Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand - full transcript

Boden becomes skeptical of Gorsch's motives; Severide gets involved in a difficult situation following a child's rescue from a car wreck; Foster is tasked with giving Cruz personal advice.

[bright tones]

[fire bursts]

- Peter?
- You okay?

- I'm not that tough.
- You are a firefighter.

Now let's go.

- I'm Joe. What's your name?
- Chloe.

We've got a clear shot out of here.

- You're not coming?
- I gotta get back inside.

- Be careful.
- It's Stella.

- She took in a lot of smoke.
- The only way we can stop

her bleed is to remove
her entire lung.

She can't be a firefighter
if she only has one lung.

There's another way.

I'm so glad you're back.

[mellow music]


[soft sighing]

[knocking on door]


You ready?

Uh, you tell me.

How do I look?



Is that a lung joke?

A lack-of-oxygen joke.

- Maybe.
- Yeah?



- Get it out of your system.
- [Severide laughs]


The guy, he manages
to be everywhere at once.

Doesn't matter where I am
in the house.

Turn my head, there's Gorsch
looking like Dracula.

- I'm aware of the problem.
- Now, listen, I know

your hands are tied, but...

just, morale takes a hit
whenever folks have

to go around whispering
in their own house, that's all.

No question about that.

- Morning, Chief.
- Lieutenant.

Hey, when you have a sec,
just noticed a minor hiccup

on the schedule that needs
to be ironed out.

- What do you got?
- Roster has me down as

Commanding Officer for Engine 51

through the end of next month.

- Your retirement.
- I know.

[laughs] You know, I never wanted

to leave, but...

the way things are
with this new regime...

Too many aggressive changes.

It's a loss for the whole house, but...

I understand the motivation.

We get it.

Severide and Kidd were living together

- but then she moved out.
- Right, to live at Herrmann's.

But the two of them are still together.

This is good. Lot to catch up on.

But I gotta put in the work
if I want to be known

as anything other than
the new girl around here.

Price is 20 bucks a pop.

Proceeds go to the Greater
Chicago Food Depository.

Picnic admission includes
all-you-can-eat barbecue

and a raffle ticket.

- What's the raffle prize?
- A free ticket

- to next year's picnic.
- Aww.

Come on. [laughing]

- What is up, Firehouse 51?
- There she is!

[all shouting]

- How you feeling, kid?
- I feel like the Grim Reaper

took one look at me, decided
to run the other way, you know?

I am so ready to get back on that truck.

Yeah, about that.

Chief's orders... He wants you
on light duty today.

- Just one shift.
- Okay, yeah.

- Well, whatever you need.
- Trust me, I've been there.

The bullpen's not a fire truck,

but it has its own brand of action.

Call log crises...

- inventory drama...
- Hey.

I'm all for Kidd taking

an extra shift to recover,
but what's the deal?

- The doctor cleared her.
- Gorsch began questioning

Boden's approval
of the doctor's clearance.

Chief chose to hold off
just to keep the peace.

- Sooner or later, the Chief's...
- [Severide shushing]

Morning, folks.

Smells good.

[alarm blaring]

[over P.A.] Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Vehicle collision, 69-90 US-41.

[dramatic music]

[sirens wailing]


[sirens wailing, approaching]
[brakes hissing]

- That the only vehicle?
- Looks like it.

Guys, let's get that fire out!

Copy that!

Hey, don't move. Don't move.

- [man groans]
- We got you.

Can you speak? What's your name?

- Mason.
- Mason what?

No. My son, Mason.

Where's my son? [groans]


Hey, guys!
There could be a victim

inside the car!

[extinguishers hissing]


He's still conscious.
Major head wound.

Got him.


Hey! Yeah, I found him!

Chicago Fire S07E03
"Thirty Percent Sleigh of Hand"

Synced and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

- Capp! Grab the ladder!
- On it.

[dramatic music]

Mason, can you hear me, buddy?

- [moaning] It hurts!
- All right,

just hang tight, okay?
We're gonna get you out.

- [man groaning]
- There you go, it's okay.

- It's okay, sir.
- [man groans]

All right, we have
a deep laceration,

- possible cranial fracture.
- Mason!

- Is he alive?
- Sir, I need you to stay down.

[wails] What did I do? What did I do?

What did I do?


Hey, Mason. Sit tight, bud.

- Try not to move too much.
- My leg hurts!

- Halligan.
- Yeah.



Yeah, yeah.


- Let's keep that up.
- Yeah, I got it.

All right, buddy, coming to get you.

- [Mason whimpering]
- Sit tight.

- [Mason groans]
- All right, bud, we're gonna get you out.

It hurts!

- His leg's impaled!
- I'll grab cutters.

No, no, no, don't.
Too risky in the field.

We'll keep him in the car seat,
we'll transport him and his dad

in the back of the ambo.
We'll take care of it

- at the hospital.
- Copy that.

I want my dad! [whimpering]



- Watch it, watch it.
- [Mason grunts]


Here, bud.


You're all right.

[indistinct radio chat]


Uh, here you go.

Uh, I cannot tell one form
from another,

but apparently they all need
your signature.

I'm much obliged. Now, Stella...


- How are you recovering?
- Little more shook

than I expected but, um,

I am still ready.

I'm sorry to side-line you.

Things are complicated.

Chief, whatever you need, I'm here.

Good. Shall do me a favor?

- Mm-hmm.
- Tell Severide and Casey

if they can compile
their thoughts on any

of the lieutenants
that they've worked with

at other houses, on other shifts,

I need to find a good fit
for Engine here at 51.

- Hey, you got it.
- Okay.

Sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help

but overhear you talking about
a replacement

- for your Engine Lieutenant.
- Yeah.

- It's all under control.
- Absolutely.

I'm sure whoever you're
considering is top-notch,

but I have a suggestion
that will top them all.

Trey Jennings.

House 111.

- Not familiar with the name.
- That's unfortunate,

because Jennings is, uh...
he's a real up-and-comer.

He's one of the rising stars of the CFD.

Is that so?

Well, uh, thank you
for your recommendation.

I'll consider it.

Um... [stammers]

Excuse me.

Look, Chief, I know
that the old norms dictate

that you have the authority
to make the final call on this,

so if it makes it easier,

you can just think of this
as a personal favor to me.

[tense music]


Grateful for your cooperation on this.

You won't be disappointed.


Six-year-old male, single-car rollover.

He was in the back seat
and caught some metal

- in his right leg.
- You say the word

and we can cut it loose.

- Ready to go whenever you are.
- Hey.

How you feeling, honey?
You still with me?

- It hurts.
- I know, I know.

But you are being so tough, okay?

Now we're gonna get you out of there.

You keep your eyes on me.
Take deep steady breaths.

In and out. [long inhale, exhale]

In, out.

- Okay, you ready.
- Okay, just like that.

- [Mason breathing deeply]
- All right, one...

- two...
- [Mason breaths deeply]

- Three.
- [Mason screaming]

[saw whirring]


Eyes on me, come on.

[dramatic music]

Okay, we're through.

It's okay. You did so good.

Great work, bud.

Let's get him to Trauma 3.

Keep breathing.


- Hey, nice work.
- Thanks.

- Same to you.
- Father's out of CT.

- How's it looking?
- Looks good.

No bleed.
He's a little disoriented,

- but he's okay.
- I'm just gonna restock

some supplies.

I'll be right back.

New girl knows her stuff.


- Right. Foster.
- [Brett laughs]

Excuse, me I'm looking
for my son, Mason Whittaker?

Yeah, we just brought him in.

He has a piece of metal
embedded in his leg,

- but no internal injuries.
- Where is he?

- Can I see him?
- Soon.

- He's with the trauma team now.
- Trauma team?

My God, what the hell happened?

Your husband's SUV lost control.

He went off an overpass near the city.

He drove off an overpass?

That's what it looks like.

[tense music]

Someone call the police.

Right now.
I... I need to file a report.

- Ma'am?
- I... I think...

I think my husband crashed
that car on purpose.

[shaky breathing] I think he tried

to kill our son.


Things got so bad
once we separated.

Volatile, paranoid.

Did he ever make any direct threats?

About himself or about your son?

About suicide? No.

Not specifically, but he had

an episode at one
of our divorce hearings.

Sean Morland, my attorney, he'll verify.

Mark broke down, said he couldn't live

without Mason.

Sean tried to use it as grounds
to deny custody.

Did you notice anything
unusual at the scene?

Anything to indicate intent?

Road was empty when we got there.

No other cars.

No reason why he'd suddenly
jerk the wheel and

- drive off an overpass.
- When we were treating him,

he kept saying, "What did I do?
What did I do?"

Also the way he was ejected.

There's a good chance he wasn't
wearing a seatbelt.

Tracks of a suicide attempt.

So what now?

Well, I have all your statements.

- We'll look into it.
- Sorry,

you'll "look into it"?

Possible murder attempt,
that's all you've got?

I understand the concern,
but there's not much I can do

without hard evidence of a crime.

I'll see if there's more I can find.

For now, your son is safe.

[tense music]


- Chief?
- Okay.

Trey Jennings.

Engine Lieutenant.


You don't know him.

Not on my radar.

Must not be from one
of the busier houses

or I'm sure our paths
would have crossed.

Someone you're considering
for Engine Lieutenant?

His name was brought up
as a recommendation

- by ADC Gorsch.
- Ah.

Copy that.

Why him?

I can think of five
or six names just off the top

of my head who'd be
a more obvious fit.

No idea, but...

I would like to find out.

I'll make some calls.

If I can ask,

are you looking for a reason
to say yes or a reason

- to say no?
- Neither.

I just want to know
whether it's a hill

I'm ready to die on.

[door opens]

[engine idling]

[engine shuts off, hydraulic hissing]

Hey, guys?

I want an incident report
from each of you.

Tell me everything you saw
on that call.

Don't leave any details out.

- Copy that.
- You got it, Lieutenant.

Uhm... something up?

A possible murder-suicide attempt.

- Father and six-year-old kid.
- Ah.

Might need help with
research later if you got time.

Oh, whatever you need.

Hey, you want a hand with that?

[laughing] Do you mind?

I'm worried they're gonna tip over.

They're already a little lopsided as it is.

[laughing] Have you seen the show

"Nailed It"?

I tried to... [sighs]

Let's just say I didn't nail it.

- Okay.
- Uh, I don't know

if you remember me.

You helped pull me out
of the tower fire.

That's right.

I do. Chloe, was it?

- Yep, that's me.
- How, uh... How you feeling?

- You recovering okay?
- Lot to rebuild,

- but I'm getting there.
- Of course.

I just... I had to bring
these over to say, you know,

thank you for saving my life, and...

Oh, I... You didn't need
to bring us anything.

Oh, it was nothing.

Actually, I work
in that building right there,

so I was close.


I guess I should go.

I don't want to take up
more of your time, so...

Oh, no trouble at all.

Uh, take care of yourself,

and thanks again for the pops.

[laughs, stammers]

[faintly] Bye.

[light music]



What was that?

- What was what?
- Cruz, how could you

not notice that girl was into you?

She was practically leaping
into your arms.

She was just being nice.

That was more than just "nice."

Why, because she brought cake pops?

[alarm blaring]

- [both sigh]
- [over P.A.] Truck 81, Ambo 61

industrial accident,

1402 West 45th Street.

[sirens wailing]

[suspenseful music]

[truck doors open, brakes hiss]

"Weird World Industries."

What the heck kind of factory is this?

Otis, hang back till we know
what we're dealing with here.

Copy that.
[pounding on door]

Fire Department!


Thank goodness you're here.
Follow me.


I tried to tell him that
he was in over his head,

that it couldn't be done,
[popping sound]

but that just drove him
[popping sound]

- to try harder.
- Try what?

[fireworks exploding]

[muffled shouting]

Otis, extinguishers.

Copy that.

[muffled exclamations]

Uh, sir?

- Can you hear me?
- He's got a gag on.

Oh, okay. Well, knock twice

- if you can hear...
- No, no, he's wearing

a straight jacket.
[muffled shouting]

Damn it.

- Whoa.
- Otis!

Get to it.

[extinguisher hissing]

[muffled shouting]


Got him.



How you doing? You okay?


gonna need
non-disclosure agreements

from every
single one of you. [breaths heavily]


Just give me a hint.

Is it mirrors?

- Trap doors?
- It's magic.

- Okay.
- Here.

[curious music]



Where'd it go?


When I get back from Med,
I'll tell you some stories.

I used to date a magician
back in college.

- Learned some tricks.
- Really?

- Was he a professional?
- Oh, yeah.

He was a real staple
down at the club around town.

You buy me a drink and I'll tell you

how he made our relationship...

- disappear.
- [Otis laughs]

[indistinct radio chat, siren wails]

- How we looking?
- All clear.

Just a small pyrotechnic mishap.

Nothing we couldn't handle
with extinguishers.

Perfect, thanks for knocking it down.

Cowan, Bixler, you wanna
run in, give it the overhaul

a once-over and make sure
we don't have any surprises

- once we leave?
- Sure thing, Lieutenant.

Trey Jennings.
Don't believe we've met.

Matt Casey, pleasure.

Engine 111.

Weren't you guys up in Edison Park?

- Little far from home.
- Heard a rumor I was on

some sort of short list to replace

your Engine Lieutenant.

I got curious, so I asked dispatch

to pair us together with the next call.

Got to say, I'm impressed
how fast you guys handled that.

We're not your average house, huh?

That's what I hear. Very cool.

Look forward to learning more.

I should go take point
on this overhaul, but, uh,

it was really good
meeting you guys.

- Catch you on the next one.
- Yeah.

Hey, nice guy.

Not what I would have figured
given who he's related to.

- What do you mean?
- Oh, that guy?

He's Gorsch's brother-in-law.

[foreboding music]


[knocking on door]

Got those collision studies.

You can just set them on the desk.


You keep staring at those photos,

you're gonna give yourself a migraine.

Hey, come here.

Let me show you this.

So you have a concrete pylon here,

and then skid-marks here.

Wouldn't you speed up
instead of hit your brakes

if you wanted to kill yourself?

Maybe he didn't have a plan.

Maybe he got cold feet
until the last minute.

Do you think it was an accident?

Still no reason he'd take
a dive off that overpass.


Kelly, I know you want
to crack this,

but there... there's not much

that you have to work from.

You know, you saved Mason's life.

You did your part.


All right.


[knocking on door]

They're related.

This Jennings guy is Gorsch's

That's his angle... nepotism.

How'd he handle the call?

Decent, thorough.

Nothing obvious I'd ding him on.

You do me a favor?

You keep a firm lid on this.

If I'm gonna go
all-knives-out on Gorsch,

I'm gonna need to be prepared.

Copy that, Chief.

Oh, these are legit.

Where'd these come from?

Uh, a victim from the high-rise fire

brought them in.

Well, damn.


- Can I ask you something?
- Shoot.

Okay, so, this girl...

she's cute.

How would I know whether
she came by

to say thank you to the whole house

or whether she came by
because she's interested in me?

What does your gut say?

Given my history, my gut

is the worst possible indicator.

I need a female perspective.

I would ask Brett, but...

Oh, snap.

- The two of you...
- [Cruz stammers] Hey... No... Look...

It was a while ago.
That door is closed.

I just try to steer clear of it
as much as I can.

I hear you, okay?

So... So this girl,
did she hint at anything?

Like, you know, going out on a date?

Uh, she pointed out where she works.

Close by.
Maybe that was an invitation?

Uh, it's hard to say.

- I wasn't there.
- [Cruz sighs]

[mischievous music]

Okay, the real question is:

would you be interested?


[sighs] Yeah, for sure.

Okay, well, there you go.

And you know where to find her.

- Mm...
- [Foster laughs]

[scoffs] I'm thinking about it.

- Okay.
- [both laughing]

I'm gonna let you ponder that.



- Just the man I'm looking for.
- Lieutenant.

So I hear they put you
in charge of selling tickets

- for the CFD picnic this year.
- They did.

Happy to do it.
You're picking up

- for your whole crew, correct?
- Yep.

I put this one on me.

Figure I give them enough grief
for the rest of the year.

- It's the least I could do.
- Uh, I feel like

I'm missing a pair.

I didn't see any for Ritter in there.


Oh, you mean the candidate.

Yeah, he's a no-go.

What, he... he's not coming
to the picnic?

Not with our company, he's not.

He's a decent kid
but, I mean, you saw him

in that tower fire.

He totally froze up.

I had to kick him back
to the floater pool.

Yeah, no, sure.

Thanks for these.

- Catch you at the picnic?
- You bet.

'Scuse me?

I'm looking for a Lieutenant Severide.

- Is this the right house?
- You found him.

Sean Morland.

I represent Ms. Amy Whittaker

in her divorce.

The department can give you my report.

Yeah, official reports, they're dry.

I'm interested in
the human perspective.

Is this okay?

Now, am I correct, Lieutenant,
that Mr. Whittaker

made no attempt to rescue his son

prior to your arrival?

- He was barely conscious.
- Oh, sure, but I'm sure

that at the moment
you arrived he told you

- Mason was in the car, right?
- Not exactly.

- He was asking where Mason was.
- He asked?

Like, he didn't know?

That's odd, right?

Not considering the extent of his injuries.

Sorry, have you seen
vehicular suicides before

in your line of work, Lieutenant?

- I have.
- Yeah, so it wouldn't be

an unusual phenomenon
for someone with a history

- of depression.
- Look, I can tell you about

the position of the car.
I can tell you how we did

the rescue. I can't answer questions

about what could have been
going on in someone's head.

I hear where you're coming from.

No one's ever gonna really know
what happened in that car

except Mr. Whittaker and the Almighty.

Now, it's my job to present
the narrative that scores

- the best outcome for my client.
- The narrative?

[tense music]

[phone beeps]

You're talking about a family.

We're done here.



Thanks for your time.


Morning, Chief.
I'm about to head out

but just reminding:
we're giving Didrikson

a proper send-off tonight at the bar.

Yeah, yeah.

I'll be there.


Gorsch already gone?

Thought I saw him leave.

It's hard to know.
He likes to keep us

on our toes.

So... Hey...

How are things going, then?

This, um, Jennings character...

is he coming over?

- Not on my watch.
- Okay.

Um, then what?

Not to overstep, okay?

But if you refuse

to play ball with Gorsch...

what happens with the rest of us?

I don't have a choice, Herrmann.

Um, that's not true.

I met Jennings... he's fine.

He's capable.

Has the respect of his crew.

That's beside the point.

I have to draw a line.

I won't let Jerry Gorsch
call the shots

in my own damn firehouse.


I say this out of love...

That's your pride talking.

[tense music]


are bigger than this.

You need to make
the best choice for the house

long-term, and if that means

you hiring some solid, good lieutenant

and keeping the peace...

that's fine.

Who cares where this guy
came from?


Thank you, Herrmann.


[door opens]

[indistinct chatter]

[phones ringing]

- Can I help you?
- Oh.

[laughs] Yes, hi. Um,

I'm looking for Chloe...

You know, what I don't even
know her last name.

Who can I say is looking for her?

- Oh, uh, I'm Joe Cruz. I'm...
- [woman gasps]

I know who you are.

- You're the guy with the smile.
- [Cruz laughs]

That one.

- [Cruz clears throat]
- I'll get her.

- Thank you.
- Chloe...

- Joe Cruz is here.
- [Cruz sighs]

[lighthearted, tense music]


- Hi.
- Hey.

Um, I... I'm so sorry

- if I'm, um...
- Oh, no, it's okay.

Really, uh... [laughs]


[clears throat] Hey, um...

I don't know if this is the sort of thing

that might interest you,
but, uh, the department

is having a charity picnic,
and I thought...


- Yes?
- I'd love to.

[both laugh]

[generic traffic noise]

[rail squeal]

"Extreme density training smoke."

Wonder if you can use that
to flavor a brisket.

Hey, Mouch!

- It's good to see you, man.
- Good to see you, Ritter.

What brings you by the depot?

- Picking up an order?
- Nah.

Came to see you, actually.

Hoping to strong-arm you
into buying some tickets

to the charity picnic this weekend.

Uh, well, I appreciate that...
I do... but I don't think

I'm gonna make it, though.
Maybe you've noticed,

- I'm not with Engine 37 anymore.
- Yeah, I heard.

Paxson kicked me to the floater pool.

They got me doing a day here
and then a week of desk-duty

- at the academy.
- You'll get

a permanent assignment
soon enough.

- Give it time.
- Yeah, maybe.

But Paxson gave me
a pretty brutal review.

Try to stay positive, but...

Well, just takes time

to work your way back
into their good graces.

I watched you pull a man out
of a burning high-rise.

One of the worst fires
I've seen in a while.

Saved his life.

Well, you're skipping over
the part where I froze.

There's not a firefighter
in this department

who hasn't had a moment of panic.

A moment they're ashamed of.

We stumble, we fall,

then we get up again.

I hear what you're saying.

It makes sense.

I'm just trying
to sort through it all.

Just come to the picnic.

On me.

Some folks there I want you to meet.

Guys that picked me up

when I fell.

Yeah, maybe. I'll see.

No "maybes."

Be there.

[over P.A.] Ritter to the second floor.

- Ritter to the second floor.
- I gotta get back to it.

Look, thanks for coming by, Mouch.

You're a good guy.

Yeah, no problem.

[telephone rings in distance]

[indistinct conversation]


maybe we should come back later?

[monitors beeping]

Excuse me, are you the firefighter?

The one who saved my boy?

Yeah, I just came to check on him,

see how he's doing.

- We brought him this.
- [man laughs]

That's great. I think he'll like it.

He's talked a lot about you
and the other firefighters.

I think he's got a new career goal

- for when he grows up.
- How's his condition?

He's, uh... He's recovering well,

though the doctor said
he's still looking at

- weeks of rehab.
- Well, anything that we can do

to help, you know, just let us know.

I appreciate that, thank you.

- Yeah.
- I would never hurt my boy.

- I hope that you know that.
- I'm not the police.

I'm not someone you need to convince.

No, but you were there.

You saved my boy's life.

It matters that you know.

[tense music]

It was an accident.

We were just driving along...

and suddenly Mason shrieked
like... like he saw something.

I turned to check on him,
and when I turned back...

in the road, I saw a shape.

Deer, I don't know.

I swerved to try and avoid it.

I couldn't react quick enough and...


The rest is a blur.

And you told the police all that?

Yeah, I told them
and they wrote it down.

No one's filing criminal charges

but family court's different.

It's not the same burden
of proof, and my wife's lawyer

smelled blood.

I don't have any evidence
to back up my story.

All I have is my word, and I'm...

praying that it's enough,
because the idea

that I might lose my son
forever over this...


It... honest to God, it terrifies me.

[trembling voice] Daddy...

Let me just tell him that you're here.

Yeah, sure.



[low voice] Hey, look what
they brought you.


- Do you believe him?
- [Severide sighs]

Deer wandering that deep
into the city?

- Yeah.
- But if he's right,

he's about to lose his kid
over an accident.


What say we...

skip our dinner plans tonight?

Maybe, uh, pick up some drive-thru

and head back to the accident site.




Yeah, I see what you mean.

Just took a sharp turn
out of nowhere.

You see anything unusual?

There's no hoof prints on the pavement,

if that's what we're looking for.

[insects chirping]


If they made contact
with the deer, it could have

stumbled off bleeding.


Let me ask you this, though:

how far are you willing to go for this?


Just the way that you've been on it

since hour one

and the way that you bit
that lawyer's head off.



It's hard to explain
what something like this

does to a kid.

Mom and Dad both
going at each other,

accusations flying.

Everything around you just...

[melancholy music]

...falling apart.


It affects you.

If I can help Mason, I want to.

I hear that.


[clicks tongue]

I do think that before
we go any further,

- we should just put some...
- Stella.

[dramatic music]



Let's take some pictures.

[indistinct announcements over P.A.]

Ms. Whittaker?

[gasps] Lieutenant Severide.

You came at the perfect time.

The doctor just told me
they expect Mason

to be discharged today.

And, with rehab, they expect
him to make a full recovery.

- That's great.
- Sorry you had to see me

at my worst.

These past few days, it's felt like...

the whole world was coming apart.

There's nothing to apologize for.

My attorney told me
he spoke to you.

Said you'd been very helpful.

Even with circumstantial evidence,

he's confident the accident
will go a long way

towards getting me sole custody.

About that, Ms. Whittaker.

I found something that might make

a difference for you.

Okay, what is it?

I came to the hospital last night.

I saw your husband...
he told me everything

he remembered from the crash.

He told me that he saw
a deer in the road.

That's why he swerved.

A deer in the middle of the city.

I know, I know.

It seemed off to me, too,
until I went back to the scene

and I found this.

[phone beeps]

[suspenseful music]

There was no other reason
for him to swerve.

It was an accident.

I have no reason to believe

that your husband wanted
to hurt Mason.

None at all.



How did I get here?

I was so scared.

- I think I'm losing my mind.
- You're not.

You're in the middle of a crisis.

You're looking out for your son.

You've got lawyers in the mix
doing anything to win.

Something's gotta give.


I hate that Mason's caught in the middle.

He's got two parents
who want the best for him.


Not every kid has that.


Thank you.

- For everything.
- Yeah.


[Mouch] Thanks for coming.

[man] Ladies and gentlemen, watch.

Watch very carefully.

[cheerful carnival music]

[Otis] Like I was saying, not to get
pedantic about it

but the golden age of magic is over,

I mean, with today's technology

the entire industry's like...

30% sleight-of-hand, 70% engineering.




- Thank you.
- Yeah.


Can I have a beer, please?
[food sizzling]

[cheering, laughter]

There you go.

Good turnout.

Should have got Huffhines on this.

It would have made a nice spread
for the weekly press.

Yeah, well, we're here
for charity, not publicity.

No, you're absolutely right.

By the way, the Commissioner
sends his apologies.

He's got a big conference
down in Springfield.

Duty has to come first, you know.

Yeah, I wouldn't expect anything less.

The good news is,
I spoke to him about

putting Trey
in the Lieutenant's seat at 51.

- Trey.
- Oh, sorry.

Uh, Lieutenant Jennings.

Anyway, it's got the big man's blessing,

so green light.

- When's the big announcement?
- [Boden chuckles]

- Today.
- Good.


I'll let Trey know.


- Thanks for coming.
- Thanks.

[low hum of chat]

[music playing in distance]

Nobody watch, you guys.

- I'm awful.
- Hey.

Foster, listen...

don't sweat it, all right?

- Okay.
- You got this.

Everybody's rooting for you!
[all cheering]

- Okay...
- [all] One, two, and...

[laughs] Oh.

- Did I make it?
- Uh, yeah.

Great effort.

- [on speaker] Uh, hello?
- All right, Boden time.

[Boden] If you don't mind, gather around.

Uh, yeah, gather around.


good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

I don't want to take up
too much of your time away

from fried food and games,
but I'd be remiss

if I didn't say a few words.

As I look around
and I see members

from this department
come together

with their family members
for a common cause,

I am reminded of why it is

that we do the work that we do,

take the risks that we take.

It's for the community.

There's no room for ego

or ambition.

Just selfless determination.

And that is a quality that is embodied

in Engine 51 outgoing lieutenant,

George Didrikson.

Didrikson, where are you?

Oh, there he is!

Come on, give it up.


Lieutenant Didrikson...

is leaving behind
some big-ass shoes to fill...

trust me.

Fortunately for me, I didn't have

to look too far.

And that is why I am proud
to announce...

that Christopher Herrmann
will be taking over

as the next lieutenant on Engine 51.



[tense music]

- What?
- Way to go, Herrmann!


[overlapping chatter]


That was unexpected.

I thank you for your suggestion.

You know, in the end, I felt it best

we go with someone who had
experience in the house.

Someone, well...


Someone I could trust.


Of course.

It's a bold choice, Chief.

Excuse me a moment while I brief

- the Commissioner on this.
- Yeah, you do that.


- Chief...
- Yeah.


- I don't know what to say.
- Well, your name has been on

the lieutenant's list for a while.

It's about time you got your shot.


I give you my word...

I will not let you down.

I know you won't.



April, if you still want to hit this picnic,

Stella's already there.

She wants you to come.

I'm, uh... I'm waiting

outside of Med.

It's, uh, free barbecue,
so let's get a move-on.

[hopeful music]



Synced and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio