Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - The One That Matters Most - full transcript

The members of Firehouse 51 come to terms with one of their own being injured and deal with the temporary replacement.

I'm having dinner with
the deputy commissioner.

These are your kind of people.

Have you been
to the Harlo Diner?

I agreed to a dinner with
some of these Chicago bigwigs.

They have the best milkshakes.

We had a terrible
moment last shift.

We nearly lost one of our own.

What's the prognosis long term?

He's stable, but there's
a risk of paralysis.

What's going on with you lately?

Can you just for once tell me
what you're feeling?

We gotta go.
We're gonna be late.

Hey, watch where the hell
you're going?

Hey, you watch it!
And get off the phone!

Well handled.

Well, that was your fault.


We're not sure exactly what's
caused the loss of sensation

in his lower extremities.

So we're gonna run
a series of tests.

I don't get it.

He said he felt completely
normal after the surgery.

Something's clearly
changed since.

And we're gonna figure out
what it is.

I'll confer with Dr. Abrams
and we'll be back in an hour

to talk you through
the next steps, okay?


- Thanks, doctor.
- Sure.

Thanks, doc.

Dr. Choi's got a plan.
He'll figure it out.

Yeah, he didn't
even seem worried.

I mean, sounds like he's gonna
get to the bottom of it ASAP,

get you on your feet.

Okay, all right, everybody.
Settle down.

Settle down. Good morning.

Good morning.

Well, I guess it's a good
thing you didn't

- run him over.
- As you know,

we are a man down.

Jake Cordova will be filling
the spot on the shift

while Otis recovers.

Thanks, Chief.
Glad to be joining 51.

Why is he making it sound like
it's more than a few shifts?

It's a slap in the face to Otis.


- Hey, welcome aboard.
- Thanks, Captain.

- Yeah.
- Gabby Dawson.

Good to see you again, Cordova.

We worked together
for a few shifts

when I was right
out of training.

She had attitude right out

of the gate.

Not much has changed
on that front.

- Truck 81...
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Who's taking over the wheel
for Otis?


Driving is my specialty.

It's my dad. He's stuck.

I don't know.

My mom just said to call 911
and wait outside.

He's in the kitchen.

The fire department's here.

Good, honey,
go back outside now.

- It's okay, honey.
- My God.

You have to get him
out of there!

Hey, we will, I promise.
Just gonna take you over here.


We tried to unwind the thing.
It's jammed.

Let's get him some fluids
and morphine.

Get this machine unplugged.

It's already disconnected, Cap.

Thank you. What's your name?

- Jill.
- Cordova, take Jill over there

and talk her through
what we're doing.

- This way, ma'am.
- Okay.

You took good care of him.
Now it's our turn, okay?


Mouch, I need a Philiips head.

Coming right up.

Hi, my name's Gabby.
You ready to take the edge off?

My dough is ruined.

I'm gonna need to start
a new batch.

He's going into shock.

It's okay.

I can't see what's
locking the gears.

This is gonna take
too much time.

Captain, it looks like this
beater attachment should just

pop right off.

We'd have to twist it
the other way to unhook it.

It'll put pressure
on the injury.

Best thing is to cut the shaft,
but his arm's in the way.

Casey, maybe we could
unbolt the motor

and then rotate
the whole assembly.

Great idea. Mouch, 9/16th.

Coming right up.

- Got it.
- Okay.

We're going counter clockwise.

Kidd, help him out.
Sir, take a deep breath.



Keep breathing.

Keep going.


- All right.
- Getting there.

Another deep breath.

Take it.

It's okay, it's okay.

Watch yourselves.

You've got one of the best
medics in the city right there.

They'll take great care of him.
Don't you worry.

- Thank you for the help.
- Of course.

Come on.

Yeah, um...

He wasn't in his room,
so we harassed every doctor

and nurse on staff till
we hunted him down.

Turns out he's getting
some tests done,

including an MRI.

Lily promised to let me know
if she hears anything.

- All right.
- Thanks, Gabby.

You got it.

The humming.

I don't follow.

You care about Otis as much
as the rest of us,

and yet you are
absentmindedly humming.

There must be
something good going on.

Driving the truck.

It is just something that
I have always wanted to do.

You and Severide
are sleeping together.

Wow, that is some crazy
witch level intuition

you got going on.


Even Capp could figure
that one out.

Okay, please, do not say

- I beg you.
- Okay, I won't.

But you can't hide it forever.
Trust me.

This is not like you and Casey.

It's not a thing, you know?
It's just sex.

Super casual.

What's Chief Grissom doing here?

I have no idea.

Well, I'm gonna go tell Kelly.

He's been trying to get a hold
of him for a while.

I mean, some of
these Class A RV's...

You're not careful, you can
spend 100 grand or more.

These are the kind of things
that you get to worry about

when you retire, Wallace.
Well, I look forward to it.

I didn't come here to talk
about motor homes.

I wanted to give you a heads up.

No, for once.

The deputy commissioner
asked me for my ideas

about a replacement once I ride
off into the sunset.

And I told him...

Wallace Bodin.

Yeah, look, I'm just...

Chief Grissom, our paths have
only crossed occasionally.

I'm very surprised
you would think of me.

Well, the way Severide talks,
if just half of his stories

are true,
you embody the kind of strength

and leadership that
this department needs more of.

But just to be sure,
I plan to observe you

on a job from time to time,
if you don't mind me looking

over your shoulder.

Damn, that's a big promotion.

Deputy District Chief.

You know,

I always figured that I would
ride out my career right here.

Taking care of my men and
the house that I helped build.

Sure, but you have a family
to provide for, don't you?

And a promising captain...
Matt Casey...

Who can step up
and run the house?

So maybe now is the perfect
time to move on.



Hey, I left you
a couple messages.

Sorry I didn't make the dinner.

I... I left you hanging.

Sorry I blew you off.

I got caught up with
some pretty important things.

- Understood.
- Chris, listen.

I appreciate everything
you're trying to do for me.

I know how important
your legacy is to you.

But I wanna choose my own path.

You can understand that.
Yeah, sure.

You think you know better.
You think you are better.

- Hey, come on.
- No, I get it.

I gave you your start.
I took you under my wing.

- I know.
- Once you stepped out

of my shadow,
you never looked back.

- Not even once.
- Chris...

That was your call.

There's nothing I can
do about it.

And honestly, I'm done trying.

How'd it go?

Looks like I'm on the outs.

Well, I mean, is that really
such a bad thing?

You know, you guys haven't been
close for a while.

And then suddenly he wants
to make you his pet project?

I... I don't know.

Maybe keeping some distance
is the way to go.

He did a lot for me
when I was coming up.

I wouldn't be here without it.

So I just wish he knew.

I think that ship has sailed.

Eyes on the road.

These will help
minimize the sound.

She keeps saying that
everything's gonna be okay.

But what if it's not, you know?

Not a chance she'd stick
around for that.

Who could blame her?

She's already way
out of my league.

You just take care
of yourself right now.

Stay as still as you can. Okay?


Here we go.

Is this thing with Otis
some sort of a medical mystery?

Why don't we have
any answers yet?

Relax. This is Chicago Med.

They're gonna figure it out.

I hope you're right.
You remember Jose Vargas?

That guy was as tough
as they come.

Then... boom... medical discharge.

We barely ever saw him again.

I heard he moved to Alabama.

Can that be right? Alabama?

How about a little power
of positive thinking?

The two of you.

Otis isn't going anywhere
but back to this firehouse.

So, what can you tell us
about the floater?


He's a good guy,
from what I remember.

Bit of a cowboy.

Yeah, sure.

He's only here for a few shifts.

Hey, Cordova. What's for lunch?

New guy rustles up the chow.

Most houses, it's the low man.

You're telling me Kidd's been
riding a truck longer

than I have?

You wanna make friends
and influence people?

Get behind the stove
and help feed the troops.

We're all worried about Otis.

But you can't take out
your frustrations on his sub.

It's not Cordova's fault
Otis got hurt.

- I know that.
- Then give him a chance.

Whatever you say, Captain.

Just trying to smooth over
any discord in the ranks.

Right. Glad you handled it.

Yoohoo. Who's hungry?

You helped my dad this morning.
Yeah, of course.

- How is he?
- He's back home

in a cast already. All doped up.

Yeah, they're gonna operate

Friday and put in a plate,
but he sent us here

in the meantime to show
his appreciation.

You brought us groceries.

We're not delivery gals, honey.

We're cooks.

And we're gonna whip you
up a feast.

Ma'am, this is really
not necessary.

Captain, where are our manners?

Yeah, you got no choice.

Rich will lock us out of
the house if we don't do this.

Well, that settles it, then?

Right this way, ladies.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Hey, Cap, you got a second?

Sure. Sorry about Herrmann.

He's known to get
a little cranky.

I don't care about that.

I just wanted to say about
the call earlier.

You know, I get how it works.

You got your regulars,
you know you can rely on them,

so the new guy has to stand
over here and comfort

the hysterical ladies.
Which is fine.

You know, I'm happy to do it.

That's good to hear.

But I just want you to know
I can handle

a lot more than that.
Well, I hope so.

And I get that your boy Otis
has been with 81

for a long time.
A beloved member of the house.

Yadda yadda.
But I'm the real deal.

And once you see me in action,
it's a no brainer.

Yeah, I know, right?

"Where does this guy get off?"

But, you'll see.

That's all I'm saying.

- Okay.
- All right.

- Thanks, Captain.
- No problem.

Ooh, go easy on the snacks.

When you're right, you're right.

No, no. You... you... you are

in great shape.

I just meant don't spoil your
appetite 'cause food's gonna

be ready pretty quick.

Fantastic. Thank you
for doing all of this.

She's single.

That's surprising.

It's a text from Lily.

"It looks like even with all
the surgeon's precautions,

"Otis's platelet disorder
caused some uncontrolled

"bleeding after his surgery.

"The MRI showed a hematoma
pressing against his spine.

He's going in for a procedure
right now."

We should be there.

Everyone, load up.

Look at this.
Hey, can you believe this?

- We drained the hematoma.
- He got his sensation back.

Doesn't he look great?

You can't keep this

smokeeater down.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- All right, we got you, buddy.
- Whoa.

First day with the new legs.

Don't try to do
too much just yet.

As I told Brian,
there was some damage

to his spine from the hematoma,
but with time and rehab,

he'll get there.

This is amazing progress
already, Otis.

Yeah, way to go, brother.


Hey, yeah, like the doc says,
I'll get there.

Of course you will.

The gift shop here
is really good.

They have fuzzy socks,
a great magazine selection,

and... for some reason...
Lots of little glass animals.

For you.

You didn't have to do that.

Well, I mean, I couldn't
just leave him there.

Look at him.

Thanks, Lily.

That Cordova guy seemed like
kind of a jerk?

That guy who has my spot

on the truck.

The way he was just
standing there.

I feel bad for him,
trying to take your place.

I mean, the devotion
those guys have...

He's not trying
to take my place.

He has my place.

For now.

Come on, Brian.
Don't get too down.

Maybe I'm down because
I'm actually facing reality.

If you can't handle it,
then don't stay.

I didn't say
I couldn't handle it.

It's fine.


I'm sure you have better things
to be doing than hanging out

in a hospital room anyway.
I'm wiped out, so...

Um, no, yeah, you're right.

You should rest.

I'm sorry if I got in the way.


Yeah, we got hitched last year.

Guess they weren't kidding when
they said the gang

at 51 is close.

Smells great, guys.

Yeah, you have no idea how
badly this group needs

a good home cooked meal.
Well, our pleasure.

We don't know what we would
have done without you folks.

All right.

Captain, Captain.


Hey, it's our landlord.

I don't know.

Mr. Vanderpool, hi.

We definitely did not leave
any water running.



"What does that mean?"

Lucky bastards.


I had to get us out of there.

And to a private spot.

You are trouble.


Well, thank you very much
for the meal.

Yeah, it was, um, memorable.

It just feels good to give back.

I sent you a friend request,

Wow, great.
Consider it accepted.

When are you all on shift again?

- Thursday.
- Great.

We'll be back then.
Bring your appetite.

Great, see you then.


If they cook for us
on Thursday, I'll quit.

I'll kill myself.

You better do something
about this, Cruz.


That Amanda likes you.
You gotta say something to her.

I guess we should start
divvying up Otis's shifts

- at Molly's.
- I was thinking

the same thing.

And I can cover for you,
'cause I know you and Severide

probably have plans now that
y'all are hot and heavy.

No, no plans,
'cause like I said,

everything is super casual.

And you're fine with that?
Totally am.

But man, keeping a secret
in the fire house?

Way tougher than I thought.

Tell me about it.
Fair warning...

It always comes out eventually.

Hey, second shift.

What's with all the Tupperware
clogging up the fridge?

Hey, Boswell.

Those are leftovers.
Help yourselves.

Sweet. Thanks.

Hey, Herrmann.

Brett and I are gonna take
an iPad to Med tonight,

watch movies with Otis. You in?

Sounds fun, but, Molly's
is gonna be packed tonight.

Hockey game.

Anyway, Otis'll be back here
soon enough.

Driving us all crazy.

Hate to say it,
but that guy can barely

stand up.

It's gonna be a long time
before he steps into

his bunker gear,
nevermind climb the ladder.

You're wrong there, buddy.

You don't know Otis.

- Dinner.
- And a movie.

We put, like, four Hammer films
on here.

"Satanic Rites of Dracula"...

He... You know,
he was gonna come,

but it's super busy
at Molly's tonight.

Docs were just here.

They won't give me any guess
about how long rehab will take.

They say the platelet issue
is too big a variable.

Truth is,

I'm not really up
for socializing tonight, guys.


Okay, well, you can stick
to hospital food.

We will eat the pizza.
But we're not going anywhere.

But I won't even make it
through the movie.

Well, that's okay.
I always fall asleep

during Hammer films.

Give me the pizza.

There it is.

"And while he slept,
he dreamed that the sun had

"melted all the snow away.

"But when he woke up,
his dream was gone.

"The snow was still everywhere.

And new snow was falling."

It's not over yet.

- See?
- Yeah, I see.


Why don't you go brush up,
get into bed,

and I'll read you
the rest later?


I'm not distracted.

My name is being floated around

for a promotion.


Just less action.

More paperwork, more committees,

more politics.

Less danger.

Less excitement.

But a better chance
of surviving to see Terrance

grow up.

You worried about your men? No.

Casey's stepping up.

He could take care of them.

I guess...

The idea that they
don't need me.

You don't believe that.

Daddy, I'm ready!

I'm coming, little man.

Where you at?

I'm coming!


Maybe he's... he's, like,
missing the robot.

We bring the robot
to the hospital.

Yeah, I don't... I don't...

- Hey, there.
- Well, look at this.

We told you we'd be back.

It's so early.

Well, we're making
our famous beef ragout.

It's a slow cooker recipe,

so it has to stew in its juices
for a while.

Have a couple more bags
in the car.

You were supposed to put
the kibosh on this.

We were counting on you, Cruz.

I mean, who among us is
coldhearted enough to crush

the spirits of those
sweet women?

Seriously, though, who's cold

I can't eat this food again!

Whoa, hey! What are you doing?

It's a bunker coat.
It's been wet before.


It's Otis's jacket, you jamoke.

It was an accident, Herrmann.

You know what?

It's bad enough you're trying
to steal Otis's spot, anyway.

I got news for you, Herrmann.
It's not his spot anymore.

And your boy's got no shot
taking it back from me

when his knees are shaking
like a bowl of JellO.


Hey, whoa, whoa!


What's up?

Nothing, Captain. I, slipped

on the wet floor.

Herrmann was just helping me up.

You feeling okay?


I could use a drink of water.

Did something happen?

No. No, no, no.

Everything with Otis
is the same.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you.

No, I...

It's all right.

What's up?

Um, nothing, really. I just...

III don't think Otis really
wants me around the hospital

anymore and I'm not really sure
what I did to upset him.

You know, I was just trying
to be encouraging.


It's just, my friends
don't really get

what he's going through, but I...

I figured somebody here would.

I just wanna help, you know?

Well, hey, hey, hey.


Believe me, I've been
struggling with how

to help, too.

The thing is, you know,

they... they don't like to admit
when they need help.

It's just not in Otis's DNA.

But, you know, maybe...

We gotta push through
all of that.


Just be there for him.

You know, no matter what.

Yeah, that makes sense.


- Um...
- Truck 81, Squad 3,

Battalion 25. Person trapped.

Stevenson Expressway
at Asher and Throop.

He was messing around up there.

I told him it was a bad idea.
He wouldn't listen.


We have a victim pinned
between the beam

and the scaffold.

He pulled that thing
and it just came down on him.

He was yelling for a while,
but then he got quiet.

We have to get the beam
off of him.

Hold on.
Look at the scaffolding.

That beam's the only thing
holding that up.

We move it,
the whole tower will come down.

That weight is keeping him
from filling his lungs.

We'll have to act fast
or risk brain damage.

Victim pinned up there.

We can't extricate him without
bringing the whole thing down.

I think I can hold back
the scaffolding long enough

to tilt that beam up so we
can set him free.

Sounds risky.

Well, you remember
that rescue we worked?

The, construction worker
who had his leg trapped

under the Jersey barrier?

You had us bounce on it until
we had enough space

so we could pull him out?

You're gonna have to get on
top of that unstable platform.

Well, that's why I'll
go at it alone.

I'm not gonna put
my guys up there.

It's too dangerous.

Can't do it by yourself.

He's right, Kelly.
You're gonna need an extra

set of hands.

I'll go with you.

Come on, let's go.

Here goes nothing.

Everyone stand clear
of the collapse zone.

Good to go, Lieutenant.


I'll hold the platform.
You pull the victim out.

Raise this up two inches
on my count.

Roger that. Ready when you are.

- Three, two, one.
- Bring it up!

Hang on, bud, we got you.

All right, pull him out.


All right, Cruz, lower it!
Bring it down!


It's not holding.

You got him?

Got him.

Grab on!


Smart work up there, Kelly.

Clear eyed and decisive.

My mentor trained me right.

Made me what I am.

Okay, um, CFD medical
personnel have consulted

with Otis's doctors
at Chicago Med,

and they have decided that they
will not even consider

reinstating Otis until
he completes a minimum

of two months rehab.

- Well, that just...
- Sucks.


You are assigned to Truck 81
going forward.

Don't take it personally.

I don't. I'm sorry about Otis.

Okay. Before we,

start feeling sorry
for ourselves,

This could
have been a lot worse.

Otis is okay. All right?

So let's just be thankful
for that.

And I... I know it hurts to see
him laid up like this.

'Cause, we're a...
We're a family.

My point is,
Otis isn't gonna be around

for a while,
so we need to just make sure

that we show up and give 100%.

And... And make sure we...

We show up and give 100%.
You said that already.

Yeah, I... I did.

It's what... what really matters...

What the Captain is saying,

Otis is in for
a long, hard fight.

We can't let him face it alone.

Here, here.

- You're right, Chief.
- Here, here.

Um, and another thing.

Cordova is not allowed
to set foot in that kitchen

ever again.

Son, whatever you did
to this meat,

that's a crime.

You need to put that in the
dumpster where it belongs

and order pizza.

I didn't cook that.

We did.

- Ma'am, um...
- My dad's the real cook

in the family.

We were just doing our best.

Let's go, Amanda.

No, wait, ladies, hold on. We...

Thanks for letting me tap out.

These pep talks are harder
than they look.

- You did fine.
- I did not.

And I should have done
more to contain

this HerrmannCordova friction.
I disagree.

It was a tough situation,
and you handled it well.

From my perspective.

I'm confident this house would
be in good hands with you.

Even if I wasn't around.

- Lieutenant.
- Kidd.


Do you have something to say?

You took my advice on Grissom.

Of course I did.

Your opinion's the one
that matters most.

- Hey.
- Hey there.

So, here's the thing.

Um, I didn't tell Casey yet
'cause you were only gonna

be here for a couple shifts,
so what's the point?

But now that you're sticking
around for a while,

I need to say something.

You tell him now, it's gonna
make it even harder for me

to get a fair shake at 51.

Jake, I'm not gonna lie.

And I'd never ask you to.

But at least give me
a couple shifts.

And to prove myself
as a firefighter.

Then you can tell him
whatever you want.