Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 16 - No Survivors - full transcript

The firehouse reacts to some exciting news, a mysterious stranger arrives and a shocking call takes Severide's breath away.

The most important word
to Firehouse 51 is community.

When this community calls...
we respond.

Some changes
might be coming to 51.

Good change?
I don't know, yet.

I'm looking
for something
I can never have.

The way you are
with each other,
it's kind of... undeniable.

I'm in love with you, Sylvie.

And even if that
doesn't change anything,
I needed you to know it.

I want to talk
to the two of you
about Kidd's future.

There are no spots at 51.
She will have to go elsewhere.

I don't ever
want you to leave me.

Stella Kidd,
will you marry me?

Hell yeah. I will.

That your uncle's

You gonna
wear it or sell it?
Not sure yet.

I've been thinking
a lot about this watch.

My uncle carried it around
for 50 years
after his wife died.


He was lonely
his whole life.

When Mom would take me
and Christie to his house,
the only memory I have of him

is a sad man sitting
in a Barcalounger,

gin and tonic in his hand,

staring at a TV
without really watching.

Just waited around
for 50 years to die.

I think Uncle Jake
was sending me a message.

"Don't wait around
like I did.

"Get out there and live."

I, um...

I told Brett how I feel.

Just laid it
all out there.

Yeah? And?
And... nothing yet.

I think I gave her
a lot to think about.

Uh, so...
So you wait.

Yeah. All I can do.

Anyway, speaking of
"get out there and live,"

I saw the way
you and Kidd were
looking at each other.

Uh, I might have, uh...

done something.

Ha-ha, I knew it!

Man! Proud of you, brother.

Thank you.

Come on!

Did you say yes?

Well... What was
I gonna do?

I mean, he had
these puppy-dog eyes

and I could not have said no
because it would
have crushed him.

Hey, uh,
I was thinking

about that medal
you got.

Yeah. How about
a medal night at Molly's?

What happened
to Med night at Molly's?

What? Oh, this is better.

I mean, this is for people
who got medals
in public service,

you know, which means
that we're bringing
winners into the bar.

Which in turn means
they're bringing more winners.

All of your plans
involve bringing people
into the bar.

Yeah, 'cause
I got a nose
for business.

Oh, I need
some of those skills.

Eric wants to do
a European vacation
this summer

and even with
the travel agent discount,
I need some extra scratch

to pay my fair share.

All right. You wanna
tend bar at Molly's?

Thank you. I tried to make
a Tom Collins once
and it tasted like gasoline.

Well, maybe we can
come up with something.

I'm gonna go
catch up to Boden
before the briefing.

Okay. Settle down,
settle down.

Severide, you had something
that you wanted to say
at the top here.

Thanks, Chief.

Okay, I have
Spring Cleaning assignments.

Yeah, I know, I know.
Calm down.

Apparatus floor, Capp, Tony.

Oh. Protest lodged!

Uh, Gallo and Ritter,
you guys clean the kitchen
and I want it spotless.

Okay, and let me see,
cleaning out
the storage closet is... my fiancée.



Damn fool!

Um, hey,
what's going on?

Um, Kidd and Severide
are engaged.

Do you wanna...

Oh, honey,
I'm so happy for you.
Oh, thank you.

Ambulance 61, Truck 81,

vehicle accident,
912 Upper Wacker Drive.

No other vehicles?

Hit and run?

Hey. Did you
see the accident?

What hit him?


Mind the hot pipes.

- Ready?
- Yep.

One, two, three...

Uh, can you guys
raise his. um...
Or turn his...

Uh, no, maybe we should
cut the, um, strap and...

Brett, forget
about everything else.

Focus. Yeah?

Okay, Kidd,
stabilize his head.

I'll support his neck
while Casey
cuts the chin strap.

Then, Kidd,
ease the helmet off,

I'll take over
keeping his head stable.

Violet, get ready
to collar him.

Gallo, Mouch,
grab the headboard.

Copy that.


Yeah, go for it.

Looks like two broken teeth.

Here you go.

All right, hold his head.


One, two, three...

Got it?

Never thought
I'd see it happen.

Ladies legend Kelly Severide,
hanging up his spurs.

When are you going
to find a woman, Capp?

What's that
supposed to mean?

It means maybe you shouldn't
talk about things
you know nothing about.

It so happens
I have a girl. Mazie.


Is she invisible?

No. I'm damn sure not going
to bring her around
you bunch of degenerates.

Okay. I think
we're gonna need
to see some proof of Mazie.

I'll tell you what.
You can invite her to
the baby shower on Saturday.

Hmm, when'd you say?


Uh, I think she's traveling.

Hold on...
But you know what?
You know what?

I'll check with her,
'cause I think
she'd like that.

Well, she is.

So, uh, I have some news

and I'd like to get
your take on it.


Deputy Commissioner Hill,
she's reached out to me

and, uh, she says
I've moved onto her radar.

No, it's nothing
like that.

She has asked
if I'd like to be considered

for a Deputy District Chief

That's great!

Doesn't seem
like you're excited.

Well, it's just...

more chief work,
less firefighter work.

Don't lift your leg
on this opportunity
so quick, Chief.

I would hate, personally,
not to see you
as much on shift,

but, I mean,
let's be honest...

We need you
as high-ranking as possible.

I had my fill of bureaucracy
when I lobbied
for Commissioner.

Herrmann's right.

You know, you look
at a lot of these white shirts
and you think,

"Not a firefighter.
Not a firefighter."

Why you're so good
as a Battalion Chief,

because you've stood
where we stand.

When do you need
to get back to her?

Said she wants an answer
by the end of the week.

She's gonna present the mayor
with an org chart in July.

Well, either way you lean,
you got our support.


Thank you.

Ritter, ambo back yet?

I was just on the app floor
and 61 was still out.

Hey, Captain,

can we take the truck out?

That call came in
before we had a chance

to do
a grocery run this morning

and I've been itching
to try some homemade pizzas.

Which is something
I want to see.

Sure. Grab Mouch,
let's go.
All right.

I've run out
of things to do.
What do you mean?

I went to the cafeteria,
got a coffee,

and then I hit the gift shop
and got a card
for my mom's birthday.

You have been
gathering supplies
for 30 minutes.

Kind of figured
you were stalling,

but I can only stall
for so long before I start
to get restless.

I'm just being thorough.

And you missed briefing,

and you locked up
next to Casey.

I kind of figured out
you don't want
to go back to the house.

I'm afraid
I've been spinning out
about Casey for so long

I don't know how to stop.

I'll tell you what I think,
but only if you want
to hear it.

I don't want to overstep,
since we're still
fairly new partners.

No, please.

My mom,
the aforementioned birthday.

She uses the word "good"
to describe people.

And it's an underrated word,
if you ask me,
'cause it gets used so often,

but to my mom, "good"
is the highest compliment.

"He's a good man,"
she'd say about my father.

And in that one word,
she meant he had honor,

she meant he was loyal,

she meant he was brave.

Now, I haven't spent a ton
of time at 51 yet,

but I can tell you this.

You and Casey,

you are both good.

That's it.
That's all I got.

Thanks, Violet.


No, I'm getting the message
loud and clear.

I made things awkward,
or more awkward,
if that's possible.

Anyway, I'm done.
I'm backing off completely.

Okay, well...



It goes without saying,
but I'm gonna go ahead
and say it...

I want you to be
my best man.

Buddy, I would be honored.


And you'll be planning
a hell of a bachelor party.

I want to end up on a rooftop
with Mike Tyson's tiger.

Mission accepted.

This is
smelling good.

Yeah. Homemade pizza.
It'd be better
in a pizza oven,

but you gotta
play the cards
you're dealt.

Well, let me know
when you need a taster.

Hey, Violet, um...

Uh, the other night,
when you kissed me...

Oh, yeah.
Well, I was thinking
maybe we should, uh...

You know, we should
go on a date again soon,
see where it goes?

Yeah, that's what I was
thinking, too.

Except then I found out
you dated

the last paramedic
who was here.

So that's your type?
Whatever paramedic
you happen to be working with?


Well, that's... Listen,

we weren't dating.
It was super casual.

Well, I want to be even more
super casual with you.

Like the most casual.
Like so casual we aren't
even hanging out.

Hey, Violet.

I, uh... I wanted
to back up Gallo.

He and Mackey
weren't much of a thing.


I think half the people
around here

didn't even know
they went out.

I appreciate you
sticking up
for your friend, um,

but Gallo seems like a player.

Not really
what I'm in the mood for.

A player?

Does that look
like a player to you?

I mean...

You make a solid point.

Look, whatever you and Gallo
had between you before,

it shouldn't get in the way
of the fact
we should all be friends

and hang out.

You're right.

I mean...

Chief, I, um...

There just were
a lot of people around
at Molly's the other night...

No, no, no. It's okay.

Actually, uh,
double congratulations.

It's been
a pretty great week.

I am so proud of you.

That's what I came
in here to say.

Thank you.

You signed me up
for the leadership conference

when I wasn't
even considering
myself a leader.

You know, you had
that confidence in me.

You think that you know
what that means
to someone in my shoes,

but, um, you don't.

It meant everything.

I just saw
what was right
in front of me,

a remarkable firefighter
and an even more
remarkable person.

You're gonna
get me crying.
No. Don't do that.

I'm stressed out
because Chloe's stressed out.

Why is she stressed out?

Because her mom's
all up in her business
about this shower.

You'd think they were
planning the wedding again.

Then on top of that,
we're still trying
to find a home

that's in our price range,

but she's got opinions
about that, too.

Let me tell you, man...

Yes. That's exactly
what I'm talking about.

It's like when we were
watching Baylor
win the national championship.

I know!
All right, then.

Yes. Will do.
Love you too. Bye now.

That was Mazie.

She's hilarious.


About your thing,
she told me to tell you
to put us down as a maybe.

Or maybe not.

You never know.

Ambulance 61, person injured.

55 South Ridgeway Avenue.

It's my husband, Pat.

He built this cabinet
for our girls.
It fell and... He's bleeding.

Show us.
It's right up there.

When you said,
"for your girls..."

Well, that's what they are.
They're our children.


And your husband?
Right here.

I told Bev not to bother
with an ambulance,
it's just... just...

Bev, do you have
any more towels?


Can you get us
some more towels?
Uh, yes. Yes, right away.

Oh, we have
quite the audience.
I'm trying not to look.

Is he gonna be okay?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.

He just lost
a little blood,

but I can already see
the color returning
to his face.


You sure have
a lot of dolls.

We do. Pat and I, we met
at a doll collector's


Do you know
my mother told me
that I would never meet

someone right for me,
not with this "obsession."

That's what she called it.

But I met
the sweetest man
in the world.

We collect together,
we display together,

we even hunt
for dolls together.

I mean, when you know,
you know, right?

That's great.
It really is.

What happened?
Oh, well,
you scared the living

daylights out of me,
is what happened!

You passed out,
but you're fine now.

Uh, still, we're gonna
take you to Med

and have a doctor
look at that laceration.


Hey, fiancé.

How long
until that gets old?

The day you say, "I do."

I... I, um, love this house.

When I get
my lieutenant's placement,

how am I ever gonna find
a house as good as this one?

I'm not gonna lie,

it's gonna be a tough search
finding you the right house.

But look, wherever you go,

you'll take
a piece of 51 with you.

And you'll plant it,

and it'll grow.

You're wonderful,
you know that?

I love you, Stella Kidd.

We belong together.

We do.

We're right for each other.

We are.

When you know, you know.

You do.

I'm in love with you...

Okay, so, where are
you and Eric
planning on going in Europe?

We're talking Portugal,
and then maybe
the Italian coast.

Oh, I went to Positano
when I was just
out of high school.

It is amazing.


If you say so.

You know, this was a really
great idea you had, Herrmann.

Oh, Molly's patio?
Yeah. It totally worked.

Yeah. Except for
"Free Drinks for Life" guy,
over here.

I agree.

Okay. Here's an idea.

I was talking to Herrmann
earlier about my need

for additional income.

We're young, we're cool,
we got 48 hours
between shifts.


We need our own side hustle.

Herrmann and Mouch
have this joint.

Casey's in construction,
Cruz has the Slamigan.

We should put our minds
together and find

a business for the three of us
to go into together.

I'm interested.

Yeah. I mean, yeah.
It sounds like a great idea.

What should we do?
And don't say
hand-tossed pizzas.

So, Chloe's mom
said she needed to hear it,

and now they're really happy
and the shower
is moving forward.

Well, I look forward
to seeing more
of that baby bump.

I mean,
she is absolutely glowing.

Um, hey, so, as soon
as next shift is done,

I have to get changed,
head home.

I'm gonna help her
set things up.

And I don't want you guys
lollygagging either.

Cruz, we'll be there.

If we all meet up
between shifts,
I think we can make it happen.

Hey, where's Casey tonight?

Uh, I haven't seen him.

Yeah. And Brett's
not here either.

Close your eyes

Let them rest

I ain't in no

Hurry at all

I won't let you go

Go on hungry

I won't let you cry

Without a hand to dry

I won't let you

Worry at all

Excuse me.

Yes, sir.

Uh, we, uh, moved in
right over there
a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, welcome
to the neighborhood.
Oh, thank you.

We're excited to be here.

And I happened to notice...
Um, can I ask?

Are you a fire chief?
Yes, I am.

Oh, wow!

This is my son, Ezra.

He, uh...

He does nothing
but watch firetruck videos
on YouTube all day.

That is, when he isn't
playing with about
15 firetrucks in the backyard.

Isn't that right, Ezra?

I have a pumper truck.
Pumper truck? How big?

He wants to be a firefighter,
as you can imagine.

Okay. Well, Ezra,

how would you like
to come to Firehouse 51
and see a pumper truck

this big?

That'd be great.

Bring Ezra along
to Firehouse 51

and we'll give him
the full tour.

Thank you.

Thank you. We will definitely
take you up on that,
won't we, Ezra?

And let me just say,

it's nice to have neighbors
my son can look up to.

All right, say goodbye, Ezra.

Bye, little man.
Come on, buddy.

Good morning, Kylie.

Great morning, Chief!


Can you get Deputy
Commissioner Hill's office
on the phone for me, please?

You got it.

Deputy Commissioner Hill?

Okay. Go.

Hi, there. Can I help you?

Yeah, um...


- What brings you by?
- You, uh, left
your phone at my house.

Oh, that's where it was.
Thanks, babe.

No problem.
I may or may not
have hidden it from you,

just so I'd have an excuse
to see you again.

Hey, these are the guys.

Okay, don't tell me.
Let me guess.



Tony. Right?

How did you describe us?

That's Severide,
that's Cruz.

That's Tony.
Nice to meet you guys.

It's good
to meet you, Mazie.
You gotta get to the hospital?

I do. Yeah.

She works in the NICU
over at Lakeshore.

One more year,
fingers crossed,

I'll have my Masters
in Nursing.

Without a doubt.

Oh, I...

Squad 3, Ambulance 61,
capsized boat...

That's us.
You be careful!

53rd Street beach.
I will.

Bye, babe.

A water rescue, fellas.
Capp, Cruz, you guys
gear up on the way.

Copy that.

That whole thing
is going to need
more of an explanation.


I heard an explosion.
Our engine blew,

then the whole thing rolled.
I just saw the shoreline
and swam for it.

Is there
anyone else on board?

My brother-in-law, Caleb.
He was down below.

I didn't see him,
I just swam for it.

Hey, there's one man below.

That boat's
gonna sink any minute.
Hey, Cruz, you drop in from

the top side with me.
Tony, Capp, you guys
come up through the bottom

and enter
through the starboard side.
Backup's on the way.

Need a lift?

Here you go.
Ambulance should be
here any minute.


You guys good?

All right. Get us out there
before that boat goes under.

Hey, Darryl, two drops.

Ready, go.

Cruz, you see
anything over there?

I saw
where the engine
blew out the hull.

Trunk and cockpit
are underwater.
No survivors.

Okay, I don't
like the look
inside here.

search for the body,

then we're out
the way we came, understood?


Hey, you okay?
Yeah. I mean,
I'm freezing.

Yeah. Let's get you
checked out.

Your divers have been
out there a long time.

Negative, Lieutenant.

That's it. I'm calling it.
Everybody out.
Copy that.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

You hear that?

It could be
a broken jitter...

Hey, I feel a handle.

Like some kind of door.
You feel that?

Yeah. Yeah, I feel it.

See if you can
get any leverage.
Copy that.

Come on.
Come on, we got ya.

We heard the call
on the radio
while we were out.

Any victims missing?
Yeah. One adult male.

Who from Squad is diving?

All of them.

My brother-in-law, Jace...
Yeah. He made it to shore.

I'm out of air,

Me too.

Okay, look.
There's an opening
in that corner.

How's your swimming?

Can you hold your breath?

I can damn sure
swim out of here.
Okay. Okay.

Guys, that's our way out.

All right. Hold on.

Hey, this is Truck 81
to the CFD Fast Boat.

You got eyes
on Squad 3?
Negative, Truck 81.

How long have they been
in the water?

Twenty-two minutes.

How much time do they have
before their air bottles
run out?

I'm out.

Damn it. We need
to find another way out.

Oh, God.