Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - Episode #7.11 - full transcript


Go to my place, that's your new
home as long as you need it.

You and Kyle
would be great together,

you should call him.

I was just wondering if you
want to have dinner with me.


You've been pushing me away
ever since your dad died

and I've done everything I can
to try and make this work.

I love you, but I can't
be with you anymore.

Hey, Bradley Boyd.

I'm hoping we can have the boat
seaworthy by summer.

I realize it'll take up
a lot of your time.

You know what? I'm in.

Looking for your dad?
He's out with his girlfriend.

Grab a scraper.

All right, bud,
so what are we looking for?

A two-part poly...

whatever-it's-called varnish.


I was listening.
I always listen.

Yeah, you do.

So where do you go to school?

Tramble Academy
up in Highland Park.

How's that?

Most of the kids live near it,

so they get together
all the time.

I just see them at school.
It's all right.

You know, I went to a school
I could ride my back to.

I didn't get a choice.

Is this it?

It says "two part" on it.

- That's the one.
- All right.

I'm getting pretty good at this.

My secret plan is for you
to get so good at it,

you hire me to work
on your gigantic yacht someday.


The last thing I expected
was to be looking

for a new place to live.

Ooh! Can I help?

I've watched so many episodes
of "House Hunters,"

I'm basically
a qualified realtor.

I'll take all I can get.

Yes! Thank you,
I live for this stuff.

Kyle's like,
"Can we go see a movie?

And I'm like, "'Flip or Flop'
is about to start."

How's that going
with the chaplain?

Incredible. We click.


Pretty sure this is why
there's a rule

about not dating
in the firehouse.

The thing about rules
is they don't work

unless you enforce them.

Severide's been in
some mood, man.

He has? Try riding in
the back of truck next to her.



No, what'd you say?

I was just commenting on how...

Whenwhen did you start
wearing your hair

pulled back like that?

Okay, you know what?

Let's just get this out
in the open.

Yeah, Severide and I broke up.

No, it will not affect
our ability to work together.

We're both adults,
we're moving on.

End of discussion.

- Copy.
- Right.

- Well stated.
- For sure.

All right?

What is this?

"Fire safety dog competition"?

We should enter Tuesday!

No, I'm not sure...

She can win this thing.

Trust me,

that dog is a superstar
in the making.

Right, but I-I-I'm
just not sure...

Traveling around
to different schools,

teaching kids
stop, drop, and roll.

Are you kidding me?

Okay, still.

- Engine 51, Squad 3.
- Yeah, this is happening.

Vehicle accident.

of North State and Madison.

My God! I saw the entire thing!

It just flew straight into
the shelter at full speed!

Didn't slow down or nothing.

Help! Help, please!

We have a victim underneath!

Will you back off, ma'am?

Casey, take the driver.

- Severide!
- Yeah!

Capp, Cruz, Tony,
let's get cribbing

and air bags under this bus.

Let's lift the undercarriage
off the curb.

- Copy that.
- Got it.

Anyone with minor injuries,

sit over there
and we'll get to you!

Okay, 61 to Main.
Let's get an EMS Plan One.

Set up the staging area

at the intersection
of Congress and Michigan.

Ma'am hold on.
We're gonna get you out!

I can't move.

What's your name?

- Brandon.
- All right, Brandon.

Just stay focused on me.

We're gonna get you out of here.

All right.

Hey, Cruz,
where are those airbags?

Landing now!

Brett, the driver's
having a seizure.

You gotta get her out of there.

Can't extract until Squad
has the cribbing secured.

- Cruz?
- Two minutes.

- What does she need?
- Versed.

Prep her for it.
Otis, grab me the grinder.


- Set!
- Go.

All right, almost there.

- Good to go.
- Hey, Tony or Cruz.

One of you guys,
get on the other side.


Hold on!

Hey, kid!

Can you get under here
for Severide?


- Grinder coming in.
- Come on, come on!

Hey, help me slide
this backboard underneath.


Ma'am, can you hear me?

I'm gonna give you
5 milligrams of Versed.

- Let it go, Brandon.
- You got it?


Hey, Casey, we're all clear!

Okay, Truck, let's get
the driver out of here!

Take him out.


Slide her, pull her arm.

- Okay.
- Watch your head.

She seems stable.

Let's get her to Lakeshore.

Hey, thanks for helping me
under there.


You see,
"International House Hunters"

is the fancier version
of House Hunters.

Those are the only two
in the franchise so far,

but I think they should
do another one.

Check it out Farm Hunters.

People never talk about it
on TV,

but agriculture makes up over
40% of the land in the USA.

I thinkwhat's that?

The bus driver's tag
said "Anita" on it.

She was taking almost
a dozen prescriptions.

That's probably why
she made the card.

In case she was incapacitated,

she wanted us to know what
she's on so we don't push...

Blood pressure meds,
arthritis meds,

multiple antidepressant meds,

and not one seizure medication.

No, thisthis doesn't add up.

She's got the doctor's name
on it.

Excuse me, we just found
a medical card

that belongs to the woman
we just brought in.

Great, I'll get it to...

I don't know who
this Dr. Shaw is,

but clearly he isn't paying
attention to his patients.

This list is dangerous

without any anti-seizure
medication to balance her out.

She just drove into
a bus shelter today

and has a great case
for medical negligence.

Maybe you should alert him.


So according to
the competition's website,

there are two components
to this The presentation...

Well, no problem there.

Tuesday's the cutest thing
to ever hit the CFD.

And then there's
the performance portion.

Commands, tricks,

things to amuse and enhance
fire safety demonstrations.

This is what
I've been trying to tell Kidd.

She isn't exactly
the best listener.

It's all under control.

One of Trudy's best friends,
Denise, is a dog trainer.

Wait a minute,
doesn't Denise hate you?

We see the world differently.

this is right up her alley

and if it makes me look good
in Trudy's eyes to hire her,

well, two birds, one stone.

Don't you think you ought
to run this by Kidd first?

I think Kidd is gonna be
happy we took the initiative.

This is tougher than
I thought it was gonna be.

We are never gonna
be able to work together

if we cannot put this
behind us, Kelly.

Yeah, I agree.

So I've been throwing
something together.

A little spreadsheet action on
some places around your area.

Wow, you're not messing around.

Now what you're gonna wanna
look for is a big backyard

for grilling/entertaining,
hardwood floors,

two bedroom
plus a home office, maybe?


You really know how to pick
a partner, don't you?

I don't...

Get Emily Foster and meet me
in the briefing room now.

I-I don't blame him
for filing a complaint.

Jim Shaw is a respected doctor
at Lakeshore

and you accuse him of medical
negligence to a duty nurse?

Chief Hatcher, in my defense,
I know exactly what...

I know all about your medical
background, it's irrelevant.

It gives you no right
to disparage actual doctors.

The CFD won't stand for this
so let me be clear,

if this happens again,
you won't be a paramedic.

Not here, not anywhere.

Chief, it took me months
to find the right fit for 61.

Foster's a talented paramedic.

You're supposed to be
the leader here.

- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm used to it.

My old partner
used to lock horns

with Hatcher all the time.

You could set your watch by it.

How'd that work out?

He, he invited her

to lead a task force
in Puerto Rico.


How would you describe your
relationship with your dog?


- Really terrific.
- Yeah, she's a sweetheart.


Dogs aren't your friends,
they aren't your children,

they aren't your sweethearts.

They are animals,

and they are looking
for any sign of weakness

in your voice, in your demeanor,

in your body language
to take advantage of.

Dominance is the key.

Firm leash corrections,

bitter apple spray, you know it.

Negative reinforcement.

They are not supposed to...
Excuse me.

Kidd, this is Denise,

she's the professional
dog trainer

I was telling you about.

Very close friends with Trudy.

Yeah. Nice to meet you, Denise.

Exactly how firm of a tug

are we talking about with
this leash correction thing?

- Boy.
- Well, here. I'll show you.

Here we go.


Thank you for stopping by,

I think we got
it from here, Denise.

- Excuse me?
- You're fired.

Let's not be rash.

We're beyond rash.
Get out of here, Denise.

Hey, don't worry, girl.

She's not gonna scare you
like that again, okay?

Look, see II had...

I will be training this
sweet animal from now on

and if see
negative reinforcement again,

you will be riding to calls
on the outsides of your rigs.

That sounds like
negative reinforcement.

Hey Brett, thanks for this.

Happy to do it.

What was that about?

She's gonna help me
find a new place.

There's no rush to move out.

Fish and houseguests.

No, it's fine.

Seriously, it's been nice
having you around.

You're barely there.

You go from shift to the boat
and back to shift.

Idle hands.

Well, look, if you want a cigar

and chat about anything,
I'm there.

Okay, maybe.

We'll see.

Okay, Riley, next we're gonna
do what's called wet sanding.

Have you heard of that?


All right,
this is a hand sander.

See the bucket?

We pre-soak the paper

because we got to keep
the hull wet while we work.

Okay, grab that sponge.

We'll wipe off the excess water.

Can I ask you a question?


Do you like my dad?


He's never here.

Yeah, well, I'm sure he's busy.

With Mandy.

Where's your mom?

I don't remember her.

Kid, I don't know
what to tell you.

You got some pretty tough cards
dealt your way.

I know exactly how that feels.

What do you do about it?

I'm still figuring that out

but I'll let you know when I do.

Riley, driver's here. Grab your
book bag and let's go.

You think it's okay
to talk to my son that way?

Excuse me?

I hired you to restore a boat.

If I needed a child counselor,

I'd have a damn professional
do it.



Terrell says he needs money.

Latte with skim milk, please.

Two of those.

Okay, I have one for you.

If you could have dinner
with anyone in the world,

living or dead, who would it be?

St. Paul.

Right. I guess that...

No, I'm totally kidding.

No, Stephen King.

What, really?

Yeah, my dad used to leave
Stephen King books

lying around the house.

Picked up my first
one when I was 12,

"Pet Sematary," and I have
been addicted ever since.

I would not have guessed that.

Well, stick around and you'll
find out so much more.

- Hey, I have an idea.
- Yeah?

You up for a detour?

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Welcome.
- We're just looking.

Of course,
make yourself at home.

Have a cookie.

And, um...

there's a gym in the building
for your husband.

- No, we're not...
- Yeah, we're just...

Okay, I'll let you guys
look around.



Wow, this is an amazing view.

So what do you think?

Countertops are nice,

I'd change
those fixtures, though.

Great lighting,
beautiful hardwood floors,

good storage
but for the asking price,

this feels like a steal.

What was that for?

You just looked all cute
there house hunting.

It's for Casey.

I know, but the live version

is just way better than
watching it on HGTV.

Well, if there's a walk-in
closet in the master,

you're gonna see a side of me
that might get embarrassing.

How are you guys doing?


Excuse me, nurse?

Hi, can you tell me where
I can find Doctor Jim Shaw?

Sorry. He isn't on call today.

Got it, thank you.

What about the room of
a patient named Anita Grant?

That's so sweet.
You didn't have to do that.

Just wanted to get you
a little something

and check on you and see how
you've been since the accident.

I still don't remember much.

One second I was looking
in my side view

because some lady in a pickup
was crowding me and...

then I felt weird,

like I was having goosebumps
up and down my side.

Next thing I know,
I'm looking at you guys.

You look a lot better now,
let me tell you.

How were the people
at the bus stop?

I-I feel terrible.

All on the mend,
not one permanent injury.

Thank the good Lord for that.

Anita, can I ask you something?

Your doctor, did he talk
to you about your medication?

No, I don't think so.


I saw your medical card.

that's exactly why I made it.

Yes, but...

Look, I don't mean to alarm you,

but if your doctor
is prescribing

all those medicines together,

my opinion is...

My opinion is you need
to find a new doctor.


Took a look at the boat
this morning.


Let's just say I'm
not happy with the work.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Not sure what you were doing.

The sanding's uneven,

the varnish looks like it
was thrown up there

with a spray can.

Yeah, maybe you're just not
used to high-end jobs.

I get it, you work down-market.
It'sit's my mistake.

All I can say is, um,

I hope you're better
at fighting fires

than restoring boats.

- Watch yourself.
- Dad!

No, Riley,
it's good you see this.

This is how you handle business.

Recognize a bad hire,

make a change as soon
as you can.

You can keep the deposit.

Anything more, I'm not paying.

You know what?

I don't want your money.

Sorry about cluttering up
your place

with all this smoke-filled junk.

Yeah, I was gonna say
there needs to be some rules.


You got a to-go mug in there?

- No.
- All right.

Then... you get the one
that Shay gave me.

Hey, after shift, what say
you and me drive to Detroit

and catch the Hawks-Red Wings?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What about the boat?

Owner turned into a jackass.

Went right into
the "life's too short" column.

Anyway, kind of glad
to be done with it.

Frees me up for more hang time.


- Sexy pants.
- Thanks.

It's open!

Hey, Cindy made a batch of
these muffins you rave about.

I told her, you know,
I'd look at them and,

they'd all be gone, so.

She make them on her own or
you ask her to make them?

Nah, she justyou...

I mean, I-I...
I might've suggested.

Herrmann, will you please
stop fussing over me?

Okay? Seriously, I'm fine.

Hey whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!

Hey, hey, about face,
you can leave the muffins.

Thank you.

Hey, what's this?

A dog training bible.

That has got all the secrets
on how to transform Tuesday

into the perfect show dog.

You're really taking this
competition seriously?

Well, fire safety is
serious business.

Or you might say that you're
throwing yourself into this

because you don't wanna deal
with the Severide of it all.

All right, um, eat your muffins.

I'm gonna go knock the ice off
the windshield

and meet you in the truck.

Gimme ten minutes.

All right.


Just the guy I was looking for.

Wait till you see the selects
I came up with

while we were off shift.

All right,
this one's in Hyde Park.

Three bedroom, top floor,
parking's included.

I may have popped over there

and it's not ready to move in
yet, but it's pretty nice.

I'm not really a fan
of big windows.

Yeah, no, totally get it.

Um, this one used to be a school

that was converted
into residential condos.

And again, I might've done
a little drive-by

and it is nice!

Shower's a little small.


I mean, I guess...
I guess it's average.

I didn't really...

Okay, how about this one?

It has a fireplace
and it's in Millennium Park.

- Maybe.
- Yeah?

Yeah, yeah, send me
the details and I'll fly by.

Absolutely. Thanks.

- Whoops.
- Hey, Captain.

I must've left half a dozen
messages for Doctor Shaw

and I still haven't heard back.

I'm sure it's just...

Could we maybe
swing by Lakeshore?

If he's not taking my calls,
then I need to get in his face

and make him see
where I'm coming from.

Um, respectfully, of course.

I'll just explain, not accuse.
Thanks for this.

It'll work out, you'll see.

No, no, no, no, no. Here.
Come over here.

Tuesday, come.

Good girl, and sit?



Will you sit, please?

Want to walk with me
and inspect the rigs?

Yeah, sure.

Hey, hey, hey.

Now we're gonna try drop.

Okay, Tuesday?

Hey, come here.

Okay, can you drop for me? Drop!

Drop? No, Tuesday. Drop down.

What are the odds
of getting Denise back?

Drop for me, Tuesday!

Come on, Tu...

You know, maybe it's the treats
that I'm giving her.

You know, the "Dog Bible" says
that they should be high value.

Maybe these aren't cutting it.

What's high value mean?
She's a dog.

She'll eat anything.

Yeah, but when I try
to give her medication,

she wouldn't take it unless
I slather it in peanut butter.


No, I'm telling you.

Like, she'd eat a rock
if I put peanut butter on it.

Won't you?

- Madame.
- Why thank you.

All right.




And roll!


What'd I tell ya?

We might actually win
this thing.

That work on kids too?

Way to go, kid.

Good job.


I know,
I'm just here to explain.

Doctor Shaw?
You're looking at him.

I'm Emily Foster,

the paramedic you snitched out
to my chief.

Excuse me?

Anita Grant, bus driver,
does that ring a bell?

I have no idea what
you're talking...

Your patient was dangerously

That woman trusts you,
you were her doctor.

You were supposed
to put her health

and her care first and foremost.

Not pump her so full of drugs

that she has a seizure
while driving.

She deserves better
and that's on you.

Ambulance 61, Truck 81,
Engine 51, Squad 3...

Report me again, I don't care.

What you're doing is not right.

Structure fire
at 3386 North Tahoma Avenue.

Hey, that's Boyd's place!

- Who?
- The boat I've been restoring.

That's his address.

Severide, how many live here?

Father and son, son's ten.
They have a boat in the garage.

Get in there and do
a primary search.

- Copy that.
- Hurry, get a line in there!

Copy that, Chief!

- Casey!
- Yup.

- Clear the house.
- 81, let's go.

Check every square inch!




Anyone here?


Get down!

Let's keep looking. Come on.

The house is clear.

- What is this?
- My God.

You the homeowner?

- Yeah.
- You know where your son is?

Yeah, he's at school.
Howhow did this happen?

All occupants accounted for.

Severide, Cruz, evacuate.

Copy that.

let's get this fire out.

Severide. Did you...
Did you say Kelly Severide?

- You did this!
- Hey, hey!

- You did this!
- Hey!

This son of a bitch
lit up my boat!

He did this!
You're going to jail, asshole.

Look, I don't know what
you're trying to pull.

Back the hell up.

Casey, get him out of here.

Come on, back up.

You, over there
until I tell you otherwise.

Fire's out, Chief.

Copy that.

Good, the cops are here.

Hey, I'm the homeowner.
I know who did this.

He's right there.

He started the fire!

That man right there.

How long are they gonna keep
grilling me, Chief?

There's a third detective here
asking me more questions.

The truth is on your side,
Kelly, don't forget that.

Doesn't matter how many people
you have to tell.

You know what I think?

I think the boy lit
his own boat on fire.

I think he wanted this reaction.

He's already come after me
in front of his son,

made a show of it.
That's not enough?


Come on.

This is beyond.

So you weren't upset
with Boyd for firing you?

That's a lot of money.

Like I told the first officer,

the second, and now you,

I've been on shift all day.

Ask 30 people here
who've seen me.

- Boss.
- Tom, thanks for coming.

I'm Captain Van Meter,
Office of Fire Investigation.

Detective Johnson, Major Crimes.

Did you find evidence of arson?

The source of the fire
was a pile of rags

soaked in oil-based wood stain

which makes a perfect setup
for spontaneous combustion.


The oil stain cures

and has nowhere to off gas
within the pile of rags,

so it generates its own heat
and fwoom.

How long would it take

for this spontaneous combustion
to occur?

Anywhere from a few minutes
to a few hours.

So theoretically,

someone could have planted the
pile of rags in the morning,

headed off to shift,
and waited for the inevitable.

I didn't leave any rags out.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

What happened?

They told me to get a lawyer.

That's unacceptable.

You want me to call someone?

I'm thinking it won't
be necessary.

Well, nice working with you,

I just heard from Doctor Shaw.

About that...

Informed me that you caught
a prescription error

that the hospital made
with one of his patients.

May well have saved her life.

No one else caught the fact
that she was overmedicated.

I take a hard line, but I can
admit when I made a mistake

and clearly I owe you
an apology.

I don't...
I mean, you don't have...

No, I do, and I'm sorry.


What just happened?

You kicked ass,
that's what happened.

Excuse me, um...

Is Kelly here?

I started the fire.

I know.

How did you know?

I've told you a dozen times
how dangerous it is

to leave oily rags lying around,

how flammable they are,

and I've never once
seen you leave them out.

I hate him.

Here, let's grab a seat.

The way he acts towards you,

towards everyone,
that's his problem.

It's not your problem.

What is your problem is
how you respond to it.

And like I told you before,

I didn't have that part
figured out.

I don't.

But I do know this isn't the way

and I know it's not you.

The good news is
no one got hurt.

Hey, we got lucky.


Riley, look at me.

We got lucky,

but going forward
isn't about luck.

It isn't about your old man
or how he acts, it's about you.

It's how about you decide
to respond.

Choose to be better than him.


Good man.

Now we have something
really hard we have to do.

I did.

I told my dad.

We're gonna get him counseling.

I assure you.

You choose.

Riley, get in the car.


You coming out tonight?

First, I think I need
to swing by Lakeshore,

toss a couple of "my bads"
at the doctor I lit up.


- Could we try this again?
- Yeah.

- Emily Foster.
- Jim Shaw, pleasure.

You know, just so you know,
I do care about my patients.

I'm confused,

why did you rat me out to
the chief in the first place?

I didn't, my ER nurse
made the call

after you gave her
Anita's medical card.

Apparently, you had some
pretty choice words to say

about me after you thought
I was her primary caregiver.

Me? No. I mean, okay, guilty.

Okay, not a big deal.

No, nurses get protective.

You know, Anita Grant had seen
five different doctors

in the last eight months.

Clearly, none of them bothered
to look at her card,

but the reason my name was there

was that I was the first
physician she saw.

I would never prescribe someone
that many medications.


Honestly, I'ml'm grateful
that you caught the mistake.

And a little impressed.

There are not a whole lot
of paramedics

that pay that much attention.

That's kind of my thing.

I can see that.

Anyway, I apologize
for coming at you.

I will check first before
I bring both barrels.

Not a problem, I understand.

Hey wait, um,

I got a question for ya, um...

All right... would you like
to get dinner sometime?

And what do we do when
we hear this howl?

All Get out of the house!

All right, next up we have
Tuesday the Dalmatian

from Firehouse 51.

Okay, you're with me.

All right.

Okay, all right.



Good girl. Drop.


Go, down.

Okay, justcome on.

Tuesday, Tuesday!

No! No!

My God! No!

That dog is mauling the girl!

No, no, no!

The dog is not... The dog is not

mauling the girl.


- Tomorrow night...
- Let me guess.

"Property Brothers" marathon.

Ha-ha. No.

What's this?

Stephen King is speaking
at Northwestern.

No way.

If you bring a book,
he will sign it.

Marry me.

I didn't mean... thatthat was...

That was...

No, I know.

I'm gonna go get you
another bottle.

Brett, that house in
Millennium Park...


The house you sent me
to look at.

I don't think
it's going to work out.

Really? I thought it had
everything you wanted.

Itit's not the house,

I think I'm gonna stay
with Severide for a while.

He'd never admit it, but he...

He needs someone looking
after him.

As a fellow parent,

if I saw some strange dog

trying to lick
my kid's face off,

I'd be a little pissed too.

Yeah, yeah, I might've
gotten a little too into that.

Hey, you know you keep
telling me that

you're fine and I hear ya.

Everybody deals
with breakups differently

but if you're not totally fine

and you're just trying to find
your way through it,


it's okay too.

Doesn't make you
any less badass.

Okay. So maybe I'm not
completely over it.


But I will be.