Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Infection, Part I - full transcript

A deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago's finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the dangerous situation; Severide suspects something bigger is happening.

Welcome to the Windy City,

where the Chicago Bears
and the Green Bay Packers

meet in the next chapter
of a rivalry that goes back

almost a century.

Soldier Field is always
such a special place to visit,

where probably the only thing Chicagoans

are more passionate about than
football is, of course, food.

Tailgaters arrive long in advance

to get their sausages on the grill.

All right, let's talk
about this matchup today.

The Bearwere shaky in the season opener

but now are beginning
to look like the team

we thought they'd be.

Their offense has been
balanced and efficient,

and their defense has been stout.

They are legitimate playoff contenders.

I'm hungry.

It's been... it's been too long.

I know, I know, you will.
Just hold on, it's almost done.


What's up with the TV, Kev?

Hmm, listen, the input should...

We're missing pre-game.

I know we're missing the pre-game.

It's gonna be on soon.

Did you bring the right cable?

Did I bring... of course
I brought the right cable.

If we just be quiet,
I don't need any help.

But we're missing pre-game.

- Burgess.
- It's not on.

Number 44.

- That's me.
- Two dozen sweet corn tamales.

Thanks, Mama Garcia.

Detective, hey, I didn't
recognize you in your gear.

- I'm undercover.
- Oh.

You tell Hank Voight to come
have lunch at the Hacienda, huh?

- I will. Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Okay, what would you like?

Two dozen sweet corn tamales
from Garcia's.

- What?
- Ooh, yes.

- Thank you.
- These are so good.

Hey, wait till we eat the sausage.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Yeah, yeah, right, yep,
do what Kelly said.

You gonna get that working
before we gotta go in?

Jay, if you don't leave me alone, okay?

If I hear another damn word
about this pre-game.

What's wrong with him?

Get away from me!

- Help!
- Hey, back up, back up!


Chicago firefighters coming through.

Back up! Ma'am, move back.

- Make way, make way.
- Back up.

Sir, can you hear me?

BRT... BRT...

- W-what's he saying?
- BRT!


He's seizing.

He's scratching his leg.

Sir, I'm gonna look at your leg.



What is that?

I have no idea.

- Nat, what is it?
- Guy from the tailgate.

Seizures, severe lesion on his legs.

Odd presentation, I could
use a second pair of eyes.

All right, let's take you
to Baghdad, I'll alert...

I'm here, let's take a look.

You know this guy?

No, he was just walking
toward the stadium.

No one claimed him.

He kept saying "BRT."

BRT? His initials?

It's getting worse.

Do we know anything about John Doe?

No, sorry.

Well, he didn't have a wallet on him.

And his phone is locked.

All he said was "BRT."

He has a severely infected
leg, so we're running a culture

to see if we can pinpoint the pathogen.

And although seizure isn't
normally a symptom,

the visual presentation and the speed

with which the infection's spreading

indicates this bug is causing
necrotizing fasciitis.

More popularly known
as flesh-eating bacteria.

Don't worry, it's not contagious,

and only about four in a million
people get it every year.

How do you get nec...

Necrotizing fasciitis,
it enters through a break

in the skin and just destroys
the tissue under the epidermis.

It would really help us treat
this guy if we knew who he was.

I can't open a case file without a crime,

but I'll see if I can run prints

and check traffic cam footage.

Maybe make out some kind of an ID.

We appreciate it.

- Okay, see you guys.
- Thanks.

Hey, how was your game?

What game?

Which leads me to next shift.

We will not be seeing any of you

because we'll be picking up
drunks all day.

Over-under on vomit
in the back of the ambo

is three buckets worth.

- Give me the over.
- Put me down for 20.

That's a hard thing to measure.

Okay, enough.

Reason why I mentioned it
is because Firehouse 51

has drawn parade duty that day.

All of us?

All of us, and we'll be
assisting with crowd control.

As long as we don't have to do any...

And marching.



If there are any grievances,
you can all take it up

with my new assistant.

Didn't think so. Dismissed.

- What's up, Detective?
- Hey.

I'm still trying to identify

our John Doe from Soldier Field.

I just want to make sure
I'm not missing something.

- He's not talking?
- He's still in a coma.

Do you guys remember anything
from the tailgate?

I was the last guy getting over to him.

I just started running when I saw him.

He collapsed before I got there.

Did anybody say that
they were his friends or...

No, I talked to people
as the ambulance pulled up.

No one knew him.

He went to the game alone?

Well, maybe his friends
were in the stadium.

You know, he had a ticket on him,

but it was a third-party
purchase through the NFL app.

Can you identify him

with fingerprints or dental records or...

He's not in our system,
and he wouldn't be

unless he had a criminal history.

- And nothing on his phone?
- We borrowed it.

But we haven't gotten past the password.


- Sorry. We saw what we saw.
- Yeah. Thanks, guys.

How come you never cook breakfast for me?

I, uh, I only know how
to cook for two dozen people.

Have you seen me eat pancakes?

Now I want to?

- Hello.
- Hey.

What, uh, what brings you by?

So my office is getting a group together

to go to the Oktoberfest
hullabaloo downtown.

Yeah, I heard about that.

Yeah, I was checking to see
if you wanted to go with us.

Reason I heard about it
is because 51 has to work it.

- Ah.
- Hey, Chloe.

Hey. Hey, Sylvie.

You know, otherwise,
I would love to go with you.

You know, I love spending time with you.

I would spend all of my time
with you, if it wasn't for...

I get it. It's okay.

I just mean, it's like,
we're always working

during the good stuff,

and maybe I should just
put in for furlough.

Hey, that's what I'll do.
I'll put in for furlough.

Because... because you deserve
someone who can...

Joe, why are you acting weird?

Weird, what... what weird? Who's weird?

I'm not acting weird.


Uh, I-I gotta get to work

before Schneiderman arrives.

He's been watching me like a hawk.

I get it, I mean, of course
he wants to watch you.

I mean, I love to watch you.
Who wouldn't?

Okay. Good-bye, Joe.

- What was that?
- Hmm?

You've been dating her
for a year, and suddenly,

you're acting like you're asking her

to the seventh grade dance.

What, n-no, I wasn't.


Ambulance 61, person in distress,

905 West Ogden.

Did you call for an ambulance?

- I called for the police.
- Okay, what's up?

This is the Pullman house.
Real nice couple.

Always give me a $20 gift card
at Christmas.


Anyways, I had to wedge some magazines

through that slot a few days ago.

These haven't been touched,

and there's a bad smell
coming from inside.


Oh, wow.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't touch them.

Uh, dispatch, we need a HAZMAT unit

to 2543 West Ogden Avenue.

Happy Halloween, Chicago.

If we didn't find them on dry land,

I'd say those people
were attacked by a shark.

It's the same thing that guy
had at Soldier Field,

necrotizing fasciitis.

Your brother said the chances
of infection in this bacteria

are four in one million, per year.

And that it's not contagious.

Now we've got three cases
in the same city,

in the same week?

So I was able to identify
the first patient,

from Soldier Field.

His name's Stuart Anderson,
he's a student

at Central Chicago University,
and he was in the Peace Corps.

Well, could he have traveled
somewhere and contracted it?

He spent last summer in Botswana,

but the doctors that we spoke
to said it would be unlikely

for the bacteria
to be dormant in his system

this long before erupting.

Maybe some new strain.

I'm just a copper,
that's above my pay grade.

When I was in med school,

we had a unit on bacterial infections.

The only thing that stopped me
from wearing

those HAZMAT suits all day was,

these things weren't contagious.

If this thing is spread on contact or...

Even worse, airborne...

this entire city
is gonna drop like flies.

Ah, Casey. Severide.

What's up, Chief?

Sixty-one are on their way back.

Foster and Brett, they caught a call

that was similar
to your Soldier Field victim.

- Another infection?
- They called in HAZMAT.

Two bodies. Husband and wife.


Hey. You guys all right?

I told 'em.

It was gruesome.

They were dead before we arrived.

Did you come into contact
with any of the bodies?

No, Chief, we followed HAZMAT protocol.

Good. Ah.

Mayor's rep is on his way up here.

He wants an update on our parade plans.

Think I need to check something.

Um, will you get me your incident
report as soon as possible?

Need to make sure
headquarters is aware of this.

Yes, Chief.

- I don't know how you do it.
- What?

Just not freak out in these situations,

'cause I'm a little freaked out.

Well, we all deal with stress
in different ways.

Do you have that medicated
antibacterial soap

that you guys use after chemical fires?

- It's in my locker.
- I have some too.

I-I don't care
that we didn't touch anybody.

I'm gonna scrub my arms
up to my shoulders.

I'm gonna raid the candy cabinet.

See? Different ways.

- Brett.
- What?

You gotta see this.

What's up with him?

He's been like this for a week.

What's going on, Cruz?

What? Nothing.

Okay, look, but...
this does not leave the room.

I'm gonna ask Chloe to marry me.


Oh, that's so great!


Yeah, you know, I just figured,
I'm not getting any younger.

- Mm.
- Life's too short.

She's amazing.

When are you gonna pop the question?

Tomorrow night, after shift.

I got big plans.

Oh, I cannot wait to hear all about it!

You're so right for each other, Joe.

Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it.

Even with two busted engagements,

I can't help it.

I'm a romantic.

I mean, just, you know,
when they're so good together.

Well, Trudy was afraid
she'd always be a spinster too.

I was at the pump over there,
and this woman just pulled up

and cut her engine,
but she didn't get out.

She just sat there.
She looked, I don't know, sick.

It's like that dude was saying,

she just parked there and didn't move.

She's dead.

Is this that thing they were
talking about on the news?

Some kind of outbreak?

Do I need to get shots or something?
I didn't touch her.

I don't know, let me have
someone look at you.

Forget it. I'm not going near there.

Aw, man, barely a pulse.

Same bacterial infection as the mother.

- Don't touch her.
- Yeah.

Hey, she's alive! She's alive over here!

Hold on, okay? Hold on.


Jay, we got the test results
for the mother and the baby.

Both had the same infection.

The culture indicates
a strain of staphylococcus,

which is the same as the first patient,

but it's not a strain
that we're familiar with.

It's not in our database.

And where are the patients?

The baby passed away at 1:35,
the mother two hours later.

But these are cases four and five.

I mean, the odds of five cases
of necrotizing fasciitis

in one week, in the same city,
are astronomical.

I've called the CDC.

If this is an outbreak of a new
and virulent strain of staph,

we're going to be playing catch-up.

I thought it wasn't contagious.

The victims must have had
some break in the skin

to allow the bacteria in.

The thing is, we don't know where
they could have been exposed.

- Maybe a gym, nail salon.
- All right.

I'll get the rest
of Intelligence up to speed.

That's a good idea.

- Thanks, Jay.
- Thanks.

Hey, Ritter, you're on lunch,
and no more pimento cheese.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Evidence of a rare flesh-eating bacteria

right here in Chicago.

There are now five confirmed
cases within the city

in the last 48 hours.

Yeah, we were getting ready
for the Bears-Packers

when this dude just started
screaming his head off.

I heard the same thing,
guy yelling "help"

at the top of his lungs.

Then a bunch of first
responders ran over there.

Is this patient zero in some
sort of horrifying new disease?

Don't go away, when we come back,

we're talking to the medical
experts who will tell us

what we need to do
to keep our families safe.

That's terrifying.

The news wants you scared.

It's how they boost their ratings.

Uh, yeah, well, okay, it's working.

This kind of talk stirs up the city.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna call Cindy

'cause she watches "The Walking
Dead" like it's a documentary.

She sees this, she's gonna lose her mind.

I saw what this infection
does to skin up close, Chief.

Flesh-eating is an understatement.

If anything, people aren't scared enough.

- Chief Boden?
- Yeah.

John Sorenstein, with the mayor's office.

Ah, yes. Regarding the parade.

We're expecting
a bigger than usual turnout.

There's a wine and spirits
convention at McCormick Place

the same time that the Cowboys
are in town.

- Okay.
- You throw the word "Oktoberfest"

into the mix and...

Things get rowdy.


Uh, the reason I wanted
to stop by today is to see

how many vehicles we have
lining the parade route.

Studies show that people who see

red and blue flashing lights
are less inclined

to misbehave.

Well, uh, we're gonna have
our engine truck,

squad rig, ambulance,

and my battalion chief SUV down there.

Is that everything?

Well, if the city want
to pay more overtime,

I can call on neighboring houses
and make sure they're represented.

Would you? That'd be great.

We just want to counter
some of the negative press

the city's receiving,
throw a great parade.

Excuse me.

Hi, John Sorenstein.

No, Carol, I already told you that.


Squad 3, Truck 51, Ambulance 61.

- You're gonna have to do it.
- Structure fire.

- Gotta go.
- Sure.

What happened?

There are people...
trapped in the basement.

- How many?
- I don't know.

Paramedics will get you oxygen.


This is the science building,
there's about a billion dollars

worth of research on the second floor.

- Are there people up there?
- I don't know.

Uh, folks are reportedly
trapped in the basement...

Anything you can do
to preserve the second floor.

Okay, Severide,
find a safe way into the basement.

Start getting people out.

Casey, have truck evacuate
the second floor.

Herrmann, drop two lines, cover 'em.

Squad 3 in the basement. Let's go.

Eighty-one, we're leading engine.

All right, you heard him!

Jesse, Ritter, two lines,
tie in to the stand pipe.

We're behind truck. Let's go!

Capp, Cruz, Tony, downstairs!

Engine, with me!

Second floor.

Let's go.

Let's go, move to the exit.

Hey, come on, keep going,
buddy, come on, let's go!

Help me. Help me.


Hey, Lieutenant! No go on the door.

Smash through the glass.

Get back!

Get in there.

Chief, we're on the second floor.

Fire is cooking.


I tried to stop it,
but the extinguisher ran out.

Chief, sprinklers aren't working up here.

Well, they did, but just
for a moment, and then nothing!

We have research up here that is worth...

Yeah, a billion dollars, we heard.

Professor, you gotta clear out!

Get checked out by our paramedics.

Go, go, go!

Hey, this way! Let's go!

- Head for the exits!
- Hurry!

Hit it, Lieutenant!

Hey, hey, give me the pipe!
Get behind me.

Check out the flame!

We don't know what research
is going on up here.

Listen, if we don't knock it down now,

we're gonna lose this wing!

We gotta treat it
like a HAZMAT situation.

I don't know, Captain.

Engine 17, back up 51
on the second floor.

Truck 46, second floor rear.

See if there's any classrooms
still occupied.

Ambo 77, 95, help 61 triage the victims.

Come on, let's go!

Bring me up to speed, Wallace.

We got Squad 3 in the basement

trying to breach a reinforced laboratory

with civilians trapped inside.

Truck 81 is on the second floor
where the fire has spread.

51 is in support.

- Civilians upstairs?
- Unclear.

I'll direct new arrivals.

You continue to execute your fire plan.

You got it, Chief.

62, two lines into the snorkel.

Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Come on, sir, let's get you some oxygen.

- Come on, let's go.
- This way, this way.

Casey, what's your status?

Think we're in a HAZMAT situation, Chief.

Hey, there's people in here!

Okay, Herrmann, give us a lane.

All right, you heard him.
Let's knock it down.

Hey, get down!


Mouch, go.

This ain't workin'.

Cruz, Capp, Tony,
help me get this thing out.

We can use that as a battering ram.

Ready? One.



Come with me!

- My friends!
- They'll get 'em!

Come on!

Halfway there. One more to go.

On the ram again!

All ready, one, two...

Hey, if you can walk,
now's the time to do it.

Come here. Follow me.


Hey! My arm!

I got you, I got you.

Here you go.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, everybody moves.

Quick to move!

We're all clear, Chief.

Fire's out on the second floor.

Basement is under control too, Chief.

- Fire's knocked out.
- Chief.

We had a chemical fire
on the second floor.

Blue and green flames.

Must mean some kind of copper
sulfate or copper chloride.

- Casey!
- Damn.

There's a sign downstairs that said

that the laboratory was paid
for by BRT Health Industries.

What's this, now?

The victim at Soldier Field
kept chanting those initials.


Maybe he was trying to lead us here.

Okay, I'm gonna let HAZMAT
do their overhaul.

I don't want anyone touching
anybody or anything

till we get the all-clear.

All right, you guys know the drill.

Setting up mobile decontamination
tents by the truck.

Get in. Scrub down.

Scrub your pants. Your coats.

Your boots too. Let's go.

You heard the man,
everybody get scrubbed.

If anyone was in the building,

we'd ask that you please walk

to our mobile decontamination
tents to get evaluated.

Thank you.

Hey, uh, you a teacher here,

an administrator?

Uh, no, I'm a research fellow
with the university.

Okay, so, what goes on here?

What goes on?

Yes, you got labs inside
set up like Fort Knox.

You got all kinds of chemicals.

I need to know what the hell
my people were exposed to.

Ah, well, we, um...
we conduct biological research.

You know, it's primarily microbiology

but also cell biology.

That's diseases, right? Bacteria?

Oh, yes, all of the above. Of course.

Um, when the medics check you out,

you make sure you go
by that decontamination tent.


Hello? It's Chief Wallace Boden.

I need to talk to Sergeant
Hank Voight right now.

Scary stuff.

Like, I keep looking at my skin
for discoloration,

but I don't even know
what I'm looking for.


Hey, I'm not worried.

Oh, well, I'm glad to see one of
us isn't terrified by this thing.

It's not how I'm gonna go.

Yeah? You know that for certain?

All right, how are you gonna go?

An old man, in bed,

with our kids and grandkids
and you surrounding me.

When did you get so good
at knowing what to say?


Severide! Boden wants to see us.


So your chief says you think this fire

has something to do
with the bacterial outbreak?

Well, the first guy to get it
was a student here.

Me and Casey were on the scene at
the tailgate when he collapsed.

He kept saying "BRT," right?

The laboratory burning in the basement

was paid for by something
called BRT Health Industries.

And the sprinkler system's down.

My gut tells me that this fire
was deliberately set.

Somebody covering his tracks.

If it is deliberately set,
we'll find a timing device.

The Office of Fire
Investigation are on their way.


Can I help you?

Do you work here?

Yes, I'm a paramedic.

Did you respond to the fire at CCU?

Yeah, I was one of the...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, oh.

My daughter was in a
classroom on the second floor.

- How is she?
- Safe, unharmed, grateful.

Her friend Kristi said
that if you hadn't responded

when you did...

the fire destroyed that whole side
of the building.

Well, here's who you should be thanking.

These are the firefighters who went in.

Oh. You saved my daughter's life.

Ah, we're all just doing our job.

Team effort.

Il, you make the city proud.

Can I ask, uh...

some reporters
have been calling students,

uh, asking questions,

saying that there may be
a connection between this fire

and that flesh-eating bacteria?

I can tell you, as of now, it's rumor.

There's no proof of any connection.

And all the kids
that were in that building,

they went through HAZMAT protocol,

just to be safe.

Well, it's just so scary out there,

all those rumors.

Thank you again, very much.

For everything.


Hey, I didn't know you were coming by.

I got your email.

Oh, yeah? Great, right?

Why'd you make a reservation

at the most expensive
restaurant in Chicago?

I, um,

I just thought that you deserved
a special occasion.

A night out, you know?

I'm having second thoughts.

- About dinner?
- About us.

Uh, I-I don't unders...

It's just...

I've thought about it a lot,
and it's just...

we rushed into this.

Into everything.

I-I just think we need to take some time

and think about it.


I'm sorry.

This makes no sense.

I'm really... I'm really sorry, Joe.


Chloe, just... just give
me five minutes, okay?

We can talk about this.

I'm sorry.

What's all this?

Stuart Anderson's personal effects.

Patient zero from Soldier Field.

We gotta find anything that's
gonna help us connect him

to the other victims.

Well, I got another box for you.

What's that? Is that soot on there?

Yeah, don't touch it.

This stuff was in the HAZMAT
fire at the university lab.

OFI released it to us.

Great, glove up.

Is it contagious?

I don't know, but we gotta go through it.


Guy keeps his PIN number
in his checkbook.

I thought grad students
were supposed to be smart.

You know what?

I wonder if he's like Burgess

and uses the same password
for everything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You still have his phone?

- Yeah, right here.
- Okay.

- All right.
- Okay.

- Dr. Marcel.
- Yep.

What's the matter?

The infection has spread.

- You ready?
- Yeah.



- Oh, my God. We're in.
- Okay.

Go through contacts, recent exchanges.

Mr. Anderson, can you hear me?

It's too late. It's too late.

Hey, Mr. Anderson, do you
understand what I'm saying?

He's getting tachycardic.

Y-you can't stop it.

Oh, come on.

His pressure's spiked.

All right, give me .5 of Ativan.


What the hell?

All right, he's starting to seize,

so get that Ativan now.

What do we got?

You're not gonna believe this,

Stuart Anderson just went
from victim to suspect.

So, we were able to pull
his internet history.

This dirtbag, he's been sending
threatening messages

anonymously on the university server.

All right, threatening who?

Professors in the science building.

He's been saying that there's gonna be

some sort of apocalyptic event
in Chicago.

"Four horsemen" -type stuff.

All right, so this is Anderson,

and these are the four
other infection victims.

How they're connected yet, we don't know.

Wasn't even nine months old.

All right, Upton, Burgess,
want you to get over to Med,

check on this patient zero.

If he's even remotely able to talk,

I want to know where he's been
the last 30 days.

What was he planning?

Was he gonna just take out
the whole damn stadium?

Just didn't know how sick he was?

All right, Atwater, you and Rojas,

I want you at CCU talking to
students, teachers, administrators...

anybody who had access to that lab.

How do they know Stuart Anderson?

'Cause my experience,

these sons of bitches like to leave

little breadcrumbs about their plans.

Listen, until we get some answers,

this is the only case, you understand?

So let's move.

Ms. Goodwin, we're looking for an update

on Stuart Anderson, hoping to talk to him

if he's out of the coma.

Turns out, he's a suspect now.

He might be deliberately
spreading this stuff.

Stuart Anderson died 30 minutes ago.

The one guy who has all the answers,

and we didn't get to ask him
a single question.

Maybe it's a good thing.
The disease died with him.

No way, Haley.

We already know this guy rigged
a lab fire to start

after he was in a coma.

So this apocalyptic event
that he was ranting about

in his emails,
think it's already in motion?

Yeah, we have to assume the worst.

Okay, then we need to figure
out what he was targeting

and how he planned to spread
the bacteria.

And we have to do it fast.

- Severide.
- It was arson.


Yeah, the fire was set
in the basement laboratory

using an accelerant and a timing device,

traveled up the ventilation
system to the first floor,

and worked its way into
the upstairs research center.

That seems more accidental
than deliberate.

He wanted the lab to burn,

not necessarily the whole building.

This is unbelievable.

Who are you?

Director of Bio-Sciences, Bruno Geller.

Officer Atwater, she's Officer Rojas.

So the university is doing
research on... whatever it is.

- Flesh-eating...
- Necrotizing fasciitis.

Actually, it can be caused
by 30 different bacteria,

but yes, we work to develop
antibiotics for all of them.

What's the connection
to BRT Health Industries?

I'm sorry?

Their name keeps coming up.

They're our largest donor and partner.

How does that work? What kind of partner?

Every major science university
has corporate partners.

We concentrate on theoretical
contributions to science.

They focus on profit-driven
applied research.

It's mutually beneficial.


We're gonna need a contact at BRT.

And we're also gonna need
a list of anybody who's worked

in that lab over the past six months,

especially anybody who's worked

with the lab assistant Stuart Anderson.

Right... let me walk you
to the administration building.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time.

If you think of anything else,
call this number day or night.

- What's up, Jay?
- Hey.

You're interviewing lab workers
from the CCU fire, right?

Yeah, two down,

but nothing's jumped out at me yet.

All right, there's a name

at 63 West Quincy, apartment 2C.

Veronica Song.

Now, I checked the logs,
and she worked in the lab

at the same time as patient
zero, Stuart Anderson.

The last two weeks,
their schedules match exactly.

Now, check this, she was supposed to be

in the lab during the fire.

She didn't show up to work that day.

- That's interesting.
- Yeah, I know, she's 19...

she doesn't fit the type,
but I just think

we should move her up the interview list.

- Yeah, I'm on it.
- Okay.

Veronica Song?

Chicago PD, open up, please.

Chicago PD.



Can I come in and ask you some questions?


can I... can I...

can I get you...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

50-21 Henry, roll an ambo to
63 West Quincy, apartment 2C.

Incoming. Mimi, talk to me.

This is the 19-year-old with
severe bacterial infection.

She's breathing on her own,
but she's unresponsive.

All right, take her to T4.

- Hold on, hold on.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Crockett.
- Yeah.


How is it spreading like this?

We need to get her into surgery.

All right, let's go to hybrid OR.


Uh, I was...

Jay had me check up on her.

She's a lab assistant who was working

with Stuart Anderson,
the original patient.

She collapsed on me.

Is that her blood on you?

Did you get any on your
mouth or your eyes?

Do you have any cuts or
*** on your skin, anywhere?

I don't know. I don't think so.

All right, stay right there.

Don't touch your mouth, eyes...
don't touch anything.