Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Lift Each Other - full transcript

When they go on a call, Matt tries to save a boy. But later the boy dies. Gabby and Antonio's parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary and Sylvie is dreading going. But at the party their father makes a shocking announcement. Cruz notices something about Boden's step-son and tells Kelly who tells Boden who then goes to his ex-wife.

Everybody, this is my stepson, James.

He's gonna spend a
couple of shifts with us,

see if the job is right for him.

- How's he looking?
- Truthfully, Chief?

I think he'd rather
be anywhere but here.

- Hey, there.
- I am a good girl.

I didn't kiss a boy until I was 17,

and sex... waiting till you get married?

No chance in hell.

So, this guy behind us in line,

he's making a big show
because we're costing him

a precious five minutes of his life

'cause my date here is trying
to decide between rocky road

and cookies and cream.

I'm getting ready to confront the guy

but before I can...

This one says. Tell 'em what you said.

I-I told him,

"there are 31 flavors,

and now I'm gonna sample every one."

That is exactly what she'd do.

Hey, did you fill in Brett
on next weekend's festivities?

- No.
- No.

It's their parents' anniversary party.

I'm already roped in. Run
while you still can, Sylvie.

- Shut up.
- You're gonna love it.

My parents do it every ten years,

and the whole family comes. It's...

- It's great.
- I mean, you know,

if you got nothing else
to do on a Saturday...

I'm gonna have to check my calendar.

You are so cute.

It's been great having you around, son.

- It feels right.
- It does.

Maybe it can be permanent.

- Come again?
- I can tell Mom

I wanna finish out my
senior year at your house.

It's not that much more
of a commute for me,

and I don't mind waking up early.

Well, that would be nice,
but you know your mother.

I know.

But we can just ask
her. See what she says.


We'll give it a shot.

All right.

No, seriously.

Um, what... what is this party?

It's what I said.

A celebration of life
and love and happiness.

Your whole family gawking at me.

They're harmless.

- You got a sec?
- Yeah, what's up?

It's about James.

Squad 3, Truck 81, Ambulance 61,

- accident, 341 W. Ohio.
- To be continued.

Look, the place is chained up.
I just work the parking lot.

I don't even have a key,

but then I saw that.

There been some kind of accident?

I heard kids inside screaming.

Herrmann, bolt cutters.

Please, help me.


Help me.

Please. Help me.


Help me.

What happened, bud?

Wiley and I were playing avengers and...

We jumped.

- Wiley?
- Where's Wiley?

He's over there. He stopped moving.

Up there.

Can you tell me what's hurting?

My... my knees. Is Wiley okay?

They're gonna get to him.


I'll hold him up to get
his blood circulating.

Got it.

This foot's wedged in here good.

If the ankle breaks, it breaks.

He's not breathing.

I got... I got him.

Got him.

Careful, careful.

I got him. I got him.

- Mouch.
- I got him.

- Okay, got it.
- Got it.

Watch his head.

Come on, Wiley.

Come on now.

I got him.

Thank god.

Ready? And lift.


Nice work.

You too.

Hey, Otis.

Hey, Kidd.

You got a sec?


- What's up, Herrmann?
- I need a favor.

Yeah, anything.

I like to hear you say that.

Okay, so I signed us up

as sponsors for the
mud-hundred, all right?

And I need you guys to cover the event.

- The what now?
- It's some kind of thing

where you... you run through the mud

in the woods or something,

and we're gonna be handing
out Molly's t-shirts

'cause we need as much, you know,

publicity as we can get these days.

Why aren't you covering it?

'Cause I'm the brains of the operation,

and you are the brawn, okay?

Make Molly's proud.

Hey, Lieutenant?

Yeah, what's up?

Something about James?

I saw him getting dressed today.

He had bruises all over his body,

and it's not like he fell, either.

It was like someone had
been working him over.

- Damn.
- You talk to the chief?

I wanted to talk to you first.

I mean, he's 17. You know,

if he's fighting in school,
that explains why he wants

to spend so much time here,

but I shouldn't stick my nose
in if he's bonding with Boden

and he's gonna reach
out to him on his own.

Nah, I'll...

- I'll talk to him.
- Chief is gonna notice...

James, I mean. Discreetly.

I'll see what's up. Go from there.

Yeah, okay. That'll be good. Thanks.

Is it too much too soon?

'Cause I haven't even
met your parents yet,

and I'm coming with their son
to their anniversary party.

- Be honest.
- Hey, you don't wanna come,

- don't come.
- No, no, no, I-I do wanna come.

I just feel like your
cousins and aunts and nieces

are gonna be like,"
who's Antonio's new girl?"

You kidding?

They don't even know
that he got divorced.

What I mean is that we're...
We're not the kind of family

that's in each others
business. You know?

This is a feel-good once-a-decade party.

Everyone's drunk before 8:30. Trust me.

Could... could we have
a little pre-party?

Do a little pre-drinking?

Thanks. I don't know.

That date the other night,
it felt a little weird to me.

I mean, my partner and my brother,

holding hands, kissy face.

Well, you... you just said
that your family doesn't

- get up in each other's business.
- That's different.

We're here for Wiley Lowendowsky.

He was in an accident.
We're his parents.

He's in the ICU. Second floor.

- Take the elevator to your left.
- Thank you.

Wiley, that's... that's
the kid who was hanging

- in the warehouse?
- Yeah.

How is he?

He went into a coma on the way to Med.

They say he was hanging
upside down for too long.

Cardiac arrest.

- He gonna make it?
- They don't know.

- I thought we got him in time.
- You did.

He wouldn't be alive this
long if it wasn't for you.

Keep me posted next
time you go on a run.

- Yeah.
- Of course.

Hell of a call.

Yeah, you guys get those a lot?

- More than I like.
- Kids?

Sometimes. Those are the hard ones.

I don't know how you guys deal.

I wonder that myself.


You all right?


I mean in general.

I'm good. Really.

Squad 3, vehicle accident.
511 S. Desplaines.

That's us.

You all right?

Hey, she came up on me.

Women don't know how to drive.

- Tony, jaws.
- Right.

Hey, get back, sir.

Anyone see it? It was her fault.

It was her fault!

Back. We need room to work here.

James, hey. Get him back.

- Yeah, move.
- Can you step back, sir?

- What?
- Give 'em some room.

Don't... don't tell me what to give 'em.

It was that bitch's fault right there.

Hey! Hey!


- Enough!
- Let go of me...

- Get off of him! Enough!
- Let go of me! He cut us off!


Come on.

Settle down.

Okay, easy, easy, come on.

You okay?

You good?

You good here?

Load back up.

Not stew.

Hey, I worked hard on that.

Yeah, like you did last time you cooked.

- It's your one thing.
- Well, when it's working.

- It's not.
- Then don't eat it.

Hey, you know, the mud run said

if you two wanna run
the race, it's wide open.

I bet you a mud-hundred dollars

- I kick your ass on that trail.
- What?

- No.
- 50 on Otis.

I'll take that bet.

Well, then, um...

I'll see you at the starting line.


to get dirty.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Don't forget to give out t-shirts.

Yeah, I gotta go.

You are not gonna believe this one.

The Department is sending
over recipe recommendations

- for healthier food options.
- Yeah?

Some new initiative from
the Health and Human services

to reduce waistlines and boost energy.

- What'd you tell 'em?
- I asked if they were gonna

send someone over to cook it too

'cause ain't no one here
putting kale in anything.

I do something for you, Kelly?

You got a read on James?

He mention anything about
trouble at school or anything?

What're you getting at?

Cruz saw him changing out.

Said he had bruises on him.

Then at a call, two idiots got into it

and James' reaction was...


It's probably nothing.

Did jump off fast,


Thanks for looking out.

Always, Chief.

- A red tie.
- Excuse me?

Are you the, firefighters
who helped my boy?



We were on scene. Um...

How's he doing?

Well, he's hanging in there.

My wife says I'm a nervous wreck,

and to take a walk to get some air.

I didn't know where to go.

So I wanted to get you guys something.

Show our appreciation for what you did.

You didn't have to do that.

Did you... you see him?

Before he...

Before they...

I gave him CPR.

He was breathing when
the medics arrived.

Did he say anything?

No, sir.

I told him...

We told him never to play in there,

but he... he's got this
imagination as big as the sky.

Hey, it's not your fault.

Kids are kids.

They don't think beyond
what they're doing

in the present moment.

Well, I just wanted,
to thank you again.

What you guys do,

nobody knows

until it happens to them.

That breaks my heart.

What's up?

Warehouse rescue.


Did I not move fast enough?

Did I not hold him up high enough?

Did I do too many compressions?

Not enough compressions? I...


I was there. You were unstoppable.

You didn't quit until
that kid was breathing.

Anything that happened after that

has nothing to do with our rescue.

He's in a coma.

I heard.

Heard you had a rough one yesterday.

Seems like there's a lot of rough ones.

Some shifts more than others.

I like this.

I like it here.


The guys here.

What you all do...

It makes a difference.


Hey, can you drop me off at home

so I can start getting ready?

And then you can go
get the dry cleaning.

You're gonna start getting ready now?

The party's in 12 hours.

- Aww, you sweet, sweet man.
- What?

I know you think this is all
just as natural as sunshine,

but there is heavy lifting to be done.

Anything else while I'm out?

I wouldn't be opposed
to flowers and chocolates.

I thought we were giving your parents

that gift certificate.

Not for them, babe.

If neither of 'em finishes, bet's off.

I'm gonna finish. Don't you worry.

Have you done this before?

I'm gonna change my bet to 200.

Come on!

- Fine.
- All right.


- Hi.
- Aww, so sweet.

Are those for me?

I was down the street picking
up some flowers for Gabby

and thought I'd just stop in,

see how that patient, Wiley, is doing.

The kid from the warehouse accident.


He passed away last night.

I'm so sorry.

No, no.

- Maggie?
- Yeah?

Dr. Halstead needs you upstairs.


You did all you could.

And you gave the family
a chance to say good-bye.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

- How many?
- Hey, um...



Is there someplace that we could...


I didn't realize you were
in the restaurant business.

It's Todd's. He owns the place.

I just help out with the books.

That's the new boyfriend.

Well, it's more than
that. We moved in together.

Yeah, I heard. I'm happy for you.

- That's great.
- He's great.

Treats me like a human being.

Listen. About Jimmy.

He's saying that he wants
to finish out his senior year

under our roof.

Well, to be honest with you,
he's barely at home these days,

barely talks to me, so...

Maybe some time with
you is what he needs.


You must be Wallace.

Todd Preston.

Just wanted to introduce myself,

see if I can get you
a glass of something

or some cheesy bread.

- No, thanks.
- Okay.

- Need anything, babe?
- We're good.

- All right.
- Then I'll leave you two to it.

Anything else?

You ever hear of James
in any trouble at school?

His grades are As and Bs,

and he hangs out with a
pretty tame group of boys.

- What did he tell you?
- Nothing.

I'm just trying to wrap my head
around the timing of all this.

Well, when you wanna
be straight with me,

we can talk about what's best for James.


- Hey.
- Okay, these

or these?

Which ones do you want me to say?

I don't know. I want
you to tell me the truth.

First ones.

Or the second ones.


My gosh, you are gonna love
my cousins Rochelle and Joelis,

my mom's sister's kids.

They are hilarious.

What? What is it?

Nothing. Sorry.

Dry cleaners was a nightmare is all.

Well, you'll forget about that

the minute you meet these idiots.

- Here, zip me up, baby.
- Yep.

- Oop, there you go.
- Ooh, baby.

Okay, now I want you
to get in the shower,

and make sure that you lift the window

so that the steam
doesn't fog up the mirror.



- Hey, sis.
- Hi.

Guys, wow.

- Smashing.
- Working it.


Hey, did you talk to Mom tonight?

- No.
- Why?

Because she called, I called back,

she didn't answer. Seemed upset.

She's always like that in
the run up to this thing.

At the 30 year, I came
early to drop off flowers

and she was...

She was vacuuming the floor herself.

- Take your seat everyone!
- Hey, let's go sit down.

- Take your seat.
- Okay.

All right, settle in.


Now, what we have here tonight

is 40 years

with the love of my life,

and we're so grateful

that you are here to celebrate with us.

My wife, Camila,

as many of you know

has been my rock,

my salvation,


I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

We were gonna hold off, you know,

so that you all could
enjoy yourselves tonight.

- Ramon.
- No, no, it has to be said.

Camila and I...

Are getting divorced.

And I want you all to know

that this was a mutual decision.

- It was not!
- More or less.

What the hell is this?

Just, take it easy, Antonio.


You're embarrassing
yourself. Embarrassing mom.

Por favor, you can spare me

and everyone here the lecture.

Party's over. Everybody get out,

so I could talk some
sense into my father,

who seems to have lost his mind!

Look at Ma! Apologize right now!

I apologize for nothing!

Come on.


Stop! Hey, come on!


Come on, come on, come on. Stop.

- All right, all right.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Ga... Gabby.

Antonio and Brett got your
mom upstairs to her room,

your dad's at the bar, plastered,

and everyone else has left.

Except one of your cousins,

who I'm pretty sure
is making a doggie bag

out of the charcuterie.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Talk about being blindsided.

They handled it terribly.

I'm their daughter. You know?

You'd think my mom
would pick up the phone.

She knew you had your own
thing going on with Louie.

- I'm sure it was...
- That's no excuse, Matt.

- I know.
- I... I'm not speaking for them.



I love you.

Whatever you need from me, I'm here.

All right?


Who won?

- He did.
- I think he's part mole.

A W is a W, baby!

- Whoo!
- Yeah, it is!

- Aw, look I'm sorry.
- Why?

Hey, hey, hey, whoa! Hey!

Hey, hey, no, don't
touch anything in here.

I just got this place steam cleaned

to the tune of 500 simolies.

Stay away. Go.

Well, um...

You're really not gonna like this.

Come on in, guys!

Hey, hey!

First rounds on me, mud-runners!


Mud run, mud run!

Mud run!

I believe you owe me two.

Thanks for volunteering us.

Have a seat, Rorschach.


What're you doing?



Look, I wanted you to
know that Donna and I,

we have talked...


We would be very happy
if you stayed with us

for the rest of the school year.

That's... that's great. Yeah.

Um, what about Mom?

She'll come around.

But this house, it has rules,

and one of those rules is,

we speak honestly with each other.

Yeah, I understand.



What's going on with the bruises, James?

- The bru... the bruises?
- Yeah.

Look, James.

If someone's giving you
a hard time at school,

I wanna know about it.

We wanna know about it.

It... it's...

Come on, James.

No secrets.


There's a stairwell
they forgot to salt.

Runs at the back of the school.

I bit it hard

and I fell

halfway down the stairs
in front of everybody.

It was... it was so embarrassing.

Okay then.


I didn't fall down the stairs.

Someone hit me.

More than once.


Someone from school?


Not at school.


- No!
- No!


No, no!


You're suspended, Wallace.

Conduct unbecoming of a firefighter.

He was beating on my stepson, Steve.

17-year-old boy.
Couldn't defend himself.

I understand, and so
does the department.

Which is why you're only
suspended for one shift.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Okay, listen up.

I'm filling in for Chief Boden today.

He's been suspended...

- What?
- Aw, come on!

For one shift.

And we got a job to do
and we're gonna do it.


That's it. Dismissed.


How's she doing?

In a fog.

I think Antonio's trying to
get back into fighting weight

so he can kick his old
man's ass in the ring.

No, I'm not exaggerating.

That's actually what
he said he was gonna do.

You hear from the chief?

Left him a text message.

Told him we're throwing
him a suspension party.

No excuses.

He hasn't responded.


- Hey.
- I wanted you to know,

um, you were right.

I-I had a really nice time last night.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

It's fine.

You should come to a Brett
family reunion in Fowlerton

if you wanna see a real horror show.

It's just that my parents...

So what am I supposed to do...

Truck 81, Ambulance 61,

man down from unknown causes,

907 S. Laramie.

- What do we got?
- We're filling up the truck.

George lost his footing and fell in.

We tried pulling him out, but
that stuff is like quicksand.

You guys try emptying the chute?

Yeah, it just kept sucking him down.

All right, let's take a look.

Hey, George, right?


George, hold on.


I can't. I...

I-I can... I can't.

Hold on.

Hold on.

I can't. I can't.

I can... I can't.

I ca... I ca...

I can't.

Got you.

You're not dying on me.

George? Stay with me, buddy.

I can't.

Can't breathe.

We gotta clear this grain faster.


Stay with me, George.

Herrmann, faster.

Got it.

Okay, get him out.

On my count.

One, two, three.

Yeah, come on.

Suffocation victim. BP's
normal, heart rate's normal.

Crepitus on his chest.

We got him. Four is open?

Um, I'm gonna get us some extra sheets.

Yeah, I'm gonna finish the report.

Hey, how's Matt doing?

- He's fine.
- Why?

Seems like he took that
little boy's death hard.

Sorry, what are we talking about?

The little boy, from
the warehouse accident.

He didn't make it.

Matt came by and brought
some "get well" flowers,

but the kid was gone.

I figured he told you.

N... no. He didn't.

When was this?

Saturday morning.

May I come in?


I swear I didn't know what he was doing.

What Todd was doing...
He hid it from me.

Maybe I was too blind to see it.

Frankly, I don't know which is worse.

I left him.

As soon as he came clean,
I-I left out the door.

- And I am never looking back.
- Good.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.

I'm sorry.

- I'm okay.
- James...

You gonna stay with Grandma?

Maybe I'll stay with
Mom, make sure she's okay.

- Yeah.
- Of course.

- I want a re-match.
- No way.

No way any more muddy morons
are coming into my bar.

I just got it cleaned up.

What... we made
money and you know it.

We didn't even break even.
Go look at the cleaning bill.

I've been drinking free for a week.

- Yeah, you have.
- Right, see what I mean?

This place has been more
cold than hot lately.

I'm afraid to even pull out the books.

You were the one that
bet against me, right?

My mistake.

Hey, are you guys doing
the polar plunge this year?

I just saw a flier and it
says it's for charity, so...

I'm part penguin.

I'm all polar bear.


You know, what mi padre said? Ask me.

What'd your padre say?

"Should've done it 30 years ago."

I did the math.

There's no way I'm
telling Gabby that one.

Good choice.

I don't even... my old man's
on wife number... I lost track.

Forty years... That's a good run.

You ever gonna settle down, Kelly?

Married to the job.

Excuse me.


- Hey.
- How you doing?

Working my way back to normal.

- James?
- Typical.

More worried about his mom than himself.

Yeah. He's a good kid.

Hey, if he ever wants
to ride along with us,

he's more than welcome on Squad 3.

I'll tell him.

But right now, I need to drink.

Come on.

Chief drinks on me tonight.

Got it covered. All right.

- Everybody, put it in the boot.
- Put it in the boot.

- I already donated.
- Boot.

No, you didn't!

Just because you don't believe me...

There you go.

- Hey, tried calling.
- You okay?

You knew that boy died.

And you were more
worried about making sure

that I had a good day.

That's what we do. Lift each other up.

You've done that for me a million times.