Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 14 - What Comes Next - full transcript

A fire breaks out at a pet food factory and Casey and Severide help the owner, Pete, get to the bottom of it. The annual garage sale takes place at 51 and everyone is on edge.

You are now the legal owner
of Veronicat.

Little tip. You're gonna
wanna take home some gauze.

Now, the doctor says whatever
trauma I had five years ago
is all cleared up.

Thank you for the support.
It meant a lot.

I can't believe
all this cramming,

and the lieutenant's test is
finally here.

You're going to be
a great lieutenant.

You got this, Stella Kidd.

My first engine drops
two lines to the Alpha side,

while my truck opens a vent
in the roof. I initiate...

Wouldn't early venting
add oxygen to the fire?

No, sir. Not in this scenario.


Well, the force created
by the escaping flames
and smoke

far exceeds the outside
air pressure.

So, the vent hole aids
both the search
and fire attack teams.

It's a win-win.

Then I'd initiate
a primary search on two,

sending Squad up with Truck
simultaneously following...

Everything good?

You barely said a word
on the ride over.

I'm just thinking.

Kidd's probably
on the written portion by now.

She's gonna knock it
out of the park.

Yeah, no doubt.

Ah. You get to be the czars
of the garage sale this year.

Yep. Boden put us in charge.

Hopefully, it works out
better than 2017.

What happened in 2017?

What is that?

Me being generous.

It probably belongs
in the Smithsonian,
but I am a giving man,

so I am donating it
to the garage sale.

So, your mom finally
cleaned out your
childhood closet, huh?


This is a big-ticket item,
do not lowball me.


Ah, crud. I thought that
garage sale was next shift.

It is. You were supposed
to bring in your items today

so we have time to price them.

It was all spelled out
in the email.


I'm starting to think
getting selected for this

wasn't so much an honor
as a punishment.


As everyone can see,
the garage sale is next shift

to benefit the Firefighter's
Auxiliary Fund.

There will be sign-up sheets
in the common room

for one-hour shifts of manning
the tables.

I expect everyone
to participate.

You got it, Chief.

I do not want
a repeat of 2017.

It is not my fault that

I got to the Whirley Pop
Popcorn Maker...

You snatched it
out of an old woman's hand!

As I said in 2017, and later
in Small Claims Court,


Engine 51, Truck 81,

Squad 3, Ambulance 61,
structure fire...

51, get a line
in the front door
and protect that stairway.

Copy that.
I want a primary search
of all floors.

Squad take the first,
Truck up top.

Let's go, let's go!
All right. You heard him, 81.

Mouch, get the aerial up.
Copy that.

All right, stay low and watch
the smoke. Tony, Capp,
sweep left. Cruz, with me.

Mask up!

Come on, let's go!

Fire Department,
call out!

Fire Department, call out!

Cruz, get him outside!
Copy that.

Hey, buddy, I got you,
come on, let's go.

Help! Please, my wife!

Hang on! Let's get you out!


I got you! I got you!
My wife is upstairs!

You have to get her!
We will.


Go get her first!


She's in the office
on the third floor,

in that corner!

Hurry up!

Hey, we have a victim up top,

Bravo side, female.

Copy that.

Mouch, I need that aerial
to the Bravo side,
up to three.

Copy that!
Let's move the rig.

All right, my Truck Captain's
going to get her,

but you gotta come with me.

Come on, push.

Come on, you're okay.

Let's get you
to the paramedics.

That's everyone on two.

Mouch, ETA.
Five minutes, Captain.

I can get to them, Captain.
But you might not like how.

Go ahead.

They're not...
They're still not up there?

We're working on it.
You gotta find my wife.

Her name is Jess!
Sir, sit down.

Let's get a look
at that arm, okay?

That's good.

I've located the victim,
she's unconscious.

Meet you at the window
with the sked.

Copy that, Captain.

Yeah, I got it.

Herrmann, report.

Hey, it's gettin'
hot in here, Chief!

51, pull out.

On three. One, two, three...

I got her.

Oh, no, Jess...

Sir, sir. Get the stretcher.

Stay back.

You good?

Pulse is weak,
let's get an IV.

Ready? Yeah...


Can you hear me? It's Pete.

I'm right here.

You can come with us to Med.

All right, hose it down.

Open it up, boys.
Copy that.

That guy wanted me
to leave him in the fire
and go get his wife.


Yeah. He practically
kicked me away.


That's devotion.

Hey, you guys need a hand?

Nah. We'll meet you
back at 51.

I gotta swing by the house
to pick up a box

that Cindy is packing
for the garage sale.

Copy that. 81, load up.

Stella should be done by now.
Wonder why she's not back.

I think you're more nervous
about all this than she is.

Well, to be honest, it's not
the test that's on my mind,

it's more...

What comes next.

I wanted her to focus
on making lieutenant,

so I've been holding off...

But I wanna talk to her
about getting married.

You're gonna propose?

Not exactly.

She always said
she'd never get married again,

so I just wanna put it
out there as an idea.

See where she's at.


What's that mean?

No, no, nothing.
I'm really happy for you, man.

That's exciting news.


So how'd it go?

Those white shirts
are like robots.

I couldn't get a read
on how I was doing at all.

I might have aced it.

Or completely tanked it,
I really have no idea.

I got a good feeling.

I feel the same.

I don't know, I just wanna
put it out of my mind
for a bit, you know?

Yeah. I get it.

Yo, where you been?
We have like a million things
to price,

and Mouch keeps ogling
every item like this is
Antiques Roadshow.

Yeah, we had to stop by...
Here you go, boys.

What's this?

Ah. Beats me,
Cindy threw it together.

This will take, like,
an hour to price.

Hey, give me that.

Let me teach you guys an old
garage sale trick, my friends.

All right.


Whoa. What's wrong with
your bunker gear?


Looks like a chemical burn.

Guys, everybody
get out of your gear now!

Let's hit the showers
and scrub down.

You guys had a hazmat call?
Not that we knew of.

What the hell was
in that factory?

So, there were no other signs?

No smells, no fire

Not that I saw.
We should alert Hazmat.

Something's not right
at that pet food factory.

Whoa, that happened
at the fire?

There's not much
that can melt vinyl.

Acetone, toluene...


But my money's
on sulfuric acid.

Why's that?
There's no odor.

And sulfuric acid reacts
exothermically with water.

I'll get Hazmat on the case.

See if you can scare up
some replacement
bunker gear for 51.

Will do.

Fifteen bucks?

That's a fair price.

It's off by orders
of magnitude.

Okay, well what's a fair price
then, Capp?


And we have to play all these
little games, like...

Chloe's mom wants, like,
a full schedule of
baby-themed activities.


And that's just the Zoom one.

We still have to have an
in-person one for vaccinated
friends and family.

Maybe you need a distraction
from all this baby shower

Oh, anything.

Well, my apartment is getting
fumigated in a of couple days,

and they're putting me up
in a hotel, which is amazing,

but they don't allow pets.

Veronicat's been
getting better,
she really has.

You know, I would, definitely,

but Chloe is super allergic
to cats.

Ugh. So is Stella.

I never realized
how many people
had bad cat allergies.

It is very, very common.

Hey, Hazmat conducted
an inspection
of the pet food facility.


"No hazardous materials
appear to be in use on site."

Well, something
melted those coats.

You want to swing by
on the way home?

Okay, let me know
what you find.

Whoa, hey, hey

Hey, you shouldn't be in here.

You're supposed to wait
until fire investigators
clear the scene.


I thought they did that.
No. That was Hazmat.

They were just here
looking for sulfuric acid.

What would
I be doing with that?

I make pet food.

How's your wife?

She's not good.

I'm sure the docs at Med
are doing everything they can.

I don't see any signs
of acid damage in here.

Then how the hell
did Engine get into it?

And how did it get
on their backs?

Maybe from
dragging their hoses?

Engine was over here.

There. See the pavement?

One of these stains
keeps going.

That's how the fire started.

Sulfuric acid.

You know where this stuff
came from?

These people...

The city won't clean
this lot up,

so folks start thinking
it's okay to dump
their trash here.

It's been going on for months.

We put up signs, we complain,
we take down plate numbers,

we report these dumpers,
nobody cares.

Now my wife is lying
on an operating table,

half her skin burned away.

I've hit a wall.
No one will take in Veronicat.

You ask Capp? He takes care
of his mom's cat all the time.

He said he had allergies!

Aren't there places
you can pay?
Like a kennel?

Yes, but they want her to come
in for a personality test,

to see how she gets along
with other cats.

Oh. I see the problem.

Hey, Capp.

You ever gonna tell her?
Tell her what?

You know what.

It's not that simple.

She's the one
who called things off,

said Dawson was always
going to be between us.

You think she's right?

Burgess ran all the plate
numbers Pete took down.

Only one vehicle came back big
enough to transport that drum.

Registered six blocks
from the loft. Let's go.

That's the vehicle.


I'm Captain Casey,
this is Lieutenant Severide.

We're firefighters
with the CFD.

This your truck?

You want something hauled,
it has to wait till tomorrow.

What if we want
something dumped illegally?

Would that be something
you could handle?

You ever dump anything
in a vacant lot
at 280 East Garfield?

A 55-gallon drum?

Look, fellas,

I'm just a guy trying
to feed his family, okay?

Besides, that trash was
already there, I just,
you know...

You know what was
in that barrel?
Wastewater, they said.

Who said?
I don't know, I...

Look, I just pick up these
little jobs on that phone app,
Truck Trade?

People pay me
to move stuff or haul it away.

And if they don't
pay me enough to cover
the landfill fees...

Who gave you the barrel?

I do a dozen jobs a day,
I don't remember
every customer.

You better remember this one.
That barrel was filled
with acid.

It started a fire
that put a woman in the ICU.

No, wait. I checked
that barrel out myself,
it smelled fine.

Sulfuric acid is odorless.

Look, I didn't know
that's what it was, I swear.

Then who does?

It's a gardening company.

Uh... All-Organic
Pots and Plants.

See? That wasn't so hard.

That lady,
she's gonna be all right?

Am I in trouble?

Okay, thanks for the heads up,
What'd she say?

She went to pick up the truck
driver, but he's in the wind.

Not surprised,
he seems pretty spooked.

Yeah, but
without his statement,

PD can't get a warrant
to search the Pots
and Plants company.

They won't even get
a slap on the wrist.

I can't break that news
to Pete. Poor guy's
been through the wringer.

Yeah. Maybe we should
pay this place a visit.

Let's clear it with Boden.


Results come in?
No. Not yet.

Stop it.

You couldn't find
a willing victim?

I hope being at 51
doesn't over-stimulate her.

Put her in my office.
No one will bother her there.

Or vice versa.

Huh. You're the best.

There you go.

The early birds
are the professionals, boys.

You just have to survive
this part of the day

without getting
your pockets picked.

This says $11.
How do I know it works?

Oh. You can take it inside
the app floor and plug it in.

I'll just give you $3 for it.

I think we can accept
no less than $10.


All I have is $4.

That's okay. I don't need it.

Oldest trick in the book.

Thank you for coming, ma'am.

"Care for Mother Earth with
our all-organic products."

Gentlemen. Welcome to
All-Organic Pots and Plants.

I'm Joaquin, founder, owner.

If you're here for
an inspection,
somebody came last month.

I understand how these things
can get mixed up.

We just got some questions
about your fertilizer.

Sure. The CFD starting
a community garden?
We'd be happy to sponsor.

Just need you to tell us
what's in it.
All right.

We use a totally all-organic
blend of macronutrients,

everything from fish proteins
to mushroom spores.

What about sulfuric acid?
Absolutely not.

Everything we use is
eco-friendly and...

Ever heard of an app
called Truck Trade?


A fly dumper said
you hired him through the app

to get rid of
a barrel of acid.

I'm not familiar with the app,

and again, we don't use
chemicals in our products.

You know, my assistant
is buzzing me in
for a meeting.

If you have
any other questions,

please don't hesitate
to reach out.

If you do decide
to establish that garden,
we're happy to help.

Oh, my God.

That was the most stress
I've had on this job,

including the gas station call
a few months ago.

Yeah. Mouch had
a running commentary
on every sale I made.

Most of which was
abject disappointment.

I'm glad he has it
for a couple of hours.


What oh?

Casey told me I could keep
Veronicat in his office.

I'm thinking he probably meant
for me to keep her
in the pet carrier.

I think she's testing the room
for weakness.

Aren't you supposed to be
out on the garage sale floor?

We just...

What the hell is that?


What's it doing
in my firehouse?

Ambo 61, person in distress.
736 West Hubbard.

Guess we gotta go.

You two.

Corral that animal
and keep it outside.


Come on.

Ooh, a dentist's office,
this should be good.

Define "good."

I kind of groove
on the gross ones.

What do we have?
He's, um, stuck.

I was supposed to set
the mold, Dr. Lee had
a family emergency,

but I used plaster powder
instead of alginate.

I didn't realize until...

Call Med for a Versed order.
Try to relax, okay?

We're gonna
get these molds out.

Uh, what's his name?
Mr. Spilatro.

Okay, Mr. Spilatro,
I'm gonna need you to hold
real still, okay?

Get me the dental drill.

Hey. If you jerk around,
you'll get a cut a lip along
with cement in your mouth.

Okay? Versed?
Two milligrams going in.

I need you to spread your lips
as wide as you can.

You're doing great.

Try and pull that apart.

All right. Let's get him
on the stair chair
and off to Med.

We'll get a maxillofacial

to remove the rest of
the plaster and the trays.

He's not coming back.

Gross enough for you?

Mm. Can't say I'm not
a little disappointed.

I just want this
as a gag gift.

It was no joke winning
the Mid-Western Semi-Am, sir.

Twenty-five, final offer.

You can have three puzzles
for $5, all pieces in the bag,

Local artist, oil on canvas,
$45 or best offer.

How much for this guy?

It's yours for $30.

Okay. Okay. I will give you
the three records,

the DVD player, whatever
that is, and the mystery box

for $87.


Oh, thank you.


You're amazing.
Who runs Barter Town?

Mouch runs Barter Town.

What's the bowl of water for?


It's for Veronicat.

We brought her out here
'cause she was tearing up
the firehouse.

No, don't tell me.


We have to get her back
before Brett finds out.

Okay, okay, uh...

As soon as this sale is over,
I will solve this.

I will solve this.

I sit there...

Holding her hand, hoping
that she'll wake up, you know?


Hey, hang in there, Pete.

We just wanted to come by
and give you an update
on our end.

You find the scum
that dumped that barrel?

Actually, yeah.

From one of the plate numbers.

Guy says he was works
for this company All-Organic
Pots and Plants.

Sounds like the plant guy is
using sulfuric acid

to make his fertilizer,

then paying guys on the cheap
to get rid of the waste

so he can avoid
hefty disposal fees.

Fly dumping, it's called.

You got 'em?

That... That's great!

Isn't it? I mean, they're
bringing charges, right?

That's the plan.

But the driver's in the wind.

But you got the plant guy?

They can't get a warrant
for the plant guy without
a statement from the driver.

And even then, the reality is,
he'll probably get off
with a fine,

since he wasn't the one
who actually dumped it.

Excuse me, guys.

I know we can't
pin the fire on this
Pots and Plants jackass,

I just wish we could make sure
he gets the maximum penalty

for any hazardous waste
regulation he's ever violated.

You've ID'd the driver
and turned the information
over to the police,

aren't we out of moves?

We just need to find
one barrel of acid
on this guy's property

and match it to the one
from the dumpsite.

But we've already
showed our cards.

He knows we're onto him.
He won't invite us
inside again.


He doesn't know all of us.

Okay. What's your plan?

This truck app thing...

Anybody can use it?

I guess so.

Can I borrow your pickup?

Here you go.
Thank you, enjoy!

Thanks, man.

Okay, that's 5:00.

Let's haul in whatever remains

or we'll be here
dickering with

till midnight.

I have a total.
We are $200 shy of $5,000.

That's amazing.

I have to say, Mouch,
you were a force.

I was, wasn't I?
Except for when you sold


You sold Veronicat?


Okay, we were
going to tell you,

there was this woman, she was
very hard to understand...

You sold Veronicat.

We think we know
where the lady lives.

We were gonna
go over there and...
No. Don't you dare.

I have been praying for
something like this to happen.

Deliver me from evil.

Wait! How much did you say
you were short of $5,000?

Two hundred?

I will write you a check
for that amount to assuage
my guilty conscience,

but also to benefit the...
The Firefighter's Auxiliary.

Yeah. That.


All right.

Oh, sorry, sir,
garage sale's over.

I just need to
give you this...
No refunds, no returns.

It's right there on the sign.
You are Randall McHolland?

Yes, I am.
Then you're gonna
want to read this.

Mouch, what is it?


You remember
the Party Supply fire?

The one where you carried that
girl out as a massive fireball
chased you? Yeah.

I, uh...

Well, they're giving me
the Firefighter's Award
of Valor for it.

Mouch, that's incredible.


Let's pack it up!

Uh. Hey there.

I'm supposed to haul away
a barrel?

A barrel?

Somebody ordered a pickup,
you know, through this
Truck Trade app.

All right, give me a minute.

I think there's been
a mistake. No one here
put in a pickup request.

Look, I just go
where the app tells me, so...

Can I see the order?
The what?

The email confirmation,
show it to me.

Yeah. Right. Um...


It just logged me out.

It just said that
I was supposed to
come here for a pickup.

Now, if you're telling me...
Yeah, this is not working.

You the owner?

What's that about?

Do you run this place?
Yeah, can I help you, sir?

Hey, hey, hey, take it easy!
Take it easy!

Hey, come on!

Enough, this is
not the way, Pete!

What the hell is this?
It's payback,
you son of a bitch.


Stay back!

Where are the barrels?
What barrels?

Where are the barrels?

Where are the barrels?
Don't talk to them.

Get the hell out of there!

This is private property,
you have no right.

Leave now,
or I'm calling the police.

This is Lieutenant
Kelly Severide,

I need a Plan One Hazmat
response rolled to
1570 Cortez Street.

Thank you.

This is now an emergency
response site overseen by CFD.

But you should feel free
to call the police.

It'll save us the trouble.

She came out of her coma
a little bit ago.
Just sleeping now.

That's great news.


Thank you for pulling me
off that guy.

I'm not sure how far
I would've taken it.
Sorry you had to get involved.

If we're being honest,

it was pretty satisfying
to watch.

I thought I was gonna
lose my best friend.

Thank you both, again.

I wonder if she knows
how much he loves her.

She knows.

Yo, the Auxiliary Fund
was excited.

They even wanna mention us
in their monthly newsletter.

Yeah, great.

It's a shame
we couldn't sell that.

Oh, I sold it back to him.

But he does this every year
so he can prove
he fits into it.

Well, today's a pretty
good day for vintage, Mouch.

Congratulations again
on your big honor.

When's the ceremony?
I'm not sure actually.

Well, save us two seats
right in the front row.

Oh, you got it.

Still, it's normal
that I haven't heard
about the test?

Totally. Still.

He's right.

Okay. I just, um...
I just gotta keep busy.

Working the bar's
good for that.


You know I'm gonna need
some major distraction

when I get home, right?
I think I can provide.

You are so selfless.

You two have that connection
we saw with Pete and his wife.

The kind people
look for their whole lives.

My advice? You're overthinking
this marriage thing.

You don't need to talk it over
with Stella, you just
need to propose.

You think I'm wrong?

No, you're probably
dead on, it's just...

You're telling me to stop
second-guessing everything
and take action?

In so many words, yeah.

Well, then I'd say...

Maybe you should
take your own advice.

Hey, Chief.
What are you having?

I'm gonna need to
speak to Kidd.


Headquarters called.
The exam results are in.

So I'm gonna need a round
for the house...


I knew you could do it.