Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 13 - Don't Hang Up - full transcript

A mysterious caller who is in danger relies on Kidd to help save her and her brother. The firehouse helps Cruz get ready for fatherhood.

Chloe's pregnant!
Congrats, Joe.

Your MRI was clean.

I'm clear to work?


You two had something,
didn't you?

SYLVIE: It's a long story.

It was somewhere between
something and nothing.

I think you have some stuff

you need to
figure out, Sylvie.

You get told a lot
what you can't do.
But not here.

SEVERIDE: You brought
your leadership
and experience.

Do you know
how proud I am of you?

You ready?
STELLA: Hit me.

Name four common
water-reactive metals.

Sodium, potassium...

Do not tell me.

Not gonna say a word.

Lithium. Lithium
and magnesium.

Yeah! Ding, ding, ding!

I can't believe
all this cramming,

and the lieutenant's test
is finally here.

You're ready.
I hope so.

I mean, I know so.

I mean, I hope so.

Go home. I'll tell Casey
to pick up a floater.

No, nope. I need to
work this shift.

It calms me. I would be
tearing my hair out

if I were at the loft.


Firehouse 51.
WOMAN: Is Stella Kidd there?

Yep, let me find her.

Chief, just want to put
a bug in your ear.

I know Ritter and I haven't
built up enough furlough,

but do you think maybe
we could get a weekend
shift off together,

end of next month?

Well, it's just,
we've been planning...

Well, trying to plan
a young firefighters' weekend.

Kind of a retreat
for people my age.

You know, bond, share, swap
stories, that type of thing.


I can't think about next month
right now.

No, yeah, of course.

Ask me in a few weeks.

Thank you, Chief.

Hey, honey.
DONNA: Hey, the Wi-Fi is out.

No signal. Nothing.

Hey, did you reset the router?

Where would that be?

It's in the closet next to
the guest room. Go in there,
I'll talk you through it.


So, I'm taking
a parenting class.


Baby Basics for Beginners.
Just the dads.

And partners. There's this
one woman named Bailey.

VIOLET: Sounds awesome.


Your wife's gonna be
half a zombie

and you are gonna be ready to
rock as a father on day one.

I think it's great.

I appreciate your enthusiasm,

but right now, I'm getting
my ass handed to me
by this suck-up named Huxley.

He calls himself
the "King Swaddler."
Big show-off.

I want to murder him.

How's your swaddling?

Needs work, to be honest.

Stella Kidd.

This is messed up.



That was weird. Uh...
Any caller ID?

Number was blocked.

Did she say anything to you?
Tell you who she was?

She just asked for you.

By name?


Truck 81, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61,

vehicle accident,
55 South Addison.


Oh, my God. They hit him,
just plowed right into him.

Right there. Oh, my God.
Hit who?

Please come, come. Please.
Quickly, please. Him!

Mouch, Gallo, Kidd,
check the drivers
of the two vehicles.

Squad, saws and ladders.

Let's cut this guy down
while he still has a pulse.

You heard him, Capp.

I want a ladder up under him
to take the weight off.

Cruz, Tony, one for me there,

and we need a chainsaw
on my hip, ready to go, okay?

TONY: Copy that.


I think I can get up there
and hold him until Squad comes
and takes pressure off.

Then do it.

Set it there.

Hey, we're gonna get you down.

Hey! Come on. Hang on for me.

Hang on. Don't give up.

There you go.



All right.





Webbing comin' down.

Okay, secure.


Kidd, here...

Got it.

Okay, he's secure.

All right, watch your eyes.



I'm through.
Let's take him down.


All right, slowly. Easy, easy.
Don't jostle him.

Let's keep him on his side.

All right, slow.

Lungs are diminished.

Sir, can you hear me?

There's barely a pulse.

I'll get an IV and push fluids
on our way to Med.

Help us lift him into ambo?

I'm your one.


Watch that branch.


Looks like you've climbed
a few trees in your day.

Yeah, I wasn't much
for Easy Bake Ovens
growing up.

You know, I was out
in the backyard
getting my hands dirty.

You think that guy's gonna
make it?

10% chance.

But it would've been zero
if you hadn't taken
the weight off of him.

He's right. You did good work.

Hey, 81, let's get this glass
cleaned up.

Pack everything up, we'll get
out of here. Ten minutes!

GALLO: Copy that.


Hey, I'll tell you what.

You get through
50 more flash cards

and I will order Pizano's
deep dish and hand-deliver it
to your bunk.

Do you know
what I love about you?


Also, pizza.
Oh, also that.


Hey, Mouch. Are you covering
the tower now?

Yep, through lunch.

Okay, I got this weird caller
asking for me earlier,

so if they call back,

will you just patch it through
to Severide's office?

You got it.

Come on.

What are we doing here?

Brett told me
where to find them.

Find what?

Not what. Who.

Aw! What name did you pick out
for your son?

So, we can, you know...


Fine. You pick out
Baby No-Name
and I'll take what's left.



See? You are gonna make
a great father.


Don't look now,
but Casey's cooking.

It's not just for special
occasions, Capp.

Oh, I don't need a reason.

I'll take Captain Casey's
corned beef any time I get it.

Although, I am feeling like
Lazarus, back from the dead.

Yeah. I was so relieved
you were okay.
Better than okay.

I'd had low-grade anxiety
for years

that my head was gonna
just short-circuit
without any warning.

Now the doctor says whatever
trauma I had five years ago
is all cleared up.

I feel like I won the lottery.

You did.

Hey... Thank you.

For the support.
It meant a lot.

Of course.

Hey, Donna!
What's with all the...
Code red.

The Internet is
completely out.

The cable company called,

said it's a firmware issue,
whatever that means,

and it won't be resolved
for a few hours.

Oh, Lord.

Can I borrow
the bullpen to teach
my Zoom classes today?


Of course. Can you get her
set up over there?

What's all this?

Donna has to teach
Zoom school from here.

What can we do to help?

Uh... Get me plugged in
and connected?

Yeah. There you go.

Hey, I got you. Come on.

You guys have no idea
what teachers have
been through this school year.

I can't imagine.

Yeah. I mean, remote learning,
hybrid learning,

kids not paying attention,
turning their cameras off.

They think I don't know
when they're texting.

Hey, I've seen you.
You're amazing.

Is this something
you might need?

A standing desk, yes!
You're a lifesaver.


Okay, here we go.

Oh. Two minutes.

Thank you.

Stay as long as you like.

We'll stick around
and make sure
you get up and running.


Okay, that should be good.

Okay, so I'll admit,
this is harder than I thought.

Right? It's like
wrapping paper,

and I'm no good
at that, either.

It's a puzzle is what it is.

Let's watch a YouTube tutorial
and see what we get out of it.

You guys swaddling?

So, hey... Listen to this,
all right?

Trudy and Mouch,

they want to have a honky-tonk
night at Molly's.

Where everybody wears
cowboy hats

and, you know, boots
and they bring out a jukebox,

they play country music
out on the patio.

And I'm like, hey,
this isn't Waco, Texas.

What kind of people
do you think are gonna come?

And of course,
they don't have an answer.

How did he do that?

Five kids.



Firehouse 51.
Please get me Stella Kidd.

One second.



MOUCH: That caller for you.


Is this Stella Kidd?


You have to help me. Please.

Who is this?

I... I can't tell you.


You did Girls on Fire, Right?
That's right.

I came once. You said
you rescue people.
I need that.

Okay. Well...

I need you to tell me
what's going on
so I can help you.

I'm in, like, a basement.
I don't know where.


It's in, like,
a bando for this gang?


They want to kill me.
Why do they want to kill you?

They think I snitched.

My brother's up there now.
They're having, like, a trial?

But I didn't do it.

Okay, listen.

You need to call the police
right now.

No, I can't. Listen.
They already think
I'm snitching.

Cops show up
and they'll kill me,
they'll kill my brother.

Okay. Um...

Okay, at least tell me
where you are.

We were driving around
in this guy CC's car.

I was in the back seat

and they were all friendly,
but they were playing me.

I didn't know what was
what till they pushed me
down the stairs.

You have Maps on your phone?

They took my phone.

I found this burner
under the bed down here.

Then I remembered
the firehouse on Racine,

so I called 41 1
and they connected me.


Listen, I want to help you.
But you...

I can hear them coming
down the stairs.

Hey... Damn it!

Can you find Kylie for me?

I gotta stay by the phone.
Okay. I'll grab Kylie.

Okay, everyone, hi.

Okay, let's keep eyes on me
and cameras on this time,
all right?

If you give me an hour
of your attention, I will
give you my best. I promise.

Does everyone remember when
I talked about Newton's laws?

Newton's laws of what, Jada?

That's right.

And look, um,

I know that they can be hard
to understand in a book,

so, today, I have brought in
some firefighters to help us

So, for Newton's first law,
we are all gonna need a coin,

a note card, and a glass.

All right, do your thing.

Hey, Kylie. Kidd needs you
in my office.

Got it.

Bravo. Let's show them
that again.


There were a lot of girls
in those early days

who didn't stick it out.

I know, but do you remember
any of their names?

I didn't know everyone
back then. Some were
from different schools.

Anyone whose brother
was in a gang?

No one I remember.
I can ask
some of the other girls.

Okay. Um...

This is Stella.
I can hear shouting upstairs.

STELLA: Okay, listen.

You need to get out
of that basement. Okay?

Are there any windows
you can break?

It's like a jail cell.


If you climb the stairs...

They're right there.
There's nowhere to go.

Okay. Um...

You said there's a bed
where you found the phone.


That's it. Just some
old blankets on a mattress.

Okay, okay.

Is there anything
you can use as a weapon?

A steel bar
or a piece of wood?
Nothing like that.

Anywhere you can hide?

It's just a room.

Can you look for me?
I did.

Okay, okay, uh, listen,
I'm just trying to think here.



I should have stayed
in your class.

No, Hey...
I didn't think
I was good enough.


There isn't a girl
in that class

who isn't good enough.
All right?

That's what I was trying
to tell you when
you first came.

I should have listened.

No one ever told me that
before, so maybe
I couldn't hear it from you.

Well, then that's on me. Okay?
Not on you.

Because I had never
done that before,

taught a bunch of girls.

You know, I didn't have
anyone in my life like that,

not at that age, you know,
to tell me what my worth was,

so um, I didn't know
how to do it.

No, you were strong.

I think about how strong
you were all the time.

Can you just tell me
your name?

If you'll just...
The shouting stopped.

Maybe they've decided.
Maybe they're coming for me.

Hey, listen.
I want to help you.
I'm trying to help you.

But I need you to give me
some information so that
I can help you, okay?

You didn't listen to me before
and you said that
you regret that,

so I'm telling you,
listen to me now.

Hey, are you there?

Come on. I need you
to talk to me.

You can't help me.
That's not true.

I'm so sorry I did this.
Hey, no, no.

Listen to me... Don't hang up.
I just need you to tell me...

I know that voice...

But I can't picture
the girl's face.

It was definitely in the first
two weeks of Girls on Fire.

Remember that day
we had like 20 girls?
Right at the beginning?

Out on the north apron, right?

Facing the Sears Tower?
That's right.

I swear I remember that voice.

Did you keep the old sign-up
sheets from back then?

I remember you
out front with the clipboards.

Oh, yes.

It's the middle filing cabinet
along the north wall.

I'll go look for them.
STELLA: Great.

And I'll get back on the phone
with Yvette and Christina

and see if
they remember names.
Great. Thank you.

It's time to bring Boden in.

Good idea.

DONNA: Okay, so the
acceleration of an object

is directly proportional to
the amount of force applied.

Newton's Second Law.

So, Blake, if you would,
please give Darren
a little push.

You see that? Little force,
little acceleration.

So, now, Ritter, if you would
please, give Gallo...

Hey, what?

DONNA: Right?

Bigger force,
bigger acceleration.

It's like, Jada,
if you were to
kick a soccer ball

with all you've got,
what would happen?

We need you, Chief.

And she wouldn't tell you
her name?

No, but she didn't sound like
she was punking me, Chief.

She sounded very real,
very scared. We could
hear it in her voice.

Yeah, she was spooked.

Afraid that if we bring in CPD
the gang is gonna put it
on her brother.

What does she expect you
to do?
I don't know, Chief.

She said I was the one
who rescued people.

I might have a name.

I found the sign-up sheets
from the first couple of weeks

and ran the names past
the girls who go to
other schools.

They think it might be
this girl Aliyah.

She has an older brother who
they think might be a banger.

There's an address here.

You know what?

Why don't we roll out to this
address, see if we can confirm

that this is the girl
that we are looking for.

I'll tell Cruz
to cover for me.

Yeah, I'll stay by the phone,

but call me on my cell
as soon as you know anything.

SEVERIDE: Yeah. Got it.

Thank you.
I wanna help.

Come on.



What's up?

What's going on?


I would think,

with all the help you gave me,

that you'd know you can
come to me with
whatever's bothering you.



When you were going through
the testing,

I told Greg that I had
a friend I was supporting.

And I used
that word, "friend."

I mean,

I'm not gonna blurt out
your medical information
to anyone, right?


the last time you called,

when the results were in from
the MRI, my phone lit up.

And I said that my friend was
getting his results.

I had to go.

He saw my name
on your screen?

He took it that I was keeping
it from him intentionally.

There wasn't anything
nefarious about it.
I know, but that's...

That's not how he sees it.

Anyway, he pretty much
called things off.

And I didn't want to tell you
because you've been so happy.

Sylvie, I want you to know...


Ambulance 61.
Person in distress.

813 Eastman Street.



Paramedics. Hello?


Paramedics. Anyone here?

Is this the right house?


MAN: Help!


Is that coming
from underneath?

MAN: Help!

BRETT: What?

MAN: Help!




BRETT: We're here. Hang on.
We'll get you out.



It's too thick to break.


Okay. I'm gonna find
the breaker and kill the power

and radio Dispatch
for assistance.

61 to Main.

We have a person trapped.
We need assistance from Squad.

Copy that, 61.

Sending Squad
to your current location.

I was telling Cruz
how much I love puzzles.

A door mechanism
is essentially a...

Oh, nice.


One, two, three.

He's dehydrated.



BRETT: Hey. You're back.

How long were you in there?

Over an hour.

61 to Main. Hold the Squad,
we got him.

We'll transport him to Med.

Copy that, 61.

Oh, no.

Is it Douglas? Aliyah?

You found my children?

No, ma'am.

I thought you were the police,
coming to tell me
you found 'em.

They didn't come home
I checked their beds.

They haven't been here.

No, ma'am, we're firefighters,

but we are looking for
your son and daughter.

Aliyah called us to see
if we could help her.

Called you?
Yes, ma'am.

She's worried that
she might be in danger.

Douglas got in them gangs.

I told him not to let
his sister get involved
in that mess.

Do you have any idea
where they might be?

There's abandoned houses
up and down these streets.

Gangs move in,

do Lord knows what.

The West Side Forties.

That's Doug's affiliation?

Okay, well, then they didn't
leave this neighborhood.

We'll find her, ma'am.


It checks. It's Aliyah.

STELLA: Great. Thank you.


Step one.
Flat surface.

Step two?

Place baby face up.

Right. Step three?

Uh, straighten
baby's left arm.

I hope real babies
are more flexible.

This feels like
it's fighting me
the whole way.

He's not a marlin.
Make it happen, Cruz.

I'm doing it.
Step four.


Bring up the bottom.
Step five?

Secure the blanket.
See, but that's also open
to interpretation.

Because secure could mean
"tuck in"...
Cruz. Look.

Hey, we did it!

Mouch, get Herrmann in here.
He's gotta see this.

I'll bet you're faster
than he is now.

Do I hear a little wager
in the making?

Absolutely. Whatever you got.

Mopping duties, plus $20
on the side?


I'll go get Herrmann.


DONNA: So...


Just watching
a little Zoom school.

Newton's Third Law.
I can see that.


Hey, I didn't mean to dump
all of that on you earlier.

No, I'm glad you did.


Grainger got caught off-guard,
and I'm sure it looked more,

I don't know, sneaky than
it was, so he overreacted.

But truly, he seems like
a great guy,

and I know he likes you.

My guess is, he'll think
about it and come around.

You think?
I do.

Thanks, Matt.

You know, we were just
on this call and Violet was
talking about puzzles.

It just seems like the whole
dating game is one big puzzle

that I never seem to have
the pieces for.

Yeah. Well, if you do ever
figure it out, please slip me
the answers.

I just heard
the oven timer ding.

Thank you for not starting
without me.

Oh, no. I want you here
to collect my winnings.

Swaddlers, ready?





Done. Done. Done!

But... Hey, look at that.

I mean, you're getting really
good at this, Cruz, all right?

Now, go and have five kids,
come back and see me
when you're ready.


Thank you.



Stella Kidd.
There's more
commotion upstairs.

Sounds like a fight going on.
People slamming into things.

Is your name Aliyah?

Aliyah Ward?


How'd you know that?

Because I got firefighters

looking for you
right now. Okay?

If you can somehow
get yourself outside...

I can't.

Aliyah, listen.
There's no way out.
I'm telling you.


MAN: Go get the girl.


MAN: Time to pay up, Aliyah.

MAN: Get your ass up
these stairs, girl.

ALIYAH: Get off me.
Don't touch me! I mean it.

MAN: Bitch, I'll pound
your face like we did
your brother

and carry you up these stairs.

ALIYAH: No, stop! Please,
please, please. I'm sorry.
Please, I'm sorry.


Please! Let me go.
Please, let me go. Please.


Hey, Stella.

Now, you said the gang's turf
has to be by Aliyah's house,

Yeah, we're
driving the streets

looking for any gang activity.

Turn Boden's sirens on.

Turn your sirens on.




There. There it is.
You just passed it.

You just passed the house.
I can hear the sirens.

Hey, you just passed it.

We're with the CFD.

There is a gas main leak
in the neighborhood.

I need everybody to evacuate
this house immediately.

Man, you need to
get to stepping.

Look, this house,

it's gonna go up
like a fireball.

Bigger than you can imagine.
Now, if you wanna roast...

You know what? Be my guest.

You've been warned.

Come on.

Now what?

I don't have a plan B.



That's good. Um...

Now, everybody needs
to get far away from
this structure as possible.

Hey, Chief.

Saturation levels
are off the charts.

It's gonna blow.

Everybody, get away from here
as far as you can.

Right now. Move, fast!
Thirty seconds.

Get out of here,
get as far away as you can.

Far away. Miles from here.

Go, now! You gotta get
out of here. It's gonna blow.

SEVERIDE: Fifteen seconds!

Come on, get out of here!

Get out of here,
it's gonna blow!

Ten. Nine.
You two, come with me.
Come with me.

I got you. Come here.

Get in here.




Hey, Stella. Stella!

We got 'em. We got 'em.


No, they're okay.


Did the school bell ring?

(CHUCKLES) Yes, it did.

Can I tell you,

I have never had a more
attentive class
than the ones today.

Thanks to my secret weapons
over here.

Well, it was fun.
We were really happy to do it.

Yeah. I wish I had a teacher
like you growing up.

No doubt.

You were awesome to watch.

Thank you, you guys.

And now I have to race
Terrance home from his school.


I love you.

By the way,

you do have a teacher
as good as me. Right here.


BODEN: Look at you.

Hey, you two.

When was that
young firefighter trip
you wanted off for again?

Last weekend in May.

Consider yourself penciled in.


No way was I leaving this
for third shift.

Thanks, Casey.
Yeah. You're welcome to it.



Got a minute?

You gonna write me up again?

No. I...


Then how can I help you?

I'm here about Brett.

Just wanted to talk
to you, man to man.

Brett and I were never
really an item.

She asked for space
and I backed off.

Plain and simple.

I know you're a great guy
and I see the way
you're into her,

and I want you to know...

I'm not gonna try
and get in the way of that.

I want her to be happy.

That's all I want.


You don't get it, do you?

I'm not thinking about
what you're gonna do
or not do.

But honestly, I don't care.

What I think about is Sylvie.

From everything I've witnessed
over the last few months,

she's in love with you.

HUXLEY: So, Charlotte tells me
to demonstrate.

Zip, zip, zip.

I lay it on her,
and she gives me a new
coffee mug that reads...

You guessed it,
"King Swaddler."

Is that you?

King Swaddler?

I mean, that's what
Charlotte calls me.

Little nickname.

We know.

You've told us
a thousand times, Huxley.

But not today.

Not anymore.

I'm gonna make you
the Prince Swaddler.

'Cause there's a new king
in town.

He's got two thumbs,
and he is gonna destroy you.

How are all my partners doing?

CRUZ: Fired up
and ready to swaddle.

Hey, Lydia. How about we have
a little competition?

Just me versus Huxley?

Oh, well, I appreciate
the enthusiasm,

but since we are
halfway through

your partner's
second trimester,

we will leave swaddling
for you to practice
on your own.

While we move on

to getting that bottle
temperature just right.

Can I help demonstrate?

I've been reading up on proper
bottling in your book.


I would be honored.

Uh. I hope
I'm not forgetting anything.

No. 2 pencils?
Four of them.

Shoot. Yeah, I gotta
get a move on.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.





This is Aliyah.

She wanted to thank you.

It's so great to see you
in person.

The police, they busted
the gang leader, Jayton.

The one who had it out
for me and my brother.

He's going to jail now, so...

Aliyah thinks they won't be
bothered anymore.

That's great.

You saved my life.

You saved your own life

is what you did.

Yours and your brother's.

You have any idea
how strong that makes you?

Do you think I could
come back to Girls on Fire?


You come back anytime.

Thank you.

Oh, you have that
lieutenant's test now.

Yes. I um, I gotta go.



That is why you're going to be
a great lieutenant.

You got this, Stella Kidd.