Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Devil's Bargain - full transcript

Casey and Severide find themselves at odds after Casey argues with him over the best way to save a teenager entangled in barbed wire. When Casey looks to Boden for help smoothing out the ...

Hope got into a little bit
of trouble back home.

I didn't steal any money.

She explained it all to me.
Small town drama.

What did HQ say about
those oxygen bottles?

I called and left
a message this morning,

but I think I might
have the wrong number.

Yeah, you have an explanation
for all of it.

Congratulations, Captain Casey.

Starting immediately Captain
Casey will be your goto

for all personnelrelated issues.

Chief told me he'd back you up

if you wanted to make captain yourself.

I'm in no rush.

Impressive stack of forms on your desk.

You having a paper drive?

That's the paperwork I get to
deal with thanks to these.

I was thinking of giving up
bacon for health reasons,

but Trudy has two rules for men.

No cats, and no vegetarians.

I'd add sandals to that list.

If we put together a list
like that for women,

you would murder us.

That's not true. Try it.

Do not.

No, please. I'm interested.


- Maybe just...
- Come on, Otis.

What's on the list?

No... racists?

Is that a question?

You're not sure?

Never had a chance.


What a nice welcome.

Yeah, nothing cheers up
this crowd like paychecks.

- Sylvie Brett, there you go.
- Thank you.

- Matthew Casey.
- Yep.

Hey your first Captain's paycheck.

Must be nice.

Christopher Herrmann.

There you go, Kelly.

Happy payday, everyone.

Thank you.

Forgot someone.

There wasn't a check
in the package for you,

so I figured you must
have direct deposit.

Nope, I get a check every
week, just like everyone else.

Or at least, I did until today.

I'm not sure what happened,

but I'll call over to payroll right now.

I'm really sorry about that.

Don't worry. She'll find it.

Hey, yo, you're blocking
emergency vehicles here!

Deliveries go around back
to the kitchen door!

Not this. It's too big.

Holy smokes. What is that?

Couldn't tell you.
Belongs to a Brian Zvonecek.

Hey, Cruz. Go find Otis, would you?

Hey, Otis! Get out here!

What'd Otis do now?

Ordered something
all the way from Osaka.

Is this what I think it is?

You tell us.

What is it, Otis?

This, gentlemen, is the future.

Truck 81, Ambulance 61.
Person injured...

Hey, Cruz, can you drag that in for me?

Real gentle. Thanks, pal.

You guys better hurry.

Where's the victim?

Right this way with
an attempted breakin.

Didn't work out for the kid.

Got him real good.

My God.

81 to Main, you better
send out Rescue Squad.

All right. Stop moving, buddy.

The more you move, the worse it gets.

Watch your backs.

He's losing a lot of blood,

and the medics can't work on him

until we get him out of that mess.

Truck can get him down here,

but I want Squad to cut him free.

No, let's leave him where he is.

Cruz, grab a Stokes basket,
a rope, and a pulley.

- Copy that.
- What are you doing?

Gonna reposition the aerial.

Make it an overhead anchor point.

We'll take the Stokes basket,

and we'll raise it up to the victim,

secure him in it, and then
we'll extract the wires.

- Strand by strand.
- That'll take way too long.

I Just want to cut
the whole section free,

and bring him down, you can
disentangle him on the ground.

Casey, you see where that
wire's digging into his leg?

Yeah, that's why I want
to bring him down,

so the medics can stop the bleeding.

I say we should keep him stable.

Mouch! Get that ladder up!

Mouch, scrub that. Stay where you are.

I'm making the call.

We bring the victim down,
and work on the ground.

Stokes basket is ready, Lieutenant.

No, we don't need it.

Captain says we're gonna
bring the victim down

right now, wire and all.

Grab the bolt cutters,
and head up on the roof.

- Copy.
- Herrmann,

let me up on that ladder.

All right.

Tony, let's move this dumpster.


- Ready, Lieutenant?
- Go for it.

- Let me grab the pole.
- Flip it.

- You got it, Kidd?
- Yeah.

Whoa, whoa. Wait.

That's it. Stop.

Hey, watch the barbs.

Wire's under a lot of tension.

Got it.

Watch it.

Okay. Bring him down.


- Okay?
- Got it.

Got it.

Damn it.

We got a bleeder.

Femoral artery.
We need to transport now.

Let's go.

Nice work.

Did things seem a little
hostile back there

between Casey and Severide?

Yeah, Squad always thinks

they know better than everyone else.

Okay, thank you, bye.

- Hey, Stella.
- Hi.

That was payroll, and
according to their system

they did issue a check for you,

but it wasn't in the packet,

so they must have messed up
somewhere along the line.

- Someone did, yeah.
- Mistakes happen.

I will figure
all of this out, I promise.

Maybe it was in another packet.

I will get your check to you ASAP.


Of course it has to be.

Stella's check that goes missing.

She already hates me.

This is only gonna make it worse.

- She doesn't hate you.
- Please.

I can tell, even if I have no idea why.

No way.


I had my mom send a bunch
of stuff from Fowlerton.

This was in the box.

My God.


Look at what dorks we were.

Yeah, you were never a dork.

That's the year I got braces.

- You were such a good girl.
- You weren't.


Herrmann, have you seen Severide?

Nah, but come here, Otis
wants to show us something.

What's in the crate?

Otis says it's the future.

Hey, Kidd, come on in.
You're gonna want to see this.

Okay, so, a few months back,
I signed up with a manufacturer

to beta test a new piece of equipment.

And you didn't run it by me first?

No, but I'm personally
liable for the loaner unit,

so I figured I didn't
need your authorization.

You did.

Okay. I understand that now,

but Casey, you're gonna love this.

Because we're not talking about
some new tool or piece of gear.

This is a whole new class
of firefighting technology.

Otis, open the box.



This is the Kyujo Nakama 250.

Did you call it Cujo?

No, I didn't. This is the Kyujo Nakama.

Which means "The Rescue Pal."


With all the new responsibilities

that Casey's got, you're just
gonna drop that in his lap too?

He's gonna thank me for this, okay?

This machine is gonna change everything.

Sure, by putting us out of a job.

Yeah, machines are taking
over fast enough

without traitors like you, you know,

rolling out the red carpet for 'em.

Hey. Victim's gonna pull through.

Never lost consciousness
the whole way to the hospital.

Thought you'd want to know.

That's great.

Everything okay?

- Casey...
- Yeah.

When you escalate a call...
a routine call...

and bring in Squad, that generally means

the Squad officer is now
in charge of the scene.

Generally, yes. But in this case...

So what's the point of
asking me for my expertise

if you're just gonna pull rank
and make me do things your way?

Whoa, I... I didn't pull rank...

I've worked under a lot
of chiefs and officers,

and I've never seen a good
leader ignore an expert opinion

just because he could.

Severide, I wasn't
looking for an assessment

of my leadership abilities.

I just came to tell you
about the victim.

Fair enough.

Thanks for the update.

We have a problem.

- What is it?
- Nothing life or death,

just I had a little friction
with Severide

on our last call.

I'll spare you the details.
Suffice it to say,

he didn't want to follow my command.

Now I get it. He had his opinion

about the rescue, as he should,

but he put me in a position

where I had to issue a direct order.

And now he's all bent out of shape.

You need to talk to him, Chief.

- Me?
- Yeah, I already tried,

but you know, we were friends, and...

I think it's hard for him
to accept the new dynamic.

I thought you said
"we" had a problem, Captain.

Well, it's my problem, Chief, but...

Then you should deal with it.

Otherwise, you make it my problem,

and you might not like my solution.

I can't have discord
in my command structure.

That's a untenable situation.

Stokes basket was a good idea.

Yeah, I thought so.

Why did Casey have to
overrule you on that?

Couldn't tell you.

I mean, you know I love Casey.

But he ought to have more
respect for Rescue Squad.

All our knowhow.
The extra training we do.

You gonna finish that compartment

anytime today, Cruz?

Meaning what?

Maybe she took it.

I mean, she got in trouble
for stealing at her old job.

She did not.


Look, if you're talking about Hope,

she would never do that.

You know that thing in Fowlerton

was just her crazy boss making stuff up.

I know that's what she says.

Hope can't steal your check.

Accounting already
stopped payment on it.

I don't know what she's up to.

The whole thing is weird.

I have never had an issue
with payroll ever.

Have you guys?


No, but that's...

Seems to me that
she is either messing with me,

or she's incompetent.

And neither one
of those things are good.

Or accounting made a mistake.

And she's bending over
backwards trying to help you.

It's funny that your problems
with Hope started

right after she slept with Severide.


my problem is that money is tight.

And I'm gonna miss a car payment

because of her screwup!

Guys, come on.

Good. You're here.

I just talked to Yvonne in payroll,

and they're gonna cut you a new check,

but they say it's gonna take
like two weeks to process.

I told them they had
to do better than that,

and I will make sure that they do.

I just wanted to keep you updated.


Thanks, Hope.

No problem.


Don't put Brett in the middle of this.

Brett did that. Not me.

I'm not the bad guy here.

Are we sure this is a good idea?

It's fine.

The Rescue Pal is on duty.

Firehouse burns down. Film at 11:00.


I got it, I got it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

And the robot rebellion has begun.

Okay. Okay.


Not a problem. Not a problem.

Not a problem. I got this.



Ambulance 61. Person in Distress.

Halsted and West Washington.

Looks like a good time
to get out of here.

She's over here. Let me show you.

Excuse me.

I brought her a chair because
she wasn't feeling good.

Okay. Thank you.

Her pulse is tacky. About 110.

She was in the aisle
complaining of lightheadedness

when I found her.
She's about eight months along.

I'm a doctor.

Great. We got it from here.

- Thank you.
- Okay, I'm Pete Calhoun.

Let me know if you need anything.


Hi, I'm Gabby. What's your name?

I'm Deborah.

I'm fine, really.
I'm just a little bit dizzy.

Check her blood pressure?

Lucky we got a doctor here.

Did the dizziness come on
suddenly, or...?

I guess, I... yeah, I think.

Deborah, do you know where you are?


- Her blood pressure's
really high: 190/108.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

She's eclamptic.

We need to stop her seizures

and get her to Med fast.
She needs to deliver.

Careful. No stimulation.

You need to administer magnesium
sulfate for the seizures.

Yeah, they took that off
our rigs a long time ago.

All right.

Pushing two milligrams of Versed.

- I can help hold her.
- Sir, we need you to back off.

Pushing two more milligrams.

Okay, let's get her out of here.


Get her on a cardiac monitor.

We know.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, of course. I hope she's okay.

Hey, Cruz. Severide come in yet?

Yeah, he took off right
from the apparatus floor.

He didn't even change?


You get an update
on your pregnant victim?

Yeah, yeah, they did
a Csection at the hospital,

and both the mom and baby are stable.

Nice going.

You, where's Brett?
Did she cut out early?

Yeah. She was vague about why.

I think something's going on.

Or she wanted to avoid
walking out with me.

There must be some way
to expedite that check.

Let me talk to your supervisor.


If and when
Hope actually gets me my check,

I will apologize to Brett.

But she should apologize
for that Severide comment.

I was kind of proud
of her for that one.

Yeah, me too.

Herrmann, did you see this?

What the hell's going on?

I got to lock up the robot.

I can't risk the other
shifts mishandling it.

So you're putting it in our food locker?

You got a better idea?

Yeah, don't put it in our food locker.

You can't leave this stuff out, Otis.

Those guys on third shift
are like raccoons.

They'll eat all our DumDums.

Guys, this machine cost 9 million Yuan.

And I'm the one
that's responsible for it.

Hey, Captain, Otis is trying
to turn our food locker

into a doggie crate
for his stupid robot.

Figure it out.

There. I figured it out.

Sorry I'm late.

I'm just glad that you showed up.

Um... okay.

I was worried that the stalkerish way

I tracked down your number at the CFD

might've sent you running.

It still might.

I just figured I'd get
a nice meal out of you first.

Smart woman.

You were really impressive

treating that victim on scene.


- So how long have you...
- What kind of doctor...

How about I order us some wine?

Smart man.


Here's the thing.

You and I have been working
together a long time.

And developed a certain dynamic.

But just because
the dynamic has changed...

My plan was better.

Can I just finish?

I know the kid was bleeding out.

The Stokes basket, it wouldn't
have taken that much longer,

and we could've kept him stable.

Here's a similar rescue.

Utility worker gets his arm
snagged up on a telephone pole.

That's where I got my idea.

Severide, are we talking about

the best way to handle a call,
or are you just miffed

because I got my captain's
bugles before you?

The victim's gonna lose his leg.


I talked to Maggie over at Med.

The femoral artery, it's ruined.

The nerve damage is too great.

They're gonna amputate
first thing in the morning.

And your plan could've saved his leg?

- You know that for a fact?
- Casey, it was a better plan.

You have no idea if it
would've made a difference.

Come on. Nobody can know that.


Should've kept him stable.

I'm not really a kissingon-
thefirstdate kind of girl.

Okay. I respect that.

But the thing at the ambulance

when you smiled at me,
that was kind of a first date.

So this would be
like our second date.

- Right.
- I respect that even more.

You're very respectful.

Which is a good reason
for you to invite me

up to your apartment.

I have two roommates
who are manchildren.

I can handle that.

That's the hospital. One second.


Okay, yeah, yeah. Be right there.

I am so sorry.
This is a patient emergency.

I have to go deal with this.

But I had a really good time tonight.

Can we do this again soon?
Like imminently?

I'd like that.

Okay. Bye.


New IPA from Printer's Row.

And the Blackhawks game is on.

You just solved all our problems.

I got into this thing
with Brett at work today, and...


How about no firehouse talk?

Yeah, I like it.

You gotta keep work and
personal life separate.

It's the only way to go.

It's the only way.

So what happens if
I don't pay rent this month?

You keep plying me with beer and hockey,

you can stay as long as you want.

You're a good friend.

All those years I supervised
200 men in that office,

and now I'm answering
to a kid half my age.

I gotta tell you the truth, baby.

I couldn't be happier.

Aww, I'm glad the job's working out.

Enough about the office.

Now how you doing?
Things are going well?

And Matt, first with that medal,

and now with the promotion, it's like...

Things are good.
I mean this captain thing is...

It's been an adjustment,

but, you know,
I think it's good for him.

There he is now. Senor Capitan.

Hey, baby.

- Ramon.
- You find Severide?

I found him.

He thought I needed a lecture
on how to be a firefighter.

Guy's got a serious chip on
his shoulder about my new rank.

Well, you know how he's not
afraid to buck authority.

And now you're the authority.

Great. And if he keeps it up,

Boden decides
the situation is untenable,

maybe one of us has to go.

Is it untenable?

It seems like Severide
just had a strong opinion

about the rescue.

Yeah, so did I.

- What, you think he was right?
- No.

Matthew, I don't think that's
what she's saying at all.

Here we go.

- I just think that maybe...
- Here's the thing, Ramon.

For months we had to listen
to what you think.

- We're over it.
- Matt!

This was obviously
the wrong time for a visit.

- Dad.
- No, that's okay, Gabby.

I'll call in the morning, baby.

What is wrong with you?
He's not the enemy, Matt.

And neither am I!

So everyone else is right,
and I'm wrong.

Got it.

And I didn't say anything to you

since I know how you feel about doctors,

but it was actually a lot of fun.

He's really sweet, and funny, and smart.

He's already called and texted
a bunch of times, which I love.

We're getting together again next week.

Are you mad at me?
I should've told you...

No, no, not at all.

It's just, Casey and I really
went at it last night.

I'm sorry.

I think this whole captain
thing has him stressed out.

Well, it's a lot of responsibility.

Maybe he just needs
some time to adjust to it.

I hope so.

My God!

No! No!

What's the matter, Otis?

Somebody tampered with the robot.

They vandalized it!

Are those lollipops?


How did they even do this
from outside the cage?

Maybe they reached in with
like a pipe pole or something.

Like building a ship in a bottle.

You almost have to admire
their persistence.


they knew the combination.

Otis, if I wanted to mess
with your little robot friend,

I'd just take a Halligan to it.

Excuse me, Chief.


I'm sorry to bother you,

but is it all right if
I take off for an hour?

In the middle of a shift?

Yes. I...

The thing is, accounting
won't return my calls,

because I've sort of been harassing them

about Kidd's missing checks,
so I was just gonna show up

and stand there until
they cut her a new one.

If that's okay with you.

I do appreciate
a healthy dose of tenacity.

You got an hour. Get it done.

Will do. Thank you, Chief, very much.

You're welcome.

Three more seconds.

And... time.

Line them up according to length.

Who's up next?

Where's Otis?

On a phone call last I saw.

Otis, I hope that was an emergency,

because we're drilling out here.

Yeah, it was very important.
I did a little sleuthing,

and I'm 98% sure that
it was Boswell on third shift.

What was Boswell?

He's the one who vandalized Kyujo.

Otis, pick up the jump rope.

Captain, he got lollipop
juice on the motherboard.

It could've shorted out.

You oversee all three watches.

You gotta do something about this.


Here's what I'm gonna do.

Put that thing back in the crate,

and ship it back to China or
wherever the hell it came from.

- What?
- Now, Otis!

Get it done.

Yes, Captain.


Hey, Casey. You okay?

All right, look. Otis...

well, he's an idiot.

But the robot thing, I mean, could be

he just wants to make
himself useful, you know?

He is useful. He's a firefighter.

Yeah, but think about it.

I mean, he's been low man
on the truck for a long time.

You know, maybe he's just looking

for more responsibility.

Tell him it's overrated.

It's funny, we never come
to Lakeshore anymore.

Yeah, I wanted to pick up supplies here

'cause I noticed Med's been
running low on... gauze lately.

I didn't notice that.

Excuse me.

Do you know if Dr. Pete Calhoun
is working today?

Yeah, sure, I'll page him.


Dr. Calhoun, come to the front desk.

Why didn't you just say
you wanted to swing by

and see Dr. Hottie?

I wasn't sure if you'd want to.

And there really wasn't much gauze

at Med last time we were there, so...

Sylvie, what are you doing here?

We were just picking up supplies,

so I figured I'd say hi.

Dr. Calhoun, it's your wife.

She says there's no parking spaces,

so she's waiting out front for you.

Your wife?

I'll call you later and explain, okay?

No. Not okay.

- Sylvie...
- What is wrong with you?

Hey, come on, let's get
the hell out of here.

How could I be so wrong about that guy?

I'm sorry. He's a fool.

It never even occurred to me
that he might be married.

I'm the fool.

No. Hey, no, you are not.

You just tend to see the best in people,

and maybe...

sometimes ignore the rest.

It's something all your friends
know and love about you.



Let's just go.


How did...

I stood in front of Yvonne's desk

whining until she got so sick of me

that she wrote it out by hand.

I'm an impressive whiner.

I guess you are.

Thanks, Hope.

No problem.

Gotta hand it to your friend.

She pulled it off.

I'm glad it worked out.

Wasn't my best apology.

Pretty sure that's not
what's bothering her.

If you two are here to gloat,
take it somewhere else.

We're not here to gloat.

We're here to deliver great news.

Okay. What?

We told Casey he ought to
give the robot a second chance.

He said you could keep it.


Yes, with the caveat
that you can't send it

into a working fire.

Well if I can't deploy it
in an actual fire,

then what use is it?

I could think of plenty
of uses for this.


So, I get to keep my robot,

and you get to keep disrespecting it?

Yeah. It's your devil's bargain.

Besides, you're better at driving this

than you are at driving that.

You think I'm a good driver?


Everybody does.

Hey, guys.

Can I have a minute
with your lieutenant?

Yeah. Sure thing, Casey.

No worries.

Here's your article.

I see what you're talking about.

It made a lot of sense
to try it that way.

You really think
it would've saved his leg?

The damage was done
long before we got there.

So here's the thing, Severide.

We had a victim bleeding out.

And I had to choose between
the fastest rescue,

and the most cautious one.

I chose speed.

But whatever the outcome,
it's on my shoulders.

I can't have you bucking
the chain of command,

whether or not you think
you know better.

I don't expect you
to be thrilled by my rank.

But you need to respect it.

You're right.


I guess I can't blame him.

Not sure how well I'd take it

if the shoe was on the other foot,

and Severide was telling me what to do.

But you ironed it all out?

The work part of it, at least.

Might be a while before we take
any fishing trips together.

How do you find a balance
between being a leader

and being a friend?

You notice I don't have
a lot of friends.

You notice...

I am on my third marriage.

Heavy is the head
that wears the crown, Casey.

The life of a leader is...

it's a minefield.

When you figure out how to
navigate it, you let me know.


Leaving without me?

I saw you with Boden.

Figured you had captain stuff
to deal with.

Paperwork and all that.

Paperwork can wait.

I thought we could grab
some breakfast at Yolk.

- Yolk?
- Yeah, why not?

Maybe even invite your dad.


Or maybe just the two of us?

Yeah. That's better.

Yeah. It is.


Stella seemed pretty happy
about the check?

Yeah, that worked out
really well for you.

For me?

Yeah, I mean, you got to save
the day for the one person

that, like you said,
had a problem with you.

I would've done that for anyone.

I'm just glad it turned out okay.

Me too.

Because I would really hate
to think that you would mess

with any of my friends here

just to make yourself look better.

Sylvie, of course not.

You know I'm not like that.

I would never do that to you.

Or any of the people at 51,
because I love it here.

So do I.

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