Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Hiding Not Seeking - full transcript

The firefighters help the police track down a bombing suspect.

- This Zach guy
is really cool.
But you are so special to me.
It'll clear up a lot of things,
once I move out.
- I don't want you to leave.
[dramatic music]
- I'm so excited
to be here today
with Sergeant Trudy Platt.
- Medic!
- Eric Mitchell.
- Yeah?
- This could be the start
of a bombing campaign.
- We think that
Eric and Sheri were targeted
for reporting
on the same story.
- Didn't Eric run
the Larry Shepard story?
- White male, 40s, beard.
It matches.
- So you guys blew up
your reporter's career
based on fake news?
- He never forgave us for that.
- This guy's living
in the dark.
I don't know how
we're gonna find him.
- There comes a time
when people pay,
when their actions matter.
- I got a guy who might know
where Shepard bought his C-4.
- George Lehr.
- We finally got a lead
to Shepard.
We need to get inside Lehr's
house to clone his laptop.
We need your paramedics
to get us in the door.
- You are not endangering
my paramedics.
- Look, I'm just telling you
like it is, Chief.
The city is in
imminent danger.
And if I thought there was
a better way to find this guy,
I wouldn't be here.
- We want to do this, Chief,
no hesitation.
- Yeah, we've been
in this man's house.
He doesn't seem like a danger.
- So they do their jobs
like they always do.
Adam Ruzek goes
in the back door.
While George Lehr
is distracted,
Ruzek installs a cloning
device on Lehr's laptop.
- Which was in his office last
time we were there, I remember.
we'll just make sure that we
keep him in the living room.
- Bing bang boom. Ruzek's out
of there in 10 minutes.
- Why is this laptop
so important?
- Shepard's in contact
with Lehr.
Once we clone the laptop,
we'll have access
to incoming
and outgoing e-mail.
- Yeah, when Shepard
reaches out, we set a trap.
- What if the computer's
not in the office?
- We'll improvise.
It's what we do.
- Look, if there's
even a hint of menace,
we'll be right outside
in a surveillance van
with a go team ready.
[dramatic music]
- I have to be in the van too.
- Fine by me.
- When do you want to do this?
- Today. Now.
- We'll go get ready.
- I won't let anything
happen to them.
- You can't promise me that,
and you know that.
- We know what we're doing,
All right, we'll be back
in 30 minutes to pick you up.
- If it were us
the Chicago PD needed,
we'd both step forward.
- Yeah.
- You gonna be careful
or do I need to worry?
- Antonio's gonna be right
outside. I'll be fine.
- I wish I felt
as good as you do.
- Yeah. What can go wrong?
- Has the latest for us
in our ongoing coverage
of the serial bombings that--
- They have any updates?
- Nonstop reporting,
but no real details.
- That scene was chaos.
How's Trudy?
- Unstoppable.
- Voight and Antonio
were just here.
- Bomb related?
- They're trying
to rope Brett and Dawson
into some sting.
- What?
Where are they?
- Locker room?
- But we will keep you
up to date
as information comes--
- Hey, the rumor
running around
is that you're going undercover
for Voight and Antonio.
- They want us
to distract a patient of ours
while they plant
something on his computer.
It's simple.
- No.
It is not simple!
Sylvie, you don't know
these guys the way that I do.
They will chew you up and spit
you out without even thinking.
- Antonio is a part of this.
He's not going to do anything
to put his sister
or me in danger.
- Leon wore a wire for them
and he had to move to Florida
for three years
because of retaliation threats.
- I appreciate your concern,
- Do you?
- You were on the scene.
You saw with your own eyes
what this guy
has been doing to people.
If we can help find a way
to get to him,
to save more people,
I'm gonna make that choice
every time,
and you would do
the same.
[dramatic music]
- Fine.
Just--just please call me
as soon as it's over, okay?
- I got 'em.
- Mr. Lehr,
remember us?
- I didn't call
for a paramedic.
- No, yeah, no,
we understand, um...
We do wellness checks
for all of our chronic
heart condition patients,
make sure your
blood pressure's okay,
everything's working
like it should.
- Standard procedure.
- It's not a good time.
- It'll only take a second.
- We'll be in and out
before you can blink.
- We're stopping by now because
it would break our hearts
if we had to come by
again later
in an emergency situation.
[ominous music]
- You taking
your heart medication?
- Yeah, 40 milligrams
every night.
- Here, have a seat.
Roll your sleeve up.
- What do they have you on?
- Uh... Statins.
- All right, I'm in position.
- All right,
you're clear for entry.
- Hey, Mr. Lehr, will you roll
that sleeve up for me?
- George.
- Okay, George.
Just relax
while I check your pressure.
Perfectly normal.
- Well, I really have
a lot of work to do, so...
- Oh, yeah, of course,
of course, no problem.
Um, we're just
gonna take a listen
to your heart sounds
real quick.
- And how long
is this gonna take?
- Uh, just a minute.
Breathe in.
- [inhaling deeply]
- Out.
- [exhales]
- That's it.
Do it again.
- [heavy breathing]
- Good, again.
[computer beeps]
- Okay, okay, that's it.
I'm done. I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Oh, well,
we have to get
your blood sugar.
But since it seems like you've
gotten your medical license
since the last time we saw you,
I guess we can pass.
- Actually, you know what,
Sylvie, why don't you mark down
that the patient is refusing
his wellness check.
If anything happens to him in
the future, it won't be on us.
[suspenseful music]
[knock at door]
- What's this?
- I don't know.
- Is that your guy?
- Is it Shepard?
- I don't know.
[knocking grows louder]
- Can you guys wait here?
- Actually, you know what?
We're done, we can go.
- Wait.
- Okay. We gotta call it.
I gotta protect my paramedics.
- Just sit tight, Chief.
We're this close.
- Edmund.
- It's not him,
it's not Shepard.
- Who is it then?
- This is my brother, Edmund.
These are a couple
of paramedics.
They want to do
some kind of wellness check.
- Where are the checks?
- In the office.
- Ruzek, get out of there
[suspenseful music]
- Come on, come on...
- So I really do have
a lot of work to do.
Can we just wrap this--
- Hey, Edmund.
Uh, heart disease
is hereditary.
So if you haven't
had a checkup in a while,
I highly recommend it.
- I'll keep that in mind.
- Great.
Okay, well, Mr. Lehr,
your pressure is good,
your blood sugar's normal,
your lung sounds are clear.
We are pleased
that you're doing better.
- Totally pleased.
- Come on.
- We got it.
- They're clear.
- Just heard from Dawson.
They're both fine.
Went off without a hitch.
- I told Brett to call me
the moment they were safe.
- I'm sure she assumed
I'd tell you.
- Thanks, Captain.
- You all right, Cruz?
- Yeah, just, uh, worried.
It's all good.
- What's up?
- Oh.
Zach wants me
to meet his sister.
She's coming to town,
and it's a whole to-do.
- Two days ago, you were saying
that you wanted to move out
because it's getting
weird with me,
and now, you're worried
about his sister?
- I know,
but meeting his family,
I mean, he might as well come
with a priest and ten limos,
because that's what that means.
- Okay.
- Look, I'm just--
I'm just gonna tell him
to tap the brakes,
just a little.
- I'll let you work on that.
- Mm-hmm.
- I gotta tell you,
your paramedics did great.
- Yeah, there's
no surprise there.
They walk into unpredictable
situations every day,
and they do it
without a weapon.
I was never worried about their
ability to handle themselves,
but thanks for
keeping them safe.
- I know you had
your reservations.
I want you to know I appreciate
you helping us out.
- What happens next?
- Well, we sort through
all of George Lehr's e-mails.
He tries to make contact with
Shepard, now we'll be ready.
- I will say I'm ready to help
in any way we can.
Our people will have
their antennae up.
- Much obliged.
- Thanks.
It got a little
too close for comfort,
but they both handled
themselves with aplomb.
- You hear that? Chief
just used the word "aplomb."
- Oh, well, what'd you expect?
[intercom buzzes]
- Squad Three, explosion,
8412 South Kedvale...
- Explosion.
- That's a residential
- Uh-huh.
[suspenseful music]
[siren wailing]
- You get the feeling Antonio
doesn't know what he's doing?
- Where's this coming from?
- Well, he gets into
a bind on his own case.
He's gotta call Brett and
Dawson to do his dirty work?
It's like Leon.
Antonio had him wear a wire.
It cost him three years
of his life.
- Leon's doing good now!
- Yeah, but that doesn't mean--
- Cruz, you need to focus.
[siren wailing]
Hey, Cap, Tony,
check under the hood.
Make sure that fire doesn't
flare up again.
- I saw the whole thing.
Janet came out of her house.
I-I waved to her
like I always do.
We've shared a lawn
for 20-something years.
She--she gets in her car,
backs out of the driveway,
puts it in gear to go forward,
and an explosion
like you've never heard.
- Okay, ma'am.
You stay here; the police
are gonna want to talk to you.
[engine revving]
- I was on my way home,
heard the word "explosion"
on the scanner.
So...Intelligence is
a little jumpy right now.
- Yeah, for good reason.
[radio chatter]
Found this
underneath the chassis.
It's the same material
as before.
- This is not just some kid
making a pipe bomb
off the internet.
This is professional work.
- Excuse me, guys.
- Yep.
- Hey, is Voight right by you?
All right, will you find him,
tell him I'm at
8412 South Kedvale?
And that this is our guy.
He's struck again.
- So the woman in the car
is Janet Powell.
She's the mother-in-law
of our man, Larry Shepard.
- We were looking
at media targets,
not extended family members.
- Which means he's escalating
and twice as dangerous.
- The laptop this morning,
did it help?
- We're hopeful.
I mean, if Shepard
requires more supplies,
he's gonna have to reach out.
I also got Antonio sitting
on George Lehr's house
in case he tries
to make personal contact.
- Hey, do you need us
for anything else, Chief?
- No, you guys
can pack up and go.
- Squad Three,
back it up, let's go.
- Copy that, Lieutenant.
- Chief, look,
if the firehouse responds
to any fire or haz-mat calls
where anything seems unusual,
even if you just get a bad hit,
give us a call, we'll come
out to the scene.
- Understood.
- All right.
- Chief.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
[dramatic music]
- I tell her
this is dangerous,
but she doesn't
listen to me!
I tried to tell her about Leon,
but she basically ignored it.
I tell her, "Please,
call me as soon as it's done."
What'd she do?
Dawson calls Casey and says
tell him to tell me
not to worry?
- Do you want her
to report back to you
after every call
that 61 goes on?
- Don't give me that,
all right?
Just because things
get dangerous
when the bells go off,
doesn't mean that she has
to go looking for trouble.
- Hide me.
- You think I'm being crazy?
- No, I don't, but do you think
you'd have this reaction
if there wasn't this history
between Brett and Antonio?
- What?
This has nothing to do with
whatever the hell's
going on between them.
- Yeah, okay, but this thing
went off without a hitch.
She's back safe and sound,
so maybe now
just focus on that.
- Captain.
- Captain.
- Uh, what is this about?
- I told Brett that I come
in here and I lower the blinds
whenever I'm trying
to avoid someone.
- Yeah, I'm always like,
"Where's Dawson?"
And everyone's like,
"I don't know."
Now I know.
- So you just
go about your usual,
and we're gonna hang out in
here for the rest of the shift.
- Seems like you haven't put
too much thought into it.
- You're right, we haven't.
- [laughing]
- Is this about Cruz?
- A little.
Yeah, pretty much.
- He's your roommate.
- Yeah.
And he's ticked about us
helping Antonio.
- Okay, you know what?
I'm gonna go down
to the blue office
that I should've moved
into when I had the chance.
Brett, I've known Joe
for a long time.
He wears his emotions
on his sleeve because he cares.
There's nothing surface
about him.
- Severide!
They say the victim today
was the mother-in-law
of the prime suspect.
- Apparently.
- Yeah, that don't seem
a little off to you?
- It didn't fit the pattern
according to Halsted.
- Yeah, that's what
I'm thinking about.
Now, I know I don't have as
much arson experience
as you or your father,
but I seem to remember IEDs.
They require a certain amount
of practice
before someone deploys them
out in the wild.
- Yeah, theoretically,
the arsonist wants to test
the power of the explosives
so they don't fall short
of their goal, I guess.
- Right.
So there might have been
a trial run or two.
- Some place that didn't raise
any red flags at the time.
- Yeah. Go on.
- So if there's a workspace
or a practice area--
- How do we go about
finding that?
- I got an idea.
- Captain Hubble.
- Oh, Chief Boden, Kelly,
let me guess, you guys are
here about the bombings.
- Yeah, we are.
- Don't worry, I've got
my best people on it.
The physical evidence
is strong,
and we're preserving
every last bit of it.
If CPD has a suspect, we will
connect him to the attacks.
- That's the problem.
They don't have
any suspect in custody.
- We might be able
to help you with that.
- Okay.
- Do you have a way to sort
through arson calls
by neighborhood?
- Sure, we can sort
through every call
CFD's responded to
in the last 20 years,
but it requires some
heavy database management.
- We need to look at any calls
within a two mile area
of 4215 South Morgan.
- Shepard's residence.
- Going back
maybe a year or two.
- You guys understand
a lot of people are waiting
on this report.
- Look, we know
this is a big ask.
But we wouldn't bother you
unless we thought
it could pay off.
[dramatic music]
- Hey, guys.
Let's hit pause for a bit.
We're gonna attack this
from a different angle.
- Thanks, Hubble.
- Yeah,
anything to stop this guy.
- I thought you
were going home.
- No rest for the weary.
What's up?
- Is your sergeant here?
- Yeah, he's in his office
with Antonio.
- Good.
He's gonna want to hear this.
So I've dealt
with my fair share
of arsonists
over the years.
And the thing that
a lot of them have in common
is they build up
to the first blaze,
the first bomb.
- Yeah, like that guy
that targeted your sister.
- Gish.
- Right.
- You shot him.
- In an elevator stall, yeah.
- Yeah, except this guy
isn't a typical arsonist.
He's a journalist.
He just snapped when the story
he was working on
doubled back on him.
- Still he chose bombs,
he chose fire,
he didn't chose a gun.
- Mm.
- So maybe that's something
that he built up to.
- And George Lehr
helped him do it.
- Right. He doesn't want
to practice in his home,
in case someone notices.
- Yeah, we checked his house.
It's clean.
- Right, but twice
in the last six months,
the CFD has been called
out to this property.
This is two blocks away
from his residence.
It's got a nice little
work shed in the back.
And the neighbors, they phoned
it in when they saw smoke.
- I was on one of these calls.
The man that answered the door
said it was just
a little experiment
that had gone awry.
He said he was a carpenter
or something.
I didn't get a good look
at him, he had a hoodie on.
Thought it was weird,
but I didn't flag it.
We get a lot of false alarms.
- Think it was Shepard?
- I couldn't pick him
out of a lineup,
but yeah, it could've been.
- Let's see who owns this
property on West Patterson.
- All right, I'm on it.
- Antonio, let's roll
on this address.
I want to see who
answers the door.
Hey. Thank you. Thanks.
- Yep.
- Hey, Sarge, this address
on West Patterson,
it's owned by a company
named Starlight Properties.
They got a PO box.
- Hey.
You say Starlight?
- Yeah.
- There's an e-mail
on Lehr's laptop
from Starlight Properties.
- This is our guy.
- All right,
everybody gear up.
We'll see you there.
[suspenseful music]
- Move it.
- Let's go.
- Seek, seek.
[dog barks]
- Hit him.
- Stairs!
- Clear.
- There it is,
back there.
- Police!
- Sarge, you want
to wait for a sniffer?
- Here they are.
Right here.
[ominous music]
So what do we got?
- Same materials.
Soldering on the initiator
matches the signature.
Yeah, that's the same type
used on that car
on South Kedvale.
- All right,
rip that house open.
Find me a clue tells me who,
when, where he'll strike next.
- Copy that.
- Hey, Chief,
mind sticking around for a bit?
May need your expertise.
- Sure.
- Appreciate it.
- Go back to the house,
let Casey know I'm gonna
assist here.
- Yeah, you got it, Chief.
- Okay.
- Sylvie.
- Oh!
What are you doing?
Don't scare me like that.
- The better question
is what are you doing
in Casey's office?
- Nothing.
Sometimes I go in there to...
You know.
- Assume I don't know.
- Okay, fine,
I'm hiding out.
- Okay, that's just wrong.
The last thing
I want you to think
is that you can't
talk to me.
- Well, I tried, and you were
all in my face this morning.
- Because I care about you,
And before you get all nervous,
I mean that as a friend.
I had my chance with you,
it didn't work out,
I fully understand that.
But what we've had since then,
this friendship,
that's what's important to me.
[melancholy music]
- Me too.
I'm sorry.
I love living with Crotis.
I don't want
to jeopardize that,
but there are gonna be times
when I'm gonna do
what I think is right.
- Understood.
You have my complete support.
- Thanks.
- Ooh, I like the sight
of this.
- Yep.
- My man's got his own
corner office.
- I'm just using it while you
and Brett play hide and seek.
- Hiding, not seeking.
And we're done.
We're good to go.
- Good.
Then we can get things
back to normal.
- Hey.
- Cap said that you and Boden
went hunting for some bomber.
- I was trying to help
where we can.
Turns out, Boden and I found
the psycho's practice workshop.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, Boden's still there.
- With all the craziness
this shift,
Dawson and Brett
walking pretty much
right into the lion's den,
I don't want you
doing anything stupid.
I would say that we don't know
what this guy's capable of,
but we do.
- So what you're saying...
Is you're worried about me?
- All I'm saying is
firefighter to firefighter,
be careful.
- Because you don't want
anything to happen to me.
- If you would just set
your ego aside for a minute,
you would see that
I am actually offering you
some very sage advice.
- Uh, Stella...
- Hey! What's up?
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
- I got your message.
- Yes.
- You're bailing
on tomorrow night?
- Yeah, I--
I just, you know, with
the city being on high alert,
I just figured I'd stick around
and catch a double shift.
Just in case
they need the extra hands.
- Huh.
- What?
- No, I just thought
you wanted to go.
- No, I do, I--
That's why I was just--
I was just feeling you out,
and, uh--
Look, I can see that this
is really important to you,
so I will tell Chief
to stick to the schedule.
Forget I called.
- Okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Perfect.
- Actually, you know what?
I am gonna let you
off the hook.
[dramatic music]
- No, that's not what I was--
- Look, I'm a lot of things;
I'm not blind, Stella.
There's something going on
with your roommate,
which is cool with me.
Hell, we just started
going out.
- Zach--
- No, it is, it is,
but it's your life,
and I get it.
See, I think what I need to do
is take a big step back.
And if, uh...
You get to a different place
in your life, then...
We'll see.
- I think you're overreacting.
- I'm not.
- Upton.
- Yeah?
- We got something.
- What is it?
- It's from George Lehr's
cloned laptop.
He just sent
an e-mail to Shepard.
There it is.
"Pick up the package at 7P.
We'll be set for tonight."
- 7P? What's 7P?
- Uh, the time? 7:00 p.m.?
I don't know.
- Could be a location--
a locker or storage facility.
- Yeah, but pick up the
package. What package?
- It's gotta be an explosive.
We have to intercept it.
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
- Clear.
- Clear. Forward.
- Hands up, Lehr.
Lehr, hands up!
Real slow, okay?
I want you to put your
hands up--
[glass shattering]
- What's 7P?
- [shouting]
- What did you give Shepard?
- [grunts]
- Where's he striking next?
- It'll all be over tonight!
- Don't you move an inch.
Yeah, we have Lehr in custody,
but we believe
he's armed Shepard
and means
to strike tonight.
- Yeah, well
you bring his ass in
and throw him in the cage.
- Sarge, we got something
in the basement.
Sheri Hamilton,
the mother-in-law,
Eric Mitchell,
the mailbox victim,
and this is the guy Upton
and I interviewed.
It's Allen Tullis;
he's Shepard's editor.
Shepard accosted him
on a commuter train
two days before
the first incident.
- Editor where?
- "Chicago Telegraph."
[suspenseful music]
- The CT?
- He's next.
- 5021 Squad emergency.
Roll the bomb squad
to the Chicago Telegraph
building immediately.
I got a possible IED.
Advise additional responding
to set a two block perimeter.
- Roll CFD to the
Chicago Telegraph building
on a box alarm!
[dramatic music]
[sirens wailing]
- Okay, folks, single file.
Watch the vehicles.
There you go.
Keep moving.
Let's go, folks.
- You ever get
that itch, Wallace?
- Itch?
- Yeah, you know, the feeling
something ain't right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, I got it now.
Hey, security.
- We got the call and we are
proceeding with the evacuation.
- All right, good. Listen,
can you point out Allen Tullis?
We need to talk to him.
- Allen's not here yet.
Comes in late on Fridays.
- Did you say Allen Tullis?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah, he takes the train in.
His regular routine.
- Shepard accosted Tullis
on the train.
He knew where he'd be
and what time he'd be there.
- "CT." Not "Chicago
Telegraph," Chicago Transit!
- You know what station
Tullis uses?
- Uh, Randolph Street.
- Thank you.
- Casey, divert the call to the
Randolph Street train station.
Possible bomb attempt.
[sirens wailing]
- Chief says
Randolph Street station!
- Squad Three, Ambo 61,
Randolph Street station!
- Copy that.
- Evacuate!
We need to evacuate!
- Everyone evacuate!
Out of this station!
- What's going on?
- We have a bomb threat.
- I didn't get a call!
- It's happening fast.
- K570 to rail control!
CFD's on the scene,
reporting a 1090.
They're requesting a station
shutdown while we wait for CPD.
- Get out of the way, please!
- Move to the right, please!
- Stay to the right!
- All right, everybody!
We need you off the train
and out of the platform
right now! Let's go!
- Orderly manner, please.
Thank you!
Upstairs, upstairs.
- Nice and easy, slow down!
- Let's go, folks!
- Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!
Out of the platform right now,
let's go, let's go!
Come on!
- Quickly, everybody, quickly.
- Sir!
- Hey, we're evacuating, sir.
- Larry?
- Journalism needs to be
[woman screaming]
- Out of the way! Move!
- Out of the way!
- Move! Move!
- Out of the way!
- [straining]
- Out of the way,
out of the way.
Get out of the way!
- Come on!
- You even twitch,
I'll blow your head off.
[radio chatter]
Here, throw him in my car.
- You got it.
Let's go.
Well, that was nice work,
- A little too much excitement
for one day.
- That's what keeps
Chicago interesting.
- Did you guys give
your statements?
- Multiple times.
- That guy had
enough C-4 on him
to take out
a whole city block.
You did good today,
both of you.
- Yeah.
- All right, Chief.
- Okay.
Come on.
- You two were cool
under fire today.
- That's every day,
mi hermano.
- Well, we appreciate it,
I mean, that laptop
toppled the dominoes.
- Oh, yeah? What about
our patient, George Lehr?
What happens to him?
- Next time
he needs a paramedic,
it's gonna be in a prison yard.
- Good riddance.
- Yeah.
You two missed your calling.
I'm gonna get you CPD badges.
[rock and roll music plays]
[dramatic music]
- How far does a girl have
to go before you notice her?
- Are you going to Molly's?
- You?
- I was thinking about it.
Yeah, Zach broke up with me.
- I thought you were
just tapping the brakes.
- Yeah, well, he decided
to go ahead and put it in park.
- Let's stay in.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, just you and me.
[hopeful music]
- If she's pretty enough, she
doesn't have to go anywhere.
She just has to be.
- Pay attention to me.
- I'm not exactly on
the other side of the room.
- Your mind is.
And when I want a man,
I want all of him.
[dramatic music]
[wolf howls]