Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 12 - Natural Born Firefighter - full transcript

While Mouch makes an incredible save, all eyes are on a mystery man who helped save his neighbor. Casey worries about his future at the CFD.

Deputy Commissioner Hill.

HILL: I came here to shake
hands with the man that
saved those kids' lives.

But it makes me very proud
to know it was a woman,

and a woman of color at that.

Do you have any interest
in spending Friday

skiing at Crystal Mountain?

That actually sounds
really fun.

I can't help thinking,

if I get another bad hit,
it could mean the end
of my career.

Make an appointment
and get checked out.

Friday, after shift.

If you have plans,
I can handle it solo.

I'm going with you, Matt.
That's that.


All right,
now just follow my finger.

And can you discuss with me

the vision issues
that you're having?

Yeah, it was basically
tunnel vision.

Everything looked
kind of dark and fuzzy,

around the edges.

Okay. I'm going to do
a strength test now.

I just want you to push out
towards me

with your right hand,
extending your elbow.


Now same thing with the left.

(SIGHS) I need to get an MRI.

He said it's possible
the repeat trauma has
left behind permanent damage,

could be I'm having
temporal lobe seizures.

What would that mean?

They can get progressively
worse, turn into full body

I'd have to quit the CFD,

Hey, Matt, slow down.

He said it was possible,
not that it was certain,


So, we don't know
anything yet.

We'll get the MRI
and go from there.

It's going to be okay.

No matter what,
we'll figure it out.

It could be nothing.

We'll know more after
these tests on Wednesday.

But for the next couple
of shifts, it's better if
I don't see any action.

I'm fine, really.

Just playing it safe.
Are you sure?

I can cover for you on calls.

And I'm happy to pitch in
around the house,

take some paperwork off your
plate. I wanna stay busy.


You just make sure
you take care of yourself.

Will do. Thanks, Chief.


Just go.
Why not?

Hey, Herrmann.

Would you mind if Gallo and I

take over a corner of Molly's
on Sunday night?

Reserve some space?

Uh, depends for what.

We meet with a group of young
firefighters once a week.

Oh, that's a nice idea.

We swap stories, you know,
share, uh...

And drink beer?

BOTH: Yeah.
Well, then, by all means,

bring your young friends
to Molly's.

Good morning.

Morning, Chief.
CRUZ: Morning, Chief.

HERRMANN: Hey, Chief.

I'm gonna have to call
an audible today.

Due to medical concerns,
Captain Casey is going
to have to take

the next two shifts out.

I'll be accompanying Truck 81

calling the shots. Mouch,

take the first seat.
Sure thing, Chief.

BODEN: Okay. A couple of
other announcements...


Truck 81, Ambulance 61.

Structure fire.
26th and Austin.


Just save my store.
Please, just save my store.

We're on it, sir. Let these
ladies check you out, okay?

Violet, Brett.
BRETT: Got him.

Kidd, size it up!

Fires on one,
heavy smoke on two.

Fire's not in
the structure yet,

but looks like there's
plenty of fuel in there.

51, lead out, first floor!
Yes, sir.

BODEN: Mouch, Gallo,
primary search on one.

Charge the line!

Ready, set, let's go!


What is this?

We got balloons exploding
in here, Chief!

Let's make a push!

MOUCH: Fire department,
call out!

GALLO: Fire department,
call out!

WOMAN: Help!

I got her!


Help! My daughter.

I can't find her!
Addie! Addie!

We'll get her. You gotta go!
Come on!

Stay low!

Hey, I'm gonna go
check that out.

You keep going!

Hey, come with me!
Come on with me!

Upstairs, my neighbor,
she's unconscious! Hurry!

Wait! Get back here!



You have a bail-out rope?

Yeah, of course.

Great, then I don't need this.


Chief, her daughter's
still inside.

She was looking around.
I couldn't find her.
She's only six!

Attention, everyone.

We have a missing girl inside,
six years old,

location, unknown.

There she is! (COUGHING)

Front stairwell's
fully involved,

only clear way out
is the window.



Hey! I need a ladder
to a second floor window,

B-side, center.

I got two civilians
coming out,

one male, one female,

BODEN: Copy that, Herrmann.
HERRMANN: How is she?

She needs oxygen.

We get her down faster
with a hasty harness.

You a firefighter?

Not anymore.

Let's do this.


You got it. Okay, easy.

Whoa, hang on! Wait.

GALLO: Okay, lift.

Hold up.

Fire department! Call out!

She was just running around
the store, looking at
all the pinatas...

Your heart rate is elevated.
So just try to relax.

And then these balloons
hit a light or something

and just burst into flames.

Hey, you! What do you
put in your balloons?

Helium is really expensive,

and acetylene works
just the same, so...

Heads up,

flammable gas stored on site.

Let's hurry it up!
Mouch, report.

No sign of the girl yet.

Okay. We're coming in
to help you look.

Negative, Chief.
Do not come here!

We need to evacuate right now!



Evacuate now!
We are going defensive!


Mouch, report!
What's your status?


There you are.

Come on. Hurry up.

BODEN: Mouch, report!

Mouch, report!

Here he comes!



You okay?

Come on. (WHOOPS)

You good?
She's all right, Chief.

Come on. She's okay.

She's okay.



Mouch, that was... I mean...


You okay?

Worst party ever.

That was a beautiful save.

But you had to go
and steal my thunder, huh?

I pulled off this pretty sweet
rope rescue, me and this kid,

some kind of natural born

You guys gotta meet him. Uh...


Where'd he go?

Yo, you guys missed
the Mouch save of the century!

He was like, "Chief,
don't come in. It's too hot."

But then he bursts out
of the building,

the little girl in his arms...

Boom! The building explodes
behind him.

And he falls to a knee
and he's like... (ROARS)

CRUZ: Mouch, that sounds
like it's out of a movie!

CASEY: Way to go, Mouch.

Just doing my job,
but thanks, Captain.

Sorry, I missed it.

Chief, we heard Mouch
was a baller today!

He certainly was.

Speaking of baller, Chief,

that is one impressive
new truck you got out there.

Uh, what are you
talking about?

The beauty that's parked in
your spot, that's not yours?


I had to find street parking
three blocks away.

Chief, everybody in this
neighborhood knows that
that is your spot.

It is the sacred duty of every
Chicagoan to respect dibs.

It's the city's curb.

He has the right to park there
if he gets there first.

CRUZ: Oh, no, Chief.

You got to get angry
about this.
I do?

You should leave a nasty note.

No! I don't think I need
to go that far.

As soon as the truck moves,
we'll put some cones out there

to make sure this
doesn't happen again.

Cones? Uh-uh.

No, dibs calls for something
more substantial.

A woman in my neighborhood

once put a dining room table
right out on the street.

CRUZ: Okay,
that's a little much.
Something like that.

You are the man
who owns that spot.

It's incredibly...



Hey, you two,
that guy who helped me
with that rope rescue,

you didn't happen to see him
over at Med, did ya?

Uh, yeah, Mason?

Nice guy.

Yeah, he was there
checking on his neighbor.

Huh. Were they close?
Doesn't seem like it,

more that he just wanted
to make sure she was okay.

He didn't happen to mention
where he was stationed at,
did he?

What do you mean?
He said he used to be
a firefighter.

BRETT: He didn't say
anything about it.

You should've seen this kid,
trying to save that lady
without anybody's help.

Well, he said he was heading
back to his place to see
what he could salvage.

Hey, Bobby. Round up the guys.
We're gonna go for a ride
in this engine.

Mason, right?

Oh, hey.

Christopher Herrmann,
Firehouse 51.

Lucky for us you were here,

or we might not have gotten
to your neighbor in time.


Maybe not.

So, uh,
where were you stationed?


No kidding?
What brought you out here?


I have an uncle in Lake View.


you ever think about
applying with the CFD?


You can tell me
to mind my own business,
and I'll hit the road.

But I have been doing
this long enough to
recognize raw talent.

What happened? You got hurt?

Whatever it was, uh,

you're still young enough,

you can always apply
with the CFD...

I can't.

Why not?

Because I was a firefighter
in prison,

and the CFD won't hire felons.


Hey, Gallo.

What's up, Captain?
I wanted to say thanks,

for staying on me
about the headaches.

It's part of what prompted me
to get it all checked out.

No need to thank me.

I just hope everything
turns out well.
It will.

So, he went from
fighting fires

to washing dishes at
his uncle's restaurant.

What kind of felony are
we talking about here,

on a scale from tax evasion
to serial killer?

It sounds like, you know,

he fell in with a bad crowd
when he was a teenager.

He stole a car,
and he got three years for it.

Yeah. Tell me about it.
I know.

I just went through it
with Lee Henry!

And kept him out of jail.

There but for
the grace of God.

And I still got
four kids to go.

Hey! There he is!
Mason, come on over, sit.

Meet my pal, Mouch.

Herrmann told me what you did
on that call. Impressive.

Forget it, you were the hero.

I saw it with my own eyes,
incredible save.

Yeah. Hell yeah, it was.
Nice job.

HERMANN: So, hey, I got
a question for you, okay?

You said that you were
on a hand crew, you know,
setting fire lines.

Where did you learn how to tie
hasty harnesses like that?

Uh, in prison,
you have a lot of down time.

All we did was train.

Gettin' on that crew saved me
from a lot of messed up stuff.

And we were out
helping people,
which felt good.

Anyway, here's to you guys

for putting your necks
on the line to save
screwups like me.

Forget that.
You stood with us.

That means a hell of
a lot around here.

Okay, so, uh, Boden put
a note on that truck.

Like Capp said!
Did he blast him?

Oh, no,
it was completely Boden,
very polite, very chill.

No, we should get to
shift early and mark
Chief's spot.

Who is "we"?

Or you.

I'm the planner.


Let's draw straws.
Now you're talking.

This is ridiculous.

No looking.


Short straw

draws the short straw.




Oh, come on.

You made it too easy.

I feel terrible, you should've
gone skiing without me.

No. No way.
You're the fun part.

Well, I'm sorry again
for cancelling. I just...

I don't want my friend
to go through this
medical stuff solo.

I get it.

We can do the trip
another time.

I'd love to.

And in the meantime,
I know it's not exactly
a ski vacation,

but there is an omelet
festival this week

at a pop-up place
in Logan Square.

Omelet festival.
Oh, yeah.

Omelets are very trendy
right now.

Oh. Well, then, obviously yes.

You won't regret it.
I hope.

I feel like I haven't
been a good friend.

You've been going through
something and I should've
picked up on it.

That's on me. I made sure
you didn't pick up on it.

Why? You can tell me anything.

You better know that by now.
Yeah, I do. It's just...

I grew up in a family
full of secrets.

I guess it's become
a fallback for me,

shutting people out

when things get too rough.

I'm working on it.

You shouldn't be going through
something like this alone.

Actually, Sylvie found out,

and she's been by my side
every step of the way.

She'll be at the MRI tomorrow.

Glad to hear it.

I am on my lunch break.

Ah, geez.
That's the warm welcome I get

after I bought all
those Girl Scout cookies
from your daughter?

Three boxes.

I got kids in the game, too.
What do you need, Christopher?

All right, hey, uh,
two minutes with
the Commissioner.

That's all I'm asking.

He's out of town
for a few weeks.

Can you at least tell me
who's covering for him?

Why? What's this about?

CFD hiring policies.

Talk to Human Resources.

No, I'm not lookin'
to pass off a resume,

I need a policy change.

DC Hill.

But she has a ton
on her plate right now,

so don't get your hopes up.

Thanks, Sandra.


And I made a playlist for you.
I'm texting it to you now,

and you can just give it
to the radiology tech

and he'll pipe it in
through the headphones.

You didn't have to do that.

Well, don't thank me yet.

It's mostly smooth jazz
and a couple of Taylor Swift
slow jams thrown in.

I read you're not supposed
to listen anything
too stimulating.


TECH: Matt Casey?

That's me.

I'll be here. (SIGHS)

Have fun.

(SIGHS) I'll do my best.

You ready?


I'll start your playlist.


What's he doing?

Marking Boden's spot.

Is that my old recliner?

I thought they took it
to the Salvation Army
years ago.

Or was I supposed to?

Should we help?
He drew the short straw.

Kidd! Hey!

Casey get his head examined?

Won't get the results
for a couple days, though.

Okay. Uh, listen,
I got to ask you a favor.

It's kind of a big one.

I need a meeting with
Deputy Commissioner Hill.

What makes you think that
I got that kind of juice?

You've been waving her card
around for weeks,

bragging about "my best new
friend at headquarters!"

Have not.

Okay, maybe for a few days,

but then I taped it up in
my locker for safe keeping.

I've been calling
and emailing, and I
cannot get a response.

What do you need
to talk to her about?

No wonder Boden was happy
to jump into action.

This paperwork
is mind-numbing.

You'll be back out there soon.

(GRUNTS) Maybe.

When a doctor says 24 to 48
hours until they call you in
for results,

we should assume 72, right?

Whenever it is,
you let me know ASAP.
That's the deal.

Okay, so,

how terrible was the playlist?

You can be honest.

It was great.

It was definitely
a distraction.

It was horrible.
I... Yeah.

Hey, Brett,
you left your phone
on the table.

It kept buzzing.
We couldn't help but see you
missed one call from your dad,

one from Grainger,
and two from something
called "Celebrate Omelets."

BRETT: Oh, no,
I forgot to confirm
those reservations! Damn.


Yo. You see we're
up to 15 RSVPs
for Sunday night?

Yeah, that's awesome.

but it's gonna feel like
just another night of boozing,

unless we come up with
an agenda for the meeting.

Okay. Like?

I don't know. Uh...

Maybe a guest speaker.

Guest speaker. I like that.

Someone who's got wisdom
to impart.

You want The Bullet.

Mike "The Bullet" Thompson.
A true legend of the CFD.

He's the one who went back
into that house fire collapse

to save an infant,
a while back.

1993. Put him on the front
page of the Tribune.

He's retired now, goes around
the country giving talks.

I'll track him down, see if
he'll meet with your group.

What... Mouch,
you don't have to do that.

I'm happy to.
I worked with him for
a while. You'll love him.

BODEN: Why is the damn
coffee pot empty?

You doin' okay, Chief?

That truck is in
my spot again.

Ignored my note completely.
I had to go park on Wisconsin.

Like I said.
You gotta get angry.

He's in your spot?

I put a recliner out there.

That's supposed to be dibs,

I have never seen him
like this.

You know,
Cruz got him really worked up.

Uh, what's your note say,
I tried the polite way.

Now I'm gonna use
some colorful language

to let this thief know
that in no uncertain terms,

he cannot park here again.

CRUZ: Are you sure?

You notify me
if he shows himself.

(CHUCKLES) That genie is not
going back in the bottle.

STELLA: I mean, it's not like
I don't want to help Herrmann,

but first,
is it even possible? I mean,

the CFD has a longstanding
policy against hiring anyone
with a felony conviction.

Even certain misdemeanors.

Second, is it fair?

With so many
deserving candidates

already in line,
who don't have a rap sheet,

why shouldn't they get
special treatment?

That's valid.
And third...

I, uh...
I don't have a third yet,

but jump in if you do.

Listen, I did tons of
dumb stuff as a teenager,

just didn't get caught.

I was no angel either.

And you know it's a long shot.

The only question is,
is it a shot worth taking?

I don't even know the guy.
Herrmann does.

Well, they just met,
like three days ago.

Yeah. But...

when's the last time you saw
Herrmann go to bat
for someone like this?

Did Dr. Carmen call?

No. But when he does,

I was thinking it's better
if I get the results alone.

Oh, okay. Why?

I've been making too big
a deal out of all this.

Honestly, no matter what
the results are, I'll be fine.

And you tagging along on
every visit, it's silly.


Ambulance 61.

Person trapped,
462 North Clark Avenue.


SEVERIDE: Fire department!
Over here! Hurry!


What's your name?


The stupid thing jammed up.

I was just trying to
pull the ball out and...

God, why did I have to use
my dominant hand?

Hang in there, Amber.
They're going to get you free.

How bad is it?
I can't really feel anything.

We can't see yet.

I start Notre Dame
in the fall, to play
Division One.

I don't have time
for an injury.

All right, uh, Cruz,
grab a side.

AMBER: Am I going
to need stitches?

No, you've got
a compound fracture.

Oh, my God!

I'll get some gauze
and a splint.

Hold tight, okay?
This might hurt a little.


CRUZ: Clear.
BRETT: All right. Easy.

BRETT: All right. All right.

Behind you. Okay, take a seat.

You are tough as hell, Amber.
You're going to heal up
in no time.

I hope so.

Because if I can't
play tennis, I might
as well be dead.

It's my whole life.


Yo, anything yet?
truck's still there.

Boden's note?
Hasn't been touched.

All right. Well, I'll take
over watching if someone'll
bring me a sandwich.

You sure?

I wanna see what happens when
Boden sets eyes on this guy.

GALLO: He likes ham
and cheese, and he...
RITTER: What kind of salad?

Hey, Herrmann.

I've been thinking about
that favor you asked.


And I put in a call to
Deputy Commissioner Hill.

You got me a meeting?
I got us one.

But she's squeezing it in,
so we might have five,
ten minutes tops.

All right. This is incredible!
I do have one condition.

Anything. Name it.

We write out
what we want to say,

and we rehearse it

like we're doing a show
at the Steppenwolf.

No problem.
All right,
no going off script.

No ad-libbing...

We... We dial it in, and leave
no room for error. This...

I need to make
a good impression.

Let's start writing.

All right.

I couldn't find a number
for Mike Thompson yet,

but I talked to his best bud,
Denny Blasko...

Actually, Mouch,
we don't need Mike Thompson.

You don't?

We found someone better.
Better than The Bullet?


What does this mean?
It means you, Mouch.


I want our group to get
a little taste of everything
I've learned from you.

From the things you said
to me when I was locked up
on that stairwell

to the skills I learn
watching you on every call...

And how you kicked
epic amounts of ass
on that party store fire.

You're the guy
we want to hear from.

I'm, uh...

That's, uh...

Let me, uh,
let me just check my schedule,

make sure I'm free.


Have you guys seen Casey?

Uh, he's in his quarters,
I think.
Thank you.

I'm coming with you
to hear the results.


I know firefighting is your
whole life and you're scared
as hell, but so am I.

We can be scared together.

You have your own life to deal
with, I was being selfish.

Matt Casey,
don't argue with me.

Just call me when you hear
from Carmen or else...

I... I think I'm having
stage fright.

Maybe I should do
all the talking.

Ah! Here it is.

All right, (CLEARS THROAT)
"Thank you for having us."

Thank... Thank...

Thank you...
Thank you for having us...

Listen, hey,

forget the script,
just speak from your heart.

That's something
you're always good at.


Commissioner Hill
is ready for you.

Mm, Stella Kidd,
from Firehouse 51.

When I said call anytime,
you didn't hesitate.

We so appreciate you meeting
with us. I mean, we know
how busy you are.

Lieutenant Christopher
Herrmann, Engine 51.

Um, thank you so much
for taking the time
to meet with us.

I hate to be rude,
but I have to be in
Bridgeport in half an hour,

so why don't you give me
the Cliff Notes version
of whatever brings you here.

All right.
Well, to get right to
the heart of the matter,

we're here about CFD's
policy on hiring felons.

Now, there is this inmate
firefighter from Colorado...

Let me stop you right there.

Are you trying to get
some kind of exemption?

Not exactly...
I mean, well, sort of.

But I mean, we're hoping
that policy can change.

Or the exemption,
if that's an option.

It's not.

And to be perfectly blunt,
a policy change like that

will never get the support
it needs.

Not around here.

Maybe if you knew more
about him...

Unfortunately, we can't set
that precedent or it could
open us up to lawsuits.

Commissioner, respectfully,

you and I both had
to fight to get our foot
in the CFD's door.

And we continue to fight

our way up the ladder,
to prove we belong.

This young man isn't perfect.
He stole a car when he was 17.

But he served his time,
and he put his life
on the line

fighting wildfires for
80 cents an hour and some
time knocked off his sentence.

We met him on a call,
where he helped save
the life of a woman,

when he could've
run out the door.

He has CFD material
written all over him
and he can't even apply.

We just want to give him
a fair shot.


I appreciate your passion.

Truly, I do.

But the CFD is an elite group
of men and women.

We're exclusionary on purpose.

Some people
can't be firefighters,

no matter
how bad they want it.


Wow! Uh, thank you.

That would be amazing.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled.

Yes, of course.

I will put them in touch.


Hey, Chief! Chief!
He's coming back!

The truck guy!



Are you the jerk that ignores
a note outside of a firehouse?

I wrote a really polite note
to try and get...

I, um...

I am so sorry about this.

I saw your note the other day
and I meant to come find you,

but I just got so caught up
with Sister Betty.

She's had such
a difficult time
getting into her apartment

since the ALS got its hooks
into her.

Oh, I, uh... No,
I can see now why you will...

Sister Betty, is it?

You know, you can park here
whenever you need.

Here, let me help.
Guys, come and help.

Oh, no, we've got it.
We got it.
Come on.

Um... Guys. Now!

Oh, wow.

Gosh, this is just
so kind of you.

You guys are just so nice.
It's nothing.
We're firefighters.

And we, um...

We like to help the public.
You know...

Well, I really will try
not to park here again.


You know,
forget anything I said.

This space is yours
all day every day.

Ten "Our Fathers"
and 15 "Hail Marys" for
the filth on that note

before you snatched it away.

Yes, ma'am. I mean, Sister.

I will do that.


Keep the change.

What's this?

It's called a challenge coin.

It used to be that it's only
given to station members.

Every house had its own coin.

It's always good to have one
on hand in a firefighter bar,

you know, just in case.

You see, if someone challenges
you and slaps theirs down
on the bar,

and you ain't got your own,
you get stuck buying
the round.


It's an old tradition.

I hear that it's still a thing
they do in Saint Paul.

I heard that, too. Yeah.

I don't... I don't follow.

We got you an interview
with the Saint Paul
Fire Department.

To be a firefighter?
STELLA: No guarantees.

But it's a foot in the door.

Wait, what? How?

Because Stella Kidd
here is best friends

with the Deputy Commissioner
here in Chicago.

Not quite.
But we spoke to her,

and whatever we said
must've landed,

because she reached out
to a friend in Saint Paul,

who happens to be
the Deputy Chief.

And he wants to meet you.

I wish we could've
helped you out here,

but the CFD, they got
some strict policies...

Are you kidding?
This is unreal!

I can't believe
you did this for me.

Hey, that my friend
is just a loaner, okay?

Till you get your own.

without further ado,

let me turn it over
to my friend and mentor,
Randall McHolland.

Oh, boy, look at all
these young faces.

I don't have any pearls
of wisdom for you folks.

I just know that the way
you learn to do this job,

the way you maximize
your chances for survival...

BRETT: Hmm, ooh.

What is the tornado omelet?

Had no idea omelets
were so popular.

You're really in the know.
That's me. Cutting edge.


Sorry, gotta take this.

Hey. Okay.

Of course, yeah. Um...

I can be there
in about 20 minutes.



I'm so sorry to do this.

My friend just heard
that the doctor has results.

You warned me this
could happen, I can't
get upset about that.

You left out that the friend
you're helping is Casey.

Oh, I... It's really just a...

It's a privacy thing.
I mean, he hasn't told
a lot of people.

I feel terrible about
ruining another plan.

Can we reschedule? Any time.

I don't think
that's such a good idea.

Why not?

Because I think you have
some stuff you need to
figure out, Sylvie.


Sorry, that took so long.
Any word?


Nurse seemed serious
when I gave her my name.

Brought me right in.

Well, that could be nothing.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Matt, in the accident
where you hit your head,

which side of your body
did you fall on?


My left.

And did you have any
shoulder pain afterwards?

Yeah, but it's mostly gone.

Makes sense now.

The weakness on your left side

is most likely due to
the shoulder injury
you're recovering from.

Not from an injury
in the brain.

Your MRI is clean.

BRETT: Um...

But what about the headaches,
and the tunnel vision?

Most likely caused by
post-concussion migraines,

it's common with a head injury
like yours.

It'll go away on its own.

In the meantime,
we'll get you some migraine
medication to manage it.


So, I'm...
I'm clear to work?


I'll talk to Jenny out front,

and she'll have your
prescription ready for you.

It's always nice
to deliver good news.



Matt, you're okay!




Time to head to Molly's,
I think.

We got some celebrating to do.

I was thinking
the same thing, yes.

All right.