Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 23 - The Grand Gesture - full transcript

Boden's chances for a promotion are met with potential complications, leading him to take matters into his own hands. Dawson and Casey don't see eye to eye on an important decision, while ...

I'm one that told you
to keep your feelings

about Brett to yourself.

- Obviously, it was bad advice.
- I gotta tell her how I feel.

Good for you
on Staton's endorsement.

Hi, I'm with the "Sun Times."

Any truth to the claims
that you received a large

cash kickback from a friend
of Commissioner Staton's?

- Everything okay?
- It's not about whether

you can get pregnant;
it's about whether you should.

What does that mean?

It could be fatal.

Look, whatever you're up to,
do not mess with Kelly.

Nicholas is missing.
I don't know what to do.

Take it easy, okay?
I'm sure that he's fine.

We cannot issue an Amber
Alert unless we have reason

to believe that the child
is in imminent danger

of serious bodily injury or death.

- From what you've described...
- How the hell

am I supposed to know that if
I can't get a hold of my son?

Hey, anything that
you can do to help us out,

it'll be greatly appreciated, Joe.

[phone ringing]


Where... Where are you?

Okay, I'm gonna come to you.

Yeah, okay.
[keypad beeps]

That was my babysitter.

They went ice skating,

and then she took Nicholas
back to her house.

She was charging her phone
and they both fell asleep.

I'm so embarrassed.

- Hey, thanks, Joe.
- Yeah.

[soft dramatic music]


I'm so sorry.

That's perfectly understandable.

Let's go get him.


It turns out the
babysitter's mom was making

spaghetti or something.
They went to her house

and fell asleep watching TV.

- [Kidd laughs softly]
- What?

[car door slams]

Well, it was just seems
like Renee overreacted.

What was she supposed to do?

She goes home, there's no note,
there's no nothing.

She tries to get in touch
with the babysitter.

It goes straight to voicemail.

Anyone would freak out.

Uh, sure.

[clicks lips]

[sucks air through teeth]


[clears throat] Uh, so,

I've been thinking
about it a lot since

we left the fertility clinic.

And I don't wanna
be rash or impulsive but...

I've decided that we're
gonna keep trying for a baby.

You've decided?

Well, it's my body, so it's my choice.

I'm the one taking on the risk.

And I get it. I get it.

I know what you're gonna say,
especially since they said that

there was a 10% risk that
something could go wrong,

but the way I see it,

there means there's
a 90% chance that we could

be happy parents to our child.

And haven't we had some fun trying?


I know you've been wanting to
be a dad since I first met you.

This is our time.

No, ma'am, all I can
offer you is, "No comment."

You will have to take that up with

Chief Huffhines in the
public relations department.

Thank you.

I haven't seen anything online yet.

Well, maybe there's hope
for fact-checking in the world.

Any idea how this
bribery story got started?

There's no mystery there.
It had to be Grizz.

He's the only other person
who knew about it.

He also knows it's a bunch of lies.

I'm gonna handle the story
the same way we handled

the incident itself...
above board and by the book.

[alarm blares]

[on P.A.] Squad 3, Engine 51.

Construction fire.
81 South Aberdeen St.

Let's go.

[tense music]

[sirens wailing]


What happened?

Our crew must've
broken a gas main.

The lumber...
it just went up like kindling.


We'll fight the fire
from the second floor.


Battalion 25 to Main,
we have a ruptured gas main.

We need the gas company here
ASAP to shut this thing down.

51, drop two lines...
one to cover the team inside,

one to be in position
to extinguish the fire

once this gas is shut off.

- Let's go!
- Copy that, Battalion 25.

- [man #1] Hey, help!
- [man #2] Get us out of here!




[fire whooshes, workers yelp]

Chicago Fire S06E23
"The Grand Gesture"

Synced and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

- [man coughing]
- We got two men trapped.

51, send your line straight down.

I need your hose line down there.

Bend the line into a U
and send it down.

We'll pull these guys out
using the hose.

[dramatic music]


- Ready, Chief.
- Go.


Hey, the water curtain
will keep the heat back.

Get behind me.
[hose whooshing]

Coming down to you, Lieutenant.

One at a time.

Step on the hose,
wrap your arms up.

- They'll bring you up.
- Got it.

And... pull!


Pull! Pull!

Come on.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

And pull!

[firemen grunting]

Pull! We got you.

Coming to you, Lieutenant.

Severide, get out of there!

[fire whooshes]


Pull! Pull!


- You good?
- Yeah.


Quick thinking, Chief.

Gas company is on the scene.


Yes, thank you. Two nights.

Oh, hey,
do you guys have a shuttle

from the airport
to Blackberry Farms?

Oh, oh, great.
Thank you so much.

Blackberry Farms?

I saw that place
on the Travel Channel.

That is swanky.

The Slamigan is blowing up.

We already have eight new
orders across the Midwest,

and it looks like we're gonna hit

six figure revenue by third quarter.

[laughs] That's great!

- I figure I'd celebrate.
- By booking two nights

at one of the most
romantic spots in America?

You taking Otis?

- Hmm? No.
- [Cruz scoffs]

Uh, I'm gonna tell Brett the
great news about our company

and then I'm gonna
ask her to go with me.

- Whoa.
- I just...

just figured I'll put it all
out there, you know?

Tell her how I really feel.

Grand gesture.

And if I get rejected, well,

at least I didn't hold back.

Is that crazy?

It is, it's crazy. I'm a moron.

It's not too late
for me to back out.

I should back out.
Should I back out?

No, you should not back out.

You sure?

Look, you can never
go wrong with a grand gesture.

Thank you.


I got lunch duties today.

Oh, yeah?
What's on the menu?

Well, that is what I was
coming out here to talk

to you about... see,
there are certain privileges

to going out with the cook,

like you get a say
in what she serves up.

[whispers] Please say chicken parm.

[normal voice] Please say chicken parm.

- Chicken parm?
- Ah, that's my specialty!

[laughter] Excuse me?

Can I steal him for a second?

- Hi.
- Hey.

Sorry to barge in on you like this,

- but we have a problem.
- Okay, what's up?

Well, the Crowder Refinery
has brought on

Rick Rubio as co-counsel.

He's a tough,
tough defense attorney

with a forte for
discrediting expert witnesses.

- Okay, so how do we beat this guy?
- Uhm...

I had some of the young litigators

mock up some questions that
you might draw on cross.

I would love to go over
these with you

if there's a conference room
that we can borrow.

- Um, yeah, of course.
- Okay.

- Yeah, I got it.
- Oh, thank you.

Uh, and hey,
chicken parm sounds great.

I will get right on it...

[sighs softly]

Ah, Boden.

I think we may have gotten out
in front of this bribery story.

The commissioner has responded

to the Tribune's questions
through my office.

- What did he say?
- Well,

he acknowledged that
a certain battalion chief

did receive an improper cash gift,

but as soon as the
commissioner learned about it,

he insisted it be returned.

He's not naming any names, but...

- But that's a lie.
- It's an interpretation.

Did he mention it was his buddy

who made the illicit payment?

No one's getting
in trouble here, Wallace.

Commissioner Staton wants
to preserve his reputation

as he heads over to FEMA.

By throwing our Chief under the bus.

By putting this to bed.

- I'm done falling.
- Hey, Wallace.

Chief Hatcher?

Oh, just who I was looking for.

What can I do for you?

I know we've had
our past differences,

but I've always thought of you
as one of the fiercest,

most battle-tested
paramedics in the CFD.

- Thank you, Chief.
- So I'll get right to it.

Puerto Rico is still in a bad way.

There's a lot of people in
need of power and assistance,

so we're sending a team of
paramedics down there to help

with the relief efforts,
and I need some volunteers.


You were the first person
who came to mind.

I... I'm flattered.

It's just, it's not a good time.

It never is, but
this is an important cause.

I appreciate all this, Chief, I do.

I just got a lot going on right now.

Hey, no problem.

I understand.

[soft dramatic music]


Thought you were
more of a man, Carl.

- Excuse me?
- I thought you were more

of a firefighter than
a cheap mudslinger.

You better rethink everything

coming out of your mouth
right now, Chief.

I know it was you.

I know you leaked to
whatever reporter you have

in your phone list
that I took some money.

You also know that it isn't true.

I did the right thing with that offering.

You need to do the right thing
and tell the press

what happened in
the commissioner's office.

- You through?
- Yes, I'm through.

Then get the hell out.

You have no integrity

and no character.

Word is, there was some shouting

coming from Chief Grissom's office.

What can I do for you now,
Chief Huffhines?

Well, I'm here to put
your mind at ease, actually.

I spoke personally with the reporters,

and they are dropping the story.

I'm glad to hear it.

Unfortunately, the commissioner

can no longer endorse you.


- I figured.
- Come on, Wallace.

You understand how
this stuff works.

And anyway, you're still in the running.

I very much doubt that.

I wouldn't say that if it weren't true.

My understanding
is that Dale Cerutti's

still pushing for you, and quite frankly,

Carl Grissom has rubbed more
people than you the wrong way.

My advice?

Lay low, and, uh...

maybe ease up on
the shouting at headquarters.

Copy that.


I've been thinking.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Why don't we adopt?

I wanna be a dad,
and it doesn't matter to me

if we're the birth parents if we take...

After what we went
through with Louie?

That won't happen again.

'Cause I'm not
going through it again.

No way I'm gonna risk it.

But you'll risk your own health?


what happened with Louie...

[solemn music]

What happened was
gut-wrenching and painful,

and it nearly broke me.

We have a plan.

Forget the fertility clinic.
Let's stick to the plan.


And why do you think so, Lieutenant?

Because of my 16 years of service

to the Chicago Fire Department.

But you've never actually worked

in the office of fire investigation.

I've worked with them
on many occasions.

Okay, well, how many is many?

Is it one? Two? Ten?

Over the years, 64.

Good. Yes, yes, yes, precision.

That is exactly the kind
of thing that's needed

to instill confidence in this jury.

You stay calm, you stick
to the facts just like that.

I've never gotten to see you in action.

It's impressive.

Thank you.

Okay... [clears throat]

Lieutenant Severide,

can you show me in
this diagram right here

where the OFI determined
that the fire started?

[phone chimes]


[phone clatters]

[alert blares]

[on P.A.] Ambulance 61.
Man down from unknown causes.

58 West Cicero.


[sirens wailing]

[tense music]


[indistinct radio chat]

[clearing throat]

Ooh, how you doing there...


What happened?

[slurred] Slipped.

Can we come in?

I guess.

You guys bring any food?

Uh, no, that's Postmates.

Can you call them?

Yeah, what do you want?
Nuggets? Fries?

- Yeeeah.
- Aww, man.

First shift didn't restock the jump bag.

I'm gonna go grab some gauze
and Kerlix from the ambo.

- I can do it.
- No, no, no, I got it.

All right, let's see.

Do you have any towels
in the kitchen, or...

No idea.

Well, I gotta stop
this cut from bleeding.

[whispers] My neighbor's messed up.

[foreboding music]


She's messed up.

Back there.



See? Messed up.

[weakly] Help.

Main, I need a 10-1.
[radio static sound]

A... Ambulance 61 to Main.

- Main, can you read me?
- Help, help.


- My girls.
- Don't, don't.

- Don't talk.
- I have to.


Shh, quit yelling.

Spencer, go back into the other room.

You gotta quit yelling.

I mean it! Now!



No, no, no, no. No, don't.

- No, ma'am, ma'am.
- Wendy.

My partner... My partner
is coming right back.

You just have to stick with me.

My girls.

My girls...

- It's okay.
- Brett?

Gabby! Call a 10-1!

- He stabbed her.
- He's gone.

Ambulance 61, we need a 10-1.

[radio static]

Ugh, okay, Ambulance 61,
we need a 10-1!

- Can you hear me?
- Okay.

I'm sorry.

Hey, they're on their way.

[stifled] Tell them.

- No, no, Wendy.
- Tell them.


No, no.

[sobbing] No, no, Wendy, Wendy, wait.

Wendy, no.


[soft dramatic music]


[shaky breathing]

Cops are on the way.


[indistinct radio chat]

We received a call...
"man down from unknown causes."

We went up to apartment 16.

[clears throat] He answered the door,

so we thought
the apartment was his.

Actually, he lived down the hall.

No idea why he did it,

other than gakked out of his mind.

We're sending a couple of uniforms

to the day school for the daughters.

I'll call you later
if I need anything more.

Okay, thanks.

[soft dramatic music]


You okay?

Come on, let's go home.


[solemn music]

[engine idling]

[engine shuts off]

Hey, we heard. You okay?

Yeah... no, it was a...
it was a rough call.

I just need to breathe. I'm good.

Take as much time as you need.

I'll take 61 out of service
until you give me the go ahead.

Oh, that's not necessary, Chief.

I... I'm good to go.

You sure?

Yeah, yeah, we're okay.


I'm sorry about everything.

I don't wanna fight anymore.

Me neither.

I have an errand to run, but...

maybe we can set aside
lunch today and just...

talk everything out?

Yeah, I'd like that.

[phone ringing]

[soft indistinct chatter]

Welcome to Caring Hill.

Hello, I'm Matt Casey.

I called earlier for
an appointment with Devon.

Oh, yes, I'm Devon Dawsey.
I'm the one you spoke with.

Ah, nice to meet you.

Come on in, Matt.

Is your wife here?

No, no, no,

I'm on a fact-finding
mission for both of us.

Huh, okay, well, come on in,

and I'll give you
a rundown on how we operate.


Well, if Carl Grissom
makes Commissioner,

expect some changes.

Any new appointment
is gonna make his mark.

I mean 51 changes.

Come on, you think?

You guys talking about
the commissioner spot?

- Hey, Jerebko.
- What're you hearing?

I got a buddy
who works down at city hall.

Says the mayor's
asking for analytics.

Wants to make a real informed
choice so as to, you know,

push back against the Chicago way

of handing out big jobs
to your friends.

That's gotta work in Boden's favor.

Eh, that's not what
my Captain at 99's saying.

Says Grissom's district
has the best statistics

in all the CFD... more calls,
more saves, everything.

Well, I'm gonna hold out
hope that the best man

- wins in the end.
- Hey,

any of you guys seen Brett?

No, I thought
she was at the apartment.

She was, but then she left.

She looked a little distraught,
so I was hoping

she came here to be with friends.

Haven't seen her.


[somber music]


[low hum of chat]

Kelly, hi.

I'd like to introduce you to

Firefighters Alec Burks
and this is Dan Exum.

These are the men that were
injured during the accident.

This is Lieutenant Kelly Severide.

Can't thank you enough
for testifying on our behalf.

- It means a lot.
- Glad to do it.

- Hope it helps.
- Oh, it will.

[giggles] All right, gentlemen.

So there is a conference room

set up to hold the witnesses in
before the trial goes underway.

You seen Severide?

I need to go over some
equipment requests with him.

Uh, he's taken a furlough day.

Oh, right, he's testifying.


My understanding is,
it's an important case

for firefighters' safety.

Yeah, that's what he keeps saying.


What's up?


Nothing, I just, I, um...

I'm just ready for things to
get back to normal around here.

You and me both.


[zip whirs]


[soft dramatic music]


What's this?

Just... hear me out.

[door clicks close]

I wanted to gather all
the information I could,

and put it out on the table so

we could make
an informed decision.

I reached out to
an adoption consultant

who was really impressive.

You'd like her.

And this isn't like
Louie's situation.

These kids aren't
from the foster system.

Devon can help us
find a young couple

who maybe isn't
ready for parenthood,

and we can adopt the baby from birth.

We can be the only parents
our child would ever know.


why did you think it'd be okay
to talk to them without me?


Well, if we're being fair,
this isn't just your decision,

as much as you wanna think it is.

- I have some say here...
- What happens in five years

when the birth mother decides
she is ready for parenthood?

What happens when
she sues for custody?

Our information
can be private, Gabby.

Okay, 'cause that
worked out so great last time.

Maybe you don't remember
a stranger on our doorstep

on our wedding day, but I do.

I am not adopting, Matt.

[voice cracking] I wanna have my own baby.

Why is that so hard
for you to understand?

Well, I want to also,
but, Gabby, you can't have one.


[sighs softly]

I didn't mean it...
[alarm blares]

[on P.A.] Ambulance 61. Bicycle accident.

32 West Madison.

[door clicks]


[sirens wailing]

[tense music]


Hey, what happened?

What's it look like?

It looks like you ran your bicycle

through a sidewalk sign.

Let me take a look.

Okay, easy, easy.


Looks like you
may have broken it.

- [man groans]
- Brett, gauze and a sling.


- What?
- Gauze and a sling.

- I thought you said scissors.
- I didn't.

- Okay.
- Come on, Brett,

- gauze and a sling, let's go.
- I'm getting them.

[curtly] Then do it.

[bag rattles]



Lieutenant, what happens

to a company when it
cuts corners like this?

If they get away with it,
if nothing goes wrong,

they stand to make a lot of money.

Objection. Speculation.

Your Honor,
this is Lieutenant Severide's

expert testimony in his own words.

- I'll allow it.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

And, Lieutenant,
in 16 years of service

to the Chicago Fire Department,

have you ever seen
negligence like this,

in terms of a company's
compliance to the fire code?

Sure, lots of times.

That's when we get called in
to drag out dead bodies.

[soft dramatic music]


No further questions, Your Honor.



Listen, I'm sorry I jumped you
on that call, I just had a...

I have never been spoken to
like that before in my life...

not on the sidewalk, not at work,

certainly not by someone who's
supposed to be my partner.

- That was in front of a victim.
- No, I know, I'm sorry.

- I had... I had this...
- Gabby,

I don't care what you
had going on in your life.

I have things going on too.

I treat you with respect
every time the bells go off.

If you can't do the same for me,

don't ride with me on 61.




Rough couple of days, huh?

Well... [clears throat]

I'm here, just so you know.

[sighs] I do know that.

Your friendship means
the world to me, Joe.

Thank you.

I feel the same way.


So, um, the defense team

just approached us
with an offer to settle.

- What does that mean?
- [Renee laughs]

That means they thought your
testimony landed with the jury.

You did it, man. You did it for us.

- Brought them to their knees.
- Congratulations, gentlemen.

This trial is over.

- We gotta call the guys.
- Oh, yeah, they're gonna flip.


Thank you.

[faint traffic noise]

[crow cawing]

- You need a ride?
- Oh.

Uh, no,

Kelly was gonna
swing by and pick me up.

Where are you?

[keypad beeps]

[line ringing]

Hey, this is Kelly.
Leave a message.

[keypad beeps]

[laughs] Hey.

It's quitting time.
What're you doing?

Hold on a second.

I wanna get to the Eggsperience

before the crowd gets there.

They have a special
on scramblers that...

Just wait.


What's going on, Otis?

When Jerebko said that
Grissom had the best statistics

in the CFD, that rang
an alarm bell for me.

One of the things I worked on
while I was laid up

were the incident reports and
being able to cross-reference

the numbers across
every district citywide.

English, Otis. Please.

[sighs, pats on table]

These are the statistics
for Chief Grissom's district

from a report
I pulled two months ago.

And this...

this is what he turned in
to the mayor's office.

Mm-hmm. He cooked the books?

And he's done it on
every single progress report

dating back a dozen years.

We have to tell the mayor's office.

Not before we tell Boden.

[tense music]




[panting] We have
something to show you.

What is this?

Chief Grissom's progress reports.

He's been tampering with
the numbers since 2006

to make himself look
more effective to the mayor.

- You sure?
- He changed the numbers.

I've seen the source code,

and the amendments came
straight from his office.

If there's a better explanation,

I'd love to hear it.



You left work without me.

[glass thuds]

[sighing] Yeah,
I just needed to clear my head.

What I said before,

about having a baby...

it came out wrong.

I just meant that
I can't risk losing you,

no matter how low the odds.

It's my risk, not yours.

And I'm willing to take it.

[laughs softly]

I guess that's the crux of it...

the thing I've never
really understood.


When you
adopted Louie without me,

when you hid the fact that
you were helping Bria.

You make these big,
emotional decisions

as if my input doesn't matter.

Baby, of course it matters.

I care deeply how you feel,

but I can't be dependent on it
or on you.

Why not, Gabby?

What's wrong with being
dependent on someone

who loves you with
everything he has?

[soft dramatic music]


This is one decision
you can't leave me out of.

Either we're in it together,

or we're not in it at all.


You know who I am.

You knew it when you married me.
You know who I am.

You knew it when you married me.

I haven't changed.


It used to be the thing
you loved about me.

I'll, um...

I'll come back in a little while.

[keys clinking]


[door shuts]

[keys clanging, lock clicking]



[hinges creaking]


I thought you were
gonna pick me up.

You did?
No, I was waiting for you.

I stayed here.

[sighs softly]

Uh, did you win?

Yeah, case is over.



And, um,

what about Renee?

I told her congratulations,

and there's no reason

to see each other again.

Then I came here.

Grand gesture.




I just missed you.

All I think about... is you.

[soft tense music]


Chief Huffhines.

What's going on?

You didn't hear?

Mayor just appointed
the CFD's next commissioner...

Carl Grissom.


Well, this is a proud day for me.

This is something I have
worked hard toward

for the last 40 plus years.

I look forward to scrutinizing
every aspect of the CFD

and bringing it in line
with what a city as great

as Chicago can expect
from its first responders.

And with that,
I'll take some questions.

[reporters chattering]


Excuse me, can you point me
to Chief Hatcher's office?

He's right there.

Are you looking for me?

Tell me more about Puerto Rico.

Synced and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio