Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 15 - A White-Knuckle Panic - full transcript

Severide and Casey try to find the best fit for Kidd. Ritter, Gallo and Violet help plan an event for Mouch.

You guys missed
the Mouch save of the century!

Well, they're giving me
the Firefighter's Award
of Valor for it.

It's been rough
trying to get past
what happened with Sylvie.

Are you ever gonna tell her?

She's the one who said
Dawson was always
going to be between us.

You think she's right?

I wanna talk to her
about getting married.

You two have that
connection people look
for their whole lives.

The exam results are in,
so I'm gonna need a round
for the house... Lieutenant.

I knew you could do it.

Hey, there's another
lieutenant living
in our apartment...

So there is.

'Morning, Lieutenant Kidd.


I like the sound of that but
I don't have a position, yet.

I know. I know
it could take a while,

so, I am just going to focus
on the fact that I passed,

and be grateful.

Yeah, and...

speaking of, on that note,
I am heading out to meet up
with Suarez

because he passed too,
so we're going to grab
a little celebration coffee,

might even order a latte
because I hear that's how
the officers do it.

I'll see you at the firehouse.

I'll see you.

I've been rethinking things.

What do you mean?
This marriage idea...

maybe it's not the best move.

That's just
the nerves talking.
No, I'm...

talking about something
she said when
we first got together.

She wanted to lay it all out
there, so she brought up
her marriage

and said,
"I'll never do it again

"because I don't ever
want to be in a situation
where I can't just leave."

That was a long time ago.

But I'm not going to
fight you, I get
where you're coming from.

The en suite bedroom
is over here.

And the other bedroom
is at the end of the hall.

Have a look around and I will
wait for you in the kitchen.

Thank you.


What do you think?

It's nice.

Really nice.

It's practically
in the West Loop

and the elementary school's
one of the best in the city.

And it'd be ours.

No more fighting with Stefano
over hot water.

But it's a little more
than we were expecting.

We'll figure it out.

You think?
I do.

We can't pass up
on this place, right?

Okay, you go ahead,
start on the paperwork,
I got to get to shift.

Bye, Daddy.

Okay, and last item...

A week from Saturday,
Deputy Commissioner Hill

will bestow the Firefighter's
Award of Valor

upon one Randall McHolland.

Yeah, Mouch!

However, due to limitations
on the size of gatherings,

it will not be the usual
ballroom event.

I'm really sorry, Mouch.

That is "A-okay."
I don't want
a whole big thing.

HQ has put it on us
to secure a venue

of a smaller, more
socially-distanced version.

Ritter, Gallo, maybe the two
of you could handle that?

We'd love to.
Sure thing.



Hey, Mouch!

Trudy has some ideas
she wants to share.
She'll be coming by later.


Good luck with that.

Wanna hear something weird?

I've kind of been
missing Veronicat.


Yes, she was terrifying
but she was also
very entertaining.

I think you need to find
a less dangerous
form of entertainment.

Cock fighting, maybe.

Captain, Gabby Dawson
is on the house phone!
She wants to talk to you.

Oh, wow. That's, um...

Say hi for me.
It's been a while.

Yeah, I will.

Squad 3,
Ambulance 61,

person trapped.
2059 West Canal...

Help! Help me!

Capp, call ComEd,
get those power lines
shut down.

Help! Help!

Hey, just sit tight, okay?
We're going to get you out.

Okay, this thing is
hanging on by a thread.

We need to make sure
it's secure before we even
try and pull him out.

Tony, you help me tie it off.
Cruz, just get in position,
keep him calm.

You got it, Lieutenant.

Hurry up! Help. Help, please.

Good to go, Cruz.
Copy that.


Help! Hurry, hurry,
please help.

Please, God.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Get me out of here.
Please, hurry!
Hey, hey, don't move.

My lieutenant has to tie
a couple knots still.
Are you hurt?

No, no, no. I don't think so.
I'm just terrified.

How'd you end up
in a mess like this?

A cable snapped

and I lost control
of the pitch...

I was trying to bring it down
in that parking lot
over there,

but I couldn't clear
the building.

Get me out of here, man--
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

This is gonna make
a great story

at cocktail parties,
all right?

That one time you walked away
from a plane crash
without a scratch.

There you go.
You're doing all right.

That's right, there you go.
I got you. That's it.

Just breathe, just breathe,
just breathe. I got you.

Hey, bring down yellow!

There you go. Right here.
There you go. We got you.

Okay, lower both.

All right. There you go...
there you go.

Walk in the park.
There you go.

Nice work, Cruz.

Nice and easy!
Keep it going!

There you go, buddy.
We're almost there,
almost there.

You're almost there,
almost there.

There you go, buddy.

He's okay,
he's just a little shook up.

Yeah. I would be, too.

How do you do that?
Do what?

Just hang off the ledge like
it's a day at the beach?
Aren't you scared?

Man, I got a baby on the way.
Nothing scares me
more than that.

Here. Let's get a look at you.
All right.

Hey, who... who is that guy?

That's Joe Cruz.

Yeah, well, Joe Cruz
is a rock star.

Yeah. Yeah, he is.

Ah, there he is.
Have a seat.

What's up?
I want to talk
to the two of you

about Kidd's future.

There are no spots at 51.

Not even on the other shifts,
and so unfortunately,

she will have to go elsewhere.

I want us to do what we can
to make sure she places
at a good house.

Of course. How can we help?

You can do some research,
find out where the next
openings are likely to be

and then lobby for her

at the best house available.

I'm happy to help
with the research,

but I'll recuse myself
when it comes to the lobbying.

No problem. As her
commanding officer,

I'd be glad
to cover that part.


And don't mention this
to Kidd just yet,

I don't want to get her
hopes up. Who knows
how this'll play out.

Got it.

Appreciate everything
you've done for Stella, Chief.

And so does she.


Hey, Gabby said
to send her love.

She heard about Mouch's medal,
and was calling
to congratulate him.

She asked me to record
the ceremony for her,

she really misses
everyone here.

That's really sweet of her
to check in. Hope you told her
we miss her, too.

I need some sugar.
Sugar makes me happy.

I've been meaning to ask,
how are things with Grainger?

Haven't seen him at Molly's
in a while.

Uh, yeah, we broke up.

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

Greg is a great guy,

it had nothing to do with him.
I'm the problem.

Looking for something
I can never have.

What makes you so sure
you can't? From what
I've seen, you already do.

I picked up on it
the day I got to 51.

You and Casey, the way
you are with each other,

it's kind of... undeniable.

Where do you even host
a medal ceremony?

Do you think the union hall
would be a good place
for something like this?

No. I guess we could
reserve a private room
at a restaurant.

Although, maybe
it should be outdoors?

What if we do it on the patio
at Molly's?

It's outdoors,

there's a bar right there--

You want Mouch to host
his own medal ceremony?

At his own bar?

There must be
a thousand venues

in Chicago that would
make it feel like
a really special day.

Like, just off the top
of my head,

one of the dozen or so classy,
old, private clubs.

That actually sounds
pretty nice.

What's a private club?

Okay, clearly you two
are both out of your depth.

Would you like some help
with this little assignment?

That'd be great!


Um, Violet, have you ever met
Mouch's wife, Trudy?

I don't think so. Why?

Mm. Just curious. Anyway...

Oh, there he is,
the rock star.

Mark Newcomb. Nice to meet you
down here at a more, uh,
reasonable altitude.

You like whiskey?

Best bourbon
you'll ever taste.

Oh. That's not necessary.
Are you kidding me?

I was in a white-knuckle panic
up there, Joe.
Then you came along.

What you did,
it was incredible.

All in a day's work.

And I googled you, man.

I came across this video
of you demonstrating
your invention,

the Slamigan?

Oh yeah?

What a beast!

I read on your website
you're branching out
into other products.

Yeah. Lady Bunker Gear,
coming soon.

Well, not as soon as I'd like.
I'm still saving up
for the prototype.

Well, Joe...

your worries are over.
Venture capital is what I do.

I look for upstart companies,
in all sectors,

biotech, fashion,
whatever and I, uh...

I try to identify the ones
that are being held back
by a lack of capital.

Okay, cool. I'm not much
of a finance guy...

Well, here's all you need
to know,

I want to give you an infusion
of cash, whatever you need
to take Slamigan

to the next level.

You want to invest
in my company?

No. I don't invest
in companies.

I invest in people.
And Joe Cruz,

I'm gonna change your life.

He says the Slamigan
is too good
to be a side hustle.

He wants to grow it
into a major brand

that sells firehouse equipment
for all of North America
and beyond.

And he wants me to be the CEO.

Well, I'm not surprised.
It's an amazing invention.

Brett, you have always
believed in it. That's why
I wanted to tell you first.

I mean, it's gonna be
a lot of work, and...

I don't really know what a CEO
does. But I could learn.

You totally could.

I got that baby boy
on the way.

I gotta provide for that kid.

I guess this means
quitting the CFD?

Oh, no, no way.
Oh. You can do
both jobs at once?

Sure. I think so.

We haven't really
talked about it.
But I'll know more tomorrow.

Newcomb and I are going to
sit down and we're gonna
hammer out the details.

I'm really happy for you, Joe.

Me, too.

It's called the Union League
Club. Do you know it?

It's founded in 1897,
very classy, located
in the South Loop.

And the best part is,

they've got a patio
with a bar,
outdoor fireplace...

It's a really great setup.

That's your idea?

A fancy-pants private club?

We thought it seemed like
the perfect place for
a medal ceremony.

For you, maybe,
if you ever earn a medal.

But this is Randall McHolland
we're talking about here.

We didn't mean
any disrespect...

No, not at all.
Can you give us
an idea of what you--

Soldier Field.

Soldier... Field?
On the 50-yard line.

That's the idea to beat.

Okay, then.

Make it happen.

Wow, she's just...
I know.



Got it. Thanks for
your help, Deb.

Onorato says the only opening
she's heard of
is at Morningside.

Slow and it's full of duckers.

It's no place for a go-getter
like Stella.

Uh, I've left messages
for guys I know

at a bunch of these
other houses--

Can you see if
you have any connections?


So, how'd it go?

Talking to Dawson?

A little weird,
since it's been a while.

But we're gonna talk again
after the medal ceremony,

when there's more time
to catch up.

Have a feeling
that conversation
will tell me a lot.

What's up, Rios?


Well, that's real good
to know,

thank you, I appreciate it.

Yeah. Will do.

Rios says
the Engine lieutenant
at 66, McKenna,

might be retiring this year.


Busy, well run.

And the Battalion Chief
over there,

Cadell, seems like a good guy.

This is good news.

I'll go talk to him
right after shift.

I know, Chloe. We should have
come in above asking.

Yeah. But there's still
a chance, right?

When are they
reviewing offers?

I've left three messages
at the front desk,

and no one's
gotten back to me.

We need a better approach.

We could try DM-ing
the official Bears'
Twitter account.

Okay, good.
So, we still have until Friday

to improve on our offer.
I know, I know,

but I got something
in the works that
could change everything.

I'll tell you all about it
when I get home
from work. Love you.

Hey Joe, would you happen
to know anyone who works
at Soldier Field?

Sure, yeah, Coach Nagy
and I play golf together
in the off-season.

Wait... really?

Okay. One of us
needs to go down

to the stadium
and plead our case in person.

Okay, but who?

I mean, if anyone can charm
their way in there...

Okay, well, this might
actually require
people skills.

Are you kidding?
People love me.

Okay. It sounds like
we have our bases covered

if we all go.
So, let's do it.


We're looking at
an initial investment

to get a production line
up and running...

...and to cover everything
from payroll to R&D

for the first
couple of quarters.


I thought five million
ought to do it.


Um, yeah, yeah,
that sounds reasonable.

From that point, we'll base
funding on how you meet
the sales projections,

which is, chart is
on page nine there.

Oh, that's um...
Aggressive, I know.

But I have faith in you.

What happens if
I don't meet these numbers?

Mm. Hey, we won't abandon you.

We'll bring in an
experienced manager to help.

I have the perfect guy,
you'll love him.

So then, he would be the CEO?

You'll still be the face
of the company.

Get ready for life
on the road, man,

we're talking trade shows,

PR appearances...

But I would still get to
work shifts at 51?

No, Joe... Joe,

this is not a part-time job
we're talking about.

I mean, do you
want to be a firefighter,
or do you want to be rich?

Maybe I should sleep on it.


I watched you dangle
from a rope

a hundred feet off the ground

like it was nothing.

Don't you tell me
that you're afraid of success?

I'm just not sure
that this is right for me.

What the hell, man?
I thought you were serious
about growing your company.

I already sold my partners
on this!

I'm sorry for
wasting your time.

I'm trying to change
your life here.

I like my life the way it is.

I know
it sounds crazy,

because $5 million
is a lot of money,

but I just...

I had this itch in my chest,
where I couldn't scratch it.

Oh, no.
It just felt like

everything was slipping away,
you know? I had to
get out of there.

That sounds awful, Joe.

Oh, no thanks.
I have zero appetite.

Wow. Now I know it's serious.

Sylvie, I am so stressed out,

I can feel every part
of my face.

Did I just make
a huge mistake?

What are the chances
that I'm ever gonna see
another opportunity like this?

Hey, you have to
trust your gut.

And your gut sent you
a very clear message.

Chloe's gonna be home soon.

How am I going to look her
in the face? She's gonna think
she married a dud.

Not a chance.

She's gonna respect you even
more than she already does.

You really think?
A thousand percent.

You're your own man, Joe.
That means something
in this world.

Thank you, Sylvie.

McKenna's been threatening
to retire for years.

Not so sure he'll actually
pull the trigger.

Well, if and when he does,

I want to tell you about
a great possible replacement.

You came all the way over here
to sell me on a potential

She's a special one.
Stella Kidd.

Just passed the exam
and is ready to go.

Wish we had a spot open at 51.

Kidd's been on my rig
for five years,

and I can't say enough
about her.

She's tough, loyal,
and works as hard
as anyone you'll meet.

She's also a hell of
a lot of fun to be around.

One of those people
that when things get tough,

she makes everyone around her
feel like it's gonna be okay.

It's just her personality.

Hopeful and bright,

if you know what I mean.

I can't make any guarantees,

but I'll put her
at the top of my list.

That's terrific, Chief.

All I can ask.
Thanks for hearing me out.

You bet.

Hey. Come on in.

I'm Jeff Maldonado, Director
of Stadium Operations.

Hi, Director Maldonado.
I'm Blake Gallo.
This is Darren Ritter and...

Violet Mikami,
thank you for seeing us.

Ah. Anything for our heroes
in the CFD.

That's good to hear,
because we have kind of
a big ask.

Right, something about a medal
ceremony next Saturday?

Yes, for our friend,
Randall McHolland.

He is receiving
a very important award.

And he's an amazing

and just an all-around
great human being.

Guys, your friend sounds
terrific, he really does.

And, of course, we support
our first responders,

but we're hosting a big Peewee
football fundraiser that day.

It's been on the books
for months.

I wish I could help.

Couldn't we just borrow
a little piece of the field?

For like 20 minutes?

If you met Randall,
you'd understand how much
he deserves this.

He's devoted his life
to helping others.

His best years, in fact,

and he really doesn't have
that many left.

Yeah, he's basic... Um...

He's dying.

And, uh...



in both eyes.

A blind firefighter?

Papa Cruz!

Wow, that is
a lot of baby swag!

It's the motherlode.

Who is this from?

I have no idea.

Aw! Look at this.

No, I can't even!

Oh! Look at that.
It's the cutest thing.

"We're going to make
a lot of money together."

I thought you told him "No."

I definitely did.

This is weird, right?

Ritter! Ritter! Incoming!

Trudy, hi.

Hey, so lay it on me, guys.

Did you reach out
to Soldier Field?

Yeah, we went there...

and we talked to
the director of operations...

What's his name?

Um, he told us...

Oh, here's Violet.
Perfect timing.

So, what happened?

Well, uh... We tried...

We did talk to...

Ah, Trudy, I'm glad
you're here. There's been
a change of plans.

DC Hill travels next week.
She's asked to do
the medal ceremony today

right here at the firehouse.

I'm sorry, Trudy,

I know this is not
what you had in mind.

Well, that's okay, Chief.

We all serve at the pleasure
of the muckety-mucks.

What time are we talking?


Which means,
you only have a few hours

to gin up some kind of
pageantry so this doesn't
look like an afterthought.


Cadell's not sure
when McKenna is leaving,

but he says he'll put Kidd
at the top of his list.

Nice work.

It was a good talk.

Funny, though.

Middle of telling him
about Kidd,

it hit me how hard
it's gonna be to let her go.

You're tellin' me. If she gets
McKenna's spot at 66,

I'll only get to see her,
what, a day or two a week.

Ambulance 61,

person injured,
Whitaker South High School.

1 121 West Polk Street.

Look out, guys.

Oh, thank God
you guys are here.

This girl trespassed
and attacked
one of our students.

I ain't trespass nothin'.
She rolled up and got handled.

What did she stab you with?

She didn't stab me.

I grabbed her braids.


Oh, what the hell!

Stay still.
She pushed me.

She wanted me
to grab her hair!
Stop lying!

You came at me first!

She's gotta few cuts
on her hand. She'll live.

Look at my face.

She hit me with that!

You can tell it to the police.
They'll be here soon enough.

Hey, wait! Slow down!
Get over here... right now.

What started all this?

She thinks I want
Brandon back.
Which I don't!

Who's Brandon?
Her boyfriend, my ex.

Brandon and I got tagged
in a photo together
so she cracked.

We've been broken up
for two years.

I don't know what the hell
she was thinking...

Maybe she was thinking
just because you're broken up,

it doesn't mean there aren't
still feelings between you.


And what the hell
do you know about it?

Why you gotta say that?

She was just trying to help.

No, you're right, I'm sorry.
I don't know anything
about that.

I do know that
these cuts are deep

and you're going
to need stitches.

Let's get her to Med.

Twenty-five chairs, right?

So, like, five rows of five.

Hmm. I'd round up to thirty.

Six rows of five
in case extra people show up.

No. I disagree.
Empty chairs are bad optics.
If extras come,

they can stand.

I'm out.

Fine, we'll see how it looks.

You know that was, kind of
funny at Soldier Field.

Kind of ridiculous,
more like...

That's for sure.

You know, it's been nice
hanging out just as friends.

I mean, last year was fun,
no doubt,

but this is good, too.

No more sexual tension
between us

to mess everything up.

And by stopping the Company
from going back inside,

Randall McHolland not only

saved the life
of that little girl,

he saved the lives of his
brothers and sisters at 51
as well.

Now, nothing of the action

that Randall took that day
surprised any of us.

He's a brave but humble man

who would not apply
the word "hero"

to himself.

But make no mistake,

that is exactly what he is.

He is also...

a good friend.

And it is my honor

to call up my friend,

Randall McHolland,

to accept his medal.

Deputy Commissioner Hill

has kindly
joined us here today,

to make the presentation.

It is a privilege to be here
with you all

to present the Firefighter's
Award of Valor.

Randall McHolland,

your actions exemplify
the kind of courage

and selfless service to others

that make the men and women
of the CFD so special.

I commend you,

for your dedication,

your service, and your valor.



I'm gonna keep it
short and sweet.
I just want to say...


is the best place
in the world.

I love you guys.

I am so proud of you.

Can I talk to you
for a moment, Chief?

Yes. Of course.

My office.

Mrs. Cruz...

Hey, Joe, he's here...

Yeah, we're gonna sell
a Slamigan to every
single one.

And that's just a start.

Oh, hey.

There he is.

Mark here just told me
about your discussion.

Cool, hey, Mark,
can I talk to you
for a second?

Yeah, sure, sure.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.

It's okay. I'll see you
in a second.

What are you doing?

I just stopped by to see you,

and I recognized your lovely
bride from your Facebook page.

You get my gift basket?

Yes, we did, and look, maybe
I need to clarify my position.

Let me clarify mine.

See, I don't like to let
opportunities slip
through my grasp.

Well, I'm sorry, but...
You're new to the business
world, Joe,

so let me clue you in,

as to how things work.
See, you and me,

we have what is known as
an oral contract, and those,

my friend,
are legally binding.

Hold on...
I didn't agree to anything.

You sure about that?

I want Slamigan.

And I mean to have it.

But hey, there's no reason
for this to get ugly.

I'm offering you
the deal of a lifetime,

so don't be a rube.

Take the money.

Engine 51, Truck 81,

Squad 3, Ambulance 61,

Battalion 25, structure fire.
2700 South Ogden.

Yo, I'm missing
one of my guys,

I think he's still inside.
Dominic, my fry cook.

Everybody else get out?
I think so. I'm not sure.

Okay. We have at least
one victim unaccounted for,
a male employee.

Truck, Squad, primary search.
Engine, let's get a line
in there.

Kidd, mask up!
Copy that.

Hey, Capp, you're with me.
Copy that.

Ritter, let's drop a line!

We'll follow Engine!

Ritter, let's hit
the left flank.
Copy that.

We'll search the kitchen.

You guys check out
that hallway.

- Copy that.
Capp... hey, let's go!
- Copy!

Fire department, call out!


Fire department, call out!

Help! In here!

Yeah, I got him.
Bringing him out now.

Come on. Let's get you
out of here.

Capp! Come on!

Hey, Capp, bring him outside.
I'll go clear the rest.


Kitchen's clear.
Where's Severide?

Searching one last room
in the back.

I'll go give him a hand.

Okay. Come on,
guys, let's go.



All right. We're all clear.
Let's go.

What was that?

Severide, Kidd, report!

Hey, Chief, we're good,
but we gotta find
another way out.

Gonna try the bathroom window.


Squad, go meet your lieutenant
at the the bathroom window.

Copy that, Chief!

Hey, Severide, I'm looking
at a security gate here.
Give us two minutes.

Hey, screw that, I think
I saw another window
in the back come on.


Help me with this.

You didn't have to
come find me!

You should've went out
with your company!

No way.

I am never going to leave you.

Don't you get that by now?

I don't ever want you
to leave me.

Stella Kidd,

will you marry me?

Hell yeah,

I will, Kelly Severide,
I will.

Hey, Joe...

Easy! Easy!

Hey, Cruz! Cruz! They're okay,
they came out the back.


Cruz, man...

You okay?

Special shift.

I could tell that ceremony
meant a lot to Mouch.

Yeah, it did.
And he deserved it.

Saw you and DC Hill talking...


Look, I'm not supposed to
discuss the details
of our conversation,

but some changes
might be coming to 51.

Good change?
I don't know, yet.

Time will tell.

Well, this is a nice surprise.
Good to see you, Joe.

Come on in.

Hey... Ow!

I need you to understand

You think
you got me figured out.

That I'm some
"rube" firefighter

doesn't know his way
around a balance sheet.


you have no idea who I am,

and you can't even imagine
what I'm capable of.

But if you come anywhere
near my firehouse
or my family again...

you will find out.

Whatever, dude.

You want to walk away
from a fortune,

I can't stop you.

That's right.

You can't do a damn thing
about it.

Baking soda...

Hey, Look at "Mister Humble"
over here.

Are you ever gonna
take that medal off?

Not tonight.

Maybe not ever.

I think it looks cool.
Well, thank you.

I heard from Trudy
that you guys are planning
some kind of party?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Bathroom break,
I'll be right back.

Wow. A party, too?

When is this Mouch
celebration gonna end?

Not tonight.
Next drinks are on me.

All right then!
Holy smokes!


There we go. Finally...

Oh. Hi...
Hey! Um...

You were right.
It has been fun
hanging out as friends.

But don't forget about this...


Sorry, I'm wiped,

from the day, I'm just gonna
go home and crash.


But I need you to know,

after the ceremony,

Gabby and I had a...

great conversation.

I'm happy for you, Matt.
I really am.

No, no, no. No,
that's not what I meant...

The conversation was great
because it just made clear
what I already knew.

Gabby and I will always
care about each other,

there's too much history
not to...

But I'm not in love with her,

I haven't been in a long time.

Gabby is my past.

And you...

I'm in love with you, Sylvie.
Nobody else.

And even if that doesn't
change anything for you,

I needed you to know it.

Today was so perfect,

I don't want it to end.

Mm, can we make it never end?

I promise, it's only
going to get better.


there will be a ring soon,

to make it official.

You know, I don't get
caught up in that stuff.

All I need is you.

Actually, um,
I take it back...

I'll take the ring.