Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - An Even Bigger Surprise - full transcript

Lt. Casey (Jesse Spencer) gets off on the wrong foot with Sam Mullins (guest star John Gatins), a temporary Chief who is filling in for Boden (Eamonn Walker) at House 51 for the morning. ...

We gotta protect Leon.

Cruz, he's gotta
get out of town.

- How long?
- For a long time.

Maybe forever.

You're really lucky,
you know that?

You're such a closeknit group.
It's like family.

Your friend Hope has been
visiting the firehouse a lot.

I think she might be dealing
with something back at home.

Don't forget you made a promise

we'd hang out before I left.

That's not the kind of thing
that slips my mind.

Yo, Kelly!

Train is leaving the station.


Hi, hey.

Do you guys,
um, want some coffee?

- I could run out to...
- We get coffee at work.

Right, sure.

I'm just gonna get myself
to the house this morning.

Okay, cool. Sounds good.

I'll see you up there. And...

- Hope, right?
- Yeah.

Great seeing you.

Whose buggy is that?

Boden's out first half of shift.

- We got some chief named Mullins.
- You know him?

I heard he was a bear.

Is that everyone?

As I always tell
the men serving under me...

Hey, sorry, Chief.

As I was saying, on my watch,

if you're not 15 minutes early,
you're 15 minutes late.

The shift before you
appreciates your punctuality,

as I'm sure you do
the shift that follows.

That said, I'm only at 51
for half a shift,

and I've got nothing but respect
for Wallace Boden.

So let's all power through
the next few hours

and get you back
in his capable hands.

- Sound good.?
- Yes, sir.

Okay, good. Assignments.

Let's empty out all
the compartments on the rigs.

We'll clean, check, and do
maintenance on the equipment

and you can scrub and wax
the inside shelving.

Once that's complete...

- Is there a problem?
- No, Chief.

It's just, Tuesdays we usually
only do the side compartments.

And like you said,
it's only half a shift.

- What's your name, Lieutenant?
- Matt Casey, Chief.

- The firefighting alderman.
- Former alderman.

Once that's complete,
let's get the app floor

swept and mopped...
if you don't mind.

Consider it done, Chief.


- Sorry, guys.
- It's fine.

Half a shift.

What's the worst
that could happen?

Question asked by nearly
every Darwin Award winner.

Hey, guys. I texted my buddy

who served under Mullins
over at 78.

Yeah? What'd he say?

"That man has killed
more careers

in the CFD than actual fire."

Well, let's knuckle down
and not give him

any reason to look our way.

You got it, Lieutenant.

Ambulance 61,
4200 North Walcott Avenue.

Bicycle accident.

God. God.

It's like she came out
of nowhere.

I didn't see her.

I looked down for one second.

Hi, honey. What's your name?

- Ella.
- Ella?

I'm Sylvie. This is Gabby.

We're here to help.
Can you tell me what hurts?

- Just my wrist.
- Is she gonna be okay?

Ella, can you lie down for us?

We're gonna slide
this under you.

- She said it's her wrist.
- Sir, you need to let us work.

Here you go.

- Is he okay?
- Don't worry about him.

Can you squeeze my hand?

I think there's something
wrong with him.

You gotta be kidding me.

No pulse. This is 61

requesting a backup ambulance
for a possible cardiac arrest.

Copy that, 61.

He's in Vtach.
We need to shock him.

Is he okay?

What happened?

All right,
let's concentrate on you, okay?

I'm okay. What happened?

Okay, Ella, listen to me.
The best way that you

can help him is to stay calm.

That way Gabby can concentrate,


He's back.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.

I gotta get out of here.
I gotta get somewhere.

Sir, you lost consciousness.

We need to get you
to a hospital.

Dispatch, where's
that second ambo?

- I had a heart attack?
- Just lie back down for me,


Hey, eyes on me, okay?

- Where are your parents?
- Work.

I know my mom's number.

Had a mix up, 61. Ten minutes.

I'll start you in a company.

What's wrong?

Okay, Ella,
we're gonna take you both

in the same ambulance, okay?
We're gonna call your mom

- on the way.
- Okay.


We gotta take them to Med,
and we can't leave her alone.

It's our only choice.

Dispatch, we're gonna
transport two patients

to Chicago Med. One, two, three.

Subtitles by explosiveskull.

What are you whistling
sunshine about up there?

Nothing. Toss me that rag.

All right, spill it.

What, I can't find
cleaning therapeutic?


All right.

I flew Leon in
for Cruz's birthday.

- What?
- Who is Leon?

- Cruz's kid brother.
- Cruz's kid brother who lives

in Florida now because it's
not safe for him to be here.

That's all blown over.

Trudy checked with
the gang unit.

The street corners have
changed over three times.

Nobody even knows
who Leon is anymore.

You sure about that?

Do you doubt my wife?

That's what I thought.

- Cruz would love to see him.
- All we gotta do

is get the birthday boy
to Molly's after shift,

and in the meantime, shh.

This is gonna be great.

- So.
- So.

- Brett's friend?
- Yep.


She's only here for, like,
another week.

Tomorrow, actually.

- Wow.
- All the information

- was on the table.
- Pfft.

- Hey, how was it?
- It was a weird one.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- We had this, um...
- 61.

Yes, Chief.
Brett and Dawson, sir.

I know your names.
You've just been reported to me.

- Reported?
- You took two patients at once.

Chief, it was an
extraordinary situation.

Which is not to be done.

Under any circumstances
without expressed consent

from Chief Hatcher in
a triage event situation.

The second ambo was
nowhere to be found,

and we had a crucial
cardiac patient.

You put an injured girl
in an ambulance

with the man who
hit her with his car.

That's a lawsuit
waiting to happen.

Sounds like they made
a judgment call

in a challenging circumstance,

I'm taking you out of service.

- What?
- So you can fill out

a detailed incident report.

If you wanna defend
your actions,

and if you want me as
acting battalion chief

to defend your actions,
you need to do it

with every "I" dotted
and every "T" crossed.

You can return to service

when I'm satisfied
with that paperwork,

which I want on my desk
before I leave.

Chief, all due respect...

Due respect would be
letting me handle this.

Unless there's something
other than Lieutenant

in front of your name.


Mullins just asked us
to wash the rigs.

He didn't ask us
to itemize the work.

Maybe I should talk to him.

Smooth things over.

Or just keep your head down
and stay out of his way.

Works every time.

Sure. Every time.

- How's it going?
- I already missed two calls

because of this busywork.

Aww, we're almost done.

I really stepped in it
with this guy.

- Don't beat yourself up.
- Yeah, seemed unavoidable.

Well, I still feel responsible.


Is that how you're
gonna turn it in?

A little hard to read.

Like, I think you
rushed through it.

I just think, with a stickler
like Chief Mullins,

you probably want to put
your best foot forward and...

You know what? I'm just gonna...

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Paul Pogue!

- What's up, man?
- Can't complain.

We borrowed your strong arm
for that South Loop call.

Where do you want it?

Right there is fine.

Hey, Cruz.
I gotta tell you, man.

Leon looks great. I didn't know

he was back in Chicago.

He's not.

I could've sworn I saw him

at Wiener Circle this morning
with a lady cop.

Hey, that must have been
somebody else.

You sure?

I think I would know
if my brother were in town

for the first time
in three years.

Must've been
his long lost twin, I guess.

- See you, guys.
- Later.

Hey, Leon.

Give me a call
when you get this.

You're blown, man.
It's time to come clean.

We can still save this.
Number one,

I will contact Leon and tell him
to throw Cruz off the scent.

- That's good.
- Good?

It's a disaster.

Yeah, what's number two?

I haven't gotten that far yet.


I just got
an interesting phone call.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- You remember Captain Patterson?
- Of course.

He's been spending a lot
of time down at headquarters.

And he says that Mullins
is on the short list

to be the next Commissioner.

This is a joke.

Happening next summer.
According to Patterson.

- Oy.
- Yeah.

So, remember what I said
about not saying something?

Maybe you should say something.

You wanna check my penmanship?
Be my guest.

Fix this so I can get back
to doing my job.

- How's it going?
- Got me reorganizing

the red files.
Short staffed already.

He available?

Be my guest.

- Chief.
- Lieutenant.

Paramedics finished
the IR3s and the IR7s.

Doublechecked them myself.


I just want to apologize
for stepping on your toes.

It won't happen again.

I got off on
the wrong foot with you,

and that's on me.

So, I'm sorry. Sincerely.

I want you to know,
these are good people at 51.

To a man.

And they all take
the job seriously.

They're all smoke eaters.
Even our paramedics.

You know what I saw this morning

when I parked on your apron,

Two cigar butts, half chewed,

just lying on the pavement
outside the northeast door,

tossed there without
a care in the world.

And I said to myself,
what kind of pride

does this house have?

Who would disrespect
their home like that?

Well, I guess I found out.

That's your response
to my apology?

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,
515 North Monroe Street,

possible jumper.

- When is Boden back?
- In a couple of hours.


Negotiator's up there with him,

but it's gotten quiet.

Herrmann, grab a rope bag
and come to the roof with me.

Kidd, pike poles,
then you, Mouch, and Otis

get access to the
top floor apartments.

- Let's go.
- What you thinking, Lieutenant?

Saving Joe Citizen,
whether he wants it or not.

This is the best idea
I've had in a long time.

No, Dan. Trust me, it's not.

I like you alive.
Why don't you come back

from the edge, there?
It'd make me feel a lot better,

and then we could have
a faceto face conversation.

- No.
- Okay.

Just one foot back.
Can you do that for me?

Just the length of your foot,
just back a little bit?

- Who's he?
- Hi, I'm Matt.

- I'm a firefighter.
- Get back.

Don't come any closer.

I'll talk to him, Dan.
Don't worry.

Matt and I are gonna talk
right over here, okay?

I got a bad feeling.
He is way too calm.

- He said he's made up his mind.
- He been repeating it?

- Twice.
- Damn.

You wanna try snatch and pull?

He'd jump before I got to him.

What's your comfort level
with something risky?

This guy's going.
Whatever you wanna try,

I'm good with that.

I know you're talking about me.

I know what you're saying.
Same as everyone.

- Look at the loser.
- Just keep his focus.

Come on now, Dan.
Nobody's talking about you.

We're not talking about you.
We are not talking about you.

- Yes you are, just like Rachel.
- Who's Rachel, Dan?


Hey, hey, hey, look at me.

Focus on me, Dan.
Is Rachel your girlfriend?

- Your wife?
- Sister.

Okay, okay, see?
See, there you go.

I guarantee you Rachel
would want you

- to live through today, Dan.
- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

There's a crowd down there.
We have to make sure

- they stay back.
- You want them to get back

so I don't fall on them?

- I just want everyone safe.
- You know what he's doing?

Whatever he has to.

Talk to me about Rachel, Dan.

Is there a number
I could reach her at?

Let her know that
you're up here?

She can read about it
on the Internet.

I've already made up my mind.

Okay, just back a foot, Dan.
Can you do that for me?

Just back the length
of your foot.

Just a little bit.

Come on, Dan.
Let's get Rachel on the phone

and see what she says.

It'll just take a minute.
What's her number?

Dan, what's her number?



No, no, no!

Call the medics to the roof.

We're clear for medical support.

You've ruined everything.
I made up my mind.

I made up my mind.

Nice work, Matt.
That was a hell of a thing.

Nice work, yourself.

We got him sedated.

His blood pressure's high,
and his back is bruised,

- but he's gonna be fine.
- I'll track down his sister

and let her know.
Where you taking him?

- Med.
- Okay.


Yeah, I guess you couldn't
see it from down here,

but that guy was gonna go.

No question about it.

He was calm.
He was using trigger words,

so I made a call.

Now, if it's liability
you're worried about,

put it on me.
I'll take the heat.

Let's go.

- We need some new games.
- What's wrong with dominos?

It's too much math.

Welcome back, Chief.

- Hey there.
- Hi, Stella.

You looking for Kelly?
'Cause he's...

No. I, um...

I'm actually here to, um...

see Sylvie. There she is.

Yep. There she is.

Am I crazy,

or is there a weird
vibe here today?

'Cause everyone seems way tense
out on the floor.

It's been a crazy shift.
What's up?

I've had the best time
being here in Chicago.

- I'm so glad you came.
- You are?

- Of course.
- 'cause I would never want

to put you out or...
or get in your way.

You're not putting me out.
I've loved having you here.


My mom sent me
a box of those cookies

that you've always loved.

The pecan ones.

That's so sweet.
Please thank her for me.

I'm gonna see you again before
you leave for Fowlerton, right?

- Definitely.
- Good.

Maybe it's not that bad.

Herrmann said Mullins is pals
with half of Headquarters.

I'm sure it'll be fine.
I'm just saying,

his is not a good
naughty list to be on.

Guy wants to ding me,
let him ding me.

He's got a stick up his ass
the size of the Sears Tower.

Mullins? He's gone.
I just saw Boden pull up.

Thank God for small favors.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Why is there
said messenger to shoot?

- What is he doing here?
- How should I know?

I'm not part of
this cockamamie plan.

What are you doing here?

Joe keeps leaving
me messages, man.

It's getting weird.
I just wanna tell him.

- Hey.
- Sup?

- What's up with you?
- Leon.

We cannot tell your brother.

- We've come this far.
- Well, it's gotten stupid.

He's right, Mouch.
When he's right, he's right.

- It's a surprise party.
- So we do the surprise now.

Yeah, Mouch, before
it gets out of hand.

O... okay. All right.

Imagine, if you will,
Cruz walking into Molly's

after shift. Suddenly,

all of his dearest friends
shout, "Happy Birthday."

He's overjoyed.
Could it get any better?

Yes, it could,
because out of the back

comes the most important person
to him in the world.


- Yeah, that does sound dope.
- I know, it does.

I know it sounds dope.

Hide him.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

- What's going on with you?
- Not much.

Chief wants everyone
in the bullpen.

- Five minutes.
- You mean right now?

- What?
- I mean, he probably

wants us there now?

- Hey, I'm just gonna...
- Why don't you just go...

- I just wanna have my sandwich.
- Come on, let's go.

- Check it out.
- So, I'm sorry I was gone

this morning.
I had a seminar to teach

at the academy, and,
feeling pretty good about it,

if I'm being honest.

Shaping young minds.
So, since, I missed

the morning briefing,
I wanted to get back

to normal business
as soon as possible.

So, as you all may have noticed,
the bullpen has been

a bit shortstaffed since
Mrs. Donovan retired.

So, um, fortunately that
has all been addressed.

We have a new member
of our support team,

and I believe some
of you already know her.

Can you come out here, please?

Finish that paperwork later.
So please welcome

to the Firehouse 51 family
Hope Jacquinot.


Hope, what's going on?

I'm sure you're a little
freaked I didn't tell you

I was applying for the job,
but the thing is,

I knew that if I did,
you'd feel pressured

to talk to Chief Boden for me,
and I didn't want

to do that to you.
I figured that,

I'll get this job
on my own merits,

or I don't deserve it.

I didn't even know that
you were looking in Chicago.

I wasn't.

These last three weeks,
they've been amazing.

I mean, I see you,
and I'm just so impressed

and blown away.
Anyway, I was up here

and I saw the job posting
on the bulletin board,

and I thought,
"Why the hell not, Hope?

What's stopping you? Fowlerton?"

I just... I wish
you had told me.

Well, now I do, too.

But I really thought that
I was being a good friend

by leaving you out of it.
And I was hoping

that you'd be happy
if I got the job.

I am. II really am.

My God. Thank you.

You're the best, Sylvie.

I mean that.



Well, it seems we've got
a little breakdown

at the air traffic
control tower.

No, I mean it. I'm serious.

A little crash
on the runway action.

Just planes knocking
into each other.

Ooh, it's rough.
Wreckage everywhere.


Life classes... okay, bye.

Hey, so, what do you know

about this Hope chick?

Seems, um, well, I don't know.

I've spent all
of five minutes with her.

- What's Brett saying?
- She's...

- She's what?
- Supposed to be great.

- Do you need to...
- Yeah.


I need to get all of your
current incident reports.

I don't turn those in
until the 31st.

Chief Mullins' office
requested them

- along with your personnel file.
- What?

I just do what I'm told.

Hey, what's up, buddy?
You seem stressed.

Do I?

Twice now I've reached
out to Leon,

and it's gone straight
to voicemail.

He's declining my calls.

- Why would he do that?
- I don't know, Otis.

But something's not right.
I know it.

Well, he's probably
just got bad reception.

I read a study that
a lot of carriers do that.

Send a call to voicemail
when the reception's bad.

- They did a study on that?
- Well, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Come on, he bought it.


Hi, yes. Can...

Can I help you?

I was told the people who
helped my brother work here.

- Who?
- Dan Harris.

He was...
He was on a roof today.

- Rachel?
- Yeah.

Yeah, he... He talked about you.

- He did?
- Yeah.

Come on in.

- How is he?
- Sedated.

They did an MRI on his back.

He took a pretty hard hit.

I'm... I'm just so happy
that he's alive.

Um, have a seat.

It's not that we didn't know
that he had problems.

He... He saw a therapist before,
but he stopped going.

He stopped taking
his medication.

"Maybe he's better,"
I told myself.

Magically better.

Well, best thing now is you
can get him back into it.

This was found at the hospital.

My baby brother was on a roof
today with a will in his pocket.

If it wasn't for you,
I would be planning

a funeral right now.
But instead we're

figuring out treatment.

I wanted to take
a moment and thank you.

Thank you all.
It's probably just

another alarm bell to you,
but to some of us,

what you do for us
is the whole world.

Yeah, we're grateful
you're there for him.

Keep him healthy.

I will.

Okay, come on. Nope.

- You little bastard.
- I've been thinking.

Joe. Yeah?

All this talk of Leon,
maybe I should reach out

to the Insane Kings.
See if things have blown over.

Yeah, you know, Joe, they have,

they have the word "insane"
right there in the title.

So I... You know, I wouldn't...

Come with me.

Strength in numbers.
I would feel so much better

if I had backup.

- Okay.
- Thanks, brother.


- Don't ever do that.
- Abort, okay?

- Abort.
- We're on the two yard line.

He wants to go
to gang corners, okay?

- And ask around about Leon.
- Aww.

No, not "Aww."
It's not a good idea.

We'll get him to Molly's
before he can travel

- to gang corners.
- I got cold feet, Mouch.

- Scared, cold feet.
- Keep it together.

Be strong, man.

- Lieutenant Casey.
- Yeah?

Chief Boden would like
to see you.

You, too, Dawson.


- Chief.
- Anything you wanna tell me

about a jumper call
while I was out?

Chief, it was a
complicated situation.

But I stand by my decision
and my team.

Lieutenant, I came to 51 knowing

this house has a reputation
for doing things its own way.

And I know Chief Boden has
a sharp eye for leadership,

but let me tell you something,

That rope rescue was like
nothing I've ever seen.

No other firefighter I know
would have risked it.

But if any other truck had
responded to that call,

that young man would be
dead right now.

You put the victim first.
Even after you knew

I was on scene.
And you knew you were already

on my hit list.

You put his life ahead
of your career.

All of Truck 81 did.

Spoken like a true leader.

Which is why I've recommended
you for a meritorious promotion.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

You earned this, Matt.

Not just on this call,
but every shift and every bell.

Look, it's not gonna be official
until the ceremony,

but let me be
the first to tell you.

Congratulations, Captain Casey.

Thanks, Chief. I'll do my best

to make you proud.

I know you will. Go get them.

Chief, thank you.

All right, so look for anything

that's obviously out of date.
Use your discretion.

- Okay, I can do that.
- I mean, if Capp hasn't

sold this ab lounger by now...

Technically, it's not part
of the job description,

but the Chief does not
like clutter.

Got it.
Any other tips I should know?

Things to look out for?
Chief Boden?

Don't turn this Firehouse
into "Melrose Place."

You'll do just fine.


You got a minute?


Just so you know,
I think it's better

if we leave what happened
as what happened.

- Okay, yeah.
- I mean, you're great.

And I had a really
good time last night.

But now that I'm working here,
I just don't want it

to be a thing. You know?

Yeah, no.
That makes total sense.

I just want to make
a good impression,

and I get a feeling that Connie
has eyes on everything.

- Yeah, I'm sure she does.
- So, we're cool?

Yeah. Absolutely.


Okay, Otis.
Let's beat the bushes.

Yeah. Um...

I actually have
to cover Molly's tonight.

But... But,
we can go after shift.

At, like, two in the morning,
when all the finest

- gang members are out there.
- That's a good point.

Hey, Joe,
you know what you need?

A good oldfashioned night

of sucking the apple
from the barrel.

- What?
- That is not a thing.

Sure it is.
It means tying one on.

At Molly's, tonight.

- That is a thing.
- Otis has to work anyway,

and our Lieutenant got promoted.
That, my friends,

is a cause for celebration.

And Herrmann and Otis
have generously offered

a buy one get one free.

Wrong, no.

Buy one, get one. No free.


Okay, okay. But after shift,

we go gang hunting.

After shift, absolutely.

- I wasn't even worried.
- Really?

'Cause I thought I was gonna be
working airport duty

- for the next ten years.
- I'd do something like that,

I'd end up in jail.
With you, it's "meritorious."

Hey, hey, why don't
you meritoriously

go and get us some more beers?

Aye aye, Captain.


Did you need one more?
For, Hope over there?

Nah, we're cool. We talked.

She didn't want

- to make it a thing.
- When they say

they don't wanna
make it a thing,

- it's already a thing.
- You're paranoid.

I'm pararight.

You'll see.


I just got
the signal from Mouch.

Incoming. Incoming.


Let's go. Let's go.

I'm going.

You know what, you guys,
I can't do this.

I'm just gonna go home.

What? No.

- Celebrating, remember?
- I'm just not

- in the mood for people.
- You know what's good

when you're not
in the mood for people?

- Beer.
- I have beer at home.

One drink.
You wanna support Casey,

- don't you?
- I'm gonna see Casey

every shift for
the rest of my life.

- I can support him later.
- Come on, Joe.

What kind of
an attitude is that?

Exactly. I'm just gonna
bring everybody down.

You know, you know,
now that I think about it,

We should do that
buy one get one free.

Fine. One drink.


- Just one, though.
- I swear.

I promise. I know.

I don't wanna be here all night.

Happy birthday, bro!

- Surprise!
- Happy birthday!

- You were surprised, right?
- Are you kidding me?

I've been so spun out
about this whole Leon thing

I completely forgot
it was my birthday.

- Thank you, guys.
- Don't thank us yet,

because here's an
even bigger surprise.

Funny you should mention Leon,
because here he is.


I said, regarding Leon,
here he is.

Is this supposed to be
some sort of joke?

What? No. He's... he's here.

- Right.
- No, no, he really is.

- No, Mouch brought him here.
- Yeah, and Otis helped him.

Okay, just stop, guys,
all right?

I don't know what
game you're pulling.

I swear, he was just here.

- Mouch, what did you do?
- I... I... I'll...

Wait, I know what you did.

You do?

Because Leon is
right over there.

Ha ha!

I don't understand.

You can't beat
the Cruz brothers.

It can't be done. Can't do it.

- How long have you known?
- Since I was at the Firehouse.

He told me he figured it out,
and we were gonna spin it

- back on you.
- He did?

And that whole thing about
you wanting me to go with you

- and meet those gang members?
- That's what you get

- for helping Mouch.
- Thank God.

Seriously, Mouch.
This is amazing.

- I really appreciate it.
- Hey, the way you

took care of me
after my heart attack,

I'll never forget that.
Least I could do.

Hey, everybody.
Buy one get one free

all night long.

Aw, come on!
I saved you from a heart attack!

Get over here. Get over here.

Aww. Happy birthday, buddy.

- Sylvie.
- Hey, Connie.

- What?
- I just got a call

- from Fowlerton.
- What do you mean?

Did you know that
your friend Hope

stole 10 grand
from her last boss?

Subtitles by explosiveskull