Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Some Make It, Some Don't - full transcript

Dawson and Casey meet Louie's biological father. In other events, Severide goes back into old habits as he tries to help Anna with a bone marrow procedure and Brett opens up to Dawson.

We have a leukemia patient
who's having trouble

finding a genetic match.
The clock is ticking on her.

She needs you.

I don't want us to be
"Mom" and "Matt" to Louie.

I want us to be "Mom" and "Dad."

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

- Hey, who the hell are you?
- I'm Louie's father...

And I want him back.

The paperwork on Louie said
there was no known father.

So where did this Andre Keyes come from?

I don't know any more than you do.

He must've gone through outside
channels to track you down.

Isn't all that information confidential?

Yes. I have no idea
how he got your names.

Well, that's a pretty serious breach.

I doubt it had anything to do with DCFS.

DCFS's job is to protect these kids.

After everything Louie's
been put through we're just...



We need your help, okay?

The whole thing seems pretty shady.

What kind of person waits three years

to contact his child?

We'll reach out to him right away.

Try to get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, let's keep our heads.

For Louie's sake.

You're a match.

- Seriously?
- Seriously.

That's amazing.

You don't even know the half of it.

We've been looking for
a suitable donor for Anna

for a very long time.

I mean, not even her brother
and sister are a match.

That's great. She's gotta be relieved.

We haven't told her yet.

We won't tell her until you
sign the intent to donate.

Yeah, yeah. Of course I'll do it.

Slow down. There's a lot to consider.

Harvesting bone marrow
is a painful process

and there are some small,
but very real risks...

Clarke, where do I sign?

Buddy, you're gonna
be in pain for a while.

- You might miss a few shifts.
- That's good with me.

I got a ton of furlough coming my way.

All right, but when you
say you're doing this,

we start Anna on a brutal
course of radiation and chemo.

We have to kill off her dead cells

to clear the way for your healthy ones.

Basically, we're gonna
destroy her immune system.

So if you back out... She'll die.

Clarke... Where do I sign?

Maybe he just wants to shake us down.

Well, then he's messing
with the wrong girl.

No kidding.

Look, it's gonna be okay, Gabby.

I mean, DCFS will read
this guy the riot act.

What the hell? Who took the top hat?

Why would someone take it? Come on.

Because it's the best piece.

And it's the shiniest.

There's nothing shiny in that box.

It's been here since '78.

Yeah, just like every
other game in this place.

We've played 'em all a billion times.

Squad 3, Truck 81.

Person trapped, 2617 West 17th Street.

Hang in there.


This dumb-ass, his arm is stuck

and the whole thing's coming down.

- One of your workers?
- No.

Some bros tried to rob the place.

These guys tried to hold the place up?

Nah, they snuck in and tried to make off

with a few kegs of IPA.

Over here! Hurry up! Hurry up!

- All right, get back!
- Watch your backs!

Coming through.

- I can't feel my arm!
- Everybody, back up!

Give us some room!

Otis, Kidd, attach the
webbing to the ladder.

- Hey, hang in there, Pants!
- Hey!

You need to stay back until
we get the pallets stabilized.

What's your name, buddy?

- That's Pants.
- Pants?

That's what everybody
calls him... Pants.

Pants, take a deep breath, relax.

We're gonna get you out
of there in just a minute.

Mouch, use that column as the anchor.

Hey, so what exactly happened here?

Well, we couldn't reach the kegs on top,

so Pants tried to grab
some from the bottom.

It was kinda like... "Beer Jenga."

Wow, most people would've just given up.

All right, guys, come on.

Let's get this latched up.

Raise the ladder!

We need more manpower!


Pull your arm out, Pants! Pull it out!

Whoa! Whoa!


Come on!

Keep pulling!

That's it! Hold it!

God! Ouch!

We got him.

You did good, Pants.

You know, taking a beer shower

sounds great until you actually do it.

I'd be happy to crack open a hydrant

and hose you down. Very happy.

Somehow even my underwear is soaked.

Somehow? What?

You're not sure if it's beer?

Hey! Hey, check it out!


- Hey.
- Hey.

- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- No worries.

Just sit down and give me a vein.

So what is this again?

Autologous blood donation.

You're giving us your own blood,

which we'll keep on hand
in case something happens...

You mean, in case something goes wrong.

Your words, not mine.

You get hurt out there?

Had to save some ding-a-ling

from a falling keg.

Hey, I got some painkillers at home.

If I take a few of
those, is that gonna...

Won't interfere with your procedure.

Okay. Great.

This is a really good thing
that you're doing, Kelly.

Anna's a great girl.

Pediatric nurse from Springfield.

She organizes state-wide charity events.

Wow. I'm just glad I can help her.

Anna wants to meet you.

Don't feel obligated.

I know donor-recipient interactions.

That's... there's a
lot of baggage there.

I mean, you get to know
her, and maybe the transplant

- doesn't work...
- Hey, I'm a firefighter.

I help people every day.

Some make it, some don't.

I'm just saying, a little
anonymity can be nice right now.

Besides, she needs bone marrow...

Not a new friend.

What is this?

One man's trash is
another man's treasure.

No, you are not bringing
some dumpster-picked thing

- into my firehouse.
- It wasn't in the dumpster.

- It was, like...
- Dumpster adjacent.

There you go.


This is gonna be so awesome.

Who would throw
something like this away?

Well, the net's a little ratty.

What, are you kidding?
It's in great shape.

Am I the only one who remembers

the foosball fiasco of 2009?

Yeah, I said the same thing, Chief,

but then I figured it'd
be a nice distraction.

Good way to blow off a little steam...

For all of us.

So is that a yes?

- Provisionally.
- Yes!

- Thank you, Chief!
- Yes!


Thanks, Casey. Thank you.

Guys, what happened in 2009?


Wait! Guys!

- I got it.
- What was the fiasco?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Big news.

My great aunt Edwina...

Sent us 25 bucks as a wedding gift.

That is really sweet.


We're actually married.

So said the judge.

- That makes me so happy.
- Me, too.

Makes me think we can
get through anything.


Because we can.

Nice. Nice.



Hey, did they take your
bone marrow already?

- That was easy.
- No, I wish.

It's pretty cool what you're doing.

It's no biggie.

- Are you nervous?
- No.

Supposed to be pretty painful.


Yeah, but 65% of donors

report back pain afterward.

So something goes wrong,
bone or nerve damage,

you could be off the job for a while.

- And you know this how?
- I googled it.

Aw, Stella...

- What?
- You care.

- Yeah, so? So what?
- You care!

What if I do care?

Is that against the law?

Hey, Tina.

There somewhere we can talk?

Sure. Yeah.

Everything okay?

Andre Keyes gave DCFS
permission to administer

a paternity test, so we did.

I'm sorry, Gabby...
But there's no question.

He's Louie's father.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

Judge Paget says to get
you're one of the bests.

Adoption attorneys in the city.

That's nice to hear,
but I hope he warned you,

- I'm a straight shooter.
- We can handle that.

We just need to know
what we're dealing with.

In cases like these, the birth parent

almost always wins guardianship.

Well, what if... What
if he's not a fit parent?

I mean, he's basically been stalking us.

I understand, but the courts
are generally reluctant

to award custody to someone
other than the natural parents,

except in cases where those parents

clearly abused, neglected,
or abandoned them.

Andre Keyes abandoned Louie
for the last three years.

Louie was bounced from one abusive
home to another his entire life.

We're not just gonna hand him over.

I understand how upsetting this is...

For both of you, but
I think it's important

for you to know you are
not legally a guardian

of Louie's, since only Ms. Dawson's name

appears on the foster application.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. So,
we're... we're married now

and we filed for papers
to officially adopt him,

- together...
- But those papers haven't even

been considered yet.

Fact is, you're still facing long odds.

Knowing all that, you need to think hard

about whether or not
you're going to pursue

permanent guardianship of Louie.

We're in this together.

No matter what the paperwork says.

We're not letting Louie go.

We're ready to take this on.


Hey, Herrmann, what's up?


What's that?

It's just... You... nothing.

I had Lee Henry swing by the firehouse,

and bring me something from home.

All right. Fine.

A ping-pong paddle.

Please. This is a carbon
fiber killerspin diamond TC.

The Cadillac of table tennis paddles.

No. No.

I won it off a student
from North Western

who thought he was Yoo Nam-Kyu.

So do we have a ringer on our hands?

Greater Chicago YMCA
table tennis champion...

Of 1983.


I trust you can keep a secret, Kidd?

Atta girl.

Excuse me while I go make some money.

Anna, I got someone I want you to meet.

Yeah, of course. Come on in.

This is Lieutenant
Kelly Severide, with CFD.

Kelly's your donor.

My god.

Wow. I'm so glad to meet you.

All right, I'll be
outside when you're done.

I got some paperwork
to finish up with you.


A lot of people said I
shouldn't ask to meet you,

but, you know, considering
we're gonna have

bone marrow in common, I don't know,

- it seemed only right.
- Yeah.

Plus, I don't like it when
people tell me what not to do.

Another thing we have in common.

Well, they did say we
were a perfect match, so...

I asked my friends for
some trashy magazines,

but instead they brought in those,

and then they wallpapered
the place with them

which kinda makes it
look like I like staring

at pictures of myself,
which is kinda bizarre.

No, no, no, they're great.

Hey, is that Starved Rock State Park?


What, are you an outdoors kind of guy?

Yeah, well...

Don't get so much camping
and fishing in anymore.

Pretty busy with work.

Forget work.

Soon as I'm all marrowed
up, I am gonna take you

to the best waterfall in starved rock.

It's, like, way off the beaten path.

Sounds like a plan.

Pretty great, right?


You forgot to give me
an emergency contact.

I thought that was
more like a formality.

It's not.

Well, I don't know.

I don't know who to put down.

It's not the sat, man.

Just give me a name. It
doesn't have to be family.

Just a responsible party.

It can be Chief Boden,
Casey, whoever you want.

Hey, why'd you have
to go and get a lawyer?

I took the test.

The boy is mine and you know it.

Okay, first of all, you
need to take a step back.

Look, I just want to
know why some lawyer

is calling my relatives,
getting in my business.

You showed up at my house, my work.

What, are you trying to intimidate me?

- That your game?
- "Game"?

You think this is some
kind of game to me?

That's my boy you have
living under your roof!

Ambulance 61, person collapsed.

9570 Paulina Street.

You need to leave this firehouse now.

Hey. When did he show up?

- Why didn't you let me know?
- There was no time.

Hey. Hey. Hey. Let him go.

You don't wanna get
into it with him here.

Dawson, I'm sorry, we gotta...

He's not gonna back down, Matt.

Hey, Gerald.

Hey, buddy, what's going on?

Are you okay?

I'll hold him as steady as
I can. You get a line in.

Pushing versed.

Don't hurt him! Help him!

What do you think we're doing?

You sure you're okay?

Looks like it's gonna be a shiner there

if you don't get some ice on it.

Hey, don't lean on me.

You didn't take your
medication, did you?

I'm sorry, Gabby.

All right.

I'll help get him to the ambulance,

you get some ice on that eye.

- I'm fine.
- Take a break, Gabby.


Something I should know about?

We'll fix it as good as new, Chief.

At no cost to the firehouse, obviously.


Hey, Stella, Casey
needs you to reorganize

the pike poles on the back of 81.

Okay. Yeah.

And, hey,

I hope you don't mind,
but Casey's really busy.

He's had his hands full,
so I put your name down

as my emergency contact
for the procedure.

No sweat if you don't want
to deal with it, though.

Wait. What?

So you're not taking Casey's last name?


Matt pointed out how bad that went

for both our parents,
so at first I thought,

you know, I'll keep Dawson.

Thank you.

And then I was thinking
that when Louie's adoption

officially goes through, it'd be...

Really nice if we could
all have the same last name.


That guy can't take
Louie away from us, Brett.

I won't let it happen.

I can't imagine what
you're going through.

I'm so sorry.

The thought of not having Louie
in my life, it's not hard...

It's impossible.

I mean...

I was adopted.

You didn't tell me that.

It's not a secret or anything,

I just don't talk about it much.

I look a lot like my parents

who are both wonderful, loving people.

It wasn't a big deal when I was little.

But as I got older...

I thought about them all the time.

My birth parents, I mean.

Mostly I wished that they cared enough

to come looking for me.

Get to know me.

They never did.

What do you think I should do?

I think it's not such a bad idea

to sit down with this man.

Both for him and for Louie.

- See ya.
- Bye.

- Kelly, hey.
- Erin.

Hey, it's been a while.

Yeah, too long.

Hey, man, um, Stella just told me

what you're doing. That's really great.

Yeah, Stella's got a big mouth.

- It's great.
- Where's Jay?

I'm on my way to meet him now.

We all gotta catch up.

You know, me and Jay, you and Stella,

we should grab a beer or something.

Yeah, sure.

Okay, I'll see you later.

Aha! I found it.

"A player may strike the
ball with his racquet,"

held in the racquet hand,

"or with his racquet
hand below the wrist."

In your face! That
point should've counted.

Whatever, I beat you by seven points.

That doesn't matter.
The whole game's a wash.

I demand a rematch.

This one's on the house.
Don't tell Herrmann.

I heard that!

It's the good samaritan special.

- Thanks.
- Just looking out for you.

You know, I... I take
my duties very seriously.

- Your duties?
- Yeah.

As your emergency contact.

Yeah, I'm gonna make sure it
all goes off without a hitch.

I'm gonna drive you to the hospital,

I'll stay there the
whole time while they...

Pilfer your bone marrow,

and when you come out, I'll be waiting.

I might even bring you a donut.

Well, I'll tell you what,
that is some premier service.

Well, that is how I roll.

Thank you. It's...

It's good to have a friend in my corner.


All right.

Yeah, see you there.

He's gonna meet us at Torino
diner tomorrow at 6:00.

We should let the lawyer know.

Hey, big guy.

You okay?

Come here.

It's okay.

You have a bad dream?

This isn't your shift.

We know, Connie.

This is more important than work.

Out of the way, Colannino.
We got a score to settle.

Like hell "out of the way,"
we're playing a game here.

Yeah, you're playing it on our table.

Come on, were you guys raised in a barn?

Show a little respect.

What do you think
you're doing, Herrmann?

- This is third watch.
- Yeah, I know.

Relax, you get to play the winner.

Whoa, I already called the winner.

You're right. Capp, I'm sorry.

- You gotta get in line.
- I'm telling Connie.

Okay, you wanna warm up
or you wanna get to it?

You kidding me? I was born warmed up.

Whoa! Ooh!


What the hell are you
still doing in bed?

Don't you know it's after 11:00?

If you knew how draining
my parents could be,

you'd be impressed I'm still alive.

I brought you some trashy magazines.

You are the greatest.

How do you feel?

Like a hundred bucks.

Can I have your bone marrow now?

I don't think the docs
are done beating up on you.

Still have a few more days
of chemo and radiation.

Yeah, if you ask me, it's overrated.

You're a tough cookie.
You're gonna make it through.

- I know you will.
- Do I have a choice?


Why did you decide to do this?

Donate to somebody you'd never even met?

You need help,

it gets me out of work for a few days.


I've not always been proud
of the way I've lived my life.

And this...

This is something
that I'll never regret.

Excuse me, Anna, honey.

I think I left my reading
glasses in here somewhere.

Maybe on the chair, Dad.


Are you the guy?

Honey, is he... Is this the guy?

Kelly Severide.

Thank you.


Thank you so much.

I appreciate you guys reaching out.

Hanging around outside our house

wasn't the best way to
start a conversation.

No, I get that, and I'm sorry.

But I've been pretty messed
up these last few weeks

just trying to track Louie down.

Is this the first time you've tried

- to get in touch with him?
- Yeah.

Because I didn't know he existed.

Look, I just got back from
Bagram, Afghanistan, last month.

Been deployed in that region on and off

for the last three years.

I moved back into my folks' place

and that's when Evie,
Louie's mother, showed up.

I mean, me and her only spent
a couple weeks hanging out.

I barely knew her.

As soon as I realized what
she was into, I was done.

So I stopped calling her.
She stopped calling me.

Then she shows up last month,

tells me she got pregnant back then.

Had a baby.

My baby.

Does Evie want Louie?


She's still in and out of rehab.

Told me she couldn't take
care of the baby then,

still can't, but she asked me for money.

Her asking for cash made
me think she was lying

about the whole thing,
so I had an army buddy

do some digging and that's
how I tracked Louie down.

- That was private information.
- Look, I didn't know what else to do.

Look, I'm in my... I'm not a man

who runs from my responsibilities.

I want to... Do right by my son.

Louie is a great kid, but
he's been through a lot.

This isn't something you just jump into

because you think you should.

No, I know that, but I can handle this.

My parents, my sisters, they
all wanna be a part of it,

to bring this boy back to our family.

Just forget about the
guardianship stuff for now,

that's for the courts,
but you understand,

I want to meet my son.

Talk to him, get to know him.

You, DCFS, whoever can
be there the whole time.



You have every right to meet your son.

But this visit is as far as it goes.

Everything else goes
through the attorneys.

You hear me?

I understand.

It's all gonna be okay.

What's up, Clarke?

You come to check out my new paint job?

What is it?

We had to take Anna off chemo.

It was crashing her immune system.

Her neutrophil count
is at rock bottom...

That's a type of white blood cell.

We tried to counter with antibiotics.

She had a bad reaction, so...

What now?


Without chemo we can't prep her

to receive your bone marrow.

So they're delaying the procedure?

We had to cancel it.

That's it? You... you just let her die?

No, we'll give her body a rest,

see if she bounces back.

What are the odds that she will?

Does she even have a chance?

A very small one.

I just saw her this morning.

I mean, she looked...

She was taking a beating, but
she wasn't ready to give up.

I know, man.

I'm sorry, Kelly.

- Morning, everyone.
- Hey, Chief.

- Good morning, Chief.
- Morning, Chief.

Tell me again, when is the briefing room

door getting fixed?

Yeah, Capp
was supposed to pick up

- the new piece of glass, but...
- But it's silly for Capp

to pay for the glass when Otis broke it.

Only because Otis was diving for a ball

that Capp should've clearly
had, which is why we're no longer

doubles partners, you giant...

Let's just get the door fixed?

You got it, Chief.

Hey, Kidd, so Severide's doing that

bone marrow thing today?

No, tomorrow.

- You sure?
- Tomorrow, 10:00 A.M.,

Chicago Med, fourth floor, B wing.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

That specific enough?

Then why do we have a
relief lieutenant on Squad?

Can I get another pour?

You know happy hour doesn't start

- for another ten hours?
- Don't mind paying retail.


Little problem with
your equipment request.

- What is it?
- It's only half-filled.

Contrary to popular opinion,
I don't actually read minds.

I'm sorry, Chief.

I-I don't know where my head's at.

If your head is focused on your family,

it's in the right place.

- It was on the line!
- No, that was in!

I'm gonna tell them to
take it down a notch.

That was not in!

Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?

Sorry, Lieutenant, we were just...

I don't want to hear it!

This is a workplace. We
do a serious job here.

And you guys are acting
like a bunch of idiots!

Somebody fix that damn door!

Sorry, Lieutenant.

Hey, Lieutenant, you wait a sec?

Listen, on behalf of those
knuckleheads back in that room,

I apologize.

I might've overreacted a little.

Any particular reason?

Gabby, and the DCFS
agent are taking Louie

to meet his birth father tonight.

And you're not going, too?

DCFS thought it'd be better for Louie

to have as small a group as possible.

- That doesn't seem right.
- I didn't want to push back.

Stress out Gabby even
more than she already is.

This has been rough on her, man.

And on you.


Listen, not for nothing, Lieutenant...


You're more of a dad to that
kid than anyone's ever been.

Good job.

Hey! Hi!

Andre not here yet?

Not yet, but, damn, am I glad you are.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- Good.

Hey, little fella.

Show us what you got?

Is this how it went
with the Foosball table?

Pretty much.

Truck 81, can you take
in a vehicle accident

at Lake and Ashland?

Showtime! Copy that, Main.

Andre's still not answering.

That's the third message I've left.

- He's over an hour late.
- How long do we wait this out?

It's time to go home.

He seemed so determined
when we talked to him.

It's a huge decision to make,
actually showing up here.

Wouldn't be the first time
I saw someone back out.

Okay, Louie, you ready to go home?


Okay, let's do it.

Hey, Mouch, Kidd, take the minivan.

- Got it.
- Otis, you're with me.


Ma'am, can you hear me?

Hey, Herrmann, that's Severide's car.

- Stay focused.
- Yeah.

Hey, did you see the driver of this car?

- No.
- Sorry.

Did anybody see what happened here?


- My baby...
- No, no, no.

Hey, no, don't try and move.

My daughter. Where's my Chloe?


Over here! I got a young girl!

- Non-responsive!
- My Chloe. My baby.

We got her, okay? We're working on her.

- Mouch, I'm gonna need a hand.
- Copy.

One, two, three.

We're gonna have to intubate.
All right, 61 to Main.

We need a second ambulance on the scene.

- Copy that, 61.
- Ready? Let's go.

- Kidd, let me in there.
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Where is he?

No sign of him.

I've been trying to
get ahold of him all day

and he hasn't gotten back to me.

- God, this is bad.
- All right.


Looks like a hit and run?

I ran the tag.

Mustang belongs to a Kelly...

Severide. Kelly Severide.

He's a firefighter. Do us a favor?

Put in a call to the Intelligence unit.

I'm coming!

What's wrong?

Kelly, what are you doing?

What do you mean?

Look, you'd better grab a jacket.

You gotta come with us.

I'm not going anywhere.

What is this... What is this about?

Kelly, you can either come with us now,

or wait for some
uniforms to come down here

and put you in cuffs.

What happened? What did I do?