Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - A Real Shot in the Arm - full transcript

Casey struggles to get Boden to sign off on an energetic new recruit. Foster extends an olive branch to her irritating new medic. Otis inspires Herrmann to seek new partners at Molly's; Brett realizes life in Fowlerton will take some getting used to.

Sylvie Brett?

You almost ruined everything
that I worked for, Hope.

Take your drama
back to Fowlerton.

Everybody said
she'll be back someday,

'cause Chicago's
too fast for her.

And I guess
they were right.

Hi. Are you my partner?
Yeah. Chad Collins.

Where's the pisser at?

Firefighter down!

I love you, brother.

I'm gonna miss you.

Brian Zvonecek.

He was a hell
of a firefighter.

From this day forward,
this memorial site
is sacred ground.

So, as you can see,
it gets lots of light.

And, uh, this is the,
uh, third bedroom.

It's got a big closet,
and, um... Oh, uh...

A partial view of the skyline,
if you, uh, stand right here.

Anyway, yeah,
that's the tour.


Yeah, it's a...
It's a great place.

Um, you'd love it here.

If you don't
mind my asking,

why are you
breaking your lease?

Oh, uh, it's...

It's just too much
space for me.

Hey, you hear any updates
from Casey

about the permanent
Truck replacement?

No. Nothing yet.

It's been a while.

Yeah, replacing Otis
is a tall order.

No doubt about that.


We'll have you back
on Engine soon enough.

I can wait.

Come on.

Wow. How many shampoos
does one woman need?

Uh, when Brett
emptied her locker,
I took in her toiletries.

I didn't want them
to feel abandoned.

Good morning, ladies.

Oh, my God.

Pull up the towel, Collins.
This isn't a strip club.

I'm gonna kill that guy.

I mean, who walks around
nude when shift's
already started, hmm?

He's not that bad.

And you got to admit,
the scenery is kinda nice.

It's not
nice enough to compensate
for the rest of him.

Okay, Foster,
Collins is your partner,

at least for now.

And as much as it sucks,
Brett is not coming back.

So, you gotta
make this work.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61...
Let's go.

...person trapped,
9724 North Dayton.



Don't let him
move an inch,

and cordon off the area
underneath, just in case.

Hey. Can't you
lower him down?

That rope's
barely securing him.

The smallest move
could send him
into free fall.

Help me! Help!
Casey, we need the aerial.

Yep. Kidd, get Truck
as close as you can
and position the ladder.

Arnold, back up 90!

They were moving
a piano from the fifth floor
when the rope snapped.

I don't know why
dispatch sent us.

The longest ladder we carry
doesn't get us halfway there.

If we can
get to that balcony,

maybe we could reach him
with a pike pole.

Tony, Capp,
get in that unit.

- Help!
- Copy that.

as fast as you can.
Good, good, good! Hold!

Copy that, Captain.

Help! Help! Help me!

Ah! Help!

Hey, give me a hand.

Come on. You got it?

Hey, what's your
candidate up to?

what the hell
are you doing?

Get me down from here!


Guy's gonna
get himself killed.

Here we go.
Come on, kid.


Set. Going up!


I'm slipping!
Hey! Help me!

Hey, get me!

Help me! Get me!
I got you. I got you.

Yeah. You're good.
You're good.

Don't let go.

I got him. Hang in there.

Take your time.

All right, I've got him.
Let go.



That was a hell
of a performance.
You okay?

Yeah. It's just another
dull day in the CFD.
Am I right?

Come on.

You excited
for your first shift?

Yeah. It'll be nice
to be back on the job.

Not used to
all this downtime.



Hey, Hope.

Oh, and you must
be the chaplain.

You can call me Kyle.

This is Hope Jacquinot,

my old friend from high school
that I told you about.

that sounds ominous.

Uh, any friend of Sylvie's
is a friend of mine.

Well, I owe you
a big thanks, Kyle.

We've all missed
Sylvie so much,

and because of you
she's home.

Have you been down
Walnut Street

since you've been back?

The Claremont Diner
is still there,
believe it or not.

Oh, really?

It's our old
high school hangout.

Best milkshakes
in the world.

The size of a Cadillac.

We should meet up there
for old times' sake. Catch up.

Oh, um, you know, it's just
kind of crazy right now,

what with the move,
and my new job, so...

I screwed up big time
when I saw Sylvie
last in Chicago.

I know that a milkshake
is not the answer,
but maybe it's a start?

I'd do anything
for the chance
to explain things

and apologize properly.

I'll check
my work schedule.

I'll take that.

Thanks, Sylvie.

Bad news.
Vlad and Dimitri are out.

You couldn't
talk them into it?

That's a bummer.

Who's Vlad and...

Dimitri. Otis' brothers.

They inherited
his share of Molly's,

but they'd rather
put the money

in municipal bonds
or something.

And that's their right,

but I ain't got the cash
to buy 'em out.


Hey. What do you say,
Mouch, huh?

How would you
like to buy into Molly's?

I know you got cash
stashed inside that mattress.

No, thanks. I got retirement
looming on the horizon.

Last thing I need
is to dump my savings
into a bar.

What? You already spend
all your money at Molly's.

I'm offering you
a piece of the action,

and discounted drinks
at the employee rate.

Could you...

Don't look at me,
all right?

I've been paying rent
by myself for months now.

It's bleeding me dry.

Why don't you
go ask somebody

who makes that sweet
lieutenant's pay?

Hey, Severide,

how would you
like to buy Otis'
share of Molly's, huh?

It's a hell of
a business opportunity.

Plus, you're there
all the time anyway.

When I go to Molly's
it's because I want to drink,

not fix the urinal.

I already
replaced that urinal.

It works just fine.

You know,
Herrmann's got a point.

We are at Molly's
all the time.


We really need
to get out more.

You know,
just the two of us.

You know, Boden said
I could use his boat
whenever I want,

since I help maintain it.

Maybe we could
go out on the lake,
do some fishing.

How about you leave
the fishing gear behind?

Because I got a new bikini
and a cocktail Thermos

that will provide
all the recreation we need.

That's a much better plan.
Thank you.

Two C's in a word?
That's gotta be a mistake.

I gotta tell you,
these word jumbles
are something.


The word is "click."



I know who I want.

For Otis' spot,
you mean?

That's right.
Well, at long last.

Come on. Don't keep me
in suspense.

Blake Gallo.

The candidate on Engine 90
from that rescue this morning.


What do you mean, no?

He's a great kid.
I've been asking
around about him.

Can't have him.

I talked to his lieutenant,
Loomis. He'd consider
transferring Gallo...

He's a daredevil, Casey.
He's not coming
into my firehouse.

Chief, as captain
of Truck 81,

I should have the right
to pick my own crew.

I have just buried
a firefighter.

I am not gonna
bury another one.

Find someone else.

I really appreciate
you coming.

Well, I did it for Kyle,
to be honest.

He's big on forgiveness.
Must be the chaplain thing.

Oh, I have to
show you something.

Come here.


Can you believe
that's still here?
Oh, my God. "Twihards."

How many times
did we see that movie?
A hundred?

No, more, I bet.

I'm really sorry, Sylvie.

For everything.

I never told you this,
but right before
I got to Chicago

I was in an abusive

and it messed with my head
more than I realized.

I'm not trying to
excuse anything. I just...

I just wanted you to know.

I'm sorry for what
you've been through.


I've made some
bad choices in my life
when it comes to men.

On the opposite end
of the spectrum, wow,

your guy,
he's pretty special.

He is.

It's funny. I was so sure
that you'd end up
with a firefighter.

And there's
some awesome guys
at your firehouse.

No, I could never
date anyone there.
It's against rules.

Pretty much everyone
breaks them, but still...

You never had a thing
for any of those guys?

Come on.

It's pretty crazy
how much I miss
everyone at 51.

You're gonna make
a wonderful life
for yourself here, Sylvie.

Hey. I was
looking for you.

Hey. Just chillaxing,
waiting for the next call.

What's up?

I got this for you.

Maybe I was
a little tough on you,

so I just wanted to...

You got me word scrambles?

How did you know I like these?
'Cause you play them all day.

And night.

Thank you, Foster.
That's really cool of you.


These are super tough.

Hey, Chloe.

Here's the beautiful girl.
Hello, sweetheart.

Hi, Tuesday.
You walk Tuesday?


Last I saw Joe
he was in the
common room.

I was looking
for you, actually.

You have a minute?


I'm just...
I wanted to check in
with you, about Joe.

I know how close you guys are,
how much you mean to him,

and I can tell Otis
is still on his mind
all the time.

And Brett leaving,
that hurts too.

I guess I'm just wondering
if you think there's something

I can do
to help him better.

Kiddo, this is
a real tough one.

But we're all dealing
with it different.

Some of us
are talking about it,
some aren't.

Some are just
throwing themselves
harder into the job,

or taking
the occasional stroll
around the firehouse

when a wave of it
hits too hard.

Only thing
that's gonna get
any of us through it

is feeling like
we're not alone.

That's what
you're doing for Joe.

And far as
I'm concerned,

there's nothing
more important.


Damn it.

Damn it. Come on.

I don't know boats,

but maybe I could help
with the stress
part of all this.

I don't know.

It's either a bad connection

or this whole wiring
harness is shot.

Okay, all right.

That's it. I am gonna
call Harbor Tow

and I'm gonna have
them tow us back...

No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna get this going.

You've been saying that
for an hour.

Stella, there is
no chance we're calling
for a rescue. Zero.

I cannot wait
to tell the boys
about this one.

The firefighter
who had to get himself
rescued off the lake.

Talk about irony too.

The intrepid Kelly Severide,
helpless and lost at sea.

This guy is like
a big, important
firefighter, so...

We got it
from here, Tommy.

All right.
Thanks for the help.

You can go back,
work on your tan.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're drifting, bro.
Bring it back in.

I'm trying, I'm trying.

Give it more juice, bro.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Mikey, give me your hand.

Kill the motor!

Give me your hand!

Mikey, come on!

Get that motor shut off!


Mikey! Mikey! Come on!


give me your hand.

Give me your hand!
Mikey! Mikey!


I got you!
Come on, come on!

Where are they?
Are they dead?

Help him up!
All right.


It's okay.
We need an ambulance!
Call 911!

Right, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

- Just breathe.
I got you.
- Oh, Mikey, I'm sorry.

You're gonna
be all right, buddy.
Just sit tight.

How you doing?

Herrmann, what are these?

Those are cherries, Trudy.

This place...
Well, here we go.

A little effort would go
such a long way,
making things better.

For example,
these little jobbies...
These are a disgrace.

You know how
they make 'em glow?

First, they bleach 'em
in calcium chloride
and sulfur dioxide...

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Enough.
No one wants to hear that.

Hang on.

Hey, it's Brett.
She's on the FaceTime.

Hang on. Uh, no.

There's our pioneer woman.
How's life on the plains?

Hey, Herrmann.

Oh, I'm so glad you answered.
I thought you'd be busy.

Nah. Never too busy for you.

I miss you guys.
We miss you more.

So, listen, everybody here
wants to talk to you, say hi.

Hey! Hey, Mouch! Hey, Trudy.

How's Molly's?
What's happening?

We're eating nuclear waste.

What about you?

Um, I'm... I'm just
settling in, I guess.

Yeah. Sure, sure.
Hey, hang on a second.
I'm gonna pass you down.

Hey... Hey, Sylvie,
what's up?

Oh, Joe.
I'm so glad you're there.

Um, well, I start with
Fowlerton FD tomorrow,
and I'm a little nervous.

Oh, don't be.

They're not gonna
know what hit them

once they see Chicago Sylvie
kick into gear.

I don't know about that.
Here's Foster.

Oh, okay.
Well, bye, Joe.
Um, I miss you.

Hey, girl.
Feels like 100 years
since you've been gone.

I know. I know.
You have to come
and visit.

We looked at houses today.
You know, to buy.

And we found this nice one

with a great guest bedroom
and, um, a beautiful garden.

Sounds perfect.

I'm so glad that things
are working out for you.

Hang on. Here's Herrmann.

Oh, how are you?
How's the new partner?

Hey, uh, listen.
The customers
are barking at me,

so I gotta go,
but come back for
a visit real soon.

You gotta see
the memorial
they made for Otis.

It's... It's a beauty.

Yeah. I wish I was
there right now.
Hold on. I said, I'm coming.

Hold onto your horses.
Bye, Sylvie.


Oh, after all the big plans,
look where we end up.

We can make up
for today.

How about a road trip
to Pictured Rocks?

Ooh! I like that idea.

Except I will drive this time.


You remember Gallo?

From the pulley rescue
yesterday. Sure.

This is Kelly Severide.
I know who you are,

Blake Gallo.
Good to meet you.

Yeah. That was a hell
of a save back there.

Thanks. Uh, that was fun.

Pretty stupid too.
I had a clean route
with good holds.

No different than
a rock wall, really.

Except that was
no climbing gym.

One false move,
that's a five-story drop
to the concrete.

He does have a point.

You could've waited for us
to get our ladder in place.

Victim was slipping.
He wouldn't have
held out that long.

So I did
the mental calculus.

You know, gaming out
different scenarios,

and what I kept coming back to
was if I just stood there,

and this guy falls
to his death,

I'll never be able
to live with myself.

Damn. I gotta dip.

It was really nice
meeting you guys.

Captain, thanks
for the beer.

Yeah. Thanks for coming out.

I hope our paths
cross again.

I feel like I could learn
a lot from you guys.


Talent and heart
in spades.

Tell me that's not
exactly the kind of energy
we need at 51 right now.

Did he say,
"I gotta dip"?

What that kid's got,
you can't teach.

He could be
a real shot in the arm
for the whole house.

Yeah, maybe.

But how are you gonna
convince Boden?


I didn't see you
at Molly's last night.

Maybe you should
come by more often,

hang out.

Look, Foster,

I am picking up
on your vibe

and I am
really flattered,

but I've got a girlfriend.

So, this

is never gonna happen.

You are a great girl.

And I know

that you're gonna
find somebody.

Ambulance 61,

person down, 1291...
Ugh, I was just about
to make a power shake.

Hurry. Please!

She's getting worse.

She was so tired,

and I thought it was
just jet lag,
but when she woke up,

she was blotchy
and she was having
trouble breathing.


Mommy. My legs.
I can't feel them.

Let's take a look, sweetie.

What's wrong with her?
Help her, please.

This blotchiness
and wheezing.

Seems like
an allergic reaction.
Give me the EpiPen.

Does she have
any allergies?
Uh, no.

I... I mean,
I don't think so.

An allergic reaction
that causes paralysis?

Can you move
your arms, Addy?

Paralysis is spreading.
This doesn't
make any sense.

She's probably just trying
to get out of school.



You mentioned jet lag.
Have you two
been traveling?

Uh, for the last
two weeks, yes.
In Australia.

What is it? What's wrong?

Just want to see if...

Yep, there it is.
She has a tick.

One of the medical journals
published an article
a few weeks ago

about a disease showing up
in ticks in certain countries.

It can cause these symptoms
in young bite victims.

This medicine's helping
you breathe, huh? Okay.


All right. We are gonna
get her to the hospital,
put her on some antibiotics.

Paralysis should
subside in a few hours.


Okay. Let's get
that stair-chair open.

Baby, you hear that?
You're gonna be okay.


Hey, Chief, I was just
wondering how I should
fill out the shift paperwork.

Oh, how many Coach of the Year
awards does Kelly have to win

before they stop questioning
his every move?


Bunch of
know-it-all announcers.
You had a question for me?

Yeah. Well, I was...
I started filling out
the shift paperwork,

but then I realized
I've never gone a shift
with no calls before...

Welcome to Fowlerton.

This is the best part.
You just sign your name.

Leave the whole form blank.
There's no extra work.

The offense
is staying on the field.

They're gonna go for it.
They're going
for fourth down here.

See you next shift,
You bet.

Holy cow! Touchdown.

You know,


Your fiancé was just
giving me some advice.

Jordan's having
a PTSD kind of thing.

You know, firefighter stuff.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I'll just let you two
get back to talking.

Hey, you talk to Chief yet
about what's-his-name? Gallo?

I, uh, took
a roundabout approach.

Left Gallo's records
on Boden's desk
before he got in.

Hoping he'll get curious
and have a look.

I'm steering clear
of the big man myself,

ever since I left his boat
in a non-operational state.

Oh, no.
Yeah. I... I bought
a new wiring harness.

I'm trying to fix it
before he finds out.

Good luck with that.
Yeah, thanks.

So, you gonna
follow up about Gallo,
or let the chips fall?

Well, I'm not eager
to push my luck with Boden,

but I have to pursue this.

We need it.

Excuse me, Lieutenant.


You're not sitting
on a pile of cash

I don't know about,
huh, Ritter?

I wish. Sorry.

Eh, it's my problem,
not yours.

You know, my cousin,
she's a loan officer
at a bank on LaSalle.

I could
hook you up with her.

I don't want...
I don't want a loan, Ritter.

I want a partner.

Dawson flew
the coop last year.
All right, fine.

So, me and Otis,
we split her share.

But now?

It's no fun
doing it by myself.

I'll figure something out,

What choice do I got?

Hey, Chief,
can I bug you a sec?

Are you here to tell me
why my motor is sitting
in pieces at the marina?


Uh, I was gonna...

I am going to fix that.

Oh, I know.

I just want you
to know I know.


Have you had a chance
to read up on that kid,
Blake Gallo?

Are you on this too?

Okay, yes,
I have checked him out.

And he's quite the rock star,
but he will never work at 51.

Not while
I call the shots.

Can I ask why you're
so dead-set against him?

You saw him on that call.

He's missing
that little voice
in his head,

the one that lets him know
when something is a bad idea.

That'll get him killed.

We have suffered
too much loss here, Kelly.

Anyway, I'm done
talking about Gallo.

You know,
a long time ago,

you had a fool
of a young rookie on Squad.

He wasn't here a week
before he attached 10 feet
of webbing to himself

and went head-first
out a 64-story window
to rescue a window washer.

Do you remember?

All too well.

You should've
called for backup.

You're right,
and you could've
booted me for that,

but you didn't.

You made me
a better firefighter.

You can do
the same for him.

Her favorite store
is here...
What's up?

Hey, you did
some good work
out there today.

That's it.

Hey, Collins.
What's up?

You're fired.

You're terrible
at your job.

Your... Your attitude,
your lack of empathy,
or knowledge, even.

You can't fire me.
You're just a medic.

Oh, trust me.
You're fired.

Put your clothes on,
go report to headquarters
for a new assignment.

You're a killer.

What did I just do?
Oh, my God, Boden
is gonna murder me.

I can't fire anyone.
All right.

My love chariot
is gassed up

and ready to take me
and Kelly to Pictured Rocks.



You and I are gonna
go get Brett back. Now.


She doesn't
want to be there.

You heard her
on the phone last night.

She didn't sound like herself.

Foster's right.
She was talking about
starting a garden.

She killed every houseplant
in the apartment.

And also, side note.
If I don't get her back
by next shift,

I am screwed.

Let's go bring our girl home.

Good luck, ladies.
Yeah! Let's go.

You have to know
nothing was happening
with me and Hope.

I... I do know that.

I don't trust her,
but I do trust you.

I'm sorry
that I've been
so quiet lately.

I've been thinking,

Kyle, you're such
an amazing guy.

But this... This life,

it's not my life.

And Fowlerton
is just not
my home anymore.

51 is.

I thought that maybe if...
You don't have
to explain, Sylvie.

Everything inside of me
says I should try
and convince you to stay.

Give you 100 reasons why.

I've seen how hard
you've tried
to make it work.

I know
you're not happy here.

I'm sorry.

More than anything,
Sylvie Brett,

I want you to be happy.

On the left
or the right?
I think it's on the right.

Super. Is this it?
Oh, yeah.

Yeah. That's it.
That's Kyle's rental place.

All right.

All right, let's go kick
this door down.

Wait. We're not literally
gonna kick the door down,

'Cause Kyle's
my friend and...

Maybe we should
knock first.

You need
to come home, Brett.

Okay, we don't
want to kidnap you,
but we will if we have to.

Look, you might think
you're happy here,
but you're not.

You need to be
next to me in the rig,

yelling about how
I sing out of pitch
all the time

or how I don't
stock the gauze

Let's go.

Here, I got it.

Joe, a text from Stella.

We have secured
the package!

Brett's coming home?

Whoa, that's good news.
What did I say?

She missed you
as much as you guys
missed her.

Hey, Mouch.

Did you hear?
Brett's coming home.

No kidding.

That's great.

What's that?


Hey, Herrmann.

Hey, Mouch.
What can I get you? Beer?


Cashier's check?
What's this about?

I'm buying Otis' share
of Molly's.

You know, Mouch,
this looks real.

Um, because I'm buying
Otis' share of Molly's.

Mouch, um,

you're saving my bacon,
you know that?

Why the change of heart?

Well, uh, I didn't have
enough cash on my own,

so I talked to Trudy about it

and she agreed
to kick in half.

Yeah. She's excited

to help take Molly's
to the next level.

Has lots of ideas.


Welcome aboard, partner.

Molly's is saved.

Whoop-dee-doo. Holy smokes.

You know what?
We got a lot
to celebrate here,

so I'm thinking that
we have a barbecue
at my house tomorrow.

Hear, hear.
I'll spread the word.

Trudy asked me
to take some
measurements for her.

Uh, congratulations,

Thank you. Hey, listen.

You better show up
at my barbecue.

You know, bring a date or...
You got a girlfriend?

Uh, well,
boyfriend, actually.

Shut up. What?


You aren't vegan too,
are you?


Then bring your boyfriend
to the barbecue

because you and me
and everyone here,

we are celebrating
you coming back on Engine.

So, Casey found
a replacement?

Lieutenant Loomis
isn't eager to see you go,

but he knows you're ready
to ride with a Truck company.

And if you come
to work at 51,

you'll also get to observe
Rescue Squad up close,

maybe pick up
a few tricks.

So, Gallo, what do you say?
Are you interested?

Am I interested?
Yeah, you could say that.
I'm freaking hyped.

I mean,

you guys are rolling
the dice on me like this...

What can I say? Thank you.

And, you know, um...

I realize that this
opportunity comes to me
at a very high cost to 51.

I don't take that lightly.

I know I'll be walking
in the shadow

of a beloved member
of this family.

I intend to honor Otis' memory
in everything I do here.

Welcome to 51.

Thank you, Chief.

I won't let you down.