Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 15 - What I Saw - full transcript

A spate of robberies comes to light after a firehouse lockbox key goes missing. Sergeant Hank Voight suspects a firefighter may be involved, and with Boden's support, he recruits Cruz to go...

I noticed your brother Leon
was in the Kings.

Proud to say he broke out of that life.

Maybe Leon could help us.

Our best shot is to put someone
on the inside.

- Leon!
- It ain't my blood; I'm okay!

CFD's next commissioner, Carl Grissom.

I look forward to scrutinizing

every aspect of the CFD.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm just going through a lot.

You are gonna wish you hadn't
stabbed me in the back.


- Sorry.
- No problem.

I was... nothing I've haven't
seen before, though, you know?

This is... no need to cover up.

I'm not covering up, just
putting on my station gear.

Totally, I know...

Um, I was thinking about throwing Kyle

a birthday party at Molly's.

Hey, great, you know what?

Get enough people and I'll get
you the Club Mix for free.

Hey, how long have
you two been together now?

- Three months.
- Wow.

Isn't the Club Mix always gratis?

Hey, Levantini,

you left your wet towel
in front of my locker again.

Clean up after yourself, please.

What are you, my wife?

Squad 3, Ambo 61, Truck 81,

Engine 51, Battalion, structure fire...

- "All units," that's us right?
- Yes.

Uh-uh, that's our call.
Second shift's on duty.

Oh, except we're not changed yet, so...

So come on, second shift, let's move.

Herrmann, try to aim the
water at the fire this time.

Don't be a sore loser, Levantini!

Hey, where's the fire?

I think it's one
of the first floor units.

Uh, the hallway's real smoky!

Okay, anybody know which unit?

Okay, people, back behind me
on the other sidewalk.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, uh, we got one of those lockboxes,

so please don't start
busting down doors, huh?

Yeah, I see it.

Hey, Chief, smoke's coming
from everywhere.

Yeah, looks like it's
coming out of the H Vac system.

Squad, do a primary search
on the first floor hallway.

Casey, lockbox right there.

Got it. Truck and Squad.

51, be ready with the hose line.


Fire department, evacuate the building!

Fire department, call out!

It's not this one.

Down here!

Casey, fire's in unit 106!

On our way.

Fire department, call out!

Help, please!

Someone's in there. Stand back!

This thing is Fort Knox!

Hey, Casey, we can't breach the door!

We need those lock keys!

I don't have them. Box is empty.

Repeat, there's no building keys.

Hey, Cruz!


Fire department, call out!

- Help!
- Call out!

I'm in here!

Fan out!

Fire department, call out!

Fire department!

Fire's in the master bedroom!

In here! I'm in here!

I got him!

You gotta get me out of here!

You okay?

Yeah, I was in the shower
when the alarm went off!

It got so hot so fast out there!

We got to move.

All right, I'm gonna walk you out there.

- We're going out there?
- Yeah.

Don't worry, I'm gonna stand
between you and the fire.

Just get ready and stay low.

Okay, put that over your face.

51, we're coming out of the bathroom!

Can you cover us?

Yeah, ready when you are!

All right.

Ready? On my count!

One, two, three!

This way! Come on!

See? Nothing to worry about.

Hey, Chief, the fire's out in 106,

but we better check that unit above.

It looks like there was
an electrical fire in the wall.

Okay, check all the units.

I don't care how many doors
you have to break down.

All right.

Hey, Chief, are we too late?

No, you can help with the overhaul.

Ah, it figures.

First good fire in our district in weeks

and we're tied up with
a heart attack ten blocks away.

Lieutenant, any idea why
the lockbox would be empty?

What are you talking about?

No building keys.

Hey, Tedesco, when did
we inspect this lockbox?

Last month, wasn't it?

Last month, the keys were there.

We better report this.

There's a cop on scene.
Go give him a statement.

Okay, get to it.

- Stella Kidd, right?
- Yeah.

I'm Keith, from the fire this morning.

Oh, yeah, sure, I remember.
How you doing?

Great, thanks to you.

I'm sure people bring you guys
stuff all the time,

so I tried to be creative.


Man, that's really sweet of you.

- I make it at home.
- Wow, thank you!

See you around, Keith.

Wait, Stella?


Any chance I could
take you out some time?

Dinner or a drink?

Um, no.

This is a classic thing,

you know, asking a firefighter
out after a save.

There... there's even a name for it.

It's called a rescue crush,
but it will pass, trust me.

Just curious.

How many days in a row would
I have to show up

to prove that it's not
just a "rescue crush,"

and that I actually think
we'd have fun together?

Uh, I don't know.

Ten, maybe 20?


I, uh, I work at Molly's, uh,
on Wolcott tomorrow night.

If you wanna swing by,
I'll have a drink with you.

I will be there.


- Enjoy the beer.
- Thank you, Keith.

Hey, hey,

I'm gonna need your schedule
for inspecting all

the lockboxes in the district.

Considering this morning,

it might be a good idea to make sure

that they're all in good shape.

The hell's this?

What could we do for you, Commissioner?

Chief Boden.

Time to repay the favor.

So what's this favor you think I owe you?

You've already forgotten your troubles

with the Assistant Deputy Commissioner?

I'm the one, per his father's request,

got Gorsch off your back.

You're the one who
put Gorsch on his back!

If you're still confused

why I needed someone
keeping an eye on 51,

I'm happy to have that conversation.

Let's just talk about why you're here.

The police commissioner's
office reached out to me

and requested a little
"inter-departmental synergy."

Apparently there's some cop
on the intelligence unit

that's trying to tarnish CFD's image

and I need you to make sure
it doesn't stick.

Is it Hank Voight?

- How'd you know?
- 'Cause he just walked in.

- In here.
- Thank you.


Commissioner, Sergeant Hank Voight,

Detective Halstead, Upton.

Sir, who... what's this all about?

We've had a spate of break-ins

over the past few weeks,
pretty bold crew.

I mean, they'll hit day or night,

any type of location,
business, residential,

and there doesn't seem to be
a lot that can stop these guys.

We had no idea how they were getting in

till you guys reported the empty lockbox.

Every place that's been hit
has a lockbox.

When we check them out,
building keys are still inside.

So you think somehow somebody
got keys to the building

from the lockbox, steal what they can,

then replace the keys
to cover their tracks?

Exactly, until today, they started a fire

and they had to leave in a hurry.

Sergeant, can you skip
to the part where you try

and convince me that there's
a firefighter behind all this?

Well, firefighters know which
buildings have lockboxes

and they're the only ones
who have access to them.

I mean, building owner
doesn't even have a key.

There's only one key per company

and they're all accounted for.

All right, look, there's been a robbery

roughly every 72 hours,

and it's always been during
CFD's second shift.

So you're saying

some firefighter from the second shift

is swiping the key from his company's rig

and using it to commit
a robbery while on shift?

Well, more likely, they're
passing the key off

to an accomplice who's then
carrying out the robbery.

Even then, you'd have
to return the key to the rig

before anyone noticed.

Well, it helps that
every robbery has taken place

within five minutes of Engine 66.

The ones that roll up late to the fire.


What do you need from us?

We want to embed a friendly
firefighter inside 66

to help us sniff out the bad guy.

An informant.


Well, it's better than a few dozen cops

storming the place with a warrant

and start jamming up my firefighters.

Gives us a little control
over the situation.

Do you have someone in mind?

- Joe Cruz.
- No.

Never gonna happen.

Joe Cruz is not your biggest fan,

not after what you put
his brother through.

Well, I don't need Joe Cruz to like me.

The point is I trust him and
I know he can handle himself.

Then Joe Cruz it is.

Whoa, he's one of my best guys.

You're not gonna use him as a pawn

in whatever pissing match you got into

- with the police commissioner.
- Severide!

I don't know,
I can't imagine a firefighter

being involved in something like that.

I feel the same, but we've had
bad apples before. It happens.

If it's true, we need to find out, right?

Yeah, but why do I have to be the snitch?

You don't.

No one can force you to do this, Cruz.
It's your call.

To hell with Voight and Grissom.

Do you want to talk to Voight first,

before you decide?
Lay out some ground rules?

Look, all I need to know is...

do you want me to do this?

I think it's the right thing to do.


Why are they sending you
to another house?

- For how long?
- Which house?

Listen, you guys,

I lost a piece of equipment last week,

so Chief is pulling me off
Squad and he's making me work

a couple shifts on the engine company.

- What'd you lose?
- Guys,

Cruz left a thermal camera
behind on a call,

so Chief is sending him to work
on an engine company

as a disciplinary measure,
standard procedure.

Period, end of discussion.

You got this.

All right, let's move in.

Does this kind of stuff happen often?

Getting shifted to another house?

Once in a while.

Yeah, Severide wasn't happy about it.

Look who actually came.

Of course he did. He's smitten.

And very adorable.

- I'll be back.
- Bye.

Is that the guy from the fire?


If you're still carrying a torch,

you might want to talk to her.

Nah, it's all good.

This business with Grissom,
it feels somehow personal.

He takes my best man off squad.

If Cruz isn't back after next shift,

we're gonna have a problem.

It sounds like Voight's the
one who came up with the plan,

not Grissom.

You don't like the guy.
I don't blame you.

But this situation...

seems to me Grissom's trying
to do right by the CFD.

Or he's trying to cover
his political hide.

Anyway, I... I can't say
much more about it

but I just wanted you to know
I'm working with him.

I don't want you to find out later.

Damn, Joe.

Hank Voight?

Look, I know.

He's not forcing my hand.
It's strictly voluntary.

Look, you can keep me in
the dark about it if you want,

but the fact that Voight's
working the case,

it's gotta be something ugly.

Yeah, but I'm just gathering information.

I'm not doing anything
like you did for him.

I'm not infiltrating a gang.
I'm not even wearing a wire.

The danger's only part of it, Joe,

and that ain't even the worst part.

- What's worse than danger?
- Living a lie.

- I... I'm not gonna live a lie.
- You said undercover.

As... as in I have a cover story.

Also known as a lie.

Come on, Leon...

Listen to me!

I know what I'm talking about.

Whenever Hank Voight
asks you to lie for him,

that ain't no small thing.

Now y-you gotta maintain that lie.

You gotta believe it yourself.


I'm just trying to do a good thing here

like you did back then.

All right, yo, good,

and, like, I hope you do,

but just know that there will
be other consequences

that you won't see coming.

You can count on that.

Uh, hi, I'm Joe Cruz.

What can I do for you, Joe Cruz?

Guess I'm floating here for a while.

Oh, right, new guy.

Megan Tedesco.

Tedesco, you see this note
from first shift?

Charlie said the brakes
are getting touchy.

Charlie's a dumb-ass.

He doesn't know how to feather the pedal.

How's it going? You riding with us?

Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm Joe Cruz.

Suggs. Welcome aboard 66.

She ain't much, but she's ours.

Ugh, oh wow, look at this d-bag.

That's Kehoe.

- This is a firefighter?
- Uh-huh.

Morning, morning!

Jeez, Kehoe, do you have
to be so loud first thing?

Shut up. What's up, man?

This is Joe Cruz.
He's riding with us today.

- Oh, what's up, Joe?
- Hey.

Where you coming from?

Oh, I'm uh, based out of
Squad 3 over on Firehouse 51.

Love the car. Z51 package, am I right?

And you know it. Worth every nickel.


Tell me something.

How bad does a Squad hot shot

have to screw up to land
himself on a lowly engine?


I left a thermal camera behind
in an incident,

so my chief's got me carrying
my sheets for a while.

Better not lose any of my gear.

What are you all standing around for?

Get those regulators inspected.

Uh, hey, uh, Lieutenant, I'm Joe Cruz.

You too, Cruz, let's go.

Don't sweat Pierson.

As lieutenants go, he's
actually a pretty good guy.

Grissom's motorcade.

He must be here to see Chief Boden again.

- You gonna join him?
- Not if I can help it.

How'd things go with him last shift?

Can't really talk about the details.

Forget the details, I just mean, like...

It must be tricky seeing him.

Emotionally, you know, after
all that went on with you two

and your dad.

Wasn't an issue.

The conversation was all business.




Any word yet from your guy?

No, Voight wants him
to maintain radio silence

until he's got some hard intel to share.

He's just a few hours
into his first shift at 66.

His first and last, you mean.

Well, Voight says this operation

may take a while to play out.

He also said that this crew
is pulling a robbery

every shift cycle.

So if your guy doesn't see
that lockbox key

wander off before daybreak,
then Voight's theory is shot.

We pull the plug, having held up our end,

and cleared the CFD of wrongdoing.

We on the same page?

Uh, no, we're not.

With all due respect, Commissioner,

you're going to have to be more patient.

You promised Voight that we'd help him

get to the bottom of this and
that's what we're going to do.

We're not just gonna pay lip service.

We're gonna get answers

even if we don't like what we find out.

Look, I'm not gonna
let these guys use us...

I have got a man with
his neck on the line,

so we're gonna do this my way.

The right way.

I expect to be notified

the moment you hear anything from 66.

All right, man. See you later, all right?

Let's go.

Seems like you got
a pretty tight crew here.

Yeah, you know, we get along.

Tedesco's a real ball buster,
but she's earned it.

Hell of a firefighter.

Cool, cool.

Yeah, the guys at 51
are pretty awesome too.

You, uh, you meet any of them

at that Cortland fire the other day?

Missed that one. Wasn't here last shift.

Oh, so you weren't on duty.

No, I had to have a buddy swap with me

so I can get a crown put in.

Huh. Okay, good.

Good that I needed a crown?

Uh, oh no, I, um...

good that you got it taken care of.

It's, uh, easy for that kind of thing

to fall through the cracks on
a firefighter's schedule.

Man, true enough.

Hey, uh, I brought you guys some shirts.

Oh, damn. You're the Slamigan guy!

Yeah, yeah. That's my side hustle.

- That's cool! Thanks.
- Yeah.

Hey, um, speaking of side hustle,

what's the deal with Kehoe?

What do you mean?

He win the Powerball or something?

How much overtime's a guy gotta work

to roll up in that Corvette?

Do you work for the CFD or the IRS?

Hey, Lieutenant.

Why are you prying into Kehoe's finances?

Mind your own business.

Yes, sir.

Kehoe and his brothers

inherited a big dairy farm
down in Watseka.

Guy's a legit millionaire, swear to God.

- For real?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, what's he still
doing crawling hallways?

He just loves firefighting.

You can't tear him away.
He'd do it for free.


Hey, I don't know why the lieutenant

came down on you like that.

He's just...

just been a little off lately.

There's no food.

Ah, damn it!

Today was Cruz's turn to make the lunch

and we forgot to reassign it.

Ramen's for lunch.

It was Cruz's day.

Damn it.

So are you gonna see
our friend Keith again?

Uh, I don't think so.

Why not?

Well, uh, there's the rescue crush thing.

Plus he runs a fitness center
that has gyms all over,

so he is traveling all the time.

And how is a guy that cute single?

There has to be something wrong
with him, you know?


That's a lot of excuses.

Not to mention you haven't had a date

since the whole Severide break up.

Come on.

Give adorable Keith a chance.

He is pretty adorable.


He is!

Ambulance 61, Squad 3, Truck 81.

Person trapped, 8817 West Ohio.

Calm down, calm down!


Theresa, come on, stop! Stop!

Hey, everybody, calm down!

That bastard deserves it!

- Yo, you're all right?
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!

We didn't call 911 for me.
We called it for her.

Just breathe.

Help me!

Help me! I can't hold on!

- Brett, grab a blanket.
- Got it.

This is all your fault.
He was in bed with her!

Okay, all right!

All right, easy, easy.

Faye and I were together.

When we heard Theresa
come home, Faye panicked.

She thought she could hide
on the windowsill.

I told her there was not enough
room, but she just bolted out!

If she dies, it's on you, Henry!

Hey, hey, hey! Just get back here!

Come on, come on.

Help me!

Hang on!

I can't move.

All right, I won't let you fall.

Just hold onto the pipe.

My hands are stuck!

Hey, Casey, hold off on the basket,

her hands are frozen to the pipe.

Try a blow torch, heat up the metal.

It might be safer
to take some of the pipe.

Hey, Cruz, grab me a sawzall!

Cruz isn't here, Lieutenant, I got it!

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!

- I got ya.
- Okay.

Battery's dead, Lieutenant!

Damn it, Cruz would've
checked that first thing!

Hey! Hey, yo, you!

What's in the mug?

Me? Coffee.

Tony, get that mug up here!

- All right.
- Uh-huh.


Oh, we got it.

We're good.

He's got it.


Faye, you okay?

- I'm sorry.
- You're okay.

I... I panicked.

You're okay. That's what matters, okay?

- Sorry about that, Lieutenant.
- That can't happen again!

To hell with Grissom.
Cruz should be here.

All right.

Man, that's the third
stove fire this week.

I'm tempted to let the next one burn.

Man, we get a lot of those around here.

Old folks in the neighborhood
who live alone,

but insist on cooking.

What you gonna do?

Let's get some lunch.

Hey, uh, hey, 51's
a much busier house, I bet.

Uh, yeah, yeah, uh,
we... we get some crazy ones.

Man, what I'd give...

Uh, damn, left my phone in the cab.

I'll catch up to you guys.

Hey, Kelly.

If you're looking for Voight,

he just went into Chief Boden's office.

Not looking for Voight or Boden.

Came to see you.

How you been?

So you came to make small talk?

Just wanted to know
how you are, that's all.

Been a rough stretch.

I can't tell you how many times

I've been in some meeting or other

and still think to myself...

better call Benny,

see what his take is on it.

Well, I'm fine.

If that's what you want to know.

I know things have been tense between us

and, uh, your Chief and I
aren't always on the same page,

which doesn't make it any easier.

But if there's anything
you need, say the word.

Benny would expect me
to look out for you.

And that's what I plan to do.

Cruz, Cruz! It's the best part coming up.

Where they tear the vault out
of the police station

and drag it through the streets of Rio!

You know, I'm not
a scientist or anything,

but I feel like the physics
in these movies

aren't exactly 100% accurate.

Tedesco, I've seen you drive.
You defy physics every day.

Okay, shut up!

Okay, hey, Cruz,

give us a definitive ranking
of the whole series.

Of the "Fast and the Furious" movies?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah!

And you better get it right.

Um, is, uh, is "Tokyo Drift"
considered part of the canon?

- Yes.
- Hell yes, it is.

You know what? I'm gonna...

I'm gonna mull that over
while I hit the head.

All right, cool.

Damn it, I don't understand.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

I feel like they weren't
straight with us.

You're right.

You're right. It doesn't matter now.

All right, look, uh,

I'll be there right after my shift.

We'll figure this out.

I promise.


What the hell are you doing?

I'm so sorry, I...

That was a private conversation!

What are you sneaking around for?

You wanna know my business?

My wife's cancer is back!

We thought she beat it but
the tests came back positive.

It's in her blood now!

There, you're up to speed.

It's Cruz.

Hey, Joe.

Hey, Chief.

Sergeant Voight is here too.

Hey, Joe, safe to talk?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
for... for a minute anyway.

All right, what's happening
over there at 66?

Not a lot. Good house, good people.

These guys are born firefighters.

You don't think any of them
could be a suspect?

I don't think so.

One guy wasn't even on shift
during the condo break-in,

so he couldn't have passed the key.

For a minute, I thought it
might've been the lieutenant

but just turned out to be
some heavy personal stuff.

All right, listen, Joe, you
got to remain objective, okay?

Just get them to open up to you.

Sergeant, this is
a total wash, all right?

I-I'm betraying good people here.

Hey, don't push him.

Look, just hang tight
till the end of the shift.

We'll talk about it on the other end.

Can you do that?

Yeah, I can do that.

- All right.
- Okay, Joe, get some rest.

Sup, Suggs?

What you doing out here, Cruz?


Come on.

Let's get back to the movie.


What's up?

Nothing, I'm, uh,
just gonna stretch my legs,

maybe get some fresh air.

Pretty cold out there.

Getting late, huh?


I think I'm gonna just hit the sack.


That's a good idea, yeah.

Me too.

Hey, Stella.

I just wanted to say you were right

about the Grissom situation.

Hit harder than I thought, you know?

Yeah, of course.

Um, made me think.

Um, we're road-tripping it
out to Wilmot today,

do some down-market snowboarding.

You know, hopefully I don't,
uh, break my arm.

That sounds fun.

Uh, thanks again for
checking in about Grissom.

Like I said, it made me think.

I'm glad.

I'll see you next shift.

You Okay?


I'll be a hell of a lot better
once Cruz gets back.

Hey, you, uh, you joining us
again next shift, Cruz?

Oh, uh, I don't know.

Um, I don't know what they
got in store for me after this.

Well, if you do come back,
you gotta bring the Slamigan.

I need to see that thing in action.

Yeah, yeah, sure thing. You'll love it.

Uh, check you guys later

- Stay out of trouble.
- See you around, Cruz.

Hey, what are you doing? What is that?

What you got there?

The hell's your phone doing out here?

What happened, Suggs?

What happened with what?

That key's been gone all night.

What are you talking about?

I saw you, Suggs.

I watched you pass that
lockbox key to someone.

But it should be back by now, right?

Third shift might need that key.

You didn't see a damn thing.

You know, I totally discounted you

because you weren't even on
shift during the last robbery.

But you just worked
first shift instead, right?

Passed that key off
the night before the robbery?

Cruz, I don't know what
you think you saw...

I know what I saw!

I wish I hadn't.

Did you record me?

Cruz, you can't do this to me.

I'm not a bad guy.


Look, I don't want to do this, Cruz,

but I need that phone.

Give me the phone now, Cruz!