Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Nobody Else Is Dying Today - full transcript

Casey is forced to take extreme measures when a forklift accidentally pierces a tank of acid, causing it to spill and putting a father and daughter in danger.

Check it out, romance
stories set in a firehouse.

Can you imagine the
hellfire of crap I'd get

if anyone around here
found out I was doing this?

What do you say we write
together and go get published?

You know I love you

and I support you no matter what you do.

Maybe I can scale
back at work and...

No. You can't force yourself
into wanting this right now

just because of how much I do.

Okay, stuffed animal, sippy cup.

You are all set, buddy.

You can take him to lunch
after you pick him up,

but please, no drive-through.

What? I'm dropping him off.
Bonnie's picking him up.

No, no, I told you
that I canceled Bonnie

because you're free.

You didn't tell
me, and I'm not free.

I took the shift off to
check out this warehouse.

Well, you told me it would
only take a few hours.

That's plenty of time to pick
up Louie at 1:00. Perfect.

I'm playing golf at 1:00.


Didn't mean to interrupt.
You ready to go?

Yeah. Casey was just about to say

how he's gonna cancel his golf game

so he can pick Louie up later.

I'll be in the car.

Guess I'll play golf another time.

Better get going.

- Alderman Casey.
- Hey.

Gary Melville. Thanks for coming out.

Thanks for opening up your
warehouse on a Saturday.

It's no problem. Although
I thought the contract

was a done deal. I mean, we do have

the best decontamination
supplies in Chicago.

Vote's all set for Monday.

I just heard no one had been
by to actually look things over.

Well, who better than a
real Chicago firefighter, right?

Come on in.

This way. Come on.

No, no, hold it there for a sec.

You machine your own aluminum?

Absolutely, we manufacture
all of our decontamination pools

on site, so we can
supply emergency response

to any Hazmat situation.

As you can see, we
keep the frames folded

for easy transport...

Hey, I've got all those specs

that you were looking for
over here in my office.

You always have kids
hanging around here?

That's Laurel; that's Ken's daughter.


I could've stayed home, but no.

Stuck here doing slave labor.

Don't wanna paint, don't get grounded.

Get back in the break room.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch out!


Milo, look out!

What the hell?

What the hell?

You gotta get away from these fumes!

Run outside and call 911!



Wait, what happened?

An accident. Your dad
inhaled some fumes.

We gotta block that off, or we're dead.

Here, use this.

You need to to cut up this drop cloth

in wide pieces, roll 'em
up, stuff 'em underneath.

Got that?

Here, take it.

Go. Now. Okay.

Is he okay?

His acid burns aren't too bad.

He's breathing on his
own, which is a good sign.

Gary's calling 911, so the
medics will be here soon.

Wait. Where's Milo?

Is he still out there?

Your dad's forklift ran into
a tank of something toxic.

My guess is sulfuric acid.

Is he...

He didn't make it.

My God. My God.

- Hey, hey. Hey, hey, wait.
- My God, my God,

my God, my God! Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, Laurel.

Right? Yeah.

My name's Matt Casey. I'm a firefighter.

I know you're freaked
out, but we're safe in here

for the moment. What I need you to do

is sit with your dad and
keep an eye on him for me.

Can you do that?

Okay, good.


What in God's name is that?

This is beef jerky mac.

That, my friend, is disgusting.

This is the food of the future.

It's packed with lean protein.

You just add water. Best
science has to offer.

Delicious. Delicious science.

Leave him alone.

He wants to eat slop in a sack, let him.

Well, that wouldn't be my choice,

but we could all stand
to be more thoughtful

about the food that we eat.

Good for you for trying something new.

See? Vision, bifocals.

My breakfast is a federal case,

but that we're all just gonna ignore?

What are those two up to?

Ignorance is bliss.

Mr. Morley. Randy McHolland.

That is a great author name.

Sylvie Brett.

Okay. Can we sit?

We haven't discussed our little project

here at work yet.

We're keeping it
"on the down low," so to speak.

Say no more.

Next meeting... Maggiano's. My treat.


So, this book, what do you call it?

- "Flames of Desire."
- "Sheets on Fire."

Really? Like "pants on fire?"

Whatever it's called, it's hot stuff.

Pun intended.

We're ready to publish.

My gosh.

...I gotta tell you,

I lost track of how
many queries I sent out,

but this... this makes it all worth it.

All we need to get
started is you write me

a check for $5,000.

- What?
- It's totally standard,

covers upfront expenses.

I'm sorry, what's the
name of your company again?

Fireworks Publishing. Best
vanity press in Chicago.

Ambulance 61, injury from a fall,

2012 Princeton Ave., Apartment 6.

So what's going on with you and Mouch?

Nothing. He's just giving me

some advice on a business matter...

Some personal investments.


Pupils are normal. I'm fine.

Just one of my dizzy spells.

Well, you had to go down pretty hard

to get a scrape like that.

I put my hand out to steady myself.

My skin is so thin now.

It looks like your
blood pressure's running

on the low end. Do
you drink enough water?

- I try.
- So it's just a fall,

nothing serious?

Courtney Jackson. I work with the city

as a senior advocate.

Courtney's a huge help.

She gets me discounts
on everything.

Well, your scrape's not too bad,

but it sounds like you have
a lot of these dizzy spells.

What happens when you can't
call for help next time?

Maybe I should get one
of those alert necklaces.

Well, our concern is that
we don't know if these spells

are caused by your low blood pressure

or something more serious.

We should get you checked
out at Chicago Med.

You know, I'm feeling better.

I don't need to go to the hospital.

Can we speak over here?

I'm here to make sure our seniors aren't

bullied into something they don't want.


We just want what's
best for the patient.

I get that, but Margot's
mentally competent

to make her own decisions,
and it's my job to support her.

Are you with her 24 hours a day?

You going to make sure
she's drinking enough water

to keep her blood pressure up?
If this is even because of that.

If she's having multiple falls,
she shouldn't be living alone.

I'll make a note of that opinion.

I'm sure Margot will call
if she needs help again.

You can't get a signal in here.

Trust me, I've tried.

We should be hearing sirens by now.


I snuck out, stayed out late.

How late is "late"?

1:00 in the morning.

Yeah. I'm Team Dad on that one.

What are you, 14? 15.

He's out late all the time, working.

Can't believe he even noticed
I was gone... or cared.

He's your dad. Of course he cares.

You know who says stuff like that?

People whose dads took
them fishing a lot.

Actually, my dad died when I
was a little older than you.

My mom died last year.

I'm sorry.

Whatever. It sucks.

Yeah. It does.

What's wrong?

I was just checking to see
how things were out there.

I know what it looks
like when grown-ups lie.

Looks like Gary tried
to go back to his office

before he went outside.

Why would he do that?

Probably to get rid of the records

of what he was up to here. The point is

the fumes got him. He never called 911.

- Nobody's coming.
- Nope.



What's that?

Baking soda helps neutralize the acid.

It won't work for long.

Dad? Daddy?


- What happened?
- Forklift pierced a tank.

Come on.

- God. God.
- Easy, take it easy.

Gary said to stack the drums
high enough to hide the tanks.

I'm guessing he doesn't have a
permit to store sulfuric acid.

The guy never met a
corner he couldn't cut.

He's making cash on the side
storing the tanks for a friend.

And you brought me here?

What was I supposed to do,
leave you at home alone?

Guys, what's on the
other side of this vent?

- Office.
- With a landline?


What the hell are you doing?

How long have you all been here?

So, what's going on here?

Are you having a mental
event of some sort?


It's a privately funded project
to train and send civilians

to form the first human habitats
on Mars, and I made the top 100.

- Yeah, he did! Ha ha!
- There he is!

There he is!

Your application must
have been... impressive.

I wrote a great personal essay, okay?

And Cruz here helped me
bring it to tip-top shape.

You encouraged this?

He asks, I help.

Anyway, they sent over a list of tasks

for ultimate mission fitness.

And putting together a fan

while holding your breath was on it?

Repairing an oxygen filtration system

in case of critical error.


We need to widen this up
if I'm gonna get through.

- Or I could go.
- No way.

I can fit.

All I have to do is call 911, right?


I can do it.

Okay. Just go in, use
the phone, come back.



Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, come back, come back.

Okay. Hold on.

The fumes are already in
there. We need to seal this off.

Mr. Casey.


Yeah, hold this.

Two more. Here.

What is it? What is it?

- Nothing.
- The hell it is.

What is it?

The acid's moving toward a
pile of aluminum shavings.


When sulfuric acid touches aluminum,

there's a chemical reaction.

Acid hits those shavings,
there's gonna be an explosion.

We gotta get out of here.

I mean, golf? Really?

And then for him to have the
nerve to be annoyed with me,

to tell me I didn't tell
him that I canceled Bonnie?

Dawson, no offense.

Maybe you should be talking to Casey.

What am I supposed to say?

"I'd rather you not prioritize
a golf game over our kid?"

I mean, I kind of
thought that was implied.

Okay, take a breath. Hang on.

Now, do you really
think that Casey cares

more about golf than Louie?


But I did tell him.

He forgot. You both have a lot going on.

This is the first time
that Louie saw us fight.

If that's a fight, he'll be fine.

- Ambulance 61.
- Thank you.

Elderly person injured from fall,

2012 Princeton Ave, Apartment 6.

I heard a thump and I
knocked and I got no answer,

so I used my key. Is she okay?

I'm fine. Just a little bump.

You're gonna have to get some stitches.

- Call Courtney.
- I already did.

Just pop a bandage on it.

You already fell once, and
now you got a head injury.

We gotta take you to a trauma center.

It's protocol.

I want to go to
North-side, not Chicago Med.

Rules are we have to take
you to the nearest hospital.

I don't want to go to a strange doctor

who doesn't know my history.
They know me at North-side.

They have... all my...
my... my... Records.

Let's just see if we...

She's out.

Margot? Margot?

Margot, see if you can follow
my finger with your eyes.

Try not to talk, sweetie,
just look at Gabby's finger.


See if you can squeeze
both my hands, honey.

We gotta move.

What's wrong? What happened?

She had a stroke is what happened.

She's had a T.I.A. before. Her
neurologist is at North-side.

North-side is ten minutes farther away.

She has a request on file.

It's my responsibility to speak for her.

You can speak for her at Med.

For you.

My department chief with a direct order

to transport Margot to North-side.

Great. Let me talk to him.

We're going to Med.

What are you doing?

This pipe goes clear
through to the next room.

If I get a little leverage...

Mr. Casey?

Give me a hand.

Just hold that.

You all right, Ken?

I'm just... a little winded.

- Dad?
- Why don't you lie down,

rest for a minute?

- All right.
- Dad? Are you okay?


Laurel. Give me your shirt.



It's okay.

Okay, give me your hand.

It'll make you feel better, Ken.


Okay. I want you to tie this

around your dad's face
and mouth, like a mask.


- Here.
- Okay.

Lunch already?

Yeah, lasagna or Chicken ? la King.

Frankly, I'm thinking about doubling up,

because that beef jerky mac
just did not stick to the ribs.

Funny you should say
that. I've been reading up

on alternate protein sources, and...

Cricket protein powder.

It makes any food more filling,

and I guess you can raise
crickets in zero gravity,

so endless food supply.

Interesting, and... disgusting.

Nah, man, look. "Virtually tasteless

in a smoothie or shake."

You should give it a try.

Okay. Thanks.

No problem.

You're telling me that
getting treatment started

ten minutes earlier
didn't make a difference?

'Cause I heard she already started

recovering movement. No.

What I'm telling you is that
I find it hard to believe

that there's no way
to achieve that result

without destroying a
city employee's property.

I didn't destroy her property.
I dropped it. It slipped.

My life was so much easier
when you were a firefighter,

and here you are, back on ambo,

raising my blood pressure
one shift at a time.

- If doing right by my patient...
- I'm not disputing

your medical judgment. I'm just saying

there's better ways to go do things.

Well, maybe I just don't
have your gift of diplomacy.


Brett, what's your
take on the situation?

I stand by my partner.

This is par for the course with Dawson,

but I expected better of you, Brett.

I'm sorry to hear my
confidence has been misplaced.

You can both go.

Welcome to the troublemaker list, girl.

Don't ever put me in
that position again.

Come on, Hatcher's just a blowhard

who's pissed he's
gotta do more paperwork.

Well, I'm not like you, Gabby.
I like following the rules.

I like being liked by my boss.

Showdowns with Hatcher
aren't exactly fun for me.

You're right. I'm sorry.

It's just... that guy just
really pushes my buttons.

But, you got to admit,
it was kind of fun

watching him get all red.

Louie's daycare.

Go for it.


No, no, it should've
been Matt Casey.

You couldn't?

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'll call his sitter.
She'll be right there.

Bonnie, hey. I'm gonna need
you to pick up Louie after all.

Mr. Casey?

The acid's hitting the
shavings. It's hissing.

Dad? Daddy? Daddy!

Laurel, I need you to see

if you can fit through that hole.


Is that the explosion?

No, that would be louder,

but I need you to tell me
what's happening in there.

Okay, okay.

The box on the wall is
shooting sparks everywhere!

Laurel, listen,

the acid's hitting the
conduit on the warehouse floor.

I need you to go through that hole,

go out the door, and call 911.


What about my dad?

I need to stay here to help him.

It has to be you. No, no, no, no.

No, I can't do that, I can't leave him,

not after my mom... Laurel.

I'm sorry about your mom.

It's not fair you have to
worry about your dad, too.

Nobody else is dying today.

Not if you do what I'm asking you.


Here, use this.

Cover your head with
it, it'll shield you

from the sparks. Okay.

After your dad died,

did your mom still make
you act like a family?

Not exactly.

Dad made us have these family dinners.

God, I hated them.

Laurel, we're out of time.

If he wakes up, can you tell
him dinners weren't so bad?

I'll tell him.

We're out of time! Go! Go! Now!

Okay. Okay, okay.


How you doing, Laurel?

I'm good!


This isn't over.

We just need to do a
rewrite, send more queries.

And meet more scam artists?

Maybe... we need more...
interpersonal conflict.

We're conflicting right
now. You think it's sexy?

I will quit right now

if you can look me
in the eye and tell me

this hasn't been the most
fun you've had all year.

Okay, what if the ambo
partners are really different?

One is a wholesome good girl,

and the other's rebellious
and feisty and...

They make out?

They clash.

But they ultimately realize
that their differences

make them great.

And then they make out.

Hey. You mind if we go for a ride?

Sure. Sure, what is it?

Probably nothing. I just
want to make sure that...

Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Squad 3.

Industrial accident.
Acid spill. 625...

God, that's Matt's truck.

Please, hurry!

You guys gotta help! My dad
and Mr. Casey are still inside!

Okay. You tell me as much as you can.

There was acid. We got
stuck in the break room.

Mr. Casey blew a hole
in the wall to get out,

but now that room has
sparks and fire and...

Okay, okay.

Battalion 25 to Main, requesting
a power shutoff at my location.

Herrmann, find a way to
cut the power on site.

All right, hey, split
up! Cover the sides!

Find me those meters.

Everybody mask up.

Tony, Capp, grab your
chemical extinguishers.

Cruz, couple sledgehammers. On it.

Come on, let's get you checked out.




I got fumes coming in
from the spill area!

One civilian. I had to improvise a cric!

All right.

You gotta make the hole big enough

to get him out on a backboard!

Tony, Capp, take an
extinguisher to that panel!

Cruz, we'll use sledges on this hole!

Otis, we could
really use that power cutoff!

Truck's on it.




Ken, I know it's hard, but it's
better if you stay still?

She's okay. She got out.

She wanted me to tell you,
she didn't mind the dinners.

After we get out of here, you should try

doing those again?


Power should be off!


It's still hot! We're
getting pinned down in here!

Yeah, we're gonna have
to pull the main line feed

out of the meter.

- You all ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, pull!

How you doing in there?

Power's off. We're secure.

Capp, grab a backboard!

Casey, you all right?

Hazmat on site. Entering building now.


All the way up.

Pick him up there. Pick him up.


Got him?

- You okay?
- I'm good.

- We should get you checked out.
- I'm fine.

I'm fine.


You got a great kid, you know that?

Thank you.

- What's this?
- Spicy Margarita.

I'm trying to convince
Herrmann to put it on the menu.

It's great. What's in it?

- Right?
- No.

It's lime, tequila, jalape?o...

Couple of secret ingredients.

It's awesome.

Hey, so I have a little bit of news.

I... am... leaving Chicago.

- What?
- Yeah.

I found a simulation
Mission: Mars capsule

in Australia, right?

So I'm gonna go down there for
six months, I'm gonna train.

Sold all my stuff to
some guy online, he agreed

to buy it, 1,500 bucks.
He's gonna come down

with a truck, he's gonna
pick it up tomorrow.

You need a new couch, by the way.

Okay, no, wait, this is nuts, man.

You can't do this.

We're talking about my dreams here.


Look, Otis, I hate to
say this, man, but...

I made it up.

- What?
- The email,

the shortlist, I made it all up.

Look, I started reading up on this,

and if you actually go,
it's literally forever.

And if anything goes wrong,

you get, like, suffocated to death.

Like, I thought you were gonna
see how crazy this thing is,

and then just get over
it, not sell our couch...

Which we both bought, by the way...

And move to Australia!

You knew.

How long?

Since the cricket powder.

Good one.

God, I'm so glad you
like it, by the way.


Hey, hey. Where is she?

The... that girl. Who?

Sylvie Brett.

Do you mind explaining this
text you sent to my husband?

"The girls can make out if you want."

- Dear Lord.
- That's right, genius.

You grabbed my phone
and left yours at home.

Trudy, it is... it
is not what you think.

We... we wrote a romance novel.

W-we were just trying to figure out

how to spice it up to
get publishers interested.


How many times have I told you
about my college roommate Lola

and her husband Anton's
job... in publishing?

A lot?

I can get you a read, like that.

Well, that'd be great.

This one.

This one, he's an idiot.

Such an idiot.

Dr. Bruce, telephone please.
Dr. Bruce, telephone please.

We're gonna screw up.

You know, the both of us.

I mean, this is all still really new.

I know.

But I love you.

And I'm not going anywhere.

I love you too.

You know, there are easier ways
to get me to let you play golf.

Getting trapped by acid a
little over the top?

Just a bit.

Should we go in?

Nah. They have everything they need.

Hey. You ready to go?