Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Hold Our Ground - full transcript

Members of Firehouse 51 are dismayed to learn their boundaries have been redrawn to overlap with an adjacent station and problems quickly arise. Casey and Gallo hunt a missing piece of ...

Tell me these don't
look exactly the same.

I think one arsonist set both fires.

They both have the same contractor,

Jimmy Conrad,
who also has an arrest record.

We can celebrate when we nail this guy.

Kidd sees the way she was looking at you,

Seager's gonna get her ass kicked.

What do you mean?

Blowtorches? Flares?

Pyro central.

This guy was turning walls
into flash paper.

No sudden movements
unless you wanna see fireworks.

Where are you gonna go?
There's a dozen cops up there.

I said hold still.

Just put the flare down,
and let's walk out of here.





Conrad, call out!

- Conrad!
- Help me!

Just stay still
or you'll make things worse.

When I say "go" I want you to
move your leg from the shelf.

You hear?

Do it!


What's wrong?

The stairs. We're trapped.

What do we do?

All right, we're gonna make a run for it,

and hope you won't get us both killed.

- No, no, no, no.
- Ready?

On three. One.




Why'd you come back?

I'm a firefighter.

All right, let's go.

All right, well, I still believe in you.

Hey, you've got company.


Scared the hell out of me.

I'll give you two some space.

Kay, listen up.

I know you all have questions
about Lieutenant Severide,

but at this moment
I do not have any answers,

So let's just focus
on the shift ahead, shall we?

Okay, only one announcement today:

This morning I received
a phone call from headquarters.

They are revaluating deployment data.

As a result, they have decided
in their infinite wisdom

to make a slight adjustment
to our operational boundaries.


Starting today, there will be
a several block overlap

with the fine men and women
of Firehouse 20.

- Ah...
- Damn.

The official firehouse
of the "Sun-Times."

A bunch of glory hogs, every one of 'em.

Your opinion is duly noted.

- Ah, Kidd.
- Hi.

Severide's status?

Uh, he... minor smoke inhalation.

No serious wounds.
He was cleared for duty.

Uh, back to OFI, that is.

Appreciate the update.

Um, that's all for now.
You are all dismissed.

What was that?

The second the chief mentioned 20

you were about to jump out of your skin.

What do you mean?

I was just, uh, reacting
like everyone else.

Mm-mmm. That was different.


Okay, so, um...

the medic over there
is just the absolute worst.

We went through EMT training
together at the academy.

Bad attitude, super competitive,

always looking for
an opportunity to fight.

I tried to get along, but by the end,

I would've locked myself
in the academy smoke box

just to create distance between us.


You didn't hear that from me.

There you are.

Finish inventory?

Sorry, uh, I got... I got caught up.

Oh, well come on, I'll give you a hand.

I was thinking if we finish quick

- we can run and grab a smoothie.
- Yeah, yeah... okay.

Truck 81, Engine 51, Ambo 61.

Automobile accident,
3750 Milwaukee Avenue.

Street racers. Broad daylight.

You think they'd have sense enough

to scatter after the accident.

Sense is not their strong suit.

See the rims on that Viper, though?

Gallo, set up a perimeter
and wait for my orders.

You got it, Captain.

You two, check that mail truck.

- Copy that.
- Herman.

Get an extinguisher on this fire.

Copy that.

- Don't worry, ma'am.
- Hang tight.

We'll get you out.

Hey. Hey, you gotta move.

Hey, you gotta get outta here.

Hey, can you hear me in there?

You need to get me outta here.

- We're working on it.
- No, no, no, no, bro.

You don't understand.

You need to get me out of here right now.

Gallo, we got a critical situation!

- Give me the jaws!
- On my way.

Got a bottle of nitrous oxide
ready to blow any moment.

Hey, Artez!
Grab a hose line, open her up.

Ma'am? Can you hear me?


Strike. Strike.


This nitrous is ready to blow!

Yeah, we're almost there.

Gallo, be ready
to rip and run on my mark.

Yeah. Ready, Captain.


Stay back and take cover!

Time's up!

Go, now!


- Come on, get up.
- You three all right?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- All right, come on.

- Gallo?
- Take it easy, pal.

I've got my girls pulling up.
They'll take care of you.

- Thank you.
- Right this way, man.

Was a hell of a save, Captain.

Greg Delaney, Engine Captain of 20.

Matt Casey. Thanks for the assist.

What'd you expect? It's our specialty.

She's conscious. Barely breathing.

Severe trauma to the jaw.

- Okay, copy that.
- Yeah.

We got her.

Got it?

Too much trauma for oral intubation.

- Let's go nasotracheal.
- I can do it.

That's okay, I got it.

Right, but what I'm saying
is I have surgical expertise...

Foster, I know what I'm doing.

- Without fiberoptic support...
- Please, just give me the bag.

Take a breath.

There we go... we go.

All right, take a listen.

You're in.

All right, help me secure this tube.

Let's get her to med.

Hey, what are you doing?

Oh, well, that figures.

Gallo, I'm not sure if anyone's told you,

but you can't just yank
a victim out like a ragdoll

and collar them afterward.

Okay, hold on,
you didn't see what happened.

There was a can of nitrous oxide...

Prep some fentanyl for the
pain while I check his vitals.


Oh, I'm sorry, is there something that

you really need to get off
your chest right now,

or can I start treating my patient?

Well, she wasn't what I was expecting.

Really? What were you expecting?

I don't know. Someone scarier.

But she seems cool, and smart. And cute.

Dude. She's not cute.

Gallo, I'm gay, but I'm not blind.

- Hey, you have a thing for her?
- Okay, you're nuts.

Oh, you do. I see it.

A little flame,
right there above your heart.

I need to put these in the rig.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see you.

You can run, but you can't hide.

My guy.

Look at all this junk.

One person's junk

is another person's
private thoughts on paper.


This is a cash-for-gold ad.

Normal people don't use
the post office anymore.

I know it's... it's hard to imagine,

with your email and Facebook and Myspace,

but there's something
about the written word

that can't be replicated in electrons.


You're right.

I can't imagine it.

I'll hand it to you, Lieutenant,

you got a flare for the heroic.

You went well above the call of duty

to apprehend a professional arsonist.

While freeing an innocent man.

Just doing what I was assigned to do.

And in the process,
you broke, let's see...

one, two... I'll round up and say
a thousand standing orders,

maxed out your overtime for a year,

nearly got yourself killed,

to close a case that was already closed.

- Captain...
- Severide.

You are one of the most
gifted investigators

I've ever met, and you're fired.

Sir, I...

At least, that's what I plan
to tell the commissioner

when I speak to him this afternoon.

I'll ask you to be transferred
back to Squad 3

with all possible haste.

That ought to resolve any obligations

- you have to the man.
- I appreciate that.

Not as much as I do. Thanks again.

Now, go back to 51
and do what you do best.

So, what's the upshot?

Getting transferred back to 51.

Well, you got your reprieve.

Can't say I won't miss the help.

Well, as long as you're here,
OFI's in good hands.

Thanks, Kelly. Means a lot.

I'll see you around.


You know, don't be a stranger.

Just because you're back on squad

doesn't mean I won't
need help from time to time.

And besides, you'll miss us.

And you also strike me as a guy

who has a hard time
being tied down to one thing.

You've got my number.

Casey, we're missing the jaws.

Well, uh...

I 100% put 'em back.

Maybe the guys from Firehouse 20

thought we loaded theirs by mistake?

I'll make a call.

It's okay.

What's this?

Just some reorganizing.

Looks like a lot of reorganizing.

Yup, put up with this outdated system

for way too long.

If my attending physician
at Lakeshore saw 61,

he'd have a fit.

Um, I spoke to med.

They said the postal worker's
recovering well.

I know you were worried
about the intubation.

I didn't say I was worried.

Just said I had more experience.

Where'd you put the Narcan?

Top shelf, with the secured
meds where they belong.

No, Foster, that's not gonna work.


If someone's having an OD,

we don't have time to mess
with locked cabinets.

And if we're gonna change anything,

we gotta run it past
the other shifts first.

Would you mind, please,

putting things back the way they were?


Anything else, boss?


That's it. Thank you.

Something going on?

Look, sometimes,
command gets to people's heads.

That's all I'm gonna say.


What's that?

Must've stuck to my boot

when we were cleaning up
that postal truck.


What are these letters? FMH, TML,


Some kinda code?


Truck 81, Police Assist,
8617 South Wolcott.


- What happened here?
- Sorry about the call.

No fire, we just need
a pair of bolt cutters.

- Kidd, bolt cutters.
- Copy that, Captain.

- This a robbery?
- Yeah.

A group of scumbags rolled up
in a muscle car.

Knocked the old guy out,

busted open the cash machine
with some type of power tool.

Not sure what they used,

but it'd take a hell of a Mikita

to crack that thing open.

Or a rescue tool like our jaws.

Wanna take a look?


Just try and relax.

We'll get you free in a minute.

You got it?

I've never seen that before.

This the tool you're talking about?

That's it.

Don't suppose you recognize
our friend over here?

Never seen him before.

He must've been at the crash site.

That's where we last saw the jaws.

What's your assessment in
terms of getting our tool back?

Oh. None.

Excuse me?

No disrespect,

but the department's got
a lot higher priorities.

I know you do important work,
and you need your tool...

Someone could have died.

If we'd been called straight
to another incident and found...

I get it. I get it.

I'm on your side.
I'm just saying how it is.

These guys aren't criminal masterminds.

Eventually, they'll get cocky,
get caught,

and we'll get your property back to you.

We appreciate you taking the report.

Of course. Keep up the good work.

They beat up an old man.

They chained him to a bike rack
like a dog.

Did you put in
for a new replacement tool?

I did.

A good set of jaws runs 10 grand a pop.

The best the department
can provide for now

is an old decommissioned loaner
with a busted motor.

Even that'll take a few days
to get through processing.

I'll see what pressure
I can bring to bear,

but in the meantime, eyes forward.

I'm not saying Violet's not smart, okay?

She's super smart, and she's
really good at what she does,

and yeah, she always has
a bunch of guys circling her

who don't stand a chance
in hell, but that's...

You don't know her like I do, okay?

Well, explain.

She always used to flex in class.

Trying to one-up me, getting in my space,

smiling, like it was a challenge.

Ooh. See what I mean?

Ugh, definitely.


Oh, brother, you got it bad.

No, you guys aren't getting
what I'm saying.

She's the devil.

- Who's the devil?
- No one.

What'd the police say?

Confirmed what we thought.
They had security footage.

Said not to hold our breath
about getting the tool back.


I'm sorry, Captain. I feel responsible.

You're not. You did your job.

Get some rest. See you next shift.

You said they showed you a photo?

Just maybe there's
something else we can try.

The guy that took the tool

was probably with those street
racers on the scene, right?

That's the assumption.

Okay, I'm not naming any names,

but I have a few friends
that are big into custom cars.

They might have a line on the shop

that does racing modifications.

We could ask around.
See if anyone knows something.


Yes, I was wondering if you can help me.

I'm a fellow public servant
working out of Firehouse 51.

Anyway, we were at the scene
of an accident yesterday...

uh, one of your colleagues,

and I seem to have
inadvertently brought this

back to the station with me
on the sole of my boot.

Sir, I cannot accept this item from you

without an address or proper postage.

Right, but look here.

Someone already paid for the postage.

There's no address on this item.

But don't you have some
sort of dead letter office?

That is strictly for items

already within the postal system.

I cannot accept this item

from you without an address
and proper postage, sir.


You know what the problem is here?

That your item doesn't have
an address or proper postage?

No. No.

The problem is a chronic lack of respect

for written correspondence.

A-a-a dereliction
of the solemn vow you made,

that neither snow, nor rain,
nor gloom of night,

would stop you d-d... however it goes!


Owner's name is Cole. That's all I know.

Whoa. That's something, ain't it?

Eh, I don't know. It's too fast, too...

Excuse me. We don't do walk-ins.

Appointment only. Strictly by referral.

We're not customers.

Not sure if you heard about that accident

over on Milwaukee the other day.

That ATM being robbed around the corner.

I fix cars.

You got a question
about a suspension system,

maybe I can help you.

How 'bout a client?

- You a cop?
- Firefighter.

I see you've got a lot

of acetylene being improperly stored.

Might have to call headquarters.

Get an inspector down here ASAP.


The guy with the face tats.
He ever got any work done here?

Yeah, I recognize that truck.
Saw it at the scene yesterday.

You got a name? Address?


Does it look like I keep records?

Cash business, my friend.

He's been in a few times.

Lowered springs, tinted windows.

Beyond that...

I spend too many hours

pulling your customers
out of flaming wrecks.

Hey, I just do the mods.

What these kids do with 'em,
their business.

Keep telling yourself that.

Unbelievable. What did I tell ya?

Glory hogs, every single one of them.

Hermann, it's not like

they pick the cover of the daily paper.

Hey, don't kid yourself.

I bet these guys
got reporters on speed dial.

Look, I don't care about the press,

it's just that this was our incident,

and us not marking our
territory sets a bad precedent.

- Gentlemen!
- Hey, look who it is!

The princes of Engine 20!

You guys slummin' it down here
at Molly's?

Well, I figured
since we're working together

we should be drinking together.



I had no idea... they got my good side.

Fellas, first round's on me.

There you go, Captain. Just for you.

Standing order 12.


In the interest of preventing
any medical complications

from spinal injury, any patients with...

- This is the girl.
- An indication of neck trauma

require the administration
of a cervical collar

before transportation.

- You memorized that?
- You didn't?

Okay, Violet. Quiz me.

Standing order 89.

"A patient whose behavior

"suggests lack of cognitive capacity

can neither consent to nor refuse care."

Boom. SO-41.


of the crime scene or evidence

is to be avoided." Please.

That's really the best you've got?

I guess this is how overachievers flirt.

Hey, lady. Whatcha doing all alone?

I wanted to hang,

and now that I'm here,
feeling antisocial, I guess.

Is this about Foster?

Did you notice too?

Well, I noticed that
she's riled up about something.

That's all.

Hey, out of the blue,

she starts challenging
my authority as PIC,

going on about her med school experience.

I mean, it's really insulting.

I mean, I...

I'm trying to be accommodating,
but I have a limit.

Well, can you tell her that?


I gotta go. I'm not up for this tonight.

Um, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt something?

Sylvie. Sylvie.

God, if you have something
to say, say it to my face.

Will you stop acting so entitled?

You have been on my case since yesterday.

You had no business questioning
my medical ability

on that call.
I'm the Paramedic in Charge,

we had a patient's life on the line.

That's exactly why I spoke up.

I have the experience,
and a nasotracheal intubation...

Is a risky procedure,

but it's one that I have
personally performed

dozens of times in the field.

Okay, well, I couldn't have known that.

Emily, you didn't have to know that.

It wasn't your call to make.

You may think that your education

makes you a better paramedic than me,

but I earned my place as PIC

after years of experience in the field.

I chose this life.

It wasn't a backup plan.
It wasn't a consolation prize.

So if you don't respect that fact...

Maybe you need to see if some
other house will take you in,

because I am losing my patience fast.

It was ugly. Like, reality show ugly.

And then once Brett stormed out,

it kinda killed the vibe at Molly's

for the rest of the night... well...

I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Oh, my sweet, beautiful,

emotionally stunted man.

You got a text.

What's the thanks for?

Seager had a couple questions.

Some cases we didn't
have time to close out.

So this Seager is kind of
sticking around for a bit?

Maybe, if she needs help.

It's just work. I swear.

Totally. I get it.

Whatcha doin'?

Seeing if I can make sense of this code.

Find out who the letter belongs to.

Oh. No luck at the post office?

Oh, you mean the living monument

to the demise of public service.

Sorry I asked.

My... my dad used to travel for work,

and long distance calls
were expensive back then,

but we had these.

I still remember the way
he'd draw his R's,

the type of ink he'd use...

Even the smell
of his cigarettes on the page.

It was like he was in the room with me.


This is that for someone.

Can I see?


Why didn't I think of that?

Now... at least you know
where it belongs.


There he is! Return of the king!

Whoo, whoo!

- Hey!
- Whoo, whoo!


- I'm sorry, do I know you?
- All right, cut it out.

All right, just for that

let's start the day
by setting up a Denver drill.

I wanna see how sloppy
ya'll got while I've been gone.

I'll show you sloppy.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Of course. Why?

You've got your
"angst with Severide" face on.

I haven't seen that in a while.

All right, last year,

when all that business
with Tyler happened,

I gave Kelly a really hard time
about being jealous,

and now I'm getting a really bad hit...

From this OFI partner of his.

And I'm... I'm kind of in a corner,

because I can't do the same thing, right?

No. No, no, no.

No, both of you. With me.

Now. Come on.

You there.

I really don't want

to be getting
in the middle of your drama,

but I have to say my piece.

There are three women on this shift.

We need each other.

We can't be doing this.

So I am asking, for a minute,

set aside your own stuff,
and just hear each other out.

Because 51 needs you.

And I need you.


Truck 81, Engine 51, Ambo 61, Squad 3.

Structure fire, 1056 North Kedvale Ave.

Lieutenant, if you need any refreshers

on how to use the Halligan...

Keep talking, Capp.

I'll have you on
bathroom detail for the week.

Main to inbound units.

1056 North Kenvale,
we have a two-story greystone.

Visible flames
on the north and west windows.

- Juvenile victims trapped.
- We got kids.

Hey, men this is Engine 20.

We're here with Squad 1

Only about a block away from Kedvale.

We'd be happy to pick up that call.

Wow. Power move.

Don't you do it, Main.
Don't you even think...

Copy Engine 20. That'd be great.

Glory hogs!

Truck 81, Squad 3,
remaining inbound units,

return to quarters.

Cut the sirens. Party's over.

Copy that, main.

Turning orders.

Hey, Gallo. You see what I see?

That's him.

81 to main. Request police assistance.

Corner of Ashland and Lake.

We have eyes on a robbery suspect.

Sorry, repeat that. Truck 81?

Just send a patrol. Quick.

Copy that, 81.

Casey, is that him?

He's running. Go.

Main, we're in pursuit
of a red Chevy pickup

westbound on Lake.
Subject's wanted on suspicion

of grand larceny and aggravated assault.

51 to 81. We're on our way.

Maybe we can flank him
on a parallel street.

Hey, ditto for Squad 3.

Hermann, you go east, we'll go west.

- It's your call.
- Go for Ambo 61.

We'll race ahead and see if we
can cut him off in the front.

Copy that.

What's the plan if we catch him?

We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.

- Just be careful of bystanders.
- Copy that, Captain.

Squadster eastbound on Lake.

He's heading straight for us.

Watch out!

This is Truck 81. He got away.

He just cut north on Leavitt.
Hermann, can you box him in?

Nah, Captain, we're too far.
He's gonna blow right past us

before we get to that intersection.

We're about to be at Leavitt,
you know we can...

There he is. Quick!

Call it in. Call it in.

61 to 81, we've got a visual.

Heading northbound on to Leavitt.

That's it. He's trapped.

He can't be serious.

Hold our ground.

Oh, hell, yeah, I'm holding our ground.

All units, we're at
the dead end on Leavitt.

He's cornered but it looks like
he wants to rush us.

Oh, pickles.

Nice job, ladies.

- Pickles?
- I don't know!

It just came out.

- Shut up.
- Okay.

Whose tools?

Our tools!

That's right!

- It was all you.
- Brilliant.

Am I gonna want to know the details

of about how you got those back?

Nah, you've got enough on your plate.

You can cancel that equipment rack.

Enough said.


I owe you an apology.

Talk to me.

My graduating class
at Northwestern med school

had a mini-reunion and...

just saw some photos online.

Which got me thinking
about the road not taken.

I've been overcompensating.

You don't have to.

Foster, you kick ass at this job.

I'm sure you'd kick ass as a doctor too,

but your life is your choice.

Don't let some photos online
get in your head.

I hear you.


Uh, hi, I'm real sorry to bother you.

I'm looking for a Debra Wyatt.

What's this about?

I, uh, I have something
I think belongs to you.

I ended up with it by accident.

I just wanted to make sure
it reached its destination.

Where did you find this?

Well, I'm a firefighter.

We responded to an accident.
A collision with a mail truck.

Stuck to my boot, if you can believe it.

Bit of an ordeal trying to
figure out where it belongs,

but I understand what it means.

Something like that. How rare it is.

No, you don't.


My husband wrote this
from Kunduz Province.

Uh, he must've sent it just before he...

Oh, ma'am, I am so sorry.

I can't even tell you what this means.

Well, I would've brought it sooner,

but the address was gone.

I tried to decipher the letters
on the back looking for a clue.

- These?
- Yeah, I never did crack it.

It's, um, "From my heart, to my
love, to my home, to my life."

I don't know what to say.

This'll sound strange, but...

It's like you brought him home.

I can't thank you enough.

It's not strange.

Not strange at all.

Oh, so Morris over there,
he gets up there,

he kicks a door down,
and guess what he finds?


Little girls about four years old.

Channel 9 news got a shot
of him coming out the front.

He had a kid under each arm.

That was a hell of a fire.

You guys missed out.

How much do I owe you?

Six bucks.

I thought it was three.

Well, there's an extra tax
for local celebrities.


I'll be right back.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Heard about your "Dukes
of Hazzard" act yesterday.

Think I might get why you miss
being on the front lines.

Yeah, it's not all fun and car chases.

Every once and a while we fight a fire.

Look, I know it's not quite
as exciting as all that,

but I pulled another case

I think would be right up your alley.

Distillery, out near the port of Chicago.

They're claiming industrial espionage.


You know headquarters
detailed some extra staff

to OFI to help lighten
the load, but frankly...

they don't have your eyes.

Thought maybe you and I
could grab lunch tomorrow?

Just to talk it through.

Listen, I...

I appreciate you keeping me in mind,

but I need to put my focus
back where it belongs.

Squad 3, House 51.

Sort of keep myself
tied down to one thing.

Hear you loud and clear.

Lieutenant, take care of yourself.

- Be safe.
- You too.

Hermann would probably let me
sneak out early if you want.

Just the two of us.

I'd love that.


Oh, my God, I am so sorry.

Aren't firefighters
supposed to be all about

situational awareness?

Aren't paramedics supposed to be about

comforting bedside manners?


Um, what are you doing?

- Helping.
- No.

You're not. I'm good.


So, I see you're still walking around

with that swagger of yours.

- Swagger?
- Mm-hmm.

What about you in
the academy gym every morning

trying to outdo half the guys
without breaking a sweat?

You were watching me?


Okay, before we go any further,

we agree this is a onetime thing...

Please stop saying
stupid things and kiss me.