Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 3 - Smash Therapy - full transcript

A mishap on the aerial ladder in the midst of a fire leaves Mouch shaken and questioning his abilities. Kidd looks for support from Severide while Casey and Brett discuss their future.


- How does it feel,
knowing you might make

firefighters out
of these girls?

- Feels pretty damn good.

My chief just got approval
to hire a part-time assistant.

- Are you seriously
offering me a job?

- It's always been you.

If Gabby came back and asked
you to leave with her,

would you go?

- I don't know.

- I think you should leave.

[dramatic music]

- You are the very definition
of a leader.

When the lieutenants' test
is offered in a few months,

I want you to take it.

- Do you think I'm ready?

- You have plenty of time.

and you have me.

- The meeting is today
for lieutenant candidates.

And, to be honest,
I'm a little nervous.

There is something about
reality hitting,


"Damn, in a few months,

I'm taking
the lieutenants' test."

- Yeah, you are.
- Yeah.

You're gonna
help me study, right?

Like the squad truck
ins and outs?

'cause I gotta learn that
from the master.

- I'm here.
Anything you need.

- Okay.

So maybe after shift,
we go through it?

- Sure, sounds good.
- Okay.

- So this is what I drive...

- Well, good morning.

- Hey, squad.
- Morning.

- Just so you know,

Kylie says "squad" when
she's referring to her pals,

her family,
or pretty much anyone.

How's her first day going?

- So far, so good.

- Chief Boden's been awesome.

He introduced me to everybody,
showed me the rigs.

- You mind if I give her
my personal tour,

which might include

a hidden stash
of Nitro Takis?

- Go right ahead.

- I love Nitro Takis.

- Oh, right?
It's the perfect breakfast.

Right, right this way.
- Yes, yes!

- You happen to notice...
- The similarities?

Yes, I did.

- Hey.

Can we, uh...can we talk?

- Yeah, of course.

- I'm really sorry

about the way things went
down the other night.

- No, don't be.

Like I said, this is on me.

- It was on both of us.

And I want you to know,

I don't regret it.

- Okay.

- It sounds like you do?

- Matt...
[tone plays over PA system]

- Engine 51, Truck 81,
Squad 3, Ambulance 61...

- [sighs]

- Yeah, later.

[soft dramatic music]

- Come on.

- Victim's on the roof,

[siren wailing]

[music intensifies]

- Get us close.

- Pull a horseshoe
off the engineer's side.

- Copy that.

[indistinct chatter]

- Someone!

- Help, over here!
- Help!

- Mouch, extend the aerial.

Gallo, you're coming
to the roof with me.

- You got it, Captain.
- We're up here!

[door slams open]
- [coughing]

- Hey, you okay?
- [grunts]

My boss, he's still in there!

- All right.
We'll find him.

Capp, get this guy
to the medics.

- Hey, bud, come with me.

- Tony, get a RIT-Pak ready.
- Copy that.

- Cruz, you got one victim

- Yeah, it's rolling in there.

- Let's make it quick.


- Fire department!
Call out!

- Fire department!
Call out!

Hey, sweep left.

Meet me on the Charlie side.
- Copy that, lieutenant.

[both coughing]
- Over here!

- Over here!
- Bring it over here!

- Yup.

It's all yours, Captain.
- On the roof!

- Fire department!
Call out!

Fire department!
Call out!

[machinery grumbles]

- Hmm.

- [coughing]
- Hey!

- Come on!
You're going the wrong way.

- Over there.
- Hey.

Hey, Cruz.
I found a victim.

There might be another one
on the northwest corner.

Come on, we gotta get you
out of here.

[machinery groans]

- Whoa!

- [screams]

- Casey!

[dramatic music]

- [grunts]

- Casey!
Hang on.

- [panting]

[dramatic music]

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Mouch, lock the stick!
- [stammering] It was!

It is!

- I got you, Cap.
- [grunts]

- Our exit route!
It's too hot now.

We won't get through.

- Got it?

- [grunts]

- Come on.

There we go

- [grunts loudly]

- Stay down.

- [panting]
You okay?

[indistinct shouting]

The hell was that?
- I don't know.

- Is he all right?
- Come on.

- Get ready to go!
- Yeah.

- All right.
Go now, go!

[music intensifies]

- All right, come on.
Let's move.

- Two civilians coming down.
Mouch, is the aerial locked?

- Yes, Captain.

[somber music]

- Okay, one at a time.
Take it slow and easy.

- [coughing]
[indistinct radio chatter]

- Who else is in there?

- Uh, what?
- Who were you going back for?

- I was trying
to get to my car.

- A car?
- A '70 Stingray.

- Squad 3, we're all clear.
Cruz, move out.

There's no one else inside.

- Copy that!
On the way out.

- Come on.
Let's get you to the medics.

- Watch your step.

- Care to explain, Mouch?

- I don't know what happened.

Captain, I swear it was locked.

The rung alignment--
- Yeah, sure.

- Light was on--

- Yeah, good job.

- Let's take a look
at that cut.

- It's fine.

Could be worse.
- Come on.

It's not too deep.

Just need to clean it
and put a bandage on it.

- Glad you're okay, Captain.

Looked pretty scary there
for a minute.

- Lucky Gallo got there
when he did.

- For sure.

Um, our victim's burns cover
most of his hands.

So we should probably get him
over to Med.

- We're done here.

- Thanks.
[clears throat]

- Hey, Kidd,

you okay if I pull the rig out
under the apron?

- Sure.

- Yeah.
- Just a reminder.

I got that meeting
at headquarters.

- Sure, go ahead.
- Okay.


- [muttering]


Come here.

- What's up, Chief?

- What is that?

- I think that's one of
those standing desks.

- But why?

- Why...
- Why is it here, in my office?

- I don't know, Chief.

I didn't have anything
to do with this.

- What do you think?

- About the, uh...
- Yeah.

I found it
in the utility closet.

You were complaining
about your back earlier,

so I figured...

- Uh-huh.

- And you know what they say.

"Sitting is the new smoking."

- [chuckles]



Well done, Kylie.

- Yeah.
Uh, see how you like it.

- [chuckles]
Thank you.

- Congratulations.

You're here because

your name came up
for the lieutenant test.

But first you have to pass.

Then wait for placement.

For some of you,
that could take years.

For others,
it may never happen.

There will be a written portion
along with timed events,

similar to the CPAT.

You have until March 19th.

So come prepared...

or don't come at all.

Refer to the info sheets
for books you need to get,

which events to expect,

and CFD online resources.

Any questions?

All right, then.

- You must be Stella Kidd.

Chief Boden's
a big fan of yours.

- [chuckles]
I feel the same way about him.

- Hey.
Joey Sandoval.

I was at the leadership
retreat right after you.

Heard your name a lot.

You made a real impression
on Chief Morgan.

- Wow.

I mean, that's--
that's nice to know.

- Time to break up the party.

There's another meeting coming
in right after this one.

- Good to meet you.
- Yeah, good to meet you.

Chief, thank you
for the opportunity.

March 19th, I'll come prepared.

- Good.

- Hey, Mouch!

What's the matter?

Throw another Frisbee
up on the roof?

- I don't know what happened.

Lock's working just fine now,

but on the call--

Swear I locked it in.
I know I did.

- Okay.
What'd Casey say?

- Ah, not a lot.

Just stared at me
with hate in his eyes.

- No, he didn't.

I mean, maybe
he's a little pissed off,

is my guess.

- He's got every right to be.

He was half an inch away
from a career-ending injury...

or worse.

I know I didn't bump the lever.

And even if I did,
when it's locked in,

it shouldn't move.

- Hey.

If you say it was locked in,

I believe you.

- Then why can't I find
a mechanical problem?

Can you just let me...

- Okay.
Of course.

All right?

- I gotta figure this out.

What happened today,
that can't ever happen again.


- "The truck officer
momentarily lost balance

"due to excessive
aerial sway

"possibly caused by high winds

but recovered and continued
with the rescue operation."

High winds?

- I was inside
the fire at the time.

I didn't see any of it.

- I mean, I don't know what
happened, exactly.

The ladder bucked
like a bronco.

- If a mistake was made,
tell me.

- Mouch screwed up.
He knows it.

That's punishment enough.

Rather not send this
up the chain.

- I'm with Casey on this.

They suspend Mouch,
we just get some other floater

with half his experience.

- Yeah.

- Well, it's your neck
on the line.

Far as I'm concerned,
it's your call to make.

- Hey, Chief?
- Yeah?

- What's that?

- You never seen
a standing desk before?

- No, not--not in here.

- Well, you know what they say.

sitting is the new smoking.

- Hmm.
- Who's "they"?

- How the hell
am I supposed to know?

- Is 61 still out?

- Not sure.

- No big deal.

- I'm trying to find

someone who would've
helped me out of the building,

- Severide.

- Hey.

'70 Stingray.

- Ken.

I never got a chance
to thank you.

- Kelly.

- If you hadn't pulled me
out of there...

- Yeah, I'm a big car guy

but they haven't made one yet
that I'm willing to die for.

- It wasn't just any car.

It was my dad's.

Spent ten years restoring it.

Never lived to see it through.

Wanted me to finish it for him.

- Ah.

- LeMans blue.

Turbo jet.
454 V-8.

- [whistles]
Wish I could've heard that.

- Hey, man, I went back there

the minute the hospital
discharged me

to check the damage,

but the doors were boarded up
with a notice from OFI?

- Yeah, that's the Office
of Fire Investigation.

They have to determine
the cause.

- Oh.

How long till I can get back
in there?

- Depends what they find.

Do you know how it started?
- No.

But I've been complaining
to the landlord

for years about
a twitchy subpanel.

- Yeah, well, I'm sure
someone will get in touch.

- Yeah, yeah.

Um, hey, man, thanks again.

I owe you my life.
- Yeah, glad you're okay.

- Um,

I didn't realize we were low
on anything.

My bad.
I should've checked that.

- Um, no, we're--we're not.
I just--

I just thought it never hurts
to do a supply run, right?

- Right.

Hey, um, am I crazy,

or did I pick up on
a little something-something

between you and Casey?

- Casey?
No, not--no.

- Oh.

I just broke up with
my boyfriend of two years,

which is a good thing, so.

- Casey's definitely not
my boyfriend.

- Oh, no, no, no.

I'm just saying
I'm happy to talk boys

anytime you want.

Speaking of which,

what is up with Gallo?

Is he seeing anybody, or...

- You know,
we're not super close.

So I haven't asked.
- Oh.

- But I haven't
heard of anyone recently.


- Ooh, okay!

Good to know.

[indistinct chatter]

- Hey, Mouch.
What you got there, buddy?

You reading the phone book?

- It's the operations manual
for 81.

- Uh, you never read it?

You know,
maybe that's the problem, huh?

- No, Cruz...
- Of course I read it.

First thing I did last year
after we got the new truck.

Now I'm reading it again.
Is that okay with you?

- Yeah, sorry, Mouch.
Was just a dumb joke.

Hey, did you check
the hydraulics?

You know,
maybe you got a bad seal

or a leaky hose line.

[tense music]

- Can't you see
he's beating himself up?

- I was just trying to help.
- Yeah.

Well, don't.

- What's the address again?

- 255 South Archer.

It was a warehouse fire
full of cars.

- Looking like
an electrical fire.

- So they can
release the scene?

- Oh, get in line.

I got two fatality fires
taking priority right now.

- Uh, there's just a guy

that wants to check on
one of the cars inside.

It should only take
a few minutes.

- Well, he can get in there

once a qualified
fire scene investigator

signs off on the cause.

Hey, you know who's qualified?

Kelly Severide.

You close out
this investigation for me,

and you can let your buddy
in there to check on his car.

- I don't work at OFI.

- You should, Severide.
It's in your blood.

- If I do this,

will you stop pestering me
about coming back here?

- No.

- [scoffs]


Thanks, Van Meter.
- No, Severide.

Thank you.

- Look at this.
Kelly Severide, back at OFI.

- I know.
I can't seem to stay away.

- I met your girlfriend today

at the lieutenant
candidates meeting.

- That so?

- Took me till I was 42
to make lieutenant.

She's really zooming
up the ladder.

- Well, she's
a great firefighter.

- If you say so.

These days, they promote people
for all kind of reasons

that have nothing to do
with skill and experience.

- She has both.
- Sure.

But I'll tell you what:

a victim that's gotta be

down a ground ladder

doesn't care that there're
enough ladies in the CFD

or enough diversity.

They just need saving.
Am I right?

- You might want to think
about retirement, Chief.

You're starting to sound
a little creaky.

- [chuckling]

I get it.
You gotta defend your girl.

But it's funny,

'cause folks around here
are saying

the real reason Kidd's
moving up so fast is you.

- What are you talking about?

- It can't hurt--
sleeping with an officer,

especially one
so closely connected

to Commissioner Grissom.

I'm just telling you
what everyone else is saying.

Don't shoot the messenger.

See you around, Severide.

[tense music]


- You're in the wrong part
of town, pal.

F51 is way the hell
over there.

- Uh, no.

My chief sent us
to get our rig washed.

He says it's pretty much all
you guys do up here.

- What's up, you bastard?
- Ah.

I just wanted to ask you guys
about, you know,

an accident you had
a while back here.

You know, bobbing your aerial.

You know what
I'm talking about.

- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.

- I was laid up for a month.
This knee...

- Yeah?
- Still ain't right.

Why the sudden interest?

- Oh, we just had a close call
at 51.

Similar-type deal.

I just wanted to
get the details

to see if there was anything
instructive to take away,

you know?

How'd it happen?

- It was a house fire
in Austin.

I was on a 28
up the bravo side.

- Right.
- Brambos is placing

the aerial at a nearby window.
- Mm-hmm.

- Overshoots it somehow.

Down I go, ladder and all.

- Brambos, huh?
- Yeah.

- He's no greenhorn.
- Nah.

He's got the opposite problem.

Been doing it so long,

he's just going
through the motions.

It's all good now, though.

Got him riding a desk
up at fire prevention,

counting heads
at overcrowded bars.

- Oof.

- So if you're looking
for a takeaway,

I'd say the lesson is
weed out the deadwood

before someone gets killed.

- Well...that's good insight.

Thanks, Demblowski.
- Sure thing.

See you around, Hermann.
- Yeah.

- Hey, there.

- Hey.

- Heard you were
at headquarters too.

- I was, yeah.

Uh, actually,

I just ran into Chief Conway,
and did you know that--

- Oh, I have to say,

I feel so much better
after leaving that meeting.

I mean, people were coming up,

saying really nice things.

It meant a lot.
- That's...yeah.

I'm glad to hear it.
- I'm geared up.

I'm gonna hit the books hard.

I'm gonna dazzle
those white shirts

and get myself a promotion,
do Boden proud.

You'll take me through
the squad later, right?

- Uh, you don't need
my help with that.

There's--you know, there's all
kinds of diagrams and...

- [scoffs]

I, um--

I thought you were gonna
walk me through it.

Listen, I'll make it fun.

- I'm sure you would.

And I actually--I have
a thing to do after shift.

- "A thing."

- Yes.

Capp, walk Kidd
through squad, okay?

- Sure.
After I get a little me time.

- Now.
- No, not--

I can wait until you have time.
- No, no.

Capp could use
the extra training.

- He's in a mood.

- I'm not putting down
the milkshake, FYI.

- Come on.

- Okay, Chief, here's all
the equipment expenditures

for the third quarter.

- Thank you, Kylie.
- Sure thing.

Gallo just caught me looking
at the bad buildings map.

- Yup.

- He says you guys keep track

of all the dangerous
abandoned properties

in the area?

- Yeah, that's right.
It's for our own safety.

- That's so cool.

I learn something new here,
like, every five minutes.

- Yeah, best way to learn
about firefighting

is in the firehouse.

- Oh, God, I love it.

- [chuckles]

- Uh, are you okay?

- Yeah.

Well, you know, guess
I'll have to go without.

- I think you just...

Try it now.

- Hmm.

[keys clacking]

Thank you, Kylie.
- Any time, Chief.

[knocks at door]
- Hey.

There you are.
- Yeah.

Uh, bunch of calls
and a supply run.


I don't want things
to be weird between us.

- Neither do I.
They don't have to be.


I know what
I said the other night.

But you have to know...

my feelings for you...

they're real, Sylvie...

regardless of Gabby.

- There is
no "regardless of Gabby."

That's the point.

[somber music]

- I'm not sure
that has to be true.

- I am.

Matt, what happened between us,

it can't happen again.


You--you've been
such a great friend to me.

- [chuckles]
I feel the same way.

- I just...

I need a little space
right now, okay?

I can't go right back
to the way things were

and pretend nothing happened.

- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

- Okay.

- You okay?

- Yeah.
I'm fine.

- Here.

[buzzer sounds]

- Ambulance 61...

- [sighs]
Of course.

- Person injured,
395 South Madison.

[siren wailing]

[tense music]

- Hello?

- Over here!


- What happened?
- That thing flew into me.

- All right, here.

Let's just take a look.

- [exhales]


- I heard this buzzing noise,

like a swarm of bees
heading straight for me.

- How's the pain?
The fentanyl kick in yet?

- I think so?

I can't feel my legs.

- Oh, good.
Then it's working.

- Uh, I

- Ooh.

Uh, pretty clean cut.

Should be able to reattach it,
no problem.

[nearby buzzing]

- Hey, I see you ,Wesley!

- Playtime is over!

Can I get in trouble for that?

- That thing was
clearly a threat to our safety.

- Finish it.

- You know, I feel like you
might need this more than I do.

- No, no.
You do it.

- I'll do it.
- No, no, no.

You should stay still.

- You ever heard
of smash therapy?

People pay good money for this.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

- Go for it.

- Sure.
Why not?

- Sit still for me?
Lean back.

There you go.

- [grunting]

- You sure this is cool?
Just going inside?

- Yeah, it's on the up and up.

I know the guy that runs OFI.
I talked to him myself.

Come on.

- Oh, man.
What a mess.

I can't believe I tried
to fight my way through this.

You must think
I'm some kind of stupid.

- I don't know.

I've seen a lot of people
run back into fires

for photo albums,
wedding dresses,

Grandma's recipe book.

- Seriously?

- But those are all things
you can carry.

How the hell were you planning
on getting out of here

with a car?

- I didn't
really think it through.

- Where is it?
- Back corner.


Look at that.

- Looks like the heat blew
a tire out over here.

- Anything else?

- Not that I can see.
- Frickin' miracle.

Barely been touched.

- She's a beauty, Ken.

Your dad had great taste.

Take as much time as you need.

I'm gonna have a look around,
jot some notes down,

and sign off on the paperwork.

- Wait, so that's how you got
them to let us in here?

You offered to do
their job for them?

- Ah, it's no big deal.

- It's a big deal to me, Kelly.

This car's about the only thing
keeping me sane.

400 horses, nice piece of road.

You just leave
all your problems

in the rearview mirror.

- I'm still finding
my way around,

but it seems like anything
dealing with the vehicles

is in this cabinet.

- Oh, we don't
call them "vehicles."

We call them "apparatuses."

- "Apparati," actually.

- What are we looking for,

- Transfer paperwork.

There's this lickspittle
at headquarters.

His name is Gorsch,

and he got us this used truck
at auction

from some firehouse
down in Cleveland.

I just need the phone number.

- Why do you wanna
talk to them?

- Well, every rig has
got its quirks, you know?

A touchy gearbox,
a sticky compartment door.

I just wanna see if any
of these guys in Cleveland

had any technical issues
with that aerial.

- That's a good idea, I guess.
- Yeah.

- Hey, Kylie?
Come clean.

What do you have
on Chief Boden?

- Huh?

- Why is he so nice to you?

- Uh, because
he's a giant teddy bear?

[both laugh]

- He's more like a grizzly.

- Or a T. rex.

- The only assistant

that's lasted more
than two months with Boden

was a lady named Connie,

and that's only because
she was tougher than him.

- For real?
- Yeah, for real.

- Uh, hey.

What about this?
- That is it!

Truck 81.

Thank you, Kylie.
- Happy to help.

- T. rex.

- Hey.

Got a few minutes?

- Yeah.
Let's do it.

You and Brett?
- Not anymore.

Looks like that was
the extent of it.

Gabby, our relationship,

it's always gonna be
an issue for Sylvie.

- And for you?

- [sighs]
I thought so.

But to be honest,
these last few months,

I haven't had
any contact with Gabby

or even thought much about her.

Sylvie's been
the only one on my mind.

- But you're just gonna
let it go.

- That's what she wants.


I don't know.

Maybe it's for the best.
- Is it?

Sounds to me like you got it
pretty bad for Brett.

- I think that's exactly why
I have to pull back.

It's the best thing...

for her.

- Damn.



- [sighs]

- You don't like
the standing desk.

- It's not that I don't like.

I just...

I don't like it.

Whoever invented it
needs their butt kicked.

- Why didn't you just say so?

Chief, just 'cause I'm a girl,

you don't have
to go easy on me.

- It is not because
you are a girl.

It's because
I don't wanna be the one

to dampen your enthusiasm
for this job.

- The only thing that can
dampen my enthusiasm

is watching my chief
squatting on a box

because he's too scared to
treat me like a normal person.

If one of your guys
put this here,

what would you say to them?

- I'd say, "Get this thing
out of my sight right now."

- You got it, Chief.

- And get my chair
back in here.

- Yes, sir.

- What are we doing, Hermann,

Shift's over.

Casey doesn't wanna
talk to me anyway.

- Listen, I've got something
you both need to see.

So just come on.
Hey, Casey?

You got a minute?

It's about the aerial.

- I thought we put that to bed.
- Yeah.

You're gonna wanna know
about this.

- Recall notice.
Where'd this come from?

- I called the fire company
in Cleveland

that Gorsch bought
your truck from.

That model
has intermittent issues

with the override switch,

which affects
the turntable control.

- Which could throw
the aerial off balance.

- Mm-hmm.

Now, Gorsch was supposed
to get it fixed

before we took delivery.

But I called the manufacturer,

and guess what?

The repairs were never made.

- Gorsch was probably too busy
kissing the commissioner's ass.

- The good news, though,

is it wasn't operator error
after all.

[warm music]

- Good.

I better get this handled.

[sighs softly]

Sorry about giving you
a hard time, Mouch.

- No, Captain.
I'm just relieved.

[exhales heavily]
- Yeah.

- Hermann...

What possessed you to do
all that legwork?

- I knew you didn't screw up,
so it had to be something else.

- Gorsch!

- Frickin' Gorsch.
- I hate that guy!

- You were right, you know.
Smash therapy works.

- Right?
I told you.

- Yeah, you did.

Thanks, Mackey.

- Any time, partner.

Ooh, Gallo.

If I was to give you
my number,

you would call me, right?

- Cruz would murder me,
and you know it.

- Don't give up.
- Oh, I won't, trust me.

- Hey, guy.

I'll take another refill,
my good man.

- That's your ninth tonight.
- Uh-uh.

Free drinks for life.

- I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you.

I've been in kind of
a tailspin over it.

- How was the kiss?
- [scoffs]

- I mean, was it good?

- It was.

So not helpful, Stella.
- My bad.

- I just need to put it
behind me and move on.

And I can do that.

I mean, there are good men
who aren't still, deep down,

in love with their exes, right?

I mean, you found Severide.

- [sighs]
- What?

- He is being a real weirdo.

So first he saddled me with
Capp for a squad study session.

And then he bailed
on me again tonight,

and both times he said
he had "a thing."

- You didn't ask
for any specifics?

- No.
I probably should've.

Something is up.

That is for sure.

- Hey, Captain!

What are we drinking tonight?

- Uh, I'll take a whiskey.
- All right.

Hey, uh,

if you don't mind me saying,

the way that you handled

that whole Mouch situation,
that was really great.

It really meant a lot to him,

the way that you were
so willing

to just let it go and move on.

- Yeah.

Guess I'm pretty good at that.

Make it a double?

- Yeah.

[somber music]

- I gotta admit, Kelly,

I didn't expect you to show up
and provide free manual labor.

- Well, I wasn't gonna
let you do this one-handed.

Truth is,

I needed to give
my girlfriend some space.

- Uh-oh.
In the doghouse?

- Nah, nothing like that.

I'm just doing her more harm
than good right now,

even if she doesn't know it.

All right, man.
You're good to go.

- You ready?

- Me?

You just brought this thing
back from the grave.

You should be the first one
to drive it.

- Kelly, man,
you saved my life,

gave me peace of mind.

This is all I have
to offer in return.

Indulge me.

[cell phone vibrating]

- All right.

Hell yeah.
Let's go.

- My man.

[engine turns over]


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]