Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 5 - My Lucky Day - full transcript

When Firehouse 51 is called to the scene of a dangerous blaze inside a 10-story storage unit, Herrmann and Cruz find themselves trapped inside a freight elevator with all communications cut off.


- The most important word
to Firehouse 51

is community.

- There's nothing
like being a dad.

- When he raises his hand...

we pull him to his feet.

- A woman like her comes
around once in a lifetime.

- When this community calls...

We respond.

[dramatic music]

- You stay as long as you need.

- I'm trying to send him
a wakeup call,

but it's Kelly,

so unless you hit him
with a full blast megaphone,

he doesn't get it.

- Mm, I think he's getting it.

I can see him standing
with his arms crossed

at the end of the ap floor.

- Need me to say something
to her?

- Nah, she's fine.

- She spent the night
at Brett's.

- I'm telling you,
it'll blow over.

- That's illegal.

- It's the way
the Capp family plays.

- You can't roll
just one die at a time.

Cruz, tell him.

- What?

- Tell Capp he's a moron.
- Sore loser.

[alarm blares]
- Squad 3, Truck 81,

Ambulance 61, Engine 51.

Structure Fire,
644 W. Illinois St.

- Pull up your boots, boys.

It's time to go
battle the beast.

[dramatic music]

[sirens wailing]

Let's go!

Step on it, Doherty.

- Yo, why are you in such
a good mood, Lieutenant?

- Ah, well, I'll tell you.

You know, we had
Chinese food last night,

and you know what
my fortune cookie said?

- No.

- "Tomorrow is your lucky day."

And look at this!

We catch a fire
before breakfast.

- [laughs]

- Okay, the address is downtown

so expect some stair climbing.

Make sure to bring
extra bottles.

After I hear from Boden,

I wanna make sure everybody
in here has all their stuff.

- Fire alarm was tripped
on the tenth floor

where we're doing renovations.

I've been looking, but there
isn't any smoke up there.

- How many stairwells you got?
- Uh, east side and west side.

- Okay, you heard her.

Tenth floor,
fire could be in the walls.

Eastside will be
our fire attack stairwell

so we need Squad Engine
right behind on the fire floor.

Truck, westside will be
our evacuation stairwell,

the floor below.

I need eyes.
Report back in five minutes.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Let's go, 81.

- Come on, up the stairs.
- Let's go, 81, west stairwell.

- I heard you say renovations
on the tenth floor.

- Yes.
- You got any people up there?

- The contractor,
Trevor Kinkaid.

He was just loading up
the elevator.

Oh, here he is.

- Hey, you Trevor?

- Yes, sir.

- Listen, are you guys
doing any work upstairs

that set off a fire alarm?

You know, electrical,
welding, plumbing...

- Nah, I'm still
just loading in.

- Okay, could you take us
up to the eighth floor?

You know,
we'll hump it from there,

so I can see
what we're dealing with.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Hey, uh, what's your name?

- Holly.
- Hey, Holly.

- Hey, Joe, come on.
Ride with us.

Come on.

Hey, you can give Severide
a "What took you so long?"

Let's go.

Hit it.

So, hey, you hear about
my fortune cookie?

Yeah, last night it said

today is my lucky day.

And look at this!

You know, we're not humping up
ten flights of stairs.

You know, we get
a free elevator ride with--

[metal shrieking]

All right, that was weird.

- Yeah, you know what?
Maybe we should just--


- What was that?


- Whoa!

[wheels screeching] Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows
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- Oh, my God.

What happened?

What was that?
- Ah, it's okay.

Just a little hiccup,
all right?

Nothing to worry about.

- Nothing to worry about?
Something fell on us.

- It sounded like a cable.
- A cable?

Like, the thing
that holds up the elevator?

- Yeah, there's a bunch of them
holding us up, all right?

We're not gonna fall.

- [grunting]
- Okay.

Okay, hey, hey, hey.
You're okay.

Don't move, all right?

Let me get this off of you.
We'll get you out.

- My leg.

- We got you.

- [grunting]

- It's not working.

- Agh!

[both grunting]

Forget it, big guy.

This barrel's gotta
weigh 500 pounds.

- Where's my Slamigan?

Maybe we can use it
to lever it up a couple inches.

- Good idea.

This oughta work.



All right, hey,
this is gonna hurt.

You wanna bite on something?

- Just get it off of me!
- All right, all right.

- Kay, ready?
One, two, three!

[both grunting]

[all heavy breathing]

[elevator creaking]

- Hey, it's okay.

Elevators are designed
not to fall.

They've got redundant
safety mechanisms.

- But we did fall.

- Only a few feet
until the brakes kicked in.

- Hey, Chief, this is Herrmann.

Cruz and I are trapped
in a freight elevator

with two civilians

somewhere around the seventh
or eighth floor.

Chief, do you copy?

- Now your radio
doesn't work either?

- All right, well, you know,

these old buildings
are all concrete and steel.

It wreaks havoc on the signal.

- Especially in the stairways
and elevator shafts.

- It seems like you should have
better technology.

- Somehow the city finds other
things to spend its money on.

Chief, come in!

- [moaning]

- Trevor, how you doing, buddy?

- I think it's broken.

- Yeah, yeah.

I'd say that's probably right.

- Splint?
- Yeah.

- Nothing.
No bars.

- Yeah, like I said,
same with our two-ways.

- Did I overload the elevator?

I tried to keep it
under the limit,

but I was just eyeballing it.

- Listen, I'd feel
a lot better,

you know,
ditching a lot of this weight.

But, no, I doubt that
you caused anything, okay?


I think the fire alarm went off

because we got trouble
at the top of the shaft.

- Yeah, that's where all
the guts to the elevator live.

The machine drive,
the sheaves...

- All right, you know what?

I need something to tie off
these splints with.

- Yeah.

- Will this work?

- Yeah.

There you go.

Good eyes.

- Hey, where are you guys?

- Uh, hey, uh, Lieutenant,
it's Cruz.

We are stuck
in a freight elevator

on the eastside.
It's jammed up pretty good.

- Severide, Truck 81 is
entering the ninth floor now.

- I think you better get up
to the fire floor, Casey.

We got a lot of smoke up here.

- Casey.

Herrmann and I are trapped
with civilians

in the service elevator,

and we have sustained
heavy damage.

Do you copy?

- Casey, you hear me?

- I copy you, Severide.

- Casey, you there?


We need--

- They can't hear you.

- They can barely
hear each other.

- Engine 51,
this is Lieutenant Herrmann.

Do you copy?

[static buzzing]

Engine 51, report.

[dramatic music]

- Chief, there's no one
on the ninth floor.

We're heading--

- [laughs]
This is...

I can't believe it.

I shouldn't even be here.

- We're gonna get you
out of here, ma'am.

You just breathe easy.

- No, I just mean this job,
this year.


I only started working here
three weeks ago.

I was a restaurant manager,
but we closed

'cause of the stupid virus.

- It's been rough
on a lot of us, okay?

Hey, I'm gonna try
to get this thing open,

see if we can self-rescue.
- Okay.

Good idea.

- It was a great job.
Nine years.

People would come in
for a night out,

for an anniversary,
for a special occasion.

You know why they come here?
- Uh, no.

- Because their house
got foreclosed on.

Because they're getting
a divorce

and need a place
to store their junk.

- [grunts]

Uh, you know,

I'm not sure if you know this,

but I got a bar.

Molly's, maybe you've
heard of it, you know.

We went through a lot
of problems ourselves.

- Yeah, I wasn't a bar manager.

We were fine dining.

We had a Michelin star.

- Uh-huh.

- [sighs]

I almost didn't take this job.

I should've listened, but I
didn't have a lot of options.

- Hey, let's focus
on the positive, okay?

- What positive?

- [grunts]
I think I got it.

- See?


- Damn it, we're stuck
between floors.


Can anybody hear me!?


[heavy breathing]


Hey, is that a hatch?

- Yeah, it's gotta be.

- Hey, hey, Herrmann,
grab that hand truck, will you?

Holly, help me move all this.


- Hey, you all right, Trevor?

- Ah.

You know, my son's
a naval officer.

- Uh-huh.
- He works on a submarine.

I always--I always wondered

what that would be like.

Now I know.

- Can you hand me that?

- Any of you have kids?

- Uh,

yeah, I got four sons myself
and a daughter.

None for this guy.

- Actually, Chloe just told me

that she's pregnant
this morning.

- What?
Aw, man!

That is great news!

- You cannot tell anyone, okay?

Chloe specifically told me

that no one can find out
anything, okay?

- Okay.
Congratulations, Joe.

You, my friend,
are gonna make a great dad.


Kids are the best thing
in the whole world,

even when they're not.

- [grunting]


Looks the snapped cable is
curled on the top of the hatch.

Must weigh a ton.
- Think you can move it?

- I don't know.

- Agh!

- [heavy breathing]

[elevator creaking]


- We're okay.

[elevator creaking loudly
and electrical surging]

- Cruz!
Another cable!

- Aah!

[wheels screeching]



- Oh, my God.

- Ah, ah, ah!

- Cruz!

Hey, you okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay.

I just got the wind
knocked out of me.

- All right.

- You said we wouldn't fall.

- [grunting]

- So that was another cable

that broke?

How many more are there?

- An elevator like this,
we got at least six.

- So now we're down to two.

[all heavy breathing]

- Even one is strong enough
to support us, okay?

- You sure know
a lot about elevators.

- Yeah, well,

I know some.


I learned from an expert.

My buddy, Otis.

- I wish he was here.

[dramatic music]

- Yeah, me too.

Hey, Herrmann?
- Yeah?

- Um, you wanna help me muscle
this up and to the middle?

See if we can maybe
level this out a little bit?

- You wanna try to slide
1,000 pounds uphill?


- Can we try it please,

- Yeah.
Of course.

- At this angle,

the elevator's probably
off its rails

which means that the emergency
brake can't engage.

So if we fall again,

we fall all the way.

- What do we do?

- I don't know.

- Okay.

[both grunting]

- Yeah, yeah, you right.
You right, Lieutenant.

This thing's not gonna budge.

- Are we gonna die?

- No, ma'am,
we are not gonna die.

- You can't be sure.

- [stammers]

I'm sure I'm sure, okay?

Did you forget about
my fortune cookie, okay?

Today's my lucky day.

All right?

You never know when
it's gonna come into play.

- What's it waiting for?

- Uh...

The right opportunity.

We just haven't needed it yet.

You'll see.

Okay, um, hey.

Joe, um...

just think,

what would Otis do?

- Uh, um...


He'd probably open up
that panel

and start working his magic.

- What kind of magic?

- Maybe he would
reset the panel.

- Yeah.

- And, uh, then maybe try

to bring the car up
a few feet

so we can get back
on the rails.

- What do you mean?
We're off the rails?

- Hey, look, hey, hey, hey.

It's not a big deal, okay?

It's just, like, um...

You ever have a model train?
- No.

- Okay, well,
it's kinda like if...

Sometimes it comes
off the rails a little bit,

and then you just--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You roll them back and forth
and the wheels just pop back

onto the track.
- Yeah, exactly.

- These are
tamper resistant screws.

We need
a snake-eye screwdriver.

- Oh, shoot,
I got one of those.

- You do?

- Yeah, I got a whole toolbox
in here.

- He's right.
- You do?

- I'll find it for you.

- Hey, you stay put.

Uh, Holly's gonna help us.

- I don't know anything
about tools.

- It is like a normal
flathead screwdriver

except it's got two
vampire-like teeth on the end.

- [grunts]

- We're never making it
out of here.

- Holly.

- We're not.

We're gonna fall or suffocate.

- Holly!

Listen, just--

let's talk about
something different, okay?

You never answered my question,

About kids.
You got any, huh?

- No.

What kind of world is this

to bring a kid into?

- All right.

- [sighs]

No offense.

- Okay, that's just crazy.

- No, I'm serious.

Look around.

Everything's falling apart.

The runways in Arizona
are so hot,

they can't even land planes
on them,

disease wiped out
a gazillion people

over the last 12 months,

not to mention half the country
hates the other half.

- Hey.

Take it easy.

- After what my sister
went through...

[somber music]

A horrible miscarriage,

lost the baby with no warning

and almost died.

And it blew her marriage
to smithereens.

- Well, when Cindy was pregnant

the first time,

Chicago had
one of those winters

that just, you know,

make people wanna move
to Florida, okay?

And uh, she was about

six months along,

that time when you can feel
the baby kick.

I remember her placing my hand

on her stomach
and that thump, thump.

And me, supposed to be this...

this tough guy firefighter

and me getting tears

in my eyes every time.


But, um...

She got the gumption one night

to go her parents
for a Sunday night dinner,


there was this big patch of ice
on the sidewalk.

She just goes down in a heap.

Right on her belly.

- [sighs]

Herrmann, I didn't know, man.

- We went to the ER,

and I'm all in a sweat,

and she just keeps saying,

"I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine."

And you know what?

She was right.

[soft dramatic music]

And that, that is the story

of my firstborn,

Lee Henry.

And he's 21 years old now,

and he drives me crazy

half the time,

but he's a great kid.


You have seen enough
of this world to know

that sucker punches can come
from every which way...

But there is more good
than bad out there.

I promise you that.

- Holly, right there
by your hand.

- This one?

- That's it.
Yeah, that's it.

- You see?
Right when we needed it.

- Yeah, I had my kid young.

It's just one of those things.

We didn't know
what we were doing

and just out of high school,

and it just--it just happened.

Yeah, Shane's mom and I,

we never really fit,
so we didn't even try.

But we did agree on one thing,

and that is putting Shane
front and center.

We both shower that kid
with so much love,

and he turned out great.
- Yeah.

- I couldn't be prouder.

- You see?

That's what I'm talking about.

- Then he married a mean woman.


Poisoned him against me.

Shane hasn't talked to me
in over a year.

I don't know
how to rectify that.

- Okay, let's stop
the group share

for a little while,

and we're gonna concentrate
on getting out of this box.

Okay, Joe,

think like Otis.

- Yep.

[heavy breathing]

Okay, uh...


Yeah, this looks like
the panel reset breaker.

- Casey, report.

- Fire on the tenth floor.
delta quadrant.

We need engine.

- Lieutenant Herrmann,

divert hoses
from northeast to west.

- Chief!

It's Herrmann.
Can you read me?

- Engine 51, report.

[dramatic music]

- Hey, this is Hermann!
Can anybody hear me?

- We don't have eyes
on Herrmann.

We don't have
eyes on Herrmann.

- Get down!
It's a flashover!


[all gasping and grunting]

- [heavy breathing]

- I need everyone to report.

- They can't hear anything...

[static buzzing]

- Mayday!

It's Mouch!
He was in the delta corner.

The flashover
rained hell on us.


I don't know if he's alive.

- Do you--do you smell that?

It's smoke.

I can smell the fire.

- It's okay, all right?
It's two or three floors up.

We're gonna be okay.
- We have to get out of here.

- Mouch!


Do you copy?


- Mouch!

Come on, Mouch!


[static buzzing]

- We gotta get out of here.

Where's that reset switch?

- No, no, no!
Don't touch that!

- [screaming]


- Hey.

- Holly, are you okay?

- Holly, can you hear me?

- Her breathing is normal.

- Okay.
Her pulse is regular.

- Eyes are reactive.

- All right, she's stable
as best we can tell.

All right?

She's got second degree burns

from that jolt,

but it'll be best when
we can get her to the medic.

- Oh.
Hey, you fixed it.

- Yeah, yeah.

Everybody hold onto something.

You might feel a jolt.


It's fried.

[dramatic music]

- Being off the rails,

that's a real problem,
isn't it?

- Why do you ask?

- It's all over your faces.

Man, I'd love to play poker
with you two.

- Yeah.

It's a possibility
that we could drop.

So, uh, we gotta figure out

a way to lighten our load.

- If I just had my K12,

I could make a trapdoor
in the floor

and just dump all this stuff
down the shaft.

[heavy breathing]

- Hey, Joe.

We don't need a trap door.

We just need a tiny hole.

One that's big enough

that we can pour out

110 gallons of liquid.

- That is a great idea,

That is a great idea!


Okay, let's see what the hell
we're working with here.

- It's paint stripper.

We had a bunch of walls
to strip upstairs.

- Toluene.

That's pretty noxious stuff.

Highly flammable.


- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just stay put.

- No, no, no, I'm fine.
You guys do your thing.

I'm gonna keep an eye on her.

- We just gotta drain
everything down the hole

before the fumes knock us out

or we create some sort
of an ignition hazard.

- Yeah.

- [grunts]

- All right, so,

obviously, this is a low point,

so I don't know maybe

we cut a hole over there?

- Yeah, that should work.


I just gotta figure out

how to bore into two inches
of wood.

All right, uh...


Can you fashion a funnel
out of this for me?

- Yep.

All right.

I'm real sorry
that she got hurt,

but having
a little peace and quiet

is nice for a change.

- You guys didn't catch her
on her best day.

She's usually not so, uh...

She's actually really nice.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She works hard,
and still makes time

to bring my construction crew

coffee and doughnuts
every morning.

- Oh.

I guess she likes you
more than me.

- Yeah, yeah,
I think this is gonna work.

- Hey.


Do you remember what you said

to Mouch and me the first day
that you showed up at 51?

- No.

- You said, "Hey.

"My name is Joe Cruz.

"You don't know me,

but you can count on me."

- [laughing]

Yeah, I vaguely remember that.

- Truer words never spoken.

Okay, it's ugly,
but I got it.

- Oh, yeah,
that's gonna work good.

Come here.
Give me a hand.

[both grunting]

This good?
- Yeah.

- Good, okay, get ready
with that funnel.

[heavy breathing]

- Yeah, go ahead.

- Now.

- It's going.

- All right.

I'm gonna open up the top now,

but it's gonna send
the flood works in,

and I'm not gonna
be able to stop it.

- Yep.

It's working, Joe.

It's working.

- [coughs]

- [sighs]

- Lieutenant Herrmann,
where are you?

Can you get to Mouch?

- Ritter!

I am nowhere near him!

You gotta get somebody
over there to help him!

Get somebody to Mouch!

[static buzzing]

- I can't reach Herrmann.
Can anyone get to Mouch?

- Oh!


- Mayday!

I'm pinned down.

[static buzzing]

[somber music]

- Hey, Mouch.



- I can't hear anyone.

Can anyone hear me?

- Mouch.


[somber music]

- I got it.

I got it.

Mouch is gonna be okay.

- I hope so.

- I know so.

- What if she's right,

What if this world
is too tragic

to bring a child into?

- No, no.

She's not right.

- I always wanted a kid,

but when Chloe told me,

I just felt panic.

So much has changed.

The pandemic, politics,

the whole country's
fighting with each other.

- Hey, enough, all right?

Joe, you listen to me,

and you listen to me good.

This country is not just
what's out there

on the news.

It starts at home

in a family.

The country that
your child is gonna see,

the one that's gonna make them
who they are,

that is the country

of Joe and Chloe Cruz.

You two, you got such an energy

about the both of you.

You make
all the people around you

light up.

You both came
from pretty different worlds,

didn't you, right?

And you made a beautiful,

happy home,

and that is the country

that your baby
is gonna wake up to

every day.

If you have a solid family...

It balances out

all the bad out there.

- How do you do that?

- Hey.
You're okay?

- [grunts]

- Yeah, yeah.

I think so.


With everything going on

here and out there,

how do you stay hopeful
like that?

- [heavy breathing]


He's the grumpiest optimist
you'll ever meet.

- [chuckles]

- Hey, that was a pretty nasty
shock you took.

Are you moving okay?

- There's a burn
where you touched the panel,

but you'll be okay.

Our medics can take care of it.

- You guys are so nice,

and I was being so awful.

I'm just not very good

at handling being scared.

[elevator creaking]

- Okay.


Time for number two.


[electricity buzzing]

- Aah!

[tense music]

[all heavy breathing]


- Hey, Herrmann, you okay?

- Yeah.

I just wanna get to
this next one stat.

[both grunting]

All right.

- [grunts]


Here we go.
- Yeah.

- [grunts]

- All right.

- We're getting the hell
out of here.

- Yeah?

Hey, listen!

Just wait for me to finish.

- No, hey, Trevor.
No, no.

I got this.
Your leg.

- Nope, we're in this together.

- Yeah, what he said.

- Severide, can you hear me?

- Casey, where are you?

- Alpha side.

- I'm across from you.

- You got a visual on Mouch?

[static buzzing]

- Negative.

It's cooking in there.

- Okay, listen.

I'm gonna try
to breach the wall

on the bravo side
and get to him.

[static buzzing]

- Damn it, Casey!

You want to get yourself
killed too?

- [grunting]



This might work.

On my sig--

Two, one.


[loud bang]

[indistinct shouting]




- Hey, Cruz?

Block it out, Cruz.

Come on, keep working.

You got it.

- Yeah.

- Let's go!
- [grunts]

- Come on.


- [grunting]

- Who's Mouch?

- Mouch?
- [coughing]

- He's about the best guy
you could ever meet.

[dramatic music]

[all coughing]

You know that bar
I was talking about?

- Molly's.

- That's right.

Well, Mouch and I,

we co-own it,

but, uh...

we've been
firefighters together

for nearly 20 years.

[all heavy breathing]

- Is he married?

- Yeah.

- I hope he's okay.


- Is that smoke?

- Whatever they did up there,

it changed the way
that the air is flowing,

and it's pushing
all the smoke down here on us.

[all coughing]

- Hey, Trevor, listen.
Grab that air pack.

You two share it.
Hurry up!

- [grunts]
- [coughing]

- Pull the straps back
around the facemask.

Stick it on your face.

[all coughing]

- Son of a bitch

won't budge!

- Trevor, here.

- Hey!

The barrel's empty!

- [grunts]


- It's getting so hot.

- [grunting]
That knocked something loose!

- Hey!

- [grunting]
- Okay.

- [grunts]

[heavy breathing]

All right, Herrmann, you pull,
I'll push.

- Hey.

You guys are next.

[all coughing]

- Okay, Holly, time to go.

Coming your way, Herrmann!

- [straining]

- All right, Trevor,
you gotta go, buddy.

It's gonna hurt like hell,
but you can't stay here.

- You're preaching
to the choir.


- All right.

There you go, buddy.
You got it.

You got it.
- [moaning]


- Got him, Herrmann?

- One, two, three!

[both grunting]

- [grunting]

All right.
Nice and easy.

- [panting]

Everybody out of the way?



- [crying]

[all coughing]

- Chief, it's Casey
and Severide!

We have Mouch.

He's okay, he's okay.

- Copy that, Casey.

Engine 51, Engine 30,

hit the tenth floor
with everything you got.

- All right, Chief.
This is Herrmann.

We are stuck
in a freight elevator shaft.

[static buzzing]

- Repeat that, Herrmann.

- Yeah, Chief!

Cruz and I, we are stuck

in the east elevator shaft

on uh...

the seventh floor.

- We heard that, Chief.

Squad's en route now.

- Copy that, Severide.
- [coughing]

- Get 'em out.
- Oh, yes!

- [laughs]

- What'd I tell you guys, huh?

- [laughs]

- We'd have luck
when we needed it.

[all heavy breathing]

- Hey!
Hey, we're in here!


- All right, boys, come on.

[sweeping dramatic music]

- Aah, aah!

- Come on,
let's get you out of here.

- Okay, okay.

- All right, come on.
You're first.

You got it.
- All right, come on.

I got you.
That's it.

- All right, buddy.
Let's get you out of here.

- Just lean on me.
- Turn around, turn around.

- One, two, three.

- If I hadn't have seen
that rescue of Mouch

with my own eyes,
I wouldn't have believed it.

- I was not ready
for what happened at all.

- They should give you a medal
for that drop alone.

- You were pretty damn insane
yourself with that--

What the hell was that thing?
- No idea.

I tripped over it
in one of those storage units.

- Is his leg okay?
- It looks broken,

but they'll give him
an X-ray at Med to confirm.

- [groans]
It's really barking now.

- Let me see.

Pulse is normal.

There's another ambulance
coming around the corner, okay?

- Okay.
- Sure.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I'm sorry again
about how I lost my cool.

- Aw, it was fine.

Our situation
would've panicked anyone.

- It didn't you.

- Uh, hey, Holly?

Um, you think you might want
to grab lunch sometime?

- Yeah.
I'd like that.

- Yeah.

- Look, um, I spilt my guts

enough already today,

so I'm not gonna go
all Mr. Softy on you again,

but, um...

I'm really glad
you were with me

in that elevator car today.

I'm not sure if anybody

would've made it out otherwise.

- It felt like someone else
was up there too.


- You're right about that.

All right, listen,
I'll see you back at 51.

And congratulations again
on you know what.

- Hey, hey, no, don't say
anything, all right?

I was told specifically
that I cannot say anything.

- Aw, you bastard.

You old bastard.

- Mr. Softy.

- I got you.
You good?

- Yeah.

[soft dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]