Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - A Closer Eye - full transcript

Casey struggles with his personal life; the firehouse welcomes a new member; Boden clashes with the new assistant deputy commissioner.

I am not adopting, Matt.
I want to have my own baby.

Well, I want to also,
but, Gabby, you can't have one.

This is one decision
you can't leave me out of.

You know who I am.

You knew it when you married me.

I haven't changed.

It used to be
the thing you loved about me.

All I think about is you.


Brett. Sylvie.

Listen, I'm sorry
I jumped you on that call...

I have never been spoken to
like that before in my life.

I treat you with respect
every time the bells go off.

If you can't do the same for me,

don't ride with me on 61.

Chief Grissom's progress reports.

He's been tampering
with the numbers since 2006

to make himself look
more effective to the mayor.

The mayor just appointed
the CFD's next commissioner.

Call Grissom.

I look forward to scrutinizing

every aspect of the CFD,
and bring it in line

with what a city as great as Chicago

can expect from its first responders.

All I'm hearing at Molly's

is firefighters groveling about
reduced, you know, furloughs

and pushing back retirement dates and...

Two months into the
Commissioner Grissom era

and morale is rock bottom.

What's two years going to look like?

Hey, Otis, what happened
to taking that report

- to the mayor's office?
- The Chief balked.

He wouldn't even
give me an answer as to why.

Hey, I know why.

He doesn't want to
embarrass the department,

the mayor's office in an election season.

It's political.

Yeah, that's makes sense.

What are you doing?

Just trying to distract you
while I steal your coffee.


How's he doing?

You want to talk to me, Chief?


Over the last few months, you have dinged

every new partner you've had, Sylvie.

I-I don't know about dinging.

I've... I've politely suggested
that we find better fits.

The paramedic that you are getting today,

Emily Foster, she stays here,
unless or until Dawson returns.


I mean, it seems like we should...

Give her a chance to succeed
here, yes, I completely agree.

Chief, I'm not arguing
with your decision, but...

That's good, then I'll see
you at the morning briefing.

Okay, everybody. Settle.

So, first bit of news,
you may have noticed

- that Connie's desk is empty.
- Yeah, what's up, Chief?

I'm delighted to tell you
that over the past four years,

Connie has received her
master's degree in counseling.

- No kidding.
- She just got hired

at her dream job, head of counseling

at Whitney Young Magnet School.

They asked her to start immediately,

and I couldn't stand in her way.

- Well, that's fantastic.
- Yes, it is.

I didn't get a chance to say good-bye.

- None of us did.
- I hear you.

But it's okay 'cause...

she knows how much we love her here.

So, new business.

We have a new paramedic,
Emily Foster, starting today.

Is Emily here?

Did it start yet?

Oh, damn it.

- I'm so sorry, Chief Bodie.
- It's Boden.

Right, Boden. Sorry.


Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61,

man trapped, 45 West Hubbard Street.

Manpower sent me to Ambo 41,

so I was all the way
at Congress and Wells

when they called back
with the correction.

- Uh, yeah, that happens.
- Oh, it does?

- Oh, thank God.
- How long have you been

- with the CFD, Emily?
- It's my third month.

But I'm loving it so far.

What's the problem?

Coleman, our head of maintenance.


Uh, he was working
on our freight elevator.

Kind of leaning out
into the shaft, you know,

when all of a sudden, the car drops,

knocks him clean on the head.

He falls, the car stops,
but then it starts again.

Show us.

- Back up, guys.
- Now, guys.

All right, guys, first thing we got to do

is gain control of this cart

before it crushes him down there.

- Cruz, Capp, grab some crib...
- Casey!

- Casey!
- Casey!

Damn it! Cruz, Capp, grab the Hurst tool

and as much cribbing as you can carry.

- Copy.
- Hurry!

Otis, override the controls
and shut it off.

I can't see.

You got hit in the head.
You have blood in your eyes.

Pike poles! Let's go!

Power's cut on the freight elevator.

It's not stopping, Otis.

The power's out.

Get down!

- Tony!
- Got it.

- What's your name?
- Co... Coleman.

Let me see your head.
Hold this against it.

And I can't Se...

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Out of my way!

- I got the Hurst, Lieutenant!
- Put it in the gap!

Open the jaws, and catch it
when it comes down!


- Got it?
- Yeah.

Okay, now we can breathe.

Let's get the cribbing
in there to maintain the gap,

and we can unbolt the
floor latch and pull up Casey.

You okay down there, Casey?

Uh, a little cramped, actually.


Hey, man, I don't mean
to step on your captain-ness,

but how about not throwing
yourself into harm's way

before we get a clear-eyed
assessment of the call?

I just reacted.

Yeah, like you had a death wish.

Ah, Ramirez made his move.

What's this?

Got an ongoing game

with Beto Ramirez from first shift.

One match is months in the
making, and I've never won.

It's super exciting.

I know. By the looks of it...

I'm about to topple his king.

I mean, look,
he... he stretched his defense,

he's broken his line.

Left himself vulnerable.
Checkmate in eight.


No? What... what do you mean no?

I mean, if you start with your rook,

he's four away from trapping your queen.

- Where are you going?
- To think.

What'd you see?

I don't really know how to play chess.

- I just like to mess with Otis.
- Got it.

Who have you ridden with so far?

Uh, I've had two partners.

A guy named MacAuley
and a guy named Ogle.

- Oof.
- Are they friends of yours?

Oh, Lord, no.

One of them's Mr. Doom and Gloom,

and the other one's just plain mean.

Thank God. I thought it was just me.

- That's all you've had so far?
- So far.

Both said it's better to float.

Don't get attached
to one house or one partner.

Just keep things moving.

By your face. I see that's bad advice.

Uh, no, it...

technically not a bad idea
to find the right fit.

Anyway, I got to get
my paperwork filled out

and turned in because obviously

I didn't get it sorted
before the bells went off.

I'm going to try and dig myself

out of that hole with Chief Brody.

Chief Broden? B... Chief Boden.

- Boden.
- Okay.

- Give me that one. Thank you.
- Wallace.

Jerry, you got a promotion.

Assistant Deputy Commissioner.

I can see that. Congratulations.

Well, it was a meteoric rise,
I guess you could say.

I'm just happy Commissioner Grissom

- recognized my potential.
- Huh.

The man has been making
lots of dynamic changes.

Streamlining overhead,
re-examining facilities,

reducing costs
while maximizing potential.

Updating resources while replacing

faulty, out-of-date equipment.

Finally, we have a Commissioner

who understands
what it means to be a leader.

- Hmm.
- I'm proud to support him

any way I can.

He, uh, has asked me to keep a closer eye

on some of our busier houses.

Mine, to be precise?

Hope this won't be too awkward for you.

I mean, last time we worked together,

I was a candidate,
you were, what, Lieutenant?

- Captain.
- Oh, right.

Oh, Jerry, this will not
be awkward for me.

Make yourself feel at home.
Let me know how I can help.

I'll be sure to do that.

Of all the people...

What's up?

I'm going to ask you the same thing.

I'm not sure what you're getting at.

When's the last time you talked to her?

- Talked or texted?
- Either.

Uh, a few days, a week? I-I don't know.

When she told me her two-week mission

was going to extend a month,
I didn't protest.

But when that month became two,
I-I blew up a little.

- Maybe a lot.
- Yeah?

We started out FaceTiming,
then phone calls.

Now it's pretty much just two-word texts.

I think I'm more angry
than anything else.

Okay, well, in my opinion,
that's not just on Dawson.

If you want this
long-distance thing to work,

you might want to step it up.

Says the guy who's so good
at sharing his feelings.

Well, this is one of those
"do as I say" type situations.

I'll keep that in mind.

- Matt?
- Hey, Gabby.

Hi. I'm sorry I didn't call right back.

It's been a bear of a week,
but really good.

Yeah, I-I tried you a couple times.

No, I know, I know, I'm sorry,

but when I get a breath, it's,
you know, 2:00 in the morning,

and my phone is dead, and...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I...

Tell me what's happening.

Um, well, we just got power back

to this part of the island,
and we had 40 volunteers

set up shelter stations
where families come in,

they get food and water,
they can get checked out

by a doctor or a medic.

I mean, some of these kids...

Sorry, um, they haven't
really had medical care

in, like, over a year, so they're tired

and confused and hungry,

but when they come in, Matt,
you should see their smiles.

They are just so grateful,
and I hug them,

and I tell them it's not their fault,

and it's just...

I swear I'm getting
more out of it than they are.

- What?
- It sounds great.

Oh, tomorrow four of us
are going over to Mayaguez

to convince FEMA
we need more of everything.

Like, jump bags, medicine,
the basics, gauze,

scissors, aspirin...

Um, I really want to talk to you,

but I got to get running...
can I call you back later?

- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, thanks, Matt.

Love you. Talk soon. Mwah.

You too.


something I want to
make you both very aware of.

I saw.

Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner Gorsch

has let me know, pointedly,
that he's going to be

keeping a very close eye on Firehouse 51.

I'm surprised it took Grissom this long

to sic the dogs on us.

Well, this particular dog...
I have history with.

Oh, yeah?

Story for another day.

Anyway, here's how we're
going to handle it.

For the rest of the shift,

we are gonna batten down the hatches.

I mean, I do not want
anybody standing around.

Truck, Squad, I want
combination drills, I...

Sorry to interrupt, gentleman, but, uh...

I come from the school of leadership

that prefers open doors, so...

if we could just
leave this open from now on...

That'd be great.

- Casey.
- Brett.

I was just wondering

if you've heard from Gabby recently.

Yeah, I just talked to her.

She was doing really well, actually.

- That's great.
- Yeah.

Any word on when she's coming back?

I-I think it's still fluid at this point.

I just, um...

I-I texted her a few times
before she left,

but I just want to talk
to her face-to-face.

I know what you mean.

Well, it's good to hear she's doing well.

- Yeah.
- I'm sure she's taken over

the entire relief effort at this point.


I've studied Glucksberg vs. Najdorf

and Byrne vs. Fischer,

and I'm confident that
I'll have checkmate in...

seven moves.

- What? What?
- Tell him, Mouch.

Well, ah, I can see one, two,
three flaws with your theory.

- That's what I had.
- Especially if Ramirez

sacrifices his whatch-a-madingy.

- His rook.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Hey, Squad 3, let's go fill up the rig.

- Severide.
- What's up, Danvers?

You hear the new one from headquarters?


Looks like Commissioner Grissom

is now picking a fight with the union.

- Over what?
- Health care.

Says there's going to be another increase

to our premiums,
which is the total opposite

of what he told our firehouse
before he got the job.

What do you know about Assistant
Deputy Commissioner Jerry Gorsch?


He's posted up at 51 this shift.

He's looking for dust on shelf
tops and crumbs on the floor.

Boden says they have a history.

Never heard of him,
but that doesn't mean anything.

I spent my entire career
avoiding headquarters.

Hey, I hear that.

- Topped off, Lieutenant.
- All right.

Hey, thanks for the heads-up. Help!

Help! It's Morgan! He hit a power line!

Hey, Danvers, grab the ropes... hurry!

Got you.

Main, this is Engine 77.

I'm at the Fulton Depot, and
I need an ambulance right away.

We have a burn victim.

He's breathing.

He's got a pulse.

That is my favorite part of riding Squad.

You never know what
Severide's liable to try.

What's that, now?

Oh, you should have seen it, Chief.

We're at the Fulton Depot refueling,

and these construction workers
just start shouting.

Turns out the guy that
was running the jackhammer

struck a power line.

He should have called before he dug.

Yeah, anyway, we're getting
set up for a rope rescue,

and the guy just bursts into flames.

But out of nowhere,
Severide just launches

and knocks the guy free.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

And we were able to smother the worker

and get a pulse.

It was a great save.

So you just ignored your training?

I wouldn't say that.

When dealing with a power line,

at what point
were you taught to make contact

with a victim attached
to an active current?

I do whatever I have to do
to save a human life.

And what happens when good firefighters

risk their lives to save yours?

If you don't like my methods,
report me to your boss.

He's the one who trained me.

Oh, Commissioner Grissom's already
had a lot to say about you.

Anything else?

- Otis.
- Yes, Chief?

You still have that report on Grissom?

Yeah. I mean, yes.

I want you to go over it
with a fine-tooth comb,

make sure every figure is triple-checked.

Are you going to take it
to the mayor's office?

You just bring it to me when you're done.

Yes, Chief.

Hey, Brett, this guy
I'm seeing, Declan...

he owns this speakeasy

under the old
Wesley Memorial Bank downtown.

- You been there?
- Mm-mm.

Well, it rocks, and I got the hookup.

So, if you want to come with me tonight,

there will be no standing in line.

Oh, thank you. May... maybe another time.

- You got a hot date?
- Uh, no.

Um, I'm... I'm single.

Just so you know,

this place is like
a feeding frenzy, girl.

Like, you will get eaten alive.

Whenever you want to go,
just let me know.


Don't let it drag
on the bottom, now, Kelly.

You can be the Chief of the firehouse,

the captain of this boat,
but don't tell me

how to fish, old man.

Oh, is that right?

That's right.

Hey, Chief, what's the story
with you and Jerry Gorsch?

That one.

Back when I first made Captain
of Firehouse 22,

we had a young candidate
named Jerry Gorsch,

who might have been good
at a lot of things.

All I know is firefighting
was not one of them.

- Sounds like a problem.
- It was.

When it came time to
write up my year-end report,

I let our battalion chief know
my feelings on the subject.

And Gorsch found out?

They sent him to headquarters

where his talents were better suited.

- What talents?
- Political ones.

Does he know you were responsible?

I was open about it.
Hell, he should be thanking me.

He has done quite well,
rising up through the ranks...

his way.

It's just like Grissom
to find your Achilles' heel

and use it against you.

Chief, you cool
if I take a furlough week?

You going somewhere?

I'm thinking about stepping it up,

as someone recently advised me.

- Maybe heading to San Juan.
- Really?

- Oh, let him take it.
- Set the hook.

Oh, come on. Easy now.

That means he's fighting you.
Come on, fight him back.

Fight him back. Get him up here.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Oh, come on, get it! Get it! Whoo!

Ah, hey, Mr. Fish.

Hey, Chief, hi.

- Ho, ho, Ramirez!
- Zvonecek!

I got you, man. I finally got you.

- Uh, what?
- Checkmate in eight, brother.

I've studied every permutation,

and black is vulnerable
no matter what you do.

Brian, I haven't been to
Firehouse 51 in seven months.

- I transferred over to 84.
- You did what?

I'm humping hoses on
Engine 84... I thought you knew.

- Who have I been beating?
- I don't know.

Who... who have I been beating?

That's disgusting.

- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh.

Hey, it's the jolly fishermen.

- How have the bass been biting?
- Well, you and Mouch

should have come
and found out for yourselves.

- Yeah, I had to work.
- I had to drink.

How come I didn't get an invite?

Because I'm waiting for those reports.


Hey, Chief.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

I got them for you.

It's not a case of sour grapes, Dale.

I want you to know that.
I'm not angling for the job.

- What am I looking at?
- Manipulated statistics.

Grissom deliberately falsified
the numbers in his district

to make it seem busier, more
efficient, more productive,

and the mayor's office
bought right into it.

- You sure?
- Hmm.

This is a serious allegation.

It would have been better to
have it before his appointment.

I understand.

To be honest,
misinterpretation of my motives

is why I haven't come forward
until now, but...

it's not about me.

It's about the Chicago Fire Department.

I will take it to the mayor immediately.

This is Jerry Gorsch.

Yes, sir.

Um, about 20 minutes.

I'll head there right away, sir.

Did you think that up yourself...

- just like all whippity-whop?
- No, it's an old saying.

Uh, what... what... what is this?

Oh... looks like there's a note.

"Didn't see my knight. Checkmate in two."

Winky face.

Who am I even playing?

Let the record show I am on time

for my second shift at Firehouse 51.

- Oh.
- Whoo.

Ambulance 61,
man down from unknown causes,

435 South Ashland Avenue.

- What's up?
- Some joker in there

got hit in the head with a brick.

Some kind of domestic...
sister's boyfriend maybe.

- You arrest the guy?
- Was gone before we got here.

Is the victim conscious?

Yeah, but it doesn't look too good.

Show us.

I told Little B not to come here

whenever Jamiel was home.

He ain't supposed to be here never.

We wasn't doing nothing!

All right, let me see.

Come on.


He's got orbital pressure buildup.

We got to get him to Med right away.

He doesn't want us to move him.

What? He could lose his eye.

He's got an ankle monitor.
I'm calling Corrections

to get them to shut it off,
but if you remove him

before it disconnects,
he's going to go back to jail

- for violating parole.
- We can't wait.

We have to transport you.

I can explain the circumstances.

Yeah, and how long
I'm gonna be sitting in a cell

while some judge sorts that out?

Please don't move me until this
thing gets shut off, all right?

I can't pay no attorney.

Hand me the scalpel from the jump bag.

For what?

I'm going to perform
the lateral canthotomy.

You're three months on the job.

- We're not trained for that.
- I am.

- No, absolutely not.
- Ten minutes.

If we tried to move him now,
he'd lose the eye anyway.

Hold still.

Ready? Keep breathing.

Just keep breathing for me, okay?

Slow and steady.

You're okay, just breathe, breathe.

- What... what you doing, lady?
- Trust me.

I have to release the pressure,
or we're going to be picking up

your eyeball off the floor.

Deep breath.


You okay?

Can I have some gauze, please?


Thank you.

Okay, DSC is shutting off
the monitor now.

You're good to go.

You okay, Jamiel? You still here?

All right.

Okay, we're going
to lift you up on three.

One, two, three.

How do you know how to perform surgery?

Different lifetime ago.

I heard the surgeons talking.

Looks like the guy
we brought in, Jamiel...

he's going to be fine.

Might have some blurry vision
for a while,

but they think
he'll make a full recovery.

That's great.

I'm sorry for...

taking over that call.

You're the PIC,

and I know I should wait
for you to give orders.

It was just time sensitive,
so I jumped on it.

No, it's... it's cool.

That's what a good partner should do.

- Was that Emily Foster?
- Uh-huh.

She's a paramedic now?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Otis, what are you doing?
It's end of shift.

Exactly. I reset the chess board,

and now I have to see
who from third shift

comes in and moves a piece.

Okay, well, look, unless you
want to find another ride home,

the train is leaving
the station in five minutes.

Oh, I'm going to be here
all day if I have to.

I have to know.


Oh, you can't be serious.

Ha ha! Ha ha!

Explain yourself.

What do you want from me, Otis?
Ramirez transferred out.

I saw the chess board just sitting here,

begging me to make a move. I...

- Why didn't you tell me?
- What? I don't know.

We're competing against
each other all the time,

which brings a fair share
of trash talking,

jawing, and guff.

And, um, I think...

I think it was nice

to just play a game against you

without all the extra shenanigans.

- That's sweet, actually.
- Yeah, it was.

I mean, it was sweet

when I didn't know who was going to win.

But now that I have proven
once again that I am the queen

of all I survey,

I see nothing wrong
with a little verbal sparring.

Oh, here we go.

Do they make trophies
for chess champions?

I mean, they do, right?

Which you should look into

because my birthday is coming up,

and I need a little decoration
for the mantel.

Okay, well, we'll see about that,

because tonight I want a rematch...

at Molly's, with time limits.

Oh, you're on, son,

but you better bring a defense this time.

She said she would have
caught twice as many fish as me

if we'd only invited her along.

That sounds like Kidd.

Anyway, um...

Boden's boat kind of gave me the bug.

I think I might head up to Wisconsin,

try and catch some walleye.

- You want in on that?
- Maybe.

Or maybe I'll need a lift to the airport.

All right, well, let me know.
I'm happy either way.




Looks like you've been
pretty busy, Chief.

A lot of free time on your hands?

I thought it would ease your mind

to know that the mayor's office
received your report,

and while they appreciate your concern,

they're already well aware
of the clerical error

in regards to District 5's call log.

- Clerical error?
- That's right.

I'm sure you understand
how these things happen.

You use a temp agency,
you expect them to know

the inner workings
of the Chicago Fire Department,

all of its tics, and, well,
it's harder than it looks.

The mayor let Commissioner Grissom know

that he has his full confidence.

They've grown really close...
the mayor and Grissom.

They share the same outlook,
you might say.


that office back there...
noticed it's empty.

I'd appreciate you
keeping it cleared for me

so I can work out of here
on a more permanent basis.


Yeah, is that a problem?

No, Jerry. Not a problem.



Hey, Matt.

- You're back.
- Yeah, I am.

Those look more like leaving bags

than staying bags.


yeah, they asked me to extend again.

- How long?
- Um...

Uh, it's a permanent position.

I can't describe to you

the amount of aid they need down there.

I mean, it's like the bell's
going off every single minute.

They asked me to lead a unit,

directing two dozen men and women...

doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers,

people who are giving up...

everything just to help.

You could come with me.

We could go together.

I'm a Chicago guy.

You know that.


I'm so sorry, Matt.

I didn't know it was going
to turn into this when I left.

- I just thought...
- You're meant to do this.

All your training,
your years as a paramedic,

your time as a firefighter,
it led you to this.

I'm just lucky I got
to walk alongside you

as long as I did.

Thank you.

I'm proud of you.

I've never known anyone
as good as you, Matt Casey.

I never will.

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