grunts]

- Pretty close call, huh?

- Yeah, not my first.

- Yeah, but I mean...

one inch lower would've hit
your carotid artery

and you probably
would've bled out

before we even got you
to the medics.

- Yeah, thanks
for the happy thought.

- I'm just saying,
I'm glad you're okay.

Capp said that hunk
of shrapnel's big enough

to take your head off.
- Yeah.

Capp needs
to keep his mouth shut.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I remember you.
- Yeah.

I'm the genius who thought
it was a good idea

to run straight
into an inferno.

- Yeah.

- Sorry I gave you a hard time.
- No, no.

That's okay.
I get it.

I'm Darren, by the way.
- Vanessa.

I had a copy of
"The Secret Garden" in my tent.

My grandmother gave it to me.

- I'm sorry.

You have anywhere to go?
- I'll be fine.

It's not the first time
I'm starting over.

I don't want to start
any trouble or anything, but...

have you figured out
how the fire started?

- Uh...hey.

The homeless encampment fire.

Do we have a cause yet?

- Well, in camps like that,
it's pretty common.

Temporary structures that
aren't exactly built to code.

- Add heaters and camp stoves
into the mix--

- No, but that's the thing.

Big Jim had a lot of rules
about what kind of stoves

and things are allowed.
He's really, really cautious.

- Big Jim ran the place?

- He's our camp dad.
He looks after all of us.

- It seems like someone didn't
follow his rules because--

- No, we all did.
Otherwise, you're out.

There was this guy, Dixon.

He lit a fire in a trash can
a couple weeks ago.

Jim booted him, and Dixon
did not take it well.

Screaming, throwing stuff.

I don't think it was any camp
stove that started that fire.

- You think Dixon came back?

- All I know is Jim
was trying to protect us,

and now he's lying
in the hospital.

[soft dramatic music]


- I heard back from Med.

They said Jim's
hanging in there.

- Not surprised.
The guy seems like a survivor.


- Hey.

What are you doing?

- My job.

- This was the scene
of a suspicious fire.

There's gotta be
an investigation.

- It doesn't sound like
it falls under the purview

of Streets and Sanitation,

- We're firefighters,
and we're telling you to stop.

- Yeah, and I don't care

if you're the commissioner
or the pope.

My orders this morning were
to clear this mess up.

- There goes any chance
of evidence.

- Everything okay?
I heard yelling.

- Uh, yeah.
We're with the CFD.

Worked the alley fire

- Oh.

Well, you guys did
a hell of a job.

Hats off.

Al Wicker.

Yeah, I live right over there.

- Oh.
Captain Matt Casey.

- Hey, I'm gonna have
a look around, see if I can't

find anything useful
that hasn't been bulldozed.

- Yeah.

- Cleanup crew not supposed
to be here?

- They usually
give us a few days.

- Well, I'd put money on it.
My neighbors called the city.

Demanded a quick cleanup.

They weren't too happy
with...all this.

- Hey, can I talk to you?

It's okay.
I'm not a cop.

I just wanna ask a question
about the fire.

Any idea how it started?

- How the hell would I know?

- I figured you lived here.
- Too many rules.

Rules are for children.
Do I look like a child?

- Hey, are you...Dixon?

[tense music]



Just wanna talk to you!


- Joe, listen to this.

Stefano said he can't
fix the pipes until next week.

- Oh, uh...yeah, okay.

- But that bathtub has to be
working when the baby comes.

I mean, we can't just
not bathe the baby.

- [laughs]

We will clean our baby.
I promise.

And we have six months
to make sure

that we have the tub perfect.

- That's true.

It seems obvious
when you say it like that.


Joe, what happened?

- Um, uh...Capp.

He was securing a bungee cord,
and, uh, I don't know.

I guess he had, like,
ranch dressing on his fingers,

'cause they just slipped
out of his hands, and whap.

I paid the price.

- Aw, my love.

- It's fine.
It's no big deal.

- Mm, that's a relief.

Can you maybe call Stefano,
and apologize,

and just tell him
to disregard anything...

extreme I may have said?

- Yup, of course.
- Thank you.

You're the best.

- [sighs]

- Why do you think Dixon
went back to the alley?

- He might have been looking
for something he left behind

when Jim kicked him out.

- Or he was just
admiring his work.

Hey, Ritter.
- What's up, Captain?

- It looks like
your friend was right.

- Vanessa?
- Do you have any way

of getting in touch with her?
- I took her number.

What do you need?
- See if she can find out

where this Dixon guy ended up,

anything that could
help us track him down.

- Yeah.
Will do.

- What happens
if you locate him?

Do you think you'll have enough
to get PD involved?

[phone buzzes]
- Doubt it.

Jim's conscious.

Let me see
if I can talk to him.

- I'll tag along.

- What do you want?
- Um...

- We got a special
on Smithereens.

Two for one.

- Oh, Smithereens.
I like the sound of that.

- You will not be disappointed.

Coming right up.

- I guess we just ordered.
- Oh, yeah.

Stella gets very excited
about her cocktails.

You look very nice.

Special event later?

- No.
No, this is, um...

just me and my limited wardrobe

trying to impress
a certain paramedic.

- Oh.
[chuckles nervously]

That's so nice, but lately,

my--my track record with men
has been pretty abysmal.

- Oh, that can't be true.
- Oh, it's true.

I've decided I'm cursed
on that front,

which probably
makes me sound crazy.

- No, I don't...

I don't think you're crazy.
I just...

think you haven't found
the right guy yet.

- Maybe.

But for now,

I need to play it safe

and stay aggressively...single.

- Oh.


Yeah, sure.

- There you go.

- Right on time.

- We met a while ago.
I don't know if you remember.

- Yeah, you were
with the paramedics

that helped save
my friend, Carlos.

- You're the one who saved him.

Those other people he was with
were ready to let him die.

Back then, you said
you were gonna go live

with your sister
someplace nice.

- Jackson Hole.
It didn't work out.

- Oh.
I'm sorry.

- Yeah, she just had
her second kid.

Her husband hates me
for a lot of reasons,

some of which are deserved.

You know, this ain't my first
time waking up in a hospital.

Never had a visitor though.

- I wanted to check on you.

And I wanted to ask,

do you have any idea
how the fire started?

- I found some contraband
in the camp.

I wanted to see
who it belonged to,

and all of a sudden, someone
starts screaming, "Fire, fire!"

So I start evacuating people,
and then,

next thing, I wake up here.

- What kind of contraband
did you find?

- Propane bottles.

I tell everyone to use
a liquid-fueled camping stove.

They're a little safer.
- Yeah.

I heard you run a tight ship.
- Yeah.

- Kicked out a guy named Dixon

- Yeah.

- You think he could've
set the fire?

- Dixon?
Ah, I don't know.

- Any idea how
we might find him?

- Maybe try Tent City
in the South Loop?

- Hey, Jim, where'd
you find that propane

you just mentioned?

- It was right outside my tent.

I nearly tripped over it.


- All right.

Get some rest.

We'll check in on you soon.
- Okay.

- [sighs]
- Hey.

If Dixon put that propane
right next to his tent,

he wasn't just trying
to burn down the camp.

- No.
He wanted Jim dead.

[somber music]

[tense music]

- Vanessa...

Hey, thanks for
getting back to me.

- Yeah, yeah, sure.
Find Dixon yet?

- He was back at
the encampment, picking through

what was left behind.
- What'd he say?

- He ran before
our guys could get to him.

- See?
What's that tell you?

- Can you maybe ask around?

See if anyone knows
where he might have gone?

Put out some feelers?

- Riding the Red and Blue
lines'd be my guess.

They go all night.
Yeah, I can put the word out.

- What about you?

Where are you sleeping?

- I find my spots.

- You tried a city shelter?
- [scoffs]

- No?
- Not for women.

I'll say that.
And, look, I'm fine.

You don't gotta worry about me.
- Hey.

I got you something.

[soft music]

I know it's not the one your
grandmother gave you, but--

- I love it.

- There's also food in here.

A sleeping bag,
a first aid kit...

- Is this--

Thank you.

Hey, I'll, uh--

I'll call you soon
as I hear anything, okay?

- Vanessa--
- Thanks for all of this.


- Look, you come
to the firehouse anytime.


- He could've propped
the bottle on a milk crate

and set something smoldering
underneath it.

- Or just crack the valve
a little, lit a small jet.

Wait for it to ignite
the surrounding materials.

- I'm hearing a lot
of spitballing here.

What do we know for sure?
- Nothing.

That's why we need you
to get into it.

- The cops won't bother
tracking down Dixon

until OFI rules this arson.

- Where was the fire?

- Armitage and Leavitt,

but you're not
gonna find much there.

- Why?

- The city bulldozed what
was left of the encampment.

- You didn't flag it.
- The fire didn't

seem suspicious to us
on the scene.

The information about Dixon
came later.

- We thought we still had time

given the usual pace
of city services, but--

- We wish we'd moved sooner.

- So now, you expect me
to try and prove arson

with zero physical evidence,
a scene that's been sanitized,

and a suspect we can't locate?

- It's more than arson.
It's attempted murder.

- I couldn't prove loitering
with what you're giving me.

- Look, can you just trust our
instincts and open the case?

- I'll open a case, of course.

But it's going
on the bottom of that pile,

and it's not moving to the top

until I have something
to act on.

- We've put our feelers out
for Dixon.

We can talk to Jim again
when he feels better.

We'll get you something.

- We're not letting this go.

[dramatic music]

- Ritter is missing out.

- For real.
- I mean, this is the life.

- [chuckles]
You know it.


- You getting, um,
nauseous at all?

- A little bit.

And I think my face is frozen.
- Mine too.

- Stefano did say
that your profanity was

off the charts, honey.

- Uh-oh.
I thought he was inside.

- Well, maybe I'll
just call him from now on.

I know, I'm sorry that I'm
gonna miss the ultrasound too.

I promise
I'll make the next one.

- We're free.
- What?

- He's over us.

His attention's
on Chloe and the baby.

He doesn't have time
to worry about our, uh...


- You think?

- You guys.
You didn't have to do this.

Okay, is it something
for the baby,

or something for the papa?

- Papa, definitely.

- Okay.

- Ha!
It's your shrapnel.

We thought we could hang it
in the briefing room,

or maybe put it
by the squad table.

- Better idea--why don't you
throw that in the trash?

The last thing I need is
for Chloe to come in here

and see that.

She thought I got this
from a bungee cord.

- Why would she think that?

- She was so worried
about marrying a firefighter,

and now, we got a baby coming?
And I couldn't let her know

that I almost got my head
taken off.

- Bad call, Cruz.

I tell Trudy everything.

Ever since I tried to lie

about losing 300 bucks
in a poker tourney,

she broke me like
I was made of glass.

- Trudy's a professional

Chloe is a sweet,
innocent civilian!

- What is that?

- It's Cruz's shrapnel.

- From the encampment fire?
You had it this whole time?

- Yeah.

- Hey, we made that!
- This is evidence.

- What do we get from this?

- Well, I doubt they can pull
any useful prints off it,

considering the explosion,

but maybe we can ID
the specific type of tank

it came from, figure out
how Dixon rigged it.

- There's a piece
of a label here.

It says "Oak," and then,
something illegible.

[dramatic music]

- Oh.

Oakmont Hardware.

- How'd you get all that
from "Oak"?

- I know the logo.

It's a little mom-and-pop chain
I use for construction jobs.

They have two or three stores,

but one of them's just a couple
blocks away from the alley.

- Go check it out.

- And he was cool
with just being friends?

- I think so.
I hope so.

He is a really nice guy.

- And not bad to look at.

- I know, I know.

now is just not a good time
for me to be dating.

- Hmm.

- I wonder how many times
I've said that in my life.

[alarms blaring]

- Ambulance 61.
Person injured.

Woodlawn Memorial Park.

- Ooh!
My bad.

[sirens wailing]

[tense music]

- [groaning]




- Hurry, please!

- One, two, three--

[both grunt]

It's too heavy.
- Oh, God!

- Dispatch said
a fire engine is on its way,

so just hang on
a few more minutes.

In the meantime, I'll give you
some fentanyl for the pain.

- Look!
40's pulling up!

Over here!

- [screaming]

- Hey, we have to get this
off of him as fast as we can.

- [crying]

- Chase, Wynn,
bring up some cribbing.

- Copy that!
- There you are.

Breathe, hey, breathe.

- [panting weakly]
- There you go.

- All right, Chase,
grab that side.

Wynn, get ready
to brace this thing.

- All right.
I'll help.

Mackey, get ready
to slide him out.

- Got it.

- All right.
You ready?

All right.
And lift.

- [screaming]

- Hey, hey, you're out.

- It looks like
a closed radial fracture.

Let's get him to Med.

Okay, sit up for me,

- Hey, thanks for the assist.
- Yeah.

There you go.

- There you go.
You're doing great.

- Okay.
Let's stand you up.

- [groaning]

- "Jinglesnaps"?

[horn honking]

[horn squeaking]

- [chuckles]

- What is happening?

- This is Showmen's Rest.

The clown graveyard.
- The what?

- Built after a circus
train wreck 100 years ago.

It's a Chicago legend.

I thought everyone knew
about this place.

- Oh, I thought
something was up

when we passed
that elephant mausoleum.

- I-I did not know.
- Are you gonna be okay?

- I don't do clowns!

- Okay, just hold tight.
I got this.

Hey, folks, we got
a medical emergency here.

I need everybody to stay
on that side of Blinkie's grave

and away from the medics.

Thank you.

- [whimpering]
- Okay?

[horn honking rapidly]
Yeah, thank you.

- [whimpers]

- Love the wig.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


[horn hawking]

[bell chimes]

- Matt Casey.
Where you been?

You abandon us for one
of those big box stores?

- [laughs]

I've just been easing up on
the construction gigs lately.

CFD's keeping me busy.

- What can I get you?
- Well, actually,

Chuck, I'm here about
that fire the other day,

over on Armitage.

- The fire?

- Somebody used a propane tank
as an explosive,

and we think they might've
bought it from you.

- Oh, no.

- Yeah, I was hoping you got a
shot of the guy on the camera.

Please tell me that system
isn't just for show.

- No, it's real.

But do you know
when he bought it?

- I was hoping
you could tell me.

- Well, unlike
the fancy camera,

our inventory system
is still in the dark ages.

I can't pinpoint
an individual transaction.

- You gotta give me something,

That fire put a good man
in the hospital.

- I'll tell you what.

Here's the website and password
for the security cameras.

It goes back 30 days,

so that's something like, uh,

300 hours of footage
you'll have to comb through.

- I'll throw some manpower
at the problem.

Thanks, Chuck.
- You bet.

Come back soon.
- Yeah.

- And spend some money,
would you?

- [chuckles]
Will do.

- Darren?

I had no idea this was for you.

Get over here, man!

Okay, I see you.

That firefighting
done filled you out.

You look like
you could almost beat me

in a 100-meter dash now.

- Oh, no, wasn't I the one
always beating you?

- Lies!

Thanks, man.
- Here.

- And I appreciate the order.

I'm doing all I can
to keep the restaurant alive.

- I can't imagine.

So...I met someone

who kind of reminds me of you
back in the day.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

And I have a favor to ask.

- We need to order from here
more often.

Or possibly, every day.
- Yeah.

A friend of mine
owns the place.

I'll let him know
he has some new fans.

- What are you doing
tomorrow night?

You wanna come over
and watch Blackhawks?

- Actually, I have plans.
Next time.

- Did you see
what just happened?

- She went to get some water?
- She blew me off.

- It sounds like
she's just busy.

- No, Cruz is over us,
so now, she's over us.

Before I was forbidden fruit,
and now, I'm just...

regular fruit.

- Again, maybe, just maybe,

she's actually just busy.

- No, I need to make myself
dangerous again.

- No, you should not do that.

- You should've seen it.
He just took charge

and directed those clowns
right out of the way.

I'm telling you,
it was...awesome.



- You really gonna
make me do this?

- Do what?
- [sighs]


You've had some bumps
with the guys lately, right?

Maybe had your heart
stomped a little.

Who hasn't?

But you are
no wilting wallflower.

Bozophobia aside,

you are an ass-kicking member
of the CFD.

And, my friend, it is time

for you to put on
your big girl gear

and face the beast again.

- You think?
- [sighs dramatically]

- Just to clarify,
"the beast" is men?

Or is it specifically Grainger?

- Sylvie Brett, I just
pep talked the hell out of you.

No more waffling.

- This guy we're looking for--
- Mm-hmm?

- I'm glad he didn't end up
taking your head off.

- [chuckles]
Yeah, me too.

- But I heard you talking,
and my two cents?

I think you should be straight
with Chloe about what happened.

- Wait, Kelly Severide is
dispensing relationship advice?

- Yeah, well...

a little while back, I decided
to keep the truth from Kidd.

I thought I was protecting her.
Instead, I almost lost her.

Like I said, just my two cents.

[door clicks]

- Ritter.

[solemn music]

- Vanessa?
What's wrong?

- Jim is...
[sighs shakily]

Jim is...

He's dead.

- What?

[somber music]

Hey, hey.

Oh, oh--
- [crying]

- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
- [crying]


- The doctors wouldn't tell me
much 'cause I'm not family.

But I don't understand.
He was getting better.

- With high-level burns
and smoke inhalation,

patients look like
they're recovering.

Then they take a turn
for the worse.

- I should've been with him.

He was alone.

- I hope someone can get word
to his sister.

I'm sorry about your loss,

I really am.

He was a good man.

- Guys, I think
I found our arsonist.

That's the propane, right?

[tense music]

- Yeah...but that's not Dixon.

- Mm-mm.
- Aw, damn.

- Wait, wait, wait.

[keys clacking]


We know this guy.

- He's the one who lives
right near the alley.

According to
the assessor's office,

this guy owns the better part
of this block.

He's got a lot riding on the
property values around here.

- Hey, it's
my firefighter friends.

- You can drop the act.

- I'm not sure what you mean.

- We know
you've been complaining

about the encampment
for months,

and we know that it was your
phone calls to the ward office

that got the cleanup crew here
so fast.

- And I want you to know,

his name was James Benevides,

Big Jim to those who knew him.

He wasn't just some
faceless nobody in a tent.

He had a sister.

He had nephews.
He had friends--

- I don't know
what this is about.

You're obviously upset.
And I'm busy right now, so...

- No, you're gonna listen.

- He helped people--

first as a teacher,
then a soldier.

He survived Iraq,

and he survived ten years
on the streets.

But what he couldn't survive
was the fire you set.

- Whoa, I didn't start--
- We got you on camera,

buying the propane!
[sirens wailing]

And some of the camp residents

place you at the scene
on the morning of the fire.

I just wanted to dissuade you
of the notion

that somehow Jim's life
was worth less than yours.

It wasn't.

- Hey--

- He's waiting for you.

- Alan Wicker, you're under
arrest for arson,

planting an incendiary device,

and the murder of
James Benevides.

- Thanks.

Thanks for dinner.

You didn't have to do that,
you know?

- I know.

- I gotta ask, why are you
being so nice to me?

I mean, is it out of pity?

Or something else?

- I had a friend--

my best friend--

who just dropped out of my life
one day.

No explanation.

I mean, at first,
I was annoyed.

But after a while,
I got worried, so...

I went to his house
and found out...

he and his mom
had been evicted.

Neighbor told me
his mom bailed on him,

and the last thing she'd heard,

he was on the street, alone.

- That sucks.

- I mean, I was so mad
he hadn't said anything,

you know, let me try and help.

It didn't occur to him

that, with a couple bad breaks,

most of us could end up
in that exact situation.

- Well, is he okay now?

- Yeah.

And he still volunteers
at the youth center

that got him off the street.

- Yeah, well,
I'll be 60 by the time

they pull my name off
one of those wait lists.

- Well...

he made some phone calls.

- What?

Wait, what do you mean?

- There's a spot open
for you to live there.



- Vanessa?

I'm Mekhi.

This place

saved me when I was your age.

Bet it could do the same
for you.

[gentle music]

- This is for real?

- It is.

But you gotta promise me

you'll keep in touch.

No disappearing, okay?

- I promise.

- Okay.

- Hey.

Well, what brings you to 40?

- I could really use your help.

So it turns out our house is...

low on tools.

You got any extra Halligans?

- 51 is short on Halligan bars?

- Yep, so I'm just...

here trying to help
my fellow firefighters.

- I've seen this kind
of suspect behavior before.

- You have?
- Yeah.

Yeah, in my experience,
it usually indicates a...

very strong desire
to ask someone out.

- Hmm.
- But I have to warn you,

there's no proof
it actually works.

- [chuckles]

Well, I'm willing
to give it a try.

- Yeah?
- [clears throat]

Would you like to maybe
go out with me sometime?

Possibly this weekend?

- I would.

And I hear
the circus is in town.

- Okay, on second thought,
maybe I'll stay home.

- [laughs]

- [giggles]

- Hey.
Heads up.

I heard from a few people we're
not supposed to date in-house.

- A few people?
Like who?

- Not important.

But obviously, it means
that we should keep

what's happening between us
on the down low.

Since it's kind of...taboo.

- How taboo is it, really?

Kidd and Severide are together.

And Casey was married

to a firefighter at 51, right?

- Yeah, I heard that.
But still.

Just so you know, I'm thinking
about buying a motorcycle.

Or a wingsuit.
Haven't really decided yet.

- I'm glad you were there.

Otherwise, I might've
broken that guy's jaw.

- What makes you think
I would've stopped you?

Sorry about Big Jim.

- Yeah, me too.

- I'm so glad you're home!

Listen to this!
- I have to tell you something.

- No, no, no, I have to tell--
- No, please, please.

Let me just get this out.


This isn't from
some bungee cord.

I, um, had a close call
at an incident,

and I didn't want
to worry you, so--

- Joe...

We're having a boy.


- We're having a boy?
- Yeah.

- Oh, we're having a boy!

[sighs contentedly]
- [giggles]

- We're having a boy.
- Yeah.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]