Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 9 - Best Friend Magic - full transcript

An unexpected visit throws Casey for a loop. Severide sets out to exonerate a wrongly convicted arsonist. Kidd pays the price for burning the candle at both ends. Cruz goes on a mission to fix one of Otis's old toys.

You can't work every case
like this.

We'll never catch up,

And you'll never go back
to squad.

It's an electrical fire.
You clearly belong here

at OFI.

I just want to let you know I
signed you up with the academy.

To be an instructor.

You come directly from shift?
Yes, I did.

You might wanna
alter your schedule.

Hold it for 60!

Hey, if you wanna take
a shift off and get rest,

then do it.
No, Chief is giving me

all these amazing
opportunities and, uh

I just don't want him
to think I don't got the goods.

Were you drinking that
in the shower?

Eh, you know I could set up

an IV to mainline caffeine
directly into your system.

Would you?

Why are you
getting ready here?

Oh, well,
Hermann had plumbing issues,

and I was going to go over to
Severide's, but, uh,

I missed my alarm.
But anyway...

I'm turning things around.
I'm feeling good.


I just caught my second wind,
and I am gonna rock this shift.

That's the Stella I know.

I'm gonna need to move

the ambulance supplies to the
cabinets along the east wall.

So please give me a hand,
empty 'em out.

No rush,
just by the end of the shift.

Copy that, Chief.
Yes, Chief.

All right,
what I want you to do

is check the hydraulics
on the aerial.

Copy that.
See if we need to add some



It's beautiful...

Boden called it
sacred ground.

He's right.

When'd you get in town?

Um, about an hour ago...

This is my first stop.

I wanted to see

Truck 81, reckless climber,
423 West Michigan.

Don't go anywhere.

Brett's here.
Everyone's gonna wanna see ya.


Hey, girl!


Did you know she was coming?

Well, this is about
to get gross fast.


Grab our rope bags and
harnesses, some cutting tools,

suction cups.
Let's get above him.

Copy that, Captain.
Copy that.

This way.

I cleared
the service elevators for you.

You know what floor he's on?

Last I heard,
he was passing 26.

Get us to 30.

Follow me.

Give us room.

Stand back
from the window please.

Get back.
Coming through.

All right, looks like
we got halfinch glass

inside these glazing units...

I'm going to take the suction
cups, place them here and here,

while Kidd cuts the glaze
around the outside.

Mouch, you do the same for
Gallo on that window.

We'll flank him.

I want everyone anchored off
to these support beams, yeah?

Copy that.

Anchor off, suction, cut...

Wait for my signal.
Go, go, go.

Hit it.
All right.



Kidd, what are you doing?

Come here.



Ah, stay down!


Put desks
in front of these windows.

Don't let anyone
near this area

until maintenance
replaces them.

You got it.

All right.
Great job, 81.

Let's pack up
and get outta here.

Boss, shouldn't we...




You about to
blow something up?


So, I was looking at
this strip mall fire

from the October stack,

It reminded me of
a similar strip mall fire

I responded to
three years ago.

You pulled a case file?
From an old fire?

When we still have two months
of new cases to sort?

Both fires took out
five stores.

Both fires were fully engulfed
within three minutes.

Multiple origin points.

Tell me these pictures
don't look exactly the same.


I think one arsonist
set both fires.

Fine, how do we
how do we get 'em?

Well, according to this...
we already did.

This is Dustin Caldwell.

He was arrested in 2016...

Convicted a year later,

sentenced to 12 years
in Stateville.

Yeah, this is ringing a bell.
He was the delivery guy

for a deli at the strip mall,

And he did some demo work
at a construction site nearby.

Prosecution offered him
a plea deal, he refused,

maintained his innocence
throughout the trial.

So, if he's in jail,
then it wasn't one arsonist.

Or he's the wrong guy.

Either way...

We should talk to him.

See you later.

So I tell Otis, "Otis, if you
wanna get a girlfriend

you gotta lose the goatee,"

So, he does, and he looks about
12, and I'm like,

"Grow it back, grow it back!"


Oh, God, I missed you!
How long are you in town?

Um, till Friday, inandout.

Well, we will take
all the time we can get.

You staying for lunch?

I don't know...
is Cruz cooking?

Ha ha ha.
It's like you never left.

Um, this is Blake Gallo.
He's new on Truck 81.

Oh, hi.

You've got a great captain
you're working under.

Hey, guys, why don't we,
uh, give Dawson and Casey

a minute to catch up?


Just two days, huh?



Try to make it
longer next time.

This trip kind of
came out of nowhere.

Everything okay?
Oh, yeah, yeah...

No, there's this, umthere's
this fundraiser ball thing,

and the doctor who covers it
for my organization

had a conflict, so

They sent me.

Well, ordered me actually.

Turns out big donors like to
rub elbows with aid workers

who are out in the field.
I guess it opens up

their pocketbooks or something.
I don't know.

Well, I hope you weren't
reluctant to come here

because of me.


I mean...I have a lot of
feelings wrapped up here.

How's Antonio?
Great, actually.

Yeah, he's on our crisis
response team in the Bahamas.

So...he's good.

Been really good for him.

Um, I wanted to invite you

that fundraiser
ball's tomorrow...

If you can, it would really be
great to have a moment to talk.

Is it okay if
if I think about it?


Of course.

I've got a lot of feelings
wrapped up here too.

Yeah, I get it.

Uh, here are the

Uh, the details.

I'd really love to see you.


Is this from, like, 1954?

Put it in the box
and don't worry about it.


Hey, what's this?

Isn't that Otis'?

Uh, yeah, it was.

It stopped working.
We were gonna fix it, but...

We never did.

I'm gonna get it to fly again.

Dustin Caldwell?

Hi, my name is Kelly Severide
and this is Wendy Seager.

We're with
the Chicago Fire Department.

I was told
you have some questions.

I looked over
your trial transcripts.

The prosecutors didn't use
an arson investigator

to testify against you.

They brought
in a fire scientist

from out of state.

I don't know.

I didn't know that.


He didn't

He told me
to let him handle things.

My lawyer, Mr. Lemaster.

He told me to let him
handle things,

but then he didn't
say much during trial.

You work demolition?

No, I worked...

I didn't even have access

They didn't allow day workers
into the demo shed.

I told Mr. Lemaster this.

Was he a public defender?

Do you like photography?


Do some amateur
dark room development?

Shoot old school,
on film?

I don't...

I'm not even sure
what you're asking.

We can't help you
if you don't help us.

So where'd you get the PAC20?

What's PAC20?

It's used in film
development, highly flammable,

and found at the fire that
you're doing time for,

even though there wasn't
a photography store anywhere

for miles.

I don't even own a camera.

He's lying.
I am not!

That's time.


I'm gonna check this out.

You have to help me.

No one else listened to me,
and I can't stay here.

You don'tyou don't know
what it's like.

Let's go, Caldwell.
Move your feet.

You've got to
get me out of here.

Move your feet!

You have to help me!

We just picked it
right back up again.

We hadn't missed a beat.
She sounds great.

She did.

The work she's doing
is amazing.

I agree.

And Antonio is
in a good place.

Yeah, I heard that too.


asked me to go
to her charity ball.

I'm not sure it's a good idea.


I don't know...

Don't want it to get...

I don't know.

I think you should go.


She's only in town for
a couple of days.

You're both cleareyed
about that, right?

I think you'll regret it
if you don't see her.

I know I would.


What's up?


Hey, thanks for coming.

Can you take a look at these?

What am I looking at?

from two strip malls,

both of which burned
to the ground.

Got it.

And what is this here
in the corner?

Right, okay, so, these are
renovation permit approvals.

331 is the code

for the certified contractor
who did the work,

and the last few digits
are the project number.

So both renovations
used the same contractor.

That's not unusual.
You do a good job

on one project,
it goes in your portfolio.

When a similar project
comes along

We found PAC20
at both sites.

It's a chemical used in
photography dark rooms.

Neither of the strip malls have
development services.

Do you have the originals?

From before the renovations?

Okay, so

both renovations put
up new walls here...



And here, see?

Where were the origin points?
All burned up at once.

Like you'd expect from
an incendiary device

being tossed into the middle
of a room.

New walls mean new drywall.

But gypsum is fire resistant.

Okay, but what if you mix
PAC20 into the gypsum?

You could make one big sheet
of flash paper.

Or four of them.

Yeah, owner wanted
an insurance payout...

Renovate the place,
wait a while, toss a match...

No one's the wiser.

I'll download Van Meter.


Good to see you.
You too.

Thank you for your expertise.

Glad I could help.

Hey, so...

She's been asking about you.

You're blind.
What do you mean?

If Kidd sees the way
she was looking at you,

Seager's gonna get
her ass kicked.

'kay, here we go.

All right, baby, come on.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on...

Damn it.

The fourth propeller broke off.

Ugh, I called two places, but
they don't carry replacements.

You know, you could probably
find another drone on eBay.

I don't want another drone.

I wanna fly this one.

Well, just an idea...

go to
the manufacturer's website.

They'll sell parts directly
to the consumer.

That's a good idea.

Ambulance 61, person down
from unknown causes,

43 South Grand Avenue.

This crazy woman,
starts screaming like animal.

I tell her, "Get out of cab."
She doesn't move.

Is she hurt?
I do nothing.

Little bumpthat's all.
Tiny bump.

Sir, please,
give us some room.

Ma'am, we're paramedics
with the CFD.

My eye! My eye!
Can you let us have a look?

Okay, stay calm.
Try not to move.

It hurts.
Okay, focus on me.

It hurts.
What's your name?

What happened, Kathleen?

I wasputting on eyeliner

Get it out!

The surgeon will have to
remove it, but we can do

something for the pain.
On it.

We gotta find something to
keep this pencil from moving.


Okay, all right...
Give me this shoulder.


Think I got something.

Hey, that's mine!

Bill the CFD.

Kathleen, we're gonna put
this cup over your eye.

I need you to stay still.

Here we go...

You're doing good.


Okay, let's get her to
the back of the ambulance.

Kathleen, can you walk?
I think so.

Okay, slowly...


There we go.

This website is indecipherable,


Uh, weuh, just weren't sure
if you wanted us to, maybe...


Oh, yeahno, you just
gotta run the site

through a translator.

Yup, there.

Look, there.

Replacement propellers.
Oh, and look,

it's not even that much.

just need your credit card.

Yeah, or you can do it.

Thank you.

I ju

You have to understand...

I broke the propeller...

and I hid it from Otis.

And every time he'd ask me
about the drone, I

I'd change the subject
or I'd lie to his face.

I always meant to fix it,
act like nothing happened.

I justI never did.

I just really feel like
I need to fix this thing.

So the two strip malls
had different owners,

but they both got
multimillion dollar settlements

from their insurance provider.

So one calls the other,

"This is how you do it"?

Could be.
As Casey pointed out,

they both have
the same contractor.

Jimmy Conrad.

Not just a contractor,
also has an arrest record.

Assault, theft,
burglary, battery...

And...he has a sister

that works at a photography
shop in Pilsen

that has
A darkroom.


This is enough
to bring in CPD.


Hey, you know,
it's only 11:00.

Do you wanna grab
a real drink somewhere?

I mean, after we call it in.


I'm a little out of gas.

I think I'm just gonna
head home and rack out.


We can celebrate
when we nail this guy.


Hey, Wenshau, there was holes
in the jump bag.

I called maintenance, and
they're sending a new one over.


You okay?


Just caught a wave...

Oh, you're exhausted.

Yeah, but I have to
I have to get to the academy.

No, no, that's it.

You're going home,
going to bed.

But Brett
No arguments, we'll call

the academy and get you a sub.
She is right.

Straight home.
Into bed.

You're body's telling you to
rest, I mean it.

You guys are the best.

Consider it taken care of.

How much longer till
Severide's back at 51?

He looked
awfully comfortable at OFI.


Hey, Chief Benton,

this is Sylvie Brett at
Firehouse 51.

I'm calling on behalf
of Stella Kidd.


Oh, my God!



I'm okay, I'm okay.
Check the other people.

Ginny, Ginny
are you okay back there?

Okay, easy.

It's okay, Ginny,
it's okay!

Let her in, let her in.

CCollar, let's go!

What's happening?
She's okay.

What hurts, honey?
My head!

Your head?

It's okay, it looks like
there's just a little cut

from the window glass.

Hey, hey, hey.

Give 'em some room, okay?
Look, I'm fine, I promise.

I know, I know,
let me check you out

Are they okay?
Let me check you out.

Come here.

All right...

Watch the glass.

I got you.

All right, let's get her
to the rig.

Mom, you too!

Wwhat happened?
Ma'am, it's my fault

I just

I ran the stop sign.

You okay?



What happened?

I don't know.

I'm just so used
to pulling 81 out

with the lights flashing
and the sirens blaring.

And just running through
that stop sign, I

I guess I just wasn't thinking.

But you're okay.

Good news.

Both mom and daughter
are perfectly fine.

No injuries, no stiffness.

It's just a minor scrape
on the girl.

Thank God they're okay.

Hey, Seager.

Yeah, when?

Okay, just text me the address,
and I'll meet you there.


This is Detective Holtmeyer.
Thanks for the tip.

We've had Conrad
on our radar for years,

but we haven't been
able to move on him.

Hey, glad to help.
Judge signed the warrant

this morning.
I figured, why wait?

They want us to help
identify anything arsonrelated

after the raid.

Search warrant!

Everybody on the ground!
On the ground!

All clear.

No sign of Jimmy Conrad.
I wouldn't be surprised

if someone tipped him off.
These oldschool Pilsen guys,

they have plenty of friends
in uniform.

We'll start collecting paper
from the shredders.

You tell me what you need
identified to help

your arson case.
Got it.


Check this out.

Blowtorches, flares?

Fertilizer and ammonia.

Pyro central.

They got a basement here too.

Casey was right.

This guy was turning walls
into flash paper.

Now you're really gonna
have to buy me that drink.

We have to work toward...

Toward community rebuilding.

Toward ongoing
preparedness organization,

not just after a disaster

but in anticipation
of the next one.

Uh, excuse me.

Oh, thank God you're here.

I don't know how much more
of that I have in me.

You sound great.
I need a drink.

You want a drink?

New suit?

It's working.

You should see me
in my captain's shirt.

You should see me

in my mosquito net
field fatigues.

I'm sure you'd look great.


So, uh...

Do you miss Chicago?

Gabby, do you mind talking to
the Nelsons for five minutes?

They're tier one donors
and they want to hear about

our South American strategy.
Um, which ones are they?

That table, over there.

Uh, yeah, okay.
Matt, give me anything red.

See you in a minute.

Two reds.

That woman is
my secret weapon.

Oh, yeah?

I wanted to send her to our
fundraisers in London, Sydney,

La Paz...

She insisted on
coming to Chicago.


Said she had someone
she wanted to see here.

Come dance with me.


Wait, is this a mistake?
I'm leaving in the morning.

I know...
and I'm staying.

But that doesn't make
this a mistake.


Did eyeliner girl
not teach you anything?

She literally had a pencil
jammed in her socket.

There's no need for
either of us to be presentable

to do the job.

Uh, she did land on me,
which is why this morning

I put my lip gloss on at home
and not in the car.


Good morning.
How'd it go with Dawson?

Great actually.

Oh, that's
so, so good to hear.

Thanks for
talking me into that.


So, so good to hear.

He seems happy.
That makes me happy.

Hey, it was great seeing
youbeing with you.

It brought back
so many memories.

Good memories.

Best of my life.

My only regret is that we
didn't have more time

to spend together.

So, if you want to spend
your next furlough

in a disaster area...
consider yourself invited.

There will always be room in
my tent, Matt Casey.

Chief...I just
want you to know that

I spent the last 48 hours
in bed,

fully rested, fully recharged

And I will never let you down
like that again.

Okay, II understand
the limitations of my body,

and I won't overdo any

Actually, it's me
that owes you an apology.


was a wakeup call for me.

'Cause I realized that I, uh


We're all dealing
with Otis' death...

in our own way.

Some quietly, some making
big changes in their life.

For me,
I had to find myself a project.

And that was you.

Chief, I
I piled on you.

And I piled on you.

It's not fair.

And I am truly...

genuinely sorry.

Hey, I like being
your project.

You showed me that
I could be a leader in the CFD.

You gave me more confidence
real confidence

than I ever had before that.

And I appreciate that...

more than you know.

I've gotta find a better way
in which to mentor you

from now on.



II just don't want you
to regret...

choosing me.


Thank you, Chief.

You mean the world to me.

All right.

Come on...

Come on...
come on, come on.

Hey, uhwe also got you
a diagnostic cable.

You plug one end into the drone
and the other into your laptop

and it should tell you
what the problem is.


Prepare yourselves
for the maiden voyage

of the "Starlight 5000."

Superior technology
piloted by superior minds.


You two knuckleheads,
you shouldn't be anywhere near

a flying object!
Back off, Hermann.

You know what we have
that you'll never have?

What's that?
Best friend magic,

and no one can take that
away from us.

Crotis forever, baby.
Crotis forever.

Ah, okay, let's get this thing
off the ground.

Hey, did you put batteries
in it?

Oh, wow!


Put it overhigher, higher.
I'm trying.

Do it higher!

Crotis forever!

I can't believe it...

The judge is gonna vacate
my sentence,

and the state's attorney said
they wouldn't even appeal.

That's great.
How soon?

Within the month
I just

I didn't think
this was possible.

Thank you.
Both of you.

Well, we're glad
we could help.

I just wish the two of you
were on the arson team

when I was arrested.
Then maybe I could have had

three years of my life back.

All those little voices
you're hearing in your head,

they're telling you
to stay in Arson.

I mean, how many more like
Dustin Caldwell are out there?

Getting railroaded because
someone as good as you...

Wasn't there to help them?



We'll be there in an hour.

That was Holtmeyer.

He wants us back
at Jimmy Conrad's office

to make sure the evidence techs
don't blow off their fingers.

You catch this guy yet?

His phone was used
in Duluth, Minnesota.

He's trying to get to Canada.

Minnesota state troopers,
border patrol, Mounties...

They all have his face.

Is everything photographed?

Our crime lab department,
stretched about as thin

as your arson unit.
I'm gonna get some guys down in

the basement to help tag the
chemicals as soon as


Oh, hey, Barton.

No, go ahead.
I wanna hear this.