Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - A Real Wake-Up Call - full transcript

Members of 51 end up in a dangerous situation while responding to an auto accident and Stella must make a serious decision about her ex.

Jimmy filed an official
grievance against me.

- You got my brother killed!
- [both grunting]

I'm not taking orders from you.

Nobody should.

Casey and I are running into
the same burning building.

And if things go wrong,
Louie's alone again.

Let me on ambo until this
Jimmy thing blows over.

Dr. Charles?

Grant was in your
apartment uninvited?

I've contacted Chicago PD.

We don't know how
he's gonna behave.

- Hey!
- Stop!

[Both struggling, grunting]

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

[Breathing heavily]

♪ ♪

Somebody get some help!

I think you got his jugular.

Stay with me, Grant.

♪ ♪

Hey, what the hell?

Call an ambulance!

It's okay.

Breathe. Just keep breathing.

- Just keep breathing.
- [Whimpering]

All right.

Come on, stay with me.

Stella, I can ride along.

No, I want to.

- If that's okay?
- Yeah, let's go.

All right, I'll get
your bag, don't worry.

Hang on, Severide.

I can't let you go.

You got him?

- Okay...
- [Speaking indistinctly]

More like this. More pressure.

Come on, let's go.

♪ ♪

Let's find a quiet place.

[Siren wails]

- He's still losing blood.
- If I apply any more pressure,

I'm gonna close his airway.

We have to intubate. You got him?

- Yeah.
- You went for his neck.

I wasn't going for his neck.

I was... I was...

He had a... he had a knife.

- He was coming at her.
- I'm just trying

- to get the full picture.
- I was trying to disarm him.

To protect Stella.

- From her husband.
- [Coughing]

He's losing too much blood.

We should get another line going.

After I intubate.

Hurry, Margaret, we're losing him.

Your relationship
with Ms. Kidd is, what?

Crawford, it was a clean take-down.

The psycho was going to kill her.

It wasn't excessive use of force;

I did what I had to do.

- Oh, my god.
- [Coughs]

Come on, stay awake. Come on, Grant!


Grant ever try anything
like this before?


No, he never laid a finger on me.

Ever make any threats of any kind?


But tonight you felt threatened.


Then what'd he do?

Kelly came out, he tried to tackle him,

but he had that knife.

So Kelly grabbed a
piece of metal and, uh...

[Soft suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- Hi.
- They're finishing up

the surgery right now.

Yeah, he's stable.




You're relieved.

Yeah, man, I don't want him to die.


With Severide's corroborating account,

we have enough to charge
your ex with attempted murder.

Today I'm using a sitter
that Cindy recommended,

but I lined up a bunch of
nanny interviews for Wednesday.

You didn't like any of
the women we met yesterday?

The first one kept her purse
on her shoulder the whole time,

like she couldn't wait
to bolt out of here.

- I didn't notice that.
- And how about that second one

with... with all the allergies?

That was a little freaky, right?

What? You don't think
Louie deserves the best?

I just think we should find
him a sitter before he turns 18.

- [Chuckles]
- Ugh.

Alderman Dearing called
me twice about some vote.

This guy's relentless.

Oh, um, Stella is coming to work today.

I offered her the shift off,

but, um, she says she's good to go.

Then she is.


Hey, hey.

- What you doing?
- Can you read it to me?

Yeah, sure. Come here. [Grunts]

There you go.

If you want in on this,
I've been practicing

my Rumpelstiltskin voice.

Ready? All right.

"Once upon a time,
there was a poor miller

who had a beautiful daughter."

So Grant was just waiting in
the alley for Kidd to come out?

What kinda drugs was he on?

Let's get out on the apron, first thing,

check on all the air tanks.

You got it, Lieutenant.

[Soft music]

♪ ♪

- Hey.
- Hey, Lieutenant.

One sec.

Dawson assures me I can
take you at your word

if you say you're ready to work.

Oh, girl knows me well.

Good. But, uh, here's the thing.

Jimmy's back on truck, as
per the Deputy Commissioner.

Jimmy's... Jimmy's the
one who's not ready to work.

I know, and Boden
agreed that for now,

we'll keep him out of situations

where his emotions can
endanger him or anyone else.

But if he's on the sidelines,

I need everyone else in the game, 100%.

Yeah, 100%.

You got it.

What was he trying to
do? He's trying to kill her?

He had a knife... I don't think

he was coming over to apologize.

Guy was high as balls, I
doubt he had a cohesive plan.

Morning, Chief.

Hey, guys, do me a favor, keep a lid

on the Grant conversation
when Kidd's around.

She's been through a lot.

No need for...

Hey, Jimmy.

Your chief was talking.

Good morning, Lieutenant.

I'm gonna go get started on
the officer side compartments.

That kid's attitude...

Look, folks, let's not
lose sight of one thing.

That young man lost his brother.

He's still processing that.

We'll keep an eye on him, Chief.



- Kelly.
- Hey, Lieutenant, check it out.

It's from a monastery in Belgium.

Nice. It's Travis, right?

Yeah, you got it. Just a small token

of my appreciation for saving my buddy

care-taker's ass at at
the pool the other day.

- Oh, that's not necessary.
- Yeah, you know,

no harm in it, right?

Hey, I wanna invite
you to a little event

I'm hosting tomorrow night at Trap23.

- It should be a good time.
- Uh, I got some stuff

going on tomorrow, but thanks.

- Yeah...
- Yeah, the lieutenant,

he's more of a neighborhood
bar kind of a guy,

but, um, I'm down for whatever, so...

same here. Whatever, whenever.

Hey, if your plans change.

We got more in common
than you think, Lieutenant.


Officer Crawford at CPD
is on the phone for you.

Um, thanks for the invitation.

Yo, that's Travis Brenner.

Love the trucks, you know, we can...

We can probably figure that out.

- Who?
- I'm telling you,

this guy's like a kingmaker
on the bar and the club scene.

I... I'm saying, one Instagram post

from that guy, your
place is on the hot list.

Go talk to him and get
him over to Molly's.

What am I supposed to say?

Ah, this ain't brain surgery, Otis.

Yeah, tell him you like
his insta-majiggy, you know,

invite him to the bar.

- Eh? Eh!
- Okay.


[Soft music]

♪ ♪

Got your text.

Yeah, uh, chapter one.

Wow, that was fast.

Yeah, I stayed up late.

I was on a roll. Hope you like it.

Changed the first line.

Well, just... just a little.

Well... how can he rip
open her turnout coat?

It's made of Kevlar.

No, that's just... Just keep reading.

Eh, now she's ripping his off, too.

Lotta expensive equipment
just being ruined here.



"He traced his finger
along the sinuous curve

of her spine." That's...
that's redundant.

Sinuous means curvy.

You know what? I think this partnership

- was a mistake.
- I'm just saying,

the curvy curve of her spine?


Okay, Shakespeare. I'm out.

Ugh. Alderman Dearing again?

This guy can't take no for an answer.

That's what the decline button is for.


- Hey.
- Uh, I just got off the phone

with Crawford over at CPD

Said that you're not pressing
charges against Grant.

Yeah, I'm just trying to
figure it all out right now.

What's there to figure
out? The guy attacked you.

- He should be put away.
- Well, it's not that simple.

I mean, at least not to me, I...

Look, Kelly, I appreciate your concern

- but it's not your problem.
- It's not my problem?

- It's not your problem.
- It's not my problem?

I... I'm the one that had to
get between you and his knife.

I'm just saying that I know
him better than anyone else,

so I'll handle it.

You know, they... we were
close for a long time.

- Even after we split.
- You ever think maybe

that's what cause this
in the first place?

You keeping him hanging around for years

after you should have cut him off?

[Alarm wails]

Squad three, accident at downtown Harbor Lock.

- Stella, I'm just saying...
- That's your unit, Lieutenant.


[Tense music]

What's going on?

The boat's still coming in.

- That's her, out there.
- [Horn blares]

I guess they're out there

hauling in buoys. It
sounds like one of the guys

got his leg all tangled
up in the chain gears.

Boat captain says it's bad.

[Bell dings]

Capp, grab a tool bag and stand by.

On it.

♪ ♪

Cruz, let's get a crash
course on this thing.

Hey, Joe, can you show
me how to work this thing?

Yeah, this way.

- His leg's in there pretty deep.
- [Grunts]

Heavy bleeding.

Femoral artery, likely.

Hey, bud, what's your name?

He's in shock. Get a tourniquet ready.

All right.

Grab a backboard, Capp.

You use the joystick here for control.

Hey, Cruz?

It's gonna take us way too
long to disassemble this thing.

Let's try getting the motor in reverse.

Captain says it's jammed up tight.

Ah, not for long.

Lift him up.



All right, Cruz, when you're ready.

Nice and slow.


Ah! Cruz! Hold on!

- [Grunts]
- Sorry, you okay?

Yeah, my hand's stuck in there.

It's got my glove. [Groans]

Damn loop.

[Dramatic tense music]

♪ ♪

Is there a full power shut off?

Is there any way that
we can go to manual?

No, no way.

All right, try it again.

Uh, Lieutenant, no way. We
gotta disassemble this thing.

Cruz, we don't have enough time.

I just gave you an order, now do it!




All right.

One, two, three.

Okay, we got him.

♪ ♪

- Hey, let me take a look.
- Nah, I'm fine.



Oh, now, that's good.

[Door opens]

Mind your be zones.

Hey, you might wanna
check on Severide.

What happened?

Uh, got pinched.

No biggie.

Let's see.

That's a nasty blood blister,

but it didn't break the skin.

Yeah, like I said.


You all right?


Did you know that Stella
isn't pressing charges?

- What?
- She's letting Grant walk.

I talked to Antonio, he
says it's not too late

to issue an order against Grant.

PD will slap the cuffs on him the minute

he's discharged from Med.

That's now how I wanna handle this.

So you're gonna pretend
like he didn't attack you?

I'm getting pretty damn tired

of everybody trying
to tell me what to do.

We have a little problem.


What... what happened?

Your sitter dropped him off.

Said she forgot she had a
doctor's appointment today.


[Door opens]

- Alderman Dearing?
- Matt.

How are you?

I'm good, but I wasn't kidding

when I said I have an ironclad rule

about conducting council
business on CFD time.

I wouldn't have stopped
by if you'd returned

any of my half dozen phone calls.

[Sighs] Look, Alderman...



I read your proposal.

And I just think there are better ways

of spending taxpayer
dollars than a mag mile

beautification project.

Let me make one last
argument for why you should

lend it your support.

All right.

While helping a constituent
navigate an issue with DCFS,

it came to my attention that you used

your political influence
to help your girlfriend

jump the line in the
foster care program.

That was a special case.

A child who had fallen
through the cracks.

I was advocating for the child.

You can explain it however you want.

But if the press gets a hold of this,

it's only gonna look like one thing:


So I trust I can rely on your vote.

[Chuckles] Yeah.


- [Child rambling]
- Oh, yeah?

[Clears throat] Yeah.

- What happened?
- Sitter messed up her schedule,

had to drop him off.

Connie's been great.

And before you say anything,

I know that we gotta get onto
this full-time nanny thing,

but I just found out that
Connie's sister is a nanny

and she's looking for work.

- That's great.
- Yeah, I already called her

and she's gonna come by tomorrow.


[Alarm blares]

Ambulance 61, female injured.
3223 Lakeshore Drive.

All right, be back soon, big guy.

- Bye.
- Thanks, Connie.

[Siren wails]

[Suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

Maybe she didn't think Grant
was planning to hurt her.

Yeah, but the way Severide describes it,

she'd have to be a fool to think that.

And Stella's no fool.

[Knocking] Fire Department!

Hello? Anyone here?


Chicago Fire Department.

We're coming in.

[Door closes]

Should we call for backup?

Uh, ma'am?

Oh, this city better have a
world-class plastic surgeon.

Is the dog aggressive?

Oh, god, no. I did this.

You bit the dog?

No, the poor girl was asleep;

I kissed her and scared her silly.

Okay, let's see what we got.


Have you had a tetanus shot
in the last seven years?

Oh, I'm not sure.

Has the dog had all her shots?

Of course.

Oh, please. Take a copy.

Caroline Vonderhoss.

- This is you!
- [Chuckles]

Wow. A published author. Thanks.

I'd... I'd love to read this.

- Okay, you're all set.
- Let's go to the hospital,

- get you some stitches.
- Oh, can I bring Bella?

- Sure.
- No.

Bella gets so nervous
alone and you have no idea

how hard it is to find a good sitter.

[Sighs] I do, actually.

Bless your heart.


Uh, I hope you don't mind me saying,

but you must make a pretty good living

to have an apartment like this.

Oh, honey, you should
have seen the place I owned

before I started paying palimony.

Ouch. Ow.


Brett, can we talk?

- About this whole book thing.
- Yeah, I want back in.

I owe you an... huh?

I take back what I said.

Oh, well, uh, me too.

- This is great stuff.
- Really?

[Chuckles] Oh, really.

Muah! Mouch, we are
headed for the penthouse!


Stella. Hey!

- Hey.
- How you doing?

Well, I figured out the Grant stuff,

- if that's what you're asking.
- No, actually,

I was just asking how you're doing.

Look, you're right.

I made a lot of mistakes.

And you got pulled into all of that.

And I'm sorry.

But like you said the other night,

we're not a couple.

So this is my problem.

It's not yours.

[Sentimental music]

♪ ♪

- How you doing, Grant?
- Come on in and have a seat.

All right. [Stammers]

I'm fine.

Can you...

So, Grant. Grant?

Against the advice of police,

Stella has decided not
to press criminal charges.

Which means that you
won't be going to jail.

I was never gonna hurt you.

I was just upset, that's all...

Yeah, we're looking
forward, Grant, not back.

My recommendation is that you
voluntarily commit yourself

to the Springfield facility

and begin the process of getting well.

Yeah, no, I'm...

Look, I... I know... I know
I need help getting clean.

I do. It's just...

I mean, I don't need to be
locked up in some psych ward.

Do you... no... do you understand that?

It's a voluntary facility,
you're not gonna be locked up.

- No, whatever.
- I... I get it.

I don't...

This whole thing has
been a wake-up call...

Grant! You have to do this.

You can't do it solo. I...

I couldn't when I went through it.


I probably wouldn't have
made it out of my teens

if it weren't for your help.

Don't think I don't know that.

I wish that I was the one...

Who could help you.

But I have tried everything

that I know how to do,

and it... and it only
makes things worse.

I didn't press charges

because I'm not making
decisions for you anymore.

I'm out...

- For good.
- Come on.


It's time for you to step up.

Stella Bella.




I appreciate your support in there.

I think this measure's
going to accomplish a lot.

You'll see.

I'm real happy for you, Dearing.

I did my part. You and me are done.

Look, we worked so well together.

There's no reason to part ways.

Let's think of this as
an ongoing relationship.

Between the bright young star, Casey,

and the old sellout, Dearing.

That's what you called
us experienced aldermen

in your campaign, right?

- Sellouts.
- Well, I'm sorry

if I offended you, Alderman.

You can forget hanging
that DCFS threat over me.

I'm only here to do some good
for the people of Chicago.

The minute I can't do that anymore,

I'll walk away.

You don't care about
a career in politics.

That's fine.

But I bet you care about your girlfriend

keeping your foster kid.

I'll call you later in the week.

There's a committee appointment
I'd like to discuss with you.

[Soft music]

♪ ♪

[Car revs]

[Upbeat music echos, indistinct chatter]

I think I'm on the list.

Kelly Severide.

Guest of Travis Brenner's.

No, sorry, we're all full up.

You're gonna have to wait in line.

Excuse me.

Come on.

Hey, man.

I didn't think you'd show.

Hey, well, it looks
like the place to be.

No doubt about it. Follow me.

Jo Jo, this guy always gets in.

- No problem, right this way.
- Thanks.

Ladies, you wanna meet
a real life action hero?

Come on.

Hey. Okay, you are
not gonna believe this,

but Connie's sister was amazing.

- Really?
- Yeah, I know.

I had the same reaction, but
she was so sweet with Louie

and she got got him giggling,

and we all know that
kid is a tough laugh.

I wanted her to stay
so she could meet you,

- but it got too late.
- Sorry about that.

Vote dragged on. [Sighs]

Oh, and the best part,

Connie's sister is
named Bonnie. [Laughs]



Alderman Dearing knows I
helped move things along in DCFS

so you could foster Louie.

He's making a thing of it, Gabby.

[Laughs] What are you...

What do you mean a thing?

We didn't do anything illegal.

He's threatening to use
it against me politically.

Saying it's unfair that
someone in my position

jumped the line.

Well, could he get...

Could he get DCFS to
reassess our foster status?

I don't know.


That can't happen.

I know.

I'll deal with Dearing,

figure it all out.

Whatever it takes, do it.

I am not gonna lose that boy, Matt.

[Chopping vegetables]

Well, no one ever
said Danny was a saint.

And the thing is, when
the chips were down,

uh, Danny...

He had your back.

That's the difference between
him and a guy like Chief Boden.

I mean, Boden never liked
Danny, not from day one.

Yeah, well, your brother
didn't exactly make

a great first impression.


Well, that didn't make his
life worth any less, did it?

You know, Boden, he's the incompetent

son of a bitch that sent Danny

back into that collapse.

He sent him to his death.

I can't do it, all right?

You wanna trash talk
my chief? My friend?

You take it out of my bar.

- Hey, easy.
- No, no, no.

I'm done tiptoeing around this punk.

It's time for some
tough love, all right?

Here's the thing, Jimmy.

Your brother, he screwed up.

That's the truth.

So you need to stop looking
for somebody else to blame.

Don't talk about my brother.

Careful, there, Jimmy.

I'll see you gents around the firehouse.


I know it's not my birthday,

so this must be bad news.

My guys have something they wanna say.

Chief, we the members of
Chicago Fire Department,

Truck Company 81, second shift...

- Mouch.
- We refuse to work with Jimmy.

- Refuse?
- He's in a bad place, Chief.

Until he gets his head straight,

we can't trust him to have our backs.

Or his own.

Look, I hear you.

I said as much to the
Deputy Commissioner.

But now you get to tell him,
either they pull Jimmy...

or they gotta find a whole
new crew for Truck 81.

You can get into real
trouble over this one,

you know that, right?

Chief, if CFD won't look out
for Jimmy's best interests...

We will.

I'm fine keeping Jimmy in the background

for as long as you want.

On the other hand, I don't wanna ignore

the concerns of my team.

Maybe this is the best way to

give Jimmy the help he deserves.

Come what may.

Okay, then.

I'll call Chief Walker.

But in the meantime,
if that bell goes off...

We'll be there, Chief.

All in. As usual.


Okay, then.


So I saw pictures of that party

all over Brenner's Instagram.

Looked insane.

Maybe me, Capp, and Tony'll
tag along at the next one.

- Yeah, maybe.
- Yep. [Laughs]

[Alarm blares]

Ambulance 61, Truck 81, Squad 3.

Multiple vehicle accident.

[Siren wailing]

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Squad. Check on that car.

81, you got the truck. Sir, have a seat.

- You shouldn't be on that leg.
- It was his fault.

I had the right of way.

Hang on, miss. We're
gonna get you out of there.

The bastard took off. Just ran away.

- Who?
- The driver of the truck.

This is all his fault.
He ran the stop sign.

If I hadn't bailed out, I'd
be under there right now.

Nobody's inside, Chief.

Sir, let us take a look at you.

Come on, get him off his feet.

- Let's take a look at that leg.
- Hey, come here

and have a seat.

The leg's trapped under the dash.

Grab the jaws.

♪ ♪

Hey, we got a fuel
leak. Herrmann, Mouch,

grab the extinguishers.

Otis, get that tarp up for me.

On it.

♪ ♪

Damn it.

We got flames! Herrmann!

Where are those extinguishers?

- Casey, that's a negative.
- This guy's a fly dumper.

All companies, back it up 50 feet!

All right, you heard him. Back it up.

Let's go!

Hey, Chief, what are we dealing with?

Unmarked drums. Assume the worst.

Back off now, Squad.

Let's go. Move.

51, get two lines going.

We're gonna hit these
flames from a distance.

Wait, we're just gonna leave the victim?

81, hook up the car and drag it clear.

Squad, get ready to extricate.

Otis, position the truck.

- I'll hook up the chain.
- No, Jimmy, spot Otis.

Mouch, Kidd, get the chain.

Copy that.

Here, I'll hook it
up, you guys stay back.

[Chain rattling]

- 51, where are those lines?
- Right here, Chief.

Chief, this is gonna take forever.

Borrelli, I told you to spot Otis!

- He's not even moving yet.
- Never mind!

I'll do it myself.

I'm gonna kill him, I swear it.

[Truck revs]

This is crazy, two or three of us

can push this damn car out of the way.

Come on, who's with me?

Borrelli, get back here!


Hey, come on, someone give me a hand!

[Flames whoosh]



- Come on, Jimmy! Hold on!
- [Extinguisher blasts]

Hold on! Hold on!

Hold on, Borrelli!

Get him out of here!


Dawson, I need a hand!

All right, restrain him.

- Get his gear off.
- [Pained whimpering]

[Breathing erratically]

I need an arm.

Hold on, Jimmy.

Hey, Chief, you all right?

Get the victim out of that car.

- Go!
- Yeah.

Hey, squad, let's get her out!

- Pushing versed.
- [Breathing erratically]

We need to intubate.


♪ ♪

Chief. Your neck.


Check for lung sounds.

- You're in.
- Hold the bag.

Damn it, Borrelli.

All right, we're good.

- Okay, bring him in.
- Compress his arms.

Real easy, on three. One, two, three.

Lift. [Grunting]

His turnout gear did its job.

The damage was limited
to his face and neck.

But it was severe.

And I'm sorry to say, we
couldn't save the left eye.

[Soft music]

♪ ♪

Now, he'll get through this.

But it's gonna be a long
and difficult recovery.

♪ ♪

This is not on you.

The hell it isn't.

- What's the latest?
- Jimmy's gonna pull through,

but, uh, he's done.

Hell of a thing, Chief.

- Hey, Doc.
- Yeah?

Can I see him?

Of course.


[Phone buzzing]


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You leaving?

Yeah, there's no point in staying here.

Hey, we can head over
to Molly's in a bit,

raise a glass to Jimmy.

I got a thing.

[Wheezing, gurgling]

For thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory

forever and ever.

- Amen.
- [Gurgling]




[Ragged breathing]


[Ragged breathing]

♪ ♪