Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 20 - 51's Original Bell - full transcript

When one of 51's own gets injured on a call, Lt. Severide becomes obsessed with helping out. Foster contemplates a big decision. Kidd is concerned for one of her high school trainees.

- I do.
- I do.

You may now kiss the bride.

He's gonna lose his arm
if we don't do a fasciotomy.

- I'm not trained for that.
- I am.

Who was the trauma surgeon

that performed the fasciotomy
out in the field?

You missed your calling.
That was nice work.

I can't give that child
what she deserves.

Scott, she deserves
a father who loves her.

She needs you.

Are you here for "Girls on Fire?"

- What's your name?
- Kylie.

I know how awesome this program can be.

I brought a few friends.

Let's have some fun.

This is Bert.

He went down from smoke inhalation,

and the flames are moving in fast.

Now, you don't get a choice
in who you get to rescue.

And Bert weighs 160 pounds.

So, what we're gonna do...

get behind him.

Wrap your webbing like this.

Use your legs. Lift and pull.

Each call poses a different challenge.

And whether it's a skinned knee
or a gunshot wound,

we have two responsibilities:

keep the blood in,
keep the infection out.

So, what we do is

take our best friend, a roll of gauze.

And we're gonna wrap her arm here...

You take the heel of your hand

and you place it
in the center of the chest.

Interlock your fingers like that.

- And...
- Good, Kylie.

Yes. Use your legs.


All right. Everybody gather up.

Gather up.

Go. Wow!

Well, that hour went by very fast.

But great work everybody.

God, I... I'm very proud of you.

Some real... real badasses in this group.

- Absolutely.
- Truly.

You know, you get told
a lot in high school

what you can't do.

And get it from all sides.

You get it from
your teachers, your classmates.

But not here.

In this program, you are gonna get told

over and over what you can do.


I just saw what you can do.

So don't let anyone...
and I mean anyone...

ever stand between you

and the goals that you set for yourself.

All right? You hear me?

All right.


- Whoo!
- Great class, everybody.

There he is.

How was the peninsula?

Oh. Perfect.

I saw your furlough request for June.

Yeah, I was hoping that maybe...


Thank you, man.

I'm gonna take Chloe... wait.

I mean, I am going to take my wife

to the Dominican on a real honeymoon.

She's gonna love that.

Ah. What's this?

It's 51's original bell.

I'm gonna get it shining again.

No. Not here.

Squad table's everyone's table.

Or, I mean everyone on the squad's table.


Do not bring that mess
into the common room.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61.

I'll clean it when I get back.

Industrial accident.
350 West Fulton Street.

Hey, man. There's some kind of gas.

Engine, drop a line for decon.

One of our guys, KaDaryl.

He's still in there.

Let's get you to the paramedic.

Looks like chlorine gas, Chief.

Smells like it too.

Channel 25 to main.

We need a level one hazmat

and additional ambulance response.

Chlorine gas, multiple victims.

Squad 3, suit up.

Find the source of the leak

and anyone else who's still in there.

All right, Capp, Cruz, Tony,
we got chlorine gas!

Let's go suit up.

We're gonna need putty and plugs!

Okay, establish a perimeter
50 yards back.

Let's pray that the wind don't pick up.

Got it, Chief.

Everyone, we need to move back 50 yards.

Tony, Kidd, move the rigs.

- Gallo.
- Copy.

Let's cordon off the block
and evacuate the neighbors.

Copy that.

All right. He's all yours!

- My eye!
- Come on.

Don't rub. It only makes it worse.

Here. This should help.

Fire department.

Keep them open. There you go.


Cruz, you and Tony clear the lot.

Capp and I will source the leak.


Got it!

- Chlorine gas.
- Yep.

Right there! Hey!

Hey, buddy! Can you walk?

We got the missing worker.

- We're coming out with him now.
- Copy that.

Hey, Chief, we found the leak!

Looks like the tank was pinched
while it was being scrapped.

Hey, Capp. We can probably plug this.


There's something dripping into the tank,

causing a chemical reaction.

It's building pressure fast.

Capp! The tank is gonna bl...

Severide, report.

Severide, report!

Capp! Capp!


- You all right?
- I'm fine.


Come on. Let's get you out of here.


He's having trouble breathing.

All right, let's get an IV going.

I'll get the CPAP on him
with nebulized albuterol.


He took in some gas.

I'm fine. I just need a minute.

You don't look fine.



So you have no clue how
a tank full of chlorine

ended up in your yard?

God, I was in the trailer.

Look, people drop off
stuff here all the time.

Cars, oil drums,
washing machines, Winnebagos.

And you don't check what's inside?

Sure we do. Of course.

But sometimes things slip
through the cracks.

It's almost always harmless junk.

Almost always.

Hey, hazmat's here.

Hey! Come on, let's go.

How many regulations do you
think that place is violating?

Tank full of chlorine should have

never made it into that yard.

Shady companies pay cash

so that these things
are taken off their hands.

Giving us a face full of it.

Gonna go back there after shift.

Gonna talk to that manager.

Casey, go with him.

Make sure he doesn't do
anything more than talk.

Any word on Capp?

No, we were out of the ED
before 99 arrived.

Okay, I'll call Med. Get an update.



Just the person I was looking for.

- Do you have a second?
- Yeah.

Of course. What's on your mind?



I need your advice.

And I need you to give it to me straight.

Do I ever hold back?

No, you don't.

Which is why I wanted to tell you.


I have a meeting on the books

with the admissions committee
at Northwestern.

Wait. Start over.

I wanna go back to med school.

Wow! Whoa.

It's just a meeting.

But yeah.

It's something I've been...

I've had on my mind for a while.

That's great.

But the thing is,

that was before everything happened

with Brett's birth mom dying,

and then, you know,
Cruz moving out, and...

what kind of friend would I be

if I were to abandon her
in the middle of all of that?


Look, I can't tell you what to do here.

But what I can tell you

is that you shouldn't be talking to me.

You should be talking to Brett.

So just dump this in her lap

on top of everything she's gone through?

No. No thank you.

She's your partner. Your roomie.

And one of your best friends.

Talk to her.

All right?

You told me to give it to you straight.

I'm giving it to you straight.

- All right?
- All right.

What's up with you and Violet?

All right, I told her that we should

keep it casual, see other people,

and she took it the wrong way.

- Well... there's a right way?
- Yeah.

Dude, we just started going out.

You know, there's a...
what do you call it, a...

a grace period.

I don't think that's a thing.

- What do you mean?
- Excuse me.

I'm looking for Sylvie Brett?

Hey. Scott.

How are you, Sylvie?

Most importantly,
how is this little girl?

- Amelia.
- Aww.

It was Julie's middle name.

I didn't know if I should pick it, but...

I looked at her, and it
just kind of felt right.

Oh, that's beautiful.

Well, I just want to thank you so much.

It's an understatement
to say you changed my life.

Now that I've gotten
more than four hours of sleep,

I can see that. Clearly.

Now for the tough news.

We are moving back to Rockford.


We hadn't sold our house there yet,

and my office
is letting me transfer back.

Truth is,

on just one income, I wouldn't
be able to afford Chicago.

No, I... I get it.

I completely understand.

But look.

You are her sister.

Forever and always.

And I want you in Amelia's life.

Of course.

I'm... I'm only a few hours away.

I'll... I'll visit whenever I can.


So, Chief, I went through the logs,

and there's been three calls
to that same scrapyard

within the last six months.

That place is a liability.

Well, this incident's
put them on OSHA's radar.

They're investigating now.

Good. Any idea when Capp's back?


I called Med. He's not in their system.

What do you mean?
He hasn't been admitted yet?

I have no idea.

I'm waiting for a callback from someone

who knows what the hell is going on.

Well, do you mind if I go
over there and see for myself?

Go. Do it.

- Truck will roll out with you.
- All right.

- Fellas. You here for Capp?
- Yeah.

Sent him to get his eyes checked out.

- Haven't heard from his since.
- He left.

- Refused treatment.
- What?

His eyes are showing
serious signs of trauma.

I recommended he stay the night
under observation.

As soon as I turned my back, he was gone.

You kidding me?

I'm gonna have to submit a report to CFD.

Okay. Let's hold off on that.

You know I can't. He came in on medical.

Hey. This isn't like Capp.

Can you just give us a day

to figure out what's going on here?

Fine. One day.

Hey. How's Capp doing?

Don't know, but might have to kill him.

He skipped out against doctor's orders.

You didn't try to call him?

Yeah, he isn't picking up.

Kylie. Hey.

What's going on?

You mentioned
a firefighter manual in class?


I looked online but I couldn't find it.

Oh, I have a paper copy.

Oh, I was hoping maybe I could borrow it?

Yeah. Of course.

Yeah. Come on.

Here you go.

And keep it as long as you want.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

I'm really gonna miss
"Girls on Fire" when it's over.

Oh, no.

We're keeping it going
through the summer.

Thanks for this.


Hey, Lieutenant.
We're good to go on this side.

You want us to start
on the driver's side?

No. Let's go for a ride.

We're gonna swing by Capp's place?

No. We're going back to that scrapyard.


I thought we were doing that after shift.

Why wait?

Don't let him do anything stupid.

Hey! You the manager?

- Owner.
- We were here this morning.

Uh-huh. Yeah?

Just wondering how much
you're getting paid

under the table to dump
hazardous materials.


I can't personally check

every piece of metal
that comes through here.

I thought that was your job.

I got a whopper of a fine from OSHA.

What more do you want?

One of my men might lose his eyesight.

Hey, some of my people got hurt too.

- That's on you!
- Whoa.

Hey, I'd like you
off my property right now.

Okay, all right. Hey, come on.

We're already a man down.

It's not worth it.


Got a sec?

I just keep re-reading the same page

over and over again anyway.

You okay?

Yeah. I mean...

Scott came by with the baby.

- Amelia is her name.
- Aww.

- That's pretty.
- Mm-hmm.

- How is she?
- She looks amazing.

Happy, healthy little girl.

But they are moving back to Rockford.

Oh, damn.

I just had this idea that

I would get to see her all the time.

You know, swing by, take her to the park.

Bring her to our place for playdates.

Just watch her get bigger, you know?

- Well Rockford isn't that far.
- No, I know.

And I'll make it work, but...

I am not gonna let
someone else I care about

out of life, you know?


We should road trip together sometime.

Wait until you see this baby.

It's just really something.

I bet.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

You... you asked me if I had a sec,

and I went into a spiral.

What's up?

Ambulance 61. Person injured.

1517 N. Armitage Avenue.

I was just checking on you.

You're the best.

They're here.

What happened?

Look, she thought this was her lip gloss.

But it's glue.


Just keep breathing, okay?

Just try and relax, okay?
Just try and relax.


This'll help you breathe.

Stop trying to pull
your lips apart, okay?


Okay. Hold still.


Does anybody have any acetone-based

nail polish remover?

I do.

Oh, perfect. Thank you.


This will dissolve the bond, okay?

Go. Off.

Almost, almost. Easy.

We're still gonna want to take you in,

make sure you didn't ingest
any of the glue, okay?


Oh. Come on.

Thank you.


There was some glue on
her teeth, but that's about it.

- She'll be just fine.
- Oh, that's good news.

Oh, hey.

My friend at Northwestern Admissions

says you reapplied.

- Yeah. I did.
- That's great.

I was telling her
how impressed I was by you.

- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, good luck.

And keep me posted.

You reapplied to med school?

I... I wanted to tell you.

I started to, but...

first I just wanted to know

if it was even a possibility.

Well, it sounds like
it is a possibility, Foster.

I have a meeting Wednesday
with Admissions.

First I just... I wanted to...

you and me, I... I think
we should talk about it.


Seems like you've already
made up your mind.

Heyo! Hands off, Boswell.

She's confident, protected,
her - Come on, Cruz.ed.

I already got three kids
at home to clean up after.

It's 7:59, all right?

Don't gripe about the state
of the squad table

until it's your shift.

Ah. See?

All yours.

You missed a whole section over here.

All right. Go talk to her.

Yeah, you just standing here
staring at her

is a little creepy.

Okay, I'm not staring.

Be right back.

- Hey.
- Hi.


is it just me or are things
a little tense between us?

Why would they be tense?

You know, the whole...

seeing other people thing,

I got the idea you weren't
too thrilled with it.

Are you kidding? I love it.

I was thinking the same thing
before you even said anything.

- Really?
- 100%.

In fact, I'm actually
heading to a Sox game

to meet a date right now.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

- Very cool.
- Yeah.

Should be a great game.

- See you soon?
- Sure.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

See you guys later.

I am so confused.

I know I would like to hear more.

Okay, so right from the jump,

Violet tells me she
doesn't date firefighters.

So I was like,
"Okay. Cool by me. Let's keep it casual."

But then at some point,
the rules changed?

So put it out there, like, "Hey."

We're seeing other people, right?"

And she liked the idea.

She was thrilled by it even.

But she's still icing me out.

Um, general rule of thumb.

You are in a war you cannot win.

So best to raise the white flag

and learn the phrase,

"Yes, dear, Whatever you say, dear."

- No, but that sounds...
- Ridiculous!

And I agree. You gotta be firm.

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

It's the only way to get respect.

I'm not sure, uh,
Cindy would agree with you.

Oh, okay, look.

Do you wanna know
what solves all problems?

Getting married.

It's like all of those little things

that you thought were such a
big deal while you were dating,

they just evaporate.

Like ocean mist.

Says the guy who
has been married for a week.

A week of bliss.

When was the last time
you were over here?

Can't remember.

What do you do if he doesn't answer?

I got a Halligan in the trunk.

I ever tell you
the first time I met Capp?

We get a fire call
to this big apartment complex.

The whole place is cooking,

and there's this woman
stuck behind a door

that I couldn't open for the life of me.

I mean, I tried mule kicking it,

prying the hinges,

but couldn't get the damn thing to budge.

I feel this firefighter
from another truck next to me,

so I scream at him,
"Go get a sledgehammer!"

He heads away for about five steps,

then turns back, runs,

and flies through the air
like the Karate Kid...

and his foot goes
right through the damn door.

And now he's stuck.

But I can reach through the hole he made

and finally unlock the door.

- Only Capp.
- Yeah.

Only Capp.


Hey, guys.

What the hell are you doing?

They said I need to rest my eyes.

They said stay
under hospital supervision.

You need to go back and see Dr. Halstead,

or he's reporting you to the CFD.

I'm already feeling better.

Got any beer in the fridge at least?

I think so.

I'll go check.

You still look like hell.

So do you.

All right.

So this morning,

we are gonna learn how to turn a ladder

into an emergency bridge, all right?

So, Dora, Evette,

divide the girls into two groups.

Get these two garbage cans

and bring them to the middle of the room.

Right here. Right here.

- All right?
- Christina, Jada...


Where's Kylie?

I haven't seen her.


Lieutenant Severide, Bob Rezick.


Sorry to bother you. I know you're busy.

Just when you think you're catching up,

a worker falls three stories

at a construction site,
breaks both his legs.

I'm on my way over there now.

Well, then I'll make this quick.

I was told you were assigned
the chlorine leak

at Q&M Metal Recycling on West Fulton?

I was. Yes.

And you gave them a fine?

Three fines, actually.


We're also assigning
them mandatory training

for the handling of hazardous materials.

Yeah, which we both know they won't do.

Then that's another fine.

It's not enough.

It's the best I can do. Precedent.

One of my men got hurt on that call.

Took in a face full of chlorine.

He's still not seeing clearly.

- Like I said...
- I know what you said.

And so you know,

I could've called and left a message

instead of driving all the way down here

to see you in person.

But I wanted to look at you in the eye

and ask that you don't treat this case

like another manila folder.

Treat it like there's a human being

whose life and career was put at risk

because of guys that pay a few fines

and keep right on
doing what they're doing.

That's all I ask.

Well, what'd the guy say?

He'd look into it.

- That's it?
- That's it.

Well you did the right thing.

I wanna go back to the scrapyard

and do the wrong thing.


Hey, let me ask you.

I got this girl.

She was one of the initial
signups on "Girls on Fire."

And she's real enthusiastic.

I mean, she came to the firehouse

and borrowed the firefighter
manual and everything.


Okay, so she wasn't
in class this morning,

and, uh, I got this weird feeling.

Do you have her number?

I think so. On the application, yeah.

- Give her a call.
- Yeah?

- That's not too invasive?
- Nah.


Yeah. I'll do that.


No, I texted her
and she didn't text back.

So bring someone else.

I don't wanna bring someone else.

What? I thought that was the...

ah, you know what? You're frustrating.

Okay, everyone.

Until Capp returns,

we will have a floater filling in.

Everyone please welcome
Wes Derengowski to 51.


Hey, thank you.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

898 South Van Buren.

Is that the coffin?

Looks like he's pinned.

Cruz, grab the jaws and cutters.

Copy that.

How much does a casket weigh?

Depends on who's inside.

Hey. What's your name?

- Cody.
- Hang tight, Cody.

- We're gonna get you out.
- I can't breathe.

I can't breathe I can't breathe.

He's getting crushed.

Mouch, Kidd, open the back.

Gallo, we'll push from the front.

We need to slide this casket out.

Hey, you okay?

Let me see.

What's your name?

Hang tight, buddy, okay?

Get this thing off of me!

Quit moving. Gallo,
let's get this weight off of him.

Ready, push!

Lift, go.

Okay, he's free.

All right, ready when you are, Captain

All right, we'll push. You pull on three.

One, two, three!

I'm right behind you, okay?

Be as still as possible.

Huh. Well, that's fortunate.

Hey, uh...

could've mentioned it was empty.

I do these runs all the time.

They never tell me what's
inside, and I don't ask.

Hey. Let's load up.

I want to stop by that
scrapyard on the way back.

Scrapyard? Why are we going back there?

We already talked to that guy.

We're not going there to talk.


Looks like they got more than a fine.



All right, let's head back to 51.


Dr. Halstead said Capp's going in

for some tests tomorrow.

- Yeah, I heard.
- Did you talk to him?

Boden told me.

How's Severide?

You know how it is.

You work that close with someone,

you feel their pain like it's your own.

Wow. I didn't realize...

We need to talk.

Sure. Yeah.

Uh, let's go in there.


What's up?

You've texted me five times
in the last 24 hours.

Well, yeah. You didn't text me back,

and I was wondering what was up.

What's up is that we aren't
in a serious relationship.

Which means sometimes
we might go a little while

without texting or talking,

and there's no reason to freak out.

I'm not freaked out.

The last text asked if I was dead.

That's an expression.
I didn't actually mean...

- Gallo...
- Blake.


I think it's weird that
you call me by my last name.

Especially considering
the amount of time...

I've always done that.
Why is it suddenly weird?

Okay. Fine.


What's going on with you? Hm?

The other day when you said that you were

going out to the Sox game
with another guy.


I just...

I guess I didn't
really like it. That's all.

- You didn't like it?
- Yeah.

You're the one that said
we should see other people...

No, I know. It's just, honestly,

I didn't think you actually would.

Oh. So you figured

you would see other people
and I would... what?

Just sit at home mooning after you?

No, that's not it at all.

Gallo, you are the most arrogant...

Maybe we should be exclusive.

- Maybe we should break up.
- Maybe we should get married!


you are out of your mind.


Maybe we should get married?

Yeah, what?

He told me to.

Hey, Kylie.

Uh, this is Stella Kidd
from "Girls on Fire."

Missed you this morning at class.

Just... just wanted to check in,

and make sure you're okay.


anyway, uh, you got my number now.

So feel free to call me
any time, day or night.

I mean, us...

us firefighters keep weird hours.

So, um...

Okay. Hope to talk to you soon.


How long can it take to read
the bottom row of an eye chart?

Hey. So what'd they say?

My eyes are no good.

I'm done being a firefighter.

Okay, so you're fine.

You don't know that.

- How's he know I'm fine?
- Bad acting.

Come on.

What's the actual prognosis?

A couple more shifts
and I'm cleared to work.


Ah, look at that.
You were worried about me.

He was worried about me, wasn't he?



There he is!

Hey, check it out, buddy.
We finished it for you.

You can see it's a bell, right?

Not just a big golden blur.

Can you read the top line?


Whoa! That's not it at all.

All right, listen.

As much as I hate to say this.

The beers are on the house!

Hey. It's good to have you back.

Thanks. Good to be back.

What do you guys want, huh?

What do you want? Hey, hey, hey.

We're ready for you now.

Please, Ms. Foster. Have a seat.

I'd like to say something
before we begin the interview

if that's all right.

Go ahead.

I know you've read my application,

and I know you are aware
of the circumstances

surrounding why I am
reapplying to Northwestern.

I made a life-altering mistake,

and I won't make excuses for it.

That said,

that mistake was the best thing

that ever happened to me.

I wasn't ready.

And I get that now.

In the last three years,

I have met and worked
with some of the most

amazing people I've ever known,

and I've learned so much
from all of them.

With their help, I've been
able to transform myself

into a responsible, knowledgeable,

caring, resourceful paramedic,

the kind of paramedic who knows
how to put the patient first

and handle whatever is required

on the other end of a 9-1-1 call.

I've been in the trenches.

And I know now that I am ready to be

a great student

and an even better doctor.

Thank you.

All right, then.

Let's get started.


How'd it go?

They said they'll let me know.

Well, I know.

They'd be lucky to have you.