Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - Off the Grid - full transcript

A series of teen Opioid overdoses sees Severide partner with Sean Roman, but begins to suspect there's more to the story than his old friend is telling him. Casey tries to be there for ...

The adoption intermediary
I've been ignoring,

he said my birth mother
is seeking contact.

You have to throw
this away for me.

- Are you sure?
- Hundred percent.

I changed my mind.

It's just a name
and an address.

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How many calls is that today?

I lost count.

Mercury's in retrograde.

It's a thing.

I'm gonna go collapse
before the bells go off again.

You've been running around
all day,

but I wanted to ask.

Did you reach out
to your birth mom?

I picked up the phone
a few times.

I just think it's better
if we speak in person.

You have her address, right?

Rockford isn't that far away.

I've been going back
and forth on how to handle it.

First impressions
are so important,

and I just want
to get it right.

The right way
is whatever works for you.

Dinner's up!

Thank God.
I'm starving.

We dined at the Med
vending machines for lunch.


Ambulance 61,
person injured,

489 West Luther Street.

Mercury sucks.

We'll put some aside
for you guys.


In here!

Hurry, he's not breathing.

Come on, man.
Wake up.

- What happened?
- We found him like this.

He lives in the building.

- Uh, okay.
- Come on, man.

Scoot over.

- What's his name?
- Jake.

Can you hear me, Jake?

Lips are blue.
Skin's pretty cold.

Pupils are constricted.

- Naloxone?
- Yeah.

What is that?
What does that mean?

Jake's showing symptoms
of an opioid overdose.

This will reverse
the effects.

All right.

Are his parents home?

I don't know.

I'm on it.
Which unit?





Hey, Brett.
We got another one!

Stay with him
I'll be right back.

She's overdosing too.


Anyone home?

She's not responding.
Let's give her another dose.


Excuse me.

Ambulance 61 to Main.

We need two
additional ambulances

and a rescue unit to assist
with forced entry.

Possible spinal injury.

Season 08 Episode 15

Episode Title :"Off the Grid "
Aired on: 02/26/20220

What do we got?

Uh, two overdose victims
are on their way to Med.

There's a possible third
trapped in the bathroom.

Body's blocking the door.

Hey, Cruz, grab a sawzall.

Got it, Lieutenant.

Hey, um...

the way she's positioned,

if we shoulder it open,

we're risking a neck injury.

She's been there for a while.

We'll get her out.





Got a pulse.

Come on.
Come on.

Yes, okay, yes.

- Brandi!
- Whoa, whoa, hey!

- What happened?
- Back up.

- Is she okay?
- Is that her name, Brandi?

No, no, my girlfriend.

She called me.

She got some pills at a party.
Said they made her sick.

I told her to hang up
and call 911.

Where is she?

She said she was here.

There was another girl.

I think maybe Brandi?

She's on her way
to the hospital.

We're gonna go there too.
Do you want to go with us?

What's your name?

- Why?
- We're just trying to help.

Your girlfriend took some pills

and we need to know
what they are.


I don't know, he was about 17?

18 years old.
Didn't get a name.

We'll track him down.

He was acting pretty strange.

Something about him was off.

People don't usually run
when they're innocent.

So the girlfriend, Brandi,

they took her
to Chicago Med, right?

Yeah, she was
pretty far gone.

Worst of the bunch.

Three ODs at once,

it's gotta be a hot batch.

I'm thinking
counterfeit oxy, right?

Yeah, we've been getting
a lot of that lately.

We'll go over there to Med.

We'll try to see
what we can find out,

what they took
and where they got it from.

for sticking around, bro.

Yeah, you got it.

All right?

Hey, you two.
Your food's in the fridge.

We had to keep it from Capp,

so we wrote "Tuesday"
on the tinfoil.

Oh, no.

Ritter just asked me
to feed her and I just assumed.

Oh, that's...
That's fine.

I don't have much
of an appetite anyway.

I'm gonna take a shower,
wash the day away.


Cruz told us what happened.

Sounds like
a pretty rough call.

One girl didn't make it.

- Yeah.
- Died en route to Med.


17 years old.


Makes me want to homeschool
my kids, you know?

And ground 'em for life.

Only way to keep 'em safe
these days.

You okay?

They were just kids.

Stupid, reckless kids.


You saved two lives tonight.

Try to focus on that.

So when you were talking before

about your birth mom...

if you don't want
to get into it,

I totally understand.

No, it's okay.

Suddenly, I can't stop
talking about it.

I even spilled
to Foster and Kidd, so.

What were you gonna say?

Well, if you're thinking
about meeting her in person,

I'd be happy to drive you
to her place in Rockford.

I mean, I know you can
handle it solo,

I just thought it might
help to have a buddy.

That'd be amazing.


Officer Ruzek called.

They found the boyfriend.

They just asked
if you could run over

to 21st for a few minutes.

- Me, what for?
- I have no idea.

But I'll cover the squad
until you get back.

Brandi's mom gave us the
boyfriend's name and address,

so we brought him in
for a little chat.

He says it wasn't him
at the apartment.

Well, unless he's got
a twin brother

who's also dating Brandi,

that's him.


I want you to meet
a friend of mine.


Quick word of advice.

Stop lying to these guys.

I didn't do anything.

Then why the hell
did you run away?

That's a very good question.
Doesn't look good.

And it makes us feel like
you have something to hide.

Like maybe you know
who gave Brandi those pills,

and you're trying
to protect them.

I'm not.

Look, I don't know
where she got them.

Didn't you say
she got them at a party?

Travis, listen.

Your girlfriend died tonight,
but it wasn't by accident,

you understand?

Whoever gave her those pills...

They knew that it was fentanyl.

You know why they do that?

'Cause they're cheaper to make.

But a lot more deadly.

All they want to do
is make money, Travis.

They don't care about who dies.


Got the pills
at this party we were at.

But I don't know who from.

After we left, I went home.

I went to bed.

I got early morning practice.

I play basketball,

and Coach gives us
random drug tests.

I could get kicked off
the team just for being there.

That's why I ran!

Look, I can't be involved.

Oh, well, sorry to say,

you're involved
whether you like it or not.

I know.

I'm just freaked out.

And Brandi...
Brandi's dead.

This can't be real, you know?

Feels like a bad dream.

But I don't know
who sold her the pills.

Straight up.

If I did, I would tell you.

We believe that.

Let's start with
who threw the party

and where it was at.

- Thanks for the assist, Kelly.
- Yeah, anytime.

Not sure how much help
I was, though.

We knew about the party
because of you.

Without that, we wouldn't
have anything at all.

What's your next move?

Put a list together
of everyone there.

Bring them in one by one

till we get the pills
off the street.

Thank you, brother.

So it is the least
he could do.

You cannot be mad at me
about that.

I told you,
it just slipped out that night.


Oh, my God, Sean.


How long has it been?

Almost four years.

Wow, really?

Last I heard,
you were moving to San Diego.

Yeah, I'm still there.

Can't say I miss
these Chicago winters.

Well, it was the Windy City
before you left,

but now it is the Polar Vortex.

Emily Foster.

- Sean Roman.
- Oh, yes.

This is my partner on 61
of almost two years.

And Sean's Chicago PD.

Was with the 21st
until, well...

Till an injury sidelined me,
and I moved to San Diego.

I get to wear shorts
year-round now.

But I do miss Chicago.
Oh, we miss you.

Here, come say hi to everybody.

Actually, Sylvie,
I'm not here to visit.

And I'm a little pressed
for time.

Oh, what's going on?

My little sister, Sarah.

She went missing last week.

And tonight her best friend
died of a drug overdose.

I heard you answered the call.

I need to know what happened.

So when did you last see her?

It's been a few weeks
over Facetime.

I don't make it back
to Chicago that much.

My folks said she left
for school last Thursday

and never came home.

You file
with Missing Persons?

Yeah, as soon as I got
to town three days ago,

but you know how it is
down there.

They're buried.

I can't sit around
and just wait by the phone.

I wouldn't be able to.

Sarah was always
a little wild.

You know,
tons of energy growing up.

She was a happy kid.

I guess she made
some new friends.

Been in and out of trouble.

Shoplifting, drinking.

Now she's gone missing,

and three of her friends

OD on fentanyl?

That doesn't mean
she's doing it too.

I hope not.

Intelligence is working
the ODs right now.

I know,
but I'm a civilian these days,

so Voight doesn't want me
tagging along.

Well, I was just over there.
They brought a guy in.

He might know your sister.

Travis Butler.

Star point guard
at Kaufmann High.

Spoke to him on the phone
a few days ago.

He's one of my sister's
new friends.

But he hasn't seen her
since last Thursday either.

Nobody has.

Did you say Kaufmann?

Is that where your sister
goes to school?

Yeah, she's a junior there.

My wife's a teacher there.


I was hoping to catch you
before work.

You know I can't leave
without my kiss.

- Favorite part of my day.
- Mm.

Now I can go.


What is it?

Three students
from your school

overdosed on opioids
last night.

- Oh.
- 51 took the call.

Fortunately, we were able
to save two of them,

but one girl, she, uh...

She didn't make it.



Brandi Powell was her name.

I didn't know her.

That poor girl and her family,
my God.

But... how does that happen?

Three overdoses all at once.

It's what they call
a hot batch.

Counterfeit pills.

That's our second
drug-related death

this semester.

There's more.

Sarah Roman.
That name ring a bell?

Yeah, mm-hmm.
She's a junior.

Why, is she one
of the three that overdosed?


But she's gone missing.

Her older brother
was a cop at 21st.

He's trying to track her down.

Apparently, she was
really good friends

with the girl
that died last night.

He seems to think
that her disappearance

is somehow connected.

With all that's going on...

I really hate to ask.

I'll talk with him.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Yeah, whatever I can do
to help.

It's gonna be a tough day.

It's crazy, you know?

A month ago,
I couldn't care less

about meeting my birth mom.

It wasn't even on my radar.

Now my whole life
is about to change.

It doesn't have to.

Nothing has to change
unless you want it to.

I guess that's true.

But I won't control the idea
of who she is anymore.

When I was little,
like six years old,

I had a bad case
of Disney princess fever.

And I was convinced

that my real parents
were British royals.


I knew it wasn't true.

It was just fun to pretend.

As I got older,

I guess I never looked
for my birth parents because,

A, I love my parents dearly,

and, B, I figured

the reality could never
live up to the fantasy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Now a good time?
- Yeah, come in, come in.

Everybody's in the auditorium.

We're sending the kids
home early today

after what happened, so...

Uh, Donna,
this is Sean Roman.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thanks for doing this.

Yeah, I just hope that we can
help you find your sister.

Uh, you should know
that we have Sarah

on academic probation.

She missed a lot of school
this semester.

And, uh, you know,
her record was

pretty clean up until then.

Oftentimes maybe something
happens at home

or they fall into
the wrong crowd.

Come on.

This is Sarah's friend.


Why don't you tell them
what you told me?

This isn't gonna get back
to him, right?

No, whatever you say
will stay between us, okay?

You can trust these men.

Is Sarah really in trouble?

She might be
unless we can find her.

She's been going out
with this old guy.

How old?

I don't know, like, 25.

Do you know his name?

Logan Peters.

I'm pretty sure
he used to go here.

Never graduated, though.
I pulled his file.

He was expelled for dealing.


You know how they met?
Here, I think.

He still hanging around?

In the parking lot
after school.

It's really sad, actually.

He's there most days.

He comes to, like,
all of our parties.

I mean, like,
get a life, right?

If I'm his age

and I'm still hanging out
with high schoolers...

So what now?

Sit on the parking lot?

Wait for this guy
to come back around?

School's out.
I don't feel like waiting.

So how do we find him?

I worked the beat
in this neighborhood.

I know who to ask.

Maybe loop in Intelligence?

Sounds like Logan could be
the dealer they're looking for.

I'll check it out first.
Get a read on the guy.

No use sending them
down the wrong trail,

having Voight come down on me
for sticking my nose in it.

And if he's dating
my 17-year-old sister,

we're gonna have words.

Hey, look.

Next stop won't be as friendly.

You're gonna need backup.

Can't hurt,
but you've done enough already.

I got a sister too.

Went through some hard times.

All right, then.

Let's do this.

Here it is.

Looks nice.


I'm going.

I'm doing this.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.


Um, hi, my...
My name is Sylvie Brett.

I'm looking for Julie?


I-I'm sorry.
I should have called first.

There's nobody here
by that name.

You must have
the wrong address.

Uh, isn't... isn't that
the same address, though?

I'm really sorry.

What happened?

she doesn't live here.


I thought she wrote
that address down recently.

So did I.

Maybe this is
the universe's way

of telling me
to leave it alone.

Let's just go.



Yeah, we're looking for Riz.
Tell him we know Cutty.

You can wait out here
if you want.

Nah, I'm good.

♪ Swerve like I'm drunk

♪ You know I need peso

♪ I go get it all and then


♪ I just want to spin it
like tornado ♪

♪ Not trying
to get in trouble ♪

♪ I'm just trying to bubble

So you know Cutty, huh?

Yeah, he's an old friend.

Then you should know
he's dead!

Why you coming to my crib

a dead man's name, huh?

I haven't seen him
in a while.

Well, you look like cops.

But they knew Cutty
got lit up on the corner.

Everyone did!

Everyone except you.

Look, we're not here
to do business.

We just have
a few questions for you.


What makes you think
I want to help

you two
Justin Timberlake-looking

undercover narcs, huh?

Does this look like
an information desk to you?

Do I look like a snitch?

Okay, I used to be a cop.
Not anymore.

And I knew Cutty from the beat.
That's it.


You heard me call that, right?

I knew they was five-oh.

Stay on the ground!

Stay down!
Stay down!

Don't move!
Stay on the ground.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Didn't have to go this way.

You know this guy?
His name's Logan Peters.

- No, man.
- Try again.


What the hell, man?

- You remember now?
- Yeah.

Yeah, white boy
working the schools.

Wannabe banger.

Yeah, well,
he's selling counterfeit oxy.

I ain't supplying him.

- Then who is?
- I don't know.

- Well, maybe you can remember!
- I know where he hangs out!

He's rolling with
the West-Seven crew.

They the ones that got Cutty.

Southside Hustlers?

They hang at the courts
on 15th and Fillmore.

He'll come around.

Let's go.

Stay down.

What's a guy like Logan doing
with the Southside Hustlers?

Could be an asylum seeker.

Gives up a percentage
for protection.

You're calling in
Voight now, right?

Or someone from gang unit?


Hey, man.
I get it.

Finding your sister's
your number one priority.

But we just got confirmation

that this guy
is a school dealer.

And he still could have
more of those pills.

We gotta call it in.

Last thing I want
is a bunch of cruisers

pulling up to those courts,
scaring the guy off

before I get a chance
to talk to him.

You said it yourself.

You're not a cop anymore.

No, but I'm Sarah's
big brother.

You don't have a badge
to back yourself up, man.

You can bow out anytime.
This isn't your crusade.

They got a jump on me in there.

Could have gone sideways fast
if I went in alone.

Still could.

I'll call it in after I get
a chance to talk to the guy.

So the guy there
didn't even know who she was?

I-I didn't ask.

whatever that weirdness was,

I don't want any part of it.

All right, I don't blame you.

Could she really be so careless

that she wrote down
the wrong address?

It was in the past.

Pretty deep.


I started feeling that little

flutter feeling in my chest

that I must have...
Must have felt

a hundred times
when I was a kid.

It happened every time
I let myself wonder.

The woman who had me,
gave me away...

what's she really like?

I'm so sorry, Sylvie.

Yeah, me too.

Just pick the dumbest thing
on Netflix

and hit play, okay?

You got it.

Come here.

Your visitor's here.

Think we found our guy.

Logan Peters.

Got three sources
put him at the party.

Halstead and Upton are out
looking for him right now.

Check the basketball courts
on 15th and Fillmore.

We got intel he's hanging
with the Southside Hustlers.

Roman said he'd call you
once he found the guy,

but he's... he's not
thinking straight.

I'm worried he's gonna
get himself killed.

Wait a second,
you talking about Sean Roman?

Kim's ex-partner?

What's he got to do
with this?

Well, this dirtbag's
dating his sister.

His missing sister?


What now?

He said you guys
were looking into it.

I've been with Roman all day
looking for her.

Sean's in Chicago?


We'll use in here.

I've been on those courts
all night.

Still no sign of Roman.

Yeah, well, he had
a few hours' jump on us.

He could've already
made contact with Logan.

He promised he'd call it in
once he did.

Yeah, he also lied to you
and didn't tell us he was here.

- Any trace on his phone?
- No.

Pulled the SIM.

So wherever he is,
he doesn't want to be found.

CPD has the resources
to locate his sister.

Do you have any idea why
he would go out of his way

to keep you in the dark
like this?


We haven't spoken in a while.

It's been a few years
since we broke up,

but we just...

We fell out of touch, so...
Hold on.

He could've picked up
the phone and called.

That's not on you.
I mean, look.

The guy... his sister's missing.
I feel for him.

I do.
It's awful.

It sucks,
but you know what else sucks?

Two more ODs came in last night
to Chicago Med

from counterfeit oxy.

And maybe it came
from this guy, Logan Peters.

And maybe Roman scares him off.

And he sells his stash
and disappears.

And then we gotta
start all over.

Bad oxy on the streets,
no solid leads.

I mean, it's...
What the hell?

You finished?


'Cause I can't blame Sean
for putting his family first.

I mean, let's do what we can
to help him.

So find this dealer.
Bring his ass in.

Maybe keep this
between us for now.

Copy that, boss.

Hi, excuse me.
I'm looking for Sylvie Brett?


I found some photos
of you online.

I knew you were beautiful,

but also smart,

and brave to do what you do.

Um, I went...
I went to your house.

I know.

I know, and I am so,
so sorry about that.

My husband, Scott,

he never knew I had a child.

I'd only just told him
about you

and the letter that I sent,

you know, wanting to meet.

He's still processing.

He felt terrible.

After you left,

he told me what he did
right away.

You're so young.

I was just 16
when you were born.

I wasn't ready to be a mother.

I figured somebody else
could do a much better job.

Seems like they have.

Oh, I'm so glad
that you're here.

Um, when I left your place,
I was...

confused, to say the least.

I don't blame you.

And, um...

I don't want to pile on,

but there's something else that
you should know, and it's, um...

It's getting a little hard
not to notice.


I know.
I never had other children.

I didn't think it was still
possible at 46, but...

here we are.

Engine 51, Truck 81.

Squad 3, Ambulance 61.
House fire.

I-I have to go.


Um, we would love to have you
back at the house.

If you'll give us
another chance.

You don't have to decide now.

Just know how much
I want you in our lives.

In whatever way works for you.

Looks like a basement unit
fully involved.

- Get back!
- Shots!

- Get back!
- Take cover!


Main, this is 51
requesting a ten-one.

Shots fired.

Copy that.




Roman! Hey.
Come on.

- He's still in there!
- Who?

Logan Peters,
the school dealer.

You shoot him?

No, that was him
shooting at me.

Is there anyone else
in there?

Yeah, but he's down.
I think he got hit.

I couldn't get to him
with all the smoke.

Hey. Hey, hey!
Where you going?

I'm going around the back.
He's still in there.

Hey, no, you're not!

Come here.

You're gonna get
looked at, okay?

You took on smoke.

Don't even think about
going back in there, okay?

- I'm fine.
- Don't think about leaving.

I mean it.
Let's check you out.

There's two people in there.

One down,
one armed and dangerous.

The way that smoke's rolling,

neither of them got much time.

I'm going in.

I'm going with you.

Where do you want us?

Out here.

We got an active shooter

Stay behind the rigs.

Hey, Cruz?

Stokes basket.
Be ready to move, okay?

Copy that, Lieutenant.

- Herrmann.
- Yeah.

Flake out a line but keep
clear until you get word.

All right, listen.
Watch your back in there, guys.


- Good?
- Yeah.

Fire Department.
Call out!

Hey! Look!


Fire Department!
Call out!

Fire Department!
Call out!

Hey, in here!

He's been shot!



We gotta move!
Come on!


All clear!

Cruz, get that stokes!

We're bringing one out!

Let's go!

Hey, guys.
Let's get him on the stretcher.

Got him.

Gunshot wound to the abdomen.
He's losing a lot of blood.

He's got a pneumothorax.
We gotta decompress.



What the hell are you doing?
I told you to stay put.

Bathroom window busted out.

Looks like he escaped
through there.

If you hadn't held me up,

maybe I would have
caught him in time.

And done what?
Held him at gunpoint?

Made a citizen's arrest?

He's the only lead I had
on my sister.

The only one!
Now he's gone.

What the hell
were you even doing here?

I sat on the courts
till Logan showed up.

I followed him here,
waiting for my sister

to come by,

when this kid breaks in,
holding a gas can.

Travis Butler.

His girlfriend is the one who
died from the counterfeit oxy.

I was with Ruzek and Atwater
when they brought him in.

Says he doesn't know
where she got the pills from.

Could be lying.

Yeah, he could've
figured it out too.

Came here for revenge.

I saw smoke coming out.

Called 911.

Then heard gunshots,
so I went to check it out.

You know the rest.

Well, if you hadn't
called it in,

Travis would've been
left for dead.

Here we go.