Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 6 - Blow This Up Somehow - full transcript

Gallo makes a split-second decision during a dangerous fire rescue leaving Casey steaming that his direct orders were not obeyed. Kidd feels a strain in her relationship with Severide. ...


- Chloe just told me
that she's pregnant.

- That's great news!

You're gonna make a great dad.

- You cannot tell anyone.

No one can find out, okay?

- Gallo, if I was
to give you my number,

you would call me, right?

- Cruz would murder me,
and you know it.

I know what you said about her
being off limits--

- Not this one.

- Still no Severide?

- I was worried at first.

Now I'm pissed off.

- She spent the night
at Brett's.

- I'm telling you,
it'll blow over.

- I'm Sydney.

Give me a call
if you're not seeing someone.

- Are you alive in there?
I'm heading out.

I have no idea

how I slept through the alarm.

- Hi.
- Oh.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Yeah, so um,
I can be ready in ten,

but you and Stella
don't have to wait.

- Uh, it's just me.

I'll wait.
- Okay.

- Mmm.

- Looks like you need
a sous chef.

- What?

No, thanks, but...

I'm good.

- You have gotta stop
being scared of Cruz.

- I'm not, I'm not.

I got this.

- Okay.

- Hmm.

- Hey.

- Uh, fair warning,

someone slipped some sort
of nut flavor in there.

It's worse than you think.

Capp's been brewing up
"Southern Pecan."

- Oh, God.

- Yeah.

- Hey, um...

I know I asked for space,

and you've been really great
about that,

but it's been a while,

and it's nice just
to talk again, you know?

- Yeah, it is.

- Ugh, Gallo.

What century is this breakfast
of yours gonna be ready?

- Almost done, okay?

- Hey, so, uh,
when are you gonna tell people

about Chloe being--
- Shh, shh.

Listen, she's being
extra careful, all right?

She doesn't want anybody
to know for a couple weeks.

Just in case anything--

- Hey.

- Why'd you just stop
talking like that?

- What?
No, I didn't.

- Was it about me?

- Uh, no.
- No.

- Squad 3, Truck 81,

Engine 51, Ambulance 61,

structure collapse...

- Hey, over here!


Hurry, please!
You gotta help me!

My baby's in the backseat.
I can't get him out.

- Yeah, we'll get him,
but we need you to stand back.

- No, I--
- We're just gonna have you

stand right over here,
all right?

- But I--
- It's gonna be okay.

- Okay, we've got
free flowing gasoline.

No one moves until I say so!

51, we need an A-triple-F.

- All right,
give me two minutes, Casey!

Uh, Johnny, stretch of 50.

Ritter, let's get
that foam prepped.

- Gallo, go inside

and find the main fuel shutoff.
- Copy.

- Mouch, look for
any other victims.

Kidd, get ready with CO2.
- Copy.

- Severide, there's an infant
in that minivan.

Be ready to get him out.

- Okay.

Spreaders and cribbing now,
let's go!

- Copy that!

- Fall back!

Fall back!
Fall back!

Get down!
Everybody down!


- Kidd, get the fire
off that minivan!

- Gallo!
- I'm okay.

Where'd she come from?
- Under there.

- She's lucky you came along.
- Yeah.

- Let's get her to the medics.

- Ah, you need to find
the main shutoff.

I never made it inside.
- Okay, got it.

- Looks like we can get in the
far window on the back side.

We'd have to go in there
pretty far though.

- Herrmann, where's that foam?

- In a minute!

- I'm not waiting.
You with me?

- Hell yeah.

- Kidd, cover us!
We're going in!

- Gallo, I need more CO2.
- Yeah.

- Got it.

- Is he okay?

Oh, my God.

- He's good.
He's all right.

- Thank you.
Thank you.

- Kidd, Herrmann!
- Over here.

- Okay.

- Just have a seat.
Let's check him out.

Hey, who's this?

Where'd she come from?

- Gallo found her
under the canopy.

Got to her right before
it all went up.

- Took care of that
shut-off switch, Captain.

- I'm gonna need to scrub
the gasoline off this coat

before I pass out
from the fumes.

- Hey, Mouch.

Did you see Gallo's save?

- No.

I came up on him after.
Good thing too.

If I saw him dive under there,

I might've had
another heart attack.

It was a pretty ballsy move.

- Hey.

I just wanna let you know

I'm gonna stay
at Brett's again tonight.

- Well, do what you gotta do.

- Hey, Gallo.

Doc says your victim's
gonna be okay.

- Ah, awesome.
Thank you.

- It's good thing considering

you almost ate a fireball
for her.

- Hey, you were that close?

- No.

- No, no, no, no.

I gotta hear this.

- Okay, well,
there's not much to tell.

I was heading inside
to find the fuel shut-off

when I saw her lying
under the canopy,

out cold,
basically drowning in gasoline,

and that pump was, you know,
was shooting off sparks

like the Fourth of July.

- He's underselling it.

She was tucked way in there,

and he somehow got her out

half a second before
the whole thing went up.

- Did you drag her out?

- Nah, I just scrambled
under there

and dove on top of her
and then rolled us both out

before the fwoop.

- Oh, whoa.

- Gallo.

Can I have a word?
- Yeah.

What's up?

- I gave you an order
on that call, did I not?

- What do you mean?
About the shut-off?

Yes, you told me
to take care of it,

but I spotted the victim

and the shut-off
wasn't gonna help her.

She was already covered in gas.

- The order I'm referring to

is when I said no one moves in
until I say so.

- She'd be dead if I didn't
move in right then and there.

- You're lucky
you're not dead too.

Diving in head first
wasn't your only option.

You forget how to use
the radio?

Report your situation,
call for backup!

- Okay, with all due respect,

you knew I was quick to act
when you hired me.

That's why you hired me,

and I think I deserve
the benefit of the doubt here.

I mean, I was operating with
information you wouldn't have.

- Go home.

Wait, what?

- Pack up and go home.

- Captain--

- I can't be your babysitter,

Come back when you got
your head on straight.


- I know what all that
whispering was about.

- You do?
- Yeah.

- And if you saw it,

say it to my face.

- What are you talking about,

- Okay.

- Really this whole thing
is my fault.

I'm the one who made him
tell the story.

- No, that's not on you.

It sounds like Gallo
got himself sent home.

- Ambulance 61, person down,
Washington Square Park,

901 West Clark.

- Copy that.
On our way.

- 10-4, Ambulance 61.

I've got you en route.

- I don't know
what's wrong with her.

- How long has she been
like this?

- Ten minutes.
Maybe more.

- Is she prone to seizures?

- She never mentioned it,

but I've only known her
for a few months.

- Come on.

You got it?
- Yeah.

Whoa, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

- It's okay, it's okay.
We're paramedics.

It looks like
you had a seizure.

Has that ever happened before?

- A seizure?

- You just dropped
and started flailing around.

I didn't know what to do.

- I'm okay, I'm fine.

I'm okay--
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Oh, my God.

- Okay, it's good
that you came out of it,

but that was
a pretty long seizure,

and if you've never
had one before,

it's really important
that you go to the hospital

so that doctors can figure out
why it happened.

- No, no, no, no, I don't want
to go to the hospital.

- Come on,
let's sit you back down.

- No, I don't wanna go
to the hospital, I...

I'm just tired.
I just wanna go home.

- Look, this could be
really serious.

She needs to go to the doctor.

- Um, I'll try
to talk to her, but...

- We're just gonna let her go?

We can't force her
to get treatment.

Come on, Mackey.

- Are you sure
that's what he said?

"If you saw it,
say it to my face"?

- I'm sure.

- You think that maybe

he did something
he wasn't supposed to?

- Like what?

- I don't know,
but it's serious enough

that he doesn't want
to talk about it.

- You know what this is?
- What?

- It's a Mouch mystery.
- Ooh.

Hey, Ritter, come here.

- Yeah?

What's up?

- You and Mouch,

you got that real nice bond
between you, right?

- Yeah...

- The thing is, Mouch is
a little mad at us right now.

He's got it in his head
that we're talking about him.

- I can already tell
I don't want any part in this.

- Ritter, something's going on
with Mouch.

We need to find out what it is.

- This is what you do.

You go over to him,
you say, "Um, hello."

And then you warm him up
a little bit

with some small talk,
and then you ask, uh...

"Anything new in your life?"

- Nah, I'm not gonna do
any of that.

- We need to help him.
You're our best shot.

- Mm-hmm, yeah.

Ah, forget it, Cruz.
You know, he doesn't want to,

you know,
reach out to his mentor

in a potential time of need,
so that's his prerogative.

- Mm-hmm.

- Hey, any word from Gallo?

- I texted,
but I haven't heard back.

- I know I'm new here,

and I don't wanna overstep...
- Mm.

- But Gallo saved that woman,

So doesn't it seem like Casey's
being a little hard on him?

- A captain's gotta make
tough calls.

So, uh, who's gonna
tackle lunch?

That marinara's
not gonna make itself, hmm?

- You got it, Lieutenant.

- I'll help.

- A little shorthanded today?

- Uh-huh.
You heard.

- I saw Gallo
in the locker room,

banging around,
packing up his stuff.

- You think I handled it
the right way?

- I don't know, a save like
that, I might let it slide,

but it's your call.

I wouldn't
second guess yourself,

as long as your frustration
is with Gallo

and not something unrelated.

You seem a little off lately.

Anything going on?

- Nah, all good.

How 'bout you?
Any particular reason

Kidd is staying away
from the apartment?

- Uh...

nothing that won't
work itself out.

It's all good.

- Huh.


- I didn't want you to think
I was a thief.

- Smart move.

I have a lot of friends
in the CPD.

Should we do it again?

Tomorrow night?

- Sure.
Why not?

- It's pretty weird for Casey
to lose his cool.

Does he seem different
to you lately?


- Sorry, I...

My head's all over the place.

- I don't blame you.

- Everybody warned me

that Kelly wasn't
the settling down type,

that he would blow this up
somehow, some way.

- But he has changed so much

since you two got together.

- Does anybody
ever really change?

What if everything
that I thought

we had together was wrong?

- Hey, uh, Chief Boden
wanted me to....

You okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

What's this?

- Uh, Chief said
you need these books

for the lieutenant's exam.

- Uh, thanks, Kylie.

This is a lot.

- Ambulance 61, person down,
4042 South Carroll.

- I'm here for you.
Anything you need.

Ooh, whoops.


- Hey, my medic friend.

- Yeah, this is Sydney.
This is Sylvie.

You remember--
- It's good to see you, Sylvie!

- Whoa, that's a lot of blood.

- They're here, honey.
They'll take care of you.

I was making a rip-cut,

and the damn saw
got away from me.

- Okay, let's take a look.

- Can't you give him
something for the pain?

- We're gonna
give him fentanyl.

That'll take the edge off.

- IV's in.


- Pushing 25 micrograms.


How's that feel?

- How's what feel?

- Okay.
Pushing another 25.

- Okay, you should be
feeling it now.

- Try taking a deep breath.

- That takes us to 75.

- You gotta do something,

- That's 100 micrograms.

Mackey, let's get
the stretcher.

- Yep.

- Is that helping at all?

'Cause you should be
feeling woozy by now.

- He's at the maximum dosage.
I can't give him anymore.

It's not safe.
- Then why isn't it working?

- I don't know.
- Oh, God.


- Chief in there?
- Oh, yeah.

- Chief, you got a second?
- Yes, of course.

- Thank you for the books.

- Ah, it should be helpful.

Kylie is printing an addendum

to Engine Company's
Operations Manual for you.

- Okay.

I was just thinking,

would it be possible

to put off
taking the lieutenant's test

until next year?

- Well, as you know,

tests are only scheduled

for when there are
openings available, so...

Waiting is a gamble.

- I'm so grateful to you

for your support,

and I definitely see myself

getting on
that officer track soon.

There's just a lot
going on right now,

and I do not want Girls on Fire
falling through the cracks.

- Okay.

Will you do me a favor?

Why don't you take a few days,

think it over?

- Okay.
I will.

Thank you, Chief.

- There's a paramedic chief
on the floor asking for you.

- Ah, here she comes now.

- Chief Colson, hi.
- Brett, I'm glad I caught you.

- Is everything okay?

- There's an issue
with one of your victims.

- The guy who damn near
sawed his leg off.

- Is he okay?

He was stable
when we brought him in.

- He's gonna be fine,

but the docs at Med
were concerned

he had no response
to a max dose of fentanyl.

- Yeah, that was strange.

- It sure was.
They did run some tests.

Turns out he didn't have a
drop of fentanyl in his system.

- That can't be right.

I administered
the doses myself.

- I've seen this before,

medics swapping out narcotics
for something benign,

usually saline.

How well do you know
your new partner?

- You think Gianna Mackey
is stealing meds

off of the ambulance?
No way.

No chance.

- Mackey came to us
highly recommended by Joe Cruz,

who's known her all her life.

If Brett says that
she trusts her, so do I.

- I can respect that,

but I'm gonna have
to open an inquiry.

And if this doesn't
get resolved,

it comes back on the P.I.C.

- Hey there.

- What do you say, D.R.?

- You seen any, uh,

any good movies lately?

- Sadly, no.

Trudy's on
a "Nordic noir" kick,

so we're streaming a crime show
from Iceland

that never seems to end.

- That's too bad.
- Telling me.

Anything else new with you?

- What do you mean?

- Nothing.

- Do you have something
you wanna ask me?

- What?


I'm just--

Making conversation.

You know, just hanging
with my mentor.

But it seems like you
are not in the mood,

so no worries.

All good.

- That vial could've
been tampered with

anywhere along
the supply chain.

Where'd you stock up?

- Uh, Lakeshore,
start of shift,

but I already called them.

They're sure their meds
are secure.

- Hey, there was a medic
way back, Rafferty,

she told me
about catching a junkie

trying to steal a needle
out of her jump bag.

Maybe somebody on a call
tried to pull a switcheroo

when you guys
weren't looking.

- You think we wouldn't notice
somebody swapping a vial

out of our gear?

- We'd have to be
pretty distracted.

Do you remember
that seizure victim?

When she stumbled away,

and we rushed after her
to keep her from falling?

- And we left the bag
lying there

right by her boyfriend.

- That's why she didn't want
to go to the hospital.

The whole thing was an act.

- Wow, that's pretty devious.
- Yeah, it is,

and we didn't get
any of their information,

but there has to be some way
to track them down.

- Yeah.

- Not to sound competitive
or anything,

but I'm pretty sure
I drank you under the table.

Not even close.

- But see,
you're a firefighter,

so you're supposed to have,
like, three drinks

for every one I do.
- That's some shaky math.

- This is me.

- Nice.

- You know...

I haven't checked
my smoke detectors in a while.

They could use some inspecting.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm sorry.

I'd really like to, but--

- Something to do
with the paramedic, maybe?


It's kind of impossible
not to notice

the way you look at her.

You're great, Sydney,

and a lot of fun.

- You are too.

I really wish I was in
the right place for this now.

- Maybe another time then.

Don't lose my number,
Captain Casey.

- I won't.

I promise.

- Mackey.

- You weren't at Molly's,

and you didn't answer
your phone.

- Been a little busy.

- Oh, no, I'm not gonna stay.
I, um...

I just wanted to make sure
you weren't moping around,

you know,
feeling sorry for yourself.

- That's very thoughtful
of you.

- Yeah, I'm like that.

Seriously though,

I feel so badly

about pushing you
into telling that story.

- Don't.

Everything that happened
with Casey's on me.

You want a beer?

- No, no.

I don't want to take any more
of your hangin'-out-

looking-hot-in-sweats time.

- I get the feeling you do.

- I don't know.

I mean,

I know how nervous you get...

When I'm within reach.


- I was just gonna
make some coffee.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
I gotta run.

I'm meeting Brett early.

We're on a mission
to prove to Chief Colson

that I'm not a screwup.

- I hear you.

I'm heading into 51 whether
Casey wants me there or not.

Time to do whatever it takes
to make things right.

See, that's why

we're so good together.

Because when it matters,
we give it all we got.

- See I thought it was
the crazy chemistry.

- Mm-mm.

- So what is this, you and me?

Not that it has to have
a label or anything.

- How about no rules?

Just fun.

- I like that.

- Except maybe one rule.

Cruz can never know
this happened,

which means we can't tell
anyone at the firehouse.

- I'll think about it.

- Not really negotiable.

I mean, Cruz and I are
firefighters at the same house,

so at some point,
my life will be in his hands.

I'll see you later.

- Hey, you all overslept
this time.

- Stella not here?

- You look like hell.

- So do you.

Yeah, well, things are
pretty screwed up right now.

- What happened?

- I'm keeping a distance

so that everyone at the CFD

knows that any lieutenant spot
Stella gets,

she did it on her own.

But if I tell her why,

that the white shirts
are talking smack,

it'll make her
question herself,

and I'm not gonna do that.

- So you guys
aren't talking at all?

- I'm thinking once she takes
the test, we'll patch it up.

- That's a high risk gamble.

- I don't have
much of a choice.

What about you?
What's going on?

- Honestly, it's been rough

trying to get past
what happened with Sylvie,

and it turns out,

being with anyone else
just makes it worse.

- Well, that's not good.

- Is that supposed
to be helpful?

You think you helped me?

Why's this stuff so hard?

No idea.

- You know what time this was?

- I think it was
around 3:15, 3:20.

The call was for a woman
having a seizure.

We're really just looking
for the phone number

of the guy who called it in so
we can give it to the police.

- Well, that's easy.

- Thanks, Hannah.
I appreciate it.

- Here we go.

Ambulance 61 dispatched
to 901 West Clark,

person down of unknown causes.
- That sounds like it.

- Let's check the recording.

- 911, what is your emergency?

- Uh, hello,
there's a young lady here

that looks like
she's having a seizure.

- That--that doesn't sound
like our guy.

- Her boyfriend
looks pretty worried.

He flagged me down, asked me
to call for an ambulance.

- That's not it?
- No, that's the right one,

but it sounds like
some passerby called it in.

His number isn't gonna
do us any good.

- Mm.

- That's a pretty
complicated scam.

It can't be their first time.

We could call
every medic we know,

see if anybody had
any run-ins.

- Yeah.

Yeah, that's worth a shot.

Sorry to waste your time,

- No, sorry
I couldn't be more help.

- All right, we should
get to shift.

- Thanks.

- Gallo.
- Hey, Chief.

I don't know if I'm even
supposed to be here.

- Your name's on the roll.

Looks like it was just
an in-house disciplinary move.

Casey didn't file anything
with HQ.

Still, if you think
he did something wrong

in sending you home,

you're well within your rights
to lodge a complaint.

- No, I'm good.

Morning, Captain.

- Gallo, you ready to work?

- More than ready.

- Good.
Drop off your stuff.

We're gonna take the truck out
and run some ladder drills.

- You got it.

- You have a sec, Lieutenant?

- Yeah, what's up?

- I could use some advice
about Stella.

- Yeah, uh,
I'll give it a shot.

- The other day,
I could tell she was upset,

but she didn't wanna talk,
which I totally understand...

- Okay.

- She's done so much for me,
and I wanna help,

but I don't know the best way.

Maybe could I offer to take
over some Girls on Fire duties.

I just hate that she's going to
skip on the lieutenant's test.

I know how much
it meant to her.

- Wait, what?

When did she say
she was skipping it?

- Oh, maybe I misunderstood.

- Kylie, when did she say that?

- Two days ago to the chief.

I'm really sorry.

I figured you guys
had talked about it.

- No, you don't need
to apologize.

We should've, uh...


Did Casey say how long Truck's
gonna be out on drills?

- Not to us.

- So the girl was supposedly
having a seizure,

and then she comes to
and refuses treatment.

We saw them on
the Near North Side.

All right, well, um,

keep an eye out, would you?

I got nothing.

- Oh, well, we'll keep trying.

I'm still waiting to hear back
from a few people.

- Okay.
- 61, call the alarm office.

- Copy that, dispatch.

- Alarm office.

- Hey, Hannah, it's Sylvie.

- Hey, Sylvie.

I just routed a call to 76.

A woman in her 20s
having a seizure.

And check this out,

her boyfriend had a bystander
call it in.

Thought you might want
to swing by.

- What's the address?

- Ogden Plaza Park.

- 'Kay, we're on our way.
Thanks, Hannah.

I see 76.

Where are the medics?

- Over there.

- Mackey, it's them.


- Hey!

Hey, don't let them go!

You just got ripped off.

Check your fentanyl.

- Yeah, it's all an act.
She didn't have a seizure.

She was distracting you
while he swapped out the vial.

- What?
That's crazy.

- The vial's still here.
- No, that's not your vial.

Check the foil.
Has it been tampered with?

- Son of a bitch.

- That doesn't prove anything.
- Empty your pockets.

- No, hell no.
You don't tell me what to do.

You're no cop.

Come on, let's get out of here.

- You're not going anywhere.


You got problems now.

- Don't move.
Hands up.

- This is the one
with the vial.

- Let's go.

- Thanks for coming so quick,

- Well, you told me
I better step on it.

- Hey, Chief.

All right, hands on your head.
You too.

- Nice work.

- I heard that Brett and Mackey

were ready to tackle
those two scammers

right into the ground.
- I believe it.

I'm just glad that Mackey's
finally in the clear

with Chief Colson.

Oh, hey!

So Chloe got a checkup.
- Yeah?

- The doc says everything
looks great.

So hopefully sometime
next week--


- Hey.

- I know what
you're talking about.

I don't care
who sees it anymore.

- Aah!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Aw, you got Trudy's name
tattooed on there.

- I lost a bet.

You do not back out
on a bet

with Trudy Platt.

I was trying to keep it
in the marital vault,

but I guess someone here

has prying eyes.

- No one ever saw that, Mouch.

- Yeah, that's a secret
I did not want to know.

- She showed up at my place.
I didn't ask her to come over.

It just happened, okay?

- I'm gonna kill those two.

- You know, it means a lot

that you had my back
with Colson from the jump.

- Always.
We're a team.

- Okay.

So then are you gonna tell me

what's going on
with you and Casey?

Because when we ran into
that Sydney girl,

you were pretty spun out.

We had a brief
complicated thing,

and I guess I was a little hurt

to see how quickly
he got over it,

even though I'm the one
who told him to.

Honestly, I just want him
to be happy.

- Well, girl,

clearly you need to get out

and have some fun
on your own.

- You've got
some explaining to do.

- Hmm?
- I'm gonna go mingle.

- Mm, what happened
to having my back?


- For me?

- Yeah, I thought
I should explain.

I've been a little out
of sorts lately.

Mind elsewhere.

- Yeah, well, sure.
No worries.

- This isn't an apology.

- Right, of course.

- The fact is, Gallo,

I'm your captain.

I'm answerable for your safety.

Losing a firefighter
is the worst thing

that can happen to an officer.

And I would know.

If anything had happened to you
under that canopy,

I wouldn't have even known
you were there.

I couldn't have done a thing
to help you.

You robbed me
of my accountability.

And that can't happen again.

- It won't.
I swear.

- You have to take
the lieutenant's test.

- You have no say in this.

You have been MIA.

- I've been MIA because I
thought that was best for you.

Chief Conway told me
the white shirts

say that the only reason
you're moving up the ladder

is because you're with me.

I didn't tell you

because I figured
it would mess with your head.

You deserve better.

- You thought that
I couldn't handle that?

- What I thought is...

you've earned every part
of this yourself.

Everybody should know that.

- It sounds like maybe you care

what they're saying.

Because I sure as hell don't.

Kelly, I didn't
become a firefighter

as a white guy with my father
at the top of the chain.

I came up alone,
fighting every step of the way

with people looking down on me

and doing whatever they could
to shake my confidence.

I have a built-in armor

that you will never understand,

and no one like Conway
is gonna knock me down.

- But then why aren't you
taking the test?

You don't need my help.
You have to know that.

- Of course I know I don't need
your help with some test.

I needed you to do
what you do best:

to tell me,
"You got this, Stella Kidd."

And to pick me up
when I'm feeling low.

And instead,

you shut down on me.

You shut down on me

like the bad old days.

- This attitude of yours

is exactly why

I know you got this,
Stella Kidd.

And it's why...

I know how badly I screwed up.

And it's why...

I'm never gonna let you go

away from me again.

- You are not the decider.

And pretty soon,

we're gonna be
in the same rank.

So listen up.

I am the one

who's never gonna let you
get away again.