Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - Where I Want to Be - full transcript

Casey grows skeptical of Cordova when a large amount of money turns up missing at the property of Mexican drug cartel.

That boy...

We really did a number on him.

The moods, the women.

When things get a little rough,

- don't give up.
- Yeah...

I hope me being here isn't making things

awkward for you and Captain Casey.

He knows that the thing
between us was nothing.

It wasn't nothing to me.

I am at that rehab
facility every morning

at sunrise, even when it
hurts like hell.

Try not to put a clock on all this.

Guess I didn't think
it would go so slow.

Hey, you know a joke?

If there were guys on my team,

I would have tapped out by now.

It's not a competition.

You been keeping up with your P.T

between these assessments?

Yeah. Twice a day.

Three times, when I can.

Twice is enough.

Am I improving? Close?

I have a few more tests
to put you through.

Mind raising your arms
over your head, please?

Right. Sure.

What time is it?

Twelve past 7:00.


Hey! Don't you dare leave without me!

I'm not going anywhere.


- Hey, stop it.
- What?

- You're gonna slow me down.
- No, we got time.

I've got this morning drive
down to a science.

- Oh, do you?
- Yeah.

- Morning, chief.
- Morning.

Hey. How was your assessment?

Doc was hard to read.

They said they'd call me
with the determination.

I don't know, I feel like every time

I make progress,
they move the goalposts.

It's a process, Otis.

Don't give up.


Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3.

What's this about?

I doubt they're doing traffic control.

Okay, let's get a line inside.

- Morning, Chief.
- Morning.

- What am I looking at?
- Piece of Mexican

Cartel property. Rapidly oxidating.

Police raid spark the fire?

Negative, uh... electrical.

Some heavy equipment overheated.

Happy accident. Saved us a warrant.

Okay, I'm gonna need you
to keep your men clear.

Until the blaze is out, I'm in command.

Understood. Just remember,

every scrap of evidence in there

needs to be accounted for.

Still an active crime scene.

We'll do what we can.

- Casey, you copy?
- Got it, Chief.

Let's go.

This place is a drug bank.

Kidd, Cordova, check the back halls.

Herrmann and Mouch with me.

- Copy.
- Copy that.

Fire department! Call out!

Fire department! Call out!

Fire department, call out!


Call out, I'm not seeing you!

God, the smoke!


Hey! Hey, I hear you!

I'm right here!

I need you to unlock the door!

I can't!

It's the vault!

Cordova, where the hell are you?

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Captain, Chief! I need assistance!

I got a victim stuck behind
a secure door.

It's a two-person job!

But... I lost Cordova!



- You get that?
- Yeah, Capp.

Come with me, bring your sledge.

Cordova! Where the hell were you?

Sorry, Captain.

- Thought I saw something...
- Explain it later.

Back up squad.

Yes, sir.

- Call out!
- Stella!

Hurry! I think we're losing her!

I'm set!

Capp, let's bust out the bottom corner!


- Ready?
- Yep.


Hey! Stella, what are you doing?

Tell me you wouldn't do the same!



Help her out!

Come on, we got you.

Capp! Take her!

Hey! Here!

I got you!

Breathe! Come on!

Come on!

Still breathing, but she's weak.

Right over here, guys.

Can you hear me? What's your name?


I'm not supposed to be here.
They forced me to work.

You don't have to explain anything.

We're gonna take good care of you.

Breathing's stable. No need to intubate.

Good, let's get her loaded up.

Hey, Casey.

Excellent work today.

Narcotics commander asked me to express

his personal appreciation for our help.

Glad to be of service.

Hey, Cordova.

Check our O2 stocks.

Curious to know how much we used.

Got it, Captain.

So, uh...

How's it been working out?

Rocky start, but things improved.

Did more freelancing on this last call

than I would have liked, but...

nothing worse than
Severide or I have done.

How well do you think he'll fit in,

if his detail becomes more permanent?

- Chief, Otis is...
- I know, Casey.

I'm just asking.

I mean, Lord knows we'd all

crawl through hell for Otis, but...

we have to be clear-eyed.

Understood, Chief.

Who is at the scene of
the fire that occurred

earlier this morning. Sources say...

Gotta be a hit to the whole

neighborhood drug market, right?

I'm sure it'll be

back to business as usual by Monday.

Hey, shows how knuckleheaded
these criminals are.

They put all their eggs in one basket.

They lose everything.

Should have diversified.

That's their problem.

They need you managing
their portfolio, Herrmann!

It's basic money management, all right?

It's the perfect story
to use for Lee Henry.

We're trying to
show him the value of money...

I'm sorry, Herrmann, did you just say...

Mm... not worth it.

Hey, let me give you an example, okay?

Uh... Lee Henry, he comes up to me

and he asks me if he can
move into the apartment

over the garage.

Guess what I told him?

That he's too young,
that that's a terrible idea.

No, I told him...

Make me an offer.

Yeah. Life lessons.

There you are!

I thought you were on a run.


Just staying in the air for a minute.

How's life with Severide?

Saw the two of you stumble in
at the last minute today.

I won't lie.

It is...

It is hot.

Well, that sounds like fun.

Yeah, his, uh... his mom said something

when she was in town, though.

She brought up how Kelly...

can be fickle like his dad
when it comes to relationships.

I don't know, I think
Severide has moved past

his wild life. We've all seen it.

True. Even in the time I've known him,

he's come a long way
from his wedding in Vegas days.

What wedding in Vegas?

Oh, I just... I just meant, uh...


Don't look at me, girl.

What wedding in Vegas?

Ambo 61...

To be continued.

Oh, it better be.

You can stand down.

- What happened?
- Gang hit.

Five victims killed execution style.

- No survivors.
- Angel!

Please! My husband!

My husband! Please!

Hey, Dawson?

"Ladron." What's that mean?


There's a lot of activity
from the cartel since the fire.

Rumor is, they had
more cash in that building

than the news reported.

Got shot-callers wondering

what happened with the rest.

They're convinced $100,000 was stolen.

Amazing. They lost millions to the cops

but they're gonna
mow down the neighborhood

over 100 grand?

It's a power thing.

Gives them the chance to draw blood.

Reassert their position.

They're gonna go scorched earth until

they find the thief
and reclaim the money.

What if the cartel don't
find the person responsible?

That sounds like a long shot.

Then we're in for a bloody month.

I'd do what you can to be prepared.

I'll brief the incoming platoon.

We'll deal with each step as it comes.


Doesn't feel right, leaving shift

with so much up in the air.

Maybe there's something
we can do to help.

Marlena? The woman we saved?

If this really is an inside job,

maybe she knows something
or saw something.

Or was involved.

I mean, if there's
any information she has

worth passing along to the police...

It's worth having a conversation.


You've got that look in your eye.

I just feel like...

Hey! It's not up for debate!

I like my coffee from
a pot, not a pellet.

Fine. I'll drop it. For now.

I have a question for you.


Were you ever married before?

Who told you about that?

So I guess that's a yes?

It was a crazy time.

When we first met,
I'd just lost my best friend

and she had just lost her sister.

Did you love her?

At the time. Maybe.

Well, it would have been
good to hear about it.


Are there any other surprises
that I should know about?

Other ex-wives you haven't mentioned?

Fiancées count?


I'm just putting it all out there.

I was young.

But you're smarter now.

You... you've got yourself
figured out, right?

I'm working on it.

You brought me to the hospital.

I did, yeah. How you feeling?

I'm okay.

Just came to talk to you.
If that's okay.

I don't know anything about the drugs.

I swear, I-I just pack the money.

Oh, no, I'm... I'm not with the police.

I'm not trying to get you in trouble.

Actually, um...

I need your help.

Marlena, do you know
anything about money

being stolen from that house?

Why? Do the police think I stole...

No. No, they don't.

But the cartel believes someone did.

And right now, they're on a hunt.

People are dying,
so if you know anything,

anything at all, you can stop it.

Do you know what they do
to people who talk?

Their families?

Not just killing.

They'll cut off your head.

Your limbs.

I've seen more than you might think.

That's why I'm here.
I'm trying to save lives.


Someone tried to kill me.

It was dark.

There was so much smoke.

But I saw him.

He was holding something.

Did you recognize him?

He was just a shape.

A dark outline.


More than six foot tall.

Heavy coat.

When he saw me looking...

he rushed me.

Pushed me into that cage and shut it.

It happened so fast, I...

I thought I was dead.

It's okay.

We're doing everything we can
to find him, I promise.

Hey. Gabby went to the hospital

to check on a victim.
She'll be back soon.

I actually came to talk to you.

I hear the cartel's still out for blood.

Yeah, they dropped
three guys at a discount mall.

Broad daylight, families shopping.

It's a miracle no one else got hurt.

How can I help?

I went over your incident report.

I just wanted to make sure
I understood it.

Where was the fire, where was your team?

Fire was toward the rear of the house.

It spread through the walls and ceiling.

Herrman, Mouch, and I searched the front

where the counting machines were.

And you found one victim?

Guy in the bathroom.

He have a bag on him?
Coat with deep pockets?

Places to hide cash?

Nope. We would have caught it.

What about the others?

Kidd found a victim
trapped in a secure room.

Right here. Again, no cash on her.

What about Cordova?
He find anyone on his search?

No, he and Kidd got separated early on.

Must have lost track somewhere.

While they were headed toward the back,

in the direction of the flames.

Yeah. A few minutes later,

I saw him come out a rear door.

This one?

Must be.



Antonio, please.

I'm responsible.
If... if it concerns my unit,

I need to know.

Hey, the basement is looking great.

Lee Henry did a hell of a job.

Yeah, what'd I tell you?
The boy's got hustle

now that he has an apartment to pay for.

Yeah, don't you think
he's a little young

to be working as a bar-back, though?

No, a job's a job.

Besides, he's a model employee.

Always on time,
never have to remind him.

Yeah, but that doesn't
strike you as suspicious?

- Why would it?
- I don't know.

At his age, only time
I was on my best behavior

was when I was up to no good.

So, uh, I don't know,
you may wanna just...

recheck the vodka bottles,
make sure they're still vodka.

You okay?

Just heard back from HQ.

Doc says I'm worse than I was last time.

How's that even possible?

She says I'm over-training.

I'm pushing myself too hard.


Anyway... I scheduled another
assessment in a couple days.

That fast?

Yeah, well, clock's ticking.

If I don't get back on 81 soon,

I might not get back at all.

Okay, but she told you
not to over-train.

Eh... Short-term problem.

Otis, we all want you back on truck,

but it's not worth risking
your entire career

to rush it, right?


We need to talk.

All right.

What's up?

Is there anything I need to know

about yesterday's call?

What do you mean?

The back room had a stack of cash,

sorted into sequentially marked bundles.

Police say three
of those bundles are missing.

Presumed stolen.


So I must have stolen it.

You were the only firefighter

to set foot in that room.

You got some nerve, Casey.

Did you take the cash?

Because if you did, now's
the time to say something.

Oh, so you're just trying
to look out for me.

I'm just offering you a chance to...

Come on, be straight.

You want me out of your house

and away from your wife.

And you're willing to drag my ass

through the mud to do it.

If I were you, I'd think
before I said another word.

Call IED if you wanna file a charge.

But I'm not listening to this.

I never accused Cordova.
I just asked him a question.

With some serious
implications, don't you think?

Put yourself in his shoes.

If I were in his shoes,
I never would have been

in that part of the
building to begin with.

Oh, so you've never
broken reg on a call?

Not without a damn good explanation.

Well, maybe you're asking
the wrong question.

Marlena said that she saw
another person in the fire.

Said that he...
he locked her in the room

when she saw him pocketing cash.

There were no other victims.

I'm just telling you what she saw, okay?

She spotted a tall figure
with a heavy coat

who forced her into the room.

A tall figure... what, about 6'3?

Gabby, don't take this the wrong way.

But it's possible you're
letting your history with

Cordova affect your ability to
see this objectively.

Or you are.


Hey, hon!

I was wondering if I could

speak with you for a moment?

You mind if I
get a couple of bites first?

'Cause those bells can
go off any minute.

It's about Lee Henry.

Okay. Is everything all right?

Did he get hurt?

No. He's not hurt.

It concerns your experiment.

You know, if you want we could...

No, no. Well, what is it?

You can talk in front of
the guys; we're all family.

Eh, you know, we'll just...


I just walked in on your son

watching pornography in his apartment.

Yeah, we're gonna...



Thought Herrmann was doing
the equipment check today.

Uh, he was, but, uh...

We switched 'cause I just wanted

some time to myself.

Everything okay?


Just, uh...

Dumb stuff.

Did you know that Severide
used to be married?

For what it's worth...

She wasn't exactly the love of his life.

I wouldn't worry.

I'm not worried, I...

I just hear stories like that,
and it freaks me out,

because every time
I think I know the guy...

I discover that
he's holding something back.


I understand that feeling entirely.

I could see that.

How do you manage?

By being patient when I can.

Honest when I have to be.

It's not always easy.

Gabby and Kelly both
have these little corners

of themselves where
no one else is allowed.

Not even us.

Can't change them, but...

You set your own standards.

Cordova's here, and the Chief's ready.


You wanted to see me, Chief?

Come on in. Close the door.

- Should I call a union rep?
- That is your right.

However, this is not
an official conversation.

You're under
no obligation to participate.

I apologize for coming at you
the other night.

I was out of line.

My only interest now is
to get to the truth.

All of this is off the record.

What do you want to know?

At the fire last shift,

I asked you to stick with Kidd.

Why didn't you?

You ever see a ghost?

Victim you thought was there,
but really wasn't?

We were crawling the halls;
it was thick with smoke.

Could have sworn on my life,

I saw someone. I mean, I was sure of it.

He moved away from me,
deeper into the fire.

I looked back, he was
only a couple steps away.

So I followed him. Thought I could

grab him quick, make the save...
and be back in time.

Have a description?

It was impossible to see.

He was about my height.

I didn't catch much more than that.

And you never found any sign of him.

Like I said, he was a ghost.

I searched the room.

He was nowhere.

I know.

I should have given Kidd a heads-up.

I should have stuck to my orders...

I got carried away.

I just wanted to show my hustle.

Prove that I was worth keeping around.

I'll admit: I'm guilty of that.

But I'm telling you.

That's all I'm guilty of.


Thanks for coming in.


Thanks, Chief.

This ghost of Cordova's,

it matches the description given to us

by one of the other victims.

So you're saying it's real.

I'm saying it's possible.

Police were at
every exit of the building.

No other bodies were recovered.

If there was another
man inside of that building,

how'd he get away?


You busy?

Look, I hate to put you
in the middle of this.

- Then don't.
- Please.

I need to find out
if this thing's going to IED,

if my career's in jeopardy
over some nonsense.

- I wouldn't know.
- Right.

But you're married
to the person who would.

All right, please, I'm... I'm asking you

to stand by me and tell
these people who I am.

Jake, you've been here for a month.

I think they know who you are.

- Yeah, but...
- No, no, no, no, no.

This needs to be said.

You walked through that door, day one,

gunning for someone's job.

I smoothed that over.

And then, to protect yourself,

you asked me to lie to my husband.

- Not lying...
- And then, last week?

What you said about our past

not being nothing?

What am I supposed to do with that?

I'm not saying I don't believe you.

But if Casey doesn't trust you,

that's not all on him.

Truck 81, Ambo 61.

Auto accident, 3300 South Kedzie Avenue.

What do we got?

Baby stroller hanging over the edge.

You've gotta be kidding me.

It was another gang shooting.

Guy pulled up along-side
the driver and popped him.

Car lost control, went off the road,

busted straight through the guardrail.

Please! Help him!

Don't let him fall!

- Herrmann, I need a rope.
- Yeah.

Right here, Captain.

I'll grab some back-up.

I'll make sure the fence is secure.

- Casey, I can reach...
- Move back.

Keep watch.

Got it.

All right. Good to go.

Come on...


Hang on!


Gonna get you out... There we go...

Got him?

I got him!

- Here you go, ma'am.
- Oh, my God!

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

It's okay, baby. Are you okay?

- Great assist.
- Thanks.

You gotta lift it.

That one hasn't been the same

since it got shot a little while back.

All right. Copy that.

How was the call?

Got hairy for a moment,

but, uh, this team...

You know, I been floating for two years.

Worked with some solid smoke-eaters.

I've never seen a crew
this much in sync.

I'm glad you get it.

Not everybody does.

Hey, Otis.

I'm rooting for you
on this next assessment,

just so you know.

Something wrong?

No. Not wrong, exactly.

I just want to say, I really appreciate

how supportive everyone's been
these past few weeks.

It's something I'll never forget.


Of course.

There's more though, um...

If there's one thing
I've learned in my years at 51,

it's that the work we do,
it's bigger than

any one person.

Finding someone who really gets

what this house is about...

That's a rare thing.

You've got that in Cordova.

You don't know all the facts.


But... I really don't want to

be the one holding everyone back.


If I don't get my clearance this week,

I plan to step aside.

Let's not jump the gun.

Go to your assessment, get your results.

We'll take it from there.

Thanks for hearing me out.


Hey. Severide.

I'd love another pair of eyes

on this incident report,
if you can spare them.

Yeah. Happy to help.


So, when you're finished

with the bathroom stalls, you
can move on to the bunk room.

- Dad, I just...
- Hey.

No lip, all right?

You decide to put your brain

in the toilet, so be it, all right?

Just consider this another one
of life's lessons.

When you got a good thing going,

don't press your luck.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Okay.

So what happens to the apartment?

Eh, nothing.

Goes back to being a home
for the Christmas decorations

and the last couple of crates
of Vitamin Water.

Might want to consider tossing those.

Either that, or I rent the place out.

Turn it into one of those 'I-BnB, '

or 'You-BnB, ' whatever type places.

Title of 'Landlord' would suit you.

Hey, Herrmann.

How, uh... How serious are you

about renting that apartment out?

Oh, why? You know somebody
that needs a place?



It's me.

But, I thought that
you and Severide were...

We are, we are. But I'm...

We moved in together...

And we skipped
the dating part, and, um...

I'm just starting
to think it was a mistake.

Gotta go with your gut.

If you want it, it's yours.

Thanks, Herrmann.

We found something.

It's not a guarantee, but it's

definitely worth a closer look.


On the right, you got the room

with the stolen cash. On the left,

the adjacent bedroom.

They share a wall.

You see what we see?

Walls don't match.


According to this floor plan,

this bookshelf right here?

It should be recessed.

Three, maybe four feet.

Got unaccounted space between the rooms.

Could be a trap area,

place where the cartel would stash

extra loot, guns, whatever,

in case of a raid.

If it's okay with you,
we'd like to take a look.

Find out.

Let's go.

How would you feel about coming inside?

Walk us through what you saw.

If you think it could help.

- I do.
- All right.

I took the lead as we moved to the back.

Figured I could
estimate the layout, but...

The way they have this place set up

got me turned around pretty quick.

Where do you think you lost Kidd?

Guessing right about here.

Which means...

That's where I saw him.

How'd you end up in this room?

I followed him in here.

Then he was gone.


Yeah, I hear it.

Hey, check this out.

Found the missing
cash on the victim's body.

Probably used the fire as an excuse

to make some money disappear.

You say you got a guy
who saw him on the call?

Followed him
into that room and lost him.

He must have ducked into
the trap area to hide

thinking he was safe.

Yeah, real sharp.

So what happens now?

Now we work overtime to put the word out

that the money's been found.

Tamp down on the violence,
shouldn't take long.

Whatever we can do to help, let us know.

Hey, you've done plenty.

I'm, uh...

Sorry I doubted you.

It's okay.

Shouldn't have thrown it
back in your face.

Surprised that wasn't the end of me

right then and there.

On the contrary.

Soon as we get back,
I'm gonna put a call in to HQ.

Let them know that as long as
we've got a seat open...

You're our guy.


I am ready to hit the road
whenever you are.

Yeah, just give me a minute.

I, uh... I meant to tell you

that I spoke with Herrmann about...

moving into his apartment upstairs.


I just don't want to be...

another mistake.

Another story about...

moving too fast

and burning out quick

because we have done that once before.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Stella, if you're
talking about Brittany...

We were married for less than a month.

It was... the easiest annulment ever.

It's like it never even happened.

That's what concerns me.

You have any dry cleaning?


Food should be ready in a minute.

Going as fast as I can.


Everything all right?


Sorry to bother you at home. I just...

wanted to swing by
and tell you in person.

As much as I appreciated you

extending my detail on 51...

I think I'm gonna have to pass.

Where's this coming from?

51's a great house.

There's no place
I'd rather be, it's just...

Feels like I've been nothing but trouble

since the day I arrived.

It's all in the past.

I know.

But still.

Sometimes things don't work out the way

you really wish they had.

Doesn't help to dwell. Gotta move on.

Like I said, wasn't an easy choice.

Well, I...

guess you have to do what feels right.

Just know I'm happy
to put in a good word.

Anywhere you want to go.

Means a lot. Thanks, Cap.

You're a lucky man.

I hope you realize that.

I do.

Every single day of my life.

Do you really mean that?

Of course.






Mr. Zvonecek?

Right here.


Yeah. I'm ready.


You're really doing this?

I am.

Doesn't change the way I feel about you.

Or us.

In fact, it's the opposite.

I-I don't want things to change.

And that's why I think that this...


I don't care where you live.

Wherever you are,

that's where I want to be.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx