Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - The F Is For - full transcript

The photographer whose pictures of Casey and Severide during a rescue make the front page of the newspaper chronicles a day-in-the-life story at the Firehouse.

- This whole living situation
with Severide,
it's not a permanent thing.
I'm gonna start
that apartment search again.
- No rush.
[dramatic music]
- Severide, we are running
out of time
for you to shut down
those leaks.
- Yeah, copy that, Chief.
- Whoa!
- Wait, where are you going?
- I'm headed for the roof.
- Where's Casey?
- He went to get Severide.
- Get ready!
- This is insane.
- One, two,
[pipes hissing]
- Let's go round back!
- Let's go!
- To the river!
[sirens wailing]
[radio chatter]
Where are they?
- [groans]
- Casey!
- Severide!
- There!
- [panting]
- Where's Severide?
- Severide!
- I got Severide!
I'm gonna harness up
and get him, Chief.
- Otis, extend the aerial.
- Yeah, copy.
- Severide!
- Casey, come to shore.
Kidd will get him
with the aerial.
Squad, get him out.
Get him out now.
- Watch your back.
- Okay, swing right.
Swing stop.
- Show me what you do.
Take her up.
- Stella, you got this.
- [softly] Good.
- Swing right.
- Hey!
You need to back up.
Let us do our work.
Get out of here!
- Okay. All right, yeah.
You got it.
Go get your man.
- Kelly!
Do it! Bring me down,
bring me down!
Bring us up!
[shutter clicks]
Talk to me.
Can you hear me?
- Easy.
- Got him.
Got him, got him.
- Nice and easy.
- Watch his head.
- Severide, can you hear me?
- Come on, Lieutenant,
talk to us.
- [coughing]
- All right.
- Uh, Casey. Where's Casey?
- He's good.
- He's fine.
- Come on, come on.
- We got you.
- [coughing]
- What the hell were
you two thinking?
- [coughing]
We weren't.
- That was incredible.
- [laughing]
- Get over here.
You're not moving
the rest of the day.
- I'm good.
- Didn't we have
an understanding?
No five-story jumps
into the river.
- I told you, I'm trying
to qualify for Tokyo 2020.
High dive, gold medal.
I got to get my practice
in where I can.
- Well, you didn't stick
the landing.
- Oh, actually I think I did.
- Hm.
- Tens from all the judges.
Must have missed it.
- I am happy to miss
any and all of that.
Can I get you anything else?
You want hot chocolate?
Apple cider?
- You.
- You always have me.
- Well...
Then I don't need
anything else.
- What took you so long?
- Boden called over to Med.
Made Halstead's brother check
me out for a concussion.
- Will?
- Yeah, that's the one.
- What'd he say?
- Uh, take some Tylenol.
- Seriously?
- More or less.
- Okay, look, I'm supposed
to go into Molly's North
to train some new bartender,
but I'm gonna cancel
and just make
sure you're okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Yeah. I'm okay.
I'm just, uh...can you walk me
over to the couch?
- Yeah, of course.
Come here.
Here, come on.
You good?
- Yeah.
- Man, just breathe.
- [laughing]
- You--
- [groans, laughs]
- You think that's funny?
- Yeah, it's funny.
I was kidding.
I'm fine.
Get your ass to Molly's.
- Oh, gladly.
- [chuckles dryly]
You're a terrible person.
- [laughs]
- I want a clear-eyed
- I'm sore all over.
I'm not gonna lie.
But good to go, Chief.
- And you?
- Went through
the concussion protocol.
Flying colors.
- And if you weren't,
you wouldn't tell me anyway.
Chief Huffhines.
- Wallace, Matt.
- Kelly Severide, Chief.
- Kelly.
See the coverage
in the "Sun-Times" last night?
- Yes, I did.
Very nice.
- [chuckling]
Well, let me tell you,
the office of public relations
has heard from everyone.
The commissioner's office,
mayor's office.
Everyone is tickled pink.
- I'm glad.
- So I reached out
to the photographer
who captured
these amazing photographs.
Oh, I'm sorry.
This is, uh--
- Nate Isaacs,
professional photo journalist.
- Right, and I said
to Mr. Isaacs,
I said, "Would you be
interested in doing
a day-in-the-life
pictorial spread, huh?"
A real inside look
at what we do here.
And I could not think
of a better house
than the one that produced
this stellar shot.
- Okay, so when are
you thinking to, um--
- Right now.
Today, this shift.
- Chief, listen, if this
is an intrusion at all,
you just tell me and I'll take
a big step back,
just like at the scene.
You tell me to move back,
and I do as I am told.
- Okay, why not.
- [laughs] Great.
Nate, I'll leave you to it.
- Thanks.
- So how do you want
to do this?
- Uh, go about
your shift normally.
At the end of the day,
we'll see what we have, huh?
- Good.
- Okay.
- I heard from Hope.
- Oh, you did?
- Yeah, she sent me an email,
said she's back in Fowlerton.
She wants to drive up
and have lunch
so she can mend fences.
- What did you say?
- Delete.
- Hey, so I am
alerting you, ladies,
we have a photographer
in our midst.
- What does that mean?
- It's some press guy.
He's doing a day-in-the-life
photo shoot.
[both chuckle]
- Help.
Help, Dawson.
[ragged breathing]
It hurts.
- Gerald?
- It hurts.
- You know this guy?
- He's a frequent flyer.
He's harmless.
- What happened?
- It's broke.
- Let me take a look, Gerald.
- [groaning]
- Okay, well, I don't think
it's broken,
but we can get you to
the hospital.
What happened?
- I--I fell.
- Where'd this happen?
- Home.
- You walked all the way
over here?
- Okay, listen, Gerald,
we're gonna get you a sling
for your arm so you
won't keep cradling it.
We're gonna take an x-ray
at the hospital
just to make sure
it's not broken, okay?
Come on.
- I got it.
Come on, buddy.
Let me help you up.
There we go.
- [groaning]
- That's the guy.
Do you want me to tell him
to back off?
- No, no, it's fine.
Come on, Gerald.
Let's go.
- Hey, close the blinds
so we can hide
from this photographer.
- Psst, hey.
He's hiding in here.
- [clears throat]
- Oh.
- What do you need, Kidd?
- Oh, uh.
Actually, it can wait.
- Well, don't mind me.
- Okay.
I just wanted to ask
if I could swap next week
with Grigsby on third shift.
I have a lead on an apartment
and the building manager
wants to meet with me.
- Oh, yeah, uh, sure.
No problem.
Just write it down
on a sticky note,
put it in my office.
- Okay.
Will do.
- Trouble at home?
- Not on my end.
I told her she could stay
as long as she wants.
- Oh, my God.
She didn't.
- Who didn't?
- Hope.
You know how I deleted
her email?
Now she's trashing me
on Facebook.
- Nah.
- These are mutual friends
she's stirring up in Fowlerton.
Who knows what she's saying
in real life.
- Oh, you got to drag her.
You send out a blast,
and you let everybody back home
know the stunts
that she pulled in Chicago.
- Yeah, I saw these two
celebrities brawling on Twitter
and it was everything.
Do something like that.
- [sighs]
You know what,
I'm just gonna
go with my first instinct
and ignore her.
- Come on, girl, you got
to stand up for yourself.
- I stand up when it's
something worth standing up to.
Hope isn't worth it.
[alarm blaring]
- Ambulance 61.
Man down from unknown causes.
8451 Racine.
- Everything?
- It's hyperbole.
[shutter clicking]
- Why a goat?
- Well there are
many guesses about that.
The only plausible
one I heard is
that this house was built
on an old goat farm.
- Huh.
[shutter clicking]
No, no, no, just go
about your business.
Ignore me.
- No, what we were gonna do
is smoke a couple cigars.
- You know, I could put
my camera down,
and, uh, join you guys.
How do you get impaled
on an iron fence?
- He was trying to kill
Jumped out a four-story window.
- Ouch.
SGBS isn't fixing that, huh?
Super glue, baking soda.
Medics in the field,
they swore by it.
Said it was better than gauze
for packing a wound.
- Where were you embedded?
- Afghanistan, five months.
Of course, Chicago can be
its own war zone sometimes.
- [sighs]
Don't ask.
I'm gonna shower
and change now.
- Got a call, guy was
face down on Racine.
Turned him over and...
[imitates retching]
All over Dawson.
50/50 chance
it could have been me.
- Listen, I'm gonna go get
some coffee.
Anybody want anything?
[shutter clicks]
- Be right back.
Nobody touch my cigar.
- Don't worry.
- Captain, did you get
a chance to look
over my furlough request?
- Not yet.
- Everybody wants
Fourth of July off.
That's why I put
in five months early.
- Okay, I'll be sure
to look at
that pressing
concern after I, uh--
- I need to know.
[water running]
- [groans]
- Casey!
- [groans]
Hey, take it easy, man.
- Are you kidding me?
- Hey, what's going on?
- Found this scumbag lurking
outside your shower.
- I had no idea that
these were co-ed bathrooms.
- So you just decided to
explore the bathroom
you didn't know was co-ed?
Right after I said I was going
to take a shower?
- Get out.
- Just hold on for a moment--
- Get your camera and get out
before I beat
the hell out of you.
I mean it!
- That was freaky.
- [clears throat]
- What happened?
- The photographer you brought
into my firehouse was playing
peeping tom in the bathroom.
- I, uh, I can't even--
- It happened
while I was in the shower.
- Uh.
Okay, well, I'll,
uh--I'll call the paper.
- And we'll call CPD.
- You want him arrested?
- I want a formal complaint.
On the record.
- If it happened here,
it ain't the first time.
Someone needs to know.
- Well...
You're right.
You're right, um.
I'm, uh--I'm embarrassed
this happened.
And I should have done
a better job at vetting him
before I proposed this.
- [sighs]
It's not your fault.
You just got caught up
in the buzz.
- You know what?
Let me call the CPD, huh?
I should be the one.
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
Again, uh...
I'm sorry.
[rock music playing]
- Okay, we are
on the Blue Cobras.
They'll announce it.
- Okay.
So you have done this before?
- Oh, I'm in league.
- Mm.
- And we happen to have
a spot open for tonight
which you're filling.
- Mm.
Oh, I will bring it.
Don't you worry.
- Uh, how's the apartment
search coming?
- Ah, I got a lead.
- Yeah?
- Yes. Yeah.
- You excited about
living alone again?
- Oh, my God,
you play WhirlyBall?
- Hi.
- She is a first-timer.
- Hi, Stella.
- Lily.
- Brian and I are thinking of
going on
the championship circuit.
- I'm not gonna say we
perfected the Malachi Crunch
but, uh--
[both snap fingers]
- What team you guys on?
- Uh, the, um--
- Next up on Court 2,
the Dig Dug Express
against the Blue Cobras.
- That's us.
both: Us too.
- Mm.
- [laughs]
You guys are going so down.
- Okay.
- Ready for a refill, buddy?
- Sure.
- Okay, look,
I'm not one to pry,
but as your bartender,
I got responsibilities.
So, what's going on?
Oh, come on,
maybe I can help.
I've seen stuff.
- It's my girlfriend, Alice.
She wants to move in,
but I think it's too soon.
- Do you love her?
- It's only been six months.
- [chuckles]
What's your name, pal?
- Kevin.
- Okay, Kevin.
Look at it like this, okay?
Life, it's like a fire.
- Oh, boy.
- You go in too far too fast,
you're gonna get
burnt up, right?
- I guess.
- Yeah.
But if you throw water
on too soon,
you know, you're in
a rush to cool it down,
then you are going to boil
those firefighters
like, you know,
a bunch of lobsters.
- Okay.
- So, listen.
You and Alice,
you got some heat, right?
- I think so.
- Well, what you got to try
to figure out is,
is it the kind of heat
that you want to run into
or you want to run out of?
- Yeah, I don't think
that's a usefu--
- No, actually,
that makes total sense.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, man.
I really appreciate it.
- You got it.
- That was pretty good,
what you did over there.
- Yeah? I'm just helping out
where I can.
Oh. "Mitchell Monroe,
Life Coach Managers."
- I'm a talent manager
for life coaches.
I help turn, you know, advice
into a profitable business.
- Okay.
Tell me more about profitable.
- Well, my coaches charge
$40 an hour to start.
I provide the training,
I manage the paperwork
and the invoices,
I take 10% off the top.
- And it's my job to, what?
- [chuckles]
- Coach people's lives?
- Something you seem
to be doing pretty naturally
from what I just witnessed.
Your words of wisdom,
they have value.
- [laughs]
- You give me a call
when you're ready
to take the next step.
- [humming]
- Hey.
Have you played
WhirlyBall before?
Because it is not
as easy as it looks.
Oh, yeah, well, I mean
we should get a team together.
Otis and Lily are,
like, regulars.
And then Zach knows
the manager,
so, you know, I mean we could
go whenever we wanted.
- Sounds interesting.
- Are you, uh,
you staying up?
- Nah, I'm gonna go to bed.
- You sure? 'Cause it's me
and you, I can, uh,
I can rally.
- Nah, it's okay.
Gonna get some shut-eye.
- Okay.
[reflective music]
- Could have been worse.
- Oh, had he taken
pictures of you?
- No, I mean for him.
Matt was about
to rip his head off,
and I was ready to help.
He's lucky to be alive.
- Is that Gerald again?
- Uh...
I--I need medicine.
- Gerald, what's going on?
- It hurts.
- Okay, we're gonna
get you something
out of the back
of the ambulance.
Just give us a second here.
What do you think?
- I think he's being
messed with.
He walks all the way
over here, twice?
- F. I.
R. E.
The reason why you are here
is you need to get your life
in order, and I am here
to help you with that.
- What's the "F" stand for?
- "F" stands for
fire pole.
The thing that connects
the two floors
of a firehouse is a pole.
- Pole starts with a "P."
- [laughing]
- It's a fire pole.
It is always there
when you need it,
and in an emergency,
it will help you
quickly get to the things
that you need.
Yes, Joseph?
- Why are you doing
this thing so formal?
The thing that makes you unique
is that you are not formal.
- Clients are going to pay
a lot of money for this.
- Uh-huh.
- You need to, um,
"show them that you
are a professional
in dress and manner
and in method."
- Well, continue then.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hello?
- Hey, Lester.
How's your foot?
- It's a lot better, thanks.
You looking for Gerald?
- Uh, no, actually,
we know where Gerald is.
Do you know if anyone's
bothering him?
- Hey, it's okay.
You can tell us.
- I don't want nothing
to do with this.
[suspenseful music]
- That's Gerald's tent
right there.
[objects clattering]
- Hey, whoever's
in Gerald's tent
needs to come out.
- What do you want?
- That's Gerald's house.
- Not no more.
- Come on, let's go.
- No, Dawson, no.
- This is my house.
This is my street.
Go home, skanks.
- No, this is not your street.
It's mine.
Along with his
and his and theirs.
You know who else's
streets these are?
Every paramedic
and firefighter in Chicago.
We've been on every block
in this city
and helped someone
on every one of them.
And all those people
we've helped,
they're on our team,
not yours.
You mess with Gerald again
or anyone else in this camp,
then you'll be picking
a fight with us
and everyone
that's loyal to us,
and then you'll find out
whose streets these are.
- [yells]
- [laughs]
- She used to be my friend.
- Are you sure you don't want
to go to the shelter, Gerald?
- You call us if anybody
messes with you again, okay?
- [sighs]
I think I will email Hope back.
Tell her straight up
I'm not interested in
anything she has to say,
just so there's
no misunderstandings.
- Hey! What's up?
- Just thought I'd drop
in with some cookies.
- Aw.
I swear you are an angel.
- Good time for it.
- Hey!
- We're losing all faith
in humanity around here.
- Rough call?
- Worse.
Pervert came
into the firehouse.
- Thanks.
- Oh, good.
All right,
question for the group.
I am gonna need some help
getting this life coach thing
off the ground.
- [chuckles dryly]
- Why don't I be
your first client?
- Oh, no.
- Yeah, great!
Done! You are not gonna
be disappointed.
Okay, let's, uh,
get you signed up, and then
we'll get you started.
- Now?
- Why not?
- Okay, oh, we gonna--no?
- Mm. You said.
- No, okay, I didn't--
- We'll just go on back here.
I got stuff to talk about.
- What just happened?
- You see the "F"
is for you're--
[blender whirring]
- [groans]
- How was it?
- Brett was awesome as always.
- I just got off the phone
with both the "Sun-Times"
and "The Tribune."
They said they're severing
all ties with Nate Isaacs
and will blast his name to
all the press in the area.
They assured me they
took it very seriously.
- Good riddance.
- Well, I thought you would
like to know.
- You thought right.
- So, how was it?
- Really good actually.
He's a very wise man.
- Really?
- Really, really.
Yeah, I told him
about my sister,
and he said I should
reach out to her
which is what I've been
thinking for a long time.
- You have a sister?
[both laugh]
- Then we started to talk
about Hawaii.
You know, how I wanted to go
there after college
but my parents put the kibosh
on that particular dream.
He said, "Sometimes ladders
don't reach the highest floor,
but we have to
hump up the stairs,"
which is really solid advice.
So, yeah, I'm gonna
think about it.
- About what?
- You know, moving to Hawaii.
Anyway, today was really fun.
I'll see you tomorrow
at Molly's North?
- Yeah.
[under breath]
Right after I murder someone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- [sighs]
I just think things are
getting weird between us.
- It's not weird for me.
- Look, I'd like to say
what I mean.
You know I'm not much
for dancing around subjects.
- Me either.
- Um, it's just this Zach guy
is really cool.
And we have a lot
of fun together.
And it may get serious.
Who knows? It feels like
it's heading in that direction.
But you...
are so special to me.
And, um...
so important.
And I just feel like
clear up a lot
of things once I move out.
All right, well, um,
thank you for, uh,
listening to that.
- Do you want to hear
my opinion?
- Yeah.
- I don't want you to leave.
[alarm blaring]
- Truck 81, Ambulance 61.
Single vehicle accident.
500 block West Harrison Street
[sirens wailing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- Crowd control,
block off the sidewalk.
Give us some room to work.
Otis, Mouch, with me.
Stand back, sir.
Excuse me.
Stand back, please.
Ma'am, can you tell us
what happened?
- I don't know, I just
looked down for a second.
And the car started spinning.
- We're gonna have
our medics take a look, okay?
- Back up.
Thank you.
[shutter clicking]
- Hey!
Get off the scene.
- I got a right to be here.
- I ain't asking.
- Freedom of the press, buddy.
You can try to
destroy my name
but I can still sell photos
of public employees
wherever and whenever I want!
- Casey, don't.
He's not worth it.
- How you doing? You all right?
- I'm okay.
- Hey, you gonna give us
the room to do our jobs?
- It's a public street, lady.
- How you feeling, honey?
- Okay, I guess.
- We can get her out
as soon as we pop the door.
[car horn blaring]
- Call for a second ambo!
- Casey!
[car horn blaring]
[dramatic music]
[car horns blaring]
- Pulse is strong.
He's alert.
- What happened?
- You stepped in the street
and got hit by a car.
But the captain saved you.
- [groans]
[sirens wailing]
- One hell of a call.
- Could say that.
- Herrmann says
you didn't hesitate.
Not for a second.
- Nope.
- That's good.
- You sure about that?
'Cause I'm not.
- And what if the man
you saved today
is different from the one
he was yesterday?
- You think he's
magically reformed
because he got hit by a car?
- No.
I think if we start
wondering if one life
has more value than another,
we can't do our job.
Today you gave Isaacs the
second half of his life back.
You can't control
what he does with it.
[solemn music]
But a life saved...
That's one for the win column.
I will take that win any day,
no matter who it is.
I am proud of you, Captain.
- Isaacs is stable.
Well, you know,
physically anyway.
What, too soon?
- Yeah.
- Well...
Thank you.
- For what?
- For being the sort of man who
will protect me from a creep.
And then run into traffic
to save the creep.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Two, three, and four.
- What's this?
- 10%. I had my first client.
And it went pretty damn well
if I do say so myself.
- We can settle up
when you get a few more.
- All right.
- Speaking of which,
I need a check
from you for $800.
- What for?
- Well, I added you
to my gold roster
which is
for active life coaches
who have completed
the bronze workbook
which you did.
- What now?
- You!
- What? Me?
- I took your stupid advice.
I told Alice
that moving in with her
made me feel like
I was being cooked alive.
- Listen, I didn't say
to say that.
I definitely didn't tell
you to say that.
- She dumped me!
- Look.
I mean, you--
- [grunts]
[crowd gasps]
- Hey, hey, take it easy.
- You ruined my life.
- Okay, buddy.
- So that was a setback.
- I think that
you need to leave.
- [clears throat]
That's all right.
Excuse me.
- What was all that?
- Listening to me for advice
might be the dumbest thing
that you could do.
- No.
Lily was very appreciative.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You gave her some excellent
things to think about.
- Well, you know what,
you tell her
that I don't think
that I'm gonna be
in, you know,
life coaching business anymore.
I'm gonna stick
with what I know.
and running this bar.
- You know what? Actually I
might run over to Molly's North
right now and let her know
that before she decides.
Cover for me.
- Yeah.
You got it, buddy.
- Something to get you started.
- Thank you.
- Ooh.
Oh, my God, Severide would be
completely busting my balls
about eating
in a place like this.
He's always like,
"Lou Malnati's is all I need."
And I'm like, "No, sometimes
a girl's gotta be wined
and dined."
Mm. I...
I didn't--I was,
uh--that was rude.
Let's talk about you.
- No, no, no sweat.
It's all good.
Actually, you know what?
There is...
There is something I wanted
to talk to you about.
I wasn't sure
if it was too soon.
- What--what is it?
- Okay, well, my sister
is gonna be in town next week.
And she's cool, and I think
you'd like each other so...
I wanted to know
if you want to meet her?
- Of course.
Yes, I would love to.
- Good.
- Mm-hmm.
[knocking at door]
- Hey. What's up?
- I tried to text you.
- My phone's on the charger.
- Just seeing
if you were around.
- Yeah, come on in.
- Uh-oh, did Kelly
get stood up tonight?
- Nah, I just wanted to hang
with the old married couple
- [laughing] Oh, so sweet.
I'll grab the wine.
- Beer?
- I will grab the beers.
- Yeah.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- Thanks, babe.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cheers, guys.
[soft music]
[dramatic music]
[wolf howls]