Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 14 - Shut It Down - full transcript

A series of mysterious gas leaks has members of Firehouse 51 puzzled and spread thin. Brett's conflicted when her birth mother gets serious about tracking her down. Severide misunderstands ...

My birth mother
is seeking contact.

Seems very intrusive.

If anyone can handle
this kind of bomb

dropped in her lap,
it's you.

What's this about?

We're just gonna
stay right here,

cozied up on that couch.

I don't want you to go
somewhere else

to be home anymore.

Will you move in?

You know what?

- I wanted to ask you something.
- Yeah.

I was thinking about
my wedding, and, uh...

Are you asking me
to be your best man?

- Would you?
- Hell yes.

Monogrammed napkins.
Monogrammed cutlery.

They can even put our initials
in the wedding cake.

What kind of cake?

That's another decision
we have to make.

Uh, no.

Chloe made this in order
to keep track of it all.


27 flavors to choose from.

I didn't even know that
there were 27 flavors!

Focus on the positive, Cruz.

Got a bachelor party
coming up, right?

Ugh, great, something else
I need to plan.

I hope they have
gluten-free options.

Gluten is poison.

I think I left my wallet
at home.

Did you not even hear Cruz
spinning out just now?

Yeah, weddings.

Kelly, you're his best man.
He needs your help.

Okay, as soon
as I find my wallet.

Okay, well...

You left it
on the kitchen counter.


Aren't you glad I moved in?

Yeah, I am.

There you go.

Oh, hey, have a seat.
We'll bring them to you.

Whoa, table service?

What's the occasion?

Just keeping active.

Violet got him a Fitbit.

Things getting serious?

She wants
an accurate step count

so she can try to beat me.

Wonder how many steps
I take every day.

Well, you should get yourself
one of these, Mouch.

I mean, the newer models,

they even track
your heart health,

your sleep patterns.

Yeah, and then is he gonna
start getting ads

for running shoes?

Or funeral homes?

- Herrmann.
- Yeah.

I just sent Clarence home
with a 102 fever.

Oh, yeah.
He did not look too good.

Hope it wasn't contagious.

Yeah, well, it's hard
to get a good floater

on such short notice.

Mouch, why don't you ride
with Engine today?

You got it, Chief.


Finally you Engine boys

will have some
adult supervision.

You do know how
to hump hose, right?

Spent my first five years
riding engine, Herrmann.

Yeah, heads up.

It's Lieutenant Herrmann.

Welcome aboard, buddy.

Engine 51, Truck 81,
Ambulance 61, gas leak.

232 West Rockwell Street.

- You the one who called it in?
- I smell gas inside,

but I don't know where
it's coming from.

Gallo, you got
the four gas meter?

- Got it right here, Captain.
- With me.

- Anybody else inside?
- I don't know...

Season 08 Episode 14

Episode Title : "Shut it Down"

Kidd, Gallo, on me!

Engine, cover us and protect
the other units!

- Copy that.
- Okay, you heard him!

Let's go!


You okay?

A little girl is in her room!

- Where?
- In back!

Gallo, Kidd, go!


I got her.

Come on.

Hey, together!

Fire department, call out!

I see her!

I got it.

All right.

Let's go!

Brett, Foster,

we got a victim.


Pulse is faint.

I hear stridor.
We need to tube her.

What does that mean?

- What does that mean?
- Hey, hey.

They're gonna take
care of her, okay?

They're the best
in the business.

Now tell me, hey,
what happened in there?

I, um, I don't know.

I... I was in the basement,
folding laundry.

And, uh,
and then I came upstairs,

and there was this smell...

- Well, you had...
- You had a gas leak.

But how?

How did this happen?

Let's load her up!

Okay, look, you're gonna
go with them, all right?

- Okay.
- Ready? Go.



Lucy, Mommy's here, okay?

Hang on, okay, sweetie?

Great work in there.

You all right?
I just-I can't...

I just...

It's nothing.

Let a doctor make that call.

We'll drop you off at Med.


Hey, come on.

I know.

- Renting or buying?
- Renting.

Mmm, that's a mistake.

How often am I gonna
need to wear a tuxedo?

They say dress
for the job you want.

I have the job I want.

Hey, Cruz.

I'm all over
the bachelor party,

so you can take
that off your list.

Yeah? Oh, perfect.
Thanks, Severide!

Hey, so, uh,
what's the plan?

Details to come.
Just waiting on a call.

Hey, Herrmann,
update on Clarence.

Turns out he's got mono.

He will be out of commission
for the next couple of weeks.

Oh, that's just great.

I've got Walker showing up
next shift for engine runouts.

It's the toughest evaluation
of the year,

and I'm a man down.

Well, you let me know
if you need help

finding a replacement.

- Yeah.
- Oh, hey, I, uh...

I know a guy over at 38.
I can see if he can cover.

What, Armstrong?
No way, no, no.

I had to throw that clown
out of Molly's.

Guy doesn't pay his tabs.

You know Gill
in the floater pool?

Best pump operator
in my academy class.

That scrawny kid
that you run around with?

He even shave yet?

No, I need...

I need a real firefighter.

Standing right here.


Did you see me stretching
hose last call?

You handled it, yeah.

Yeah, but these runouts,
they're brutal.

And Walker's a real
take-no-prisoner type.

Which is why you need me.

What the hell.
You know what?

You're in.

He's... yeah.
He's the... yeah.

Oh, man.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah.

I'm looking for Sylvie Brett.

- You found her.
- Hi, uh, Danny Russell.

I'm an adoption intermediary.

Oh, uh, hi.

I'm sorry.
I got your emails...

Hey, it's not problem at all.

When we didn't hear back,

we just figured
we had the wrong address,

so I was sent to reach out
in person.

Uh, and no pressure here, okay?

I'm just a messenger.

Oh, w-what is it?

It's from your birth mother.

Keep it bandaged for
the next few days as it heals.

- I'm cleared for duty?
- Mm-hmm.


How is she?

We're waiting on the doctor.

I worked your fire.
I'm Blake Gallo, Truck 81.

Thank you so much.

All of you guys.

I, uh...

I was using the stove
about 30 minutes before,

but I turned it off.

I know I turned it off.
I'm sure I did.

And unless I bumped
the knob when I was...

Or... maybe I...

- I don't know.
- Lorraine.

Don't do that to yourself.

Lucy has second
and third-degree burns

covering about 60% of her body.

And right now, we have her
in a medically-induced coma,

which allows us to give her
the treatment she needs

without her experiencing
any pain.


How long?

Burns this severe
come with a number

of very serious complications.

We're gonna do everything
we can to manage them,

but I do have to warn you.

It's gonna be an uphill battle.

You can go on in now,
if you like.


Finally got the full
runout requirements from HQ.

Dig in.

Little more
than you're used to?

This ain't my first rodeo.

Hey, Ritter, come on.

Give me a hand with the
equipment inventory.

All right.


How's the arm?

- Like I said, no big deal.
- Nice.

And, uh,
the little girl from the fire?

Uh, they, uh,
put her in a coma.

Because of the pain.


girl could've died.

You gave her a chance.



Not at all.
Come in.

The, uh,

the adoption intermediary
I've been ignoring?

He's really persistent.

What's that?

It's a letter
or something from her.

I think that's her handwriting.

You have to throw this
away for me.


Yeah, I... I tried,
and I... I can't do it.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I just...

I just want it gone.


Consider it done.

Thank you.

- What is this?
- Whoa.

Everything's changed.

Well, then tell Herrmann.

I can't tell Herrmann!

You gotta help me, Ritter.

Okay, look.

After shift,
clear your schedule.

Thank you.
This is...

I owe you big time, buddy.

No, you don't
owe me anything.

This will be great...

For both of us.

- Okay, all right.
- Yeah. I got your back.

Don't jump out at me like that.
Oh, got it, sorry, sorry.

We got a leak?

I don't know.

You checked those tires
at the top of shift.

Yeah, I figured
I'd just check them again.

All right.

Knock yourself out.

Hey, boys, you hear Gallo
got cooked this morning?

Welcome him to the club!

- Hey!
- Hey!

You're a real
firefighter now.


Hey, Herrmann,
show him your scar.

- Right, yeah.
- Yeah.

Shut up.
All right, look.

Back in '92, I pulled
a couple of newlyweds

out of a burning vehicle.

Cindy, she says
it kinda looks like Texas.

Burning embers
got caught up in my collar

at a boarding school fire
about six years ago.

Hey, Tony, show him your ears.

Always wear your hood, Gallo.

Where was yours?

Ha, nice try.

Only Kelly
gets to see that one.

Come on, show them the goods.

- Ouch.
- Ooh.

Well done.
Yeah, well, you lucked out.

If it had been your other arm,

you'd have to say good-bye
to Violet's Fitbit.

Excellent placement, Gallo.

Ladies are gonna
be able to see that

even if you don't
roll up your sleeves.

Yeah, I planned it like that.

Hey, Cruz.


Heard back from
my buddy Marcus.

He owns this great club
in the West Loop.

Said we can buy out
the whole place for a song.

You be there tomorrow at 5:00
for a walk-through?

Great, absolutely!


I really appreciate
what you did back there.

You know, boosting me up.


You were out of sorts.


That girl was seven years old.

So I guess, uh...

I guess I'm having trouble
getting her out of my head.

I get it.

I've learned that, uh,

when you catch
a really brutal call,

you know, the ones that
stay behind your eyes

when you close them at night...

That's when you gotta rely

on the firefighters
in your house.

We have a circle here
that never closes.

So you talk to whoever
you need to,

whenever you need to,

and we'll be there for you.

Because that's how it works.

Well, thanks.

I appreciate it.

That seven-year-old girl?

That's the same age
his sister was when she died.

Truck 81.

Squad 3.
Ambulance 61.

Persons down, unknown causes.
387 South Bishop.

Got one down.

Hey, Chief?

Could be another gas leak.

Levels are high, Chief.
Over 60.

Main, we're gonna need
the gas company down here.

We're gonna need backup,

Requesting an EMS Plan-one
and a level one hazmat.

Gas is too rich to ignite.

The moment we open
the place up,

those levels will drop fast.

Okay, Truck 81, Squad 3.
Two at a time.

Kidd, you monitor
the gas levels from out here,

and remember, anything below 15
and we are in trouble.

Okay, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Call out the readings, Kidd!

I got this one.

You're still good.


- Yup.
- Ready.

Got you.

- Get him.
- Copy.


I got you.

Respirations are 10.
Let's bag her.


Open the door, Kidd.


You take her,
I'll do a final sweep!

Copy that!
Let's get you out of here.

Come on.
I got you.

- Ready?
- Yup.

Okay, open the door, Kidd.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

Kidd, how we doing?

It's dropping fast.

Come on.
Come on.

- 18.
- Casey, get out of there!

Fire department!
Call out!

No, no, no, no!

I couldn't breathe.

Bad idea!


Okay, that's it.
Kidd, get clear.

Wait, wait, wait!

Here he comes.

All clear!

Okay, that's it.

Open it up.
Let's get the fans ready.

Open it all up.

So what do you got?

The salon only has
a water heater and furnace.

No leaks, no damage.

And to fill a space that big

with that much gas
that quickly?

I don't get it.

One of the victims said
she heard a hissing sound

- before she passed out.
- Hmm.

Must have been a big leak
for her to hear it.

Thing's ringing off the hook.

Been busier than normal?

One issue after another
for days.

Thank God for OT.

Two gas calls, hours apart,
same neighborhood.

Gas company tech can't
explain what happened here?

Something's not right.

Ah, got another one.

Two days ago, third shift
got a gas fire at a diner.

First shift responded
to a gas leak on Damen.

Chalked it up
to a bad connection

behind a clothes dryer.

Hey, Chief,
Delaney just got back to me.

He said Firehouse 20
has responded

to a bunch of gas-related
calls this week.

So it isn't just
our neighborhood.

that explosion this morning...

Do you think it's connected?

Yeah, I do.

They are all related.

They gotta be.

We need to know exactly
what we're dealing with here.

Reach out to every other house
in our district,

see how widespread
this problem is.

Go on.

Hey, um, any luck
with the gas company?

Got an emergency meeting
with the CEO.

- Hope you get some answers.
- Mmm, me too.

Um, hey, did you...

did you throw out
that envelope?

I had a feeling
you might change your mind.

Casey, you said
you would throw it out!

What... I didn't really think...

Get rid of it!


Thank you.

- You sure?
- Stop.

Of course I'm sure.

Come on, no looking back.

Any day now, Mouch.

Okay, okay.

All right.
Ah, no.

What now?

Look, you bend the folds

like this.

What's wrong with
the regular shoulder load?

Speed load's faster.
Right there in the name.

- Okay.
- Let's go!

Let's go, let's go!

Are you trying to load
that line or dance with it?

All right!
Yeah, that's closer.


How much we got left?

Mouch, we're on page two.

That's it?

We've only been at this
ten minutes.

This is never gonna work.
I can't do it.


You know, a wise man
once told me,

"Civilians panic.
Firefighters react."

I'm not panicking!

- Wait, the wise man was me.
- Yeah.

All right, fine.
All right, what's next?

Cincinnati roll!

All right.

An issue with
the gas company

is causing leaks
all over town,

including maybe
the one at your place.

Even if the oven was off?

It looks that way, yeah.

It wasn't your fault,
Mrs. Brewer.

Um, you know,

my little sister was really
attached to her blanket,

and I know Lucy lost
everything in the fire,

so, uh...

I got her this
for when she wakes up.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.


Thank you.


Hey, Severide,
uh, it's me, again.

Uh, yeah,
I guess I misunderstood you.

I thought you were gonna
meet me at Marcus' club,

uh, but anyway,
it's... it's fine.

I just, um...

I, uh...
I'll take the tour by myself.

I... I'll let you know
how it goes.

This is 46 gas-related

reported to the CFD
in the last six days.

It's everything
from small gas leaks

to an explosion that
nearly leveled a duplex.

And this is a higher volume
of gas-related incidents

than you're used to?

You know it is.

Your own field technicians
are working overtime.

There has been an uptick
of service calls.

What's causing it?

It's an overpressure issue.

Forcing gas
out of exit points...

Ovens, washing machines,
water heaters...

Whether or not
the valves are open.

Looks like these incidents

are happening along
the gas mains,

between two or three
different cutoff valves.

Then you need
to shut down those mains

and find the problem.

No, you're talking about
turning off the heat

to a few hundred thousand
families in the dead of winter!

No, we're talking about
saving lives.

That explosion nearly
killed a little girl.

She's in a coma.


We are in agreement about
the severity of the situation,

but if I turn off the heat,
that could kill people too.

We can track down
the problem while the system

is up and running,
but it'll take 48 hours.


Maybe 24,
depending on the manpower.

Whatever it takes.
Go. Go.

Found an extra
four gas meters in storage.

Figured we should
have some backup.

Yeah, smart.

- I called about this yesterday.
- How did the price go up that much?

I'm gonna keep one in
the cab so it's close at hand.

I thought the cake was
in the initial quote!

What's up with Cruz
these days?


Guy looks death in the eye
every day, doesn't blink.

Now he's freezing up
over cakes and tablecloths.

When can you get me
a new estimate?

He could be you one day.

A flavor upcharge?


Gas company called.

They were able to draw down
the pressure on those mains.

Is that going to
fix the problem?

Eh, first shift did catch

a couple of gas leaks
last night,

but nothing serious.

What is a flavor upcharge?

Maybe the worst is behind us.

Come on, man.
You gotta work with me here.

I heard you stopped by Med

to check on
the little girl again.

are you tracking my movements?

Hacked into your Fitbit.

Will Halstead
was at Molly's last night.


Well, yeah, uh...
She, um...

Lucy had her first surgery.

It went well.
Doctors are optimistic.

That's great news.

Still in a coma.

Hey, none of that, okay?

Focus on the positive,
all right?

And then when that
doesn't work,

you need to throw yourself
into the job.

Do you know how to fold
a fitted sheet?

- Yes, it's easy.
- Yeah, I...

- Not like this.
- Yeah.

What you do is you
first find the corners.

This nice line here, right?

Looks great.

Now you're gonna
put this corner...

One corner goes in the other

so that you get that
nice straight line.

Hey, you know what?

You throw yourself
into the job.

- Whoa.
- Yeah.


- Hey, Lieutenant.
- How'd things go with Marcus?

Oh, great spot.

sorry I couldn't make it,

but Marcus will hook you up.

Just give him the date,
tell him what you need.

Sure thing.

- You stood him up?
- What?

No, I was busy trying to keep
the city from exploding.

Cruz understands.

I found him a venue.

Kelly, when I said
Cruz needed your help,

I didn't mean that he needs
a party planner.

I meant he needs his best man.

Hey, Dad.
How are you?

Oh, yeah,
I guess it is a little...

A little early,
but I just wanted to say hi.

Is that Mom?

Well, put the phone on speaker
so I can talk to you both.

Hi, Mom.

No, I... I told Dad...
I know it's... I know it's early,

but I just wanted
to hear your voices

'cause I miss you.

Okay, what's new in Fowlerton?

Like, what's happening
in the front yard right now?

This is?

Uh, foam eductor switch.

And this?

Rear booster discharge valve.


Which lead out is better
for running

a charged line
down a narrow hallway?

Hallway loops.

I think you might be ready.

What have you got there?


I don't know any of it.

What happened?
You were fine yesterday.

I don't know!
Nerves, the yelling?

You've been spending
too much time with Herrmann.

- You can't cheat!
- What did I say about yelling?

You're gonna
get yourself fired!

If I mess this up,
we will all get fired.

- Give me the sheet.
- I won't give...

- No!
- I know what I'm doing!

Truck 81,
Squad 3, Engine 51,

Ambulance 61, gas explosion.

1518 East Paulina.


We got people trapped here,

Gas company
is ten minutes out,

but we can't wait that long
for them to shut off the mains.

We could cut in through the
back, but it'll take some time.

Hey, Chief.

Or we can put the sign over
the trench like a drawbridge.

It's thick enough...
It should hold up until

we get people across.

Okay, do it.

All right.
Hey, Squad, let's go!

Herrmann, stop these flames
from spreading.

Let's charge
a 2 1/2 fog line.

We can cover the victims
till the gas is shut off.

Okay, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Got it.
Straight in.

Stay calm.
We're coming to get you.

You'll be okay.

Severide, gas company says
there's a cutoff nearby.

Find it, shut it down.

Yeah, Cruz!

Hey, a saw
and shut-off kit, now.

All right.
One at a time.

I was just locking up
the store

and the whole thing
just exploded.

Anybody inside?

Capp, Tony.

- Yeah?
- Get her across.

Go, go.

This is it.

We'll attack the lock side.

Cruz, give me the K12.

- Wait.
- It's okay.

We'll take care of your friend.
Gallo, get her to safety.

Copy that, Captain.
Stay on me.

I got you.

That's it.
Keep going.

Kidd, can't move it
till we free her.


Cover her face.


How's that cutoff?

Yeah, we're working on it,

This thing is a beast!


We got you.

- Tony.
- I got her.

All right.

- Got her.
- She's clear.

Drop it.

Okay, get your legs.

- Got her.
- Go, go.

He's trapped.


Stay low!
We've almost got it!

Severide, we need
that gas cut off!

Casey's trapped!

Yeah, we found
the cutoff, Chief!

Cruz, valve wrench.

One more.

There we go.

Hey, Chief, we got it off.


Engine, knock down
those hot spots.

Okay, this time,
the problem really is fixed.

I promise.
Are you sure?


We thought we had
reduced the pressure,

but we were relying on a faulty
sensor in the regulator line.

That burst main helped us
pinpoint it.

And not a moment too soon.

Would've taken us
much longer to figure it out

if you and your men
hadn't flagged the problem

when you did.

And for that we get
a bottle of

mid-range bourbon?

It's a gesture.

There's no gift commensurate
with what you guys did.

You saved lives.

And we will never know
how many.

So thank you.

Thank you.


Well, if it's not
good enough for you...

I didn't say that.

Okay, time to put up
or shut up.

Should've let me keep
the cheat sheet.

Chief, how you doing?


Put this in your
glove compartment.

Wash that rig.


Walker was just dropping off
the vehicle registration.

Uh, my fault, fellas.

I guess I got my wires crossed.

Oh, well.

Wonder what's for lunch.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Look like you could use it.

Thanks, Lieutenant.

Talk to me, Cruz.
How's it going?

It's not supposed to be
like this, Chloe and me.

Every day it's decisions,
it's stress.

I... I can't remember
the last time we just had fun.

I... I feel like...

What if this is a mistake?

And what if getting married

just ruins everything
between us?

I mean, it could be a disaster.

Then don't get married.

Don't get married?

And just lose the best thing
that's ever happened to me?

A woman like her comes around
once in a lifetime.

It'd be crazy to let her go.

Sounds like you should
marry her, then.

Yo, this best man thing?

- You know what you're doing.
- Yeah.

I'm trying to tell Stella that.

Hey, Kidd,
can I get a G and T?

Oh, yeah.
I'm great at making those.

Hey, you hear from Gallo?

Thought he'd be here tonight.

I haven't seen him
since shift.

Yeah, I'm gonna be taking

a little extra
out of the till tonight.

What for?





I changed my mind.

- Oh, boy.
- I know.

I just...

I didn't want some stranger

ruining what I have
with my parents.

It's a silly thing
to worry about because

she can never come between us.

So if that's the case,

what am I so afraid of?

My point is,

can I have that envelope back?

You saw me get rid of it.

So you're telling me
that you didn't go back

and dig it out of the trash
as soon as I was gone?

Are you gonna
yell at me again if I did?

Uh, wait.

Stay with me while I open it?

Of course.


It's just a name
and an address.

My mother's name is Julie.

And she lives right here
in Illinois.


Hey, how's the arm?

You know, uh,
not bad.

Starting to itch.

Good sign.
Means it's healing.


Hey, Gallo, Lucy's gonna have
a long road to recovery.

You know, you don't need
to keep coming by.

I'll tell you what, anything
changes, I'll give you a call.

I... no, uh...
No need.

I'm gonna keep checking in.