Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 22 - Episode #7.22 - full transcript

Olivia said Casey and I
were meant for each other.

How do you feel about Casey?

That's the thing. I-I don't know.

When I told you to leave Hubble alone,

that wasn't a suggestion.

That was an order.
And you went over there anyway?

I was supposed to sit on my hands

when I have knowledge that could help?

He's not letting this thing go, is he?

Maybe you should reach out to him.

I have a feeling you're
the onhe needs right now.

I'm Lieutenant Kelly Severide
with the CFD.

Are you related to Benny Severide?

Carol Spears is the arsonist.

She's in it for the chaos.
Someone's gonna get killed.

So whatever we do, we better move fast.

You're still working
on the arsonist case?

Carol Spears.

She's in the wind. No sign of her.

CPD is involved?

Intelligence unit is
in the middle of something.

Voight said to sit tight
and trust the process.

This is the last thing I thought

would come out of my mouth, but...

I wish Benny were here.

He'd chew up some ass over at CPD

to have half the department
in the streets

looking for this lady.

Well, I am not half
the department, but I'm in.

What are we looking for?

No, you don't have to do that, please.

I'm helping you. End of story.


You better watch out, Herrmann.

Once I get good rolling these hoses,

I might join Engine 51.
Start putting out some fires.

Anytime you want to take Clarence's spot,

you let me know.

He doesn't mean that.

Hey, Capp. Your shirt's on backwards.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ritter!


You just had an absolutely perfect

ball busting opportunity

and you kicked it all
the way to Wisconsin.

Are you telling me that
Capp did something so stupid

as to put his shirt on backwards,

and you don't light him up?

Is there something wrong with you?

Mouch, help me out here.

Yeah, the situation demands insults.

You can't let Capp off the hook
just because you're friends.

Yeah, but you got mad when I was...


My... my mom's about to have a baby!

She said drive to the fire station.

You did good. You did good.

- What's your name?
- Cory.

You hurt, Cory?

Mmm! My head!

- Jump bag.
- Yeah.

This baby's coming.

Turn toward me, honey. Let me see.

Yeah, it is.

Uh, Foster, grab me the OB kit.

On it!


Uh, she's good, Cory.
It hurts to have a baby.

Listen, we're gonna put
a bandage on that cut, okay?

You did good. You did so good, baby.

All right, your contractions
are right on top of each other.

What's your name, mama?

- Daria.
- Okay, Daria.

Next time I'm gonna
need you to push, okay?

Push, push.

How we looking? Hey, how's it going?

Uh, you can see its head.

Jump out.

I've seen a lot of grown men and women

do a lot of great things, Cory.

You driving this car up here

so your mom can deliver
your baby brother?

It's top of the list.

Baby sister.

Baby sister.

Just wait here.

All right. Push, push, push.

Keep going.

- Okay. Okay.
- She's doing good.

Look at you!

You did it, Daria.

Oh, it's my baby!

Oh! There's my baby.

See your sister there?

You're a big reason she's here.

Mommy and baby are looking good.

Let's get her to Lakeshore, guys.

- Yeah.
- Copy that.

Hey, have you ever ridden
in a fire truck, Cory?


Well, let's say we follow the
ambulance over to the hospital

and you ride up front with me, huh?

We'll get your mom and baby sister

to the hospital safe, okay?

- All aboard, 81.
- Let's go.

I'll go grab Kidd.

All right, jump up.

Got your belt on?

Who needs coffee?

That was the best morning
pick me up ever.

I'll go give Boden a heads up.

See about getting a tow truck
out here for the station wagon.

Yo, Ritter, I've been thinking.

- Here we go.
- Yeah. Hey, Ritter.

You know, as we were watching
that beautiful baby

take her first breath this morning,

it dawned on me

that it is part of my job to teach you,

like that baby, the ways of the world.

And by that, I mean how to
properly bust somebody's balls.

- Mm-mm.
- No, no, no.

Don't shake your head, all right?

It is as important to a firefighter

as learning how to use an axe
or spray a hose.

It is an art form that
requires a deft touch.

And we?

We're gonna have our
first lesson in earnest

as soon as Truck 81 gets back here.


Feeling okay?

Hey, you don't have to stay with him.

We can hang out with Cory
until his dad gets here.

Cory, what happened? Where's your mom?

- How are you?
- Are you mad?


No. No, son.

Your son drove his mom
right up to the firehouse

where he knew there were
a lot of men and women

ready to help.

I've never seen anything like it.

You did that?

Where'd you learn to drive a car?


Thank you.

Of course.

- Mr. Crowell?
- Yes?

Would you like to go meet
your baby daughter?

More than anything.

Well, I'm gonna take
the truck back to the firehouse

before there's any more excitement.

You were really good with that boy.

Just doing my job.

- What?
- Jump him already.

Look at your face.

Oh, my God, you're as easy
to read as "The Hunger Games."

Just jump him already
and get it over with.

What if he doesn't want me to jump him?

Have you seen yourself?
You're a freaking 11.

Who wouldn't want you to jump them?

Hell, I want you to jump me.

- Hey, I'm back.
- Hey.

- Take a look.
- All right.

Hubble said that while Carol Spears

was married to this guy, uh, Doug Denton,

he must've helped her control
her compulsion,

even if he didn't know anything
about her starting fires.

OFI ran into this place
yesterday to talk to Denton,

but he wasn't very helpful.

I mean, he was cooperative,

but he's still bitter about the divorce.

Hasn't seen her since she left.
Wants nothing to do with her.

I'll bet you a box of Cracker Jacks

this guy knows more than he's letting on.

I mean, he knew her best.

He'd know where she would hole up

or what her most likely targets are.

Yeah, but OFI said they were stalemated.

I don't know what
Hubble's personal situation is,

but, you know,
maybe I'd be better qualified

to talk to somebody about
a rough relationship

with an ex-spouse.

Capp said you were looking for me, Chief?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on in.

Do I need to shut the door?

Oh, no, no, no. It's nothing like that.

Um, my lovely wife

thought it'd be a good idea
to outbid the Hildebrants

at Terrence's school auction.

Uh-oh. What'd you win?

Dinner for four at the Palm next Friday.

- Ooh, swanky.
- Tell me about it.

Anyway, Donna says I have
to invite someone

besides Mouch and Herrmann
to come join us.

So grab yourself a plus-one.
Join us for dinner.

Sounds like I need to find a date.

Sounds like you do.

All right, Chief.
Let's see what I can do.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.



It would behooves us to start
with the basics, right?

What you can and cannot
attack somebody for.

So, here in the
acceptable column, we have...

what are these people wearing?

What are they eating?
What are they saying?

What kind of hair do they have?

Uh, maybe they got
a new blemish or a mole.

I could go on and on.

But this is important.

What is not acceptable to attack?

There's only one.


What? Hey, no. And race.

And sexual preference. And, uh, gender.

And disabilities and religion.

Some of those sure, but...

Age is the key one.

No, it is not.

All right, you know what?

We're gonna have to do a practice case.

It's like when we drill
with those rescue dummies?


Hey, my brother!

Wanna listen to some bitching Van Halen?


So how many opportunities
do you see here?

Squad 3, Engine 51,
car fire, 422 W. California.

Okay. To be continued.

Herrmann, someone's in there!

Herrmann, hit it!

- Send water!
- Copy that.

Back me up!

God damn it.

Whoa, Severide. Look at that.

Gas can.

This girl or guy turned
their car into an oven.

What's up, boss?

The arsonist we've been after?

That's the donut shop where she
told Benny she was a victim.

And this is her car.

- Captain Hubble, please?
- Hey.

Hey, listen. It's Severide.

There's a victim from a car fire

headed to the morgue at Cook County.

It was a car found
in front of Donut Heaven

where Carol Spears
first claimed to be a victim.

The car is just like the one she owned.

But, listen, I don't think
it's her body inside.

I'm telling you check the dental records.

It doesn't fit for her
to go out like this.

Not after 15 years,

not after toying with
my father for so long.

I will.

Wanna keep working?




So, uh, I...

It's not that you're bad
at, you know, coming up

with clever things to say.

Although that might be part of it.

It's just that I think

you just don't want to hurt
anybody's feelings.


You didn't become a firefighter

to worry about feelings.

Oh. Perfect!

- What?
- Insult Brett.

No, I'm not gonna insult Brett.

Oh, sure you are.

Listen, nobody is safe
in a firehouse, all right?

Even someone as sweet as Sylvie.

What would I even insult her about?

I don't know. Let's think about it.

Uh, it's her turn to make lunch.

It's not me. We're all hungry.

- Right, Captain?
- Leave me out of this.

He's hungry. We're all hungry.

So go ahead. Insult her for the lunch.

Okay. Um...

how about...

hey, Brett?

My mom always told me never
to trust a skinny cook.

So you should not be making lunch.

Aww, you think I look skinny?

Excuse me. You body shaming Brett?

Oh, no. No, no, no, no.

I-I-I-I wouldn't...

It kind of sounds like you were.


All right, advanced lesson number one.

Don't attack the lamb when
a shepherd's still around.

Um, what did you want to ask me?


you know what?

Let me get back to you.

Hey if you wanna call it a
night and get some shut-eye...

I'm good.

You've been staring at
that same page for an hour.

I just don't wanna miss some details.

But the last time you had
that same look in your eye

was after Benny died

and we went to hell.

You were tired then.

Trying to do too much.

And I don't like it.

No one else is gonna catch this woman.

Hey, this is Kelly.

Are you gonna call CPD?
This is an escalation.

Okay, yeah. That's what I figured.

I will.

Body wasn't Carol's.

It was a homeless woman

with a history of drug abuse
and mental health issues.

Carol must've lured her to the car,

let her shoot up, lit the fuse.


You're right.
No one's moving fast enough on this.

As soon as shift is over,
we go to see the ex.


I'm Kelly Severide. This is Stella Kidd.

We're with the Chicago Fire Department.

- Fire?
- Yes.

Can we ask you some questions?

I just talked to the police department

and some woman from the arson department

or whatever it's called.

The Office of Fire Investigation, yeah.

I don't know what else I can tell you.

No, we completely understand.

But we were thinking
we can maybe come inside

and talk more casually.

I don't know what you want to know.

Carol and I were oil and water,

and we never should've gotten
married in the first place.

But my dad had just died and, uh...

I was in a dark place when she found me.

But you were married 15 years.

Well, it was fine at first.

And... and we didn't fight.
It wasn't like that.

It was just like a-a gradual erosion.

You don't even realize your
marriage is falling apart.

And then it's over.

Who ended it?

I left.


She said things.

I loved her, but she...

I just felt like
I didn't know her anymore.


I was married to a man named Grant.

He was bad news.

He wasn't able to help himself,

and so I spent all of
my energy trying to help him.

When I kicked him out,

he kept coming back to me
again and again.

And every time,
worse than the time before.

And I thought about it a lot.


Why wouldn't he just leave me alone?

I realized that I was the only
person in his entire life

that ever tried to make him better.

And it drained me.

Drained me until
I-I had nothing left to give.

So I know where you're at, Doug.

And that's why I know that
Carol will come back to you

just like Grant came back to me.

You are worth more than
this woman deserves.

I can promise you that, Doug.

So when she comes back,

we need you to contact us.

Because she's hurting other people, Doug.

She is.

We need to find Carol so that
she doesn't hurt anyone else.


Is she here?




Get off me, you bastard!

You good?


Hey! Okay.

I'm so sorry.

Help me, Doug.

- Help me! They're hurting me!
- You need help.

Carol, they're gonna get you help.

Help me, Doug! Now!

Doug, call 911. Now. Do it.

It's just a scratch.

- Be honest.
- It's nothing.

If I'm gonna look like
Frankenstein's monster,

I wanna know.

Won't even need stitches.

What'd I tell ya?

You were great in there.

Just trying to connect so he'd open up.


Great work.

I'm just glad it's over.

You know, I'm not sure

if anyone would've ever
been able to solve this

if it wasn't for you.

Ah. Thanks goes to Benny.

Well, listen.

Someday when you least expect it,

I'm gonna convince you
to transfer over to OFI.

You have a nose for it, Kelly.
Just like your father.

- Hey!
- Hey, Herrmann.

What are you drinking, Mayor?

I'm gonna have a...
I'll have a shot of whiskey.

You got it.

So, hey, I don't know your secret

but you look the same going out
as you did coming in.

- Hey, Herrmann.
- Yeah.

I've got a phrase up on
the fifth floor of City Hall.

Never does a man stand so tall
as when he's on all fours

kissing somebody else's butt.

- So here's to standing tall.
- Hey.

And to Chicago's police and firefighters.

Their service on behalf

of the most American of American cities.

- There you go.
- Thanks, Herrmann.


Hey, there she is!

- Hey!
- Hey.

Hey, we heard about you and Severide

bringing down that arsonist.

You get to drink free all night.

I drink free every night, Herrmann.

Well, Severide gets a drink half off.

Where is Kelly?

Uh, haven't seen him.

But if you wanna slide me
one of them free drinks

Herrmann was talking about,
I'd be much obliged.

Oh, Chaplain, uh,
we are going to the bar.

You want me to grab you something?

- IPA.
- You got it.

Are... are you here to pat
Stella on the back or...

No, I'm... I'm here to see you.

- Oh.
- I wanted to, uh...

I have some important news to tell you.

Sure. Of course.

The National First Responder
and Peer Support Initiative

has asked me to be their director.

Really? That's a big deal.

It is, it is.

Oh, Kyle, that's wonderful.

You're a superstar.

Well, here's the bad news.


The headquarters are
outside of Indianapolis.

They want me to move, like, yesterday.

Oh, really?

Do you think that's a-a bad idea?

No, no. I mean...

selfishly, I'm not happy about it.

But I think they're
really lucky to have you.

What is up, Chaplain?

Kyle is moving to Indianapolis.

- Um, A-Anderson, actually.
- Really?

That's like 30 minutes
from where I grew up.

- Really?
- You will love it.

Great people in Anderson.

The universe has really
conspired to keep us apart,

hasn't it?

You know, I-I'm gonna...
I'm gonna get going.

It was good to see you, everybody.

And thanks, this has... this has been...

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Uh, be right back.

- Hey.
- Hey.

It's, uh, good to see
you back with the Chaplain.

What? Uh, no, we're...

I always liked him. With you, I mean.

You guys are right for each other.

Both nice, good, selfless people.

You're good together.

Can I get an Old Fashioned?

You got it, Captain.

Hey, you seen Kelly?

- He came home.
- Mm-hmm?

It's a little weird, actually.

You know that notebook of Benny's

he's been carrying around?


He just threw it on the couch and left.

I thought maybe he came here.


Herrmann, I'm gonna need
the rest of the night off.


Your shift just started.

You deserve a better man than me.

So I decided...

I decided I'm gonna be
the man you deserve.


How's it going?

Mmm. It's pretty perfect.

How are we doing on time?

Uh, we should shower up, hit the road.


You decided to get
this place ready to sell?

I'm gonna keep it.

Fix it up. Make it worthy.


Which way is the shower?

Yeah, no. I mean you should show me.


Morning, glories!

Boden pushed the briefing
back half an hour.

He's on a phone call.

- Perfect!
- Yes!

That means we are officially not late.

Sylvie! Sylvie, hey.

I'm glad I caught you.

I wanted to talk to you before shift.

Um, I drove to your apartment,

but you were already
on the road, I guess.

Um, yeah.
We're... we're bells up at 8:00.

Yeah, look, uh, I was
thinking about this all night.

I don't want to make
a big scene, but, um...

I spent five months in that hospital bed

and I swore I would make
the most out of every second

if I got through that alive.

- Oh, Kyle...
- And then you showed up

and... and I couldn't see
what was right in front of me.

- I... I don't...
- I love you, Sylvie.

Your smile changes the temperature

in whatever room you walk into.

You have such a-a brightness.

Such a radiance, such a goodness

that... that I would be
the biggest fool on Earth

if I let you get away from me.

I'm leaving for Indiana tomorrow.

And I am begging you to come with me.

Sylvie Brett...

will you marry me?

- Yes.
- Yes? Yes?

- Yes.
- You said yes, right?

- Yes.
- Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my God!

Um, care to share?

What's up?

I think the chaplain just
asked Sylvie to marry him.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

My God!



I just, um...

It's... it's what you said
to me, actually.

You said that Kyle and I
are right for each other

and I really thought
about that all night.

And then he showed up here.

Well, I'm... I'm happy for you.

Thanks, Matt.

Excuse me.

Whoa, whoa, Chief!

I didn't mean to come between
you and breakfast.

I mean, it looks like
you need the jaws of life

to help you fit into
that white shirt these days,

am I right?


Never, ever ball bust
your Battalion Chief.

Truck 81, Squad 3,
Engine 51, Ambulance 61,

factory fire, 474 N. Racine.


- Oh, man.
- What?

Three worst fires.

Lumber yard, tire factory, and this one.

Mattress factory.

Put your chin strap on, kid.

We're gonna take a beating.

Hey, what's going on?

Fire started in the basement.

We got a ton of overstock down there

and about 50 doing inventory.

- Fifty men?
- Yeah.

In the basement?

Okay, men, you heard him.

We got mattresses and we got a basement.

Okay, squad, Truck,

get down and get as
many people out as you can.

- Copy.
- Engine drop two lines.

Paramedics, start setting up
triage right there.

- Copy that.
- Let's go, move it.

Battalion 25 to Main,

I need a 2-11 Alarm and an EMS Plan One

at the Arnow Mattress Factory
on North Racine.

The emergency stairwell is this way.

Hey, we need another entrance.

Oh, man.

Get him out of here!

Hey, Chief, we're at
the top of the stairwell

but it's cooking!

We need another way down!


All right. Okay.

It looks like there's a service elevator

in the Charlie-Delta corner.

- Let's go.
- The top of the stairs.


Otis! Get this elevator above us.


Everyone, mask up.

- Capp.
- Copy.

- Johnny, rope bag!
- Lieutenant.

- Capp!
- Coming in.

- Hold this.
- Yeah.

Doherty, charge the line.

All right, feed it down!

- You good?
- Yeah.

Let's get this door open.

One, two, three!

Easy, easy.

Slowly, slowly. Hey, wait, wait!

Come on, this way.

- Toward the elevator.
- Over here!

This way!

- Coming through.
- I got you.

Truck 64, get a ladder down
that elevator shaft.

Trucks 66 and 43, primary search.

Ambulances 74 and 97,
assist 61 with triage.

Engine 12, engine 25,

I need hose lines attacking the
stairwells on the Alpha side.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

- One at a time!
- Follow us! Follow us!

One at a time! Easy! Easy! Easy!

Hey, hey! Take it easy! Slow down!

- Hey, wait, wait, wait!
- Slow down!

Opening up the line!

- You're clear!
- Got your back.

Fire department! Call out!

Fire department, stairwell!

We've got a ladder
at the service elevator!


No! No, no, no, no, no!

Help the living, Kidd!

Help the living! Come on!

Fire department! Call out!

Hey, Tony, Capp!

Get them out of here!

- Copy.
- We'll lead you out.

Help! Help!

Hey, okay! Get back!

We'll get you out of here!

Hey, Cruz!

- Get your slamigan in here!
- Copy that.

You need another bottle, Captain?



Chief, I've got smoke inhalation victims

that made it out of the basement

but can't get outside to you.

Request help to evacuate!

70 feet inside the Charlie-side door.

2-11 companies are two minutes out.

I only got ambo 61 out here.

We don't have two minutes, Chief.

Send Brett and Foster in
if you can spare them.

What's the fire like where you are?

They're safe up here.
Floor is two feet of cement.

Basement's another story.

- Keep moving, keep moving.
- Keep moving.

- This way.
- Okay, I'll send them in.

Brett, Foster. Suit up, follow me.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Okay, one at a time, everybody!

- Okay, go!
- You heard him.

- One at a time!
- Go! Go! Go!

Ritter, come on!

Oh, no!

Chief, we got an old industrial boiler!

And it's about to blow!

It's gonna take out the whole block!

Get everybody out!
I'm gonna try to hold it off!

Brett, Foster. Come here.

The basement's gonna blow.

You need to get as many
of these victims out

as we can now.


All units, I need everyone to evacuate.


Help! Help!

- Come on!
- Let's get out!

Hold, hold! One at a time!

- One at a time now!
- Easy!

- Go!
- Hold it! One at a time!

Come on!

All right, Ritter, get out!

- That's an order!
- No way, Lieutenant!

Yeah, you're a kid!

You got your whole life in front of you!



I'm not leaving you!

Everyone, evacuate! Now!

Hey Chief, we got a fortified door

with at least a half a dozen
people alive in here!

We've got to get them out!

Severide, Cruz, this is an emergency!

Evacuate now!

Get 'em up!

Come on. Think you can get up?

- Brett? Move on.
- Go! Now!

- Let's go.
- Get up!

You guys evacuate!

I'm going back for Severide!

We're in this together, Captain.

Then let's help Severide!

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Come on!

Damn it, Ritter!

Just get out, you dumb kid!


Get down!