Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - Rattle Second City - full transcript

As Firehouse 51 welcomes a new member to the team, whose presence could provide some complications, Brett's leadership shines during a scary call; Boden sees great potential in Kidd and ...

We're just friends,

but every time
I let myself wonder,

I started feeling that
little flutter in my chest.

I'm here.

I know just how awesome
Girls on Fire can be.

You show great potential
as a leader in the department.

You know
who I've never doubted?

Not once?


You're good.

The most important word
to Firehouse 51 is community.

This is a neighborhood house.

When this community calls,
we respond.

When it raises its hand,
we pull it to its feet,

so it isn't good enough

just to show up
to this house on time,

punch in and punch out
at the end of your shift.

I expect you to become a part

of the lifeblood
of this community.

'Cause we as a family...
Am I late?

Oh, damn it.

I hit a pothole on West
Harrison and I blew a tire.

I got it changed,
but then I had to park, like,

two blocks down on Racine.

What were you saying about
showing up on time, Chief?

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

It's okay.
Chief, you met Gianna.

Gianna, this is the Chief.

I, uh... I was supposed...

Is Joe's tiredness gonna
affect your perception of me?

Because, you know, I would...

Yeah, I would definitely deny
knowing him.

Too late.

Cruz already told us
you grew up on the same block.


Mm, it's best
we found out your association

with this scoundrel
before we were in too deep.


But just so you know,

the whole neighborhood was well
aware of the Cruz brothers.

You know, the words, "stay
away" on every mother's lips.

Excuse me.

Gianna Mackey.

Looks like
you're gonna fit right in.

Welcome to Ambulance 61.
Thank you, Chief.


I cannot believe that
I was late to introduce you

on your first day.


You can make it up to me
by giving me a full tour.

Right this way.

She seems cool, huh?

She's one lucky medic
to have you as a partner.

Thank you, Matt Casey.

How's Foster doing
at Northwestern?

Loving it.

There's no remote learning
when you're in med school

during a pandemic.

Of course, it's Emily,

so she's volunteering
in a COVID ward

on top of all of that.

Sounds like her.

When are they gonna allow
more civilian staff in here?

I heard the CFD isn't
letting anyone back

out of "an abundance
of caution."

The same
with Stella's program.

Girls on Fire?
I loved that.

Yeah, she's trying
to get it started again,

but it's like pulling teeth.


This is what I'm saying.

I started Girls on Fire
to show young women in Chicago,

women who have been hurting
this year, by the way,

that they have an opportunity

they've probably never thought
of before and it was working...

This is about public health
during a pandemic.

We will keep it small,
we will mask up,

we will stay outside.

Just please, please think
about these girls.

Okay, okay.
I'll run it up the flag pole.

That's all I'm asking.
No promises.

Well, though...
You have to sell this for me

the way I'm selling it to you.

Uh, hey, everyone.

Um, I would like you all
to meet Gianna Mackey.

I have known her all
of her life.

And she is now gonna be
working with Brett on 61.

So you grew up around Cruz?
Oh, yeah, yeah.

I was just a few years behind
his younger brother, Leon.

Girl, you are gonna have
to tell us some stories.

Uh-uh, no.
That is not gonna happen.

Ambulance 61.

Man down from unknown causes.
Come on.

Told you it's a busy house.

I'll see you, okay?


CFD paramedics!

Looks like an OD.

Get the Narcan ready.

Sir, can you hear me?

He's unresponsive.

Pupils are constricted,
pulse is faint.

Okay, we gotta...

If he dies, you die.

Put the gun down.
Fix him!

We can't do anything
until you put the gun down.

I'll shoot her.

You think I give a damn?
That's my brother, he...

He doesn't deserve this!

Okay, just calm down.

Bitch, if you don't fix him,

I swear to God,
I will kill both of you.

point that gun back at me.

Fix him!

Okay, okay.

Narcan's in.

Let's secure his airway.

It's in.

He's still apneic.

What's that mean?
Hey, listen.

We can't treat him here.

He's not responding
to the Narcan.

We have to take him
to the hospital.


We don't have enough Narcan
to work on him here.

He is going to die,
you hear me?

I don't care what you do.

We're taking him
to the ambulance.

Come on, Mackey.
Let's go.

In the chair on three.
Let's go.

Move, move.

All right.
You treat him, I'll drive.

Back up!

Back up!

Okay, if you want
to see your brother,

he'll be at Chicago Med.

Dispatch, this is Ambulance 61
en route to Chicago med.

I just got word
from headquarters.

Squad 3 has been designated
guinea pigs

to test out new equipment.


They want you to give up
your next couple of Saturdays,

test out the equipment in front
of white shirts at the academy.

It's such a waste
of a weekend.

When's the last time CFD bought
any new technology, Chief?

Mine is not to question

the infinite wisdom
of headquarters;

Mine is to cross off one more
item off this to-do list

which stretches
over five pages long.


Thank you.

Heard you had a 10-1.

Yeah, uh,
OD lying on the couch.

We go to give him Narcan
and then out of nowhere,

his brother points a gun
at the back of my head.

She handled it, though.

Cool as a cucumber.

You all right?

I mean, that guy definitely
went into my top ten scary,

but we were out of there
before he could do anything.

What about CPD?
They took a statement.

I'll call Burgess,
see what she knows.



I just heard about
your first call.

Are you kidding me?
Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Well, it sounds like
you ran into a lunatic.

Well, he was.

It was...
How was Brett?

Uh, stone cold slayer.

Yeah, yeah.
That's her.

Hey, did you like her?
Are you guys getting along?

Is she treating you all right?

Um, yeah, Joe.

Well, how about the rest
of the house?

The guys?
Are you liking everybody?

I mean, I know
you barely had a chance

to meet anyone,
but they're awesome.

You'll see.

I mean, you got that feeling


You're gonna love working

All right, Joe.

I promise you, you spend
20 minutes in the common area...

Oh, my God, oh, my God, Joe,
you have gotta bring it down,

like, a good three notches.

I just...
Joe, Joe.

I've wanted to come
to 51, okay?

I've been trying to get in here
since I got out of the academy.

And I'm in it
for the long haul, all right?

Especially if the ambulance
gon' be this crazy

all the time.

Oh, bro, the pace
in this house is relentless.

So did anyone call lunch duty

Well, I mean,
if you're gonna volunteer.


I make a killer turkey, swiss,
and pear sandwich

that, I'm not gonna lie, has
a pretty damn good reputation.

That sounds great.
I will take one.


I want to grab these
pencil-pushers by their throats

and make them actually
push their pencils.

I mean,
why is this taking so long?

Girls on Fire?
Girls on Ice is more like it.

I mean, look, I talked
to the community relations guy.

I told him everything
will be done outside,

all the girls
will be masked up,

no one is gonna get
within six feet of each other.

You know, they're worried
about liability.

I'm worried about these girls
losing a year of their lives.

I heard about Saturday.
Count me out.

They can't make us come in.

Hey, you'll be there.

I'm going to break through
on this

if it's the last thing I do.

Do you know how proud I am
of you?

Tell me again.

Thank you.

Hey, article in today's paper
got me thinking.

What about?

Yeah, there was this old guy
in Colorado

who decided to bury
$1 million worth of diamonds,

rubies, and pearls, you know?

In the wilderness of Colorado.

Is that a fact?

And then, he writes a poem
that's like a map

leading people to the treasure.


I don't get it.

It was a promotion.

He wanted to get people
into nature, you know?

Or some nonsense.

And it worked.

So for ten years,
people from all over the world

went to Colorado looking
for his buried treasure.

And somebody finally found it.

I'm still not following.

Molly's Patio, okay?

It's opening on Friday
and nobody even knows about it.

Knows about what?
Molly's Patio.

What's Molly's Patio?
You see?

Okay, okay.

So you want to

write a poem?

Yeah, I mean, you know,
first we bury, you know,

a coupon that says,
"Free Drinks For Life"

and then we write
a treasure map poem.

Are you kidding me?
The news is gonna eat it up.

And then we're gonna
have promotions

out the ying-yang for years.

Now I'm seeing it.

Uh, who's writing this,
uh, treasure map poem?

We are.
Me and Mouch.

I wanna help.



I got a few rhymes in me.


Are you the one
that made these?


Keep her.

I, uh,

just got word from Chicago Med.

That overdose that you took
in this morning...

his heart gave out.

They couldn't revive him.

CPD are gonna swing by,

give us an update on that
brother that threatened you.

The OD was a man named
Paul Halleck.

The apartment you found him in,
1821 West Garfield?

That's his, along with
the evidence of meth and heroin

at the scene.


this the man
that threatened you?

Joe Halleck, older brother.

He have a record?
Uh, does he.

Ag assault, robbery, GTA,
multiple drug charges,

weapons charges...
Why is he on the street?

How many reasons
you want, Chief?

I can give 'em to you all day.

I can take 61 out of service.

No, Chief.

I mean, I don't want to speak
for Gianna,

but I'm good to keep working.

Yeah, no.
Um, no problem for me.

That wasn't the first time
I've been threatened

and it won't be the last.

All right, then.

You see Halleck,
you give me a call.

Otherwise, I'll keep you
updated on any developments.

Thanks, Kim.

Thank you.


Blake Gallo.
Yeah. Gianna.

Uh, news of your call

has been buzzing around
the firehouse.

You okay?

Oh, yeah.
It's no big deal.

Just police wanted to tell us
they're on it, you know?

Well, if you need anything,
let me know.

First thing I learned here
at 51 is this house,

we look after each other.


Thank you.

I-I'll see you.
See you.


I've seen you, Blake Gallo.

Not this one.
Not her.

This is a good house and I've
been hoping somehow, some way,

Gianna would get a chance
to work here.

And now that she has
that opportunity,

I don't want you screwing it up
for her by getting reckless.

I didn't do anything.
I-I was literally...

Gallo, look at my eyes.

I'm not messing around.

Oh, good.

You wanted to see me, Chief?


Sorry, distracted.

Um, I've received word
from CFD brass.

The opposite, actually.

You can resume Girls on Fire as
long as you keep it outdoors.

Limited to ten girls at a time.
Oh, my God!

Oh, that's so great!

Thank you.

You know, I've been trying
to get more than one civilian

in this bullpen
for over six months.

Denied, denied, denied.

How'd you do it?
How'd you pull that off?

Persistence, Chief.


You got that, don't you?


Ask Severide
when he doesn't want

to watch "The Bachelor"
with me.

He's seen every episode.

I got some calls to make.

Thank you.
You're welcome.


That's it.

There we go.
Okay, that's it.

Look around, boys.

We know where our coupon
is buried, right?

Now, we just need
some, you know, landmarks

that'll drive treasure hunters

Like the Sears Tower.

You can see it
right down there.

Or the firehouse
that's right there.

No, not the firehouse.

That's too easy.

We need a mystery, you know?

Something, you know, like a...
Like a secret code,

like a poetic secret code,

All right, uh,

one, two, three steps east
of the sidewalk

and about two miles south
of the Sears Tower.

I don't know.

Okay, uh...
Look, shift's ending.

Y'all want to take this
back to Molly's?

We can get some ink
and paper going

and sort these rhymes out.

Yes, yes, yes, I would.



You go in yet?

You hear anything?

Doesn't look
like anyone's been in here.

I didn't leave my door open.

Talk to the landlord?
I left messages.



you got an extra pillow?


I'm staying.
On the couch.

Till we hear back either
from your landlord

if he was changing out
the disposal

or we hear from CPD that they
have Joe Halleck in custody.


Thank you.

I didn't have a choice.

I will get you a pillow.



Read your opening.

In the Second City,

west of the Ryan of Dan,

a treasure is yours

if you follow this plan.

"Ryan of Dan"?
Dan Ryan Expressway.

Ryan of Dan
just sounds more poetic.

Pathetic, not poetic.

We have to rhyme with Dan.
It's harder to rhyme with Ryan.

Lion, dyin', cryin'.

You're not helping.
I am trying to help.

Okay, okay.
Let's hear your opening, then.

You know, I don't think

you're in the right frame
of mind to hear it.

Oh, well, it's never
gonna get any better than this.

A contest,

a battle that'll rattle
Second City.

at wit's end, these spits end

and split ends that glisten
with treasure, not pity.

And that's as far as I got.

That's pretty good.

I got no idea
what it's saying.

Isn't that the point?


Yeah, it is.

Good job.
Keep going.

That, I...

No, pass.

You cannot keep passing.

I told you
I'm terrible at accents.

It... it said Yiddish.
There's no way.

You wouldn't do Boston
or Transylvanian, either.

Fine, I'll do the next one.


Oh, jeez.

Okay, okay, okay.

Um, um...

That's a stable table

you have there, mate.

- Australian?
- Yes.


That was so, so terrible.


And you are a very mean person.

Know that?

You do?
Okay, good.

Well, it's really late.

you're probably right.

I'm sure
it was just the landlord.

You really don't have to...
I'm staying, Sylvie.


Well, thank you again.

Yeah, of course.


Sweet dreams, mate.

Okay, that's worse than mine
and you know it.

"Sweet dreams, mate."

Did you know Casey
isn't in his room?


Well, when he left yesterday,
said he was going to Brett's...

Meaning that Casey
probably slept there.





She thought
she was broken into.

I was keeping watch.

Is she okay?
Yup, she's all good.

I'm going to bed.

Don't wake me till lunch.

I wasn't totally wrong.

You wouldn't admit it
if you were.

Well, someone around here
should get some action.

Do you want to see
what's under my towel?



What's that all about?

Eh, there's too much
to explain.

You're almost there,
you're almost done.

And lo, when the Tower
is to the degree 98...

Step three paces east
and dig up your fate.

Great fun.
That's it.

so we've got a treasure hunt

and free drinks for life at?

Molly's Patio
behind Molly's Bar.

Okay, Molly's Patio.

So get out there,

all you beer-drinking treasure
hunters, and get hunting.

You don't want to miss
the grand opening

next Friday night.

Seriously, you guys.
That's such a great idea.

What a fun promotion.

Squad 3, Truck 81.
That's us.

Hey, thanks for doing this!
You bet.

Structure fire.
10 West Monroe Avenue.

this place is cooking.

Why don't you take the front

and we'll close in
from the delta side?

Copy that.

You heard Casey.
Take the front.

Looks like it's rolling.

No time to waste!
Let's get in there.

All right, you heard the man!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Hey, hey, hey, I got you.

Come on.
Come over here.

Do you know how many are
on the inside?

This is a photography studio.

We were just about
to start a commercial shoot.

They had machines
throwing up sparks.

I got you.

The whole place
just went whoosh.

Okay, come on, honey.
Let's get you some oxygen.

Casey, they have pyrotechnics
in the building.

Some kind
of photographic studio.

Could be dozens inside.
Copy that, Chief.

Forcing entry now.
Get that door open!

Kidd, take the second floor!

Gallo, Mouch,
you get the first floor.

Meet up with Squad
in the middle.

Copy that, Captain!

Fire department!
Call out!

Watch out!

Over here!

Gallo, over here!

Yeah, copy!
Get up and stay low.

Come with me.
Stay low.

Fire department!
Call out!

This is a ripper!
We don't got a lot of time!

Quick but careful!
Let's go!

Cruz, with me!
Capp, Tony, go left!

Set her down there.

You ever been in a triage
situation before, Mackey?

Uh, only in training.

My last house wasn't as busy
as this one.

remember what you were taught.

More ambulances are on the way.

Until then,
focus on each minute.

What can you do right now
to keep the most people alive?


Casey, report.

We're almost out.
Keep it moving.

You'll be all right.
I got you, come on, come on.

Chief, we're still clearing
out the front studio.

We need two more minutes.

That's all you're getting.
We're losing here.

Kidd, Kidd, Kidd!
I got one more!

I got 'em, I got 'em!

I got 'er!
Come on.

I got you, I got you!

Wait! Hey!

Captain, I just saw two
civilians going the wrong way!

take this woman out and I'll...

No, no, no, no, no!
I got 'em, all right?

I'll follow the hose line.
I'll be right behind you.

You heard Boden.
Less than two minutes.

I got it, I got it!

Fire department!
Call out!

Help us!

Hey, guys!
I got some victims over here!

Come on, guys!
You okay?

We'll get you out of here!

Get them out of here!

Let's go, let's go!

Yeah, you got it, Lieutenant!

Help me!

Anyone in here?


Fire department!
Call out!



Help us!


Help us!

We're over here! Help!

Come on!

All right, come on!
Please, please.

Fire department!
Call out!

Over here.
Help these two.

This way, this way!
Can you walk?

Come with us!
Go ahead, go ahead.

Stay low, stay low.
Heads down!

Severide, you okay in there?


Kelly, Kelly!

Mayday, mayday,
Severide's down!

Do you have eyes on Severide?

Chief, I can't get to him.

Casey, where are you?

Outside changing
air bottles.

Kidd, can you get to him?

I'm gonna try something.

You got two minutes.

Come on!



All companies evacuate
the building immediately!

Kelly, Kelly!
Evacuate now!


There, I got it.

What took you so long?
Come on, help me push.

Okay, we gotta go!
Go ahead and close it!

There's someone in here!

Come on, you son of a...

Severide, report!

Kidd, report!

Come on.


Everybody's out, Chief!
I got him.

You got him?

Okay, 51.

Drown the basement.

You're looking for me, Chief?

I heard about your ingenuity
in the fire.

I just, uh, just reacted.


Severide says
you saved his bacon.

He did?


Right here.

That's Kenyon, Porter,

Hawkins, Johnson, Paine, Adams,

Reed, and Watkins.

Engine 21.

Chicago's first all-Black
company of firefighters.

1872, they had the eyes
of the whole city on 'em,

looking for any mistake,
any flaw,

or any reason to shut 'em down.

So they made it their mission

to be the first engine
at any fire.

And they were.

Brave, fearless, strong
firefighters who made history.

And they are not forgotten.

Reason I'm telling you all
of this:

There are not enough women
or people of color

in leadership positions
inside of the CFD.

So when the lieutenant's test
is offered in a few months...

I want you to take it.

Do you think I'm ready?

Stella Kidd,

you are courageous,

intelligent, fierce,

and honorable.

That is the very definition
of a leader.

It's time everyone got
to see it.


The thing about Molly's Patio

is that it doesn't have
to be seasonal.

You know, we can install
one of those, you know,

big, outdoor heaters

and it'll be like July in the
middle of January back there.

Even when it's snowing?

I mean, not if there's
a polar vortex or whatnot,

you know, but most of the time,
you know?

Until you got a...
We can't put in

one of those little,
electric heaters.

It's gotta... it's gotta be one
of those,

you know, the big,
propane kinds.

Well, you know,

Severide and Casey can have
their cigar sessions out there.

Good idea.

And Trudy's bowling team,
they can get a little loud

so it might be better

if they're in
a less confined space.

Oh, no.

This can't be happening.



I told you
that poem was terrible!

You said we had
to rhyme "done" with "51"!

But I said not
to include the firehouse!

Free drinks for life!


This is awesome!


What's that?

New life detector
listening system.

We test it for the CFD
this weekend.

We could've used it today.

Picks up heartbeats
in zero visibility.

What's going on?


Boden wants me
to take the lieutenant's test.

That's great.
What do you got, a few months?

Yeah, it's just, uh,

you know,
down the road for sure,

I thought this is
something I would do.

But now that there is a date

actually circled
on a calendar somewhere,

um, I'm just not sure.

Two things.

One, you have plenty of time,
so you won't even have to cram.

You'll be ready.

Well, what's two?

You have me.

Unlimited help,
day or night, 24/7.

Let me see this.


This says
you have a good heart.

What up, Gallo?

Uh, hello.

You know,
he's always been like that.

Ever since I was a little kid,

just loves doing
the big brother routine.

And by now he should know
I can handle myself, right?

But I don't know,

he just likes messing
with any guy that hits me up.

Oh, wow.

Wow, okay, no.
I see how it is.

You can run through a wall
of fire no problem,

but sweet Joe Cruz,
he makes you sweat.

Okay, no, he doesn't.


Hell yeah, I love Moneygun.
What are you doing?

Tomorrow night?
Sure, let's do it.

Cocktails and Moneynugz.

Sounds like a perfect
Friday night, right?

Well, I'm hungry.

Ambulance 61.

Wellness check.
5121 West Cermak.

I didn't.

And she wasn't...

They weren't kidding about
51 being a busy house, huh?

Yeah, some shifts I don't
even get to eat breakfast

until... dinner.

What's wrong?
I'm not sure.

Oh, my God!


Call a 10-1!

Emergency, this Ambulance 61
requesting a 10-1.