Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - I Held Her Hand - full transcript

Casey and Severide disagree on a potential arson case when the squad fails to save a woman from her burning house.

- Can I please see Jimmy?
- He's not your son.

I raised him from the time he was three.

Never use the word "stepson."


Do you mind explaining

this text you sent to my husband?

"The girls can make out if you want."

We wrote a romance novel.

Have I told you about
my college roommate's job

in publishing?

I can get you a read like that.


You parked in my spot.

What, this sweet spot right
smack in front of the house?

Hey, I had no idea

you liked to park here.

Are you kidding me?

Graffitiing our house like it's
some kind of abandoned building?

They may as well
spray-paint the Vatican.

When I catch the hoodlum
who did this, he's gonna get

a whole new definition
of that word "tagged,"

- I can tell you that.
- It's not gang graffiti.

No amount of paint is gonna
ruin our two-week high.

- Cubs, baby!
- Yeah!

Let's just get it cleaned up.

Yup, you heard him, fellas.

Grab the turpentine. Let's get to work.

All units, structure fire
at 1015 Garnett Avenue.

When we get back, Chief.


Thanks. Right over there on the curb.

What do we got?

Neighbor said he heard
a woman calling for help

on the second floor.

All right.

Engine, lead a line in
through the front door.

Truck, Squad, primary search.

Truck, take the front.
Squad, take the back.

Okay, got it. Let's go!

You heard him, let's move.

Clarence, Capp, you
take the first floor.

Cruz, you hop on the second with me.

Copy that.

Fire Department! Call out!



Hey! I got him,

you take the room to the right.

Copy that.

Hey, sir, you can't be here.

My wife's in there.

Help me!

Hey, Chief!

I got a woman trapped
on the second floor.

Bravo side.

I'm bringing out one adult male.


- Get off me!
- You can't go through there.

Come on! Stay down!

But my wife...

Stairways gone. Can't make second floor.

Otis, we need the aerial.

- My wife...
- Come on.

Let me go!

Let us do our job to get to her.

Hey... Hey! Wait!

- You aren't moving fast enough.
- Wait!

Do we got eyes on the wife?

Not yet.

Help me!

I got her!

- Help me, please!
- There she is.

Let's go.

Sir, you need this.

What's your name?

- Darin.
- Darin, hey,

you have smoke inhalation.
Now put this on,

and take deep breaths.

Promise me you'll get to her.

Come on.

Help me!

Get low, to the side, okay?

Coming through.

God, god, god.

Hey, hey!

I know you're scared,
but you gotta get low.

Get down.


Herrmann, get the axe in.

All right, ready?

One, two, three.

- Here it comes.
- I'm burning!

Let's go!

Faster, Herrmann!

Heads up!

- Karra!
- Hey, hey!

Trust me, they're doing
everything they can.




- Kara...
- Hey.

Stand back.

Inhalation burn. I gotta intubate.


I can't get pass the chords.

I need to crack her.

- Is she... is she...
- Hey, hey, they're working on her.

Let them work on her.

No pulse. I'll start compressions.

Too much edema.

Let's go.

What? No, no...

No... No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no! Hey, hey.


I can take him to the hospital.

- I got it.
- Chicago Med.

I got him. I got him.

Come on, Darin. Come
on, you gotta be strong.

- No!
- You gotta be strong.

Come on. I got ya, I got ya.

You okay, Lieutenant?

Seen it all before, Herrmann.

Move outside. Take a few minutes.


I'm good, Chief.

They call, and now we gotta clean up

this idiot's artwork.

You know, what's gonna stop this guy

from hitting us again?

God help him if he does.

S-l-v-r... Is it silver?

What do... what do you guys see there?

South Louisiana...

- Virginia...
- Okay, just stop.

I gotta... Hit the head.

Be right back.

Are you out of your mind?
I thought you were Connie.

It's Trudy's friend
from Atomic Publishing.

Hey, Anton,

I found my writing partner.
What can we do for you?

Sylvie, it's Anton Schwartz.

Trudy Platt asked me to
read "Sheets on Fire."

We may call
it "Flames of Desire,"

- but go on.
- Either way,

amazing characterizations. So authentic.

Hot as sin. It's for us.

We can discuss the details
if you're interested,

but our offer is $25,000
for worldwide rights.

- Yeah, yeah.
- We're...

Definitely interested, Mr. Anton, sir.

Love it. My assistant will call

to set up a meeting.

- Thanks so much.
- Thank you.

- My God.
- And that is step one

to the New York Times'
best sellers list.

Good riddance.


Hey, I hope it's okay. I'm...

Looking for the firefighters
from the house fire

- on Garnett Avenue this morning.
- Yeah, that's us.

Hi. Yes.

What can we do for you?

I'm Colleen Marks.

My sister, Kara, she was the one...


I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

I know you did everything you could.

And I just need to know...

Did Kara...

What I mean is when it happened...

It was immediate.

Thank God.

Would you like to...

- Sit down, or...
- No.


I'm not really sure how to say this...

But was there anything
weird about the fire?


They fought all the time, her husband.

And it got to a point
where Kara was worried

he'd hurt her, so she started
staying with me in Skokie.

She said they should take a break.

This was a few weeks ago.

And I told her not to
go back for her stuff.

He killed her.

I know it.

Upstairs in the hallway.

Let me know. Thanks.

Who was that?

Investigator at OFI.

I flagged them on a char
line I saw at the house.

You believe the sister?

I think it was arson.

A lot of things can make a char line.

Doesn't prove anything.

I didn't say it was proof.

I said I flagged it.

Well, then there you go.
You did the right thing.

- Hey, Herrmann.
- Hey, Mike.

Hey, James, it's your father

returning your text.
Look, I'd love to talk,

but...I'm a phone guy.

Call me back.

It's James, my stepson.

It's James now?

Yeah, I guess...Jimmy
was too young for him.

How's he doing?

He's 17. Talks to me in 140 characters

if he talks to me at all.


I remember when Cindy put Lee
Henry into toddler gymnastics.

And basically, they'd send
him down a little zip line,

and he'd end up falling
ass over teakettle

into, you know, cushy blocks.

He'd just laugh.

Yesterday, he asked me for a car.

My pops told me, "you watch out now.

Before you know it,
he's gonna be a man."

And you blink, and... there it is.


Did you need some...

Some of Truck and I are gonna stay up

and watch out for
this, you know, tagger.

- Just letting you know.
- Yeah, you keep me posted.

Will do.

Well, I'm gonna grab a magazine.

You wanna read "Cosmo" or
you wanna catch this guy?


How long are we gonna go?

We'll go all night if we have to.

Okay, I'm just trying to
figure out how to pace myself.

This guy defaced our house.

That's a middle finger

to everyone of us.

Let's buckle up.

Are we gonna take shifts?


Never mind.

Lieutenant Casey and Severide.

This is Alexa Hubble from OFI.

She's here to follow up on
the suspicious burn pattern

- that Casey flagged.
- It's good to meet you both.


Now since you guys were the nearest ones

to the victim and her husband,
I just wanna get all the details

before making a recommendation to CPD.

What made you think that it was a pour?

There was a char line.

It went straight to the bedroom.

Door was left open.

No sign of breaking and entering.

If he wanted to trap
his wife in the fire,

that's the way to do it.

Also, I know this
doesn't prove anything,

but the victim's sister came by.

She thinks he did it.

She say why?

They fought, all the time.

Wife got scared, and
moved in with the sister.

Well, the husband claims
that he was having breakfast

at a restaurant when the fire started,

but his alibi doesn't check out.

There's no credit card receipt,

and staff didn't recognize the photo.

There you go.

Now you saw the husband in the fire.

- That's right.
- Anything suspicious there?

I don't think he did it.

Why not?

He was distraught.

He was willing to die to save her.

It wasn't an act.

I had to use everything
I had to keep him

from running headlong into the fire.

- What about the sister?
- I don't know. I have no idea.

I saw what I saw. There's no
way that guy wanted her dead.

Ambulance 61, man down
from unknown causes.

5661 North Morgan.

My son fell out of the tree on his back.

He called me. I called 911.

We... we live
right across the street.

- God!
- Hold still, hold still.

Hang in there, Alan.
Paramedics are here.

- Can you feel my fingers?
- Yes.

What about your toes?
Can you wiggle them?

Yeah, it's really just my stomach.

I don't see any contusions.

All right, Alan, we're
gonna put a backboard

under you, and then we're gonna
get you to a hospital, okay?


Did he break a rib?

We're not sure. We have to get x-rays.

I'm gonna grab the stretcher.

What you doing up in the tree anyway?

Looking for a date.

It was a proposal.

- In this case, homecoming.
- Aw.

She wasn't even home.

It was a total fail, and then I slipped.

You see that?

Hey, kid's suffered enough.

This is my fault.

I wanted him to see he
has as much going for him

as the next guy.

Well, sacrificing your body for love

is pretty darn chivalrous.

I'm sure once Heather hears about it,

she'll swoon.

What'd I tell you, son?

Heart rate's dropping.

Hang in there, Alan.

Whoa, hey, hey.

GI bleed. We gotta go.

One, two, three.

He passed out.

I'll hang a bag.

My god. Is he okay?

He fell. He's gotta...

this is your fault.

You put him up to this.

Is he okay?

He's vomiting up blood. It
could be a perforated bowel.

We're taking him to Chicago Med.

- Hey, can we come along?
- No, I am coming along.

You can take the car.

Fine, you can ride with us,

but do not interfere
with your son's treatment.

Alan, hang in there, buddy.

I'll... I'll meet you at the hospital.

Herrmann, shift's nearly over.


Some watchdog I am?

Yeah, more like a scarecrow.

Where's the rest of Truck?

Ten toes up in the bunk room.


- All right...
- Hello.

Say hi.

Now there is a sight for sore eyes.



- Dynamite.
- Yes.

How are you doing?

Well, somebody wanted
to come and say hi.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Is that right?

- Hey, Christopher.
- Hey, Donna.

Chief, I'm gonna take a shower,

and I'm gonna hit it.


He is so much like you.


That is my new candidate right there.

No chance he's running into fires.

Well, we gonna see about that.

Won't we?

Thank you.

I needed this.

Say bye-bye.

Call for you. Darin Whitney?

Can you give him my cell, Connie?

Is that the husband?

Yeah, I guess the guy
wants to talk to me.

What about?

I'll know when I talk to him.

I'm always gonna report what
my eyes and ears tell me.

So am I.

You don't understand. I have to see him.

I'll be quick. Please.

- We can't do that.
- Please!

Alan almost died for me.

Sorry, but immediate family only.

Hi. Sorry.

You wouldn't happen
to be Heather, would you?

Yes. My god, can you help me?

I thought romantic gestures
like this were only in books.

Hey. What are ya...

What are you doing here?

Came to see you, goof ball.

That was amazing, what you did for me.

I was trying to make it memorable.

It was.

Are you, like, okay?

They're saying full
recovery, in time for...

In time for Saturday even.

Yeah, well about that...

Brian Callahan already
asked me to homecoming.

No worries. That happens.

Yeah, but the good news is

you're, like, totally famous now.

I have what?

My god,

our kid is so freaking
cute, I can't stand it.

Kara Whitney's funeral is tomorrow,

the woman from the fire.
I was thinking about

driving by there.

Not to be a part of it
or anything, just to...

Just to see it.

Pay my respects.

You sure that's a good idea?

I'm not sure about anything.

I just didn't know who else to talk to.

I... I woke up this morning,

reached for Kara...

I get it.

I heard her screaming.

She was right there.

It's not your fault.

It's yours. You stopped me.

I'm sorry, I... I didn't
mean that, I just...

I don't know what is
even happening anymore.

Have you talked to anyone?

There are counselors out
there. I can get you names.

I've talked to arson investigators.

It's crazy.

I would never hurt Kara.

I didn't even know she was
home. I was having breakfast

when the fire started.


Verdugo on Kinzie.

Did anyone see you there?

No one who remembers, apparently.

And the credit card machine
was broken, so I paid cash.

I can't believe this is happening.


Thank you for coming.

And thank you for everything you did.


I got it.

I have to go bury my wife now.

I'm sorry.

"It is done.

I am Alpha and Omega,
the beginning and the end.

To Him that thirst, I
will give of the fountain

of the water of life freely.

He that shall overcome shall
possess these things..."

"And I will be his God,

and he shall be my son.

For I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth,

for the first Heaven and
the first Earth was gone,

and the sea is now no more.

And I saw the Holy
City, the new Jerusalem,

coming down out of Heaven from God,

prepared as a bride
adorned for her husband.

And I heard a great voice..."

Hitting us twice in two shifts.

Takes balls.

First thing I'm gonna
cut off when we catch him.

Hey, um... Question,

since you worked some
OFI investigations.


I drove by the restaurant

that Darin Whitney said he
was at when the fire started.

There's... City cameras
on either end of the block.

Would OFI have looked at them?

Um... Probably not,

unless somebody put
in a specific request.

But I thought they already said

that his alibi didn't check out.

Just wondering.

Not good.

Alan's video is up to a
million hits on prom-fails.

That's gonna be hard to live down.

He's only a sophomore.


You got teenagers, right?

Read this.

Look, you finally got me texting,

so maybe you'll respond
to this. Love, Dad.

Happy face.

What? Happy face too much?

No, I like it. Keeps it breezy.


Look like a melted waste basket to you?

You think that's where the fire started?

Char line headed in that direction.

I heard Darin Whitney wasn't
home when the fire started.

OFI can't find any proof.

What if it doesn't exist?

You think he's innocent?


No, I just... I worry that
you presume guilt with...

I held her hand while
her skin turned black.

Which is why you're too close to this.


But there was a char
line meant to trap her.

I saw it.

- You wanted to see us, Chief?
- Randy, Sylvie...

Chief grimes from publicity.

What is this concerning?

- W... where... where did...
- You left it in the copier,

for all to see.

Besides the fact that
we're fairly confident

you were using city
property for personal use...

- We... we were gonna re...
- Let me read a little selection

from your book here. Yeah...

"Jake hoisted Brandy
onto the fire truck.

Her fingers gripped the back of his head

as his passion burned hotter
than an A-frame building fire... "

Do I need to go on?

I mean, if you want to.

- Or not.
- This does not reflect well

on the image of the
Chicago Fire Department.

A Department, I will remind
you, that has a code of conduct

- you agreed to uphold.
- I understand, but see,

- we have a book deal.
- And if you publish this book,

you will never work for
this department again.

I'll...Leave it to you

to let your chief know
how you want to proceed.

Truck 81, Ambo 61, man
down from unknown causes,

- 488 State Street.
- Okay...

- Explain to me how you could...
- You distracted...

Truck 81, Ambulance is
stuck behind a train.

Copy that. On it.

What do we got?

Our bus boy, Tim. He got speared.

Out of the way, please.

Out of the way. Coming through.

Otis, Kidd, get him on oxygen.

- Yep.
- Wrap the wound.

- Herrmann, get the whizzer ready.
- Got it.

Tim, how are you doing?

- It hurts.
- Yeah, I know.

Hang in there.

- What happened?
- Gust of wind took the umbrella.

No one saw it till it
came down and speared Tim.

Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

Hold it steady.

Hang in there.

All right, get ready.
You're almost there.

All right, we're through.

We need to control this blood.

I can't get a pressure on this guy.

Truck 81, companies are
still behind a train.

You're on your own for a while.


Pressure dressing's not enough.

Here's what we're doing.

Otis, I need the
handle for a tourniquet.


This gonna work?

It has to.

- Palp it?
- Yeah.

110 palp. We got a pressure.

Almost there.

Hang in there, Tim. You're doing great.

He's got a 110 palp.

- We put a tourniquet on him.
- Good thinking.

90 palp. Could be a lot worse.

I'll change the pressure dressing.

Ready, one, two, three.

- He gonna make it?
- I gotta get another liter

in him on the way, but...

Yeah, I think so.

Nicely done.

Stop the truck.





Chief, this here is Carlos Galvan.

How you know my name?

Tag in your sweatshirt, genius.

Who's your mom, Carlos?

I don't know. I live with my aunt.

Write her name and number down now.


Now what possessed you
to vandalize my firehouse?

You were showing off for
your friends, weren't ya?

I know how it is, come on.

What if I was?


I've seen too many
kids from around here,

they fall into gangs, into drugs.

If you think you are
getting into trouble now...

His aunt's five minutes out.

We done here?

So now would be a
good time to apologize.

Stay here.

Listen, just so you know,
we're good people, all right?

We protect this whole neighborhood,

and what you did, you may
think that it's a joke,

but you really hurt us.

This place is like a church to us.

It's sacred.

So... Listen,

you wanna impress your
friends? Wear this.

And when they ask you about it, you say,

"these guys here,

they're my friends too."

Because we are.

Herrmann, you big softy.

You never gave me a free t-shirt.

Yeah, yeah. I know,

but sometimes you go up that ladder

and there ain't nothing you can do.

So if I get a chance
to do something good,

I'm taking it.

- My god.
- My gosh.

Thank you for doing this.

Are you kidding me? I
have the best guy here.


Sweetie, I'm sorry.

The world will never read

the stories we were gonna tell.

Well, maybe not the world, no.

What's going on?

There he is.

It's a book club.

Yo, this... this is
actually pretty great.

And totally hot.

Tell us how you got the
idea for "Sheets on Fire."

Well, I was on the apparatus floor,

looking at the hose bed, and I thought,

somewhere in the folds of
that hose, there's a story.

Thank god.

- What's wrong?
- The guy in the car

has been watching our house
for the past two hours.

- You get a good look at him?
- No, it's too far,

but, you know, I'm just
freaking out here, you know.

- I mean, Terrance is inside and...
- Okay, okay.


Hey! Wanna tell me why

you parked there, staring at my family?

I didn't mean to scare 'em.

I just felt weird going in.


What are you doing here?

You surprised me with that text.

Figured I'd do one better.

Surprise you back.


You did that.

Come here.


It's James.




OFI made their decision.

What did they say?

So they are not referring
Darin's case to CPD.

No arson or murder charges.

I found a city camera that
showed Darin wasn't home

when the fire started.

I thought OFI should know.

Then he started the fire another way.

- He didn't do it.
- Yes, he did.

And I'll prove it.