Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - One Hundred - full transcript

Casey and Dawson are informed that they can adopt Louie if they want to. Casey notices a man following them. Severide decides to make some changes in his life. And Jeff Clarke offers him a proposition. Otis learns that Molly's is reaching a milestone and implores Hermann to celebrate it in a grand manner. They make all sorts of preparations but Hermann discovers a secret about Molly's that would ruin it.

Hey, Will, you ever meet Jeff Clarke?

- You were a firefighter, right?
- That's right.

- You're in med school?
- I hurt my back on the job,

so no more lugging fire hose.

Hey, did you fill in Brett
on next weekend's festivities?

It's their parents' anniversary party.

I can't do this. Camila and I...

Are getting divorced.

Hey, come on. It's not what you think.

- The hell it isn't.
- Listen, I was... I was...

I was just looking...
I thought you had a job.

I do, I told you. I'm a firefighter.

That's really lame,
using a noble profession

like that to impress women. Come on.

Be glad I don't press charges.

I heard my dad give this speech once

to the entire church.

It was on Mother's Day.

And he talked about
commitment and loyalty

and his unbreakable love for her.

- Gabby.
- I mean, if they couldn't

make it, why would I
think anyone can make it?

What does marriage even mean anymore?

- Gabby.
- What?

Hey. Hey.

You ready for your cereal?

Be right there, buddy.

Okay, Matt.


I know, but what is he
supposed to call you?

Gabby, whatever your
parents did or didn't do...

None of it affects us.


All right.

Cheerios for the 20th day in a row?

Good boy.

Mister sippy.

Yum. That's good.

Hey, what you got there?

Molly's books.

And I think I'm gonna
need a new red pen.

That bad?

It's been a Día de los
Muertos around there lately.

I look up the other day and
there's four people in the bar.

And one of them was Mouch.

I drink for two.

You know, these things are cyclical.

Yeah? Well, let me know when
the wheels are gonna turn again

so I can tell my kids
they can go to college.

Mind if I take a look at that?

Be my guest.

Ambulance 61, Squad
3, fire investigation.

5539 West Lakewood Avenue.

What's going on?

I was walking by; I heard a
boom like something exploded.

Came from back there.

You smell that?

There's nothing on the gas meter.

Let's get it turned off anyway. Mask up.

Open up, Fire Department.

Fire Department.

Whoa! Whoa, hey, man.

How's it going?

You got something
cooking in your apartment?

Just a problem
with, like, the fridge.

But it's... it's not a f...

a problem?

Like I said, it's nothing.

My fridge is on the Fritz.

Gas is off, Lieutenant.

Using butane to extract
hash oil indoors?

You know how stupid that is?

Hey, man, I got a prescription.

- It's all good.
- No, man, it's not all good.

Butane evaporates, needs ventilation.

Hey, man, where are you going?

You toss it in a fridge,

you got a box full of combustible fumes.

Well, I got blurry
vision or something, man.

My doctor said I got...
That doesn't give you

a prescription to turn your
freezer into a time bomb.

- Severide!
- Get down!

Hey. Hey, hey. Hey, you okay?

A C-collar and a backboard

down here now!

Let me take a quick look.

Moron was home cooking hash oil.

Knocked him unconscious in the blast.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Pupils are responsive.

All right, let's get him in the rig.

God. God!

Sam! What happened?

It's okay, ma'am. He
just bumped his head.

- What's that smell?
- He was cooking hash.

Hash browns?

No, honey, hash. Drugs.

One of you guys want
to ride along with us?

I'll go... So I can beat
his ass when he comes to.

You okay, sir?

Not at all.

Well, your son's breathing is normal,

his blood pressure is good,

and other than a slight
concussion, he's fine.

You never stop worrying.

From when he fell off
the slide in kindergarten

to the time he drove a jet ski into
a wooden dock his senior year...

His mother and I have worried

every time the phone rang.

I'm a new mom myself.

Are you?

Well, it's a roller coaster.

So, did you know that
before Molly's was Molly's,

it was called the Wolcott Street Pub?

- So?
- So, did you know

that the Wolcott Street
pub was incorporated

on December 6th, 1916?


That means that Tuesday
is the 100-year anniversary

of when Molly's bar became a bar.

You guys should throw
a big blow-out party.

Yes! That's exactly
what I'm talking about.

Molly's needs jumper cables to the...

Right now and this is
exactly how we do it.

- A centennial celebration.
- A what now?

That is a damn good idea, Otis.

- Thank you.
- What is?

100-year anniversary party for Molly's.

What will it cost?

Not as much as it
would cost not to do it.

Cool with me.

"Sun-times" culture section
loves this kind of thing.

Casey, you gotta have
connections at the paper.

Do you think you could,
help us out with publicity?

I can call.

You should get that looked at.

You should worry about yourself.


What am I doing?


What's the purpose?

Okay, you're gonna have
to help me out here.

This morning...

The girl I had a very nice
time with is in the bathroom,

and I realize I can't remember her name.

It is Jessica? Is it Jennifer?

And so I slyly look in her purse,

and see if I can find
her driver's license.

She caught you.

She thought I was ripping her off.

No. So what was it?

Jennifer? Jessica?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm serious, man. What am I doing?

Everything that everyone
else wishes they could do.

You know what I felt today

as I got blasted in
the head by a fireball?


Let's get away.

Boys fishing trip someplace warm.

Beers, cigars, and a boat.

Get the hell out of Chicago
and recharge our batteries.

Yeah? Where you thinking?

I don't know. Tampa? Miami? Whatever.

Yeah, I could get behind this idea.

All righty then.

Matt, you got a minute?

Tina from DCFS is here.

Yeah, yeah. Sure. Okay.

This... is happening.

- Hi, Tina.
- Hi.

Some of Louie's medical
files came across my desk.

- Is something wrong?
- No, not at all.

But I saw in Louie's files
that the court has granted

permanency placement
for him after 90 days.


There's a fast track
process if you want to adopt.

The one disclaimer I'll throw at you

is the court will view you,
Gabby, as a single parent.

Even... even though
we're living together?

Yes. But here's the paperwork

if you want to get started.

- Yeah, we do. Definitely.
- Yeah.

Ambulance 61, man down
from unknown causes.

- We'll talk after.
- 1600 Armitrage.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- You take care.
- Yeah, you too.

Everyone okay here?

Over there.

Sir, you all right?

One, two, three.

No, no, no!

No crepitus. Brett, grab me a C-collar.


Okay, okay.


Sir, can you hear me?

Hey, chuckles, can you open your eyes?

Talk to me.

My head.

Yeah, your head. You
got quite a gash there.

What happened?

I have no idea.

You okay?

- It's a clown.
- It's an idiot with makeup on.

Some Internet fad scaring people.

Well, it works.

- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Hey, hey.
- What happened?

- What do we got?
- Clown down, head injury.

Clown down? That's a first.

Well, I'm guessing it's got
something to do with that.

Pupils are responsive. What's your name?

- Bo.
- Bo, what were you doing?

I saw it online.

I thought it looked fun.

- What happened here?
- No idea.

He just hit himself in the head?

Who knows what goes through
the head of a guy like that?

Besides a baseball bat.

I think I was ambushed.

Just don't talk.


I'm driving.


- That's not a word.
- Since when?

If I had a nickel
every time my mom said,

"Harold, stop all the grab ass."

This conversation's
making me uncomfortable.

Try again, buddy.

- Help you, Chief?
- Show me your neck.

Why didn't you get that treated?

Ambo was gone. I put some stuff on it

from the first aid kit. It's fine.

Who told you?

Get to Med, pronto.

Capp, you're acting lieutenant.

Okay, Lieutenant.

How about you stop the grab ass?

Wash the rig while I'm gone.

Will do.

It's a word.

Hey, Brett,

why don't sharks eat clowns?

Because they taste funny.

- Good one.
- He's just being a joker.

You know, clown phobias
are a real thing.

It's true. And remember,
if you're ever attacked

by a mob of clowns,
always go for the jugular.

Easy, Brett. Ignore these bozos.

Hey, Dawson, Casey's looking for you.

- Brett.
- Hey.

Um, I just want to let you know

I get the whole clown thing.

My dad was a professional clown,

and my brother could never handle it.

Shoes were too big to fill.

Come on, Brett. Give me...

hey, hey, guys, check this out.

"Mr. Zvonecek, thank you
for your press release"

regarding the anniversary
of Molly's bar.

"We're going to assign a
reporter to cover the story."

- Good for you, Otis.
- My god.

I can't believe that
worked. What'd you tell them?

Well, I simply said that
a Chicago institution

of spirits and intoxicants
was celebrating 100 years

of cheerful pours and
colorful conversation

and I urged them to write about it.

What's the catch?

There's no catch,
Hermy-Herm. It's free press.

Any press is good press.

Tell that to Richard Nixon.

We're going to need to up

the budget on this shindig, Herrmann.

Okay, we'll hand out
pre-prohibition cocktails

- as an enticement.
- Not a chance.

Hear me out.

We'll restock the bar with
really rare Chartreuse.

Then the interior.

Doesn't matter what
it says on this form.

As far as I'm concerned,
we're Louie's parents

as soon as the state grants custody.


But... I don't...

I don't want us to be
mom and Matt to Louie.

I want us to be mom and dad.

I want that more than
anything else in the world.

So... How do we get that?

Well, there's a family court judge

I know through the youth
center committee, Judge Deaver.

A straight shooter.

I'll talk to him about
applying for co-adoption.

At least see what our options are.

Okay. That's a good idea, baby.

I mean, there's gotta
be exemptions, right?

We can't be the first
couple who have done this.

No, no.

There's an answer out there.

We just have to find it.


What do you want?

What the hell was that all about?

I don't know.

Saw him outside of my
house yesterday morning.

Then here.

One of your constituents?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yeah, well, sadly, it looks
like you're gonna be fine.

You wanted to be a doctor.

I had three medical books above my bunk.

Yeah, sure, buddy.

I did.

Weird question.

Are you in the bone marrow registry?

They did a sign-up in the academy,

but I got dinged 'cause
I had walking pneumonia.

You made a full recovery?

- Yeah.
- Well, you're good to go.

Let me send a nurse in here to
draw a blood sample real quick.

You know what? I'm about
to head out for furlough.

Maybe in a couple of months?

- Sure. That sounds good.
- Okay.

Thanks, Clarke. Or is it Doc now?

- Clarke's good.
- Okay. Thanks.

See you, bud.

And marriage isn't
really an option right now

for a bunch of family reasons

that would take too long to explain.

But you're living together?

- Yes.
- For how long?

Not that long.

From what I know about you, Matt,

you seem like a good guy.

But the court doesn't know either you

or your girlfriend from a turnip.

- Well...
- What they do know

is what they have on the
papers in front of them.

Two single parents who just
started sharing the same roof.

So co-adoption...

It's a real long shot.

Beer through a straw?

I feel a cold sore coming on.


Hey, hey, incoming.

- Firefighters?
- That's right.

You guys come here a lot?

Yeah, it's a firefighter bar.

It's dead.


So, you're a firefighter too?

I am, yeah.

So, you want to get out of here with us?

Find something more fun.

Maybe another time.

- Really?
- You sure? Last chance.

All good. Have a safe night.

It was a generous portion,
but she finished it,

no problem. I think
my mom would like her.

I'm looking for a Brian.

- Yeah, hi.
- Dee Phillips.

- The "Sun-Times" culture section.
- Yeah, great. Welcome.

What can we get you to drink?
It's on the house, of course.

I can't. Thank you.

Come on. I'll make you
whatever your heart desires.

I don't drink. Baptist.


Okay. Yeah, no problem.

Soda then?

Sodas are nothing but
chemicals and sugar.

Um, I'm nearly finished
with my article, actually,

but I wanted to get a
quote from you, Brian.


What do you think about the gun violence

currently consuming Chicago?

The what now?

Do you condone it?

I think it's awful.

Who would condone something like that?

Then why is your bar

celebrating such a bloody history?

One that includes Al Capone.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Lady, what the hell is this?

Okay, fine. No comment.

We're just trying to
have a little party,

and my business partner
thought it would be a good idea.

"A good idea."

Thank you so much for your time.

Look for my article tomorrow.

Hey. What was that about?

Yeah, Otis, what was that about?



Wolcott Pub massacre.

How much money are
we into on this party?

About 5 grand.

This place is cursed!

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Where's Louie?
- He's sleeping.

How'd it go?

I can give you guys
some alone time if you want.

No, no, no, no way. Let's hear it.

Co-adoption ain't gonna happen.

He said that?

He said the chances were slim.

We could fight it, but the
court isn't going to go for it.

So you put your name
down as the adopter.

I'll be Louie's dad in
every sense of the word,

no matter what's on that
form or whatever he calls me.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

The important thing is Louie's
place here is permanent.

That's right.

I will get started on the forms then.

And I will get another bottle open.


There's always an answer.

Hey, buddy. Can't sleep?

Want me to read that to you?



You know how much I love you, right?

You mean the world to me.

And I think it's important
for you to know that

no matter what anybody ever says,

or what anyone else might call me,

I will always...

Always be your dad.

That word means everything.


Good to see you guys.

Here you go.

Everything okay?

I wish I could tell the court

you were more stable as a couple.

We're as stable as anyone these days.

I'm sure.

Well, I'll do what I can.

Talk to you soon.


Two hundred cases of...

"and what this anniversary
party says about Chicago"

is perhaps the saddest epigram of all.

The city of broad shoulders

"is starting to reek
like a bloated corpse."

That's some vivid imagery.

Don't worry, no one
knows what an epigram is.

Yeah, and who reads the
culture section anyway?

People trying to figure out

what they want to do for the weekend.


- Cancel the party.
- Come on, man.

- This thing's tomorrow.
- Close the bar.

And save whatever
money we haven't spent,

and hope that your big idea blows over

while we still got enough money

to afford to keep the lights on.

It was a stellar idea.

They still let you in the
front door around here?

I had to sneak through the back.

You need to be careful.

Herrmann might hand you a
halligan if the bells go off.

I'd love that, actually.

So, what's up? What can I do for you?

So I brought up the bone marrow thing

because we have a leukemia
patient over at Med

who's having trouble
finding a genetic match.

And I remember Benny
saying something once

about your family coming from
the telemark region of Norway.


Yeah, it's the same with this girl.

Look, I know it's a long shot, but...

Yeah, I sa... I said I would
sign up when I get back,

- and I will.
- Gotcha.

But the clock is ticking on her.


Clarke, I...

look, okay, do what you
will with that information.

But if you want to get your blood test,

stop by and I'll rush it through.

If not, I understand. No sweat.

I'll let you get back to it.

They thought the
"Titanic" was unsinkable.

Boom! Iceberg.

This is all hands on deck

and here is how we're
going to salvage this.

When this shift is over in
approximately 37 minutes,

Otis, you're going back to Molly's

and you're taking those signs down.

Stella, you're going to
try to sweet talk your way

out of any of those deliveries, and me,

I am going to stand watch
and handle those protesters.

Protesters? There's not
going to be any protesters.

You don't get to tell me
what there's not going to be.

We're in this mess because of you.

Herrmann, people are going
to see through that article.

Never underestimate

the inability of the common man, Kidd.

You don't even believe that.

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61,

vehicle accident, 525 North Racine.

This better be a quick
one or Molly's is through.

Silver bullets. You guys okay?

Laurie's not breathing. Help us.

Pin in. Let's get these doors off.

Copy that.

Hey, Capp, jump up on the roof.

Help! I-I-I ca...

I-I can't... I ca...

Hey, Capp, can you get up
there and stabilize his head?


You're all right, you're all right.

Broken tibia. Grab the air brace.

On it.

We're gonna take good care of you.

Hey, Tony, when you get the door off,

remove the glass.

All right, bud, I want you
to stay as still as possible.

- Ke...
- Keep your head really...

- Keith.
- Keith, is that your name?

No, no. Help Keith.

Hey, Tony, go check around back.

Got it.

We got another victim.

- You got him?
- Yep.

All right. Hey, buddy,
what I want you to do,

take all the weight off your forearms.

- Okay.
- How-how's Keith?

Don't worry about Keith. Just
worry about you right now.

You're doing great. Capp, you got him?

Got it.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Unconscious, but he's got a pulse.

Hey, Chief.

We're going to need
another hand over here.

Follow that man over there.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

- We good?
- Yeah.

Ready? Go.

Ready? Go.

Ready? Go.

That's it. He's free.

All right, hon. This is gonna hurt.

All right, now lift it.


All right, that's it.
Let's get her out of here.

Got it.

Let's slide this underneath.

All right. Got it.

Watch your head.

All right, easy, easy.

We're through.

Clear. He's clear.

Is Keith okay?

We got him. He's probably
more worried about you.

- He's my brother. He's...
- He's gonna be okay.

Thank you.

All right, let's get some
of this glass and debris

cleared from the street.

Cindy says we need to
get to Molly's ASAP.

Hey, guys,

do you mind if we go
straight to Molly's from here?

I can call Ferguson and Smitty
and they can meet us there

and then they can pick up the rigs.


All right. All right,
everybody, let's go.

Double time! Let's go.

- No protesters?
- Yeah, we're cooked.

Yeah, well, I stand corrected, okay?

We got a thirsty crew here.

Open up this gin joint! Whoo!

What is this?

- Molly's is on the tour now?
- Looks like it.

When life gives you
icebergs, make Negronis.

What do you think about
the common man now?

I never lost faith in my people.

Hey, hey, come on.

Step in, everybody!

I will show you where Al Capone drank!

Come on, get in there. Let's go.

Off duty, rig's all
yours. See you at 48.

- Thanks, guys.
- Hi!

- Hey, who's that?
- Hey, you.

Whoa! Hey there, big fella.


Did he just...

Yeah, Daddy, he did.


- Antonio.
- Hey.

Something told me to take
off work and be here today.

Thank you.

Okay, so, everybody,


100 of anything is impressive, but,

100 years for a bar?

That is downright magical.

Back then, there was no television,

radio, Internets, phones.

There was just a neighborhood
of hard-working people

who needed a place filled with family.

As long as Capone wasn't around.

That's what this building is about.

This place was built on Chicago soil.

And the original soil was,

rough and bloody and full of grit.

That's true.

But Molly's...

Molly's foundation
is... is built on love.

Nice work.

Hey, I don't care if that's corny.

It's built on love.

And you can feel it every
time you walk in here.

So, thank you everyone
for coming here today.

New friends,


You know, it's...
it's nice to look back,

but us,

we here at Molly's,

we always look to the future.

So here is to the next 100.

Hear, hear!

Are you sure about this?

Never been more sure
of anything in my life.

Well, if that be the case,

it would be my pleasure
to make this official.


Do you have any witnesses?

We just kinda went
on a spur of the moment.

Hey. Did you think you could do this

without your firehouse family?

Nice try.

Welcome to the family, warts and all.

Thanks, bud.

You two are the ones
who can make this work.

I have no doubt.

I guess you have your witnesses.

Now... Let's get you two married.


I do.

I do.

I now pronounce you

husband and wife.

Okay, so can we take
this back to Molly's?

Let's go!


I'll get the door.

Come on, I want to show you something.

Look, I know it was a lot,

but the reason I put on
the full court press...

Is right in there.

She needs you.

You play dirty, Clarke.

I always have.

Look, it's slim odds you're a match,

but if you are, bone marrow
donation hurts like hell.

You're going to feel it for months.


God, I hope I can find
that ring I almost gave you.

Well, we found each other.

That's all that matters.


Should I... carry you
over the threshold?

Don't even think about it.


What's your problem, pal?

Who the hell are you?

I'm Louie's father.

And I want him back.