Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Episode #7.5 - full transcript

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

What are you doing, Barnes?

I'm about to lose it on this guy.

Go do what you got to do.

I am transferring you out of 51.

Now I'm a man down.

I can help with that.


Yeah, I'm in.

Welcome to 51, Ritter.

This is Tyler.

This is my best friend from high school.

What is this with you and Tyler?

You didn't even try to get to know him.

He's in love with you.

I'm right about this.

Oh, wow, you're in a hurry to
get to work.

Yeah, Herrmann asked me to get in early.

He's in a panic about some Molly's thing.

Herrmann's always in a panic.

Hey, you and Severide weren't
at the bar last night.

What's up?

We haven't hung out the last few nights.

Why not?

He got weird about my friend Tyler,

and then I got weird
because I didn't like that,

jealousy being my least
favorite quality in a man.

Oh, I hear you.
Well, it's just a blip, right?

You guys'll get past all that.

I think so.

God, I hope so.

- Stella.
- Yeah?

I have known Severide
for a long time now.

I've never seen him act
the way he does with you.

- Never?
- Never.

Stella Kidd,

as your landlord and your boss,
I'm warning you.

You better get inside right now

or you're gonna end up homeless
and on the go.

One of those little airbags,
but they're, like, 200 bucks.

Richie from first shift said

they must have left it on a call.

Okay, I'll report it,
but we got to be more careful.

All right. At least Gorsch
isn't around to hear about it.

Think Grissom'll finally decide
to take the boot of our necks?

I highly doubt it.

Can I help you find something?

Just trying to see what
I missed while I was gone.

I had to accompany the Commissioner

to a first responder's
summit in San Diego last week.

He has concerns about
the situation in 51.

Which is what exactly?

Well, I'm starting to suspect

that it's a failure
of leadership, Wallace.

I see here that Lieutenant Herrmann

in his very first shift running a company

bounced a long-term member of engine 51.

Why wasn't I consulted about that?

Company-level personnel
decisions don't typically

require approval
from the commissioner's office.

Maybe you should worry less
about what's typically required

and start asking yourself why

Commissioner Grissom's faith
in your firehouse

continues to deteriorate.

It's worse than I thought.

Need any help there?

Well, for two months in a row now

profits at Molly's have been sinking.

Well, now that you mention that

it has been a little quieter lately.

All right, I got some theories about

why we're bleeding money.

You get real generous with the pours

when you think that I'm not watching.

And you.

You keep telling all the customers

how great Molly's North is.

There's no way that's
affecting the bottom line.

It's gotta be something else.

Well, your Yelp rating isn't helping.

- What?
- Yeah.

I was surfing for
a good date spot last week,

saw Molly's Yelp page.

Man, that first one, ouch.

- Bring the page up now.
- It can't be that bad.

What's not to like about Molly's?

"Bottom line this bar should
be torn down."

Oh, jeeze.

"From the ho-hum decor
and tired cocktails..."

There's nothing tired about
my 7&7. I use ginger ale.

"To the slovenly and often
intoxicated crowd of regulars,"

There may be a little truth
to that review,

but you should come by tomorrow night.

"This place is long past it's
expiration date.

My advice, find another bar.
Any other bar."

What kind of human being
would write a review like that?

Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3...

I've been saying this for a long time.

No good comes out of the internet.

4900, East 100...

- Anyone inside?
- I don't know,

but it's spreading real fast.

Hey, fire department! Call out!

See if you can find another way in.



Fire department. Anyone in there?

Help me!

Chief, I got at least one
victim down here.

The fire's between her and the door.

Need to get a line there, Herrmann.

We open that front door

we're gonna oxygenate the fire, Chief.

I think we'll kill her instantly.

Ritter, take this.

Gimme a 6-inch hole right about
here, all right?

We'll make the line fit through there.

We'll buy you some time.

Hey, give me that cross length!

Severide, get ready to make a new door.

Cruz, grab a K12 and a pike pole.

Copy that.

Ma'am, hold on! We're gonna get you out.

How's this?

Good. Perfect. Let me in there.


Whenever you're ready.

Now, let's do it!

Hello? Can you hear me?

- I've got a pulse.
- Her airwave's burned.

We need to intubate
before it swells shut.

I'll call ahead to med. Let's go, guys.

- Think she'll make it?
- Maybe.

Don't dwell on it, all right.

You gave 100% out there.
That's all we can do.


Hey, go grab yourself a fresh air bottle

before you forget.

Hey, Otis, listen.

We got to keep this Yelping twit

from taking food out of my kids' mouths.

How do we get his review taken down?

I don't think we can.

He hasn't violated any guidelines,

but I'm gonna post
a response to this troll

that's gonna reduce him to tears.

What's that gonna accomplish?

It'll reduce him to tears.

What happened here?

Who's bunker pants are these?

Oh, those are mine.

My bad.

I meant to straighten them up,
but, you know.

No, I don't know. What's your name?

Darren Ritter, sir.

Oh, right, you're the new guy.

Hey, he just took his pants
off a minute ago.

He would have got to them.

And that's good enough for you?

I tell you what's good enough for me.

A smoke eater I can count on.

We just made a grab of an injured victim

over at the fire,

and when I gave this kid a direct order,

he got it done.

So if this victim survives...

it'll be because of him.

I'm gonna need you to
write him up for the pants.

Damn, lieutenant, I'm sorry about that.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Don't sweat it, Ritter.

This has nothing to do with you.

I-I don't get it. I mean...

what is Grissom accomplishing

by sending his toady in to
nitpick everything that we do?

This isn't about Ritter's bunker pants.

Grissom installed Gorsch here
at 51 to harass Boden,

provoke him, try to get him to snap

and do something stupid.

So Grissom'll have
the grounds to dismiss him.

Well, it's a pretty dumb plan.

Boden's a rock.

He'll outlast Gorsch no problem.

But the rest of us have
to outlast him too.

You start squaring off against
Gorsch like you did out there,

that puts more pressure on the chief.

Casey's right, we're all just
gonna have to suck it up

and take whatever Gorsch dishes out.

Captain Casey, you have a visitor.

I'm Matt Casey. Were you looking for me?

Yes, hi. My name is Naomi Graham.

I'm a reporter and
I heard your company responded

to the Harris Trailer Park fire
this morning.

- That's right.
- Where a woman was injured?


Do you know... how did the fire start?

It was in the kitchen.
Seemed to be a stove fire.

What's wrong?

Captain Casey, innocent
people are being killed

and you might be the only
person who can help me stop it.

I write investigative pieces
on a wide range of topics.

But this one hits close to home.

Little over a year ago, there was fire in

a trailer park near
my mom's home in Janesville.

I knew some of the families
who lived there.

One, the Hoyts,

had a 10-year-old with cerebral palsy.

- He didn't make it out of there.
- I'm sorry.

That one started in the kitchen too.

Fire department called it an accident.

I didn't question at the time,
had no reason to,

but, being a reporter,

I read tons of local papers
from across the country,

and I started to notice something.

Trailer fires, seven of them
over the course of the year,

across Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois.

Seven doesn't seem like
a lot over such a wide area.

Trailer fires are as common
as any home fire

and the kitchen is the most
likely point of origin.

Yes, but these all happen

in the same exact make and model trailer

from a builder called Grandbrook.

I've heard the name.

These fires have been so destructive

there's not enough evidence
to determine cause,

and because they all start
in the kitchen there hasn't

been reason to suspect
anything more than an accident,

but there's something wrong.

Same exact make, same type of fire,

and the company refuses to even
have a conversation with me.

Why aren't they concerned?

I don't know. There are plenty of reasons

they wouldn't want to talk to a reporter.

No offense.

None taken.

I'm proud to be called a pain in the ass,

and I'm not gonna let this go.

I'd like to take a look inside
the trailer from this morning.

Is that something you can help me with?

I'll see what I can do.

Herrmann's really stressed about it,

so, you know, the more of us

that we can get to Molly's the better.

I'm happy to go.


Hey, it feels like we haven't

seen enough of each other
these past couple weeks.

So what do you say we sneak out early?

Yeah, sounds good.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'll gonna give you a call
as soon as we get off shift.

Great. My cell number's on here,

and thank you, Matt.

Happy to help.

What was that about?

She's a journalist.

Had some questions about
the trailer park fire

we responded to this morning.

So refer her to the public
relations department.

It's not a PR issue.

It's a public safety concern.
She thinks the...

Captain, I said send her
to Chief Huffhines.

Let him handle it.

What's her interest in that fire?

Just some theories she's got.

I don't want to cross Gorsch.

I can tell her to go through Huffhines.

What's the theory?

She's noticed a pattern of trailer fires,

thinks ours might fit the profile.

She wants me to show her around
the scene,

but I can back out of it...

No, you go ahead.

Won't he give us grief?

Maybe. It's the right the thing to do,

so that's how we're gonna proceed.

Anyway, he is not the real problem here.

Grissom is.

And I think it's time

I went to see our commissioner
and try to patch things up.

You know, bend the knee, kiss the ring.

You think Grissom will respond to that?

Maybe, but...

I'm not sure you can stomach it.


Let me worry about that.

Hey, the angry Yelper responded.

"Sorry, buddy, but Molly's is done.

"Little things like snacks at the bar

"or getting the latest three
Floyd's on tap

"doesn't change that.

You've got to overhaul
the whole kit and caboodle."

What are you so happy about?
He just slammed us again.

We just got that three
Floyd's on tap the other night.

He's still coming to the bar.
We can sniff him out.

Yeah, first clue, kit and caboodle,

so he's no spring chicken.

If this guy doesn't like the place

why does he keep coming back?

He's a hater. Plain and simple.

It's like those guys that go see

every superhero movie
and then they shred them.

Okay, hypothetically
speaking, he comes back.

We figure out who it is. Then what?

- We kick him out.
- Well, that'll show him.

Maybe you can convince him
to write a good review.

Or pay him to.

I'm not spending a dime.

You love my crummy bar or
you get your ass to the curb.

That's the right attitude for a bar.

Aw, don't listen to him.
It's a really fun place.

Sounds like I should have

brought my date there last week.

I might have had a better ending.

- What happened?
- I got dumped.

Ghosted, actually.
Can't even get a call back.

I hate it when people don't have

the common decency to make a phone call.

Me too. The night ended up okay though.

Called the hottest hook-up on my contacts

and we went to every
whiskey bar in Chicago.

Battalion Chief Wallace Boden.

I was hoping to get a moment
with Commissioner Grissom.

The earliest I can fit you in...

looks like...

week after Thanksgiving.

I don't really need much of his time.

I thought I could just wait,

you know, till he has a second.

He's in back to back meetings
this afternoon.

I can let him know you're here...

Thank you.

I'll just...

Thank you.

It's probably why I do what I do.

Growing up an army brat
you get that wanderlust.

I love the constant travel.

Where's this piece gonna be published?


unless I can come up
with some hard evidence.

It's a tough one.

Authorities haven't been able
to find any wrong-doing

and I haven't been able to examine
any of the fire scenes myself.

It's why I've been so eager
to get a look at this one.

Plus, it involves another fatality
so the stakes are pretty high.

She died?

Yeah, the woman you pulled out.

I'm sorry. I assumed you already knew.

We don't always hear what
happens after our part is done.

Must be hard to get bad news like that.

Trailer's right here.

Nobody told me about any
Office of Fire Investigation

or that I needed to keep
the trailer on site.

At the time, we had no reason
to be suspicious

of the fire's origins, but now we do.

So we need to find out where
that trailer went.

This is all I got.

It shows they got a lien on the trailer,

so why would I keep them
from hauling it away?

The thing was destroyed.

GBR Holdings, LLC.

I'll bet you 100 bucks that's
a Grandbrook subsidiary.

A shell company so they can
hide their tracks.

Without the trailer, OFI
can't rule out a stove fire.

Why would a stove fire cause
an explosion?

- You heard an explosion?
- Yeah, a bunch of us did.

It was like a loud pop and then
the thing went up like a torch.

- What would cause that?
- I don't know.

Are there any other trailers
of that type around here?

What's the model number?

The Grandbrook S11 single-wide.

Sure, we got a bunch of 'em.
There's one right there.

I'm gonna take a look inside.

See if I can reverse engineer
what happened.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

In my experience, people don't like it

when journalists
just show up at their door.


Sir, my name's Matt Casey,

I'm one of the firefighters who
responded to the fire

at your neighbor's home yesterday.

Oh, yeah.

Poor Cathy, and I heard what
happened to her.

It's just awful.

We're trying to figure out
how the fire started.

Do you mind if we come inside?


Course not, no. Please.

Should bring you with me more often.

This is gas absorption refrigerator.

What does that mean?

It uses heat to drive
the cooling process.

They're pretty common
in trailers, boats, RVs.

You know if Cathy had the same fridge?

I assume so. It comes built in.

She had the same kitchen layout, right?

Up next to the fridge.

Yeah, they'll all pretty much identical.

I want try an experiment,

but I'd need this exact model
of refrigerator.

Terry, how much do you want
for your fridge?



Is commissioner gonna see me or not?

I'm sorry, he left a few minutes ago.

Dinner with the mayor.

He went out the back way.

Oh, I can see how this is gonna work.

Would you like to make an appointment?

No... thanks.

Your mission, should you choose...

Find out who the Yelper is.

We're looking for a possible regular,

50 years old or up. We know.

I'm not sure I'm gonna be
very good at this.

If we find him, do we win a free beer?

You win Molly's not shutting down

is what you win. Now, go.

You know, it's a miracle you
have any friends at all.

I might be a little on edge.

Things are going south at 51,
this place is falling apart.

I sunk a lot into Molly's,
and I'm not just talking money.

I don't want to lose this place.

Just don't scare our customers, okay?

Okay. All right.

All right.

I seen you here a lot.

I come by when I can. Why?

You ever use Yelp?

Sure. Found my carpet cleaners that way.

Hey, I need a good carpet cleaner.

This girl that I'm seeing, Chloe,

she's got this dog, just destroys rugs.

His name's Rizzo.
Funny thing, I assumed that

he was named after the Cubs player.

Turns out he's actually named
after the character in "Grease".

That's 'cause Chloe's into musicals.

She's very, very creative.

Wow, great table. Perfect view of the TV.

You come here often?

Once in a while. How about you?

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

Was just wondering
if you guys are into Yelp.

What is that supposed to mean?

Never mind, I'm really
looking for someone older.

Severide, did you write that
lousy review of Molly's online?

- Course not.
- My job here is done.

What, that's it? You're out?

Yep, time to join Ritter at the bar.

Oh, he came, that's so great.
I wish Foster would.

I think she can really use a night out.

I invited Ritter.

Oh, well, I didn't
specifically ask Foster.

I'm sure she knows I would be
glad to see her,

or maybe she doesn't.

- Hey, Chief.
- Hey.

You okay?

I'll feel better when I've had a drink.

- There you go, Chief.
- Thanks.

What happened?

Gorsch isn't going anywhere.

He's dug in and he's coming for us.

What's the mini fridge?
You moving into a college dorm?

Hope you don't mind.

Dropped your name over at the academy.

Let me use the training area
to run a few tests.

- Is it about the trailer fire?
- Yeah, why?

Boden never got to talk to Grissom.

Couldn't get past the lobby.

Wallace, I just learned that Casey

is working with that reporter after all,

despite my direct order to stand down.

Deputy Gorsch, would you mind
closing the door?

You know how I feel about closed doors.


Then I will say this for
the whole world to hear.

Jerry, Assistant Deputy
Commissioner Gorsch,

if Grissom wants you to park it
here in my firehouse

just waiting to catch us in a mistake,

I can't do anything about that.

But this is still my firehouse.

These people answer to me.

You start telling people what to do

you disrupt the chain of command

opening the door to chaos and confusion

in a job where there are lives
on the line...

And I will not let that happen.

You know, Wallace, things
don't need to be so difficult.

There's a very simple way for
you to get out of this mess.

Relinquish your command of 51.

Step down and take
an administrative post.

You'll keep your rank,
your salary, you pension...

And do what?

Ride a desk all the way to my retirement?

You'll be performing important work with

the new CFD Efficiency Task
Force, which I am overseeing.

You will report directly to me.

You have no cause
to strip me of my command.

I'm making you an offer.
If you don't take it,

I'll just keeping looking
over your shoulder

until you give me cause.

You remember what you wrote in
my review all those years ago?

I do. Every word.

"Candidate Gorsch shows a keen
interest in the fire service,

but I'm afraid his talents
lie elsewhere."

You were right, Wallace,
I wasn't much of a firefighter,

but turns out I'm very good

at giving the Commissioner what he wants.

Guys, Boden is tearing Gorsch a new one.

- It is ugly in there.
- What's going on?

All started out with that reporter,

the one you were supposed
to take to the PR office,

and then they just started
going at each other.

Threats are flying. It's crazy in there.

This is on me.

I should have done a better job
at keeping it under the radar.

Boden gave you the go ahead.
He's the chief.

- For now.
- Okay, what are we gonna do?

Maybe if I talk to Gorsch about it?

You saw what happened when I tried that.

We need to get to Grissom.

Well, didn't Boden try that already?

Boden not close with the commissioner...

but Benny is.

You wanna ask your dad for help?

He's the one person

who might be able
to get through to Grissom.

I thought things weren't too
good with you guys.

They're not, but it's nothing new.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Anyone have a better one?

Ambulance 61, injured
person, O'Hare Airport.

They're in the TSA office.

Well, what's going on, do you know?

Not really. I mean,
I saw something on her,

but I'm not sure what I saw was right,

- if you know what I mean.
- I don't think I do.

She was on her way back from Russia.

I mean, guess it started on the plane,

and customs stopped her

because you can't bring that here.

Careful there.

- Are you hurt ma'am.
- It's right here, please.

Did you get knocked in the face?



Okay, so it's moving.

When did this start happening, ma'am?

It was swollen yesterday.
I thought it was

an allergic reaction from
my mosquito bites,

but once we got in the air
it started moving.

She's coming from St. Petersburg.

Said she spent some time in
a cabin outside the city.

It used to be down here.

So it's migrating to your nose?

I guess so.

Okay, we need to get you to the hospital.

That's a living creature in there.

She needs to be quarantined.
She can't leave.

We need to get her to an operating room

so surgeons can remove and isolate it.

It's moving again, please!

All right, ice may be able
to immobilize it.

Least give us enough time
to get to the hospital.

We've got to go now.

Okay. Okay, but I'm coming with you.

I need to make sure that things
properly disposed of.

We'll get you to the hospital

and the doctor's will remove
it right away.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I'll help you up.

So what's the deal with
Severide and his dad?

Benny's a retired CFD Battalion Chief.

Larger than life.

Him and Severide is
one complicated relationship.

I hear that.

Hey, how'd it go?

They got the parasite out, destroyed it.

She's doing fine.

The thing was a lot longer
than I expected.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

What? What's wrong?

The... the date that didn't call back.

Well, you're not the one who should hide.

Hey, excuse me.
You know, it is not that hard

to man up and make a phone call.

That is the respectful thing to do

and you know what else?
She is way too good for you.

I'm not sure I...

- do we know each other?
- No, we don't.

He's not the date.

She is.



It's the thought that counts. Thank you.


Heard you had a little dust up.
Everything okay?

I don't know.

Gorsch is set on ruining me

with Grissom's blessing.

My only options are fight
him with all that I got

making our lives a whole lot
harder, or...

I just let him win.

It's like you said, Chief.

If it's the right thing to do,

that's how we proceed.

Can't see how letting them win
is the right thing.


This thing with your dad.

I'm gonna stop by his place,
try and talk to him.

I get why you want to do
this, but I care about you

so I just have to point out

that things don't normally go well

- when you ask him for things.
- I know that.

You come away from it in pain.

I used to.

Well, you think it's different now?

You haven't talked to him since

that fight that you had months ago.

I guess we'll see.


I love you.

You know that?

I love you too.

Okay, you recording?


So talk me through this.
What are we doing?

We are trying to recreate the conditions

inside the kitchen
of a Grandbrook trailer.

See if we can get this
refrigerator to fail.

What's your theory?

A gas absorption fridge

runs on hydrogen and ammonia,

but this third-rate appliance

has no heat shielding around the tank.

And then the geniuses at Grandbrook

install it right next to a stove.

If the tank heats up enough
it gets overpressured,

which triggers the blowoff valve,

releasing a volatile mixture
of fuel and oxidizer

right next to the hot stove.


I never would have
figured that out on my own.

I don't know how to thank you
for all you're doing.

You were right.

Now you have your proof.

Need to talk to you.

Then you better come in.

Last time I saw you

you were calling me a scared old man.

Then you ignored me for six months.

- Now you want my help.
- That's right.

- Nerves of steel.
- Runs in the blood.

Well, I know all about

the friction between Boden
and Commissioner Grissom.

So you needs he trying
to beat Boden down,

strip him of his command.


your holier-than-thou chief
brought this on himself.

Tried to undercut
the rising commissioner.

What'd he think was gonna happen?

A handshake and a promotion?


I don't ask you for much.

'Kay, Dad, I'm asking you to help Boden.

Why would I do that?

Because Boden's the only
reason I'm still around.

He's the only one who always had my back.

I had your back too, Kelly.

Might not have been ways you
always wanted,

but I've been here.

Is that the way you see it?

'Cause from my end you were MIA plenty.

Especially when things got tough.

Boden was the only one who
picked me back up.

- Father you never had, huh?
- That's right.

Look, Pop, I didn't come here to fight.

I just came to ask for
your help. That's all.

I don't know there's much I can do.

I think that

the threshold might have been
crossed on this one...


I'll think it over.

I'd appreciate that.

Goodbye, Kelly.

Bye, Pop.

In Captain Casey's estimation
it's surprising

more of Grandbrook's trailers
haven't burned down.

"They need to stop using
these types of refrigerators

"and they need to repair
or retrofit every trailer

"they've sold to reduce the risk of fire.

A refusal to do so is
tantamount to murder."

You are a great interview, Matt.

I'm just telling the truth.

But you actually care about this.

You'd be surprised how rare that is.

This article is gonna make waves, Naomi.

Cause a whole lot of trouble
for Grandbrook.

That's the idea.

I just hope your involvement

doesn't cause trouble for your chief.

The story'll save lives.

That's what he cares about.


The New York Times Magazine is


So what now?

I just have to proof the draft

and get it to them by tomorrow.

Guess I'm done monopolizing your time.




Let me know if you need anything else.

Otis, I'll take another Seven&Seven.

You got it Jake.

Hey, man...

Don't you know how to order from a bar?

- I'm sorry, man.
- You find an empty space.

You don't go banging into people.

I'll get you more peanuts.

Wasn't just the peanuts.
It was the drink,

it was the water,
the whole kit and caboodle.

What are you looking at me for?

How could you one star us, Jake?


Maybe we should go online

and one star your auto parts store, huh?

It was getting too crowded in here.

My regular seat at the bar
is always taken.

You got to take down that review, Jake.

Then it'll just get crowded again.

I'll tell you what.

You change that review,
and we'll make sure

that your seat is here whenever you are.


Wow, hell yeah, it's a deal.


Okay. One Seven&Seven coming right up.

You handled that very well.

The guy's loves the place.
I can appreciate that.

Real short pours for
this guy from now on.

Oh, yeah.

That was really cool of you
having my back at the hospital.

Sorry about the gender mix-up thing.

I swear I heard you mention boyfriends.

I've had boyfriends and girlfriends.

There's no point in limiting
yourself, right?

You are full of surprises, you know that.

Hey, you are too.

It's gonna be fun getting
to know each other.

Have a good night, Chief.

The answer's no.

I will not accept your offer.

I have no interest

in working for you
or your sham task force.

I am going to stay right here

with my people doing work that matters,

and if that means that you are
coming for me, Gorsch...

Bring it.

I have faced tougher
adversaries than you...

and there wasn't one
could go the distance.


Let's see what you got.