Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Slamigan - full transcript

Dawson and Casey do everything they can to locate Bria's whereabouts after discovering important new information. Lt. Severide reunites with Chief Grissom, and old family friend. Meanwhile,...

I just got a call from Zach.

We are going on a date tomorrow night.

Hey, Tina.

- Are you here for Bria Jamison?
- You know her?

Her dad got himself
in a mess with painkillers.

He's in no shape to take care of her.

Did you see a girl who was just here?

You and Gabby were walking
around skid row last night

- looking for Bria?
- I thought she told you.

- What is it?
- That was the morgue.

A Jane Doe teenage girl just rolled in.

She had my card in her purse.

- Hello, anybody?
- Someone's coming.

I can hear them.

- Sorry about that, we had a...
- Gabriela Dawson.

You called about a Jane Doe?

Yes, thank you for coming in.

I just need some identification.

And what is your relation
to the deceased?

I'm her friend.

Not next of kin?

Look, you called me.
Can I see the body or not?

Gabby, he's just doing his job.

She was found in an alley. DOA.

That's not my friend.

You sure?

I'm sure. That is not Bria Jamison.

Track marks.

Was it a drug overdose?

ME still needs to make his
official determination, but...

Don't know this girl at all?

I never saw her before.

So why did she have your card?

II don't know.

Can I see the card?

That's Bria's purse.

There were no valuables inside.

No money, no ID, no credit cards.

It's like it was cleaned out.

You sure it's hers?

Yeah, it's the one she went
back to the clinic fire to get.

I remember it.

How did this girl end up
with all of Bria's stuff?

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HECHT. Got it.

Appreciate this. Thanks, Bobby.

Okay, ran prints off the Jane Doe.

She was in the system.

A couple of shoplifting charges.

Name's Carly Hecht. 19 years old.

What do we know about her?

A couple patrol officers
visited her last known

this morning.
It was her boyfriend's place.

Can I see the address?

Gabby, what're you doing?

This girl had Bria's stuff.
I wanna know why.

Look, you know I can't share
information like that.

But you're my sister, so,

if I were to write down an address,

and then turn my back...

I didn't see that.

And that's why
you're my favorite brother.


Hey, how's Brett doing?

- She's good.
- Good.

Wow, Hazmat Zach already called.

That was fast.

Well, after the way
you strongarmed him,

he was probably scared to wait too long.

I did not strongarm him.

All I said was that you were
single and he was all over it.

Well, he asked me for dinner
tomorrow night, to Sparrow.

I've read about that place.

Sounds very cool.

Not usually my jam,
but I said I'd give it a try.

Admit it, you're excited.

I've had a lot of bad dates
this last year, so...

Just say it. "I'm excited."

I'm cautiously optimistic.

But he is an attractive gentleman.

Since when do you go for gentlemen?

Since I decided to improve my standards.

- That's a smart move.
- Don't I know it.

Come on, let's get to the cinnamon rolls

before Connie does.


You got that text from Dawson, right?

Yeah, eventually.

It was a long night.

For me too.

Dawson's not the only one
who got close to Bria.

Hey, I'm just glad
it wasn't her in that morgue.


Hey, you know how Connie feels

about fire tools inside the house.

It'll only take a minute.

I wanna connect a sledgehammer
to a Halligan bar

so one guy can set the Halligan
into a doorjamb,

and bang it into place all by himself.

Yeah, but those two things
together are like 22 pounds.

It's a tool for real men.

I gotta say, it doesn't seem
like it would work.

And if it did,

wouldn't somebody have
invented it by now?

Hey, no one invented the computer

until Bill Gates came along.

Bill Gates didn't...

Anyway, that thing is hardly a computer.

Nope, it isn't.

It's a Slamigan.

Say that again. What...

What're you calling this thing?

The Slamigan.

We're gonna be rich.

Who's "we"?

Yeah, and when did "we"
decide this was a good idea?

When he named it The Slamigan.


Slamigan indeed.

It's all right.

If at first you don't succeed...

I know, I know.

This is gonna work.

You just need to add a real hinge on

and you know, a steel plate.

Yeah, I guess I could get the torch out

and just braze something
together real quick.

No, a brazed joint
won't be strong enough.

You wanna MIG weld it.

I grew up in a farm.

When the cultivator threw a shank,

who do you think fixed it?

Hey, Brett, can we run a little errand?


Are you sure the police
already notified the boyfriend?

Yeah, Antonio said they were
here this morning.

How is Antonio?

He's good.


Okay, here we are. 102.


We're very sorry for your loss.


Carly was, like, trying to stop using.

She was tough enough to do it too.

Did she live with you?

On and off.

Aaron, do you know a girl named Bria?


That's a... that's a weird name.

Carly never mentioned it?

Are you sure?

She's younger than Carly.
Long, dark hair.

They may have met recently.

If it was from, like,
last week or whatever,

I wouldn't know anything about it.

We had a big fight on Saturday,

and then she just took off.

And I...

never saw her after that.

Any idea where Carly might've gone?

Maybe... maybe Safe Harbor.

What's that?

Iit's a shelter on West Jackson.

That's the only place that
Carly would've gone to.

They just take teens.

That's really helpful. Thank you.

We'll check it out.

I just watched her leave.

I... and I didn't even try to stop her.


try to reach out to
some friends or family, okay?

You shouldn't be alone right now.

Ambulance 61.

Woman in distress, 203 East Chestnut.

Copy that, 61, we're out.

Take care of yourself.

Neighbors heard Mrs. Capizzi cry out,

but no one answered the door.

Apartment 3205. This way.

Fire Department, Mrs. Capizzi?

Get in here!

Good luck with her.

Hurry, hurry up.

The button is jammed.

Help me!

My hand, do something.

I'm gonna disconnect it.

No, I'm still stuck.

Be careful.

An oyster fork fell
and I thought I could grab it.

I think your ring is trapped

on the side of the mechanism.

My God, please don't let
it be the Lorraine Schwartz.

Just a little twist here.

No, no, no, no, no.

It's just a small laceration.

Look at this,
my engagement ring is damaged.

When you twisted
my hand to pull it out...

Your ring is damaged
'cause you stuck your hand

in a garbage disposal
before shutting it off.

Well, that disposal
is clearly defective.

You have no concept
of the value of this ring.

I shouldn't have been
at the sink at all,

but my housekeeper called in sick.

Now my ring is scratched
and I have to get stitches.

It's just all so unfair.


Lady, less than half a mile
from here is a shelter for kids

who got nowhere to go.

Kids who could be on the street

or in a morgue or God knows where.

Now that's unfair.

You drive.

I'll stay in the back with Mrs. Capizzi.

And from that day forward,

he was always referred to as Brenda.

A lot of people don't know
that's how he got his nickname.

They thought it was
some kind of sex thing.

I'm just saying.

I wasn't there. Anyway, I gotta run.

I expect to see you all there.

- You got your invites.
- We do.

- See you Friday, Chief Grissom.
- Okay.

Anyone know, is Kelly around?

He's, right behind you.

- Grizz.
- There he is.

- What're you doing here?
- Dropping these off.

Wanna make sure your Chief gets 'em.

- Right there.
- There he is.




Or should I say Captain? Wow.

Good to see you, Chief Grissom.

What brings you to 51?

Well, I think you've had
my protégé here long enough.

I came to reclaim him.

I'm putting together a benefit
dinner and silent auction

for the 100 Club on Friday.
All of 51's invited.

We're always here to support our fallen.

I'll see to it that 51 represents.

Thanks, Chief.

All right, I gotta
hit up some other houses.

You walk with me?

Seriously, when are you
coming back to 36?

I sent you here for Squad experience.

Didn't expect you to stay this long.

Well, you should've known
I'd click with Boden.

And what do you care anyway?

Aren't you hanging up
your axe in the fall?

Don't remind me.

Hey, let's get a couple
of beers after shift, okay?

- Been way too long.
- Yeah, sure, sounds good.

All right.

Hi, um, I'm looking
for a friend of mine.

Bria Jamison. I heard she might be here.

We don't give out information
about our residents.

I get it, um...

It's... it's just that
this is important.

She's underage and it's
an issue of her safety.

If she's here, she's safe.

See the sign?

My friend's things were probably stolen

by a resident here,
who later turned up dead

from a drug overdose on the street,

so "safe" is not the word
that comes to mind.

We do the best we can
under tough circumstances.

Part of that is keeping our
residents' information private.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I know you do your best,
and what you guys do here

is very important.

It's just... um... I'm just worried.

If you do see her, Bria Jamison,

can you tell her that Gabby
needs to know if she's okay?


Residents here come and go.

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Am I the only one having
a "Flashdance" flashback?

You're old.

Here it is, you guys.

- The Slamigan.
- Patent pending.

- Let it cool off a little first.
- No, it's good.

That weld's a 70,000 psi
tensile strength.

Cruz won't break it.

Damn, girl.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

"A tool for real men."

There's a...

You got a little slop in the hinge.

That's a design flaw.

I'm gonna have to work on that.

But don't make it too tight either.

We don't want it binding.

No, "we" sure don't.


You can't tell anyone you saw me.

And you can't make me turn myself in.

They'll send me away.

I mean, I'm an approved foster parent.

So I figure if I could petition
DCFS to let me bere.

Bria's temporary guardian until
her dad gets out of rehab,

they... they gotta at
least consider it, right?

I would think so.

I left Tina Cantrell a message,
but you know how that place is.

It could be a day or two
before she calls me back.

In the meantime,

I want Bria staying
at our place tonight.

I know it's not 100% legit,

until DCFS has approved, but...

She can't go back out on the street.

Of course she can stay with us.

I can't believe you guys
went looking for me.

I'm so embarrassed about all this.

Don't be.

Everybody needs help once in a while.

Even you?

Of course.

When I was a kid,

my dad put our family
through some rough times.

I was lucky. A friend reached out.

I went to live with her for a while.

Did your dad get better?

Not much.

But your father, he's different.

Trust me.

More than anything,
he wants to do right by you.

Maybe that's what your dad wants too.

I think...

some people just can't change.

You're a smart kid, you know that?

Hey, here we go. Version 2.0.

How's she looking?

Feels pretty solid.

I drilled out a bigger hole
on the sledge handle.

Then we added a thicker bushing.

Okay, Cruz, give it a
shot so I can get out of here.

That's too bad.

Slamigan would be a really great name.

Drilled out too much wood.
It weakened the handle.

This is a dumb idea.

No, come on.

You know how many
Apollo missions there were

before Apollo 11 put a man on the moon?


Point is, have a little faith
in yourself, Cruz.

Look, I don't have to be anywhere.

Let's keep working on it.

- You sure?
- Yeah.


You coming?


Chief, are you aware that
Joe Cruz has been disrupting

the firehouse with some
personal project of his?

I'm aware that he's up to something.

Would you like me to put an end to it?

Why don't we just give it some time?

Maybe it'll run its course.

Severide, what is Joe Cruz up to?

Psh, I don't know.
I'm staying out of it.

And what's this?

I, I wrote a letter to DCFS

in support of Dawson and Casey.

Good man, I was planning on
doing the same thing.

Hey, must've been a nice surprise

seeing Chief Grissom?

Yeah, yeah, it's...

It's been a while.

Well, I don't know if I told you,

but he called me a couple
of times a year to grill me.

Make sure I'm treating you well.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Sorry about that.

You know, my dad saved his life once.

He dove through a collapsed roof

and pulled him out of a fire.

So when I got out of the Academy,

Grizz made sure that
I was assigned to his house.

Well, I don't mind him hounding me.

Means they're looking out for you.

Yeah, yeah, he always has.

You know, he's the reason
I'm a firefighter.

Benny, you know,
pushed me in the direction,

but I stayed because of Grizz.

Built me up more than Benny ever did.

I'm grabbing a beer
with him later tonight.

- Yeah, have a good catch up.
- Yeah, yeah.

- I'll see you next shift.
- Yeah, see you then.

I made up your bed for you.

And here's some extra blankets, and...

Got some towels.

This is super nice.


I don't know about that, but...

It's yours for now.

Do you really think the lady
at DCFS will let me stay here

until my dad's out?

I do.

That would be awesome.

Mostly 'cause we never got to finish

that Crazy Eights championship
at the hospital.

Bring it on.

How did you get a table at this place?

A friend of mine works in the kitchen.

Don't be fooled by
the pretentious sounding food.

It actually tastes good.

Okay, so, here's the thing, Zach.

I just have to ask you

a few questions before we order

and become fully committed to this date.

So right now you're
just flirting with it.

Well, yeah, this could be
several hours of our time.

Why didn't you ask
when we talked on the phone?

'Cause you would've thought I was rude.


All right, ask away.


Are you married?

Wait, why would I invite you
on a date if I was...

No. No, I'm not married.

- Do you take drugs?
- No.

- Any mental illness?
- Only when I get hungry.

Stella, you brave fires for a living.

Come on, man up, commit to this date,

so I can order the Boneln Ribeye.


I will also have one of those.

So Boden says, instead of the medal,

can I have my firefighters back?

The ones that Chief Anderson

has scattered all over the city?

He says this to the mayor's guy?

Yeah, and it... and it worked.

Anderson about blew a gasket.
It was a thing of beauty.

Good to see you again, Kelly.

Been too long.

Here's the thing...

As I hurdle towards retirement,


I'm looking around and I'm wondering,

What have I done to leave the
CFD better than I found it?

That's why I'm... I'm... I'm more
involved in charities.

I'm also looking at the firefighters

that have come up under me.
How have they turned out?

You tell me, Grizz.



I talk to your dad about you, Kelly.


He said that you...

You had some setbacks, what
with Riddle busting you down...

If you wanna know
how I'm doing, just ask me.

I am asking you.

And you're telling me stories
about a house

that is always under siege
from one quarter or another.

You're telling me how
you're running around

with your paramedic friend
helping some kid

who's stealing drugs.

While her husband buckles down
and keeps his eye on the prize.

Captain Casey, what do you know.

Casey's earned every good
thing that's ever come his way.

It's not him I'm worried about.

Where's this coming from?

Look, I just thought you'd be
further along now, Kelly.

You just... you had so much promise.


Look, all I meant was that you...


I didn't mean anything.

Damn, I gotta drop off
a deposit at the ballroom

or we're gonna lose the place.

- I'll get the tab.
- No, not on my watch.

Grizz, I got it.


I'll see you at the thing. I hope.

Hey, Stella.

Do you wanna go out and grab a dr...

- Hey, Kelly.
- Yo.

Well... you know Zach,

he brought his Hazmat equipment
to the firehouse on Friday.

Yeah, sure. How's it going?


Wwere you gonna ask me something?

No, no, I was just, um...

Just stopped by to pick these up.

Gonna meet some of the guys,
grab a smoke.


- Good to see you.
- Okay.

Here you go.

The rehab place says he should be out

as early as next week,
and since we're already on file

with DCFS as approved guardians...

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Why not?

You'll need to reapply
as temporary foster parents

for this specific case.

And that can take some time.

That's ridiculous.

I appreciate what
you're trying to do, but

it's gonna be hard to try
to convince my boss

to make special accommodations
for a kid who has

caused the department so much grief.

They want her under supervision
in a staterun foster facility.

I mean, a...

I said she could stay.


I'm sorry,

but ultimately, DCFS is responsible

for keeping her safe.

The only place

Bria is guaranteed to be safe is...

is with us.

Because that's where she wants to be.

After all we did for Louie...

All that we went through, I...

I'm sure you can find a way
to get your boss

on board with this plan.

I'll do what I can.

Hey, how's about this?

Any firefighter that comes into Molly's

gets a free shot glass
that says "Slamigan."

Come on, it's good.

Is it done?

Give it a try.

- Ho, ho, ho.
- Yeah, haha!

As advertised.

Okay, all right, easy does it.

It's one thing to breach
a makebelieve door

in a controlled environment.

It is another thing
to execute a forced entry

in a realworld emergency.

Would you pipe down?
Just let Cruz enjoy his moment.

Wow, okay, no need to get snippy.



Missed a lot of school.

Is there anyone we can contact

so you can catch up on your homework?

I was kind of hoping
being a homeless runaway

would get me out of homework.

Nice try.

Phone was ringing.

Tina Cantrell's name popped up.

Went to voicemail
before I could grab it.

What'd she say?


Gabby, I wanted to let you
know that DCFS has approved

you and Matt as temporary guardians...

My God.

- That's fantastic news.
- Pick up the paperwork...

Hey, what's up?

DCFS is gonna let Bria stay with us.

Hey, nice going.

It was Casey who made it happen.

Squad 3, structure fire,
1250 South Western.

- Hey, Kelly.
- Yeah?

Thanks for everything.

Yeah, of course.

- Better mask up.
- What's the story, Colannino?

Some kind of chemicals

burning inside the loading dock.

Don't know what it is, but
I'm not taking my guys inside

- till Hazmat gets here.
- All right.

- Hey, mask up, guys.
- Copy that.

- Any employees on site?
- Doesn't look like it.

The place is locked up tight.

All right.

We got an unknown chemical fire.

Hazmat's en route.

Let's get that door open
so they can get inside.

Copy that.

Cut our way through?

Yeah, these should be support lock pins.

We'll just sever 'em.

Squad 3, stay clear of the windows.

All right, everybody push back.

Colannino, establish a perimeter.

There's no telling what's inside there

- or how big it's gonna get.
- All right, copy that.

We heard the blast. Everyone okay?

Yeah, but we need to pull back.

There's a fire inside the loading dock,

and whatever they have stored
in there is exploding.

55gallon drums of industrial cleaner.

Fire must be causing them to BLEVE.

You familiar with the place?

Yeah, I've done Hazmat
inspections on the site.

If the fire gets beyond
the loading dock,

it'll hit the mother lode inside;

50,000 gallons.

It'll level the whole block.

- Look, we gotta make a stand.
- Yeah, say no more.

Hey, guys, we gotta get that door open.

We need to contain
the fire at the loading dock.

- Got the saw, Lieutenant.
- Yeah, Capp, you stay with me.

The rest of you guys, stay back.

Hey, give me as much room as you can.


Hey! Let's keep at it.

If we don't contain this,

we're gonna have to evacuate
a tenblock area.

Okay, we're good.

Capp, you see anything
start to flash, hit the ground.


Whole place is hot.

Colannino, let's get
a line in here, quick.

Copy that, Squad 3.

Clear for Hazmat.

The fire's inside.
We have to get in there.

Yeah, just stay back, we'll get it open.

Hey, Cruz, bring a sledge over here.

We're gonna need to pop this door.

Yeah, yeah, wait there
Lieutenant, I got this.

What the hell is that?

He calls it the Slamitagain.

- The Slamigan.
- What?


Hey 37, let's get in here.

Hey, Cruz, nice work, bud.

Hey, isn't that thing heavy?

Yes, it is.

Man, how're we looking?

Danger's past.

You and your guys are free
to get in there and mop it up.

Worried there's some types
of commercial...



The Slamigan has been tested
in a realworld situation.

A trial by fire, you might say.

- And?
- It works.

- Bam!
- We did it!

You guys keep saying "we."

Because I am gonna represent
you on this, Cruz.

I'm putting a call in
to Nick Porter right now.

Hey, hey, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You don't gotta get in touch

with any of those pinheads from KW...

Listen, we can market this
thing on our own, Cruz, okay?

Don't give away any of this, you know,

action to this Nick Porter guy.

Yeah, give it to
Christopher Herrmann instead.

Wait... hey!
This is none of your concern.

I got your back on this.

Hey, Mouch.

Hang up that phone.

Nick Porter and those clowns

are gonna have nothing to do with this!

- Mouch!
- What?

How long have you been
hiding your little secret?

I worked on it
right in front of your face.

She lives with us. Works with us.

You can't do this.

Do what?

You cannot be in love with Brett.

Yeah, says the guy
with the great girlfriend.

Lily doesn't work here.
She's not our roommate.

I'm not going to do anything
about it, Otis, okay?

I know she doesn't feel the same way.

Hey, Cruz, do you still wanna go

to the fundraiser together?

'Cause I'm gonna go to the gym,
but I can be ready by 6:00.

- Yeah, it's great.
- Okay.

It's a disaster.

I don't think we can make that dinner,

but the 100 Club is the best.

If I just send in my donation,

is Chief Grissom gonna feel slighted?

No, that's fine.

And hey, great work getting
that DCFS situation sorted.

- Bria must be happy.
- Yeah, thanks.

Next hurdle is getting her in
to see her dad.

Rehab facility has a policy
about no visitors

during the last week of treatment.

We gotta make this happen.

Cruz knows a nurse at the facility.

Grew up with her. I'll put him on it.

You make that happen,
I'll buy you a box of Cubans.

Deal, but we smoke 'em together.

- It's been too long.
- Amen.

Are you going to the fundraiser?


I just... I... I thought you
would've blown it off,

the way Grizz got under your skin.

No, I'm over it. You going too?


I have a date. With Zach.

- Hazmat Zach?
- Yeah.

Wow, date number two.
You must like the guy.

Tsk. I do, actually.

This fundraiser, it's for a good cause.

If you care about firefighters,
you might consider coming.

It is a good cause.

And I do care about firefighters.

What do we got?

The "bathing bouquet."
Mouch, really?

It's a charity auction.
I'm driving up the price.

You bid $50 more than
the next highest bidder.

You know,
if you really wanted the thing,

just say you're buying it for Trudy.


Well, don't you two
make a pretty picture.

What're we bidding on?

Ooh, bath crystals.

Keep your distance.

So are you gonna get me a drink or what?

- We just got here.
- Yeah, exactly.

What is taking so long?


Thought maybe you got lost
on your way here.

Hey, you remember Stella?

- Hi.
- Yeah, Stella.

- How are you?
- Good. Good to see you.

Um, I need to borrow Kelly
for just one moment.

Yeah, he is all yours.
I'll get us those drinks.


Is it serious?

Nah, we just live together.

Listen, if I was riding you
the other night, it's just...


Look, the fact is, Kelly,

I know that you are
the sharpest, toughest,

gutsiest firefighter
this city's ever seen, ever.

That's nice to hear.

That's why I wanna introduce
you to some people.

I got the deputy commissioner
over there.

A whole swarm of highflyers
from Rahm's office.

Just come over there and
thrill 'em with a story or two

about crawling some hallway...

No, if all the same, I'd rather lay low.

Grab a drink with my guys.

You're part of my legacy, Kelly.

You carry your father's name.

You might be content
riding out your career

at that Squad table,
but that's not good enough.

And if I can make things happen for you,

you damn well better believe I will.

Enjoy your drink.

Tell Joe Cruz he owes me. Big time.


Thanks again, Pilar.

- Big time.
- Understood.

Why am I so nervous?

It's just been a little while
since you saw him, that's all.

All right, that's his room.

You have about a half an hour
tops before shift change.

Thank you.



You look so good.

My angel girl.

The way you stepped up with Tina

even when you didn't have to...

Hell yes, I had to.

I'm sorry if I got too consumed

with all this at first.

I wasn't gonna let this
go wrong for you or for Bria.

I just needed you to know that...

Know what?

Um, when that whole thing
with Louie went down,

your first move was
to pull away from me.

Decide to do it on your own.

So when you started
getting in deep with Bria,

I got this sinking feeling.

Maybe we were going down that same road.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I just want you to know that

wherever you're going,

I'm right here with you.

I know.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx