Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Scorched Earth - full transcript

Casey gets help from Susan Weller for an urgent personal matter; Severide is given an opportunity to travel with Travis Brenner; Stella saves a street kid from a tunnel fire.

It's really great seeing Antonio.

He's in really good shape.

Watching you work a miracle back there

was something to see.

Magic hands.


You're Travis Brenner!

He's got, like, a million
Instagram followers.

I want to invite you to a little event

I'm hosting tomorrow night.

We got more in common
than you think, Lieutenant.

Alderman Dearing?

You used your political influence

to jump the line in the
foster care program.

You can forget hanging
that threat over me.

You don't care about
a career in politics,

but I bet you care about your girlfriend

keeping your foster kid.

This is crazy. Who cares how it looks?

He's in the right place.

No, no... don't tell me
the decision is final.

I'm not gonna let this happen, Tina.

What's going on?

Louie, honey, go finish your cereal.

Go on, Louie.

It's okay. Go on.


[sighs] That was Tina from DCFS.

She said they're gonna take Louie away.


Some reporter's been digging around,

asking how I got approved so quickly,

implying that you pulled strings.

And now they got cold feet,

and they're gonna put
Louie with another family

to avoid an appearance of impropriety.

Matt, you told me you
were gonna handle Dearing.

I ducked a couple of his calls.

- Matt!
- Gabby!

One of my men was badly hurt.

I... Dearing was not my priority.

If I knew he had such a hair trigger,

I wouldn't have done it.

I'm gonna call in sick...

Rain some hell down on DCFS.

You're not gonna solve
anything by going to war

with a government agency.

They're vetting a new family right now!

Politics got us into this mess.

Only politics can get us out.

- Matt...
- Gabby, I'll fix this.

I promise.

[melancholy music]

[lawn mower droning]

[blender whizzing]


The, uh, brunette,
Lizzie, left her number.

Said to make sure you get it.

Uh, thanks for the hospitality, man.

- No, no.
- Hold... hold on.

Take this. It'll help.

Trust me.

Kale and mango.

How often do you have these parties?

Often. It's my job.

Not as exciting as yours,

but, uh, it has its perks.

Yeah, I can see that.

You know, I got a feeling we
share a lot of the same goals...

You know, work hard,
play hard, have fun...

Don't get tied down.

Sound about right?

Guess so.

Thanks again, Travis. That was fun.

Yeah, yeah. Hold up.

I got something that may
be interesting for you.

Vodka company out of LA

is getting ready to
send me on a PR tour...

Club appearances all over the world...

Buenos Aires, Dubai,

St. Tropez... you in?

Travis, I don't know anything about PR.


You know how to have a good time.

I'll think about it.

We leave in three days.

Okay, if I could just have

everyone's attention for a minute.

Spend the night in a blender?

Something like that.

I just got a few quick announcements.


On behalf of Jimmy and his family,

I'd like to thank everyone
for their donations

to the Borrelli fund.

How's he doing, Chief?

- They're transferring him to a
long-term care facility today.

[somber music]

Rough road ahead.

That's it. Thanks.

Chief's beating himself up.

My parents said they could
take Louie to their place.

Could buy us some time if
DCFS decides to move fast.

I made a couple calls...

People who might be able to help.

[alarm blaring]

Truck 81, Ambulance61. Engine 51.

Fire investigation, 650
North Milwaukee Avenue.

[sirens wailing]

[dramatic music]

Everybody move back.

Move back.

Is it a sewer fire?

- Old steam tunnels...
- Abandoned for years.

Let's get the hoses ready.

Copy that. Moving into position.

[distant yelling]

There are people down there!

[indistinct shouting]

[indistinct shouting]

Herrmann, set the Halligan.

[tense music]

One, two, three.


- It's on.
- Good, go.

Got it?

[people shouting, coughing]

Fire department! Everybody out!

Let's go!

Get 'em up the ladder.

[people coughing]

Hey! Hey!

- Hey!
- Leave it, leave it.

Come on, let's go.


Come on, we got to go.

Right this way.


Hey, come on.

One of them went that way.

I told him... you can't
get out down there!

I'll get him. You got to go.

- Go.
- [coughing]

[coughing, rasping]

Fire department!



Hey, we got to get you out of here.

Come on.

We'll get you out of here.

[flames whooshing]

[powerful blast]


Come on.

My backpack!

Leave it. Come on!


I got a kid down here!

Smoke inhalation!

[softly] Down here!


I got a kid down here!

Smoke inhalation!

Hey, we're down here!

Hey, down here!

[alarm blaring]


It's locked.

Herrmann, chain... now.

[truck backing up]

Back her up. Easy does it.

Hurry up with that ladder! Let's go!

Come on, Herrmann.


What's your name, hon?

[coughs sharply]

Oh, how do you spell that?

[laughs] Chris.

My name is Chris.

Dawson, this is my buddy, Chris.

He's got a little snoot full of smoke.

Hey, Chris. Take a seat.

Let me grab you some oxygen.

You almost got us both killed
back there, you know that?

Hold this. Deep breaths.

- [coughing]
- Deep breaths.

- [coughing]
- All right, be right back.

So where's home?

[chokes] Mil... Milwaukee.

Yeah, I had a feeling.

All the best people are from Milwaukee.

Hey, smile, man.

You're alive.

Thank you.


Overhaul! Let's go.

Hey, I'll be right back.

Where'd he go?

Chris... smoke inhalation.

He must have bailed.

Eighty-one, mount up.

I'm on it.

Susan, thanks for coming
on such short notice.

Are you kidding?

Crisis mode is my resting position.

Okay, I've already gotten into it.

The reporter who's sniffing around

is Teri Martin, from the "Sun-Times."

That's good news. I know her.

Can you get her to back off?

She just wants a story.

Maybe I can find her a better one.

And it's not too late?

Gabby says DCFS has
already made up their mind.

Matt, this is the part where you relax

and let me do what I do.

I know the stakes here
are high for you and Gabby,

but I think I see a way out of it,

and I'm gonna put all my resources on it

until it's fixed.

So, your brother...

Does he go out of town a lot, or...



Probably works undercover a bunch, too.

Goes incommunicado?

Uh... uh, no.

Not often.



Hang in there.

- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.

And obviously, I'm not expecting you

to work on this for free, so...

Matt, let's focus on Louie right now.

So your plan is Susan?

It's what she does.

She puts the genie back in the bottle.

She's already moving on it.

Says she thinks she can get it done.

- I hope she's right.
- Yeah, me too.

Hey, what's all that?

Uh, just the kid from the fire.

Found it in overhaul.

You took it from the scene?

Yeah, just thought maybe
I could get it back to him.


That's a great series.

"Love and Rockets." Wow!

Read every issue back in high school.

[chuckles] Hm.


Hard to imagine somebody
letting their kid

end up in a tunnel, huh?


Lieutenant, your furlough was approved.

Thank you, Connie.

Furlough, huh? Where you going?

Eh, Brenner invited me on a trip.

South America, France...

Be gone about a month.


Long trip.

Yo, I've seen the way
this guy likes to travel.

We're talking all expenses paid

around the world...

Yacht-hopping extravaganzas.

Wait, who's gonna run
Squad while you're gone?

Chief's bringing in
someone from Squad Four.

Yeah, there isn't another spot
on this private jet, is there?

I can ask.

- Really?
- No.

- [laughing]
- Who's up?

[pill bottle rattles]

I was thinking

we should add another
character to the book.

Did you know that six of the ten

best-selling romance novels

involve BBW's in love
with shape-shifting men

who turn into tigers or bears?


Big Beautiful Women.


What do you think about a...

A new love interest for Brandy?

I like it.

Can he turn into a bear or a tiger?

Uh, I was thinking more...

he's a cop.

A detective. Does he
shape-shift at all?


He's tough

with a sweetness underneath.

And they completely connect.

She's sure he's going to call,

and then he never does.

Because he's undergoing
some kind of transformation.

No, because he's a man.

That's what men do.

[door opens]

Hey, do you got a sec?

Yeah, sure.

I'll go finish my research on SCBA's...

and BBW's.

Hey, uh, any idea what these are?

It's an antiviral

for Hep C patients.

Where'd you get this?

That kid at the call earlier.

That's pretty common
among that population.

So not something you
would use to get high?

No, no.

In fact, it's not gonna do
much of anything on its own.

It's part of a course of treatment.

Well, these were the
only pills in his bag.

That kid needs to get proper treatment,

or it's gonna get pretty serious...

Liver failure or worse.

[alarm blaring]

Ambulance 61, cardiac arrest.

- Sorry.
- 5901 East Division Street.

[siren wailing]

[dramatic music]

- Cardiac arrest.
- I'll grab the monitor.

When are middle-aged men gonna realize

they can't play ball like they used to?


Hey, you guys called 911?

My brother... I think
he had a heart attack!


Oh ... You're doing great.

Where'd you learn that?

In health class.

[tense music]

He's in V-fib.

All right, buddy, I'm gonna
have you stop for a second.



[electronic beeping]

Asystole. I'll get an IV.

- Marcus!
- Mom!

My God, what happened?

Hey, I think I just felt something pop.

Probably just his rib.

I'm not... I'm not so sure.

I'll intubate.


His trachea's deviated.

It's a pneumothorax.

I popped his lung.

You're hurting my son! Get off him!

No, his lung deflated during CPR.

It's very common. It's
not as bad as it sounds.

You don't know what you're doing!

- Hey!
- I want someone else!

- Hey, hey, look!
- Call another ambulance!

Look! Look at your son!

Look at him!

If you don't let me do
my job, he's gonna die.

You hear me?


I'm gonna straighten the trachea.

You get the tube ready.

Stop. I see the cord.

I'm in.

Pushing epi.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

You've got this, buddy.

You can do this. You can do this.

[electronic beeping]

I have a pulse.

His pupils are responsive.

[all laugh with relief]

We got him.


Anything from Susan?

Not yet.

Okay, well, let her know that

if there's anything that we can do...

She knows.


[indistinct radio chatter]

I... I appreciate you
taking the time, Antonio.

Hey, I'm always happy to help out 51.

You and Gabby have a good group there:

Herrmann, Cruz, Brett...

how's she doing, Brett?

Brett? She's, uh...

she's great.




where'd you meet this
kid you're asking about?

Uh, I... on a call.

Homeless encampment caught fire.

I think he's sick.

If he doesn't get the care he needs,

I mean, things could
take a pretty bad turn.


You don't know him?

No, not personally.


I've known kids like him.

You got a name?

Lieutenant Casey is out
of the house at the moment,

but if you want to leave word...

I've already left word.

Does the alderman usually
duck questions from reporters?

You looking for me?

Matt Casey.

Hi, I'm Teri Martin

with the "Chicago Sun-Times."

I don't conduct city council business

while I'm on duty at 51.

I just need a minute
or two of your time.

I need to ask you to
direct your questions

to Susan Weller.

- Susan?
- Yeah.

Of course.

She's been hounding me all day,

but I thought you'd
rather like the chance

to personally explain
how you abused your power

at the department of child...

Ms. Martin, I'm on duty. Call Susan.

My man.

- What's this?
- Helping you pack.

One for you, one for your pal Brenner.

Hey, you guys show up on
his Instagram wearing those,

it would do wonders for the bar.

Don't forget the hashtag
"Molly's," all right?

All right.

If you want a favor, ask him yourself.

Oh, come on.

You can't do this one thing?

Come on.

All right.

Forget about us little people.

Enjoy your trip.

[sighs] Seriously?

She'll be here.

Just seems like a bad
sign that she didn't...

she didn't say anything
specific in the message.

[light piano music]

We did it.

We did it?

Louie's not going anywhere.

- [exhales] Ah.
- Thank God.

How? How did you pull it off?

I convinced our reporter friend

there's no "there" there.

Plus I distracted her with
the names of some aldermen

who may or may not be violating
campaign finance rules...

Hopefully not any friends of yours.

- Either way.
- And DCFS is satisfied?

I spoke directly to Bill Harvey.

And what about Dearing?

How do we know he won't
try to use it in the future?

I had a conversation
with Alderman Dearing.

We have reached an understanding.

That sounds...

Better if you don't know the details.

Susan, I can't...

I cannot thank you enough.

Yeah. Really.

No thanks necessary.

This is what I do,

though it would've been
easier to handle up front.

Why didn't you call me the
minute Dearing threatened you?

Well, lesson learned.

I won't make that mistake again.

I'm dying to get home and see Louie.

Yeah, of course.

Let's do it.

Actually, Matt,

maybe you and I should talk business...

Clarify all the players in this,

make sure it never
happens again, et cetera.

Uh, yeah. Good idea.

I am so happy for you guys

and so glad I could be of help.

Yeah, um, thank you again.

I'll see you at home.

This won't take long.

No worries.

So we've been a little slow lately.

Yeah, a lot slow.

I just said that, Otis.

My point is,

I got a plan.

The good times are free?

[laughs] What a bargain.

You know, desperate
advertising like this

is the kiss of death.

Don't you watch "Bar Rescue"?

Come on, man.

But I talked to a few programs

for homeless teens.

They said they'll take him...

Even help out with
the medical situation,

as long as Antonio can find him.

I... I bet he will.


He asked how you're doing, by the way.





Travis Brenner.

Hey, man. The legend himself.

Brian. Nice to meet you.

Hey, man. Good to see you.

Thanks for coming by.

Yeah, I was just telling Herrmann

about your latest tweet.


Uh, yeah, sorry about the crowd, man.

We, um...

we usually don't get hot until midnight.


- Thanks for doing this.
- Happy to.

There's something great
about a good neighborhood bar.

Tell me about Buenos Aires.

So what's the upshot?

Well, it's just like
a retainer situation.

Susan is sort of on call
for a very small fee.

It's kind of a great deal,

especially if it keeps me from
stepping on any more landmines.

I'm so thankful to her.

Me too.

And she took care of it all so fast.

Thank God.

It really was fast.

I'm really sorry I was...


I gave you a really hard
time about this whole thing.

I get it. You were scared.

I was terrified.

One thing I don't get:

Dearing only had one bullet in his gun,

and he was so quick to use it.

Why would he do that?

He could've had me over
a barrel for months.

I'm just glad it's over.

Connie, good morning.

Ah, good morning, Lieutenant.

Um, I think Chief Boden just
went to grab some breakfast.

I'm looking for you, actually.

That reporter from the other day...

She leave a card or anything?

[ominous music]

Hey, hey.


Good news?

Good and bad.

There's no sign of the kid
since the fire the other day.

Okay, what's the good news?

That was the good news.

Warrant came up under his name.


Turns out your friend broke
into a pharmacy a few weeks back.

[sighs] 'Cause he's sick. I told you.

Yeah, well, that's not
gonna change the SA's opinion

on the incident.

CPD picks him up, he's gonna do time.

And being a convicted felon

is gonna make his situation even worse.

The programs I called...

They won't take him
if he's got a record.

Stella, listen.

If you want to help this kid,

I suggest you find
him before the cops do.


Um, how's it going?

Good, you know.

Are you free tomorrow night?

'Cause I'm gonna head to Molly's,

and if you're...


Sylvie, you're great.

I am, actually.

I think you are too.

So why aren't we hanging out?

'Cause it's a little more
complicated than that.

I've got an ex-wife who's certifiable,

a mess of a custody situation,

I-I spend my days getting shot at.

And I barely have enough energy

to microwave a pizza when I get home.


I like microwave pizza.

We're in different places right now.

Trust me.

I'm just looking out for you.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Me too.


[melancholy music]

Ms. Martin. Thanks for coming.

You are a curiosity, Alderman.

How's that?

Most politicians keep their heads down

after narrowly avoiding a scandal.

So why did you reach out to me?

I was hoping you'd answer
some questions for me

about Alderman Dearing.

[indistinct chatter]




You were one of the kids
camped out in the tunnels

a couple blocks over.


So I'm looking for a
kid named Chris, okay?

He's got dark hair,

from Milwaukee...

Guys, I'm not a cop.

I'm a firefighter.

I-I've recovered his backpack,

and it's got meds in it...

Meds that he needs.

Well, if you see him, tell
him to stop by Firehouse 51.



[crowd chattering]

Excuse me.


Excuse me. Sorry, buddy. Sorry.


Excuse me, guys. Hey, sorry.

Where did all these people come from?

I told you Brenner has sway.

So they're all here because of him?

If you post it, Hermie,
they will come, baby.

Hey, Sylvie. Hey, you leaving?

Yeah, I have an early Zumba class,

but, um, give Louie a hug for me, okay?

Yeah, damn straight I will. Hey.

I, uh...

saw you talking to Antonio earlier.

Oh, God, I... I
should've said something.

I-I just didn't want you
to feel weird about it.

He's not into it, anyway.

Not into it? [laughs]


His expression when
he was talking to you

reminded me of elementary school

when he would look at
our cute babysitter,

completely smitten.

Well, according to him,

we're in different places,

and it would never work.


I love my big brother.

But I have spent more than 20 years

ignoring his advice when it
comes to anything personal.

Trust me, it's the best
way to deal with him.


Hey, do you guys have a cocktail menu?


Uh, I mean, yeah, we...

We got all that stuff.

Told you this place was a real dive.

Totally authentic.

We'll take two martinis.


Thank you, Brenner.

And the whole trip is free?

That's so amazing.

St. Tropez sounds so nice.

- I've always wanted to go.
- Yeah?

I love topless beaches.

- Hey, Kelly.
- I need you... now.

Excuse me.

In here.

[ominous music]

Look, I don't know what happened.

They said she just collapsed.

You can help her, right?

Okay, back up.

[tense music]

Her heart rate's over
150. She's burning up.

- What's she on?
- I have no idea.

Hey, you want to help your friend?

What's she on?

- She does it all the time.
- It just gets you drunk quicker.

She's overheating... if we
don't get her heart rate down,

she's gonna start seizing.

I need ice water, now. A lot.


- Here, is this enough?
- Yeah.

- Hold it up.
- Yeah.


All right, okay, she's okay.

We're taking her to a
hospital; I'm calling 911.

We're a couple blocks from Chicago Med.

I'll drive. It's quicker than
waiting for the ambulance.

- Great, let's go.
- Just me. You stay here.

- No, I'm coming with you.
- You're staying, okay?

Clear this place out. I got this.


He doesn't get treatment,
his health deteriorates fast.

And in the meantime, if the
cops stop him for loitering,

or whatever else, he will go to prison.

He committed a crime.

I think he was just
trying to get the meds.

There are other ways to do that.

They may not be easy,
but that's the law.

I want to show him that.

If I can find him, will you help me

just sort this whole thing out,

help him get on his feet?

Look, I appreciate what
you're trying to do here.

But I think it's time to find
the boy's family and friends.

They'll stand a better chance with him.

I'm not so sure, Chief.

Listen, all due respect,

you and I both tried to
help people that we knew,

that we cared about and
it didn't turn out well.

I just mean that maybe a gesture

from someone who doesn't know him,

who isn't judging, or
expecting anything in return,

who just wants to help,

maybe that will make the difference.

[melancholy music]

Hey, uh, I just saw Maggie at Med.

I got an update on the
drug OD from the party.

Yeah, how's she doing?

She's okay now. Going home tomorrow.

- Good. Glad to hear it.
- Yeah.

But who brought her in?


Maggie says she was left
on a bench out front.

If Halstead hadn't found her...

- Outside of the hospital?
- Yeah.

You're kidding.

Thank you, uh... thank you, Brett.

Of course.

How's that adorable little boy?

- He's doing great.
- So good to hear.

No more bad news, I hope?

Bill Harvey assured me

that there weren't gonna
be any more problems.

No, no, no, everything's fine.

That's not why I asked you to come by.

Are we finally going to talk
about that state senate seat?

I want to talk about
Dearing's river walk proposal.

Dearing's... what?

Dearing's proposal from 2011.

You joined forces with him on it.

You see, you said you knew Teri Martin

from the "Sun-Times,"

that you knew she'd play ball.

So I looked up all her past articles.

She wrote a lot of
puff pieces on Dearing,

back when he made that proposal.

That's when I put it together.

Dearing is one of your clients.

I can explain that.

Have you ever heard the expression

"arsonist firefighter"?


It refers to a firefighter
who starts fires

just so he can put them
out, be the big hero.

You tipped off Dearing so you could get

your hooks back into me,
end up in the state senate.

That's absurd.

Susan, I'm a decent, reasonable guy.

But I have my limit.

And putting Louie in jeopardy?

That was ten miles past it. Matt...

I need you to get out
of my life and stay out,

or I will dismantle you.

I don't care.

I will lay you to waste

and leave nothing behind
but scorched earth.

Don't even think for a
second that I'm not serious.

[dramatic music]

Get out.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You ever seen lucky day, this
kid around here? his case.

He probably looks less cleaned up

than he does in the picture, but...

You work for the police?

Nope. I'm just a friend.

You seen him?

We get a lot of street
kids come in to shower,

maybe use the gym.

We don't make 'em pay,
and we don't ask questions.


Okay, um... thank you.

[crickets chirping]

[chattering indistinctly]

[dramatic music]


I've been looking for you.

How'd you know I come here?


- Hey, whoa.
- That's my backpack!

- What the hell, lady?
- You want all this stuff back?

- Yeah.
- Come with me.

Come on.


Yo, Kelly, that you?

Hey, man. You're late.

Wheels up in an hour.
Where are your bags?

You left her on a bench.

- I took her to the hospital.
- Okay, we saved her life.

She wasn't out of the
woods. She's still in ICU.

Look, if I took her into that ER

and one idiot with a cell phone ID'd me,

her face would have been
all over the internet.

She would have been publicly humiliated.

Come on. You know me.

I was helping her.

Hey, you know one of the
many perks of flying private?

They hold the plane for
you as long as you want.

So let's go to your house,
get those bag packed.

- What are we doing here?
- I don't need a handout.

Hey. Just follow me.


Come on.

You must be Chris.

Who are all these people?

- I'm the chief here.
- This is Ms. Goodwin.

This is Mr. Jefferies,
the State's attorney.

We know what happened at the pharmacy.

And we know why you did it.

Hepatitis C is a very serious disease.

Yeah, well, I don't
actually have insurance.

Well, I'm the head of the
hospital at Chicago Med.

And we have a program especially
designed for that treatment.

And due to special circumstances,

mostly some bullying by an old friend,

we're prepared to offer
it to you at no cost.

And since you're turning
yourself in for the robbery...

And, oh, yes, you're gonna do that, son.

It means the charges will be reduced

from felony to misdemeanor.

And if you enroll in
the treatment program,

you'll just have to serve probation.

There's a long-term shelter on Clifton,

run by the wife of a firefighter at 48.

And they've got a spot for
you for as long as you need it.

I don't get it. You set all this up?

Me and my chief here.


We just wanted to help.

Poker night's gonna be a lot of fun now,

Wallace, 'cause you owe me big-time.

Oh, I can't wait.

Bring your wallet.


[soft rock music]


Hey. Listen.

- I already listened.
- Now I get to talk.

I've had my heart stomped on too.

And I don't have any kids,
but I'm pretty good with them.

And my job beats me
down on a regular basis,

but, like you, I love it.

And I lied about liking microwave pizza.

Nobody likes microwave pizza.


Now with that out of the way...

do you want to ask me out,

or should I ask you?

Can I buy you a drink?

Yes, you may.

[soft humming]


[continues humming]

I can put him to bed.

No, don't.

[soft piano music]

[humming quietly]