Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Foul Is Fair - full transcript

Dawson and Casey struggle to communicate; Brett and Kidd compete for the affections of a hazmat officer; Otis, Herrmann and Mouch search for the source of a stench that's making life difficult at Firehouse 51.

I just found this on the squad table!

His name is Mr. Sprinkles.

We think he would be a very
good firefighter mascot.

You need anything, day or
night, 24/7, you call me.

Girl tries to steal drugs,
maybe you're getting snowed.

She's gone! She's not at the hospital,

she's not at the apartment.

I know how you feel about
the way I'm handling this.

It doesn't matter how I feel.

You're gonna do whatever
you're gonna do anyway.

You know, there's that
stretch of Milwaukee Avenue

where I see teens in those encampments.

You know a girl named Bria?

No, I don't think so.


Hey, sorry. Go back to bed.

When'd you get in?

A while ago.

This about that girl?

Bria, yeah.

I'm on her Facebook page.
She hasn't posted in days.

You gotta get some sleep, babe.

I will, I will, it's just...

Tina said she didn't have any relatives

who could care for her, but
this woman, Melinda Tripp,

she replied to some
post about a year ago

and Bria replied back
calling her "Aunt Melinda."

I think that's kind of weird.

Would you be cool if Kidd
subbed for me tomorrow?

I mean, if it's gonna put you in a bind,
I'll suck it up,

but I really want to keep working this.

Well, I'm the captain, so
I can make that work, I guess.

- Yeah.
- Great, thanks.

Looks like
you're doing less fires

and more taking temperatures today?

Yeah, Casey called bright and early

- to ask if I could sub for Dawson.
- Yeah?

Yeah, apparently, she's beating herself up

about this missing girl.

Yeah, she has a tendency to do that.


You guys smell that?

That's never a good way
to start a conversation.

Something is ripe!

I don't smell anything.

Well, you're blind,

or whatever the smell
equivalent of that is.

Curiously enough,

the female nostril holds 1,000
times the smell receptors

as their male counterparts.

That sounds made up.

It was on the internet.

Maybe it's the gym bag that
Capp keeps under his bed.

I don't think he's aired
that thing out in years.

Saw him leave with it yesterday.

That's his overnight bag.
I'm talking about the bag

under his bed he calls his "go bag."

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61,

woman caught in machine.
805 South Quincy Street.

Yo, watch your backs.

Coming through! Fire
Department! Step back, please!

- Step back! Step back!
- Excuse us! Excuse us!

- Thank you!
- Back, back, come on!

- I'm late! Let's go!
- Help me!

- Come on!
- Please, help me!

Hold on, ma'am!

It hurts! Please, someone help me!

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Please, help me!

- Please! Get me out of here!
- Hey, can you get me out?

Help me, please! Get me out of here!

Knock the rest of this glass
off, cut through here.

Ma'am, you gotta stop moving!

- It hurts!
- We're working to get you out,

you're making it worse for yourself!

- It's killing me!
- Hey, can you

use your little glass
breaker on my section?

Hey, stop touching the glass,

shut up, and stand back!

- Hey, cover your head with your jacket!
- What?

I need you to cover your eyes.
We're gonna break the glass.

- Herrmann, grab the cutters.
- Right, on it.

All right, Stella, get the morphine.

I need you to hold still, okay?

- Okay.
- We've got you.

I'm gonna get you some
medication for the pain.

Please hurry up!

Come on, let's go!

- All right, guys.
- Hey, I got a meeting!

Come on!

- Let me out!
- Help me!

Hey, do that again,
and we'll leave you in there all day!

Okay, Brett, Kidd!


All right, guys.


Got the leg.

Watch her head.

All right.

Give us a few minutes to
get this glass swept up.

Hey! Hey!

Let me out!

What the...

What the... come on!


Yeah, what do you need, buddy?

You were the guy
with the woman last night

under the 18th Street bridge?

You were showing that
picture of the girl around?


That was me.

Yeah, I know her.

Do you?

Well, I... I went to school with her.

Payton Grizzlies.

You did?

Yeah, um, she hangs out with these kids

behind this small market
on 16th and Kenilworth.

Well, at least, she used to.

Why the hell didn't you
tell me that last night?

Come on, man. You looked like cops.

Can you help me out a bit?


You and Gabby were walking
around Skid Row last night?

Yeah, I thought she told you.

Well, she told me you
were out looking for Bria.

I didn't know to what extent.

Well, it was my suggestion.

We didn't find her, so...
I guess it was a bad idea.

Okay. Thanks.

Dawson probably just
doesn't want you worried.

She knows how you feel about...

About what?

Getting too close to victims.


Yeah. Definitely smell it now!

Yeah, what's fair is foul,
and what's foul is fair.

What does that mean?

It's stinky!

Hey, Capp, did you empty your gobag?

My guess is that it's the paramedics.

I mean, who knows what
they keep in their bunks.

Because they're women?

- Maybe.
- That deserves no reply.

You know what it could be?

First shift is trying
to pull a joke on us.

There's all kinds of novelty
gags you can buy.

Poo powder, barf mix.

Hey, Captain!

Who on first shift is most
likely to want to punk us?

- Smolik? Freeman?
- What?

The smell... we think it might
be first shift messing with us.

- I don't have time for this.
- Sorry, Cap.

Everyone go through
your personal belongings

until the source of
the smell is located.

Someone left something rotten in a bag

or shelf or footlocker, so find it.


Hey, I found a Melinda Tripp
listed in Joliet.

I think from her Facebook
she might be Bria's aunt.

I'm on my way there now,

I figured it was worth the
gas money to check it out.

Great, I got a lead too.

Some kid who went to
Bria's school said that

her group used to hang
out behind some market.

I don't know if the kid's shining me on,

but I'll look into it
and see what I can find out.

- Okay, keep me posted.
- Will do.


Have you talked to Casey?


He's worried about you.

Um, okay, I'll call him later.

- Catch him up.
- Okay.


- Did you talk to Dawson?
- Nope.

Okay, well, she's in
Joliet, checking up on...


Yeah, something about
an aunt on Facebook?

What is she doing?

I'm not trying to get
in the middle of anything.

I just want to find this girl.

I'm here to help!

I'm gonna roll squad by that...

by that market on Kenilworth,
see if I can learn anything.

Radios are on if we catch a
call, double time it there?

- Cool?
- Yeah, do it.


Squad 3, let's go for a ride!

- I'll be back in a minute.
- Hey, you want me to come too?

No, I got this.

Hey, get me a Laffy Taffy.

Hey, need to talk to you.

Hey! Just a... just a sec!


It's about a girl named Bria!

Give it back.

It's mine.

Tell me what you know about Bria.

- Come on, man.
- Trying to help her.

She was gonna go see her dad.

They have him locked up at one of these

mandatory rehab facilities or something.

I told her don't do it,
but she's stubborn.

- That I know.
- She said she'd come back

after she saw him, but she didn't.

Cops maybe got her.

I don't know. This whole thing sucks.

She shouldn't have to
be dealing with this.

If you find her, tell her
we're all worried about her.

I will.

I think it's gotten stronger.


I think you're right.

I'm starting to get a migraine.

Well, we can't sleep in here tonight.

Could be black mold.
It's a total teardown, if so.

I saw it on "Fixer Upper,"
it's a health hazard.

You gotta rip apart the
entire building, start over.


Let's get these bunks out of here.

We'll move them into the hallway

or put them in the briefing room.

Good idea, then if the hallways smells,

we'll know it's the mattresses,
if it doesn't,

it's definitely something in here.

Black mold! Tellin' ya!

Hang on.

- I gotta...
- Let it go.

- Let it go.
- You had it from the bottom.

Don't grab it from the top.

- Chief.
- Yeah?

Can I borrow the desk Hope was using?

I gotta finish these call logs,
and the bunkroom is...

Be my guest.

You know, I've been thinking,
um, since you made captain,

you should maybe take the blue office.

Move out of the bunkroom.

I've been using it for storage
since Patterson was here.

We could easily clean it out,
set you up in there.

I noticed the extra 100 feet
the men have to go to

to complain about their problems.

Might as well be a mile.

They'll work out some of this
nonsense themselves, you know.

Sounds interesting, Chief.

Ambulance 61, 3831 S. Lawndale,

woman down from unknown causes.

So the way I do it is I find the vein,

occlude it with your thumb...

And push the blood upward
and out with your other finger.

And where the blood backflows to,

that's the valve, that's
how you avoid hitting it.

- That's smart!
- Really?

Dawson's always
telling me to eyeball it!

And that avoids sticking
your patient a million times!

That's what I've been saying.

Hey, your technique is deadon.

You know what?
It is all kinds of awesome,

riding with you.
I mean, don't get me wrong,

I love me some Gabby, but
we click, like ruby slippers!

Hey, I got one!

Make the stretcher with a
little extra length

- at the foot end.
- Why?

So if you get an extra tall victim,

you have room to cover their feet

so when you unload the stretcher

and you accidentally bump into him,

you don't get gunk all over your shirt.

That's a good one.

Someone call a paramedic?

- It's my mom!
- Show us where.

She's in the basement,
and she won't get up!

I tried going down there,
but I couldn't breathe,

and Mom told me
if there's ever an accident

- to call 911.
- You did great.

Will you stay over there
until we come and get you?


What do you think?

Exhaust pipe from the dryer disconnects

could flood the whole
basement with carbon monoxide.

- We gotta get Mom out.
- Okay. Hold our breath.

I'll get her arms, you get her legs.

We're in and out, 20 seconds.




Her pulse is weak.

Mom, Mom, no!

- What's your name, honey?
- Gemma.

Gemma, can you do us a favor?

Will you grab us some towels and a robe?

- We're gonna take care of your mom.
- Okay.

61 to Main, we need you to
roll out a Hazmat unit

to 1100 South Lawndale Avenue.

We got a chemical spill in the basement.

Copy that, 61. We'll notify Hazmat.

- Great job, Gemma.
- Thank you.


- There you go.
- Okay.

There we go.


Here we go.

That should be fine.

How you feeling?

I still don't know what happened.

Well, you can't mix
chlorine and ammonia.

They form chloramine,
which produces a toxic gas.

I had no idea, I was just
trying to clean the floor.

Well, now you know.

The air is clearing,

we're ventilating out the back windows.

Ambient air quality should
stabilize in 20 minutes.

Well, let's call it an hour to be safe.

I will never do that again.

No problem, ma'am.
Just glad you're okay.

Um, we're gonna route you to
Chicago Med,

just to be doubly sure, and
Gemma's gonna ride with us.

Thank you.

You wanna drive?

- Stella?
- What? Yes!




- Still here.
- It's a total teardown.

Chip and JoJo would agree with me.

You know what? Trudy and I

have been turning the back
guest room into an Airbnb...

Well, thinking about it.

In preparation, I've been watching

some DIY videos on plumbing.

This might be a mainline problem.

Do it yourself plumbing.
What could go wrong?

Pipe closet right on the
other side of that wall.

Smell worse in there to you?

I can't smell anything anymore.

It's like my nostrils just gave up.

Go get me the toolbox from 81.


- Can I help you?
- Yeah.

We're firefighters over at House 51.

You have a patient here
that I'd like to visit,

if that's possible.


- Pilar Valdez?
- You gotta be kidding me,

- Joe Cruz?
- Yeah!

I heard you was a firefighter.

12 years running.

Well, it looks like it suits you.

- Keeps me on my toes.
- Well, you always had a way.

- I don't mean to interrupt...
- Well, you did.

Hey, Pilar,

can you help out my lieutenant here?

He just needs to see a patient.

And can I use your bathroom?

Fill out the second page
and sign the bottom.

I can't believe this.
Joe Cruz walks into my clinic!

Right on the cusp of Valentine's.

It is great to see you.

Mr. Jamison.

I know you... you're the one
that came in with the paramedic

when I...

You were her boyfriend?

Coworker. We...

we work at the same firehouse.

I just wanted to stop by and
ask about your daughter, Bria.

No one's been able to find her,

and I was hoping that you could help.

I know that she was planning
on coming to see you.


No, she didn't come. Hey!

Hey, Warren!

Hey, hush up in here.

Did my daughter come to see me?


Hey, you stirring him up?

- No...
- If so, you gotta go.


I messed up!

I messed up, and now
she's paying for it.

How's that fair?

We'll find her.

I haven't told her.

I haven't told her it was my fault.

I haven't told her that
I would do anything for her.

I didn't have a chance,
and now she hates me!

I know, and I can't blame her, but...

I have to tell her that it's
not her fault, none of it!

She doesn't hate you.

And she did come to visit you.

I know how hard this is.

You get clean...

and we'll make sure to have her here

for when you walk out.

What do you want?


- are you Melinda Tripp?
- So?

- I just wanted to ask...
- I paid my bills!

No, no, no, I'm not a collector, um...

I'm looking for your niece, Bria.

You leave that girl alone!

- Is she here?
- Leave her alone!

Ma'am, I'm not the police,
I'm not a social worker, I'm...

I'm a friend, and she's in trouble.

What kind?

Her father's in the hospital,
and he can't take care of her.


- She's better off without him.
- No, listen.

Bria ran away.

She's afraid to be in the foster system,

and now she's disappeared.

She's better off.

- Living on the streets?
- Safer that way!

Won't end up like her mother.


He drove her to it, you know.

Chipped away, chipped away
at her every day.

He didn't pull the trigger,
but he might as well have.

Bria's mom killed herself?

She's better off...

Without him.

Ma'am, please, what about Bria?

She's alone! She's scared to death!

- Hey.
- Hey.

How goes it?

I found her aunt.

I can see why she's not
listed as a guardian.

She's... off.


Said her sister was driven
to suicide by Bria's dad.

I was just with him.

Whatever he was in the past,
I have no idea,

but I know that he wants
to beat this for his daughter.

Yeah, well, she's not in
Joliet, I can tell you that.

She was here. Maybe too scared

to come in through the front door,

but she left him a note,
says she loves him.


I'm on my way back.

All right, drive safe.

So you got your main line
and you got your water line,

one goes to the sinks,
one goes from the toilets.

Make sure you pick the right one.

Already taken care of, Herrmann.

I replaced the seals, flushed the pipes,

we should be good to go.

Then what are all these extra pieces?

Is that smell gone?

I have no idea.

Found some tissues. All's good.

All right, the smell's still
here. I can still smell it.

Yep, still gross.

Why are there greasy gaskets
out in my firehouse corridor?

That's because Mr. Fixlt
over here, he decided to try

and flush out the sewer line.

Question two... who called headquarters

saying that they were a whistleblower

and that maybe we had
black mold here at 51?

Hey, Chief, Stella and I just
got back from a call today,

and the Hazmat unit was amazing.

And see, there's this
lieutenant in that unit...

I think the name on his sleeve was Zach.

Definitely, definitely was Zach.

Anyway, I could call over there

and see if Zach could
stop by as a favor.

Which is a great idea!

Okay, fine.

Hi! Hi, Zach, it's Sylvie Brett from 51.

We're the paramedics who were
on your basement call today...

You do. Okay.

Listen, we're having some...

olfactory issues here at the firehouse,

and I was wondering if...

Ha. You would.

Um, great. See you in a minute.

- He's headed over.
- Great!

'Cause I am gonna ask him
out as soon as he gets here.

It was my idea to call him.

I was gonna ask him out.

Well, I already called dibs.

Well, you don't just...
you don't just call dibs.

Well, he was checking me out
on the call, so...

I think he was
checking me out, besides...

Brett, listen. I need this.

I have had zero luck in love this year.

Zero! II live with a guy
who has firmly stuck me

in the friend zone, so...

Um, I need this too.

I just broke up with Antonio again.

And I would really like
to forget about him, so...

Yeah, well, I'm not giving in.

Neither am I.

Well, you can take your ruby slippers

and land a house on them.

Hey, Matt, I guess I missed you.

Listen, I...

I, I know I've been distant lately,

and that's my fault.

And I'm sorry.

I'll catch you up on
everything tonight, I promise.

I love you, babe.

Hey, Matt, I guess I missed you.

Listen, I...

I, I know I've been distant lately,

and that's my fault.

Thank you.


I've been thinking.

Come on in.

As soon as you get
out of touch with someone,

you feel like you've distanced
yourself from their concern,

their problems...

what were inches between
you can grow into miles.

I been doing a little bit
too much of that lately.

Distancing myself.

So I don't want this
to come out the wrong way,

and I really appreciate the offer,

but, I think I'm gonna
stay in my old quarters

so I can be close to my men.

Okay then.

I'll admit I'm a little jealous.

When I made Battalion Chief,

I was very happy to get to
this end of the firehouse.

No more snoring men,
no more coughs and sneezes

at 4:00 in the a.m. just as
I finally got my eyes closed.

It was a place to come, shut my
door, and not be bothered.

But it turns out... sometimes
I miss being bothered.

Sometimes I miss those
sneezes and snores.

Well, I can send Mouch down here

tonight if you want, Chief.

You do that, and
I will take those bugles

from your collar my damn self.

Hi, Zach, I'm the one who called.

Yes, she is always calling men.

All the time. Anyway, I'm Stella Kidd,

and it is just so great
to see you again.

I'm... Sylvie.

I literally never, ever call men.

I don't know what she's talking about.

How can I help?

It's yeah...

Hey, welcome to 51!

Yep, we got a mystery odor,
and for once,

it's not coming from Otis.

Yeah, I can smell it.

All right, this is one
of my favorite toys.

It works like a supernose.

Fruit companies use them
to identify rotting fruit

in big batches... we use them to
identify dead bodies in rubble.

You know, I got a
Japanese firefighting robot

that actually has over
200 temperature gauges.

It's in here.

- In there?
- Yeah.

Your walls are thick concrete tile,

but these dividers are painted to match.

Must be hollow.

Someone get me a chisel and a mallet.

You were quick.

- So quick.
- I'm so grateful we called you.

Great idea I had.

It was my idea, actually.



Yeah, feel something.

I think it's a dead critter.

I can just reach...

where it is... yeah.


Hey, guys.

So, what's the verdict?

We found the smell!

I'll just dispose
of this on my way back.

Thank you so much for your help.

You may have to come back
and look for two more bodies

stuffed into the walls!

Okay, look, Mr. Sprinkles got away.

We didn't want to break
your kid's heart.

I'm gonna break
something, all right.

Truck 81! Bunkroom, now, please!


- Well, thanks, Zach.
- Yeah.



Um, so listen, my friend, Stella,

the tall one who was just here...

I remember.


She's fantastic.

I just thought you should know that.

Do you have her number?


Listen up!

I want all the bunks back where they go.

I want that hole covered
until we get it repaired.

I want the plumbing closet
in the hall cleaned up

and looking the way it did
when we started shift.

Are we clear?

Ayeaye, Captain!

Okay, here we go.

There will be no humming while we work!

- Okay.
- None? Can we whistle?

O, Captain! My, Captain!

We're fishing!

- It's an improvement!
- You know what?

Cindy's gonna wonder where I've been!

You act like you smell so good!

I appreciate your zest!

- Okay, all right.
- We gotta move it! Let's go!

Hey! Captain!


What's a stave?

Guys, Lily was so nice to do this.

A fitting tribute for our wall of fame.

Isn't it great?

I'll put it right next to
Burgess' bulletproof vest!


That animal died because of you nitwits!

Actually, he sacrificed itself

for the greater good. Because of my...

Because of the anonymous
whistleblower call,

headquarters has approved brand
new mattresses for the bunks!

- We're getting Memory Foam?
- I know, right?

You know what? Let's go!

200 bucks, each of you.

For what?

The Chicago Humane Society,

or you are never drinking
at Molly's again!

Come on!

Cough it up! Dig!

- There you go. You too.
- What did I do?

It's a good cause!

Guess what, Dorothy?

I just got a call from Zach,
the handsome Hazmat guy.

And we are going on
a date tomorrow night!

I'm happy for you. He seems terrific.

- Wait a second.
- What?

What did you say to him
when I had to go back inside?

- Nothing.
- Nothing, nothing.

What'd you say?

God, you felt sorry for me,

and so you told him to ask me out.

No, no, he asked for your number.

I just... I told him you were fantastic.

Which you are, so...

You're the best!

Talked to Antonio,
told him about the aunt.

He ran a quick vet on her,

and she's got a history
of mental illness.


He also read me the police
report on the mom.

She did kill herself.

Bria was only six.

Did he say how?

Selfinflicted gunshot.

Father and daughter
weren't home at the time.

The neighbors saw the mom
go in, heard the shot,

called the police.


It's gotta be brutal
for the both of them.


Yeah, this is she.

Can you describe her?

Okay, yeah, I'll be right there.

What is it?

That was the morgue, um...

A Jane Doe teenage girl just rolled in.

She had my card in her purse.

Hey, I'll take her.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx